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Long Weekend

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I was finally on my way home from work and looking forward to a long weekend away with my girlfriend. It had been a stressful week. I had been working overtime to get all my work done and I was relieved to be home. Katie had booked a friend’s cabin up in the mountains for a four day weekend. She said it was a nice cozy place in the woods. It sounded perfect to me. Plus, she had mentioned it had a hot tub and that was just what my body needed right about now!

I walked through the door to find Katie bringing down her suitcase from upstairs.

“You ready babe?”, she asked me.

“Most definitely.” I stated and went over to give her a kiss. I hugged her and leant my weight on her. Man I was tired. She hugged me tight and rubbed her hands up and down my back, massaging the tension from the week away.

She leaned back a bit and looked sympathetically into my eyes, “It’s been a rough week hasn’t it?”

I smiled at her and said, “Yeah but it’s already one hundred percent better now that I’m here with you.” She smiled and I gave her another quick kiss on the lips.

“Let’s go.”

“Don’t you have to pack?”

“No, I packed last night. My suitcase is already in the car.”

“I guess someone is ready for a break.”

I chuckled at that; I was definitely ready.

We took off and though Katie offered to drive, I drove. I knew that long drives could stress her out and I really didn’t mind. We talked for a while in the car about how our days went. I made my usual sarcastic comments that made her laugh. I liked being able to make her laugh. I loved talking to Katie, she made me feel so relaxed and at ease. After a while we fell into a comfortable silence, driving down the highway and listening to Jack Johnson. Katie put her hand on my thigh. I smiled at her, took her hand to my lips and gave it a kiss and placed it gently back on my thigh. She smiled back and I put one of my hands on top of hers.

We settled in to the cabin and put away our suitcases. The place was really nice. It was small, only one bedroom, but it had a king-size bed and a separate shower and two-person tub. The rest of the home was open and airy, which was nice. The sitting area looked out on to the back area of the cabin which was surrounded by tall green trees and a creek that weaved in between them. It was beautiful.

I was washing the dishes from our light meal at the sink while Katie went back to the bedroom to freshen up. Suddenly I felt Katie’s body come up behind me. I felt her breasts press into my back and immediately felt goose bumps rise up from my legs to the back of my neck. I had stopped washing at this time, and stood there, waiting for her next move. She slowly wrapped her arms around my waist and gently scraped her nails across my stomach underneath my shirt. I gasped at this and sucked in my stomach a bit. She continued the motion and started to kiss the nape of my neck. At this I felt the hairs my neck stand up and I braced myself on the counter with both of my hands. She continued to make abstract patterns on my stomach and ribs with her nails while simultaneously kissing, licking, and nipping at my neck. Her hands were slowly making their way to my breasts but they were taking their sweet time. At this point I was breathing heavily and I could feel my hard, excited nipples scraping against my shirt as my chest heaved. She moved her hands up to my breasts, her nails circling around the orbs but never touching my aching nipples. They moved up further to my shoulders and slipped off the straps of my bra. On their way back down to my breasts, her hands flipped the cups of my bra downward, further exposing my nipples. She then began massaging my breasts directly but still not giving my nipples any relief. I tried to move to guide her hands to the place I wanted them the most, but she was too quick. So I stood there enjoying the sensations coming from my neck and my breasts, letting her tease me.

She continued this for I don’t know how long. Minutes, hours, days. I was lost and couldn’t bring myself to do anything but stand there. Then, with a breathtaking suddenness, both of her hands moved to my nipples, twisting and rolling them. At the same time she sucked hard on my neck and roughly pushed her hips forward, causing my crotch to grind against the countertop.

“Oh God” I moaned at the sudden attack on my body.

She then whipped my body around and locked me in an urgent kiss. Her tongue slid against mine as she thoroughly explored my mouth. I eagerly sucked on her tongue and stroked my hands up and down her back as our kiss deepened.

