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Life Begins at Forty

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My fortieth birthday had just gone by the previous week, with quite a fanfare of celebration. The years just seemed to have flown by. I sat back at my desk in the basement and reminisced the last twenty years. Moreover, perhaps puzzling what changes I should have made, if any at all. Or would all that had gone on this last month be an indication of the next decade.

My teenage life was uneventful, I had a few girlfriends but nothing much happened until I was nineteen, then Jane appeared on the scene.

Thinking about it now, it had not been very eventful after I met her either; she wanted to save herself for marriage so I too remained a virgin, though not from choice. We did manage a bit of fingering and hand wanking on the rare occasion, but nothing much more than that. We got married when I was twenty-one and she was twenty.

We both finally lost our virginity on our first night of marriage and neither of us found it to be the great enlightenment is was supposed to be. We tried again a few more times ending up with Jane becoming pregnant after three months, and in due course our first daughter was born. Our sex life was on hold during the pregnancy and did not resume until a few months after Tanya was born.

Within another three months Jane was pregnant again and our second daughter Dee arrived to make the family complete in Jane’s eyes. Our sex life never did really recover after that as far as fucking went, Jane still liked me to lick her clit to orgasm, which I did enjoy, and she would hand wank me as a thank you.

By now I was working for myself as a building contractor and Jane was a part time office girl in a small local realty company. Our girls were growing up and I had even started to take computer classes to keep up with them. Everything was rolling along nice and smoothly despite the almost complete lack of sex in our marriage.

It was just before my thirty-fifth birthday that things began to change.. First came the news that Jane’s boss, Mr. Green at the Realty office had died, so Jane started working full time until his widow decided what to do with the business. We were shocked to find out a few weeks later that Jane had been left the business in Mr. Green’s will, plus a substantial sum of money.

I stopped working immediately to give Jane the time to go to Realtor school and study for her license. The girls were now in their mid teens and could really take care of themselves, but I still had to drive them and their friends to various venues. My life became a routine of housework in the morning and playing on various computers in the afternoon. In addition I was a driver, father and an advisor to our two girls in the evenings. When Jane got home late she frequently asked me to lick her clit after her shower, as she slept better after an orgasm she claimed.

After a year everything had changed in our life, Jane had become an amazingly good Realtor and was making enough money that I had no need to go back to work at all if I did not want to, but I did have a dream of my own computer business. Jane soon found the answer to that. We were still living in the house we started out in, until the day Jane took me out to see our possible new home. It was huge with five bedrooms, one with space for Jane to have an en-suite office and a basement plenty big enough for me to use as a computer workshop.

The place was old and a wreck, which was how we could manage to afford it. With me doing most of the work single handed it took nearly two years before we all moved in but everybody got what he or she wanted. The basement was now the only thing to be completed, this took me another month, but I made lots of interesting finds down there. First was the secret room, a section of original wall shelving slid to one side to reveal a ten foot square room.

The other interesting find was at one time there must have been some sort of warm air heating system in the house, the vents were in each room and as they were very ornate we left most of them in situ. The ducting for each vent fed back down thru the walls to the basement. The heater unit had long gone and the ducting holes had been covered by a wooden panel. I removed this and by a little trial and error, I found that I could listen to any conversation in any of the bedrooms, the living room and the kitchen.

My workshop office was completed and with a door to the outside at the side of the house. I was in my self-contained space and my computer business started to pick up quite well. With the wife’s contacts and my daughters’ friends getting computer viruses regularly I was ticking over nicely. One of my regular customers was Sara; she was a friend of my daughters and about their age. I had known her since she was around thirteen and we had always got on well and often chatted. She used to come in weekly with an array of laptops from her friends for testing or fault finding, then come back three days later to pick them up. She often brought me coffee and a sandwich for lunch and we’d sit and chat for a while. I learned more about my daughters from her than I did from them.

One day, Sara told me her mother was having an affair with one of her employees, I tried to offer words of sympathy but Sara said she did not care about the affair, but would love to watch her mother fucking.

