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Lewis Had It All, With More To Come

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Lewis Collins was taking stock of how much his life had changed in such a short space of time. Five months ago he had a loving beautiful girlfriend, and he still had. But now he had two other women in his life as well as his girlfriend, and they were all his!

He was 19 years old and the world as they say was his oyster. It had all started on the day he and Cassie, his girlfriend, were stood in his bedroom window, she was behind him, they had been frolicking in his bedroom, and now she was stood at his back, balls in one hand, and cock in the other.

He was looking at the woman who was perusing the back garden of the house next door. Three months ago workmen had moved in, and obviously working to a plan and orders began renovating the place. It had to be an expensive job, what they were doing wasn’t for peanuts. And to prove a point, they built a swimming pool alongside the far end of the house and partly round the corner, making it very secluded, it was south and east facing so had the sun all day.

His mother’s house, where he lived with her, and the one the new neighbour was checking out were a mirror image of each other, they were large and spacious, there was about 30 yards of garden to their fence, and around the same to her house. At the other side of her house where the pool was, was a space of about 30 feet which accommodated a pool very nicely and was utterly secluded at one end, although the deep end was exposed to next door.

Unknown to anyone the new owner had furnished the patio at the north end lavishly, and the centre point as far as she was concerned was the 7ft square cloth covered waterproof inflated sun bed, with built in pillows, which itself rested on a foot high wood plinth.

Lewis watched as she strolled the garden and patio and was more than knocked out by her, she was from this distance, extremely beautiful, she looked about 40 years old, but it was difficult to tell from this distance. Her height was about 5ft, maybe a little more but that was all. She had long blond hair, and she looked perfect, and his cock twitched. Cassie knew why!

Cassie was a god’s gift to a young man such as he, she was two years older than he was, and she loved him. But she also loved women too, and that was why he loved her. She had allowed him to see her with a couple of girlfriends, but only after she felt sure of him. He had got immense hard ons, and had literally fucked her all night after witnessing her and a lover; it was the most erotic thing he had in his young life, ever been privileged to see.

And Cassie, who knew Lewis, better than he knew himself, thought, as she fondled him, to herself, ‘If you get that woman Lewis, so will I!’ Then she smiled to herself, and thought back to as yet, a very secret moment, and said in her lovely head.

‘If you only knew Lewis that I have your very own mother as a lover, you would die!’ It had been a forceful seduction, one in which his mother had fought briefly, but had had to give in, Cassie’s ministrations proved to be too much for her starved body.

Ellen had been without a man for the last 7 years, her husband had been killed tragically in a hit and run. She had focussed on bringing up her son, nothing else mattered. And yes, she did desire sex, but it was a second place to Lewis’s welfare, but that didn’t stop her wanting and needing, after her mourning was more or less over.

Cassie, after establishing a solid relationship with him, and getting to know his mother, who was as sexy as hell in her own right, she had taken an interest in her, and after some time had decided that she needed to find out if the shy, quiet, and sometimes timid woman would be susceptible to a bit of hanky pankey with another female.

So she had started calling in when she knew Ellen, his mother, was at home alone. And around two months later she decided that yes, she might be one for some fun. She thought long and hard about trying it, she didn’t really want to lose Lewis, but the thought of his mom moaning under her onslaught became too much.

So one day, after many smirks, innuendoes and lewd comments Cassie told herself it was time. Lewis was out, Ellen sensed something was in the air, but was happy with Cassie being here with her. Cassie said she had to go upstairs to Lewis’s bedroom for something.

In the bedroom Cassie made herself look better than she did already. She put on a long silk swishy robe she had brought for her purpose, with nothing at all on under it. It was belted and easily removed. Her long auburn hair was brushed, her fit statuesque body was on a high, her extremities were vibrating and tingling, she was ready!

She called down to Lewis’s mother.

“Ellen, can you help me please?” Ellen heard and went to Cassie’s aid. She entered her son’s bedroom and asked what it was she wanted. Cassie manoeuvred her into the place she had in her head, then taking sudden control, took her arm, spun her around, pushed her backwards, and followed her down on to the bed. In the blink of an eye Cassie had Ellen pinned.

Ellen looked in surprise at what had happened, she hadn’t anticipated such a thing. Cassie wrapped herself around Lewis’s mother, and first off, slid a warm hand inside her top. Ellen jumped.

“Cassie, what on earth are you doing?”

