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You Have The Right To Remain Silent Ch. 04

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“Chris, wake up,” Anna said as she lightly ran her hand over his strong chest.

“Uuummmm,” he said half asleep as Anna noticed the tent forming under her bedspread at her brother’s mid-section.

“Come on. Get Up. Seriously, we have to get to Mom and Dad’s place for Sunday dinner.” She said, bringing him back to semi-reality.

“Screw Mom and Dad,” he groggily let out as he pulled her in closer, looking to satisfy his raging hard on inside his smoking hot, blonde sister.

Anna smiled to herself. Actually that’s just what she had in mind.

Well, sort of. Dad was out of town, but Chris didn’t know it. Anna had a fantasy of getting “caught” fucking her brother by her Mom. She hoped that Mom would be receptive and join in. She had no plans on doing her Mom, but she had big plans of watching her brother Chris being pleasured beyond belief by Mom.

She knew Mom was capable. It was her Mom that sat her down, years before; at the kitchen table of the trailer she grew up in and explained the “proper” way to suck good cock. It was her Mom that bought her the first thong she owned. It was her Mom that told her the best ways to pleasure herself.

It was her Mom she heard screaming in pleasure almost every night of her childhood at the hands and cock of her Dad. Sometimes, she would sneak out of her bedroom at night when she heard these sounds and watch them go at it. They both looked so happy. She always heard Dad groan loud after her Mom’s shouts. From a very young age she was fascinated with the thoughts and sights of sex. That is probably how she started loving her brother so much.

Her Mom used to say to her, “We don’t have much girl, but we have each other. Your brother will always be there for you.”

She always knew it was wrong. But she loved him so much. He protected her physically from the crap that went on in their trailer park and she was there for him emotionally. Encouraging him to grow up and be something someday.

He took her virginity when she was 18 and she never looked back. Never wanted to be with anyone else, but she wanted him to love their Mom as much as she did. He had grown pretty distant from the family since he went to college and became a cop.

“You still have to get your surprise.” She said, trying to entice him to release his strong hold on her and get out of bed.

“What is it Sis?” He said as he flipped her over, straddled her, and held her small hands above her head, pinning her to her bed. He quickly began tickling her like he used to do when they were kids.

“Quit!” She said laughing as she squirmed under his manly frame.

“Tell me. Tell me what my surprise is or I will tickle you until you pee yourself,” he said laughing as he fiercely tickled her ribs, her most sensitive spot.

“Stop! Stop! Stop! Please,” she begged. “I will make you a deal.”

Now she was talking.

“What kind of deal?” He said as he stopped the torments and looked into her beautiful, pleading eyes.

“I will suck your dick all the way to Mom and Dad’s if you leave me alone about your surprise,” she stated, hoping he would be pacified.

A look of curiosity shown on his face, but he didn’t seem swayed yet.

“I will even swallow your load in their drive way if you let it go,” she claimed out of desperation.

His cock grew stiffer watching his sister grovel and make that kind of promise to him. He wanted to take her right now, but the image of her taking him deep in her throat on the open highway while he drove at 80 miles an hour AND finishing him off in the place he hated the most; their parent’s place, made him even hotter.

“Your on, Sis,” he said as he released his grip on her hands and got off her.

“Go get ready!” He said as he smacked her deliciously muscular, perfect ass as she got out of bed.

They both hurried to get dressed and left her place in his truck. They had a 20-mile trip, mostly highway. About a half mile into the trip Anna placed her hand on the zipper of his jeans. He looked at her. She looked back as her eyes grew huge. He recognized that look. It was the I-want-your-cock-right-now look. He winked in response. It was a go!

She smiled back and unbuttoned his jeans and slowly slid his zipper down. She ran her fingers lightly over his cock that was hidden behind his boxers.

His cock jumped in response.

She slid her hand under the waistband of his underwear. Her pussy got moist as she felt the skin on skin contact of her hand touching her brother’s stiff member. She pulled it out and took a moment to enjoy the sight of it.

Veins popped out everywhere. It seemed to call her name. It was so hard, perfect, and she just had to have it!