During that amazing kiss we somehow ended up in the bedroom. I felt the back of my knees bump into the bed as Katie gently lowered me down on to it, her lips never leaving mine. My hands gripped her ass as she straddled my hips and moaned into my mouth.

Her lips then started to move along my jaw line, back towards my ear. She slowly traced the perimeter of my ear with her tongue and then sucked the lobe into her mouth. I turned my head to further expose my neck and ear as my body squirmed underneath her.

She kissed down my neck and tongued the hollow of my collarbone. She continued downward until she came to the first button of my shirt. She unbuttoned it and kissed the newly exposed skin. She continued this until my shirt was totally unbuttoned. She kept kissing my tummy, each contact of her moist lips making me shiver and arousing me further.

Katie finally made her way back up to my breasts. She started licking around one, making circles that were getting closer and closer to my straining nipple. As she circled my aureole I sucked in my breath. Just as I thought she would capture my nipple, she reversed her course and headed for my other breast. I exhaled my disappointment.

By the time she made it near my other nipple I was squirming on the bed from the teasing. She had started to massage my other breast with her hand and I was more aroused than ever. Just when I thought my torment would never end, she sucked my nipple hard into her mouth, her teeth scraping along the sides. At the same time her hand captured my other nipple and twisted it hard. My back arched at the sudden contact and my hands clutched the bed sheets for dear life.

“Katie!” I squealed as she continued the expert manipulation of my breasts. Her mouth switched back and forth between by breasts as I thrashed on the bed in pleasure.

I was still lost in my euphoric daze when I realized that Katie’s face was now level with my own. She smiled and placed her lips on mine. She started to kiss me with a hunger that I had never seen in her before. She once again explored my mouth and greedily sucked on my tongue. Her hands moved my arms above my head and her nails began to lightly scrape along them, up and down. My head was spinning from the sensations even after she broke the kiss and stared into my eyes. I was still panting when she bent down and playfully bit my nipple. Reflexively I started to move my hands down to my chest, only to realize that they would not move. Curious, I looked at my arms and saw that they were now tied to the headboard. The little sneak had tied me up.

“What the…” I began.

“Remember that day you teased me at the mall?”, she asked. I smiled. How could I forget? It had been a devious plan. I cornered her in a stall in the bathroom at the mall. We had been out shopping for Christmas. I had brought a short, fat plug that I managed to work into her pussy while sensually making out with her. She had thought that perhaps I was looking for a quickie in the bathroom, but no. I continued to tease her with the plug and my kissing as I strapped on the butterfly vibrator I had bought a week ago. I quickly pulled her out of the stall and out of the bathroom before she really had a chance to comprehend what I had just done.

“What are you…” but before she could finish I turned the butterfly on its lowest setting with the remote. Her eyes opened wide and she gripped my arm, her knuckles turning white.

“You bitch.” I just smiled and led her away from the bathroom. She tried to go back, but I held tight and led her into a nearby store.

We were at the mall for about 4 hours that day, shopping and eating. I teased her the whole time with the vibrator, keeping her on the edge of coming while the plug subtly fucked her with every step she took. She looked at me the whole time as if she was going to kill me, but she still allowed me to go along with my plan. By the time we got home she was begging and moaning almost constantly. When she finally did cum it was harder than I had ever seen her cum in all the time that I had known her. And I kept eating her out until she begged me to stop. I had a feeling that she would secretly like my plan, and apparently she did.

“It’s payback time.” I was brought back into the present by her voice. My stomach lurched at her statement.

“I was trying to find a way to get you back. And then a couple weeks ago I was on the computer and I stumbled upon a certain someone’s stash…”

She grinned evily at me and I gasped. I kept a file on my computer with my favorite erotic stories. I have always been secretly in to bondage but never really had any experience with it. It was an awkward request to make to a lover for me. The thought that she had seen stories like these and pretty much knew my fantasies made me feel naked and exposed. I tried to swallow the growing lump in my throat as Katie laughed at my predicament.