“Oh just messing Ellen, looking to see what’s what.” Was her nonchalant reply. Then she squeezed Ellen’s nipple. This caused her to twist away, or try to, but Cassie held her, she was smiling into Ellen’s face.

“Cassie!” she railed, “stop this right now! I demand it immediately.” Cassie just squeezed it and rolled it again, taking no notice. She knew if this went wrong it would probably mean the end of everything. Her arm around her, wrist held, her other arm trapped underneath Cassie, her leg cocked over hers, Ellen was stuck fast and it took her a while to realise it.

Cassie’s demeanour was nonchalance personified, but her mind was otherwise, she needed to subdue Ellen quickly. To engage her, to manipulate her into a place she didn’t know of, or probably not, thought Cassie. She concentrated on Ellen’s nipples, both were alternated between her fingers, Ellen’s face became a little flushed, this gave Cassie a sign that she might be on the right path. She increased her soft gentle attacks on Ellen’s nipples, then she leaned down and kissed her quickly. This took Ellen by total surprise, her mouth gaped open at the kiss.

Cassie took the opportunity to smile and kiss her again, it was a bit sloppy because Ellen tried to break from it, but Cassie didn’t mind at all, she had been here before, she knew what to do and what to expect. She didn’t want to speak yet, she didn’t want to engage in conversation, she needed to let Ellen understand that she was held and unable to shake Cassie off. That Cassie was in the ascendancy of which there would be no doubt, Cassie had to have patience with her, let it dawn on her that this was not negotiable.

Cassie was gentle but insistent, kind but firm, soft yet dominant, silently reassuring her ‘victim’ that she was okay, she was in good hands, and that soon she would find that this really wasn’t so bad. Ellen tried to get free but found that no matter where she exerted herself Cassie had an answer for it, and her ongoing rolling, squeezing of her nipples was making her body warm up. She protested loudly, saying things like, “Lewis will not be happy about this,” and many other things to try and shake her off, but the more it went on, the more Cassie kept it up.

She resisted as much as she could, she would not give in, but the wrecking movement of Cassie’s fingers was lessening her. Cassie’s little pecks at her lips and cheeks never ended, then Cassie spoke to her.

“You are the most beautiful desirable woman I have ever seen or met Ellen,” she told her.

Ellen mouth gaped at her; Cassie kissed her before she could close it.

“Cassie,” she muttered loudly, “I am not of this persuasion, let me go now and we’ll say no more about it, okay?”

“Yes Ellen, I know what and who you are, but if you give me a little time I can show you more of this life than you could ever imagine.”

As Ellen formulated her reply, Cassie hiked her skirt up, got under the band of her little panties and slid fingers into the folds of skin. This took Ellen’s breath away, and before a protest was made, Cassie dug her fingers in and found Ellen’s little nub. Ellen’s hips left the bed, her back arched and she squealed loudly. Her head was thrown back, Cassie’s pad of her middle finger ran riot over the growing little bud.

“Cassie please, don’t!” But it was already too late, Ellen’s inner self took up the reins immediately.

“Arggggh, stop, please Cassie stop!” Cassie’s finger was like a bow on a violin, she began playing Ellen, it became a concerto. Ellen forgot about trying to free herself, her mind focussed on what was going on between her legs in her increasingly heating pussy.

She looked up into Cassie’s eyes begging her to stop, not to stop, help, please, don’t, do, oh god her mind was saying. She found that she couldn’t get her ass back down on to the bed, her hips were pushing up at the invading annoying and oh so invigorating finger as Cassie swirled it around her most inner secret place. No one had touched it but her for over seven years and it just felt so good and irresistible.

Ellen realised in the madness that was consuming her that Cassie had locked her into a kiss. Her eyes popped wide open only to close again under the incessant booming that was going off now within her lower body. Her feet were planted flat and her thighs were pressing toward the ceiling, Cassie’s finger was working her up into a frenzy, one she hadn’t been in for many years.

Then Ellen exploded within, her body was on fire, she felt the long gone rush and gush of her own love juices being expelled from her pussy. It was something she had consigned to the annals of her mind. Cassie had found it and awakened it for her. She heard muffled moaning, mewling, ooohing and arghing, she felt her lungs expand and contract as a long forgotten orgasm reached her mind, it spread from the tips of her curling toes to the top of her lovely head.

