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I Dropped the Lube!

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The sound of the door opening and your chuckle made me shake my head. I rolled my eyes when you said, “Yeah baby.”

“Whatever,” was my response to you.

I heard your tool belt hit the floor, and I turned to look back. Your hands were on your belt.

“Don’t even,” I said, with a smile.

“Well, you can’t greet me like that and not expect something,” you told me.

I wasn’t purposely greeting you like “that”. The view before you was not an invitation. I had been reaching over the couch, trying to grab something off the table behind it, but couldn’t quite reach. So I opted to turn around and face the back of the couch, press my body against it, lean over and grab what I needed. You just happened to walk in, as my ass was up in the air.

Now though, as my fingers grasped what I wanted, the thought of you enjoying the view of my derrière was a tad bit arousing. The kids were no longer living with us; all three had grown up and moved on with their lives, and we were alone again – after 23 years of sharing our space with others.

I grinned and wiggled my butt.

“Now that’s an invitation,” you said.

My lips rose in a smirk as I pretended to hump the couch.

The sound of your belt being pulled from your pants made my pussy tingle. I licked my lips and pushed my ass back. I heard your boots being dropped to the floor, followed by the rustling of your pants and then your shirt.

“You take too long,” I muttered. “You wear more layers than a girl.”

“I work outside and it’s ten below,” you explained. “Nice skirt by the way.”

“Thanks, I dropped off some donations to Goodwill and found this little number when I was browsing through their stuff,” I told him. I wiggled my ass, slid my hands down my backside and looked back to see where you were in the room.

You were walking toward me. Your cock jutted out and my pulse raced.

“What’d you drop anyway?” you asked, as you stood behind me.

I smiled wide, and handed you the bottle of lubricant.

You laughed. “I thought you hadn’t planned this.”

My skin grew warm. “I didn’t. I was going to play,” I nodded my head toward a variety of toys. “I didn’t realize the time,” I admitted.

Your hand slid between my thighs and under my skirt. I opened my legs further, allowing you access. I felt your fingers pull at the string of my thong. The scrape of your nails against my skin made me shudder. I gasped as you ran the tip of your pointer finger down the crevice of my ass. A soft moan spilled from my lips as you reached the base of my pussy and teased the soft smooth flesh.

“Mm, feels nice,” I told you. My pussy grew slick and the juices were easily gathering around my labia.

You pushed one finger into the hole and slowly began to fuck me. I hissed and purred, opened my legs more and felt you accommodate my needs with two more fingers. Your thumb rolled across my clit and my toes curled in response to the shots of heat that skated across my skin.

“Disappointed that I’m here and your toys are left behind?” you asked.

“Hell, no,” I muttered. “You know with the toys I cum faster and the thrill is gone too soon. You – you’re cock is so much better than a toy.”

“Good girl,” you said.

I looked back and grinned. “So what are you waiting for?”

You lifted my skirt, and pushed my thong off to the side. My pussy was slick and hot. I heard you flick the top of the lube open, followed by the sound of the cream squirting onto your fingers. “Going right for it aren’t you?” I asked.

“Yep,” you said.

The firm grip of your hand on my ass, spreading my cheeks open and the cool gel of the cream being rubbed and pressed into my anus made my muscles contract. “Mm, that feels good,” I said. Instinctively my body responded and I pushed back against your fingers.

You pushed one thick digit into my tight channel.

“Fuck, yes,” I whispered.

I felt you slide the knuckle in and then felt the base of your finger and knew you had entered me fully. I rolled my hips, pushed one hand down to my pussy and began to tease my clit. Another drop of lube skated along my ass. You withdrew your finger and pushed the fresh gel inside. Eventually you pulled your finger away and I knew what was coming.

The sound of a generous amount of lubricant told me you were loading your cock with the necessary wetness. I pushed my fingers down into my pussy and began to fuck myself. I love to feel the walls of my cunt tighten around my digits when your cock enters my ass.

Your hands spread me open, and my tight little rosebud was there for your viewing pleasure. When I sensed the head of your cock pressing against my anal opening, I bit my lower lip, and continued to force my fingers in and out of my pussy.

The feel of your cock sliding into the tight entrance made my head spin. I closed my eyes; my lips parted. My jaw grew slack. I pushed back. You held my ass cheeks and eased the head deeper. I felt the curve of the head and then the feel of your solid tool gaining ground.

“Fuck you’re so tight here,” you muttered.

I looked back and smiled.

You winked and slapped my ass.

With your cock inside me, you allowed one hand to slide up my back. I arched my body, just enough so you could grab my thick red hair. Your fingers took a firm hold at the base of my silken locks and pulled me back. “Fuck yes,” I hissed as you drove another inch of your marvelous cock into me.

I welcomed every bit of your hard rod. My muscles contracted around you, almost begging for more, but at the same time rejecting what you offered. I took a deep breath and tried to relax, easing the path for your member. When I felt the base of your crotch rub against my backside, I sighed in pleasure.

You began to retreat. I felt the sensation deep within me, whimpered and then purred when you pushed back in. With slow and methodical movements you began to fuck me. I pushed my fingers deeper into my cunt and tried to match your rhythm.

Your hand in my hair, gave a tug and my body responded as we both knew it would. My ass tightened; my pussy clenched, and my nipples grew hard. With your cock buried deep, you released my ass cheek, and reached around to glide your hand under my sweater. My breasts were free of any and all constricting barriers. No children meant no bra. I felt you begin to massage one of my tits.

The palm of your hand felt strong and the calluses of your fingers brushed across my nipples. I loved the conflicting friction of a firm palm rubbing my soft freckled tits. I gasped softly as you pinched the pink pearl.

With all the touching and caressing of my boob and cunt, I knew my release would be quick in coming, as would yours. I worked to concentrate on the task at hand, claiming your cum, while you worked on giving me my release.

We moved together, working like a well-oiled machine. I kept your cock inside me as best I could, tightening when you tried to draw out, relaxing when you forced your way back in. The feeling of a full ass, coupled with the finger-fucking of my sloppy pussy, had us both grunting and muttering vulgarities that echoed throughout the house.

I blushed as I heard “fuck”, “harder”, “faster” come from our lips. Even though we were alone, it still seemed out of character to scream and shout during sex.

When the first wave of my release washed over me, my body stiffened and my heart seemed to stop beating for a moment. My lungs burned as I held my breath and waited for the waves of pleasure to build up again. We both knew I was worth several more climaxes and you were willing to ride it out while I came over and over again.

Each orgasm made my muscles tighten, my eyes roll back, and my chest hurt. Colors popped behind my lids, and then I felt the hot cream of your cum fill my anal cavity. The steaming liquid splashing into me made my pussy flex and a final wave of release erupted from my cunt. I screamed and you groaned in appreciation.

Your cock pulsated against me, another volley of cum slipped free and I felt it ooze out. I grinned, and smiled as the warm liquid trailed down the crack of my ass, and dripped onto the couch. I loved being fucked like this, free and open -no worries of prying eyes. When you slid out of me, I rolled over and opened my legs for you.

I gazed hungrily at your lips as you dropped to your knees, gathered me close and began to drink the fluids that came from my orgasm. I love having your face buried between my legs, almost as much as I love having your dick buried in my ass.

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