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After my divorce, my friends told me to get out more. They were all married, so I was a third wheel to them. I signed up for some continuing education courses at the local community college. I wanted to work out more so I took things like parcourse, weight training, etc. It was something to do at night after work. And I didn’t meet anyone I wanted to go out with.

Then I hurt my shoulder, partial tear of the rotator cuff, while working on my car. Don’t ask. I needed to get it ‘scoped, and I did. First surgery for me. I missed going to work out. That surprised me, because I’m not a jock. I thought maybe I could go there anyway and get my heart rate up a bit. It was hot and I walked fast enough to get sweaty. I needed a shower.

Showers posed problems. I still had the sutures in and they needed to stay dry. Resourceful person that I am, I had brought a plastic bag along with some tape. I could punch a hole in the bag and slide it up my arm, seal the top and bottom with tape and be home free. Sounds like it ought to work, right? I hadn’t practice it. At home, I had sponge-bathed and washed my hair by hanging my head over the edge of the tub.

“Need a hand?” I looked up from the bench and saw Mark. He was in my weight training session. “I went through that last year. It’s a bitch.” Mark was about the same size as me, but was wrapped only in a towel. I was sitting on the bench with my towel over my lap.

“Yeah, thanks.” Sitting on the bench put his cock right at my eye level. I seemed to be drawn to looking at it, to see if there was a lump there. I could see the towel move in a slight wave, his cock! Well, of course he has a cock. He’s a guy. That is where you would expect to find that bit of anatomy. Right between his legs.

He straddled the bench and wrapped the tape around the top of the bag. His hands were warm and sure on my skin. I was looking over my shoulder like I was looking at him put the tape on, but my eyes were riveted on the towel and what was behind door number one. He started working on the taping the bottom.

And his towel slipped off.

“Oops.” Oops, hell. I was face to cock with a real life cock. I had never been that close to one before. At least not naked. I’ve had guys lean over me while putting something into the overhead compartment in an airplane, but that is when you lean away, know what I mean? This was a cock, soft, cut head at one end, bush of hair at the other. Balls hung like soft pendulums.

“There.” Was I staring all this time at his cock?

“Thanks.” I looked up and, yeah, he caught me staring at his cock. What am I, a perv?

He picked up his towel and put it back around his waist. “I’m Mark, by the way. Can I help you with anything else?”

“Hi, Don. No, thanks for helping out.”

“No problem. People need to help each other out sometimes. No harm in that.”

I was slightly embarrassed for having been caught looking, but it wasn’t bad. Look, I only see my own cock. What do other cocks look like? I’m not a perv.

He headed to the showers and I waited a bit before following. I had my hands full and thought that I should have taken him up on his offer. The showers were organized in groups of six, with walls between them. Mark was in the group on the end, so I went to the one next to it to have some privacy. I wanted to stand in the water and feel what I hadn’t felt in a week, the warm wash of water over my skin.

I turned on the water and it just dribbled out. I tried all six and they all had rather anemic water pressure. I could hear Mark and he seemed to have all the water pressure in the world in his shower. I started to leave my group of showers to find a better group when I heard his turn off.

“No pressure? Yeah, these are the best.” I turned and Mark was standing in front of the showers, reaching for his towel. “The one on the end there is the best.” He was pointing at the one in the corner. He had a pretty good body, masculine, hair on his chest, but not a gorilla.

“Thanks.” I knew what I wanted and took his advice. I moved my towel and soap down the row, went into the shower and turned on the water. It felt great. I’d left my soap on the shelf outside the shower cluster and turned to get it. Mark was watching me as I retrieved my soap bar. I got under the water again and looked down. How did my dick get so inflated without me knowing? I wasn’t hard, but was on my way there. What the fuck?

Then I dropped my soap and it skidded out to right in front of Mark. He picked it up. “Need some help?”

“No, thanks.” I took the soap from him and he was looking right into my eyes.

