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Living Arrangements

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After accepting a promotion in a town I was unfamiliar with my boss permitted me a couple of weeks to establish myself there before having to report to work. During that time I contacted a realtor to help me locate a new place to live.

It was late one August afternoon when I arrived at a prospective house for a viewing appointment. I had hardly parked when I became aware of someone standing at my door.

When I looked up I was pleasantly greeted by the smiling face of a very attractive woman appearing to be in her late thirties.

“Mr. Saston,” she said in a soft southern accent, offering me her hand as I stepped from my car.

Upon taking her small hand in mine I immediately noticed how soft and timid her grip was.

“My name is Barbara,” she continued, “Shall we have a look around?”

Right away this voluptuous woman began reciting her sales pitch as she led the way towards the front door. She couldn’t have taken more than a few steps along the stone walk way when the distinctive clicking of her high heels filled my ears, capturing my full attention. It was as if her heels were tapping out a melodious mating call that I was obliged to answer.

With my attentions now focused exclusively on Barbara’s looks rather than her realtor’s yammering I took notice of her blazing shoulder length auburn hair as the sun pulled out every aspect of its vibrant color. Normally that would’ve been mesmerizing enough were it not for her exquisite figure.

Standing about 5’10” atop her four inch black tapered heels, Barbara was in very good shape. She was curvy as a mature woman should be and yet well toned. Looking up from her sensual heels, beneath the sheer black silk of her stockings I admired her sculptured calves, flexing nicely as she strode onward.

As I continued my quick assessment my eyes narrowed to her unusually trim waist accentuated by a wide, tightly cinched belt. From her waist up Barbara’s snuggly cut dress formed closely to her torso revealing not a single flaw to my discerning eye.

It was obvious this woman took good physical care of herself. Likewise by the detail of her look and of her fashion it was evident that she was concerned about her appearance and wasn’t shy about drawing attention to herself or of being admired.

As we neared the house Barbara started towards the front door, but I detoured towards a path of stairs leading around the side of the house. “What’s back here,” I asked?

“Good idea,” Barbara replied, pivoting back in my direction, “We can see the porch and back yard before the light fades. This time of day the lighting is perfect back there.”

Once at the base of the stairs Barbara paused apparently hoping I would lead the way. Well I wasn’t going to have any of that so I made a gesture for her to continue. Flashing just the littlest bit of a knowing smile Barbara began to ascend the stairs. I knew the best view of her would come from behind, so I deliberately hung back.

From several steps below, the view of Barbara’s shapely legs up under her dress was perfect, allowing me to see the backs of her silk encased lower thighs. Higher where her smooth dark legs disappeared under the swishing knee length hem of her dress my eyes settled on the mound of her subtly curved behind, which as she moved appeared firm with just the slightest jiggle. Back and forth her derriere swung, sensuously following the rhythmic swaying of her well proportioned mature hips. Watching her climb those stairs was as near a hypnotic experience as I’ve ever had.

When Barbara stopped at the top step I glanced up to see something of a perturbed look on her face. Her head was cocked in disgust, her eyes were slightly squinting and a blush was rising in her cheeks. It was obvious she had caught me checking her out and was acting displeased, but I didn’t care, for me it had been worth it. For a moment I sensed Barbara was on the verge of scolding me, but evidently she couldn’t find the words and so she passed on the chastising and just went on with the tour.

Once on the porch Barbara stood at the railing pointing out the property’s many back yard features while I took in more of hers. With the sun to her face and me behind her Barbara’s wispy summer dress was rendered almost transparent making it appear as though she was naked within a faint pastel printed haze. As she moved to point in one direction or another the dark silhouette of her form seemed to perform a suggestive dance for me. I could now see the full length and lines of her legs stretching up gracefully to join her hips, between her thighs was the dark center of her womanhood. When she pivoted sideways the curve of her behind and even the roundness of her ample breast were highlighted in profile.

