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Lori’s Awakening

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Brad came to work for our company right out of college as a product specialist covering a three state area. He was tall and good looking, clean cut and hard working. He quickly made a positive impression on our customers, worked diligently and traveled extensively. His young wife Lori was a tall brunette with long legs, full natural breasts, a perfectly proportioned butt and a very pretty face.

They rented an apartment barely a mile from my house. I took them, ‘under my wing’ as one of the senior sales reps, so senior that at forty-four, I was easily old enough to be their father. They had a big, lovable Black Lab; I had a Great Dane and a Weimaraner. We often would walk our dogs together, sometimes taking them to, ‘dog beach’ where they were free to romp in the surf off leash. I had a big fenced yard, and often invited them over so the dogs could play together while we lounged by the pool.

The first time we went to the beach I gained a full appreciation of Lori’s physical assets. She wore, a skimpy two piece bathing suit; she worked out constantly and displayed that fresh, natural, hard young body that always turns heads. She didn’t flaunt it, it was just there.

Lori was not happy. She hated this part of the country, missed her home and family and resented the numerous overnights which Brad’s job required. They had been married less than a year. She was an accountant, but had only been able to find a part time job with one of my customers as an accounts payable clerk. Since my job required me to call on accounts payable, I would stop by and see her once a week at her work.

I made it very clear to both of them that I was always available if they needed anything. They both felt guilty asking, since I had been very generous with my time and home as they got settled.

Finally, one morning, Lori called, in a panic, because she had to go to work, and there was no hot water. We had had a cold snap a couple of days earlier, which often resulted in low gas pressure; I assumed that the pilot light had gone out and told her I’d be right over to check it out.

When she opened the door, she was wearing workout clothes; she went to the apartment gym every morning, had obviously gotten undressed to shower, found no hot water, and thrown the same clothes back on. She smelled of sweet, sweaty young woman; it was very enticing.

I found the water heater and lit the pilot light. I told her what had happened, and showed her how to check to see if it was lit. As she bent to the floor to inspect the flame, her firm ass was tightly stretched against the thin, cotton work out trousers she was wearing, the crack of her ass was just peaking out and, you guessed it, I got a hard-on. I told her to check it every night before going to bed for a few days and always after a cold snap.

I told her there wouldn’t be enough hot water for a shower for several hours. “Lori, grab your work clothes and come back to my house to shower. I’ve got four bathrooms, towels, shampoo, hair dryers—everything you might need. You don’t appear to wear or need any makeup, so you really don’t need anything but what you plan to wear to work.”

She hesitated for a second, again not wanting to impose, but quickly realized my option was the best one. She followed me back in her car so that she could leave from there and not be late for work. I set her up in one of the guest bathrooms.

Now, I have to admit, I had fantasies of her tight, tall young body naked in the shower. When she came out, dressed for work I told her to leave her exercise clothes and I’d throw them in the washer. She thanked me profusely, gave me a brotherly hug and peck on the cheek, and scampered off to her car. I was, still am, a dirty old man. I sniffed her panties; I really hated putting them in the washer and losing, forever, the delightful funk of her sweaty young pussy.

I knew when she got home, so I drove over to her house to drop of the washed clothing. She offered me a drink; I demurred, saying I was going to take the dogs, who were in the SUV, for a run along the bike path. I asked if she wanted to join me with her dog. She smiled broadly and asked if I could wait while she changed. Lori was just too innocent to have left her bedroom door open on purpose as she changed. While she was not directly in view, the full length mirror on the closet door afforded me an excellent view. I didn’t get any more of a look at her exciting young body than I would have at the beach, but there was something incredibly erotic about watching her peel off her panty hose and wiggle her cute little ass into some tight shorts and a tee top.

The three dogs always got along very well and were all leash trained to run at a heel. After we got done, I thought seriously about inviting her back for dinner; she seemed to want to invite me to stay for a while, but knew three big dogs in their small apartment wasn’t a good idea. She gave me another hug, a little more intimate than the one that morning; I guess I had made it from brotherly to fatherly.

