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Robyn sat alone on the railing of the massive sun deck and heaved a sigh of general discontent. Attending the engagement party of a fellow college alum while accompanied by your own future mother-in-law was certainly not her idea of a hot summer Saturday at the Jersey shore.

Robyn had never been one of those young women to revel in these ‘girlie-girl’ type celebrations, anyway, although Robyn herself wore a nearly two-carat diamond engagement ring on her own left hand.

She had known her fiancee, Kevin, since their freshmen year in college, but it wasn’t until he had procured the prestigious job on Wall Street with one of the leading investment houses in the country after commencement that she had shown Kevin any interest, feigned or otherwise.

She had known that Kevin had always had the hots for her, and once she met his family and saw their estate in Darien, Connecticut and the expansive beach house in Ocean City, New Jersey that was worth millions, the same house on whose deck she was now perched, well, she thought this just might be a family worth joining. At least for a few years, until the alimony became payable, she mused.

Robyn was unlike the other twenty-something women at the party in most ways, and she took not the slightest offense that the others found her aloof and snooty. In fact, Margaret Owens, the bride-to-be, was one of the few women that could tolerate Robyn, mainly because they were both so competitive, having been teammates on their school’s basketball team for four years. Margaret’s mother was also best friends with Robyn’s fiancee’s mom, Karen Richmond, who was hosting this party, and that was perhaps the only reason that Robyn felt compelled to even make a compulsory appearance at today’s event, which Robyn considered a complete travesty.

Robyn was quite used to getting pretty much what she wanted, at least when it came to men. She was a tall, lean blonde stick of sexual pyrotechnics, who just happened to have a very discerning fuse. Money usually lit her fussy fuse, which was partially the reason that she still maintained a part-time job as an exotic dancer in the nations’ capital, close to where she lived in Rockville, Maryland, despite working for a leading commercial real estate office in her full-time job.

Good Guys was one of those all-nude, BYOB joints that allowed Robyn to surreptitiously rake in well over seven or eight hundred dollars for one busy evening’s work. She always found it sweetly ironic that, if she chose to, she could make more in a year with her body that Kevin could with his MBA and his Wall Street gig.

Maybe it was the third Seabreeze that she was sipping, or maybe because Kevin chose to go golfing today rather than attend this event with her, or maybe it was knowing that Kevin’s mom, already more than wary about welcoming Robyn into the family, was watching Robyn’s every move, but Robyn’s always naughty libido was cresting in the warm mid-day sun. As she nibbled coyly on one of those teeny straws with the umbrellas on top (another pretentious charade associated with this party, Robyn thought) Robyn continued to peer behind her designer sunglasses at the only man at the party who attracted her attention.

She had asked Margaret about this older man, who was perhaps in his late forties or early fifties, and had the tanned, handsome look of a yachtsman, or certainly someone who spent a lot of time near the ocean. Robyn had always had a bit of a thing for older men, and there was more than one professor at the university who had exhaustedly scribbled an ‘A’ next to Robyn’s name after a rousing skirmish with her hot little cunt, partially explaining her own summa cum laude honors at graduation.

Joe Quinn was his name, Margaret had said, a forty-something attorney from Northern Virginia, and a family friend of her fiancee’s dad from childhood. What Margaret told her next surprised Robyn immensely, especially coming from the ultra-conservative, always politically correct and socially aware Margaret.

“And if you don’t fuck him, I just might, for one last fling. He’s so goddamned sexy.”

That was all it took to set off Robyn’s competitive desires. She took it as the veiled dare that is was. For four years in college she had outscored Margaret on the basketball court, and after graduation, it had been an unspoken but very real contest as to who would score the most affluent husband. Granted, Robyn had ventured into their post-graduation contest using different tactics than Margaret, who had just recently completed her own law degree, and had in turn landed a prominent partner at a firm Margaret had interned with. It was Margaret’s brain against Robyn’s body.

Margaret had no chance, Robyn smiled to herself, noticing that Joe Quinn was heading her way. She inched her butt up a little higher on the railing so that more of her shapely thigh was exposed beneath her pink sundress.

He smiled the brilliant smile of a man who was used to charming the panties off of women and the preferred verdicts out of juries. “Hi,” he said, extending his hand. “I’m…”

Robyn held up her manicured hand in a time-out gesture. “Don’t tell me, lemme guess.” She dropped her sunglasses down her lightly freckled nose and scrunched up her brow as if deciphering hieroglyphics. She gave him the once over, her gaze lingering a nanosecond longer than it should have when it reached Joe’s crotch, and she held her hands to her temple as if in a Carnac-like trance.

