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Like Mother, Like Daughter

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She’s not “less than half your age,” instead, she’s “a bit younger,” Dave thought to himself, sitting opposite this charming creature, attempting to iron out his conflict. When he first received the e-mail a few weeks ago he never expected to actually meet her – or that she’d be so attractive.

The e-mail read: “My mother Susan told me so many nice things about you and I would appreciate it, if you have the time, to sit and talk to you about her.

I know it would give me a chance to feel closer to her and to thank you for being so good to her. I am working on an assignment in Portland and fly in once every week or two. If you’d have the time I’d love to buy you a cup of coffee and talk. If you’re interested please give me a call. Starlight Gold”

He couldn’t believe it. He hadn’t seen Susan Gold since shortly after he’d graduated college. Though he certainly remembered her, he was surprised at her daughter’s e-mail. He hadn’t even thought about her since they’d split up more than thirty years ago.

Yet here he was with Starlight, Light for short. What a name, he thought. It was so Sixties of Susan to pick that name for her daughter. Light was a looker, quite a bit more robust than he remembered Susan who’d been very skinny.

“…You see,” Light was saying, “I was born four or five years after you two split up…”

Starlight was a brunette with very fair skin and blue-gray eyes that seemed to look into his soul. She looked athletic, both lean and muscular, about five-five and very attractive. She exuded confidence, with a strong sense of presence, yet there was something self-effacing and down-to-earth about her. These were rare qualities in such a striking young woman.

“…it happened so suddenly,” Light was saying, “that we just had no time to think about it. She was diagnosed, spent the next few weeks in the hospital, and that was it. We were always close and we shared even more at the end.”

She stopped, brought some tissues out of her purse and wiped her eyes.

“I’m sorry,” she continued. “Even though it’s been a couple of years, sometimes it seems like yesterday.”

“It’s alright. I understand,” Dave said. “My parents passed away more than fifteen years ago and I miss them to this day.”

She briefly touched the back of his hand sitting on the table. “Thank you for understanding. I just wanted to talk to you about your time with Susan.

“I know she was my mom, but from when I was seven she insisted I call her by her first name. I guess it seemed so progressive back then.”

He sat back and took a deep breath.

“Light, listen, it’s been more than thirty years since I saw or even spoke with your mother. I must admit my memories are not very detailed.”

“It’s OK. I understand,” she said, returning to her purse, this time pulling a small notebook out. “Would you mind if I ask you some specific questions?”

“No, not at all. I just don’t know what I can tell you about Susan.”

Dave’s mind tried to return to his college days. He’d met Susan when they were both living in the “Ice House” as they used to call it – the place was always cold. In the summer it had air conditioning that had two settings: off or freezing. In the winter, except for an occasional noise, the furnace failed to let you know it had ever been installed.

It was an old Victorian style house that had been converted into a few apartments. Susan and her roommate were in a two bedroom next to his own studio. At the moment he couldn’t remember the name of the roommate.

What he could remember was how much sex he and Susan had had. It seemed that once they starting seeing each other they took it upon themselves to explore sex as though it were a project. She was a year or two older, but had only slept with a half-dozen men. Dave had only had sex with two girlfriends and neither had been very satisfying.

But when he and Susan met, the sexual sparks started flying almost from their first date.

“…so I found this journal that Susan kept from when you lived at the Ice House together.”

Dave was surprised out of his reverie by this. That Susan had kept a journal was news to him. He didn’t recall that.

“She had alluded to having it once or twice, but I never believed her. Whenever I would ask her something about her youth, she’d say, ‘Who remembers? I’ll have to look that up in Susan’s Sex Stories and see what it says.'”

He felt a little uncomfortable with this new information about documentation Susan had written. “Did she actually write it back then?”

“It looks like she wrote in it every day while you were living in the Ice House. After you moved away she just wrote in it when you two got together.”

“Uh oh. Now I’m getting embarrassed. I hope there was nothing personal.”

“Nothing but personal,” she responded. “But, listen, there’s nothing bad in here. She just enjoyed your relationship and loved her sex life with you. That’s a good thing.”

A spate of disjointed images of specific sex acts, positions, locations, and his and her combined body parts flooded his brain. The time he’d spent with Susan had been special for them both. They had experimented with almost everything two people can, more or less. However, he was not feeling very comfortable discussing this with her daughter in this coffee shop.

