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Roxy’s Summer

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It was just one of those things. What happened that summer neither of them could explain. But, both of them were glad it happened. They had always loved each other, but it was as father and daughter. Rick knew his daughter was beautiful if not down right sexy. But, there was something different about her when she returned from college after her freshman year.

To him Roxy seemed flirty but in an innocent sort of way. She was wearing shorter skirts and all of her clothes seemed to fit much tighter than they had when he dropped her off at school nine months earlier. She even seemed to look at her father a bit differently.

Roxy had fun at school but got tired of being hit on. No wonder, as she was 5′ 5″ weighing 135 pounds with great measurements of 38-24-40. She had long dark brown hair and deep blue eyes and pouty lips. It seemed whenever she told a guy she wasn’t ready to fuck she would never see him again.

It wasn’t that she was a prude or saving herself for marriage, but she wanted the first time to be very special. So, she was happy to be home where she could just be herself. So far, it had been a quiet summer as her brother was in boot camp with the Marines and her mother was almost always on the road making big bucks as a consultant for companies trying to obtain government contracts. Most of the time it was just her and her daddy who were alone in the house.

Roxy got the feeling that her daddy was ogling her. She was surprised to find that instead of turning her stomach it made her feel kind of warm inside. It was flattering her even when he was clearly staring at her breasts. She noticed that every single time that she went swimming when he was home he would appear on the pool deck sitting there drinking a beer supposedly just relaxing.

For his part, Rick couldn’t believe how tiny Roxy’s bikini was. There wasn’t any material that wasn’t needed to cover a vital area. It was tight enough that not only did it show off her ass crack but he swore he could see the faint outline of her pussy lips. He knew that he wanted her in his bed but knew that it could not happen. He resigned himself to watching her and then jacking off later.

This system of teasing and ogling worked well for a couple of weeks. But, Roxy was beginning to have sexual feelings of her own toward her daddy. But, that was the farthest thing from her mind the day she decided to relive her childhood by going to the swing set to see how high she could swing. She put her hair up in pig tails to keep it from flying all over and becoming tangled.

Just as she started swinging her father walked out and saw her. To him she looked like a pixy and he became harder than ever instantly. Not wanting to wrinkle her skirt Roxy pulled it aside so that it was hanging to the sides and she was sitting bare assed on the seat of the swing as it was too hot for panties. She had just got going when a gust of wind caught her skirt and blew it up revealing her luscious ass to her father.

Rick gasped but both of them pretended nothing had happened. Rick could not help himself any longer he had to, at least, touch her sexy big ass. He casually strolled over to where his daughter was swinging trying his best to remain cool and somewhat fatherly. As he stood right beside his sexy girl he asked without emotion, “Hey, Roxy, would you like me to push you like I did when you were little?”

“Sure, daddy, you can push me if you want to.” Roxy thought nothing of this request, it seemed innocent enough. Her daddy caught the swing by the chains and pulled it back. Just then the wind did him a favor and caught the bottom of her skirt and blew it up to the small of her back. This gave him an up close and personal view of her ass.

Letting go of the chains he placed both hands on her bare flesh and gave her a push. Surely this was an accident thought Roxy. She would just keep swinging and let daddy be in charge of her play time just as he had been when she was little. The skirt was stuck to her back now almost as if it was glued in place. Back came the swing again and instead of pushing on her back Rick again pushed on those glorious ass cheeks. After a couple of more times Roxy was sure that her Daddy was feeling her ass up in a sexual way.

The only way to know for sure was to test him. Roxy abruptly stopped the swing as she was on the way back to her dad. She stopped standing nearly straight up so that the top three fourths of her butt were as close to Rick as was possible. She asked coyly, “Are you having fun Sweet Daddy?”

Rick had reached out to push her again. But, when she stopped he left his firm hands on her ass just resting there. With a lump in his throat he responded, “Oh yes, my baby girl, we haven’t done this in such a long time.”

Roxy turned her head and looked her dad in the eyes and smiling a sexy smile cutely replied, “Daddy, we have never done this like this before.”