When Barbara turned to question my silence she again caught me in full stare, not at the garden but at her. It was then when she noticed the shadow running to me from her feet. To her surprise it wasn’t the clothed shadow she’d probably expected, but rather a naked rendition of her self falling upon me with her legs parted suggestively as if in a shadowy surrender. At that instant when Barbara processed the torrid imagery and realized she’d been silhouetted she involuntarily drew in an embarrassed breath and launched a pleading eye at me as if to ask that I not look at her that way. After denying her look I watched as her eyes fell from mine settling on the hefty bulge that had developed at my crotch.

For longer than she should have Barbara looked at me there with her lower jaw falling slowly open, a telling sign that she had an interest. Suddenly Barbara collected herself enough to break the trance she was in and quickly moved behind me towards the house where the sun would relinquish it’s exploitation of her. With Barbara now leaning back against the patio table and the sun upon her face I could clearly see her unblemished complexion. There was a moist sheen in her eyes from the tears welling there, her lips were a glistening pink as she licked them nervously, and her cheeks were blushing profusely as the shame in her spread.

Suddenly the wind kicked up and in a gust blew the hair from around her fragile face and shrink wrapped her dress around her. Now I could see her form and figure in greater detail. Everything from the tiny ridge of her panty’s waist band stretching across the lower portion of her slightly rounded tummy, to the inward curve of her crotch as the dress molded closely to her there.

“Oh God,” Barbara blurted knowing she was once again being bared for my viewing pleasure. With her eyes following mine she knew exactly what parts of her I was taking in. Evident of her betraying emotions I spied the two rising peaks as her nipples stiffened.

In a panic Barbara grabbed her dress pulling it against the wind and away from its hold of her. As fate would have it at that very moment a second gust snatched the garment from her hands and like an umbrella in a storm lifted the front of her dress above her knees, above her thighs until it wrapped itself around her tiny waist. Now Barbara was revealed from the waist down with only her panty hose and frail pink panties protecting her privates.

As Barbara fought to control the flapping hem I seized my opportunity stepping boldly forward to within just a few inches of her.

“What are you doing? Stop,” she spoke upon seeing my advance.

When our eyes met they locked for a moment causing Barbara to forget her plight. Almost instantly she succumbed to the power I was quickly gaining over her and lowered her head submissively. With her gaze cast down she could see how exposed she was, but once again almost instinctively she directed her view to my crotch where I saw her eyes widen at the sight of my full erection now stretching down into my pant leg.

As I stepped forward to inhibit her escape, Barbara locked her arms at her side preparing to keep me from easily laying her back. With Barbara now defenseless I positioned my feet inside and along side hers, then reaching forward at her waist I filled my hands with the material of her dress bunched there and held her firm.

“Please don’t,” Barbara asked weakly as she tried but failed to push against my strength.

Paying no attention to her resistance I slowly and yet deliberately began pressing my feet against hers effectively forcing them apart, spreading her legs wider and wider.

“Stop that…you mustn’t,” Barbara protested not that it did any good.

With no hope of escape and her anxiety rising I could hear Barbara’s panting breathes becoming more labored and erratic. I could feel her hot breath striking my chest and rising to my throat and chin.

“What pretty panties,” I commented admiring her lacy thong as I tucked the loose length of her dress into her belt making sure it would be out of my way and not fall back to block my view.

Now with her legs apart enough for me to stand between I stepped inside and wedged my thighs between hers. In Barbara’s helpless state all she could do was strengthen her supporting arms which also served to force her chest forward stretching her dress tautly across her full bust line. It was too tempting to resist, seeing those straining buttons so I quickly undid the top one allowing the upper swell of Barbara’s heaving cleavage to come into view.

“No…,” I saw Barbara mouth plea fully as I popped open the second button exposing another couple inches of pale pink flesh. After the third I could see her bra clasp that held it all together. For a second I thought to just release it and have it done but that would’ve made it too easy on Barbara. Instead I took the bra cups, folding them back and tucking them under each orb in such a way as to support and enhance her now rudely out-thrust breasts.

“Perfect,” I conceded seeing her fleshy mounds poised high on her chest, sticking out lewdly. “What beautiful tits…,” I complimented, “and so responsive,” I added while pinching her crusty hard nipples.