“Your name is..wait a second….I’m getting vibes….they’re strong..stronger. Weaker now, you don’t look like a Bubba, that can’t be right….” Joe smiled at her insouciance, playing along.

She continued, pleased that he was game for the game. “Ishmael, no, nope, doesn’t fit…..wait, I got it! Joe, your name is Joe, and I’ll bet you sometimes go by Attorney Joe, am I right, am I right?” She held her hands together, ready to clap and squeal with delight, except that she wasn’t prepared for the cunning linguist’s own retort. Never parry with an attorney, she was about to learn. Never challenge a pro at their own game.

He gave her a rather condescending smile of his own, immediately establishing the power order in this one-on-one match-up of wits. “Bravo, Robyn, you are correct, indeed.” Her smile froze on her face, however, at his next words.

“And you are Karen Richmond’s daughter-in-law to be and you dance at Good Guys on Wisconsin Avenue on Thursday nights.” He took a slow, measured swig of his beer.

Robyn’s jaw hit the ground as if her team had just been beaten by a half-court buzzer-beater.

Joe went on, unsmiling now, his green eyes piercing into Robyn’s, the ultimate barrister preparing to coerce his heretofore smug witness into damaging testimony. “And you are one red hot piece of ass, young lady, if I may say so myself. That little panda bear tattoo next to your pussy is way cute.”

Robyn’s face was now the shade of a blazing crimson sunset. She frantically scanned the crowd, and just her luck, Karen Richmond, mother-in-law-from-hell-to-be, was watching Robyn’s and Joe’s conversation intently while simultaneously holding a conversation of her own across the massive patio deck.

Joe moved closer to Robyn, so close that Robyn had no choice but to open her legs a bit to allow Joe’s torso to invade her personal space, but moving at an angle that served to block Robyn from Karen Richmond’s view. He tugged at his brew mug with his full lips, and could detect the barely discernible scent of Robyn’s arousal emanating from between her open thighs, wafting with the ocean winds and her sweet perfume and body lotions.

Robyn had rarely, if ever, felt so exposed, so vulnerable, yet at the same time, undeniably and unequivocally turned on by the confidence and power exuded by this handsome older man.

Joe nearly whispered into Robyn’s ear, he was so close now. “Don’t worry about Karen, your dirty little secret is safe with me, for now, at least. Attorney-client confidentiality privilege, of sorts.” Robyn breathed a small sigh of relief. But only until Joe’s next words. “Of course, there’s this little thing we refer to in the legal profession called ‘quid pro quo’, Robyn, are you familiar with the term?” Robyn’s had bobbed up and down ever so slightly, enough to let Joe knew she knew. “You do something for me in return, Robyn, is the way it works, OK?”

“So, I’m going to put you under oath right now, Robyn, for an impromptu deposition of sorts. Are you up for it?” Robyn nodded tentatively, momentarily relieved that she could no longer see Karen’s accusing glare through the crowd.

“Splendid, Robyn. Now, move your right thigh to my cock as I swear you in.” Robyn blinked and hesitated, absorbing what Joe had just demanded. Her hesitancy was met by Joe almost imperceptibly easing his pelvis forward a few inches, so that Robyn could feel his cock beneath his khaki shorts, now resting on her bare thigh.

“In lieu of raising your right hand, due to the circumstances, Robyn, we will take the oath on my raised cock, agreed?” Once again, Robyn moved her head up and down, and felt herself pressing her thigh a little tighter against the mature man’s lap. It felt impossibly big, could it be that big, she thought?

Joe made it a point to twitch his cock muscles at the exact same time that he started the swearing-in process, evoking a soft moan from Robyn, who felt a small stream of liquid spurt into the seam of her ivory thong panties.

“Robyn, do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you God?”

Robyn gripped the base of the deck’s railing tightly, as much to keep from trembling as it was to keep her from the temptation of reaching out and grabbing Joe’s cock twitching wickedly on her leg. She looked directly into Joe’s deep green eyes, and softly mouthed the two little words. “I do.”

Joe retreated just a bit, smiling casually over his shoulder as if to assuage any curiosity that onlookers may have, but other than Karen Richmond, the couple’s tete-a-tete by the rear railing was going mostly unnoticed. Such were the pleasant diversionary effects that an open bar and an ocean view can have on a party crowd. He continued to look around, not looking at Robyn, while proceeding to give her succinct directions.