“Is it OK to talk about sex with you?” she asked. “My mother thinks your wife was probably fucking Mr. Green, that’s why he left her the business. Would you have liked to have watched them fucking?”

“How old are you now?” I asked her.

“I am eighteen, I am not a virgin, I like my tits and pussy being sucked and have never tried anal sex, or really want to. I also like sex with other women.”

I sat back in my chair, a little shocked by all the information from Sara, but fascinated at the same time.

“Yes! We can talk about sex, if you want to. I don’t think my wife was having sex with Mr. Green, I have no idea if I would have enjoyed watching them, I have never thought about it, but I am glad you are enjoying a healthy sex life. Now I’d better get on with all this work you just gave me.” I walked Sara to the door and waved her goodbye.

I sat back at my desk with a very vivid picture going through my head of my wife being fucked by her boss and getting an erection to match the excitement of this thought. I got my cock out and had a wank while the picture ran through my head until I came over my hand. For the next three days, I kept having the same vivid images running though my mind and then thought of Sara’s mother with her employee. Sara had unknowingly brought something out in me I never knew until now.

Three days later Sara arrived carrying another laptop for repair and with her mother following her in; Sara was very formal as she spoke.

“Hello Mr. Davis, can you repair this please, it may have a virus or something, and it just will not start up. It belongs to a friend of mine. My mum is here to talk to you about a security camera for her office; I hope that is all right. I have to get off; I will collect that in a few days, bye.” And off she went with a wave.

Her mother introduced herself as Debra and I asked her what she actually wanted, was it for night security, day security etc. While she was talking I visually took her all in; she was very smart and attractive, probably about the same age as me, very tall with long legs and quite slim, very much an older version of Sarah. We discussed the various options available and eventually got to what she actually wanted. She claimed that in her Insurance Agency they often had a need to record meetings with clients; I asked if it needed to cover the whole office or just a part, and did the camera have to be hidden.

“Could you visit my office this evening to see the layout, it will be easier to show you want I need?” She said.

We agreed a time for that evening; I walked her to the door, shook her hand and she left. I sat back in my chair thinking ‘filming meetings?’ it just did not sound very likely, but it was business.

A couple of hours later I drove into town to meet Debra at her office, She wanted the camera in a rear office which was like a mini boardroom with an ornate table in the middle with eight chairs and a sofa and a small desk at one end with a laptop on top. She said there was also desktop computer in a tall cupboard, which I could utilize.

I plugged a cam into the laptop for a trial, using a long cable we tried the cam in various positions until, with Debra watching the screen we found her ideal spot, which was for the cam to be above the tall cupboard. I suggested I build a high quality camera into a file box and arrange it so she could record direct to the desktop and make a DVD if required. She loved that idea and we agreed a price. I told her it would take four or five days to build the system.

Over the next few days I worked on Debra’s camera system and called a friend in the furniture trade and ordered a bed and bedding together with a couple of bedside units, a mini-armoire and a few area rugs. Time to utilize the secret room; I rationalized it as being useful if I wanted a nap during the day or if I could not be bothered to walk up three floors to our bedroom.

As soon as Debra’s system was ready I contacted her and we arranged for me to install all her goodies at around seven o clock that evening. I got there right on time and set about installing everything straight away. I added a few programs to her computer, then gave her a demo, showing Debra how to start and stop the system and how to download to DVD. I do not think she took it all in though; she seemed more interested in how she looked when I filmed her for the demo. I did not bother to mention that at four o clock in the morning her computer would automatically turn itself on and send any video content taken that day to my server.

Two days later, my new bed and furniture arrived. I fitted it all in to the secret room and I must say it looked very cozy, I added a flat screen to the wall for watching TV or any video I may want to watch. The idea of watching people having sex was taking over me. There was plenty on the internet, but the interest for me was watching people I knew.

The following day I installed a hidden camera in my bedroom and another in my secret room, I had considered putting one in each of my daughters’ bedrooms but thought that was decidedly perverted. The idea certainly excited me, but I just could not do it.