“You know, Light, I’m feeling a tad uneasy about all of this right now and I have an idea. If you really want to discuss this I think I’m going to need something stronger than caffeine. When old friends, former girlfriends, people of my generation start dying it makes me think about my own mortality and that’s something I’d rather do with alcohol.”

He paused to take a close look at Starlight to make sure she wasn’t misinterpreting his meaning.

“You said you’re in town until the end of the week, right? Why don’t you come to my place tomorrow evening? I’ll make us dinner and we can discuss Susan’s Sex Stories in a more comfortable – at least for me – environment. How does that sound?”

He suddenly realized that he was only half explaining his rationale for a change of venue. It was true that he wasn’t feeling very comfortable in this café with its rather garish décor and bright lights. However, he also felt his libido sending the message that Light was hot and possibly available.

Briefly he chided himself on these slightly unsavory thoughts about this whole sordid tale, but then his natural urges overwhelmed and ultimately discarded those thoughts.

Of course she might be interested in only what she said she was. If that was the case, fine. But, he flattered himself, perhaps she wanted more. If so, who was he to deny her anything?

“You know, that would be fine. I got a sense that this is a little awkward for you – I know it is for me – but there are a few things I’d really like to go into. And, you’re right, here isn’t the place. Why don’t you give me your address and I’ll see you tomorrow night? Can I bring anything?”

Dave drove back to his office thinking about both Starlight and Susan Gold. Light had said that her father left when she was eight, but that Susan’s parents had helped them and by the time she went off to college Susan was very comfortable.

With mixed emotions and a blur of images not recalled in decades, his mind turned to the next evening’s menu.

With quite a bit of time until her next appointment Starlight popped into an upscale clothing store. She managed to find something casual yet classy to wear for her dinner with Dave.

He wasn’t at all what she had expected from the journal. Though he was in his fifties, he seemed to be fit and to have a flat stomach. In addition, his warm smile was infectious.

She was glad that he was friendly. Though not expecting an ogre, she just didn’t know if he’d even want to get together, much less take additional time to answer her questions about the journal.

Her plan might not be as crazy as she’d initially thought.

* * *

By now, enjoying the final few morsels of a memorable meal and savoring what was left of a splendid and very complementary bottle of a bold and fruity Amador County Zinfandel, Dave had come to two decisions on issues that had been nagging at him all day.

First, he’d done the math, so to speak, the last time he’d seen Susan he’d been twenty-two. Light had told him she was twenty-five. (To his eye she looked even younger.) Now in his fifties he’d been relieved to know that there was no way she could be related, so to speak.

It plagued him for a while that she was so much younger since the few women he now occasionally dated were more age appropriate, some with daughter’s the same age as Starlight. After stewing about it on and off for part of the day he just decided to let it go.

The second decision had to do with the first, but more importantly and in sequence. If she was just the daughter of a woman he’d not seen or even thought about in more than thirty years and if she was interested in more than just discussing this woman’s diary, was there anything wrong with pursuing that interest?

He knew he was flattering himself on this issue. She hadn’t shown any clear signs of wanting more. Being a gentleman especially with their age difference he would not initiate anything without a strong signal. On the other hand, she was beautiful, trim, and, most importantly, present.

He had mulled this over all day. No longer could Dave say he was balding. He had admitted to himself that he was bald, on top anyway. So be it. If a woman was interested, she was interested and the hair, or lack thereof, was a non-issue. At five-ten, he was pretty average looking, although he did work out five or six days a week. Thus, he was in shape and took pride in his quite desirable BMI.

The thing of which he was most proud, however, was his virility. He had many contemporaries who were reliant on the erectile dysfunction medications, so prominently advertised in the media, but he had no need for them, at least, as yet. He’d been blessed with both good equipment and function. On a weekend not more than a month ago he’d had Friday and Saturday night dates with two different women, both ending the following morning. Both he and his dates had had a reasonable number of orgasms. Though it had been the first time he’d dated in a while, a fifty-something man should be proud of the ability to orgasm a few times in an evening of pleasure – and he was.

With these potential and nagging issues no longer weighing on his conscience he returned his focus to Light.