Over the next few weeks, Brad was gone a lot, and Lori called a couple of times to ask for help with some household issue. She had a sadness and a loneliness about her. They had no real friends, other than me, and she hated virtually living alone.

A few days later, she called, in the era before everyone had cell phones, from the pay phone at the local Quicky-Mart. She sounded terrified. She had gone to enter her apartment after work, and the door was unlocked, and she knew she always locked it.

Now it turned out, we found out later, that some idiot maintenance man from the apartment complex had gone in to replace furnace filters and had failed to lock the door when he left. I told her to drive over to my house and we’d go back together. I asked her if she’d called the police. She said no, because she’s called them before and there was nothing to it, and they treated her like a nervous female and scolded her about false alarms. I left the front door open so she could just come in and went to get my Glock.

I had a concealed carry license. I had worked as a cop to earn my way through college. I had identified myself as a former law enforcement officer and Army MP Captain when I first moved to the sleepy little beach town I now resided in. I was, what is today known as, ‘POST’ qualified. I told the chief of the seven man police department that, if I could ever help out in an emergency or during a natural disaster, I was available. The police chief promptly issued me the carry license and gave me ID which identified me as a reserve officer, cautioning me not to use the ID unless he personally activated me in an emergency. The carry license was good throughout the state, and I could carry concealed anywhere an active cop could.

I called the chief before she arrived and quickly briefed him on the situation. I told him that one of his officers had been a little stern with her on a previous occasion. She was just a young, attractive girl, far from home whose husband traveled a lot and she was scared.

Having a daughter of his own living away from home at college, he was very understanding. I told him I planned to go over and clear the apartment if he was okay with that. He agreed, not having an officer available at the moment, but he would drive by himself in his cruiser as soon as he got someone to cover the phones.

Lori arrived seconds later, in tears, obviously shaken, and threw her arms around me in what was the first full body hug she had ever given me. She felt the gun, holstered on my hip and stepped back in alarm. I quickly briefed her, told her I was licensed and that the police chief was a friend who I had just spoken to. We left her car at my house and proceeded to her apartment.

I told her to stay in the car and lock the doors. I entered the apartment, quickly checked and cleared all the rooms and closets and was confident that it was safe. As I exited, the kindly police chief had arrived, lights on, and was talking to Lori.

As I walked up, she looked a tad more comfortable. He had apologized to her for his officer’s previous actions and was telling her that she should feel free to call him directly, even at home, if she was ever fearful of an intruder. He had checked the log before he left his office, and it turned out that hers was not the only apartment door left unlocked. He had called the apartment management to get to the bottom of the issue; this was how we discovered what had really happened, but not until the next day.

I knew Lori wasn’t working the next day. I suggested she change into casual clothes while I stood guard; we’d go to the doggie day care and pick up the lab, and then go back to my house for dinner. She began to protest, but I was persistent. I showed her how to forward her phone to my house so she wouldn’t miss Brad’s call.

Back at my house, my two pups were tickled to have their favorite playmate, proceeding to run around the yard. The Great Dane, not a swimmer, would stand on the edge of the pool and whine, while the two, ‘water dogs’ splashed around in the pool. Finally, exhausted, they fell in a heap together on some sunning mats I had procured for that very purpose.

I got us both a glass of wine. Lori asked if she could help, and I asked her to take charge of the salad. I was going to Jenn-Air some fresh Grouper in the kitchen. Dinner was ready in less than half an hour. As we finished dinner, the phone rang, and I answer it and quickly brought Brad up to speed. I handed the phone to Lori, and drifted out to the pool deck to check on the pups so that she could have some privacy.