“Please…,” Barbara began before I effectively cut her off by quickly reaching down to cup the curve of her sex in the palm of my right hand. “Ohhh,…Oww,” she whimpered involuntarily, her emotions and tones changing from pleasure to a twinge of pain as I alternated my molestation from palming her pussy to forcefully twisting and stretching her pliant nipple.

Holding her twat firm I could feel the spasms at her center emanating from her quivering thighs. “Oh, you like that don’t you,” I asked now finger stroking the silk covered crack running between her legs aiming to heighten her arousal.

Barbara couldn’t manage an answer only a throaty moan as I felt more of her weight settling into my palm. Gradually her eyes narrowed and her head fell weakly forward to rest on my chest. Barbara’s temperature was on the rise as she steamed her perfume into a cloud of sweet surrender that wafted up filling my nostrils.

“Good girl…that’s it,” I soothed Barbara feeling her giving in as I probed my middle finger more forcefully into the gusset that protected her smoldering cunt.

“You mustn’t…Please, someone might see,” she managed briefly before succumbing more to the control I was gaining over her. “Oh…God… no,” she exhaled woefully struggling against her primal emotions.

“How does that feel,” I asked strumming the area of her buried clit while kneading her spongy melon.

It was bad enough that I was manipulating Barbara physically and emotionally, but now I was determined to have her express herself in ways she probably wasn’t accustomed to.

“Oh shit…,” she grunted, “It…feels…wonderful!”

“Of course it does,” I replied releasing her and stepping back.

For a moment Barbara remained half slumped forward until the tingles of pleasure subsided enough for her to think a little more clearly. I could see Barbara’s mind at work, she was trying to figure out what to do. Just as she started to take a step in my direction I held my hand up to stop her then I pointed down at the ground. It took a few seconds for Barbara to connect my gesture to the meaning before she obediently knelt at my feet.

“Do you suck cock,” I blatantly asked, the question forcing Barbara to bow her head shamefully, making my domination all the easier.

“Yes,” she hesitantly answered in a trembling whisper almost too faint to hear.

“Can you handle this, Pet,” I named her, unzipping my fly to dig out my long fat cock?

Barbara’s curiosity got the best of her as she peeked up from beneath her brow and through her bangs. “Oh my…No,” she responded upon seeing my manhood while slowly raising her head in appreciation.

“Open up…Pet,” I suggested, aiming my meaty breeder at her delicate face as I stepped within inches of her glistening lips.

“I…can’t,” Barbara pleaded, “It’s..too..big.” But even in her denial she couldn’t force her self to look away, to turn away or flee.

“Taste it,” I said painting a smear of thick pre-cum across her pursed lips.

Unable to resist Barbara slipped her tongue out to taste the slimy deposit. Now with her lips unclenched I moved to invade, pushing my flaring cock head against her tongue tip and into her mouth’s threshold.

“Awwggg…,” my new pet gargled, her little mouth stretching to accommodate my girth as I slid in two inches at a time. Fearing more Barbara reached up placing her hands against my pelvis hoping to control me, but with my hands now holding her head all she could do was swallow what I fed her.

“Don’t fight it,” I cautioned feeling the entrance to Barbara’s throat constricting to deny my advance. Still I wouldn’t relent slowly pulling her head to me while steadily pressing myself forward.

All of a sudden Barbara coughed around my shaft, filled her lungs through her nose and pulled my hips forward until her face was flush with my pelvis.

“God damn…Bitch,” I exclaimed as my pet tried to devour my root. She was grunting and groaning with slobber spewing from the corners of her mouth. Barbara had taken over deep-throating me as if she wanted my cock to reach her cunt by way of her esophagus and fuck her from the inside out.

It took great self control to keep from filling her belly with my seed, but somehow I managed. “Easy now,” I said in as calm a tone as I could muster relaxing my hold of Barbara’s head to pat her there.

As Barbara’s enthusiasm became bridled she relaxed her clenching hold of my hips and slowly began to regurgitate my phallic tongue depressor. Looking down at her once prim face I now saw a cock crazed whore. Her eyes were glassy and blood shot, her mascara streaked down her cheeks. She had spit and pre-cum dribbling from her lips to her chin with gooey strands stretching to my pant’s front. Further down along my line of sight I could see her spittle glistening jugs heaving on her chest as she appeared to be almost hyperventilating.