“Robyn, the key to a successful deposition is to answer the questions truthfully, while not elaborating. Answer only the question that is asked, and when at all possible, if ‘yes’ or ‘no’ will suffice as a complete and truthful answer then you are encouraged to answer only in that manner.” He turned to look at her once more, his lips curled up into a smirk, almost a sneer. “Understood?” She nodded once more.

He eyed her with a hint of disdain. “That was a question, Robyn, you must reply verbally. Now, do you understand the directions, yes or no?”

“Yes, yes, I understand.”

He quickly smiled reassuringly, causing her to relax herself, if only just a bit. The hypnotic effect that he had on her was unlike any sensation that she had experienced, she felt strangely compelled to be submissive, which was most certainly not in her nature.

“Very good, Robyn, very good. Now, let’s begin, shall we.” It was a directive, not a question.

He leaned forward against her once more. “Do you feel my cock on your leg, Robyn?”

She shuddered slightly. “Yes.”

He dramatically paused for about ten seconds, which seemed like an eternity to Robyn, as his rigid manhood wiggled beneath his shorts.

“Do you…”, he paused again for another five seconds or so, “……like the way my hard cock feels on your leg, Robyn?”


He nodded, and allowed himself a small grin of his own, seemingly pleased with his handling of the once self-superior young witness. He could actually see her body trembling. He raised his nose as to sniff the salty air.

“I believe I detect a hint of your scent, Robyn. Is it possible that I am correct, that you are aroused, wet?”

Robyn did not hesitate this time, she wanted him to know that she was enjoying her role as captive prey. “Yes, very.”

She expected to catch him off-guard with the candid assertiveness of her answer, but again, she was naively forgetting that an attorney never asks a question for which he does not already know the answer. The questions began more rapid-fire now.

“When was the last time that you were fucked the way you wanted to be?”

She sighed, a bit forlornly, in self-recognition of the truth. “A long time.”

“Estimate, please, how long?”

“Months. No, maybe, years.” She was close to sobbing now, scared, but dripping wet beneath her dress. She repeated her original answer. “A long time.”

So, Joe repeated one of his questions, reinforcing the theme. “How does my cock feel against your leg?”

“Wonderful. Big.” She repeated herself again, clearly. “Wonderful.”

His cock twitched once more as he heard her words, felt her desire.

“Kevin doesn’t fuck you the way you need to be fucked, does he, Robyn?”


“Does he fuck your ass?”

Robyn had to stifle a gasp. She hesitated before answering. “No.”

“I see. But you want your ass fucked, don’t you? I’ve seen you dance, the way you wiggle your ass, and I can tell. You want a talented cock in your tight little ass, don’t you?”

Robyn did not waver this time. “Yes.”

“How high is your libido, at this moment, Robyn? Estimate, but be concise, please.”

She took a deep breath, finally giving in totally to the theme Joe was creating. “May I curse on the stand, counselor? Very fucking high, sky fucking high.”

Joe wagged a finger at her admonishingly. “The court will entertain such language only in chambers, Miss. But thank you for your candor, we understand and acknowledge the intent of your response. Just a few more questions, now, if you please.”

Robyn recoiled at the slight rebuke. What was this man doing to her, why was she so fucking turned on, why did she want his big cock impaling her, right here, right now, why?

Joe went on. “In a word, Robyn, one word, explain to the court why you are planning to marry Kevin Richmond.” Robyn began to reply, but again, Joe raised his index finger. “Please be advised again, Robyn, that you are under oath, and the court has done its due diligence on this subject.”

None of this made Robyn alter the answer she had originally intended. “Money”, she grinned lasciviously, rubbing her thumb, index finger, and middle finger together. “Money, counselor, that’s why.”

Joe nodded in consent. “Thank you, Robyn, you were a most cooperative witness.” He stepped back a few feet, allowing her to regain her personal space for a few precious seconds, before quickly moving into her once more.

“There is a utility room at the bottom of the deck’s steps, just around the corner. It will be unlocked in ten minutes. Meet me there for your oral cross-examination. Understood?” He looked at her with emotionless, lust-filled eyes. “Quid pro quo.”

With that, Joe spun around and virtually skipped through the happy, intoxicated crowd of guests, heading directly toward the throng where Karen Richmond lingered, and spouted bullshit into the older woman’s ears about how lovely it was to meet her fetching daughter-in-law, blah, blah, blah, yada, yada, yada, until Karen soon forgot about the strange encounter by the railing, now falling victim to the handsome lawyers’ words and charms herself.

