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I won the lottery. Really big….over 300 million dollars paid out over the next 25 years. In my late twenties and now filthy rich. What to do? What to do?

After I won, I did all the things that you are supposed to do: traveled, bought a nice house, not too big but certainly big enough, and pampered myself with all the gadgets and everything else to fill out my home. One of the things I pampered myself with was Sarah.

She, I hired away from a local massage parlor as a live in maid/house girl, for the bargain price of 80grand a year, new car yearly and full benefits. Blonde, busty, in great shape and also a nice comfortable personality as well, now that’s pampering!

One day after Sarah had served breakfast, (her uniform consists of a really nice choker necklace and a silver waist chain.), I was reading the classifieds of the local paper – I look for houses to invest in. Sarah pulled my cock from her mouth and aimed it at her tits. As I watched my cum drench her, inspiration struck.

What if I hired a private investigator? You know the kind; you see their ads offering to find out if your spouse is faithful etc. Watching Sarah use my cum as lotion, rubbing it all over her chest and sucking my cock clean, my plan unfolded. I would use the investigator to find beautiful women with lots to hide, and bring to life some of my fantasies about forcing women to have sex with me – weather they wanted to or not!

How to get started? I decided to do some of the legwork myself – after all it’s not like I had a job to get to. I started hanging out in downtown restaurants frequented by the after work crowds and started looking for hot women 20 – 40 yrs old, married and looking as thought they were having too good a time with members of the opposite sex.

I picked ten likely candidates all around thirty years old and all very hot! The next step was to find the necessary info I required. I hired the best agency that was willing to do the work. Surprising what can be done if you say, ‘Don’t worry about the expense.’

First Victim:

Erika, 28 years old, 5’6″ and a classic 36-24-34 figure. Brunette, green eyes – or at least green contacts. She had that special grace that I always find in women that I am attracted to.

The agency managed to get photos of her from the changing room at the gym where she worked out- they have a female operative, and her body was as spectacular as I’d hoped.

It turns out that Erika has been giving blowjobs to her boss over the noon hour and often after work as well, before going home to her boyfriend and their 6-year-old son. Erika worked as a receptionist for an insurance company earning about 35 grand a year. Her boyfriend earned a very good living as a network administrator, and all indications lead to them getting married soon, they have been living common law for more than seven years.

What, the agency and myself could not figure out was, why? Why would this stunning looking women risk her family, reputation and job by blowing the boss? I mean the guy was fat, bald, and one of those guys who always seem to be sweating! Ugh.

Some carefully placed bugs in his office and car finally yielded the truth. Five years ago, with her boyfriend in school and a one-year-old son at home, Erika had done some not too creative playing with the company petty cash fund. She used the money to pay things like rent, food etc. I guess she must have gotten pretty desperate. From what we could put together, Erika’s boss caught on pretty quick but let the total amount stolen to reach over ten thousand dollars. Apparently I’m not the only one fond of blackmail.

With the evidence locked away and threatening her with jail- she began paying back the money on her knees. Erika was perfect- she had already shown herself to susceptible to a little pressure.

I made preparations. Made a couple of phone calls, mailed some packages and had one lunch meeting. Everything was in place.

“Do you know why you are here?” I asked.

Erika was sitting in my home office. Friday afternoon. She was wearing a nice business jacket and skirt combo. The glasses on her face were perfect. I had always wanted to get a blowjob from a woman wearing glasses.

“No.” she replied.

With that I slid two photos across the desk. Erika picked them up and went bright red. I knew why. The first pic was one of her with her boss’s cock stiffed down her throat. The second one was my favorite; it was a close up shot of him blowing a huge load of cum all over her face.

“Strip!” I said.

“I will not!” replied Erika, “I’m leaving.”

“Sit Down!” I ordered. “Here’s why you aren’t going anywhere. Your old employer, Mr. Reid, sent you here today. He did this because I convinced him that graphic pictures of this nature sent to his wife, daughters and grandchildren would not be in his best interest. Furthermore, he agreed to hand over the evidence on your indiscretions and to allow you to come to work for me.”

I paused to allow this to sink in. Reaching, I pushed the intercom button, “Sarah could you please bring a couple of brandies?”

“Yes Sir”, her voice replied.

A moment later in walked Sarah, in uniform (Remember? Just a choker necklace and silver waist chain mmmmmm), her large breasts gently swaying, she paused in front of Erika, holding out a snifter of brandy. Eyes wide and with her hand shaking, she accepted the drink. Sarah then walked around my desk to stand next to me; I placed my hand on her perfect ass and caressed it.

Continuing, I said, “Your boyfriend loves your son very much. He could easily provide a safe and happy home all-alone couldn’t he? I mean he certainly makes enough money, Correct?”

The implications were clear, with this evidence he would easily win custody.

“I have plenty more of these photos, as well as some video footage of you giving Mr. Reid a real sloppy blowjob. Wanna See?” I asked.

I could see the mental battle play out across her face. Shock wore off to fear and then resignation. I knew then that I had done it. She was mine to own.

Hands on her face Erika said, “What do you want?”

“Strip!” I commanded.

Pausing for a moment, Erika rose to her feet and slowly began undoing her jacket. In moments she was wearing only bra and panties.

“Hold on for just a sec. I want to savor this.” I said. “Sarah could you please help me with these pants?”

Sarah dropped to her knees and undid my pants and tugged them off, leaving me naked from the waist down. I sighed as Sarah gently began sucking my cock.

“Proceed.” I said to Erika.

I was totally enjoying myself, a beautiful women sucking my cock and another undressing on my orders. Erika reached behind her and released the clasp of her bra, pulled down the straps, finally exposing her tits to my view.