The next day Debra rang about five pm, she had made a recording but could not get it up on the screen to view it. I told her I would be there within the hour, which I was. All her employees had gone home when I arrived and only Debra remained, working alone and looking good in her tight red woollen dress, a little short for the office I thought, but then I wasn’t complaining at seeing those hot sexy legs of hers.

We went straight through to the mini boardroom. I asked her to show me what she did, she did it all correctly, but forgot to turn on the monitor.

“Everybody forgets that” I said, and leaned forward to turn it on.

“Nice legs.” I added, as the screen came to life with a frame of Debra sitting in the chair with her legs crossed, showing a wide expanse of smooth sexy thigh. Debra laughed and gave me a playful slap on my arm.

“You’re a leg man aren’t you?” She asked me.

“I am an everything man.” I replied with a smirk. The video continued running with Debra talking on the phone to someone.

“OK! You are all working now; I will leave you to it.” I said, and prepared to leave.

“Watch for a few more minutes, you may see a bit more leg, that’s if you are interested.” She said laughing.

I did not know what to expect so I continued to watch the screen, about three minutes later she stood up and raised her skirt to her waist, exposing her tiny red panties, then her voice on the tape called out, ‘Andrew I am ready for you.’ At that point, Debra leaned forward and turned off the tape.

“What do think of my legs?” She asked

“Beautiful legs, from top to bottom.” I said with a smirk.

“Thank you, perhaps one day you may get to know them better.”

“A personal introduction should come first.” I said, joking with her.

“An introduction, why bother? You could force me onto my desk, rip off my underwear and fuck me so easily right now.” She said.

“If only I could, that had just never been possible for me, I have always been the quiet stay at home non pushy type of man,” I said.

“Ah! That’s ok, I fully understand and appreciate your honesty, but if you ever get the urge, I will help you, we can still be good friends.”

“I can still appreciate your beauty from afar.” I said, as I packed up to leave.

We both laughed as she said. “You flatterer.”

I got home knowing that my server would receive that video at four AM. So that was for tomorrows viewing, I was feeling decidedly horny from my meeting with Debra, I turned on the camera in our bedroom, it was the first time I had really tested it. It showed a perfect view of the bed and I could see Jane sitting at her desk in her office working as usual. I did some other work before I went upstairs, I checked on both girls and they were both fast asleep. I walked into our bedroom and Jane was just packing things up for the evening. We chatted for a while and she told me how good her business was doing, she had two new staff starting the following week and may do some training in her home office in the early evenings, it all sounded very good and I told her so. Then I asked.

“Any chance of a fuck tonight, it’s been such a long time.” I was virtually begging.

“Let me have my shower and then see how I feel then, but I am tired.” She replied.

Ten minutes later, she came out of the shower, drying herself with a towel making a few sighing noises. She dropped the towel and lay spread-eagled on the bed.

“Come on then if you must, but I would prefer a clit licking. You know that helps me sleep rather than getting all sweaty again.” She said, still sighing.

“Whatever you want Jane, I just want to make you happy.” I said cringingly.

I knew I should have just grabbed her legs and fucked her pussy with great gusto, but it was just not in me, nor ever will be. My mind was on the idea of watching her being fucked by some young stud as I licked away and she fell asleep.

I got down to the basement about mid morning as I had very little work booked for that day. Of course, the first thing I checked was my server to see if Debra’s video had downloaded. A big smile came over my face as I saw a twenty-three minute upload had been received.

I put a closed sign on the door and turned my cell phone off, flicked a few switches and went into my secret room to enjoy the show. Lying on the bed naked, I turned on the monitor and immediately saw the scene I had seen yesterday with Debra sitting at her desk, then the bit where she lifted her skirt and called for Andrew. A young man of about twenty-five years old appeared in the picture. Debra was leaning back on the desk holding her skirt up, while Andrew put his hands on her hips and pulled her panties down and off. I was already wanking furiously. I watched the screen as Andrew pushed Debra back so she was lying on her back with her legs wide-open awaiting Andrew’s cock. Just watching that part made me cum, with three jets of spunk spurting up and landing on my stomach. I was only five minutes into the video and the whole thing already elated me. This film alone was going to keep me sated for quite some time.