She called out to me, indicating that Brad wanted to talk to me. He was, as usual, a little embarrassed that Lori had, ‘put me out’, thanking me profusely for coming to the rescue. I reminded him that I lived alone, that he and Lori were like family and helping them out in any way I could made me feel useful. He asked me if I minded if Lori spent the night at my house. He had suggested it to her, but she was too embarrassed to ask. I told him, not to worry; she was more than welcome and I would invite her in no uncertain terms. He thanked me again, I gave the phone back to Lori, they exchanged sweet nothings and she hung up the phone.

Lori.” I said. “You’re staying here tonight. You don’t work tomorrow, you can even sleep in, if you like. There are four empty bedrooms and you can have your pick. Everything you might need is here. As you know, I have a home gym that should meet your needs. I insist and Brad insists.”

Lori responded. “I, ah, don’t really have anything to sleep in.”

I wanted to say, ‘I was hoping you slept in the nude’. Instead I gave her some options.

“The closet in the first bedroom on the left is full of my daughter’s clothes and she’s about your size. It’s stuff she didn’t take to California, some stuff she never wore. I know there are several night gown and robes. There are also easily a dozen bathing suits, if you want to go for a swim. I have a good friend who sells a high end bathing suit line; he gave me a number of his year end samples.” I calmly replied.

She accepted the plan, smiled and gave me the longest and tightest hug to date, and a longer than expected peck on the cheek. At this point, I was thinking no farther than beating off in my own bed thinking about this delicious you woman sleeping a few feet way.

She decided she’d like to go for a swim. The air was a little cold, but the pool was heated. She went to pick out a bathing suit. She returned a few minutes later in a high cut one piece that accented her long legs, nicely supported her gorgeous breasts and delightfully framed her young pussy—which had to be shaved pretty tight, since not a hair was visible.

She dived into the pool and swam a couple of laps, and her long lean athletic body was a sight to behold. Needless to say her swim routine was interrupted by one each black lab and one each Weimaraner, both thrilled that the people wanted to play in the pool. We splashed around with the dogs for over an hour as the Great Dane sat, looking forlorn on the side of the pool. Her bathing suit clung to her lithe young body. Her erect nipples were clearly visible through the thin fabric. When she would exit the pool to dive back in, the material clung to the cheeks and the cleavage of her ass alluringly. I was definitely getting a boner and finding it more difficult to hide. I finally stopped worrying about it. Fuck it. I was a guy, and guys get erections.

The dogs tired and we retired to the inside hot tub to warm up. God she looked good. As I reentered the hot tub with a couple of brandies, she leaned over and kissed my mouth, full, warm, wet, but no tongue. We were past fatherly, but not exactly to lovers.

“Thank you for everything, Jack.” She softly began. “I haven’t had this much fun in a long time. You’ve been so good to us—to me—you’re a very special friend.” And with that, she laid her head on my shoulder.

Oh shit. I wanted to jump her bones right there and then…but I didn’t. I certainly was hoping the evening would get more interesting, but was committed to not making the first move. If we were going to fuck, Lori was going to have to make that decision. She was going to have to clearly state or show her intentions.

She stood up, long, lean and gorgeous and announced that she wanted to dry off and change. I agreed. She trotted off to the guest room, and I went to my bedroom, trying to decide on appropriate attire. I slept in the nude, but remembered a set of silk lounging pajamas that some woman had bought me. I found then in the back of the closet. I thought about a robe in case my dick flopped out of the button fly, but again, thought, fuck it.

She went demure. She returned in a long cotton nightgown, almost like something for one’s wedding night. I love demure. It wasn’t baggy; it clung to her young curves as it was designed to do. It was sexy without being trashy. It was also obvious that she had nothing on under it.

She sat down next to me on the sofa, closer than she had ever sat before. She accepted the drink I handed her, took a big sip, ran her fingers through her hair, smiled and looked at me. For God’s sake, I thought, I sure hope she is deciding to make the first move. As she sat down,the gown pushed up and I had an incredible view of those long tanned legs, somehow more arousing in the night gown than in the skimpy bathing suits she always wore to the beach. We chatted aimlessly for a few moments; she opened and closed her legs. Her nipples were clearly hard under the thin cotton. Putting her drink on the coffee table, then taking mine and putting it beside hers, she had made her decision. She moved up on her knees and moved toward me, falling into my arms and on my lap, wrapping her arms around my neck and pulling me close to her for what was neither a brotherly nor a daughterly kiss.