She traced her nails down the sides of my torso, making me squirm. She quickly unbuttoned my jeans and slid them off me, along with my panties. She then took two more scarves that she had previously attached to the lower legs of the bed and tied one to each of my ankles. I was now tied spread-eagle to the bed. I struggled to test my bonds, but I was clearly going nowhere without Katie’s help.

Katie then tied a black blindfold on to my head, plunging me into darkness. She had grown quiet and I listened intently for any type of clue of what she was up to. I heard her unzipping something and then routing through some stuff. It once again grew quiet. A couple of minutes later I felt something gently brush against my arm. I twitched in reaction. It was such a brief contact I wondered if I had perhaps imagined it. It went away and I was once again waiting.

The contact was back again. This time it went slowly and gently from my wrist, down my armpit, and down my torso. It tickled and I writhed in my bonds. It moved across my stomach, right below my belly button, to the other side of my torso. It then repeated its path back up to the other wrist.

As traced past my armpit I groaned with my realization. It was a feather. She was going to drive me crazy!

“Katie…no, please…” I begged, though my pussy was now dripping.

She pinched my ass in response and continued her teasing caresses with the feather. The feather made my skin tingle and made it especially sensitive.

She finally made her way to my breasts and circled my nipples with the feather like she had done earlier with her tongue. When she actually touched my nipples they sent jolts of pleasure to my pussy and my back arched off the bed as far as it could while being tied down. Far from relieving my aching nipples, the feather seemed to just further my need for her touch.

When she tired of tormenting my breasts, she moved lower, tickling my inner thighs and the area right above my mound. She then started to make a triangle with the feather, tracing the hollow where my thigh meets my pussy, to right over my clit, back down across the other hollow. With this movement my hips started to rock back and forth, begging her to fuck me. After some time she started to glide the feather along the lips of my pussy, down over my asshole, and finally over my clit. My hips rose off the bed, suspended by my head and my ankles. I started to really buck my hips trying to intensify the teasing caresses of the feather while simultaneously trying to get away from it. I was seeing stars behind my tightly closed eyelids and my hands were clenched shut. The feather did little satisfy my tingling pussy. Actually it just made the feeling more intense, making me mad with desire.

“Oh God Katie, please stop!”, I pleaded. I couldn’t take much more of this.

She laughed, “What’s the matter Caitlin, can’t take a little teasing?” I groaned in response.

But she did stop. I tried to catch my breath before she made her next move. I felt her strap something around my hips, and then she slid a dildo into my soaking wet pussy. I moaned with the feeling of being filled. I began to rock my hips, only to realize the dildo did not move; it appeared to be held in by the straps around my hips. She then placed more straps around my hips and something settled over my clit.

“I believe you remember this guy…”, she said as she turned the butterfly vibrator on low. My hips began to rock once again and my breathing became heavy.

“Oh…”, I moaned at the feeling of the little vibrations on my hard clit.

I felt Katie move around on the bed. She was now right next to my ear; I could feel her breath on my neck. She brought her hand up to my nipple, rolling it in between her fingers, sending sparks of pleasure to my cunt.

“Now, don’t you think you deserve to be punished for what you did to me?” she asked in a sweet low voice that made me shiver. At the thought of her punishing me my heart skipped a beat and my breath caught in my throat. But before I could pull myself together to answer, I felt a sharp pain in my nipple.


I realized that she had attached a nipple clamp. And though the pain had receded there was now a dull throb in its place. She repeated the process on my other nipple and laughed when my chest arched and I whimpered as a result.

“I’ll give you some time to think about it then.”, she said. She turned on the dildo, which at that time I realized was a vibrator, and left the room.

The buzzing on my clit and in my pussy together with the throbbing of my nipples was driving me insane. I was frantically bucking my hips, thrashing in my bonds, and moaning continuously. I quickly realized that while the light vibrations on my clit aroused me to no end, it was not enough to get me off. I wasn’t able to close my legs to intensify the feelings of the vibrator. I groaned as I recognized that I wasn’t going to cum until she let me. My helplessness and lack of control only made me hornier.