Across the table Starlight was experiencing her own mental polyphony. “Would you mind if I ask you about some of the more intimate details?” she was asking, but her mind was remembering the journal entries she’d devoured.

Today we did it in the car in the parking lot at the lib on campus. It was snowing and even though people were walking all around us, the windows were covered in snow. My butt was freezing, but Dave warmed me up, and how!

“I guess not, but I must ask you ‘why?'” he responded. The more attractive she looked in the candlelight, the less he wanted to think about Susan. He briefly deemed it a little bizarre that she’d ask him about sexual details he’d shared with her mother decades ago. But, he asked himself, could this be the “strong signal” for which he was waiting?

“You’re right, I really shouldn’t pry. It’s just that I was glad to read that you’d, shall we say, satisfied her. Immensely,” Light told him. “To tell you honestly, when I stepped back and read her journal from a little distance, it was very hot reading.” She smiled at him, a smile that just glowed in the sparkling light. “It seemed that you two must have tried to break some records!”

There was a scene that popped into Dave’s head at that moment. He thought it was from the classic comedy Animal House, but wasn’t sure, as it was such a cliché. In a bedroom he saw a young man looking down at a very inebriated young woman with an angel on one of his shoulders and a devil on the other, each arguing his point, morality versus availability.

“Well, we were young and curious and, at that time, it might have involved some things that no politician has ever admitted to inhaling,” he joked.

While still grinning at his own attempt at humor, Starlight, looking suddenly serious, stood up from the table and walked around to him. She put the palm of her right hand on the back of his head and commenced lightly stroking his neck. Smiling down at him she asked, “Would you be interested in showing me how you broke some of those records?”

With this question Light took her other hand, reached out for his right hand, and brought it to her face. She took a moment to moisten her lips with her tongue. Confident that they were sufficiently lubricated she took his index finger, licked it up and down a couple of times and slowly sucked it into her mouth, teeth safely behind her supple lips. Keeping firm pressure on it, past each joint, she very slowly drew it in deeper along her tongue. When it came to the back of her mouth, his finger touched her throat and she gagged, just slightly.

After she just as slowly drew the finger out of her mouth, she took his hand and pressed it to her breast. “You see, Dave,” she said, “I might be able to learn some things if we pursued the details of Susan’s Sex Stories.”

Before this turn of events Dave might have been a bit unsure of how to proceed with Starlight, still waiting for that subtle signal of her potential interest. Now he heard a claxon.

He sat up straighter to reach her mouth while she accommodated by lowering her lips to his. The remnants of the wine enhanced the sensuous feel of her parted lips.

Her lips were active partners in their oral dance. By now, Light had put one hand firmly on the table to brace herself. She, too, was surprised by the intensity of their kiss. The tip of her tongue exploring his lips, she found herself more aroused than she’d been for a long time.

We were walking on campus and Dave had his arms around me. Suddenly, he stopped, turned to look at me and kissed me. It was a deep, soulful kiss. The world seemed to drift away and I eagerly kissed him back, my tongue dueling with his. It lasted no more than a minute, but when he stopped my panties were wet.

After a several moments, while still enjoying the luxuriousness of the kiss, Dave reached to her waist, put his hand under her knit top and with a sudden motion slid his hand under it, pressing his palm against her firm stomach. He stopped there, just letting his hand feel the softness and the heat of her skin.

Trembling slightly at the sudden contact Starlight relaxed into the warmth of his touch. She resisted the urge to push his hand lower, though her sexual center cried out for it. Continuing to tease Dave’s lips seductively with her tongue, she felt his hand begin to slide upwards. It was moving so slowly and his touch excited her so, she began to doubt exactly who was teasing whom.

His hand continued its climb upward in the center of her torso, pushing her top and her bra up over her breasts. He stopped kissing her to briefly enjoy the site of her breasts in front of him.

Leaning in towards her he caressed one very erect nipple, circling his tongue around it, enjoying both her perfume and her natural fragrance. Implausibly the nipple seemed to become even harder against his tongue.

As he continued these caresses for some time, Light heard herself moaning in a kind of “out of the body” way. Her eyes were closed, she was rocking just slightly, and embracing his head against her breasts. As he moved to her other breast, performing the same motion, she felt the conflict of wanting the not yet kissed nipple to be stimulated while missing his attention to the first.