Her body was incredibly soft and warm under her gown. Her lips were soft and moist; her tongue gently probed my mouth. I ran my hand along her smooth flanks. I moved her body around so that I was, more or less, on top, just grazing the edge of her magnificent young breasts. Still not sure how far we were going, I was relieved to feel her soft hand against my hard cock. When she unbuttoned the fly to put her hand inside and fondle my bone hard eight plus inches, it was the sign I was looking for.

I nuzzled her breasts and softly sucked her erect nipples through the fabric. She reached up and unbuttoned the gown and freed her fabulous young bosom, and I continued my tender oral assault on her now, naked tits. I pushed the gown up her taunt white thighs, softly working my hand all around, but not too close to her steaming vee. She reached down, grabbed my hand through the material and placed it directly on her pussy. That was a definite sign. As was my style, I worked my mouth down her body. She pulled away, and removed the gown over her head. I had been right. No undergarments and a provocatively tightly trimmed little snatch. For a woman of her height, her labia were surprisingly small and thin, her pussy delicate and almost pubescent.

Before I could return to my oral exploration, she began unbuttoning my PJ top and working her warm, loving mouth down my chest. Okay, you first, I thought. As she undid the drawstring waist on my bottom, I raised my butt off the sofa and she deftly removed the PJ bottoms.

She worked her lips down my belly, teasing, nipping, nuzzling and kissing. She cupped my balls and began softly caressing my cock with her hand. She looked up into my eyes, realizing that if she went any farther there would be no turning back. She gently began licking my cock, probing the head to get the first taste of pre-cum and moaning appreciatively. She worked just the head into her mouth, using both hands to tantalize and excite me. She slowly began to bob her head, taking more of my cock into her mouth with each downward movement. She lightly ticked the area under my balls and grazed my ass hole with a finger. It was the most exquisite, sensual, loving blow job I can ever remember.

I made no effort to exert my normally well developed ability to hold off. I just enjoyed the warm envelopment of that wet little mouth and quickly came. She spilled nary a drop, lovingly cleaning the remaining fluid from my cock.

I pulled her lips to mine and removed the remnants of my salty cum from her mouth. She seemed surprised, but became more aroused as I explored her oral cavity. I worked my mouth down her body to return the favor.

Her young pussy smelled like lavender and tasted like honey. I worked a thumb into her surprisingly tight little box, lightly touched her brown crinkle and gave her my usual soft, but experienced, cunt licking. As I centered on her clit, she came almost instantly, long, hard and wet. I continued to work her hot young pussy with my lips and tongue, slowly fucking her birth canal with my thumb, and she came several more times over the course of several minutes.

We kissed again, and she hugged me for dear life. “This is wrong. We both know it is wrong. I’m so damned lonely here. I miss being held and made loved to.” She whispered in my ear, softly crying.

I believed, for a moment, that we had gone as far as we were going to go. I was dead wrong.

She sat back and gazed into my eyes. Take me to your bed. Make love to me. Make love to me over and over. Hold me all night long. I love Brad so much. When you’re making love to me don’t be angry if I call out his name. I need to be loved tonight.”

I scooped her up in my arms. She new I was strong and that I worked out as much as she did, but I was literally old enough to be her father and she was pleasantly surprised when I took her in my arms, hers wrapped around my neck, and carried her to my bed.

We never really fucked all night long, but we did make love a whole bunch. It was always gentle and tender, but passionate love. I couldn’t get enough of her body. She couldn’t bear to not have me touching her. Once in the night as we had rolled over to sleep, she awoke with a start, quickly moving against me and clinging to my body with hers. I would have loved to tap that tight little ass of hers, but this just wasn’t the time. One of us would awaken first, begin exploring the others special places and I would be inside her.