Her tits were perfect, or as close to perfect that anything ever gets. Plump, proud and standing high on her chest, with a slight hang to let you know they were natural. Looking at her you could not even tell that she had ever had a child- not a stretch mark to be seen.

With a low whistle I asked, “What size are you? C? D?”

“36C” she quietly replied.

“Beautiful.” I said, “Come here.”

Erika walked around my desk and stood just in front of me, staring at Sarah sucking my rock hard dick. I reached out and cupped her tits. Her large nipples grew and became erect at my touch.

“My, they are sensitive aren’t they?” I commented.

Erika just nodded. Reaching down I guided Sarah’s head off my cock. I did not want to cum too soon.

“Sarah, please help Erika out of her panties” I said.

Sarah had a huge grin on her face. She reached out, grabbed the waist of Erika’s panties and pulled them to her feet in one quick motion. Erika’s pussy was within easy reach. I stretched out my hand and ran it over her mound; she shuddered to the touch but did not pull away. I rubbed her clit for a moment or two.

“Okay, Erika,” I said, “Please finish what Sarah started.”

Erika chewed her lip for a moment, glanced at the photos still on the table and descended to her knees. I knew that I would not last long – I was too turned on and Sarah’s talented mouth had brought me pretty close. Slowly Erika took my rigid cock in her mouth and ran her tongue around the head and up and down the shaft while she took more and more of me into her mouth. Man, her old boss had been a very lucky man, Erika was a freakin’ artist at blowjobs.

In moments I started to fire off shot after shot of cum down her pretty throat. I didn’t even have to hold her head – she never tried to pull away, like a trooper she swallowed it all. Man, what an orgasm, the combo of two naked women and having total control was a heady mixture.

Erika looked up from my lap with just a small drop of my cum on her lips.

Wiping my cum away with the back of her hand she said, “Now what?”

Smart girl, I thought, she knows this is just the start. “Now we discuss the terms of your employment. Look at Sarah. She is wearing your new uniform.

I looked Erika right in the eye. “Yup, while at work all you are allowed to wear is a choker necklace and either a gold or silver waist chain. From now on you must keep your pussy shaved – Every day – no stubble. You will be called upon to do actual work in my office here at home. I really do need a professional assistant. I’ll pay you 50 grand a year, full benefits and a car. Everything is spelled out in this contract.”

So saying I grabbed a file from my desk and handed it to her. “By Monday, have this signed and witnessed by as notary including the terms of employment section. Workdays are Monday to Friday 9:00AM to 4:00PM. There will also be some travel involved so get your passport updated.

Smiling I said, “Now it’s time to better get to know your co-worker. Sarah please lay on the table, Erika get to taste that sweet pussy of yours!”

Sarah was smiling as she hopped up on the table and layback, legs spread wide. Her pussy was drooling all over the place.

“Go on Erika,” I said, “don’t keep her waiting.”

Erika stood, bent at the waist, put her head between Sarah’s golden tanned legs. Sarah obviously very turned on, grabbed Erika’s head and pulled her into her pussy. I had a great view. Erika’s pussy was peeking out from between her legs and Sarah was grinding her pussy into Erika’s face.

“Oh God!!” Sarah cried, “She’s done this before! UHHNN”.

Sarah’s back arched off the desk as her orgasm hit, she grabbed her tits and squeezed her nipples and let out a loud moan. Meanwhile my cock had come back to life. I grabbed Erika’s hips as I stood up and shoved my rock hard dick into her, right up to the hilt. Erika began grunting into Sarah’s pussy in time to my thrusts.

I lost count of how many orgasms Sarah had over the next twenty minutes. I kept pounding away into Erika’s soaking wet pussy. I reached around and under to rub her clit, as I hammered away, my balls slapping into her cunt. I could tell Erika was defiantly into it as she was pushing back as hard as I was fucking her.

“I’m cummingg OHHHHonnnn….” She moaned.

The feeling of her cunt spasming around my cock pushed me over the edge. I shot a huge load deep into her. Week in the knees I sat down, feeling absolutely perfect.

After a moment, I said “Erika please clean this mess off my dick.”

She stood up and was reaching for a tissue when I stopped her. “Erika when I tell you to clean me or anybody else, use you mouth!” I said sternly.

“Yes Sir.” She replied.

Erika went to her knees, and gently began to lick and suck my cock clean. Sarah knelt beside her and was gently stroking Erika, running her hands over her still erect nipples, torso, and her pussy, just watching Erika use her mouth to clean me.

Once more my cock rose to the occasion. Erect again, I gestured for Sarah to mount me facing Erika. I reached around and guided Erika’s face to where we joined; good girl that she is I didn’t have to tell her what to do; she just got busy putting her talented mouth to use.

She sucked Sarah’s clit and licked the shaft of my dick when it came into view, each time Sarah rose up. Sarah rode my dick like a bucking bronco. I reached up and grabbed her big tits and massaged them, pinching and rolling her nipples. In short order she had a huge orgasm, and with Erika sucking my balls, I was right behind her. I filled Sarah’s cunt with cum.

We just leaned back in my chair and relaxed. My dick slipped from Sarah’s cunt and I said, “Erika please clean us up.”

Sarah spread her legs over the arms of the chair and lay back on me. Erika proceeded to lick and suck all my cum from Sarah’s pussy, all the while I stroked her whole body; Sarah purred like a cat.

Once the task was completed I said, “Sarah please show Erika the shower and while there remove all her pubic hair.”

Sarah took Erika by the hand and led her from the room. Even the sight of both those women, beautifully naked, failed to stir any signs of life in my dick; three orgasms in about an hour had left me done and more than done. A moment later I heard the shower start. While I waited I leafed through the next file, Christine, 21-year-old redhead with a body to die for, with huge tits complemented by a fitness pageant body.

Yes life as a lottery winner was not too bad…

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