David must have spent fifteen minutes just kissing my breasts this afternoon. I actually had a few tiny orgasms from his oral attention. That’s never happened to me before. Wow!

Fully engaged in his attention to her round, firm breasts, Dave was not quite yet aware of his growing erection nor the discomfort it was beginning to cause in his pants.

Several minutes passed this way, Dave alternating breasts, Starlight enjoying the stimulation, until she could take it no more. She wasn’t sure exactly what she wanted to do next, but she knew it would involve body parts currently unexposed.

Her mind remembering back to the journal and what it documented about Dave’s mouth, she made a decision. She reached to her waist, opened her jeans, and pulled them down with one hand as she set herself on some vacant real estate atop the dining room table.

With his eyes still closed, Dave realized he was just beginning to tongue the air, the luscious breast no longer pressed to his face. Suddenly, no more than a foot in front of him was Light’s wonderfully moist and fragrant pussy. Whoa, he thought for a second, this happened fast.

Never one to look a gift horse in the mouth (though for the nonce he did see an ironic humor in that adage), he began to move his lips towards her light brown and neatly trimmed bush. He paused briefly to enjoy her femaleness. She was visibly moist and her lips were slightly puffed from her arousal. He loved the way she smelled and the look of the taught skin on her firm, smooth inner thighs, her aroused clitoris peeking out from their intersection.

Bending slightly he put his mouth to her lips and slid his tongue down along one side and up the other.

For Light, aroused by the anticipation alone, it was an incredible tease. She struggled to keep herself from reaching down to take his head and guide him to her clitoris. Yet, she wanted to relish the feeling when it happened and the slower he went the more excited she became. Leaning back she moved both her hands behind her, angling her hips up for his access.

I’d never really enjoyed it when my other boyfriends licked me. It always felt like they were doing me a favor. But, today when Dave was kissing my pussy I came so many times I lost count. It was almost as if I had a twenty minute orgasm. And we haven’t even smoked any pot since Saturday.

After exploring a variety of areas of her pussy and attempting to determine which techniques worked best and where, Dave used all this newly and delightfully learned knowledge to please Starlight. With each longer moan and higher pitched squeal increasing his knowledge of her body, Dave was proving to her that Susan had been nothing but truthful. His loving attention proceeding apace, Light was surprised at how rapidly she was moving towards her climax, something she too rarely experienced.

Continuing his ministrations Dave was suddenly aware that, though Light’s jeans were now at her ankles offering her delicious pussy up for his exploration, his jeans were very much still on his hips constraining his cock, yearning to be free.

At the moment of this realization, and initially unbeknown to him, Starlight began to climax. Her body began to tense up just as Dave’s tongue applied a slight bit more pressure to her clitoris. That put her over the top.

Realizing the beginning of this ultimate moment, Dave tried to determine exactly what Starlight needed to hold onto this orgasm, to make it grow and last. He’d remembered experimenting with this when he was younger. By the time he was married, though, his wife always marveled at his ability to know just what to do next – as she’d told him in glowing terms on more than a few occasions.

Always one to appreciate compliments on a performance Dave was proud of his abilities. Now, while Light was making some brief squeals of delight, he just kept doing what he’d discovered working for her, lengthening her pleasure.

Though not a twenty minute orgasm as she’d read about in Susan’s journal, it did last for several minutes, getting stronger and more intense until Light had to pull back slightly, the intensity becoming just too much while the excitement of the orgasm temporarily drained her energy.

After I came he lovingly licked me slowly, just easily along the lips of my pussy. It was like a massage for my sexuality. If I wasn’t exhausted from the orgasms themselves, after he finished licking me I felt like my body was liquid.

Knowing that now was not the time to put any more attention to her clitoris, Dave relied on tried and true techniques from his past. He used his tongue and lips to explore her inner lips, just skirting her clitoris, but maintaining a light pressure so that no one part of her pussy felt deprived.

Being a sensual person, Starlight had been amazed at how difficult it had been to have an orgasm since she started sexual experimentation in high school. Her girlfriends had told her they never had any problems having an orgasm. That was not the case for her. Other than pleasuring herself, only her former fiancé had ever been able to make her climax – and that only occasionally.