I got up first in the morning, brought her coffee, juice and a warm Danish, unable to take my eyes off her pretty face and exciting curves. She smiled, and playfully kicked the covers off, exposing that amazing young body for me. “When do you have to go to work?” She coyly asked.

“I hadn’t planned on it.” I replied.

“Good. I don’t have to work today either.” She smiled and stroked my arm. The phone rang. It was Brad, which halted our further activities.

I looked at her, questioningly as I told him his wife was still asleep, and she nodded vigorously. I also told him I had to go to work, but was planning to leave her a note that she was welcome to stay as long as she liked and he might want to call her later. He said that it was unlikely that he’d be able to call until evening. He thanked me again. Thanked me for fucking his wife?

“I’m sorry, and thank you again. I can’t talk to Brad right now. I feel like I have the Scarlet ‘A’ emblazoned on my forehead.” Lori said.

She continued. “Somehow, I’m trying to rationalize that going to bed with you wasn’t really cheating. I know better, but I’ll get through it. On another note this has been an amazing night. No man has ever made love to me the way you did. Brad comes home so tired. We’re lucky if we do it once a week. He’s twenty-four, you’re forty-four. By my count, not counting cumming in my mouth on the sofa—which I loved, by the way—you, ah, made love me four times and, ah, ate me twice…a true testament to healthy living. I’d always heard that you, ‘old guys’ had staying power, but that, larger than I am used to dick of yours never seems to go down. How do you do it?”

We were continuing in a playful mode, so I responded in kind. “You’re right, healthy living, lots of practice, coupled with a gorgeous, desirable young vixen who has frankly turned me on since the first time I met her.”

I leaned down and kissed her softly. “How about a swim to get your blood pumping again?”

“Sounds great, do I need a suit?” She innocently inquired.

“I’m not planning on wearing one.” I answered.

Now, I would have loved to fuck her in the pool. I love fucking women in the water. But the pups would have none of it, so other than an occasional slap and tickle, we entertained the dogs as they entertained us. She was a vision of stunning young womanhood, naked in the morning sun, water dripping from her sculpted body. The dogs tired after a while; they were all about frenzied activity or deep sleep. We stretched out on the cushioned maps to soak up some morning sun. Her hand drifted to my cock and she rolled over to engulf my mouth.

She whispered in my ear. “In view of your excellent surrogate marital services, you deserve a good fuck, if you’re up for it, old man, and I see that you are! Just fuck me, this time. Take me from behind, head down ass in the air with all my womanly treasures openly presented. Take my pussy, right here in the open.” And with that, she rolled up on her knees, spreading them to obscenely open her ass and cunt.

It was serious animal fucking. She moved her ass wantonly. She showed a new side to her sexual personality, egging me on with delightfully dirty talk.

“Slap my ass. Drive that big fat cock up my tender little hole. Do you like my tight little twenty-four year old pussy? Do you enjoy taking me like this? Play with my ass hole. Put a finger in—oh yea, that’s it!” As she continued her running commentary on our nasty outside fuck.

We came almost simultaneously, and she rolled back into my arms. “I’ve never acted like such a slut before. I got the idea from a porno movie Brad rented one time. I love making love. Brad’s never been into the nasty stuff, which is fine, but I really liked just being your little cunt while you banged me from behind. It was really hot!”

I suggested that we go out on the water. I had a sail boat and a speed boat. Today, with no one to help crew, the speed boat was the best choice.

Lori found another bathing suit, this time, a skimpy two piece, which barely contained her ample tits and a bottom which was just one step away from a thong.

We navigated carefully through the inland water way, carefully dodging the wind surfers who weren’t supposed to stray into the channel, but often did. Once we cleared land, I opened her up a little and we were soon comfortably skimming the waves at thirty knots. This particular boat could easily do twice that, but it was both uncomfortable and noisy at that speed. At this cruising speed it was quiet enough to chat without yelling and the ride was generally smooth.