“OOOOOOOO,” he let out as his sister rammed his cock in her beautiful face and took him deep quickly. Her long, silky blonde hair splayed out in his lap, tickling his stomach and dick as his he felt the back of her throat inhale his raging member in and out with such passion he thought he was going to pass out.

Her mouth was so warm and wet. Her tongue massaged his shaft wildly as her head bobbed up and down furiously devouring his sister pleasing stick, her head nearly slamming against the steering wheel.

A semi passed them, looking down to witness the highway molestation and blew his horn in approval bringing Chris back to his senses. He was a man of the law. He needed to pay attention to the road. But it was so damn hard to do with his beautiful sister, the love of his life, attached to his cock bringing on certain eruption very, very soon.

“AaaHhhhh, Uuummmmm, Anna,” he tried to speak.

“What Chris,” she said between licks and sucks, her vocal chords vibrating on his cock.

“Oh, Shit!” He exclaimed, so close to releasing a jet stream of cum with so much force it may just shoot in her mouth and right out her ass.

“Oh, jeez Sis. You gotta slow down or I am not going to make it the next ten miles,” he begged.

“Anything for you my big, hard brother,” she cooed, totally into the blow job she was giving him as she slowed way down and started running her tongue nice and slow up and down his fuck stick with long strokes. Her tongue ran lightly over the head of his cock and ran around it, and around it, ever so sweet and slow then returned to the shaft. She repeated this over and over. She could feel him getting harder and harder, bursting to release.

She felt the truck start to slow and knew they were off the highway and close.

“Only a few turns to go,” she thought to herself. Then she would get the coveted prize of her brother’s cum filling her mouth and sliding down her throat. The thought made her clit thump lightly and her fuck hole leaked her own juices onto the back of her cotton sundress.

She dove her face back around his aching manhood as soon as he put the truck in park, skewering her throat full of brotherly cock.

“Oh, fuck!” He said as the back of his head hit the headrest of his truck and he grabbed the back of her head with both hands, shoving him as deep in her face as was physically possible. His hips pumped upward to fuck her face as she gasped for breath. Her head slammed against his pelvis as she felt him release what she had been working so hard to taste. He shot a load down her throat and released her head as she began to lick him slowly again and bring him down, savoring every last drop he had to offer.

“Oh, Anna. That was fucking incredible,” he said breathlessly as she sat up and wiped the corners of her mouth and he put him well-used member away for safekeeping.

“Lets get this over with,” he said as he gave her knee a squeeze.

“Man up! Let’s go,” she said. “Remember you have a surprise waiting for you.” She smiled that damn big sexy smile at him and he was trapped. Johnny Law, putty in his hot sisters hands. Well, and pussy and mouth. He smiled back and braced himself. He was glad she was here with him. He hated being here.

“Mom we’re here,” Anna announced as they walked in the front door. They heard footsteps coming from the kitchen. Their Mom appeared carrying a laundry basket full of clothes, which she promptly set on the floor upon the sight of her two babies in her doublewide.

“Oh, both my kids! I am so happy you came Christopher,” Mom exclaimed with a big smile and hugged them both.

Chris hadn’t seen her in a while. She looked good for a woman of her age. She was only 43 but looked not a day over 35. Despite her poor and hard life, it had not taken a toll on her looks. She was petite like his sister, her dark blonde hair cut short and sporty. She had his sisters deep blue eyes and full lips. She was a good-looking woman he guessed.

“Dad must feel pretty lucky,” he thought to himself.

“Where is Dad, I have his drill in my truck?” Chris asked.

“Oh, didn’t Anna tell you?” Mom said glancing at Anna then back to Chris. “He is hunting today. Opening day of deer season. Shotgun. It is just us three today,” Mom gushed, happy to spend quality time with her offspring.

“Oh, I totally forgot about that,” Anna lied and looked down. She hated lying to him. She just hoped it was for a good cause.

“Well, anyway, dinner will be done in an hour or so. I made pot roast. I know it was always your favorite Christopher,” Mom gushed.