Robyn gathered her wits, scurried to the restroom where she splashed cold water on her face and dabbed some on her sopping snatch, and in ten minutes, still trembling, against all of her better judgment, her actions now being dictated solely by the adrenalin of runaway libido, her small hand turned the unlocked door knob to the room at the base of the deck’s steps.

Robyn’s ‘Below The Waist’ libido had trumped her ‘Between the Ears’ pragmatism, and she entered into the Point of No Return.

She squinted as her eyes adjusted from bright summer sunshine to the darkness of the utility room, and in that few seconds, she felt herself pushed against the door as it was pushed shut behind her. A strong hand went under her dress and roughly pulled her saturated thong up into the wedge of her slit in an instant, eliciting a deep moan from Robyn and another leak of nectar down her thighs.

Her eyesight finally focused and she could see Joe’s green eyes blazing like Beelzebub’s in the semi-darkness of the small room. A tiny part of her brain told her that she should be frightened, that she should run now, but her body screamed to her that she was never more aroused in her young life. She had never before been taken, despite her many fantasies in the late night hours, but she never thought she would find a man forceful and captivating enough to want to surrender so willingly.

Joe lifted one finger up to Robyn’s mouth in a ‘shushing’ gesture before plunging that same finger between her lips for Robyn to suck upon, which she immediately did, hungrily, as she felt the thin fabric of her panties massage her inner labia as Joe tugged the material even deeper into her folds.

Then, suddenly, unexpectedly, in one motion, Joe violently yanked on the side of her thong and ripped it from Robyn’s body, shredding the silk in the process, as pieces of the lingerie fluttered to the floor at Robyn’s feet. He bunched her dress up to her belly button as he knelt before her, lifting one of Robyn’s legs over his shoulder, serving to expose Robyn’s cunt fully. His hand rubbed firmly on the top of Robyn’s mons, while the other drifted to her backside, caressing her taut ass cheeks, pulling them apart slightly, and he stuck his nose into Robyn’s crotch, inhaling deeply, savoring the sweet, musky aroma of Robyn’s pulsing cunt.

“There’s that little tattoo that so many of your customers have drooled over, Robyn,” he hissed, watching her expression teeter between fear and unbridled desire. He traced two fingers around the perimeter of the tattoo on her inner thigh before while pulling the hem of her dress almost up to her chest, and admired her firm abdomen heaving above his face.

“So many men have craved to be next to that tattoo while you teased them on stage, in private lap dances, handing you money to be close to your creamy, silky, young cunt.” He mimicked the gesture that she had demonstrated earlier while describing money, rubbing his thumb with his first two fingers. “But maybe you should consider paying me for what I’m about to do to you.”

With that, his nose descended onto Robyn’s flat mound, and he fluttered his thick, wet tongue into Robyn’s slick hole, exploring and probing and licking and sucking on her swollen clit with the same intensity and fervor as he would while preparing due diligence for a legal case. Robyn’s first clitoral orgasm came quickly, as Joe knew it would, a bright flash of light exploding beneath Robyn’s eyelids, closed in ecstasy, a prisoner to Joe’s tongue now. His other hand cupped Robyn’s ass firmly and he snaked his pinkie into her anus while using two other fingers to rim her puckered forbidden virgin asshole.

Robyn had always asked Kevin to engage in anal play, but he steadfastly, and foolheartedly, refused, the mores of a religious Anglo-Saxon upbringing causing him to look upon such activity as strictly taboo, verboten. Robyn’s own experience with anal penetration had thus far been limited to her own probing fingers and an occasional insertion of a vibrating device, but she abandoned the experiment at the first hint of pain.

Joe’s hands were an entirely different sensation on her virgin sphincter, however. Combined with the incredible talent of his tongue and lips on her pussy, his expert massaging of her bowels was surprisingly gentle, knowing, and Robyn’s one leg that was still on terra firma instinctively parted even more, to permit further access to her drenched cunt and gaping anus.

Joe momentarily released his digital exploration of Robyn’s clit to reach down to free his thick, throbbing manhood from the incarceration of his khaki shorts, and it popped free just as Joe brought Robyn to a second orgasm, this one a more intense, prolonged vaginal release, thick, milky cream oozing from Robyn’s cunt, spilling onto Joe’s face as he lapped at the sweet juice, using his tongue to extract more of the liquid and relocate streams of it into Robyn’s asshole.

While Robyn was still in the after-shocks of the most intense cum she had ever experienced, still gasping for breath, Joe stood up and grabbed Robyn’s impossibly firm buttocks with both hands, lifting her body into the air for a few seconds, and positioned his stiff, thick cock so that she landed with a screech directly onto his dick.

