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Lost in Space

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God, how did she ever end up in this dump!

She had hitched a traveler from the planet Armides hoping to make the Warness Cluster, but due to slight miscalculation on her part, she had ended up here in some godforsaken mining asteroid at the arse end of nowhere, with a month to kill before she could get off planet. She was low on credits, but if she was careful she had just enough to see her through. Though she might be forced to get a job, heaven forbid!

Trailing her gravbag behind her, she glanced around the terminal as she cruised through entry. It was grey and functional. The place must be pretty big though, as there was lots of room here, and out in the far reaches they were very tight on space. Almost without exception, all the people around her were wearing buff colored company uniforms and as far as she could see they were mostly male, in her shorts and crop top she stood out like a beacon. She stared around her looking for any signs, finally having to ask a passing security guard the way. He pointed down the hall with his Hypnostic.

At the far end of the terminal was an info desk, where a blowsy looking woman sat filing her fingernails. She looked up as Ellen approached.

“Excuse me, where can I find a hotel around here?”

“You’ll be lucky girlie, there ain’t no hotels here, If you’re not company you’ll have to stay in the transit quarters.” She pointed over to an air-door in one side of the terminal. “Through that lock and just follow the main corridor, you’ll find the place down the end, ’bout half a K from here, there’s a big T on the corridor wall.”

“Is there somewhere I can eat, like a cafe or restaurant?”

The women shrieked with laughter. “Gor blimey woman, this is a mining station, not a blooming tourist resort. The crew eat in the canteen, but you’ll have to get your tucker from the store. Bazza runs that. It’s the only store, come pub, come anything that’s not company in town so you’d better be nice to Bazza, or you’ll go hungry and thirsty! Go and dump your stuff first and then pay him a visit, and remember this ain’t no tourist haven, so take my advice, a good looking girl like you,” she looked Ellie up and down, “should keep her head down and stay in until you can get out. And remember be nice to Bazza, he owns the place, and I mean owns!”


“You’re welcome; hotel!” The women again laughed, shaking her head.

Ellie walked out the door and down the main corridor. Everything was under a dome, as there was no atmosphere on Arieas. Again she noticed both the lack of color, and the lack of women. For the first time she felt strange in her trav gear, her tight body clinging clothes seem to draw attention from the wandering crowd. She noted the men didn’t look her in the face, but they surely gave her tits and her crotch a good going over!

She found the Transit quarters. An old crone sat watching some soapie at full volume in an alcove off the side of the entrance.

“Can I get a room for a month?”

“65 a night, pay up front. You’ll be down in three.”

She shouted over the noise, never taking her eyes off the vidi for a moment.

Ellie decked her credit and transferred the cash; which was going down fast.

“Press yer hand on the pad.”

Ellie pressed the pad. “OK, that’s all.” The woman had already switched off after that tiring episode.

Ellie wondered what she had walked into here. She found her room, and walked in.

It was an earth standard single unit, of which there were millions all over the universe. A blind man could find his way around one in two minutes and never so much as bark his shin. The vidi was already on and filling the small room with soap crap. Ellie dropped her bag and decided to take a walk and look for the store to get some clothes. She always traveled light, buying what she wanted when she wanted. She’d also need some food if there was no other source.

It didn’t take long to find, being the only shop in the place. There was no front window, just a low rail, behind which a fairly large supermarket disappeared behind the shelves. She saw several people cruising the place. In the middle of the rails was a gap where a guy stood at the exit console watching everybody. He was middle aged, balding, and wore a greasy looking T-top over his fat belly. Below his baggy shorts, his skinny legs finished his look of seediness. She walked through the gap and passed him avoiding his eyes, which she could see roved over her.

“Hey! Where you going, girlie?”

Ellie immediately bristled, and stopped, to turn and face the guy.

“I’m getting some stores in, what’s it to you buddy, I don’t talk to sleazy old men.”

“Oh a smart arse, eh, fresh off the traveler, eh?”

“Is this some kind of put on? Let me tell you now I don’t go for fat bald men. So if you don’t mind, I’ll get on.”