As we got into open water and waved at other boats, she noted that the three women on one of the other boats were, unashamedly, topless, making no effort to cover their breasts as we passed within hailing distance.

I briefed her on this part of the ocean. “There are some unwritten rules out here. The little rental boats aren’t fast enough or big enough to come out here, and they’re fined if they do. Everyone out here is an owner. This particular stretch of ocean is clearly known as, ‘adults only’, and owners with kids on board or grandma stay away. You will see more than topless, there is a pretty strong nudist culture out here and guys and girls alike shed their suits as soon as they’re out of site of land. Some are serious exhibitionists who seem to enjoy fucking on the deck as they pass other boats.”

Lori responded. “I once went to a topless beach on spring break, not with Brad but with a group of girl friends. I told him about it, and he was pretty shocked and still kids me about it. I hate clothes, I could probably be a nudist, but Brad’s a little too straight laced for that.”

And with that, she removed the small top; it wasn’t doing much to contain her impressive chest, anyway. Proudly jutting her natural young boobs, which were the envy of every man and woman who saw them, she leaned back against the gunwale to show off her assets. She got more than one thumbs up as we sped past slower vessels.

“God, I hope I don’t run into anyone I know. What am I talking about? I don’t know anyone! I’m wearing shades and a hat, and you’re the only person I’m not married to who has seen my tits before, at least in this state. Do you like ’em?” She inquired.

“Lori, I’m not even that big a tit man, legs and ass are my weaknesses. But yours are the best I’ve ever seen.” I told her.

“Fuck it.” She boldly responded. “My ass is pretty spectacular too.” And with that, she removed her bottom, rejoined me at the wheel and bent over lewdly so that no one could miss her extraordinary young butt. That elicited cheers as we passed a couple more boats.

As we saw another boat, at anchor, Lori wanted to get closer to check them out—and show her ass. I’d created a monster, or more accurately, the uninhibited Lori was coming to the surface.

As we got closer, it was obviously that a very buxom young blond was orally servicing the Captain, they both smiled and waved and invited us to join them. I slowed a good 75 feet away and dropped anchor. On further examination it was also apparent that an older, but still attractive brunette was on her knees being fucked from behind by another passenger. There were two women on the fore deck eating pussy, while a third guy was just sitting there playing with his cock.

“Oh my God!” Lori exclaimed. “That girl’s getting fucked in the ass! Have you ever done that?” She inquired.

I told her with no hesitation that I had and it was a lot of fun with the right girl and the right lube.

“Doesn’t it hurt?” She asked cautiously.

“Sometimes it hurts the first time, and yes it hurts if you don’t know what you’re doing.” I proceeded to give her the finer instructional points of good butt fucking, and she paid rapt attention.

“I’ve never had the nerve to try it. Brad would never. But I know my ass is sensitive and I’ve always been, curious.” She coyly replied.

She added a crucial final thought. “I want to suck your cock. I want to blow you, take a load in my mouth. Right here and now with those people watching me. And you shouldn’t still be wearing a bathing suit.”

An with that she pulled my suit off, led me to the fore deck, pushed me down to my knees and standing, but bent over, just below the deck so that her ass was clearly spread in their direction, blew me, in her usual excruciatingly fine manner. I came in her mouth quickly. We kissed, I went down on her and she made more noise than usual as I lapped her delicious little muff. It was pretty hot.

We pulled anchor and moved to an off shore reef area and went snorkeling, still naked. There was another boat near by and they were all naked too. We exited the water and enjoyed a quick lunch. We pulled anchor again, and stopped at a little off shore island, one of many in this area. I circled the island to be sure we were alone. Another unwritten rule, if you saw a boat anchored close in, you went and found your own little island.