Cassie kept on kissing the now hapless woman in her grip, her control was no longer challenged, her tongue swirling in Ellen’s mouth, her finger reaching past her clit and digging deep into her hot pussy. She slid it out and dipped it swiftly into Ellen’s ass before returning to her pussy and clit. The onslaught continued, she never once let Ellen off the hook she was now firmly on

Ellen was now laid flat on her back breathing deeply through her nose, as Cassie’s super glued lips hammered away at her mind. Cassie made sure of Ellen subliminal defeat by scratching lightly over her little hard nub using her tapered finger nail. This brought an absolute climax that almost proved near fatal to Ellen. She would never remember it as the most energising climax she had ever had, it was such a long time ago, but she would be hard pushed to remember a better or bigger one.

Ellen somehow knew she had entered a new situation in her life, a turning point, and to be honest, she had in retrospect quite enjoyed it in the end. She had never before been with another woman, let alone been subjected to such a powerful and overwhelming force like this. She had to admit to herself that this was different certainly, and unusual in the extreme, but she had blown like a volcano!

Thus, Ellen entered into a very secret affair with her son’s girlfriend, there was nothing tawdry or salacious about it, they began to make love as and when the opportunity arose, never made plans, it happened when it happened, and now Ellen was sort of in love with Cassie for what she had brought into her life.

So two months on, she was stood behind him fondling his cock and his balls as he looked over at the older beauty beyond and below.

“You think you can get some of that Lewis?” she giggled into his shoulder, his cock jumped at her words, she knew her man alright; there was nothing he could hide from her.

“You want to bet me I can’t Cass?” he replied, laughing.

“Go for it baby, but I’m having her too if you do, believe me!”

His prick was raging in her hands, she spun him around, dropped to her knees and gobbled him whole, soon he was shooting off with the woman next door in his mind.

It was five months that he contemplated where he was now. He had made up his mind that he would give it his best shot, he hadn’t seen another man around only a young guy of about 15 or 16 who he supposed was her son. So she was either divorced or widowed, his only thought was, ‘at least that can give me an opening, possibly.’

He finally managed to introduce himself, and he was awed by how good she looked close up. She actually looked to be about 30 if that, but he knew that women, who look this good, naturally kept their age well. ‘If you were my mother,’ he thought, ‘I would be fucking you day and night!’ His smiled as he thought of his long held desires that he hadn’t realised for his own mother.

“Hi neighbour, welcome, my name is Lewis, Lewis Collins,” he said over the fence.

“Hey there neighbour, pleased to meet you, I’m Laura Sellars, have you lived here long?” she asked breathily.

“Been here all my life, I live here with my mom, my dad is no longer with us I’m afraid.”

“Oh, are they divorced?” she asked.

“No, he died seven years ago.”

“Oh I’m so sorry.”

“It’s okay, we are fine with it now, where’s Mr Sellars?”

“Long story, but I am divorced now, thank goodness,” she added with a coy smile.

“May I call you Laura?” he asked reverently.

“But of course Lewis, yes you may.” She was impressed with his manners.

“Thank you, look if you need any help around the house or garden I’m more than willing to help.” He told her.

“Why thank you Lewis that is so generous of you, there are lots of things I can’t do, and Geoffrey my son, who’s only 15, doesn’t know how to.” She gave him a dazzling smile.

He checked her out as he was speaking, she was a real beauty, she must be between 35 and 40, he thought, 5ft tall maybe 5ft 1″ no more. Long honey blond hair that cascaded down ger slim back, a face to die for and a body to match, and when she moved she seemed to float, glide.

‘It’s a good job I have Cassie feeling okay about this because I could get in trouble here for sure, she is fucking gorgeous,’ he told himself. He set his mind to infiltrating hers, getting to know her, feeling her out, finding her ways, and building on them, being there when needed, nowhere to be seen when not.

Soon he was popping over regularly, helping out, fitting things, fixing others, gardening, painting, shifting, humping, ‘now there’s a thought,’ he told himself laughing as he did so, ‘humping!’ and he looked at her, he noticed her looking at him. ‘Now that wasn’t a glance,’ he said in his head, ‘that was a look!’

Lewis was 6ft 2″ well built in a manly way rather than a body building way, he was naturally athletic, a mop of unruly but delightful chestnut hair. Cassie had told him many times he ought ot be a facial and hair model, because he was so good looking. He had a natural grace about him, an assuredness that gave out to all around him.

