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Life’s a Bowl of Cherries

Category: Fetish
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My name is Fred and I’m a disgusting bastard. At least that was what my last girl friend called me as she threw me out of her house. I guess she’s right but I can’t help it, for you see I happen to think that a lady’s armpit is about the sexiest part of her body. Don’t ask me why because I just don’t know and although I try to hide my secret it always comes out one way or the other.

After my last disaster with women, I told myself I was swearing off pits for good. No matter what, I was staying with the regular erogenous zones acceptable to normal people. It was working too as I went on dates with different women and I even slept with one while denying myself even so much as a peek under her arm. Of course, it wasn’t nearly as satisfying as it could have been but at least I wasn’t thrown out of her house.

That all changed the day I met Adriana. Do you believe in kismet, well I never did but what else could it have been to have our fates intertwined. It was a beautiful day and I’d decided to walk to my local bistro for breakfast, something I never do. For some reason I walked down Second even though the cafe is on Main. As I walked by the park, I noticed a young lady struggling to change a tire on an ancient behemoth of a Caddy. I stopped to offer assistance and changed my life forever. Her eyes were dark and full of anger, as was the grimace on her lips. She was sweating in the warm sun and her face was streaked with grease. She readily accepted my offer of help, and her smile lit up her face and even those dark eyes turned friendly.

I introduced myself, she told me her name was Adriana, and as we changed the tire side by side, I couldn’t keep my eyes off her. Her dark hair was a mass of curls so completely out of control she reminded me of a modern day Medusa. In keeping with the legend, I found parts of me turning to stone as I knelt beside her. She was wearing a tank top that looked more like a man’s wife-beater than a ladies top. It was obvious she wasn’t wearing a bra and even more so as she bent to retrieve the lug nuts on the ground. I was treated to an unobstructed view of her small tittys as her shirt hung open. But all this was nothing compared to the view I got when she put her hand to her hair to scratch her head. Not only was I now looking at her armpit it was a pit full of hair. My erection was now throbbing and I worried I might lose control and just bury my nose in her matted nest.

Somehow, I managed to resist temptation as we finished changing the huge tire. Once done Adriana asked me how she could repay my kindness and I suggested she join me for breakfast. She drove us in the Caddy to the cafe where we took a back booth. We both cleaned up as well as we could yet we remained streaked with grease. I teased her about getting her boyfriends shirt dirty and she said it didn’t matter, as he was long gone. She seemed to feel at ease with me as I with her and our conversation drifted between getting to know each other to slightly veiled erotic teases. As we finished our last cup of coffee, Adriana relaxed and put her arms up on the back of the booth. She noticed me staring at her and put them back on the table.

“Excuse me; I know I must smell like a trucker—”

“No, not at all, it’s just, well I’m fascinated by your hair, it looks sexy.”

She put one arm behind her head and began to pull at the hair in her pit as I watched trance-like.

“You mean you like this; I refuse to bend to the norms of women shaving their bodies just to keep a man happy.”

“Believe me you make this man very happy by not shaving.”

She vigorously rubbed her fingers through her hairy pit, and then she put her fingers to my nose.

“Doesn’t this stink turn you off?”

I thought I was going to cum in my pants and then as an answer to her, when she started to pull her hand away I grabbed it to hold to my nose longer. Then in a daring move I put her fingers in my mouth to taste her. She said nothing but sat there staring at me and I was sure I’d gone too far. She put both arms back up on the booth as an added treat just for me.

“I think I like you, would you like to come back to my place.”

I slid out of the booth and she stared at my erection as she got out, then she looked at me and smiled.

At her apartment, I sat on her couch and she sat next to me. She put both arms behind her head and invited me to help myself. I put my nose right in the middle of her nest. Her hair was still wet from all the sweating she had done while changing her tire. The odor was strong and acrid yet it was real not fake like deodorant smells. She took her free hand and held my face to her pit. I drew in her heady aroma and then I put my tongue to her for a taste.

Adriana appeared as excited by all this as I was and she demanded that I take her at once. We tore at our clothes and as I penetrated her wet pussy, she held my nose once again to her pit. I could no longer hold back and I came instantly.

“You are a naughty boy and now you are going to have to not only clean up your mess, you are going to now make me cum with your tongue.”

Although I’m sure she meant it, she said this with a smile on her face so I joined in with her game. I bowed before her and said,

“My dearest lady, allow me to pleasure your whole body with my worthless tongue.”

As in answer, she lifted her foot still clad in her sweat socks to my face. I inhaled deeply and then pulled the sock from her foot. The bare foot was clammy with her sweat and the aroma was strong as I found it highly erotic. I kissed and massaged the whole foot taking extra time with my tongue between her toes. After finishing with one foot, I went to the other and after that, I began with her legs. Long soft hair hung as fur down her legs and I reveled in it as with her full bush. I got between her legs and as she put her feet up on my shoulders, I feasted upon her cum ladened pussy. She came all too quickly as she grabbed my head to hold it in place. My face now covered in not only her juices but also my spunk until she leaned over and licked it clean as a kitten to a plate of cream.

Later as we lay together on her couch, she told me that although many men had put up with her hirsute body I was the first that seemed to enjoy it. I told her that I had given up hope of finding a woman such as her and now I could die a happy man after even one day of being with her. She smiled at this and as a reward she lifted her arm, to give me another nuzzle in her furry nest.

Adriana and I have been together for a while now and I still can’t get enough of her fur and her scents. As for her, she enjoys me worshiping her and she keeps going longer and longer between bathing, she finds this only excites me more. Lately we’ve began going to the beach together with her in a bikini. She merely smirks at the stares of both men and women, as they look aghast at her furry body. It arouses me to see her display herself proudly and although she doesn’t bother to cover herself up, I find I’m constantly trying to hide my erections.

So yes, I’m a disgusting sick bastard but now I don’t care as I have a girlfriend who is just as disgusting and sick as I am. I think on how easy I might have walked down main on that fateful day or even taken my car as I usually did. I can only thank the fates that drew us together and made me the happiest man alive.

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