Yet, here was this man she’d only met the day before, more than twice her age, and she’d just experienced an orgasm longer and more intense than any she’d ever known.

It happened with all seven of them. But, I do enjoy licking and sucking a cock. It’s so sexy, the feeling so strong. But, then when they come I always gag. I couldn’t swallow. I’d just keep it in my mouth, slowly pull off, get up and go spit it out in the toilet. And then I’d dry heave a few times. I hated doing it as it was such a turn off for them, too.

This had always been a problem for Starlight, too, though Susan might have even had a worse case of semen aversion than she did. Light had sucked most of the men she’d been to bed with, but though they always praised her technique it was the orgasm that she dreaded. It just tasted yucky. She actually liked the texture. That was creamy, slimy and sensual, very erotic. It was just the taste. And since the taste was always a problem, she often gagged right as they came, when she first tasted it. Not a very positive experience for the few men with whom she’d been intimate.

As all of these thoughts passed through her mind in rapid succession she reached one hand down and rubbed Dave’s head and shoulders. After a few moments Dave ceased his loving attention and sat back, enjoying the view of her now-gaping, but beautiful pussy.

Not one to be embarrassed by her firm, toned body, Starlight opened her heavy lidded eyes and smiled at him. “Whoa. That was awesome.”

Caressing her smooth, lithe thighs with both hands, adding to her afterglow he responded, “You taste wonderful. I don’t think I’ve gotten into eating anyone this much in a long, long time. I loved it when you came.”

“Which time?” she jokingly asked. “I can’t believe I’m sitting here on your dining room table exposed to the world, my bra up here at my neck, my jeans at my ankles. Are you sure I’m not being prepped for a gynecological exam?”

“Yes, of that I’m sure,” he answered. Then moving his hands down to caress her smooth calves he added, “I do enjoy sex quite a bit, though I don’t seem to find many women who are interested.”

“Those women who have never experienced what I just did are truly missing out,” she responded. After a moment, still savoring the delicious lingering feelings, she added, “Would you be averse to my attempting to return the experience?”

“Young lady, I’d be an appalling host were I to deny you anything.”

* * *

His subconscious was aware that he was lying on his bed staring up at the ceiling, but Dave was sure he was in heaven. Starlight’s tongue was putting pressure on his erect inner root just under his balls. He’d always been aroused by that area, but never knew if it was something that every man enjoyed. Starlight clearly knew her way around a man’s body, at least from everything she’d done so far.

When Starlight had been affianced it was the first time she’d really had the opportunity to discover what men liked and what she liked doing. Her mouth had always been an erotic zone and she loved using her lips and her tongue.

She was now slowly and with a considerable amount of gentle pressure moving her tongue from just an inch forward of Dave’s anus, up along the inner shaft to and into the skin between his balls. This constant force, always going in the forward direction along with her hand movement, slowly and firmly pulling towards his cock head, was driving him wild.

He leaned forward to see almost a river of pre-cum running down his cock and over her delicate hand. They were both naked and in the low light she looked like a Greek goddess, sinewy yet supple, hard and smooth, her alabaster skin glowing with eroticism.

His penis. No, that was what I was taught to call it. His cock. Yes, that’s it. His prick or cock or whatever is beautiful. It’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. It’s so hard and yet the way the skin slides over it, it feels smooth and sensual. I love touching it, looking at it, licking it, and most of all sucking it into my mouth.

It was exciting her, hearing Dave moan. She could feel the pre-cum slippery over her fingers. It was exciting, just knowing that she could turn him on this way. He must have taken a shower just before I arrived, she thought to herself, as he tastes and smells so clean and masculine.

Enjoying the feel of his balls against her face she continued massaging him with her tongue for quite some time. She wanted to make this last and to give him as much pleasure as he’d shown her.

Before getting to his cock with her tongue, she arose and, kissing his abdomen and chest, arrived at his face. As she straddled his hips, his cock now pressing against her very wet pussy, she kissed him slowly on the lips, darting her tongue into his mouth, enjoying the feel of their naked bodies.

She returned to his cock rather abruptly, again leaving his tongue extended, his mouth agape. Discarding any thoughts of subtlety Light enveloped his cock head with her mouth. She maintained pressure on it with her lips and firmly slid her tongue from top to bottom several times. Then she pushed up against him from underneath maintaining the wet tonguing of the sensitive part just under the head.