“Come inside, lover,” Barbara offered while pulling her self up along my hips. To my surprise she took my hand and began leading me towards a sliding glass door. Within just a couple of steps she explained that it was okay because it was actually her house.

Suddenly it dawned on me that Barbara hadn’t yet fully grasped my rank and her role. She was trying to normalize our encounter and in my mind that just wasn’t going to happen.

Just as we neared the patio table I acted to make it clear that I was to be the master, not her lover. In an instant I pulled my hand from hers, spun her sideways to face the table then with my hand in her back forced her torso down onto the table top.

“Wait a minute,” She protested realizing that whatever happened next wouldn’t be on her terms. “Not here,…not like this,” Barbara whined steeling a glance around to see if we’d been discovered.

Not to be deterred I quickly threw her dress up and over her backside finally unveiling her thorough bred legs and lingerie clad posterior.

“Nice ass,” I said filling my palms with her fleshy cheeks, squeezing to test her firmness. “I’ll make you know whose master,” I added taking hold of her panty hose waist band.

“Can’t we go inside,” Barbara asked still searching for some degree of comfort in what was happening to her.

My only response was to aggressively strip her panty hose down to leave them piled around her ankles.

“Oh baby,” she purred looking back over her shoulder still not acknowledging my authority or recognizing me by my proper title.

At “baby” I promptly slapped her right rear cheek hard enough to let her know that I wasn’t her baby.

“Ouch,” she winced as I quickly peeled her scant thong from between her legs.

“What a wild pussy…you have,” I commented upon seeing the untrimmed tangles of her burn red pubes. “Next time I expect you to be neatly trimmed,” I counseled, “and you won’t be wearing those disgusting things ever again,” making reference to her panty hose.

“Okay,” she relented without hesitance now gaining a better understanding of our relationship.

Looking beneath Barbara’s creamy white rump I could see the dew on her fiery pubes, her ripe petals beckoning my touch. With a swipe of my index finger I parted her soft vaginal lips just enough to wet my finger with her honey.

“Mmmm,” Barbara purred in response to my touch as she willfully eased her legs apart to accommodate me fingering her.

As a reward to her whorish offering I swirled my finger around her tiny opening before sinking my digit an inch in at a time for every foot her legs parted until at last my finger was deep to the knuckle in her quim.

“Oh…yaa,” she moaned raising her torso from the table to wag her ass from side to side like a bitch in heat.

“Easy now slut,” I said further identifying and degrading her. From Barbara’s expression she didn’t much like being called a slut, but as I slowly extracted my finger from her contracting vaginal vice she had a change of heart.

“Fuck me,” she said into my eyes, hers burning with lust. “Please…Master…fuck me,” she begged finally accepting my authority over her.

While I pondered her request I studied her creamy white up-turned butt, her cunt now gaping open from having her legs spread so wide that her panties and panty hose were stretched to their limits between her ankles.

“Enslave me,” she said reaching back, grabbing her ass cheeks to pull them apart even more, further exposing her salivating snatch.

“She was going to get fucked alright,” I thought as I fisted my rigid dick before thumping the monster against her fur-lined entrance. “How do you want it, Pet?”

“Deep…hard…and fast,” she cooed almost trying to back herself up into a fucking.

For a few moments I swabbed my cock head between her labia coating myself with her cream, further fueling her desire.

“Don’t tease,” she purred digging her claws into her porcelain flesh before reaching back to grab my hips.

“We’ll see about that,” I thought pushing forward just enough to see her nether lips parting to receive my dick’s bulbous head.

“Mmmm,” Barbara hummed pulling at my hips to draw me in deeper.

Now it was my turn to take back the lead and remind her who was in control. So as she pulled me forward I re-aimed my fuck wand at her puckered little asshole and leaned in.

“Not there,” she said reversing the emphasis in her arms now trying to push me away. “Please…no,” she struggled, “You’re..too..big.”