“Rotator cuff?”


“I had that last year. It’s a pain, but you’ll get better. See?” He rolled his right arm around, stretching, flexing. His bicep looked great, muscles under skin. Eyes again. He was looking right into me.

“That’s what they tell me. Right now it is a pain.”

“I know what you mean.” He laughed. Guy laughter. I went under the shower again and started to soap up. And dropped the soap again. And you know where it went.

Mark picked it up and walked over. “Let me help you out.” He pushed me back under the water and didn’t put the soap into my outstretched hand. He started soaping my back. It felt great. But my dick was filling out more. I turned away so he couldn’t see.

“When I had my surgery last year, I had someone to help me out with stuff. So I can pass on the favor.” He was soaping my chest, arm pits, arms, and my cock was hard. I tried to turn so he couldn’t see it. He was close to me.

“You married?” I wasn’t wearing a ring, so it was a fair question.

“No, divorced. Last year.”

“Same here. I’m sorry.” Divorced guys often say that to each other like we can actually help by saying it, but it just takes time.

“Guess it has been a while for you.” Yeah, I haven’t been laid in a while, and now that my jerking off hand has a bum shoulder, even longer.

He knelt and started to soap my legs. He was going to get to my cock sooner or later and then what would he do.

He got there. His soapy hand caressed my cock and I jumped a little. But he didn’t stop. His hands went around my cock and balls, between my legs. He started stroking my cock lightly. I started to turn to him. I saw that his cock was getting hard.

This was crazy. I liked it, it was scary, we could get caught. I liked it. I had always wondered what being with another man was like but was scared to be gay. I had a couple of close calls in college, but was rescued by marriage. Now I was out there. I had gay fantasies, starting from when I learned to jack off, but I told myself that it was because it was the forbidden thing that made me respond to them. I really didn’t like guys the way I liked women, but I felt so damn good.

“Wait. What if someone comes in?”

“They won’t come down here. Do you like it?”

Sink or swim time. “Yes.”

“Good. Just go with it. You need it. Fuck my hands.”

I started to pump into his hands, bracing myself against the shower wall with my good hand. It felt so damned good. He moved behind me and I felt his cock between my legs, his chest against my back.


“It’s okay, just fuck my hands. Feel my hands.”

I did, and it was fucking fantastic. I could feel his soapy cock slide down between my cheeks, and I felt like all cock. I was the cock, I was the cunt. I knew that he couldn’t penetrate me, but the feel of his cock between my cheeks was mind blowing.

“I want to fuck you, but it won’t work here. I want you.” Nobody had wanted me in a while. Not my wife, who hadn’t wanted me for most of the time since we said ‘I do.’ He backed away and I felt one hand slide between my cheeks and a finger probe my anus. I knew what he was going to do and I didn’t care.

His finger entered me and I knew that it was exactly what I wanted. I had fingered myself in the shower before, those times when I was married and my wife had a headache that lasted a month. I knew it was what I wanted and I didn’t have to do anything, just give into the pleasure of it.

His finger slid in and out, fucking me slightly. I pushed back against him and he came up close to me, his body against my side.

“You likee?”

I turned to look at him, close to me and through my head back and pumped his hand. His finger fucking continued and the pressure of his cock, his body against my side pushed me over the edge and I erupted.


He pumped my cum out languidly, and I shuddered with each emission.

I was spent, leaning my head against the shower wall and I felt his finger slip out of me.

“God. Damn. That was good.”

“Glad I could help.” I turned to look at him and his cock was hard. I reached for it with my good hand. He leaned close to me. He wanted to kiss me. I didn’t care. I kissed him.

Stubble. I pulled him close to me. I had never touched a man before and here I was, going full blown gay. His lips were soft, his tongue hard in a way that no woman’s tongue could be.

What did I just do? I dropped his cock and pulled back. I think he saw the panic in my eyes.