With each movement of her tongue Dave felt the intense pleasure throughout his body. Sometimes in bed with a woman his mind might wander, seeing a fantasy supermodel or some porn star in his head while the woman he was with was giving him pleasure.

At this moment, though, his whole body was one large sensory receptor. Nothing else was happening except the tender application of her mouth, hands, tongue and lips.

He’s a little embarrassed about it, but I love it. (I don’t know how Linda Lovelace does it upside down.) I enjoy the way it bends slightly downward as it fits just the same way that my throat bends downward. Of course, I can’t do what she can, yet. But I intend to practice until I can.

Never able to get anyone’s cock into the back of her mouth Starlight was considering what she’d read in the journal. She always enjoyed the pleasure her mouth could give, but in addition to her problem swallowing semen she gagged whenever a cock would hit the back of her mouth, just as she’d done when his finger touched there earlier.

Pulling her mouth off his cock briefly, she licked her lips and let a little saliva slide off her tongue onto his shaft. She was at least going to try it. If you don’t try you’ll never know, she thought.

Slowly she slid her lips down on his cock, letting her saliva and his pre-cum mix in her mouth to lubricate the machinery. She was enjoying the feel of Dave’s cock in her mouth such that her own little button was tingling as though a direct connection was being made electronically between her tongue and her clitoris.

The head of his cock slowly began to approach her throat and Light stopped. She was enjoying the feel of his cock in her mouth so much and didn’t want to gag – or worse. Using her tongue to lick and apply pressure to the underside of the shaft, she tried to decide what to do next.

Dave was completely under her will. The feelings were so strong that every few minutes he felt like he might just come from the intensity of the slight, slow changes in the textures rubbing against his cock.

This cock, she’d decided, was different somehow. She had felt more sexuality in the past hour or two than she’d felt, perhaps ever in her life. Deciding that this might be the cock to change her reaction, she moved ever so slightly further down on his cock. She paused. Then she moved again.

At the next movement she felt his cock touch the top, at the very back, of her mouth. She did not gag. She held it there, rubbing the shaft with the flat of her tongue, her mouth completely filled with cock.

This feeling suddenly made Dave shiver. The top of the head of his cock had not touched anything for several minutes while she had been focusing on the underside. Now that there was the sudden pressure from the roof of her mouth he began to feel that an orgasm was in his very near future.

He simply tasted delicious. It was as different as drinking milk and drinking wine. All of the others ejaculated sour milk, but David produced fine wine. It was delicious. I didn’t gag. I loved it. I wanted to do it again even as he was coming. It was nectar. I love that he can always get hard and come again quickly.

Relishing the victory of holding his cock deep in her mouth Starlight also felt that Dave’s reaction had moved him closer to an orgasm. This was not what she’d wanted, at least, not yet. Light wanted to experiment more with his cock deep in her mouth, but intuition told her that would have to be another time.

For now she knew he needed a bit more pressure and she needed to shift gears. She remembered what Susan’s Sex Stories had said about Dave’s semen and wondered if she’d love it as much, or would she just have a mouthful of semen that she’d have to swallow as a chore?

Dave couldn’t wait any longer. He put his hand on her arm, somehow figuring it would let her know he was ready. Always the gentlemen, this would give her notice to do whatever she wanted.

“Please come in my mouth, please. I want to taste you,” she said, quickly pulling him out of her mouth, holding his cock against her lips and face.

She returned him to her mouth and moved her hand slowly and firmly up and down attempting to elicit the reaction she wanted – no, the reaction she now needed.

Dave was in countdown mode. There was nothing for him to do, but to sit back and let it go.

Knowing in her gut that it was on its way, Light continued to apply pressure to the underside while stroking the base and sucking with her lips.

It happened so exquisitely that he almost felt like he was drugged. His mind went completely empty save for its delighting in the superb feelings in his groin.

The first shot flooded her mouth, followed quickly by the second stronger one. Feeling its creaminess before tasting it, she found herself tingling from the excitement of his orgasm. Now she tasted it for the first time as she struggled to maintain it in her soon to be overwhelmed mouth.

