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The Boss’s Office

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She dresses in her usual attire: a white button up blouse undone to just the top of her cleavage; a black skirt and matching blazer; black, sheer stockings, and black pumps. Her make up is done in a professional manner finished nicely with red lipstick. Her red hair is done up in a bun with wispy stray hairs hanging down on the side and in back.

She takes one glance in the mirror and nods in approval before grabbing her handbag and leather briefcase to head out the door.

She was up pretty late the night before proofreading the complaint she had transcribed in the office for him the day prior. She had adjusted to not getting much sleep in the past year she worked for him. Most of the time she felt overworked and under appreciated.

He had a serious and controlling nature. He snapped out demands at her on occasion with expectations she’d get things done promptly. She often thought a smile would be nice; a verbal pat on the back, perhaps. However, she suspected that he needed to be this way in order to win. Being an attorney isn’t an easy job, nor was being his assistant.

However, many days, as she sat there typing, she would daydream about bending him over his desk and spanking his bare ass to teach him some manners. Today was no different than any other. Her heels clicked on the tile entryway as she strolled into the office. As usual, he was already there. She wondered if he ever went home and how his wife could possibly handle him gone so much.

“Ah, Sierra, you’re here. Great. Did you get that complaint done? If so, I’d like to look it over. While you’re at it, grab a pad and pen and come in here while I dictate a quick letter for you to type up.” He says from his office.

She lets out a sigh as she walks over to her desk and drops the briefcase. Damn, she thinks to herself, let me at least get in the door before you start barking out commands, you freaking slave driver. “Yes, Mr. Mitchell, I’ll be right in.” she says.

She retrieves the complaint from her briefcase, grabs a pad and pen and enters his office. “Here you go.” She tells him as she sets down the document in front of him and sits down in the chair in front of his desk.

Again, thoughts of having him bent over that big, oak desk sends chills across her skin. Sometimes, it’s the only thing that gets her through the day in a good mood.

After dictating the letter, she returns to her desk to do the day’s work without many interactions between the two of them.

Finally, lunch…she thinks. She slips out of her heels and into a pair of socks and sneakers so that she can walk on her lunch hour and heads out the door.

She gets to the elevator before realizing she forgot to grab her handbag so she could grab a bite to eat while she was out walking.

When she enters the office again, she is stunned to find her boss on the floor on all fours with his nose in her heels.

“Mr. Mitchell! She stutters. “What are you doing?”

“Sierra. I…uh…dropped something under your desk. I…uh…oh, there it is.” He says while attempting to pick up a pencil under her desk.

“Why, Mr. Mitchell, I believe you had your nose in my shoes.” She smiles wickedly at him.

She walks over to him and looks down at him. How pathetic he looks on all fours like that, she thinks. She puts her sneaker on his head and pushes his head back down to her heels.

“Do you like my pumps, Mr. Mitchell? Why don’t you take a deep breath. I think you kinda like that, don’t you?” She snickers.

He breathes in deeply and moans slightly. She smiles and raises one eyebrow. She grabs his collar and pulls on it forcing him to follow her into his office.

“You wanted to see me, Mr. Mitchell? I believe we had some business that needed to be taken care of.” She snickers.

“Sierra, what are you doing? I…uh…this is highly unusual, Sierra. I’m quite sure you were mistaken about the shoe incident out there. I was merely picking up a pencil I had dropped.” He says.

“How long have you been sniffing my pumps when I leave for lunch? I’m sure your wife would love to hear about this.” She snaps at him.

“There’s no need for that, Sierra. I’m sure we can come to an understanding about this awkward situation.” He says.

She closes the door behind him, takes a deep breath and looks around at the decor. Displayed on the wall are various items that blend in with a “western” theme: a saddle in the corner of the room; spurs; a coiled bullwhip; a riding crop on the wall; and several pictures of various men on horses or riding bulls. The office shows parts of his personality yet is done in a professional, tasteful manner. She runs her finger along the riding crop before sitting in his tall, leather chair behind his desk.

He is still on his hands and knees in front of her. She places her feet on his back and leans back in the chair. She had been in his office many times before. She had even gone through his desk a few times to try to find a certain brief or to replace the cassettes he dictated for her. However, one drawer was always locked. She reached over and tried the drawer again. This time it opened.

Slowly, she pulled the drawer open. Her eyes opened wide at what she saw inside. At first she saw a coiled rope. As she opened it more, there were three dildos of various sizes. Pulling open the drawer further revealed some lubricant, latex gloves, clothespins, nipple clamps, panties, a garter and stockings, a bra and….OH, she thought…. a leather collar???? Wow, jackpot, she thought.

“What have we here, Mr. Mitchell? Looks like you do more than just dictate legal documents in here.” She laughs.

He lowers his head and sighs. She uses her the end of her shoe to pull his chin up to look at her. When he looks up, he sees her dangling the pink panties from her fingertip and sees the smile on her face. His face turns red and he can feel the heat rising from his neck across his cheeks.

“Oh, Mr. Mitchell, it’s payback time. You realize that, don’t you?” She snickers, raising one eyebrow.

“Please, Sierra, this is rather embarrassing. Please put those back and let’s just forget about this whole scenario, shall we?” He says in a rather quiet voice.

“Get up!” She demands as she grabs a handful of his hair and pulls hard.

He follows her lead and stands before her. She begins undressing him by taking off his jacket. She then moves to the buttons on his shirt and then removes his undershirt. She runs her hands over his bare chest and then tugs slightly on a mound of hair. He winces, but keeps his head bowed.