That weekend Jane told me her Company was buying us all new cars in the next few weeks and both our girls were now going to work for her full time, whereas up until now they just helped out occasionally. I was surprised by the fact that she now had fifteen employees and was doing so well. I felt that soon it would be announced that Jane’s husband was now her little pet that she kept in the basement.

Monday came and Sara arrived around lunchtime with a sandwich and a Starbucks coffee. I knew I had to tell her about her mum.

“What would you give to see a film of your mum fucking?” I asked her with a big grin on my face.

“You clever bastard, have you really got one? Who is the guy? You’ve got to let me see it?” she said getting more excited by the minute.

“I’ve got her on film alright, she’s being fucked by some guy called Andrew. Your secrecy is all I want, what you see here must never be mentioned to others.”

“I would never say a word to anyone, come on show me!” She blurted out.

I pulled up a chair for her, sat her in front of the forty-two inch LCD screen, and fed the feed to her screen. I sat to her right and pretended to be working, I could not see her screen nor did I want to, that was for my private time. Barely five minutes into the video and Sara had already got herself over excited at the site of her mother’s sexy performance.

“Turn it off!” Sara moaned after about ten minutes. “I need a break, that’s so hot; I need to watch it from the start again.”

While we finished off our sandwiches and coffee, I asked Sara if she would like to watch the rest of her mother’s hot little show in more comfort, she nodded and I led her to the secret room.

“Wow! This is brilliant, bed and all.” She said as she bounced on the bed and I turned on the screen.

“Another secret never to be mentioned.” I said, and she nodded in agreement. I left the room and went back to the feed and sent it to her screen. Of course I turned on the cam in there to make a recording of what my young friend got up to watching her mother getting fucked.

Twenty minutes later she reappeared. “That was fantastic; I may have to have that Andrew for myself.” She said laughing.

We chatted for a while until I had to get on with more mundane tasks and Sara left, but not before she made me promise to let her see any more films of her mother in action. As soon as she was gone I was straight into the now renamed “viewing room’ to view Sara on the bed, her skirt and panties removed, slowly playing with herself throughout the whole film, When it finished she laid back and increased her pace until she came, and her body shook uncontrollably. It took her a few minutes to compose herself and come back out after that. As it did me after watching her.

A day later, I finished working around six and just for amusement turned on the cam in my bedroom to see my wife with one of her protégés in her office taking about the business. I left the picture on but turned the sound down, as the quality was poor when they were in the office part of the room. It gave me something to look at while I had some coffee and put my feet up. When I looked up again they were both in the bedroom, Jane had her hand on her hips and looked angry. I turned on the sound to hear Jane say.

“I will not Alan, my husband is just downstairs.”

“Just a quick look, no one will ever know.” said Alan.

“Ok! A quick peek but no touching.” Jane said, sounding very nervous.

She sat down on the edge of the bed, lay back, pulled her skirt up to her waist and pulled her panties to one side so Alan got a very quick glimpse of her pussy, before her skirt dropped back down to cover her again.

“What a fucking tease you are.” He said angrily, while grabbing her hair and forcing her to her knees.

With one hand he freed his hard cock from his trousers, and with the other he held Jane’s head and steered it toward his big erection, her hand came up to grab it, which he knocked away and forced her mouth open. She had never done this for me and I was keen to see how she handled it. And handle it well she did, somebody had obviously been teaching her. She sucked him with great enthusiasm until he pulled her off the floor, threw her on the bed with quite some force, pushed her skirt up and literally ripped her panties off her body.

She opened her legs wide and brought her knees up.

“You want me to fuck you then slut.”

“Oh God yes Alan, fuck me hard, hurt me please.” Jane implored.

Alan stepped in between her legs and began slapping her cunt with his cock and testing her wetness with his fingers.

“Oh wow! You are so ready, you slut.”

He followed this by pushing his cock slowly into her, and then rammed it fully into her pussy, leaving Jane gasping for air from the brutal invasion. Her legs circled his body and Jane pulled her blouse off, Alan leaned forward, ripped her bra off and then started smacking her tits, which seemed to give her even more pleasure.