Susan had been right. It was nectar. It was delicious, sweet, rich, full of life and tingling. Then she realized it wasn’t the taste that was tingling. The orgasmic juice itself was causing her to tingle. The connection between her mouth, her taste buds and her clitoris had been made and her body began its own slow, simmering orgasm as she rolled his cum around in her mouth.

As he kept shooting she needed to pull off him to make enough room for the delicious liquid filling her mouth and fulfilling her libido.

Like all good things, it came finally to an end. Dave could not believe the kind of orgasm, almost something of which he had no control. He just lay there and savored the moment.

Light was still trembling as she swallowed the delectable mouthful.

She clambered up his body and kissed him passionately. Dave could taste some of himself in her mouth and the orgasm combined with her luscious lips enhanced the moment even more.

* * *

Early in the morning Dave opened his eyes and looked at the angel asleep next to him. After a few moments it seemed she sensed his gaze and her eyes fluttered open.

“That was amazing,” he said, normally much more literate. “I’m just amazed.”

“You are a machine. I can’t believe how much I came.”

“Ah, I bet you say that to all the guys.”

“No, seriously. I adore sex. I love the pleasure of intimately knowing a man’s body. And, even though I get so excited when a man touches my body, I’ve always had difficulty climaxing, at least when I’m not alone,” she said, smiling at him. “But last night, I had more, and more intense, orgasms than I have ever had.”

“I certainly didn’t expect this when we sat down to dinner,” he said. Then, after a pause remembering some more of the night’s activities he added, “Not that I wasn’t entertaining the possibility since we met.”

“Well, the journal said that you had done quite a bit of experimentation. Now I’m just sorry I didn’t bring the K-Y Jelly,” she responded with a sly grin. “Maybe another time. That’ll be another first for me. Honestly, you were great. I loved how you filled me up.”

“I just loved your mouth and tongue. And then after all that oral sex, the good old vanilla fuck was awesome. You felt wonderful.”

With the warmth of the night still washing over Starlight, she quickly showered and got dressed. She thought about the journal, her two biggest hurdles, and how easily she’d conquered them. For the first time in her life, she loved the taste of semen. Dave’s was different, just like Susan had said. It was a delicacy.

Then there was the whole throat thing. Of course, she hadn’t really even tried to deep throat him. Yet, she was able to comfortably keep him deep in her mouth – and enjoy every inch.

Now that I’ve discovered how much Dave’s delicious “cum” turns me on, I make sure I give him a blowjob every morning. After we get showered and dressed, just before we leave for campus, I sit down on my bed (or even at the kitchen table if Angela’s at her boyfriend’s), have him stand in front of me, unbutton his jeans and suck him until he comes in my mouth. Then I savor the rich, creamy taste before swallowing. It leaves a warm, wonderful feeling in my tummy that keeps me going all day until we make love at night.

When she arrived downstairs Dave had orange juice and coffee made. He was feeling proud of his accomplishments. It’s not every fifty-something who can keep up with a twenty-something woman – and have himself a couple of orgasms to boot.

Dave was finishing the last few dishes when Starlight, still sitting, sipping her coffee, said, “Dave, can I interest you in a blowjob before I leave?”

Only a little startled by her boldness, he turned around, a slight grin on his face. “You know, Susan used to suck me every morning before I left for my early morning classes.”

She beckoned him to her with her finger in a “come here” gesture. He walked over to the table where she unzipped his slacks, and pulled out his delightfully functional cock.

By the time she had licked the head a few times he was almost completely hard, so that when she took him fairly deep into the back of her mouth she could feel his head grow until it was throbbing inside her.

She really wanted to taste his creamy semen again, but knew that any adult man would be challenged to come on demand after the orgasms he’d had in the past six or seven hours. Deciding that additional effort might work a little magic, she used one hand on the part of his shaft she could not fit into her mouth. Then she unbuckled his belt, undid the button on his slacks and let them fall. She shoved down his shorts and began to lightly massage his balls.

Her efforts surprised her. She’d never been quite this sexually assertive before, but the journal’s memories kept flashing images in her mind. Between Dave’s solid cock, his strong physique, and all they’d done during the night, she was eagerly anticipating his climax, even knowing there would be much less cum than he’d produced last evening.