He spent an age getting to know her more and more, Cassie kept herself in the back ground and entertained herself with his mother while he was on his quest, but he would fuck her brains out sometimes when he would come back all hot and bothered and with a raging hard on!

Laura and Lewis were comfortable around each other, and Lewis was starting to make little lewd comments about things that happened, Laura would laugh at and with him, sometimes rejoining in them. She lost some of her inhibitions around him, and was wearing clothes she wouldn’t normally wear in front of others. Her son would, every other Friday go to his father’s house straight after school on a Friday and not return until the Sunday evening.

It was on such a weekend that Lewis made his move, took a chance, he had noticed her being more than easy with him around, she seemed to be relying on him more and more, his age was of no consequence now. It had worried her at first but that was now long forgotten.

Laura had been watching Lewis a lot, she knew what he was feeling, what he was wanting, it was her. A woman who looks as good and is as sexy as she does knows these things, she had been the subject of other men’s desires all her life. But she also knew that despite his tender years Lewis was all man, he acted above his 19 years. The way he conducted himself, his posture, the way he carried his manly boy body, yes he was a boy in years, but he was definitely a man of all ages. And if he wanted her, then he would have to work for it, for her, ‘or maybe he might just take me to the cleaners and have me,’ she giggled and thought lewdly!

The Friday was a warm one, Laura had told him she was going to sunbathe and swim in the afternoon, and maybe they could have a BBQ later, he of course agreed whole heartedly. He had sussed out the sunbathing bed outside and thought, ‘if I get a chance, that’s where it’s going to happen, hopefully,’ he added.

He told her he was going to get his bathing trunks, ones which Cassie had bought him and left nothing at all to the imagination when he was looked at. They held his package admirably, his hardly hidden cock was a beauty, ask Cassie? It was nearly 8″ and a good girth, (Cassie’s words) and she had taught him how to use it to the maximum effect.

When he got back his jaw crashed to the floor, Laura was in a skimpy, very revealing white bikini, the bottom was no more than a thong, the top hardly covered her ample charms, her nipples were very evident. It showed off her lush body to perfection, the rounded swerves that adorned her were breathtaking. The bottom part of her so revealing bikini had two bows, one on each side, the top had one at the back, and one at the back of her neck.

Laura saw him bug eyed, and whispered softly over her slim smooth shoulder, “Impressed?”

“You’ll never know how much Laura, you look absolutely stunning,” he told her admiringly, his prick was already entering into attack mode. Her womanly pride swelled with delight, she already knew how good she looked, but the woman in her needed the reassurance of male approval. She sat at the side of the pool splashing her dainty painted toe nailed feet. He sat a couple of feet away wondering how to approach her, see what reaction he would get.

He didn’t want to rush and spoil things, so he bided his time, waiting for the right moment. They sunbathed, rubbed oil on each other, walked in the garden; he was at his most attentive best. Then as they strolled back to the pool, need and desire rushed his brain, he grabbed her, lifted her off her feet and ran to the pool, Laura shrieked, Lewis jumped right in with her in his arms.

Lewis let go of her and they came to the surface, he was laughing, Laura was gasping and floundering, he saw it immediately and held her to him, her arms flew around his neck.

“I can’t swim Lewis, don’t let go,” she almost blubbered.

“I’m so sorry Laura, I didn’t know, please forgive me?” he was mortified, not only because he had just fucked it all up, but all his plans could be literally blasted out of the water he was in.

He waded to the side of the pool, he was stood on the bottom, her feet didn’t reach that far. He had her back to the side and he held her tight, his prick found the little niche between her open legs, his chest pressed close to her. Lewis kissed her neck. Laura sighed.

She still clung to him, slowly becoming aware of a sensation she was feeling between her legs. ‘It’s just a natural reaction, he is holding me, he has to be somewhere?’ She thought reasonably. Laura had for years intended to take swimming lessons, but had never got around to it, this was to be his way in and her acceptance of her position, being held tight by a very good looking sexy young man. Yes she had appraised him many times, and had actually given in to thoughts of him many times over the last two months.

Now here she was, all alone, her son was away for the weekend again. Laura had divorced her wasting husband; he had been a serial cheat, even when he had his beautiful young wife at his beck and call he had still wandered. She hadn’t been sexually active for over a year and her body was calling for attention. Lewis’s prick answered the call as an emergency, he had no control over it, it was bulging and pressing itself into Laura’s soft V.