How long she let me lay there I have no idea. My world was centered on my nipples, pussy, and clit. Nothing else existed. The blindfold only added to the feelings because I had no visual distractions. I began to wonder what else she was going to do to me. I almost came at the thought of her taking me over her knee and spanking me.

By the time she came back into the room I was jogging my hips wildly and moaning. She quickly removed the butterfly and the vibrator from my pussy. I groaned as my body once again landed on the sheets.

“So, are you ready to be punished?” Katie asked me.

“Yes!”, I eagerly said, desperately wanting some kind of sensation to replace the one that had been driving me wild just minutes ago.

“Yes, what?” she asked as she suddenly removed one of the nipple clamps. The blood suddenly came back to my nipple and gasped at the sudden pain. I calmed myself to answer her.

“Yes, ma’am.”

“Try again” she replied and emphasized her point by removing the other clamp and slapping my breast. I groaned at the pain from the clamp and the slap. I was so aroused I was having trouble breathing.

“Yes…mistress”, I whispered in a barely audible tone. Just calling her mistress made my pussy contract as it now became clear that one of my fantasies were coming true.

She untied me and led me to another area in the room.


I immediately knelt and felt the soft carpet under my knees. Her hand soon came to my back and applied a gentle pressure, indicating I should lean over. I felt her smooth skin against my chest and realized I was lying across her lap. She then cuffed my hands together in front and then stepped on the chain in between the cuffs, leaving me with little room to move.

“Spread your legs”

I spread my knees further apart on the carpet. I felt one of her hands gliding over my thighs while the other one rested on my lower back. Her hand then traced up to my ass cheeks, drawing random patterns in them with her nails. Two of her fingers lowered down towards my pussy, tracing along the edges of my lower lips. Her fingers continued on this path, back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. Slowly she moved her finger along my ass crack and flicked it over my asshole. I inhaled sharply at the sensation and ground my crotch against her thigh.

“Now, what do you need slut?”

“To be punished mistress.”, I replied. Her calling me a slut was turning me on and she knew it.

“Beg for it and I may give it to you.”

The thought of me begging her to punish me made my heart beat wildly.

“Please punish your slut mistress.”

She grabbed my hair, forcing my head up and leaned in close to my ear, “You sure slut?”

“Please mistress.”, her taunting driving me nuts.

“Alright, you asked for it.”

Her hand started caressing my ass again, warming it. I waited, my breath becoming shorter. She lifted her hand from my ass and I tensed, expecting her to strike. She did not. I waited. Once I again relaxed she let her hand fall on my cheek.

SLAP! I jumped at the contact and groaned as the sting spread on my cheek. She gave me little time to rest. SLAP SLAP SLAP. After about 15 or 20 my ass was really starting to hurt and I was wondering how much more I could take. The blows seemed to be coming down harder and my crotch started to grind against her thigh. But as she continued to spank me I found the pain turning to pleasure and I started moving my ass towards her punishing hand. Much to my embarrassment I began to moan with each slap. I felt the pleasure from my tanned ass merging with the pleasure from my clit sliding on her thigh. My breathing came in shallow gasps and my legs started to tremble. I could feel the sweat all over my body and my body shivered from the sensations. Katie seemed to notice my impeding orgasm and stopped abruptly.

“Someone is enjoying her punishment I think”, she stated. I could tell she was smirking as she said this and was quite pleased with herself. All I could do is pant in response.

She let her fingers wander down to my pussy and slide her finger into my cunt. I moaned as she wiggled her finger inside like a worm on a hook, making my hips jerk uncontrollably. She removed her finger as my pussy clenched in protest. She started to tease my asshole with her soaked finger, circling it and then applying light pressure.

My head rose slightly, “No! Not there!”