We went ashore naked, but with shoes to avoid being cut by the coral shells. She really looked cute in all her feminine loveliness with nothing on but Nike’s. I had a small fanny pack with water and other essentials. Speaking of fanny, I was now firmly convinced that hers was doable…and soon, I hoped. Just in case, I added a small tube of anal lube to the emergency pack.

We explored the tiny island for almost half an hour, and it became obvious that being naked with a man who was not her husband on this little island was turning her on. Watching her move through the small woods had me pretty aroused. Since men can’t help showing it, my dick was soon back to an erect state.

We hadn’t brought towels or anything, so if there was to be any fucking, it would probably have to be standing up. I turned to Lori, and she could not help but notice my boner. We moved on to a small clearing, and to my pleasant surprise, the tide must have flooded this item at times. There was a substantial and thick bed of dried kelp in the clearing. As we tested it, we discovered that it was not at all unpleasant to sit our little naked butts on. The trees overhung the clearing enough to provide some shade from the midday sun.

She grabbed the fanny pack to get a bottle of water and some sun screen and could not have missed the, ‘anal ease’ tube. With no further ado, she asked me to tell her all about butt fucking.

“What’s your favored position?” She asked.

“Most women, at least the first time, prefer side to side from the rear, but I like to see the face of the woman whose ass is clamping down on my cock, so I like to roll her leg over and fuck face to face, with her legs up against her chest. Rear entry is actually the most uncomfortable, at first, but once a girl gets used to taking it the ass, doing her from behind is delightfully dominant and nasty.” I replied as if I was telling her how to bait a hook.

“What’s the protocol here, does she lube herself, or does he do it?” She innocently inquired.

“Greasing up a hot young woman’s ass hole in preparation for fucking it is pretty erotic, in and of itself.” I told her.

She reached into the fanny pack, grabbed the lube, placed it in my hand, flipped over on her knees with her ass facing me, reached back and parted her folds with a finger and, looking back through her legs, gave me instructions.

“Show me. Show me how you lube a woman’s ass before you fuck her there.” She commanded.

“Well, first I like a little natural lubrication.” I replied, and began to kiss, rim and ultimately tongue fuck her, not at all stinky, little hole.

“Oh, that’s nasty, that’s hot. God I love what your mouth is doing to my ass.” She exclaimed while gentling moving her ass in rhythm with my oral tasks.

“Do you like it when a girl does that to you?” She inquired.

“More than you can imagine.” I replied, hopefully.

“My turn, then, switch places.” She directed, proceeding to give my sensitive little brown hole a treatment that any woman could be proud of.

“Lori, if you keep that up, I’m going to cum. And bluntly, I had intended to cum in your gorgeous little pooper. Switch places with me.” I intoned.

After a little more oral attention to her ass and instruction on how to relax her anal ring—which she got the hang of almost immediately, I began to work, one, then two, then three fingers into her musky hole and lavish it with lubrication. She responded wantonly to having her ass invaded by my probing fingers, attempting to screw my fingers into her ass with her motion.

“Show time.” I said, rolling her over on her side.

I put some lube on my cock; without being asked, she reached back and opened her butt crack with her hands. I found my target, quickly inserting just the head past her tight anal ring. She exhaled.

“That burns a little, no wait. Okay, it’s not burning, but I’m so full back there!” She quietly advised me.

I continued her anal assault, pausing as I sensed discomfort or as she told me to slow down. After probably five minutes, I was all the way in.

“Oh my God! I wasn’t sure about this. The fullness was really not very comfortable, but now it’s the most amazing feeling, like my entire body is owned and possess by the cock shoved up my ass.” She calmly explained.

I eased her over on her back, ducking under her right leg and got into position. Initially I held her legs up firmly against her its, but she quickly got the message and held her own legs up without the need to use her hands, which gave her both hands to play with her pussy—which she also did, without being told. An anal natural, I mused, the girl of my dreams. I began my favorite, steady, deep, slow ass fucking pace.