“So you said before,” I reminded her pushing the metal of my manhood against her crinkled back door.

Thanks in part to her own lubricant I watched triumphantly as her sphincter slowly gave way admitting my crown. At the breaching of her anus Barbara mewed involuntarily, but quickly retrieved her hands from my hips and used them to smoother her squealing cries.

Not being a complete bastard I did pause briefly allowing her muscles to adapt. Now with the seal broken and my grasp firmly about Barbara’s hips I made ready to rape her ass properly.

God it was glorious watching her little asshole expanding symmetrically to mimic my knob’s circumference as I steadily forced in one fat inch after another.

“Ohhh…Christ,” Barbara prayed as she finally adapted to the fixture now rooted in her little bottom. “Damn, that feels…so…fucking…good,” she rejoiced.

As almost the entirety of my penis sank into her so did the intensity of my thrusts until for a time I pistoned into her like a relentless machine. Her sobs and whimperings were coming continuously now. I knew she would soon be climaxing and unlike my normal routine I wasn’t intending on depriving her too much. All she needed to do was ask permission.

I wouldn’t have even recognized Barbara as the same woman I’d met just an hour ago. Here was a real slut with a fat eight inch dick buried to the hilt up her virgin tight ass, throwing her head from side to side in ecstasy wailing about how fucking good my cock felt, encouraging me to not stop fucking her.

But of course I did once I sensed she was about to go over the edge. At the brink of her orgasm I froze, my invading penis deep to the balls up her ass with only my length, girth and throbbing available to quench her wanton needs.

“Momma…,” I heard a female’s voice speak. Looking to the patio door I saw an equally attractive younger version of Barbara appearing stunned to see her mother bent over a table with a stranger mounting her. From Barbara’s non-response it was obvious she hadn’t heard her daughter, so I decided to show off her whorish side.

“Do you want more,” I asked Barbara, not letting on that we had been found out.

“God yes,” she answered emphatically, rocking her hips in an effort to maximize the contact between us. “Fuck my ass,” she demanded while reaching back under her belly to masturbate her deprived clit.

Delighted by Barbara’s reply I looked to see her daughter’s reaction. I can’t say that I was all that surprised to see the older teenager stepping ever closer, her eyes wide and staring, her mouth hanging open in awe, she was after all her mother’s daughter.

“Please, Master I need to cum,” Barbara beseeched me, coming as close to asking my permission as I could expect without more training.

“So be it,” I thought and with such an intimate audience, what could be more perfect. With that I resumed my strokes, thrusting hard into Barbara’s rectum with force enough to ripple the flesh across her thighs and rump.

“Uhhh…uhhh,” Barbara exhaled in a long drawn out moan, her heeled feet coming completely off the ground under my fornicating pounding. “I’mmmm…cummming…,” Barbara growled in an animalistic tone now reaching to hold the table’s edge for support, but finding her daughter’s out stretched hand instead. Shocked by the unexpected human touch Barbara looked up to see her daughter standing only a couple of feet away. There was nothing Barbara could do now but succumb to the orgasms I worked to give her, daughter present or not. Around my ejaculating pump my conquered pet quaked violently in a fit of convulsions, moaning and hissing as if she were possessed. In the throws of her shuddering climaxes Barbara had clenched her daughter’s hand so tightly the poor girl squeaked in pain.

“Oh…Kathy,” Barbara sobbed between her after-cum spasms, “I’m…sorry, baby,” she whispered shamefully, her voice cracking in emotion.

“Its…okay, Momma,” I heard the girl answer as she laid her free hand on the back of her mother’s head while cutting a wondering look my way.

“Come here, Kitty,” I said merging my eyes with hers as I withdrew myself from her mother’s satiated behind. “It’s your turn.”

Kathy pulled her self away from her mother’s grasp and stepped towards me as if in a trance. Her unblinking eyes had zeroed in on my dripping mother fucker as if she were hypnotized.

“I’ll take the house,” I told Barbara as she awkwardly rose to stand on her unsteady legs. “I think we’re all going to be very happy,” I added, pointing to the ground where I intended for Kitty to kneel.

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