Roxy took her hands off of the chains causing the swing to fall more revealing the rest of her rump as she giggled a small girlish laugh. She put a hand on daddy’s shoulder and gave him a very sweet peck on the lips which he happily returned. Roxy pushed the swing aside and wrapped her arms around Rick’s neck and kissed him again. This time their tongues met for a brief moment. Again in her best cutie pie voice she said, “You are a naughty daddy playing with my butt like that. But, your baby girl wants to play some more. Play nasty with me sweet daddy. Show your little girl how to play more fun games like that.”

“Daddy can’t play those kinds of games, sweet Roxy, that is wrong,” Rick said knowing it was a pointless statement. Roxy had no idea how far things would go. If she had been thinking about it she would have stopped things right then and there.

Instead she stuck her tongue into her daddy’s mouth and then purred, “Come on, daddy, let’s play. I want to be your toy. Do anything you want with me. Come on play with your baby doll. I will do whatever you ask if you play with me”

Now, Rick’s flagpole was as stiff as it could be his resistance totally melted as he put his arms around Roxy kissing her passionately. Grabbing her ass cheeks through the skirt and pulling her tight against him he said with a growl, “I will play with you Roxy, but if we get caught my marriage is over so you had better make it worth my while. Are you willing to play all of my games and do whatever I tell you to do? I won’t hurt you.”

“Daddy, I won’t be your slave, but I will do whatever you want me to and still do even more. Is that ok, big daddy?” She reached down and ran her hand over his crotch.

Squeezing her ass hard he moans, “Oh fuck yes, Foxy Roxy, now let’s go inside before the neighbors see us.”

He follows her into the house watching her ass sway with each step she takes. He grabs her by the wrist and directs her to her bedroom. She has never seen her father like this before, but she has never felt like this before either. It was a strange kind of excitement sweeping over her as she didn’t know what her dad would do with her which caused a tingle in the depth of her pussy. Rick kicked one of her legs out from under her which caused her to fall on to the bed. She caught herself enough that she ended up sitting on the edge of the bed facing him blurting out, “Oh daddy.”

He quickly stripped down to his briefs as she watched. Reaching down he manhandled her boobs through her t-shirt and bra. He couldn’t imagine why she would wear a bra and no panties. It seemed to him you would sweat more and be hotter in a bra than panties. A moan escaped Roxy as her daddy kneaded her boob’s rougher than anyone had ever done before. Now she knew she was turned on as her pussy was soaked. Rick wanted to explore every part of his new daughter toy but, he was about to burst and needed immediate relief. He pulled down his briefs causing his cock to pop out and point straight at Roxy’s mouth as he told her, “I like my new baby doll, let’s see how well you perform. How about trying out the vacuum action of your mouth.”

Roxy was taken back by this. She thought she knew what Rick wanted but he sure said it weirdly, so all she could say was, “What daddy?”

“Oh, my baby, suck your daddy’s cock. Go ahead and make your daddy happy.”

“Ok, daddy, but it sure is a big one daddy.”

“Ah, that is right baby; take it all of the way in. Oh yes pump the base with your fist and slide your mouth up and down and up and down and up and down. Your tongue feels great on the head. You are fucking great at this, sweetie. Oh damn, take it all of the way in. Oh my sweet fucking shit you are fucking fantastic.” Rick felt a gusher coming on quicker than he could ever remember.

Roxy gagged only slightly as the warm sticky spunk flew into her mouth. She swallowed for all she was worth and wanted more as she was enjoying the taste. But her father suddenly popped his rod out of her hungry mouth. He knew that he had to save some of his cream for later activities. But, Roxy complained, “Daddy, I wasn’t finished yet.”

“You were wonderful, honey, but daddy needs to be hard for other things.”

“Like what, daddy,” she asked knowing full well what he meant and knowing that this was that special time and she would not tell him no.

“Now, now, baby girl, be patient, good things come to those who wait. Right now I need to get a good look at my newest play thing.” He grabbed the bottom of her shirt and coarsely yanked it off over her head. Then he reached around and unclasped her bra and yanked it off using the strap between her breasts. Roxy didn’t know what to do so she gave herself totally over to her father’s control.