“You’re going to be my cum slut after this, I’ll get Peter fucking you as well. Get you tied up, slap you around and fuck you senseless every chance we get. You’ll love that won’t you slut? ”

“Oh yes, both of you together, I want that, you can have whatever you want, just keep fucking me now.”

I sat back in total shock not quite believing what I was seeing, my own erection was huge watching this and my hand was working hard on myself, fortunately, I had put it on record so I could live it again later. Peter was her other young protégé, I wondered if they had been picked for this particular job. Jane had never shown any interest in twenty years of any kind of forced sex, in fact quite the opposite. I certainly was on a learning curve this day.

Alan certainly had some stamina he kept going for a good thirty minutes, slowing down and speeding up until with a great sigh he spurted a full load inside Jane, or I thought he had, until he pulled out of her and I could see he wore a condom. Jane just lay on the bed totally sated for a good few minutes, before getting up and running to the bathroom. I could hear the shower come on. Alan got dressed and sat down on the bed looking very confident and sure of himself, as you do after you have just fucked your boss I thought.

“I think you had better go.” Jane said when she came out of the bathroom in her dressing gown.

“Any regret?” Asked Alan looking quizzical.

“Absolutely not, I meant every word I said, we will talk tomorrow.”

After Alan left, Jane fell back on the bed and seemed to be asleep in seconds. I stopped the recording and carried on pottering about until late in the evening. When I got to our bedroom, Jane was fast asleep and I am sure she still had a smile on her face.

By the following morning, everything seemed normal with Jane as she went off to the office. I knew there was going to be some talking done there. I had a quiet morning until Sara called to say she was bringing me lunch, that news did brighten my day. With her Starbucks coffees and her big smile, she tripped through the door an hour later.

“What’s new for me to see?” She asked straightaway.

“Well I have something new for you, but first a few questions.” I told Sara about how Alan had treated my wife, pushing her down to suck his cock and then throwing her on the bed to fuck her hard.

“The question to you Sara is, if I was to grab you, bend you over the desk, rip your panties off and then fuck you, how much trouble I am in?”

She laughed, “You could not do it even if you wanted to. You need a bit of retraining first. Do what I say for about a month or until your fortieth birthday, which is coming up soon, if I remember correctly. Then, for your birthday present, you can do exactly that.”

“What have I got to do then?” I asked quizzically.

Get with the program.” She said smiling. “Overall you are not too bad, a month in the gym a good haircut and shave, some skin care, some new clothes and give you a new attitude and you will be a stud muffin. Let me call a personal trainer friend of mine, and then we can watch the wife’s video.”

“Ok for a few weeks, why not?” I replied, I must admit I had been getting a bit too old before my time lately.

I was in the gym every day for nearly three weeks, I really thought I was going to die at the start but gradually got into a good routine with my trainer who was really the devil spawn I am sure. In the meantime, Sara and I continued to monitor all our channels and got to see a lot of activity with Debra providing performances and Jane getting the rough treatment from Alan, but still no sign of Peter joining in to give her the double she so wanted.

As my birthday approached, Sara introduced me to a life coach and I spent a good few hours talking with him. Jane and the girls had already noticed the improvement in my physical appearance, the new spring in my step and my renewed confidence. My actual birthday was on the Thursday and the family decided they would wait to celebrate until the Saturday, I already knew that Jane was buying me a new car; I would get that on the same day as well.

On the actual day, Sara had arranged for me to get a haircut and pick up some clothes she had chosen for my new image, she was going to join me for lunch in my basement. I got back just before midday changed into my new non-hippy clothes and looked in the mirror. It was a shock, I looked so much younger and with the haircut even quite smart. The thought of fucking Sara had my libido racing, although still not sure if I could really do it. I was still admiring myself in the mirror as Sara walked through the door wearing her tennis outfit, although I do not think she played tennis.

I walked over to her and kissed her on the cheek. She said thank you and I grabbed her hand and led her to the side desk. I placed a cushion on the top and bent her over the desk with her face in the cushion; in that position her tiny panties were in plain view. I did literally rip them right off her body and they fell in tatters to the floor. While I used one hand to feel all around her body, my other hand was shaking as I tried to unzip my trousers and get my erection into this most beautiful field of play.