He didn’t seem very phased by Ellie’s rudeness, just kept on smiling.

“Not at all girlie, but you’ll need a chekdisc if you want to buy here.”

“Oh, and where do I get that then?”

“Right here.”

“OK, and what do I have to do then to get a chekdisc.”

“Well let me think.”

A voice came from the back of the shop.

“Where do you want this stuff Bazza?”

The fat balding guy turned his head and shouted.

“Anywhere Pete, Dave’ll unpack it later.”

Ellie’s heart sunk, as she remembered the woman’s advice at the terminal, about being nice to Bazza, and here was she bad mouthing him. Bazza turned back to face Ellie.

“Now where were we? Oh yea that’s right girlie, just take off your top and show me your tits, then you get your chekdisc.”

“What, you must be joking.”

“No, it’s topless shopping for you today, or it’s no shopping,” he looked her up and down, staring at her chest, “especially for someone like you with such big tits.”

He grinned, staring at them openly.

Ellie was stunned surely he couldn’t mean it.

“You must be having me on, you can’t do that.”

“Just watch me,” Bazza smiled and scratched his fat belly.

“You’ll get no food here unless you shop nude from the waist up, I want to teach you a lesson, don’t be sassy to Bazza. And I wanna see those nice tits of yours! Hurry up or I might change my mind and make you take the lot off!”

I’m going to tell security about you.”

“Please yer self.” He smiled.

Ellie stormed out and briskly walked down the road. It was between shifts, so there weren’t many people around. She didn’t know where to start. She asked a guy who was standing idly watching the corridor. He flicked his head in the direction down the corridor, and returned to watching her. Ellie turned and walked down where he had indicated. She found an office which looked vaguely official and walked in.

“Excuse me, is this the security station?”

A middle aged man was head down over his desk filling something in, he slowly looked up. Giving her the once over, starting from her legs and slowly rising up her body to her tits and seem to stop there.

“That’s right. What’s yer problem?”

“I’d like to make a complaint about Bazza, the store man; he won’t serve me unless I shop topless. I want him arrested for indecent proposal.”

“You say he wanted you to shop showing your tits?”

“Yeah, he was a real pain, what are you going to do about it?”

“Well we can’t have that can we,” he smiled, “we’d better go and see about this then.”

The man walked out of the office with Ellie in tow, and after a few minutes was in the front of the store. Ellie smiled to herself as she imagined what he would say to the bum called Bazza. He strode briskly up the corridor until, leading Ellie who trailed along behind, he reached the supermarket. Bazza was still standing watching everyone.

“Hey Bazza, did you tell this girl here to shop topless.”

“That’s right Gary, I suppose she’s come whinging to you has she?”

“That’s right Gary, and I think she’s got good cause. Don’t you remember the last time this happened?”

Ellie was relishing every minute of this. Though she was surprised by Bazza’s attitude, he just kept on smiling, in fact both men were smiling.

“Sorry Gary, I can’t remember, refresh my memory.”

“The last time this happened we decided that every second week, the good looking girls were to shop with nothing on below the waist. So we could have a good perv at their cunts. And every other week topless, so we could check out their tits.”

“What!” Ellie could hardly believe her ears.

“Gee Gary, I completely forgot. We station bums can never keep track of time!” The two men smiled at one another. The security officer called, Gary, turned to Ellie.

“There you are miss, sorry about the confusion, just drop your pants and then you can shop here!”

“What are you two up to here, women don’t have to do that sort of thing nowadays, we’ve got rights.”

“Yea, and not a bad right it looks too, in fact the left one looks pretty good too.” the men laughed, mimicking her ample breasts with their hands.

“Look, I need to get some food, and they tell me this is the only store, so let’s stop this pissing about and let me get on.”

“Hold on there Missy don’t go getting on yer high horse, as soon as you drop your strides, your can get right on. You could even get right on my cock!

The men laughed at their crudity.”

Ellie was furious, how could they treat women this way, she had heard the colony mines were lawless, but not like this. The two men stood smiling looking her over as she fumed.