He gave her a hard shove causing her to lay flat on the bed. Eagerly he discarded her sandals and nearly ripped her skirt in two pulling it off of her. There she was his naked 19 year old daughter with the hairiest pussy he had ever seen and a perfectly sculpted body laying there practically asking him to ravage her. He climbed next to her and gave her a hard swat on her hairy mound, “You are mine right now to do whatever I want; is that clear? This is your last chance to back out.”

“Oh damn, my daddy, that felt good. Oh yes, I will do anything you want today.” He gave her another pussy swat even harder than the first, causing her to jump. Then laying beside her he grabbed her arms and pulled them behind her head. Daddy latched onto one of her melons and pulled and tugged on it furiously. Her smooth clean armpit was too much to resist so his tongue attacked her armpit. The result was that he twisted and squeezed on her boob even harder as the taste of her femininity drove him nuts. Roxy liked the way he was playing with her boobs, but wasn’t sure whether she like her armpit being kissed or not; it kind of tickled. She hoped he would move onto kissing her boobs and then he could use both hands on them.

Her wish was granted just at the moment she thought this. As now her daddy sort of growled as he smashed both of her tits under his palms and then yanked both nipples up to meet his lips. Still mauling her boobs like a mad man, he sucked each globe as deeply into his mouth as he could in turn. Just when she thought her dad had done everything possible with her boobies with his mouth and hands he bit her nipple hard then moved to the other one and did the same thing. Roxy was hot and begging for more, “Oh daddy, don’t stop, oh shit, oh my, that feels fucking great my stud daddy.”

Rick was on fire as he hadn’t expected his daughter to get into rough sex. Not only was she cooperating, but he thought she might even want it rougher than he did. Wanting not to miss out he decided to move on before the uncontrollable urge to fuck her took over. He grabbed her by the side and almost angrily forced her to roll over. Roxy didn’t have time to be sad that the tit play stopped as she felt a hard smack on her buttocks.

Now getting a full appreciation for her entire buttocks for the first time Rick couldn’t believe the sight before him as it was the best looking ass he had ever seen in person. Spanking would have to wait he had to taste that ass and all of the secrets hidden within. As soon as he got close he could smell the pungent odor of her asshole mixed with her cunt juices.

There was no messing around as he took a bite right in the middle of her cheek leaving a nice little mark. As with her tits, he squeezed, pulled and tugged with his hands as his mouth explored all over her cheeks nipping, biting, sucking, licking, and kissing all over the surface. Her ass seemed to come to life on it’s own as Roxy began grinding it in her father’s face. The attraction was too strong for Rick to ignore any longer as his tongue found its way into her deep crevice.

He methodically licked the side of her crack and then went right down the middle until he reached her backdoor heaven. He pursed his lips around her ass ring and sucked as hard as he could. Roxy emitted a loud moan as he stabbed his tongue inside her tight anus. Rick loved the taste. He knifed his tongue in and out of her tunnel as she pushed into his hot tongue.

Roxy had never seen her pussy this wet before. Just then Rick looked down and saw the small puddle of his daughter’s cream and demanded, “Roll over baby and let me see what I need to do about the mess you are making with your damn cunt.”

His little girl’s smell was intoxicating and he couldn’t believe the beauty of her furry pussy, wrapping his arms around her thighs he attacked her hole and clit with his mouth. He worked his tongue expertly all over her lips and into her tunnel before ending up on her hard little button clit. He licked it a few times before drawing it into his mouth and sucking it hard and long. Roxy responded by bucking her hips and pleading, “Oh daddy fuck me, oh please daddy fuck your little girl. Oh please be my first, I want to feel you inside of me.”

Rick was shocked to hear that his daughter was still a virgin. But, the thought of popping his own daughter’s cherry excited him to a whole new level. But, he had to be sure that she wanted him to take her innocence away as it is a very big event in a person’s life. Even as he started to move up her body he asked, “Honey girl, are you sure about this? I don’t wish to hurt you.”

“Oh daddy, I want the first time to be special, and there is no one more special than you. So, please, dear daddy let me feel you inside of me?”