She paid me no attention as her finger applied a steady pressure and my ring slowly gave way. She slowly fucked me with her finger. I found that I began to like the feel of her finger in my ass and started to rock my ass back towards it. All too soon she removed her finger. I thought I was going to cry. She had been teasing me all night and I didn’t know how much more of it I could take. My body was wound tight and was just waiting for release to let it all go.

I was interrupted from my frustration by something entering my pussy. Katie left it there only momentarily before removing it and lightly pressing its tip against my anus. My hips moved back towards the object, but she moved with my hips.

“Would you like me to stuff your ass with this plug, slut?”

“Yes, mistress”

“Tell me what you want.”


“Tell me.”

She was going to make me say it. I could already feel my cheeks blushing.

“Please stuff my ass mistress”

“Stuff whose ass with what?”

“Please stuff your slut’s ass with your plug!”, I quickly said. I could feel my cheeks burning with embarrassment.

With that she applied a steady pressure to the plug and it started to slide past my ring. I winced with pain as the plug filled my tight ass, but found the pain passed as she gave the plug a final push and my ass tightened around it.

“How does that feel?”

“S-so good mistress…I f-feel so full.” She pulled on the plug, fucking my ass with it.


I was getting into the rhythm of the ass-fucking when I felt SMACK on my pussy, directly on my clit. She continued using one hand to fuck me with the plug while the other slapped my pussy with a hard, flat object. I felt intense waves of pleasure coming from my clit. My body began to shake and my pussy rocked as hard as it could towards the object. Every time I thought I would cum I found that my arousal just continued to build.

“Oh please, please…please don’t stop. Please let me cum mistress! I’ll do anything, please!”, I pleaded with her to have mercy and not to stop.

“Cum for me slut”, she ordered as she smacked my pussy harder and harder still.

With her words I felt my body fall into a realm of ultimate pleasure. The fire that had been slowly building in me all night had reached its peak as it consumed my entire being. I felt its heat shoot through my veins as I writhed in pleasure. I shrieked as I felt every muscle in my body tense and thought surely that my skin would be ripped off from the pressure. Then as my muscles released I felt the strong waves of pure pleasure radiate from my clit and spread throughout my entire body. My muscles continued to randomly twitch as my hips continued to strain towards her hand hitting my clit. Each strike seemed to produce a new pulse of pleasure that caused a new orgasm to run through me. As one particularly strong burst of pleasure raced through me, I felt my muscles give completely as I slumped in her lap. The stars I had been seeing behind my eyelids ceased and I fell, relaxed, into darkness.


I awoke later to Katie gently wiping my face with a damp washcloth. I was now lying in the bed, untied.

“Welcome back”, she said as she grinned at me. I groaned in response, but smirked at her, which caused her to laugh.

“So did you like that?”, she questioned. It amazed me that she had to ask, what with me having the best orgasm of my life but I saw a bit of uncertainty in her face.

“It was fucking incredible”, I answered. She looked relieved, glad that she had not misjudged me. She climbed on top of me, cradled my face in her hands and then kissed me passionately. I moved my hands up and down her back as she ran her hands through my hair. Her tongue traced along my sensitive gums and then sucked on my tongue. The intensity of her kiss was so great I thought that she might suck the air right out of my lungs. She sucked on my lower lip as I tried to catch my breath.

She smiled at me and said, “Now you know what will happen to you when you mess with me.”

I smirked back at her and looked her straight in the eyes and said, “In that case I’ll be sure to do it again.”

She grinned evilly at me, “Oh, I’m not done with you yet. We still have three more days.”

My pussy clenched at the thought and I tried not to let the effect of her words show on my face. I’m sure I failed.

“I guess we better get some rest then”

“Yeah, you’re gonna need it.”, she whispered as she spooned against my back. This was going to be a long weekend. I’m sure that if I hadn’t been so exhausted I would have stayed up wondering what she might have planned. But instead I snuggled back against her and held her hand across my chest. She kissed my neck and I closed my eyes to fall into a peaceful slumber.

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