Not having tested his boundaries in ten or twenty years, Dave was surprised at how excited and hard he was. It was as though Light’s entire body was a sexual wave generator, once the switch was flipped, her radiance embraced everything in the room. Specifically, at this moment, it was embracing his rod in her mouth. And between that and her hands he realized after several minutes he was quite close to coming.

In some unspoken and uncanny communication method, Starlight got the message. She increased the speed at which she was lightly rubbing his balls and even pressed one finger on the taut skin behind his balls. Simultaneously, she tightened her hand on the part of the shaft not in her mouth while testing her limits with his cock buried deep in the back. She knew it was not time to push her luck, but he fit so wonderfully in there last evening, she hoped to repeat the performance at least.

All of her attention was having exactly the effect she wanted. Dave and Starlight both began to moan and it was only a few moments later that they both knew what was coming next.

He gently stroked her head and shoulders. She tried to take him even deeper into the back of her mouth while working her hand more assiduously on the root of his cock. All of this worked its magic and Dave exploded.

He was surprised by the intensity of this orgasm, especially after the others he’d had since the night began. He shot at least six or seven times, for which he was quite grateful.

The semen was hot and creamy in her mouth. It might not have been as voluminous as last night’s but it was even more thick and rich. As he came she simply stopped every movement and kept the pressure on his skin with her hands, her lips, her tongue, and her mouth.

Her own body tensed in response, relishing his orgasm, and that was all it took for her to have a small “roller” of her own, a gentle, sweet trembler that warmed her pussy as much as the semen warmed her mouth. It was just as she’d imagined it.

They remained connected this way until he was soft, Starlight’s mouth milking as much cum as she could from his indefatigable cock and enjoying the funny feeling of his cock shrinking in her mouth. After a minute or two, their breathing returning almost to normal, she finally allowed his cock to slip from her mouth. Swishing the reasonably sized mouthful around her tongue, enjoying its lusciousness, she eventually swallowed, feeling the precious fluid proceed smoothly down her throat.

Had anyone been listening, both would have been heard simultaneously emitting that satisfied sound somewhere between a sigh and a moan.

* * *

“If you’re interested in getting together again, I’d love to see you when I come back next week,” she told him.

“Are you kidding?” he replied, smiling.

He walked her to the front door and they embraced, sharing a slow, sensual lover’s kiss. Then, staring into her stunning eyes, he said, “Light, you’re a beautiful and bright and incredibly sexy young woman. I know you came here, at least in part, to find out some things about your mother. Now, about the journal, I –”

“Dave, please let –” she interrupted.

“Shh. Let me finish,” he continued. “I have to tell you something. To be honest, I really don’t remember Susan that well. I remember some distinct moments, especially sexual ones, but it was more than thirty years ago and there isn’t too much I can tell you about her. I hope you aren’t disappointed.”

She looked at him, appreciation in her eyes, and said, “Dave, about the journal, I should tell you something, too.”

But, somehow, she couldn’t bring herself to finish the thought and, after a moment, picked up her purse, opened the door and walked onto the tiny porch.

Still in the doorway, seeing her discomfort, Dave said, “If you don’t want to see me, I –”

She stopped and turned around. “No, Dave, last night – and this little morning treat – were amazing. It was exactly what Susan’s journal said. You were exactly what her journal said. I really hope you do want to see me again,” she said, almost dreamily, but with a certain sadness.

She paused for another moment, her lips pursed, pondering what to say to him.

“Dave, I really needed to track you down and I’m very glad I finally did. Even though it was written so long ago, you sounded like such a marvelous lover. And you are amazing. You see, I adore sex, but just like Susan, some things, well, were difficult for me. Achieving a climax when receiving oral, for example. And, though I love giving blowjobs, I always had problems with the taste of semen – and when a hard cock would hit the back of my mouth. But, you were, truly, just what I needed.”

These words caused Dave almost literally to beam, grinning from ear to ear, his ego soaring.

She took a deep breath and walked down the stairs. Turning again, she shook her head slightly, smiled and shrugged her shoulders, adding, “The thing is, Dave, I have no idea who Susan is. I found the journal at a yard sale.”

As she walked up the street to her rental car, she was sure she heard Dave’s jaw, or maybe Dave himself, hit the foyer floor.

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