Her pussy sent the message to her brain that it was ready to submit to the male phallus that was insisting on entry. It heated and responded to the urgency that was building inside her slick secret sheath. Only one man had ever been given the privilege of seeing the inners of her life. Lewis was to be the next, her body was taking charge, and Laura barely had time to even think of what was happening.

Lewis kissed her neck again, attacking her ears, the bit between neck and shoulder Laura collapsed inwardly. Her head turned on auto to give him all the room he wanted, her legs floated up all of their own accord around his waist letting his full heavy prick, still trapped in his trunks full unfettered access to the goal that he was looking for, and unknown to him just yet, it was a goal that Laura was now offering.

Her long blond hair was hanging down her back, dripping sexily wet. Lewis nipped at her neck and tugged on the bow at the back at the same time, it slipped free, next he tugged at the one between her shoulder blades, it fell away. Leaning slightly away from her he slowly pulled the top off, Laura never made any protest except for a soft breathy sigh, he took a nipple and she squealed softly.

Lewis made his way to the steps and out of Cassie’s view; she had watched the scene and congratulated him in her head. She hurried off to give his mother a real seeing to, she was as aroused as she could be.

Lewis using one hand tugged each bow on the bottom of her bikini and by the time he was lowering her down, it was gone. Not wasting one moment of time, he yanked off his own and freed the weapon that was to know Laura more than intimately. He pounced on her forcing himself in, he didn’t wait and he didn’t ask, his insatiable youthful exuberance wouldn’t let him, he just took her, her legs flew over his back and her feet went over her head.

He hooked his elbows under her knees, she was folded in half now, no defence, no protection, she was at his mercy, she would not be free until he decided she would be. Lewis began to fuck her like he had never fucked before. Laura cried out in pain and anguish, but the arousal she was under was paramount to her needing so desperately to have this cock that was ravaging her, continue to do it’s worst for, and to her.

“Lewis, Lewis, Lewis,” she cried heavenly, her voice husky with loves emotion. She exploded in a massive climax that crushed her and had her begging him for more. “Please Lewis, oh my god Lewis, yes baby, do it, do me, oh sweet Jesus!” she cried. His prick felt bigger than it ever had as he crashed in to her, he beat her with it, no mercy no let up. He just went on and on, he fucked her with all he had until the moment came when he had to slow down.

As he did he fixed his eyes on hers, he held them with simple male power over a woman who is getting the fucking of a lifetime. He was going to cum, and he wanted her to savour the moment, see it in her eyes, the feel of his thick creamy cum filling her now gaping gash. With one last mighty thrust he powered into her and released what seemed to her, like gallons of hot steaming spunk all the way up her luscious body.

Lewis stayed still as he pumped the remnants in, he relaxed slowly, his and her eyes refocused on each other. He smiled down at her, and in return she pulled him down into their first kiss. It was long and hot, soft and sweet, loving and languid all rolled into one. He released her legs and they dropped with a small thud, her control was gone.

Lewis rolled over and lay at her side. ‘What a fabulous fuck this woman is, even Cassie isn’t as good as this,’ he thought, but he knew he would never tell her that. He moved to her and they became lost in mutual embraces, kisses, and bodily entwined.

“Lewis,” she whispered, “I think I can honestly say that that was better than any I’ve ever had, truthfully Lewis.”

“Me too Laura, me too,” he said.

“Do you have to go home?” she asked quietly, she wanted him to stay and be with her, love her, guide her, give her what ever he wanted, how he wanted, she didn’t care, she wanted him near and in her.

“No Laura I don’t, do you want me to stay with you?”

“Oh Lewis yes, yes I do, I need you to be here for me, please don’t go?”

“I’m not going anywhere yet, we have a lot of loving to get through, don’t we?” He was forcing her into a commitment, to let him have the lead, the power role, to reinforce his play; he squeezed a still rigid nipple hard.

Laura cringed beautifully, “Yes Lewis we have an awful lot of loving to do, at least I have, I am going to wear you out!” she giggled happily. She threw herself at him and forced her pouted lips onto his, her kiss knocked him out.

Laura was never in more need than she was right now, of love, companionship, friendship, and care, loving care, and of course, more cocking. Her vulnerability shone through like a beacon on a cliff top at the dead of night. Laura ate him, her hands roaming his body, feeling all of him, sensing him, smelling him, and taking him in.

“Lewis, if you don’t have to go home, shall we go inside?” It was what he wanted to hear, his wish, his dream of having her was now a reality.