My probing finger had already found Sara to be wet and as my cock slid gently into her the feeling was completely mind blowing for me. I kept a steady pace to savor every moment with this beauty, the slick walls of her pussy were contracting on my cock and sending pulses of pleasure through me. I fucked and pounded away at that lovely wet cunt until the pressure built up to a crescendo and I fired my cum load deep inside her. I pumped a few more times before slowly withdrawing from her. I helped her back up and she dashed for the bathroom without a word. She returned a few minutes later.

“You are a brilliant fuck, in fact you can do me again next week.”

My ego was boosted a 1000% with that comment.

At five pm, I went upstairs to the dining room as my daughters were cooking me a birthday dinner and Jane was going to come home early to join in the celebrations. Jane was already there when I walked in, it was the first time they had seen me dressed up and in my new image. They all stood there open mouthed not knowing what to stay, until one of the girls spoke out.

“Shit! Dad’s quite a cool dude.”

Jane was still standing there in shock, not believing her husband of twenty years could change so much. The comments flowed, all for the good and we all sat down and had an enjoyable meal and talked as a real family should, something we had not done for years. My gift, I already knew was going to be a new car or truck and Jane took my hand and led me outside to the old barn in the corner of the property.

“It’s inside.” She said.

I was getting excited now; I swung open the old wooden doors to reveal the one car I had always wanted.

“I don’t believe it.” I said.

I stared at a black Range Rover sitting gleaming in the shafts of light from the open doors. What had always been way out of my reach was now mine. I sat inside it with tears of pure pleasure running down my face. I must have sat there for fifteen minutes absorbing it all before Jane joined me in the car to share my joy. I hugged and kissed her and we spent an age going over every gadget and feature of the Range Rover.

I had a vague idea of the cost, but Jane just said ‘business was very good this year.’ The next thing was totally unexpected. I got out of the car and, like a true gentleman, went and opened the passenger door for my wife. As she turned in her seat her skirt rode up and my mind just flipped, I grabbed hold of her by her blouse and lifted her skirt to her waist to reveal her small lacy white panties.

“What the hell are you doing?” She screamed at me.

“Fucking you because I want to.” I screamed back.

I pulled her panties down and off her, then raised her legs so her naked ass was staring at me, I just could not resist slapping her ass hard, three or four times, I noticed she had opened her legs during the screams of pain that were coming from her and the shouts of ‘please stop.’ I gave her cunt a few slaps as well before pushing three fingers inside here very firmly. Her screams suddenly changed.

“Fuck me you bastard, fuck me hard.”

“My pleasure bitch!”

I dropped my trousers and pushed my cock directly into her depth and the tingling feeling I always got, started straight way. I pounded into her pushing her hard into the seat and she grunted with every push. I pulled out of her a few times and she screamed for it to go back in again. She was so wet her juices were running down my leg as waves of orgasm hit her with every pull out and push back in I made. There was no stopping me, I fucked that wet pussy for a long, long time but eventually I felt the build up in my balls and my cum jetted into her body to mingle with her own juices . The pace slowed to a stop and I still held her hips while we both got our breath back.

“Oh my God, that was the best sex I have ever had, I will buy you another Range Rover if we can do that again,” she said, and we both laughed.

We both tidied ourselves up and sat in the Range Rover; we both knew a discussion was needed. Jane told me that she really loved that sort of rough sex and claimed it was quite a revelation to her to find this out about herself. I of course never mentioned my knowledge of her extra activities, mainly because I am not a jealous person and I still enjoyed the thought of her with other men. I did not mention that either. Taking a chance, I suggested an event.

“How about we come back to the barn, I tie you to that beam, thrash you with a whip, rip off all your clothes and abuse your body, all while you are blindfolded.”

“Would you really like to do that?” She asked with obvious interest in her voice.

“I would if you would enjoy it, or I could even add two more guys to abuse you at the same time, how does that make you feel?”