“Take it easy, grasshopper. You are still who you are.” And I knew what he meant. I was still who I was, I had just done something new, but it didn’t define me. “You jerked off in the shower and played with your ass. You’ve done it before, this time you had help.”

“Look, this is a misunderstanding.” What else could I say?

“It’s okay. I was just helping out.” He backed away, hurt by the rejection a little.

So there we were, two naked guys, one who had just had a mind blowing orgasm, and who hadn’t. One of whom was very confused.

I turned off the water and went for the safety of my towel.

“Sorry if I came on to you. I saw you in class before and thought that you seemed like a decent guy. I had you pegged for someone who had gotten dumped and divorced, same as me. I thought that we might have more in common. I like women, but like to play with guys sometimes. I prefer women. I thought you were the same.”

I didn’t know what to say. He was right about me.

“This is awkward. I’m sorry.”

Honesty is a bitch. “You’re right about those things. I got dumped and divorced. And I had played with myself in the shower. I’m just really confused.” I looked around. We were alone in the cavernous locker room. It was late. “I’ve never touched a man before. I was excited.”

“How do you feel now?”


“Wanting to be close to someone else doesn’t make you gay, it makes you human. You like women, right? You look at women, right? You don’t look at guys, right? You’re like most guys. You mesh with women, but you have a part of you where you want to be wanted in a way that a woman can’t want you but a man can.”

He was right about that. I wanted to be wanted. In the gayest of my fantasies, I was with a man who knew me and knew what I wanted in a way that a woman couldn’t. He took me, his hard cock in me, filling me, giving me what I wanted and I pleased him in a way a woman couldn’t, his cum filling my ass. But how to find such a man?

I turned to him. Maybe this was the guy.

“You probably started to play with your anus when you were young, it felt good and you were ashamed to tell anyone. You jerked off and sometimes slipped a finger inside, and then felt ashamed afterward. You wanted to tell your wife but you knew it would freak her out, and you hid your shame. I know, because that is the life I’ve lived.”

He knew me alright.

“You want to know what to do now. Don’t panic. Don’t be ashamed.”

“What do you want?” Did he want to fuck me right here in the open?

“I want you to be comfortable with this and enjoy it like I enjoy it.”

I looked around.

“I have a key to the trainer’s room. Get your things.”

Okay. I’ll do this. I got my towel and we walked between the lockers to the trainer’s room. It was warm and there was a padded bench. I sat on it. Was he going to fuck me here? Is that what he wanted?

He pulled me to my feet and we embraced. I was getting hard again, shaking with excitement. I had never felt another hairy chest on mine. I liked it. We kissed. Stubble again. But I was beginning to like it. His arms were wrapped around me and his hands were on my ass. I had my bad arm up as if in a sling and it was between us.

“Just feel. Try out the feelings.” He was kissing me, holding my face with his hands and it felt a little weird to let go and let a man hold me that way. I slid a hand down to his ass, cupping a nice cheek. I was liking it.

He was hard as a rock, his cock was about as big as mine, helmet head all pink. I wanted to taste it. I sat down and pulled him toward me. I took him in my mouth, soft, warm, spongy. I held his balls in my hand and licked up one side and down the other. He was leaking a little and and I pushed my tongue into the slippery slit.

I wanted him to cum in my mouth. I wrapped my lips around him and started stroking him with my good hand. His hands in my hair, fingers on my scalp, rubbing. I had only one good hand, but let go of his cock to slip my hand back and play with his crack, finding his anus which drove his cock deep into my throat. I pushed a finger against his anus and he responded by fucking my mouth. We slipped into a rhythm and I wanted his cum. He started to breath harder and I pushed deeper into his anus. His eruption happened when he was not deep in my mouth and I managed to ride him back and catch it. I pulled my finger from his anus and grabbed his cock, milking his cock and keeping him from making me gag. I swallowed without thinking about it. Sort of sweet, sort of bitter. Need to try this again.

I looked up at him. Did I do a good job with my first blow job? His eyes were closed.

