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Love Thy Neighbor

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“Darn it, where’s my lasagna pan?” I already had the noodles boiling, the sauce simmering, and the cheese ready to go, but now I couldn’t find the darn pan. I closed my eyes and leaned my head against the cabinet, and then I remembered. Andi had borrowed it. Turning off the burner, I reached up on the key hook and took down Andi’s key and headed for the door.

Andi and Rob were the newcomers on the court. They had two kids the same ages as ours, so we wound up hanging around at their pool or on our back deck a lot. They were friendly enough, I guess, but just sort of good neighbors instead of good friends. Andi had been a model before she married Rob but was now in a PhD program. Tall and willowy, short blond hair and amazing cheekbones, not to mention eyes that hid a lot of mischief.

She really liked to flirt. My husband Jon was always flirting with her, teasing her about how thin she was, how small her breasts and butt were. (He likes me thin like that too: he tells me more than a handful is wasted). I didn’t feel nervous, though. I overheard her telling our other neighbor Meg that she liked Jon enough to flirt with him, but didn’t like him “that way.” Andi and Meg and I spent some nice afternoons sunning ourselves at their pool before one of us would jump in the car and pick up all the kids. Andi flirted with everybody, even Meg and me, but I figured that was just her way of being friendly.

As I passed by her garage, I noticed that her car was out, so I figured I would just let myself in through the back door, get my pan, and be out of there in a minute. I was about to open the cabinet to see where it was when I heard music coming from the living room. I guessed she had left a DVD playing when she went out to drop the kids at school.

The video was, surprisingly enough, of Meg at the pool. The soundtrack was “It had to be you” by Frank Sinatra, and Meg was just sitting in the chaise, smiling at the camera. Suddenly, she gets this sort of coy look on her face, and starts lowering the straps of her bathing suit top. I’d seen this DVD before; Andi and Meg had made it for Meg’s husband’s birthday.

I was about to turn off the set when I realized I hadn’t seen this version before. This version was different: the straps came all the way down and showed her breasts. I’d never seen Meg’s breasts before, and was fascinated to see that her freckles continued all the way down to her nipples. She shyly pulled her coppery red hair away from her pillowy breasts, licked her fingers and circled her hardening nipples. She stared at the camera and then beckoned with one of her moist fingers, almost like she was calling me to her. She kept pulling her suit down until her belly was showing, almost to the top of her mound. She slipped a hand into her suit and rubbed for a moment, then brought her finger up to her mouth and licked it, grinning at me. My nipples hardened, and I pressed my legs together.

Meg beckoned again, more insistently. The next moment, Andi stepped around from behind the camera and appeared on the screen with Meg. She lowered her head to Meg’s breasts and you could hear Meg sighing as Sinatra’s voice faded. I was getting goose bumps and starting to get wet as I watched, although I had never thought about Andi or Meg that way. I could almost feel Andi sucking on my nipples as I watched.

Andi continued to slip Meg’s bathing suit off her thighs, showing her bright red pubic hair. All the while she continued to nuzzle and suckle her breasts. She slowly started to lower her face down Meg’s belly, rubbing her face in her pubes, lying between her legs, splitting her thighs and starting to kiss her lips. Nervously, my hand started to rub the outside of my jeans as I debated whether I ought to be watching this. I stood riveted to the screen.

“Well, if you’re going to watch, you may as well come in and get settled,” Andi said from the couch. I gulped, tried to pretend I hadn’t been standing there rubbing myself. Andi was in her bathrobe, open at the bottom where she was gently stroking her blond pubes. The Andi on the screen was grinning and wiggling her eyebrows at the camera, then back to licking Meg.

“I, um, just came for my lasagna pan,” I said weakly. “I’ll just get it and go.”

Then Meg said, “No, don’t.” I noticed that Meg was in the recliner, naked from the waist down, also slowly stroking herself. “Pease, stay.” Meg beckoned me over to sit between Andi and her on the couch. I swallowed hard, could feel my whole body shaking. On the screen, Andi was slowly licking up between Meg’s lips, and Meg was moaning, “yes, oh, yes, oh yes” over and over again.

I blushed crimson. “I, um, I can’t. I have to …. I, um, I, I …” I could hardly breathe. “Oh, what the heck.” I sat down. I carefully put one hand on the arm of the couch, the other “casually” on the couch so it would be clear I was not touching myself. Andi spread her legs further next to me, so her thigh was almost touching my hand, and resumed stroking herself. Meg reached over to take my other hand, all the while touching herself too. Then Andi took my hand and put it on her thigh, and slid it up to her mound. On screen Andi’s top was untied and Meg was touching her breasts as Andi continued to lick Meg’s lips.

Meg lifted my fingers to her lips and started to lick and suck on them. She leaned over the arm of the recliner and onto the arm of the couch, and nibbled on my earlobe, kissed my cheek, my neck. Andi slipped my fingers down into her moisture, gently rubbed her button with my index finger. “Oh, yes,” she moaned softly, then brought my finger up to lick, and back down to touch herself again. Meg was unbuttoning my blouse, kissing my collar bones, lifting my bra over my little breasts, taking one of my nipples in her teeth.

I started stroking Meg’s hair and neck as she nursed on me. My index finger was touching Andi, she was stroking herself with my finger, slipping it inside herself sometimes and then back out.

Suddenly, both of them were kneeling on the floor on either side of me, sucking my nipples. Somebody was fumbling with the button fly on my jeans, lifting my butt and slipping them and my panties off. Meg started licking me, oh my god, nobody ever did that to me like that before. Andi was sucking my nipples, kissing me, and then feeding me her beautiful breast. I couldn’t see the screen any more, but I could hear Meg moaning louder and louder “lick me, oh God lick me,” over and over. She and I screamed and climaxed at the same time.

I’m not sure how we got upstairs into Andi’s bed, but the next few hours were a blur. Andi and Meg took turns giving me orgasm after orgasm, with some time out while they did each other. I finally licked Andi and then Meg to orgasm after I learned where a clitoris is (and learned to call it a clit :-).

The lasagna turned out great, and all three families ate it by Andi’s pool that night. Our husbands couldn’t figure out why we three were so giggly. Maybe sometime we’ll tell them.

Or maybe not; maybe we’ll make a DVD for each of them on their birthdays…

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