“Holy Moly.” She stuttered. “I need to think about all this, it is all so exciting, I really love the new you. Let’s get home, we have some unfinished business tonight.”

Jane had not mentioned the barn in the following few days but I had spent time there building a nice piece of control equipment to assist me in my thoughts and ideas. Sara had stopped in to hear how the whole birthday event had gone, I told her everything and she relished every detail. She was a bit mad at me for no film, but I had a new one of her mother for her to enjoy, which she did. Two days later her mother Debra rang, her daughter had told her I had the new Range Rover and could she come and see it, as she was considering one as well. I told her I would meet her by the barn at four pm that day

“Would you like me in Red or another color?” She asked laughing.

“The vehicle is all black, you better match that.” I suggested.

We laughed, and continued to chat for five minutes, all very mundane topics before we both got back to work. At four pm I went to the barn and Debra arrived ten minutes later looking fabulous in a black cocktail dress and very fuckable.

“Look at you,” she said. “I can’t believe how much you have changed since our last meeting.”

“I was getting to be forty. I thought I had better make an effort while I still could.” I said, not bothering to mention it was her daughter that had brought it all on.

I was surprised to see Debra get out a clipboard and make notes all the way around the Range Rover, even trying the back seats for comfort before ending up in the driver’s seat. I sat on a bench letting her get on with it; she opened the driver door and swung her leg out while asking questions. I was please to see that the black outfit included her panties.

Suddenly she asked, “what are you thinking?”

“I was just wondering if those panties would look as good around you ankles.”

“You probably intend to find out.” She said with a huge smile.

Debra got out of the Range Rover and looked around the barn.

“What are you building there, it’s very strange?”

“It’s going to be a punishment and pleasure machine for those who like both, does it give you a warm feeling?”

“It most certainly does.” She said, with excitement in her voice. “Can I try it now?” She said nearly begging.

“Are you sure? It is not even close to being ready; there may be pain and discomfort.”

“Please! Please!” She said stamping her feet and laughing.

“Ok! The rules are no talking from now and do exactly what you are told.”

She nodded in agreement; I approached her and put a blindfold over her eyes, then turned her around and unzipped her dress and removed it. Now she was wearing only her black bra and panties as I lead her to the machine. First I clipped her feet in position, then strapped her arms on the armrests at the wrist and finally belted her waist to the back support. I could now control her every movement and position.

I sat back keeping very quiet until she called out, as I knew she would. I pulled the rope forcing her to lean over and with the leather strap she got two smacks on the ass, she made a comment and got two more, she learned from those two. To give her some pleasure I took off her bra, licked under her breast, circled around the nipple without touching it, and did the same to the other breast before my tongue trailed down her stomach to the top of her panties. I pulled another rope and her feet moved to open her legs wider. I put the little seat in place and sat directly in front of her. My tongue licked all around the edge of her panties and curled up under the material but never made direct contact with her pussy. Debra was squirming, wanting more.

“Please stop teasing, touch me!” She begged.

“Punishment time!” I called out.

I ripped off her panties and then turned the barn hose on full, blasting her soaking wet within a second; It wasn’t that cold but still quite a shock for her. I walked closely up to my soaking wet victim, licked the dripping water of each nipple, and again went down her body until I made contact with that wet pussy and I licked all the water away, but this time I flicked her clit and gave her labia lips some attention, she did moan, but I did not treat this as speaking.

After an orgasm from my tongue, I lowered her to a sitting position and dropped my trousers; my erection was ready for some pleasure pulses. I stood directly in front of Debra and my cock was in direct line for her mouth, I told her to open wide and she knew what to expect. I was able to lean my arms at a comfortable height as well, what a great design I thought to myself.

Her talent was amazing, she twirled and swirled on me for a good ten minutes before I came with three spurts down her throat, which she eagerly swallowed. I pulled back from her mouth and just stood there for a few seconds to get my breath back. I got dressed and released Debra from the machine, helped her stand up, wrapped her in the big towel I had for the purpose and took off her blindfold.

She sat down and lit a cigarette from her purse, still shaking.

“You can talk now, it’s over.” I said nervously.