“I’m going to complain to the Boss, the man at the top, I don’t suppose you’d tell me who that would be would you eh?”

“Course no problem-mo, you want the governor, the man who makes all the decisions?”

“You bet your arse I do, nobody treats me like this.”

“OK, but remember you might regret it, he doesn’t like trouble makers, anyway I’ll fetch him. He’s just around the back doing some business.”

With that comment Bazza left Ellie with the security officer and departed into the store.

“Listen girlie, why not drop your pants and save yourself a load of trouble.”

“No way, I’m going to make you pay for your crudity.”

The security man shook his head. He stood and watched her whilst Bazza went and fetched the Boss. It didn’t take long, after a couple of minutes another big man came out. On his chest was a security rating badge with his photo and in big letters “The Boss”. He looked Ellie up and down and turned to Gary the security man. By this time a small crowd had gathered and was watching with amused looks on their faces. Ignoring Ellie he turned to the security man.

“Hi Gary, OK what’s the problem?”

“We got a smart arse here Bill won’t do as she’s told, in fact I was about to book her for civil disobedience.

Ellie was stunned, civil disobedience! She grabbed the Boss by the arm.

“It’s these two perverts; this one,” she pointed at Bazza, “wants me to shop topless, and this so called security officer, wants me to shop nude from the waist down so they can perv at me. I thought the security would be some help, but he’s as bad as this one.” She pointed her finger at Bazza, who was standing smiling.

The Boss shook his head.

“You mean to say you got me here just cos one of these two wants you to shop nude from the waist up and the other wants you to shop nude from the waist down.”

“That’s right.”

She waited expecting him to bawl the two out.

“I suppose you want me to do something about it then?”

“You’re dead right I do.”

“OK I’ll tell you what we’ll do, from now on whenever you come to Bazza’s place you’ll have to shop completely nude. That way you satisfy everybody.” He looked Ellie up and down, “Including me!”

Ellie was stunned she stared at the three men

“You can’t make me do that, I know my rights, there must be some laws around here.”

“Listen lady, you do as we say, cos we are the law, and what we say goes, are you listening.”

“Well fuck you, you’re all a bunch of perverts let me out of here, there must be something that can be done.”

She went to go past the men who now blocked the way out.

“Wait on Missy you’ve asked for me to sort out this minor affair so I’ll have to do something about it, we’re the law here so don’t forget it. What we say goes or its goal, we’ll over look the bad language, but you’ll have to be taught to respect the law, and as the law, I’m ordering you to take off all your clothes.”

“Go take a hike.”

“If that’s the way you want it, we’ll make you obey the law, we’ll start now, officer confiscate her clothes, and let’s have a good look at her, we don’t know who she is, or where she’s from. So we’d better check her over for concealed drugs or weapons.”

“No you don’t.”

Ellie made to push passed when a light touch on her shoulder froze her in mid pace. She realized the officer had touched her with his Hypnostic. This ingenious device had been designed recently to cope with prison riots. It acted on the recipients will, preventing them from being able to move their own body under their own volition. It completely immobilized them, even to the point of leaving them standing, whilst the brain ticked on as usual. The interesting thing was people would still follow instructions, being unable to resist. It lasted until the recipient was touched again by the stick or until they came out of it after about an hour. Then they could move themselves once more. The limbs weren’t locked they just didn’t do what one wanted them to do. She was trapped. The stick was banned except in penitentiaries, however here all the security had them.

“Tell you what Bazza, she’s a good looking piece that’s for sure.”

The men circled around her as she stood there frozen, able to watch everything, but helpless.

“Yea, look at those tits, she’d be at least a 37 maybe even a 38 and look you can just make out her nipples.”

Bazza ran his finger over the tip of each of her breasts.

“Yea they feel like little buttons, I can’t wait to get a good look.

“And her arse is a picture, real tight.”

Patting her arse, the officer ran his hands over her buttocks giving them a squeeze, and running his middle finger down the crack between them.

“OK Officer do your job, I ordered you to confiscate her clothes, and you had better do a full body search. Bazza you’re deputized in case she proves dangerous!”

The men laughed at their little joke.