“I believe there are a few things I’d like you to do for me, Mr. Mitchell. Or shall I call you sissy slut, judging from what’s in this drawer?” She says to him.

After she unbuckles his belt and then unbuttons his slacks, she lets them drop to the floor and then pulls down his boxers. He is standing before her totally nude and erect. She stares awhile at his erection causing him further embarrassment.

“Put these on, slut.” She hands him the pink panties. He puts them on. His hard cock sticks out beyond what the panties will cover. “Now these.” She hands him the garter and stockings. He leans on the desk for stability while putting on the garments. She notices that his toenails are already painted a racy pink color. “Did you paint those yourself, slut?” She asks him.

“Yes. I was told to do so by my mistress….uh…I mean…oh, crap!” He says dejectedly.

“You belong to me now, slut. You can inform your mistress. I believe you owe me quite a bit of your loyalty and submission for what I’ve done for you this past year. I think you need to make up for how I’ve been treated. You need to be taught some manners and taught how to respect a woman.” She says.

“Sierra, really, can we stop this charade? This is silly.” He says.

“Yes, Ma’am!” She says to him. Her face is close enough for him to feel her breath on his neck while she is pulling his hair.

“Yes, Ma’am.” He forces out.

She gets the nipple clamps out of the drawer. She pinches his nipples between her fingertips before attaching the clamps to them.

“Get on your knees, slut!” She demands. He gets back down on his hands and knees. She removes her sneakers and socks, which leaves her in stockings again.

She remembers that he has a digital camera in another drawer that he uses on occasion to photograph exhibits used his legal documents. She grabs the camera and snaps a few shots of him on his knees, in panties, a garter and stockings with one of her feet resting on his back and the other pressed against his nose. He seems to be enjoying himself actually. She notices that he is taking larger breaths through his nose.

She then retrieves the collar from the drawer and puts it around his neck. She pulls on the collar forcing his head between her legs. He can’t see a thing as his nose is pressed against her panties, but notices the smell of leather. She holds him there for a good minute, squeezing slightly with her thighs before pushing him away and standing up.

She reaches over to the wall and grabs the black riding crop. She slaps it against her hand as she exits his office to retrieve her heels. He hears the click of the heels on the tile and then the soft patter as she walks across the carpet. She presses her heel into the soft tissue of his butt.

“Get up onto the desk, slut.” She says as she smacks the desk with the crop. He responds obediently. She directs him to lie face up on his desk, his legs dangling down the side. Oh how she’s dreamed of this day.

She grabs the bag of clothespins and the rope. After running the crop over his chest and down over the side of his leg, she ties up his cock and balls with the rope, winding the rope down the length of his shaft and tying it off at the end. She pulls out the skin surrounding his testicles and places clothespins in a line over the skin. She can hear him moaning and sucking in breath as she places each clothespin.

When she feels he is sufficiently decorated, she climbs on the desk and sits down on his face. She moves her leather panties to the side and spreads her lips. He begins licking without being told to do so. She rubs her hips back and forth, letting his tongue slide over her clit and into her opening and then back to her clit over and over again. As her moans begin to grow louder, he takes her clit in his mouth and sucks on it while licking at the same time until she explodes into orgasm. She lifts up as he breathes in deeply. She gets off the desk, arranging her clothing back to its original place.

“Get down and bend over the end of the desk. Now!” She demands.

He carefully slides off the desk and turns over, sliding his chest across the papers on his desk, careful not to push on his crotch area against the side of the desk.

After arranging the three dildos in a line on his desk from smallest to largest, she puts on a pair of gloves and covers them with lubricant. While sliding two fingers in his ass, she pushes against his hip that causes him to cry out in pain as his cock and balls are smashed into the side of the desk. She smacks his ass with her other hand several times and watches the pink hand prints form on his cheeks.

She rubs her fingers in and out of his opening while reaching around and squeezing the clothespins harder. She hears him gasp and yelp. She lubes up the medium size dildo and slowly inserts it into his ass. She slides it gently in and out, gradually gaining speed and intensity. As his moans increase, she pulls off clothespins one by one while increasing the speed of the dildo with her other hand.

The rubbing of his cock against the desk forces him to explode and juices run down the side of his desk as she releases the last of the clothespins from his balls. She tosses the dildo in the sink in his private bathroom just off his office and tosses the gloves into the trash. She returns to find him in the same bent position over the desk, panting.

“Go clean yourself up, slut, then come back, because I’m not finished with you.” She tells him.

When he returns, she grabs the rope still attached to his penis and pulls him over to her desk. She orders him to get under her desk and face the chair. She walks over to the front door and locks it for the day.

After returning to her desk, she takes off her leather panties and puts them over his head. She then pulls on his hair forcing his head into her crotch again. She puts her feet up on his ass as he licks her. She pulls her chair in and begins typing the remainder of the work he has given her to complete that day as he obediently licks her for hours.

At 5:00 p.m., she pushes her chair away after having multiple orgasms. “You’ve done a very good job today, slut. I appreciate your effort. Now, remember this tomorrow when I arrive at the office. I expect to be treated with respect. I’ll expect the order barking to stop and be replaced with politely asking for something to be done, instead. I will expect compliments on a job well done, instead of receiving nothing for my effort. Oh, and that raise that we were discussing the other day…I’ll expect you to double that. See you in the morning, Mr. Mitchell. Have a good night.” She says sweetly, as she grabs her bag and briefcase and strolls out the door, leaving him in a daze.

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