She fucking loved it in the ass. I’ve never seen any woman enjoy her first ass fuck as much as she did. She moved, she moaned, she whimpered she talked dirty. It’s hard to last in any woman’s tight pooper. It’s very hard to last when she is into it and enjoying it and part of it. It’s impossible to last too long when you know yours is the first hard cock to visit that forbidden passage. We both came quickly; I held off until I was sure she had hit the no return point.

Few women can feel a man cum in their cunt. Every woman feels a man splash the inside of her anal canal. It was that surprise at actually feeling my warm ejaculation that took her over the top; she continued to fuck my rapidly deflating dick with her fine young ass, until I fell out of her tender little rectum with a plop. I tenderly licked her raw little ass hole. She got the message and slurped the taste of her own butt off my cock. We kissed and fondled.

“You are one dirty old man, but you’re my kind of dirty old man.” She said. “In less than twenty-four hours you’ve made tender passionate love to me more times than I can count, fucked me hard more than once, cum in my mouth who knows how many times—including once with an audience—turned me into an exhibitionist and now fucked my virgin ass and cum deep inside my rectum. What do you do for an encore?” She chuckled.

“More of the same unless you think you want to be tied up and have that astounding ass of yours spanked?” I replied with a leer.

“Oooh, sounds kinky. I might just like to try that.” She replied, equally suggestively.

We worked our way back to the boat, pulled anchor and headed back to land. We would get back in plenty of time for her to get her stuff together and be home in time to properly greet her loving young husband. We kissed and fondled a lot. I had to remind her as we got closer to shore that we needed to don our bathing suits. She got serious.

“This morning, I had decided that it was going to be just a one night fling. I knew you could be trusted not to say anything and I certainly wasn’t going to spill the beans to Brad. He would not understand; we would either get a divorce or spend a few rotten years together and then get a divorce. I love Brad. I’ve known him since the seventh grade. We’re the same religion. Our families love and adore each other. Do you think he cheats on me? He’s on the road so much.” She asked.

“Lori, I know he doesn’t. He’s a great looking guy and the women customers flirt and make obvious passes. He’s never taken any of them up on it, and has a nice way of saying no. He and I share a number of customers that would love to fuck him, but love him more because they can’t get in his pants. I feel more than a little guilty. He loves you to death and is devoted to you.” I explained.

Lori continued. “Back to what I started to tell you. I feel guilty too. What’s done is done. I’m not going to leave Brad and try to get you to marry me, you’re older than sin and my parents and my home town would both disown me. What I’ve learned about myself over the last 24 hours is that I am a lot wilder than I want to admit; I’m more highly sexed than Brad. I discovered today that I have a strong exhibitionist streak. Let’s face it, I’ve got latent slut tendencies.”

She snuggled close to me and rubbed my cock as she continued. “Moreover, you have a beautiful cock and you know how to use it. You’re a pretty damned good muff diver too. When we made love, it was magic. When you just fucked me it was so damned hot. We won’t be here forever. Brad will get promoted. He might leave and take a job closer to our home—he misses his family too.”

Lori went on. “I’m getting long winded. What I’m trying to say is, you know I love Brad and would never leave him. You don’t strike me as the kind of guy who will marry again so the two of us falling in love and doing something stupid shouldn’t be an issue. We need to be discrete; all the neighbors at our apartment are gossips. I guess I’m asking, as long as we’re living here and Brad is traveling all the time, would it be too much to ask if I dropped by a couple of days a week—or more often—so you could service my lonely, but astoundingly gorgeous little pussy? And maybe my very tight, hardly used ass, now and again? Or one of my amazing blow jobs, if you insist. You wouldn’t charge this lonely little twenty-four year old married woman for that kind of service, would you?” She stroked my cock for emphasis.

“I’m sure I could fit you into my busy schedule. I might just block out those evenings before days when you don’t have to go to work the next day permanently on my calendar.”

“You’re a great friend, old man, you’re a great friend.” She replied, licking my ear.

We got together at least twice a week for the next year. Brad got promoted, taking a job very close to their home. I miss them both.

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