Ellie watched as the officer approached her, although she couldn’t move her eyes she could feel them all looking at her. The officer ran his hands over her chest, stroking her breasts through the crop top. He reached to her waist and holding the hem raised it slowly up her body.

“Lift her arms Bazza.”

Bazza grabbed her arms by the wrists and held them above her head, as the officer pulled her top up. Under the top she was wearing a half bra, all the rage at the moment. It supported the bottom of her breasts whilst leaving her nipples uncovered. The crowd gasped as her tits were revealed. The piece of clothing was removed and she stood there, her tight erect nipples revealed to the crowd.

“Whoopee, will you look at them then.”

Bazza’s hands slid down her arms and moved to her breasts, where reaching around her from behind, fondled and squeezed them. Ellie could feel every pinch, her nipples responding automatically to the rough handling by erecting themselves. She could feel Bazza’s fat belly press into her back as her reached around her to play with her tits. He then fiddled with the back strap of her bra and released that from her body. Her breasts swung free on her chest finding their own shape. His hands returned to fondle her breasts, wobbling them to and fro, for the benefit of the small cheering crowd of the on lookers.

“Gor, my cock is getting as stiff as a poker, I haven’t had a hard on like this for years.”

“Nor me.”

The men grinned at each other, licking their lips in anticipation.

The officer’s hands then slid down her body and grasped the waist band of her shorts. In a quick move he pulled these over her hips and down her long legs. Under the shorts she was wearing a G-string buttock thong which just about covered her pubes. The shorts were taken off her legs. The officer then grasped her G-string and pulled that down her legs. Another gasp came from the crowd as her crutch was revealed, her red pubic triangle exposed to everyone in the shop. She was stripped, powerless, and completely nude in front of all these strangers, unable to move a muscle.

“Stand up straight, arms down.”

Ellie did as ordered.

“Feet apart!”

Ellie unable to resist slid her feet apart about a foot, her thighs separating at her crutch.

With mounting horror and disbelief she felt the officers hand slide up her legs, moving to the inside of her thighs. With a shock she felt his fingers on her vulva, and then his fingers stroking her sex.

“Just look at this then.”

The Boss bent down to examine Ellie’s sex as the Officer flicked Ellie’s labia with his finger tips.

Bazza continued to squeeze and fondle her tits and nipples whilst the officer’s fingers separated her labia and touched the entrance to her vagina, sliding up between her opened lips until he reached her clitoris, which he pressed hard and rubbed to and fro.

Of course another aspect of the stun stick was that it let the body behave normally, save there was nothing one could do to direct it. So as the two men continued to fondle and caress her naked body in front of all these strangers, she felt her sexuality being switched on.

“Hey goddam it Bill she getting real wet between the legs.”

“Good, OK bring her into the shops, ok the rest of you on your way, this is a security matter now.”

The crowd groaned but knew better than to argue.

Bazza and the Officer walked her into the shop, past the checkout and into one of the back rooms

“Hands on your head woman, and bend over!” barked the Boss.

Ellie could not resist, her instantly hands went to her head and she obligingly bent over in front of the three men. She watched their legs as they moved behind her. Her legs were then forced apart.

“Isn’t that a picture.”

She felt fingers once more probing her sex, whilst someone unseen returned to fondle her now hanging tits. The Boss’s finger probed her labia and then found her clitoris which when rubbed, elicited a response from her, making her hips move in response.

“Will you look at that, she’s getting real horny.”

The fingers continued to explore her labia, before one of them forced its way into her vagina, she gave a small grunt as it was pushed harder up into her body. It poked about inside her before being withdrawn.

“I’d better give her cunt a proper probe.”

She heard rustling behind her, and then to her horror she felt something bigger than a finger being inserted into her vagina, she realized it was someone penis. Hands held onto her hips as the penis probed the entrance of her vagina before being slid fully into her sex. The man grunted as her forced his cock into her cunt.

“Whoa, she’s a real tight cunt.” His cock was then thrust in and out of her cunt, its fatness stretching her vagina. She waggled her hips as against her will the stiff cock penetrating her started to excite her, she felt her cunt muscles gripping the mans cock hard as she felt waves of sexual satisfaction wash over her.