“I do love your pot roast Mom,” Chris replied wishing he could run out the nearest exit.

“Well why don’t you two go sit in the living room. I have to go hang the clothes out on the line to dry outside. The dryer is broke again. Your Dad says he is going to look at it first chance he gets. He just hasn’t been home much lately,” Mom said as she faked a smile and grabbed the laundry basket of wet clothes and headed out the door.

“Need any help Mom?” Anna called out the door after her.

“No, Hon. You two get comfortable. I will be in soon and we will all catch up,” Mom called back in her trademark cheery voice.

Anna looked up at Chris. She could sense his disdain for “coming home”.

“Come on brother. Let’s go relax. She is really happy we are here,” she said in a soft voice as she grabbed his hand and led him to the couch.

“Nothing has changed in this place for 25 years. Not the people, the furniture or the bullshit,” he muttered as he followed his sister dutifully.

They sat on the couch close to one another, still holding hands.

Anna knew that he was feeling very uncomfortable and wanted to make him feel better, not to mention she was getting hotter and hotter for him just being in the same room as him.

She lifted up her dress to display her panty-less snatch and started to rub her clit.

“uuummmm,” she moaned. Chris felt a stirring in his loins.

“She can’t be serious,” he thought. Not Here!

She moved her manicured fingers from her clit to her glistening pussy. It was so wet and so inviting. She ran her fingers around the entrance to her fuck hole and cried out as she touched the very sensitive nerves at her opening that were begging to be rushed passed with the penetration of his cock that she so needed.

His cock was hard and on stand by instantly.

She stuck her finger in herself and wiggled it around relentlessly, looking for the satisfaction that only her brother could supply her with.

“Fuck me please, Chris. Here and now, please,” she pleaded as she took her finger out of her pussy and put it to his lips.

He opened his mouth and she sexily placed her cum coated finger in his mouth.

“Aaaawww,” they breathed in unison as he licked her cum off his finger.

Chris could not take it any longer. There was just something about her. When she said, “jump”, he asked why. When she said, “fuck me”, his cock magically appeared in her. He had to have her. NOW!

He took out his tool and impaled her brother pleasing, wet hole. He pounded his sister like the hot fuck she was. Thrusting in as deep as he could get, her walls begging for more. Fucking his sister in their parent’s trailer turned him on more than he thought it would. Fucking her on the very couch he had made her a woman was way too much. He had her screaming in no time.

“YES. CHRIS. FUCK ME. HARDER. UUUUGGGHHHH!” He was going to fill her up so full she would be pissing out his cum for a week.

“AAAAAAWWWWW,” he let out as he felt his load let loose and…

“WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE?” He heard from behind him.

He spun around out of reflex, police training probably, just in time to shoot his load up and onto his own mother’s face as she walked in the room and caught her only two kids screwing each other.

He couldn’t stop the spunk squirting. He was too turned on. It had a mind of it’s own.

He splashed his Mom on the lips, on the cheeks, on the nose, and quite fittingly, right between the eyes.

The room grew silent.

Their Mom took a few steps forward, her face dripping in her only son’s jizz.

Mom had a blank stare on her face. They weren’t sure what she was going to do. She seemed …..almost….shell shocked for a moment.

She looked at her daughter that finally glowed for the first time in her life.

She looked at her son, who had obviously been working out and looked so much like her husband when they were young and full of so much sexual energy. Involuntarily, a faint wave of electricity ran from her nipples to her womanhood as she felt a moist feeling between her legs.

She was quite surprised at her feelings and definitely was aware how wrong they were. But she had been so lonely lately. And she loved her kids more than life itself. She would look back later in amazement at her reaction. It was never anything she could explain. It just happened.

Mom took one finger and swiped her son’s cum off her lips and stuck her finger in her own mouth licking it clean.

“You taste a lot like your Dad, but you are much sweeter,” Mom said as she sunk to her knees and touched Chris’s flaccid penis.

“Now let’s see if you like the same things Dad does,” Mom said as a big smile washed across Anna’s face over Chris’s shoulder.

“Surprise Brother,” she whispered to herself as she watched the show begin.

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