He backed her against the door and they stood there, perspiration now forming on Robyn’s forehead, causing her mascara to run down her face, while Joe’s sweat cascaded down from his own brow, and mixed with the salty taste of Robyn’s cum on his lips as he fucked her savagely standing up, face-to-face, their eyes locked onto the other, the young athletic vixen’s vise-like cunt being assaulted, but magically so, by her mature, expert, dominating lover.

Confident that he had split her apart enough to prepare her for the ultimate thrust, he used all of his force and slammed his massive length so hard into Robyn’s tunnel that his cockhead jammed into Robyn’s cervix, another sensation that she had never felt, and as her cunt convulsed and contracted and desperately tried to adjust to his girth, he stood completely still, the only movement being his big, long, steel-hard, talented cock silently massaging the muscles oh, so, deep within Robyn’s cunt, and together they felt Robyn’s cunt spurt once more as she virtually collapsed onto Joe’s chest, her long legs turning to jello as the force of the third powerful orgasm wracked her entire being.

Just as swiftly, without even waiting for Robyn’s explosion to subside, Joe swung his hips backward and extracted his cock from Robyn’s sated cunt with a loud, audible ‘plop’ that echoed along the walls of the small, condensed room, as Robyn’s eyes snapped open and pleaded with a non-verbal wide-eyed look that silently yelled, “No, don’t stop, please. More.”

Joe deliberately pushed his still rock-hard monster back into the confines of his shorts and smoothed Robyn’s wrinkled dress back down over her waist, gentle once more, and he wiped the sweat from his cheeks and used it to slick back his neatly-coiffed hair.

“I’m going to come and visit you late on Thursday evening, near the end of your performance,” he calmly declared, tenderly stroking the smeared make-up running down Robyn’s face. “And then, I’m going to take you home, you’re going to suck my cock in my car until I cum all over that beautiful face, and when we get to my house, I’m going to fuck that tight virgin ass of yours, the one that Kevin won’t satisfy.”

Robyn didn’t know whether to cry or to rub her pussy against Joe’s body, and beg for his magnificent cock to pierce her again and again. She shook her head meekly, lamenting her fiancee’s reticence to please her anal cravings.

He smirked as he kissed Robyn on the forehead. “Again, if you want Kevin’s money in the near future, all of this can be our little secret, Robyn. But until then, you will be mine at my calling. Remember, quid pro quo.” He shut the door behind him, leaving Robyn to peer at her thong in tatters at her feet while her cum still dripped down her leg in a small stream.

Joe pranced up the steps and drifted back onto the deck, looking none the worse for wear, smiling and waving to a few familiar faces before entering the house through the sliding screen door. He glanced over his shoulder and walked up the stairway to the upper level, down the hall to the master bedroom, where Karen Richmond knelt on all fours on the king bed.

He closed the door behind him, and opened his shirt to peel off the wire and small recording device that had been taped to his chest, and tossed it to Karen while unzipping his shorts again, his cock still semi-hard and covered with Robyn’s juices.

“Mission accomplished,” Joe said, while offering his thick cock to Karen, who greedily engulfed it into her mouth. “You won’t have to worry about that little gold-digger in your family once your son has that tape mailed to him on the sly.”

Karen had already engulfed Joe’s full length and was tickling his heavy balls with her tongue, and she released him from her mouth only long enough to exclaim, “And here’s part of your fee for such expert disclosure and discovery, counselor.” Karen’s mouth descended again to Joe’s cock. “God, that little tramp is tasty, too.”

Joe took his hands to the back of the older woman’s head and watched contentedly as Karen sucked him. Nobody sucked cock like Karen Richmond, he thought to himself as his shaft disappeared into Karen’s mouth. Nobody. A world-class deep-throating cocksucker. And his agreement with Karen, as compensation for his favor of seducing Robyn, was that Karen would suck him on demand, whenever he so desired.

He looked out the window and saw Robyn stumbling tentatively from the utility room below, her dress askew, nervously glancing left and right to see if she’d been detected. He smiled as he shot his seed down Karen’s waiting mouth as his thoughts drifted to how he would fuck Robyn Thursday night, before the audiotape was received by Kevin. Joe would make sure of that.

Quid pro quo, he thought, the last of his cum dripping onto Karen’s chin. He would have Robyn’s ass and Karen’s mouth at his disposal. It was quite a master legal and libidinous maneuver.

Once you cut through all the money and legal mumbo-jumbo, he pondered, pulling up his zipper, there was one constant only.

Sex. The only true universal currency. Fueled forever by libido.

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