“Now that’s what I call probing Officer, I’d better give her a proper check.”

The cock seemed to get harder and harder, as gripping her hips hard he slid his cock inside of her faster and faster. The cock suddenly stiffened before the man behind came his cock pulsing inside her as he shoot his seed. The pulsing subsided as the man gripping her tightly kept his dwindling cock inside her cunt. It then slid out.

“Fuck me that was fucking great. Here you are officer you’d better check her out.”

“Well Boss I’ve heard these radical type sometimes keep there goods up their arsehole, maybe I should check there. She won’t have any shit in there as she’s been cleansed, straight from deep sleep and clean as a whistle.”

“Good idea officer, continue the check. Bazza can check out her mouth.”

Ellie still helpless bent over with her hands still on her head could hear all the conversation, and in alarm realized the officer wanted to fuck her up the arse! Somewhere no one had ever been. Her body still tingled with sexual excitement as she hadn’t orgasm-ed, the Boss coming too quickly to satisfy her desire.

“Err, arr.”

Ellie grimaced as a cold slippery digit was suddenly rubbed around her anal ring and then inserted into her rectum. It slid in and out a couple of times before being withdrawn. It was not long though before something softer but fatter was nudged against her arse hole, before being slowly slid into her rectum.


“Jesus this is great.”

“I think she likes it up the arse Gary, look at her go.”

God the officer’s cock stretched Ellie’s anus to its limit, she found herself waggling her hips as the shaft slid in and out. As if this wasn’t degradation enough right in front of her Bazza had slid his shorts down and she was faced by his erect cock standing out under his hairy fat belly. The head was deep purple and it throbbed up and down with his pulse.

“Open your mouth woman.”

Against her will, Ellie found her mouth opening. Bazza roughly lifted her head up by her hair, and directing his penis with his hand, slid it into her mouth.

“Whoopee, that’s great, suck my cock woman.”

Being unable to resist, Ellie found herself sucking on the tip of Bazza’s cock as if it were a lolly. Whilst at the other end the Officer’s cock started to slide more easily into her anus. She found her excitement level starting to rise as the ministrations of the two men stimulated her. As the officer rooted he bent down and grabbed her tits, squeezing them and pinching her nipples hard.

Bazza slid his cock further into her mouth. It was forced to the back of her throat, making her gag. She could feel all the veins around his swollen member with her lips and tongue as well as the ridge separating the shaft from the head. With mounting dismay she could feel her body starting to climax, her breathing got heavier and her hips started humping back and forth. The climax was building until as the officer’s shaft stiffened in her rectum, coming in short spurts, she groaned her own orgasm. Bazza also came and shot his seed into the back of Ellie’s throat.

“Whoa, wasn’t that some body search!”

The men laughed, as Ellie still remained bent over cum oozing from all her orifices as she had not been told to close her mouth or tighten her sphincters.

“Now listen here miss, we’ll let you off this time as you’ve cooperated with the law, however from now on you will always shop nude here. Do you understand? Nod your head if you do.” Said the Boss

Ellie realized she had little choice and nodded.

“Good, and no more foul language or you’ll be thrown naked into our goal, which you might be interested to know, has only one room for all the inmates, and to my knowledge they are all male!

He chuckled.

“For now, you can go on doing your shopping and then return to wherever you are staying. We’ll let you off paying today as you’ve been such a good girl, but the next time you had better find me before you start shopping, as I will need to check your credits and assets again! Do you understand?”

Ellie felt her head nod as she automatically obeyed the man.

“Are you going to release her Gary?”

“No, she’ll come out of it in an hour. Right off you go.” He patted her buttocks to send her on her way.

Ellie felt her body go into automatic, collecting the shopping she had listed in her head. Then exiting the mart, and in front of all the leering men, walked naked back to her transit quarter.

As she passed the woman in the information kiosk she could hear her say.

“See ya met Bazza then,” followed by more of her hysterical laughter.

It was going to be a long month!

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