Roxy didn’t have to wait long as before she knew it she was looking into her father’s eyes and felt the head of his prick against her vaginal opening. Rick wanted to pummel his daughter’s cunt with his rod but he figured he had the rest of the summer for that. He thought her very first time should be gentle as it might hurt her just a bit anyway. Besides, there was something fatherly about being gentle; he couldn’t explain just what it was. “Ok, baby girl, if this hurts too much or you change your mind tell me and I will stop until you are ready for it.”

“Oh, daddy, I need you,” She said as she felt his first push. Roxy didn’t believe how wonderful her dad’s cock felt. Her pussy was being stretched like never before. She felt a sharp pain as it broke her virginal barrier causing her to grimace and yelp. Rick stopped and began to pull back. Roxy sensing the worst was over placed her hands on his ass and pulled him back into her.

“I’m ok daddy, go ahead and don’t stop.”

“I’m glad Roxy, God, you are tight.”

“You feel good inside of me,” she gasped slightly as the pain was gone and being replaced by total pleasure. She began to buck her hips up to meet his strokes.

“Oh Roxy, you are fucking sexy.”

“Come on daddy, you can do it harder than that I won’t break. It feels so good going in and out of me.” She was almost begging which turned Rick on even more. She wrapped her legs around his thighs and hung on for dear life. With her egging him on he couldn’t help it and was now ramming his prick in and out of her as hard and fast as he could.

Roxy was a natural as her pelvis met him thrust for thrust. She could feel herself cumming as she groaned in extreme pleasure. Rick knowing that Roxy had cum was even more excited and felt his balls tighten and began shooting load after load into her tight twat. When her dad climbed off of her Roxy was totally worn out, but she was happier than she had ever been in her young life.

After they recovered they spent the rest of the day and evening exploring one another’s bodies. Rick was gentle the rest of the day but he wouldn’t allow this to continue. He like sex rough and he had to be in charge especially in charge of his sexy little daughter.

The next morning he told Roxy it was time to get up. She shook her head and told him that she needed another hour. As she was laying face up he gave her naked pussy a hard swat and she popped right out of bed asking him what she needed to do next. Rick just pointed to his cock and she just smiled as she sucked it eagerly into her mouth.

They fucked every chance they got and Roxy really got into the pussy spankings. But, she also loved being playful with her daddy. She loved challenging him resulting in him “making” her do just what she wanted to do in the first place. For example, on a Thursday night late in the Summer Roxy and Rick had just finished torridly fucking and Roxy was licking their cream from Rick’s cock and balls when she got an idea.

Her mom would be back tomorrow and Roxy would be left out in the cold until Monday night. So, she bet him that he couldn’t fuck his wife and then sneak away and immediately fuck Roxy. The idea sounded intriguing to Rick and he just had to try it.

Veronica, his wife, was down right sexy in her own and she was always ready for Rick’s cock. They would usually fuck at least four times during the weekend. And, when she stayed in town for the week they fucked like rabbits. On Friday night Rick found himself more turned on than usual by Veronica but, he kept stalling her as he wanted her to fall right asleep after they were finished.

Giving in after midnight Veronica placed his shaft at the opening of her pussy and shoved it in. She rode him as if she were riding a bucking bronco. He felt her muscles expand and contract around his cock as he enjoyed the wonderful ride. It wasn’t long before he filled her cunt with his spunk. Veronica was spent by the experience and lazily fell asleep beside him in about two minutes.

As Rick snuck out of bed his cock was stiff as ever. He walked into Roxy’s room and gave her cunt a hard smack. Her eyes popped open not believing he actually was doing this. She looked at his cock and it still glistened with her mother’s cum. Rick climbed on top of Roxy as she spread her legs and shoved his cock up to the hilt into her anxious pussy. Rick couldn’t believe that within ten minutes time he was being fucked by both his wife and daughter. He pummeled Roxy hard and in no time they were cumming in glorious ecstasy.

The relationship continued all summer until Roxy returned to school. While Rick was clearly in charge and got Roxy to do thing she clearly would not have done otherwise she never actually became his submissive. Rick was disappointed when she went back to college as he was left to the exciting weekends with his wife and Roxy was having fun with the college guys. But, they both have the fondest memories of that special summer.

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