“That was just plain fantastic. I need to do that again.” She said with a big grin.

“Thank you, I have got to add a few more sensations to be experienced and when it’s fully working there will be two or three male operators to help with the pain and the pleasure. It going to take me a while to get it finished, can you wait?”

“No I damn well cannot wait; I want the same next week. Was your blowjob good enough? I pride myself on my cum guzzling skills.”

“It certainly was excellent. So, we have a date in the barn next Friday at four pm. Do not bother to dress up too much.” I told her and she laughed.

Debra got dressed and I walked her to her car. She was still on a high as I waved her goodbye.

We had a quiet weekend as a family, taking the girls out on trips in my new Range Rover. It was an all round great family weekend with early nights and plenty of sex with Jane. On the Sunday night, in bed, she started to talk about the barn plan for her and I told her about the pleasure/pain machine of which she was very interested but more so with the other two men I had mentioned joining in.

“You really want to go ahead with that, you will be blindfolded, you will never know who it is.” I told her.

“I was not interested until the other night; I had a dream about being played with by three men at the same time and woke up with an orgasm at just the thought of the whole idea. When do you have it planned for?”

“About a month.” I said.

Jane got astride me and put my cock to her pussy entrance.

“How long?” She asked.

“Three weeks” I blurted out.

“You know I am a glutton for pain don’t you, I really enjoyed you spanking me.”

“Have you been a naughty girl then, do you deserve five spanks?” I said with a mean smirk on my face.

“Yes! I need to be punished; I have been a bad girl.” She whimpered, but with an evil smile on her face.

I grabbed her by the arm, dragged her into the doggy position with her face buried in a pillow. Just seeing her bent over like that had my erection throbbing and I really wanted to inflict some pain, which was not the normal me at all. Despite my sadistic yearnings I held back a bit with the first three spanks, but they were still pretty fierce.

“Harder. Spank me harder.” She called out.

I really did lay into her with the final two smacks, which brought tears to her eyes.

“I think I need five more!” Jane pleaded through her tears.

I really wanted to get to fucking her, but I was enjoying giving her pain. I grabbed her by the hair and dragged her all the way downstairs to the secret room. She stood by the side of the bed shocked and sobbing, so I smacked her around the face twice and a few times across her tits, which her nipples immediately responded too. I was aching to suck those biggies, but work was at hand. I threw her face down on the bed and started with three hard spanks to make her really scream out, as the noise subsided I gave her the last two and the rosy red marks were really showing on her ass now.

I was ready to fuck! I told her to roll onto her back, grabbed her feet and put her ankles on my shoulders. I pushed her legs back over her body leaving her cunt wide open and inviting me in. I leaned over her with my cock sticking straight out and Jane put her arm through her legs and guided me into her very wet cunt. My whole length sank in and I fucked away at a fair speed enjoying every second. I leaned forward and pulled her hard nipples to add some more pain. She looked be in heaven. It was not long before my spurts of cum went deep inside here. I pulled out and sat back as she groaned and stretched, and telling me she needed a rest. I pulled a sheet over her and went off to fetch our clothes from the bedroom.

I returned to find Jane fast asleep on her stomach. I pulled back the sheet to check her ass. There were red marks across the whole area. I left her to rest, wondering if I had gone too far. It was nearly three hours later before she appeared again and looking quite fresh.

“Come and sit down and I will get you some coffee.” I said.

“I don’t think I can.” She said.

“I am so sorry, was it too much? I was not sure how far to go.” I said with a sympathetic tone

“No apologies needed, this was the best Wednesday of my life and everything you did was perfect for me. More importantly can this become a regular thing?”

“Sure, and you may like this.” I said as I passed her a DVD of our action.

“Oh My God! I so love the new you.” Jane replied, laughing and kissing me all at once. And I had no doubt that won’t be the only DVD we will be making together.

An hour later is where we came in, me sitting at my desk mulling the past and now thinking of the future and the lessons I have learned. My conclusion:

When you get to forty, re-invent yourself. There are things out there you never thought possible. And when dealing with women, be a man, kind words and firm actions.

They love it.

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