“Oh, god! Oh, God!” I guess I did okay, but my jaw as a little sore. He pulled me up and kissed me deeply, tongue in my mouth.

“Can we lay down here for a minute?” The trainer’s table was about the size of a twin bed and he lay on his side, pulling me onto my back. He put a leg over my legs, cock against my thigh, arm across my chest.

We didn’t talk for a bit and then we started to talk more. I told him about me. I told him that he had been exactly right. He was playing with my cock, not wanting to let go. We talked about our lives. He was the kind of guy I would want as a friend, but I would never have done this with a friend. We talked for about an hour. He didn’t know until after jerking me off that I had never been with a man. He only approached me because he thought that I was open to an approach.

It was getting late. How to say good bye? We got dressed.

“Want to get a bite to eat?” Okay, we’ll say good bye later.

Well, later was very much later. We went to his place and I knew exactly what I wanted. We walked in the door and I turned to him. He undressed me and I was naked in front of him. I was on my knees, taking him in my mouth again, making him hard, wanting him to fuck my mouth and he led to his bedroom.

I got on the bed, feeling like a sacrifice and he pushed my legs up. He started with my cock, then my balls, his dancing tongue down to my ass. The tip of his tongue on my ass made me spread my legs and open to him. The tip of his tongue traced around and then dipped in, and I stained to meet him. But his tongue teased me and all I could do is almost pant with desire to be penetrated.

He lubed me up. I was scared, knowing it would hurt. He stretched me with one finger, two fingers, then pushed his cock against me. When he was tonguing me, all I could think was “yes, fuck me, fuck me” I opened to him and wanted him inside me. Now he was. His cock head pushed in and it hurt but he paused and when I told him to start again, he push ever so gradually into me, filling me, more pressure than I had ever felt before. I wanted him to cum in me. He was wearing a condom, but I wanted to feel his surge, his thrust, his spasms.

He pulled out a little and then back in, my legs in the air, a slut giving everything to him. He rocked easily into me, his balls against my ass and then the hair around his cock grinding into my anus, hard. I wanted more, more fucking.

I must have said that because he picked up the pace, long slow strokes turned into hard pounding fucks, his thighs against mine.

Then my ass was empty and he was pulling me toward the edge of the bed and he was standing on the floor. I knew what he was going to do. He pushed into me with one motion, one hard fuck, all the way in and I wanted to cum right then and there. Cum! Cum! I was being turned inside out. But I couldn’t cum. He started fucking me in earnest and I tried to fuck back, pulling him into me. I wasn’t hard, I couldn’t cum.

He started to breath hard and I felt his hand on my cock. I was hard to his touch and he was stroking me. He was holding off while getting me closer. He was stroking more slowly, each grinding stroke was hitting bottom on me, across my throbbing prostate. I was thrashing on the bed, groaning for release, begging for relief.

“Argh!” I started to cum, the orgasm ripped from my body by his stroking hand and pounding cock. My anus spasmed, grabbing him tightly and he fucked into me deep and hard, cumming on the stroke. My cum was splashing high on my chest as he was an animal, pulling out and pounding in again, making me a fucktoy of his needs.

“God!”, one last deep spasm ending fuck deep into my bowels and he was spent. I was light headed, not knowing what to do next. My anus clenched him, sore, but satisifed.

“Oh, you bastard, don’t tease me. I can’t fuck any more!” I wasn’t teasing him on purpose, it was just my body. I couldn’t help it and squeezed him again. He yelped and pushed me back on the bed and crawled on top of me, staying inside me somehow and I wrapped my legs and arm around him. He kissed me deeply. He kissed my eyes, my neck. I wanted to stay like that for a long time. But he slipped out.

“Want to shower?” We showered again, him washing my body gently, my abused ass tenderly. I stroked his cock and would have taken him in my mouth again but he told me it would take too long to orgasm so we didn’t.

But we did the next morning.

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