But he really had one question to ask her, one that had to be answered before all others.

“Are you okay with our age difference Laura?”

She looked at him pensively.

“Yes I am Lewis, I wasn’t, but I am now, as long as you are too?”

“That’s all I wanted and needed to know, things are good for me.” He told her.

“If you really need to know,” she said, “if I was given a choice between and older or younger man, you would win hands down Lewis, no contest, game over.” Her reply settled any worries he may have had. Her husband had been eight years older than her and while she had remained steadfastly faithful, he had never been enough for her.

He stood, helped her to her feet where they spent a lot of time loving each other. Then Lewis’s vital organs took charge once more, he was ready to go again. He picked her up and hurried into the house. He paused at the door when she insisted he stopped, reaching out she locked it. They were truly alone, she was where she had and now was, needed to be.

“Hurry Lewis, I need you in me again,” she told him in his arms.

“Up there,” she pointed at the stairs, then half way up, she pointed at her bedroom door, “there,” she told him huskily, her own arousal was taking her over, she couldn’t breathe properly. Her breath was becoming ragged; her inner desperation was greater than she could bear.

Her saving grace was the fact that she could feel Lewis’s cock tapping her lower back as he rushed up, she was desperate? It was no more than he was! He raced into the bedroom and threw her down, now she was scared suddenly, the look on his face told her she was going to get it again, and big time too. Outside had been a precursor of things to come, she knew it now.

The woman in her surrendered immediately, she held her arms aloft in submission, her eyes locked on his prick. Knowing what was about to happen filled her with dread, but utter arousal, and divine helplessness. Lewis was on her like a plane crash, he hit her with it as hard as he could, his powerful meat sliced her apart as he drove it in. Both were in need of the sublime feeling of cock in cunt, cunt gathering cock, cock spearing cunt, cunt sleeving that very cock into a fold that neither wanted to ever break free.

Lewis was almost manic, Laura heaved back like she had never done before, she had never ever been hammered like this. Lewis had never known such feeling of utter bliss as he drove in and out, all he wanted was to see her face glowing, breathing deeper than she ever had. She was craving him, begging him, begging to be fucked to near insanity. Laura fucked back; she was a woman who knew how a fuck should be, so she gave Lewis a fucking he had never experienced before.

She held him tight in her legs, her arms, and her sublime womanhood, her teeth sank into him, her nails raked his back drawing blood, her heels dug deep into his thighs as they tightened and slackened with every thudding thumping thrust into her super hot silk lined pussy.

He had just dumped a load into her not less than twenty minutes ago so he knew the next lot would be some way of so he settled into loving and fucking this beautiful blond for as long as he was able, stopping mid stride, making her gasp with anticipation before driving it in with all he had. Laura moaned and squealed, ooooh’d and aaaaah’d, she loved the attention and the end of her celibacy.

And she had been right about Lewis, 19 or not, he was all the man she had decided he was, and more! She didn’t know it, but she owed a great deal of debt to Cassie for making him the lover he was. Lewis marked his new property with a huge hickey at the bottom of her neck, ‘every one who sees that,’ he thought, ‘is going to know she has a guy now!’

He thrashed away at Laura; she was a bag of jelly now as he humped her to where she believed she had never been. Her husband certainly could never have achieved this, so what had made him a cheater? Maybe it was her fault for wanting more than he could give, she would never know now, and it neither mattered any more. Luara came again, how many orgasms rocked her mind and body she didn’t know. She waited while Lewis raised his game and shot a fire hose load deep into his beautiful woman.

Next door, Cassie and Ellen were a mass of tangled arms and legs as they happily 69nd each other. Ellen was becoming proficient in her love making love with her son’s girlfriend, she neither felt guilt or remorse over what she was doing, and indeed being done to. She cried out simultaneously with her young lover as both hit the heights in a spasmodic climax, each gushing their own cum into the others mouth. Cassie being on top had the most applied pressure, Ellen could only press up, Cassie was able to force down.

When they had come down from their high, Cassie said to her, “I’m bringing my strap on dildo next time Ellen, I think you still need a good cock don’t you?”

“Oh what I wouldn’t give for that now Cassie, you have reopened my eyes to the need to be loved by a good man.”

A light suddenly went on in Cassie’s lovely head.

“I’m sure Geoff,(her deceased husband) wouldn’t mind me meeting another man, I loved him, but time has moved on I think now?”

“Yes Ellen you’re right,” she replied, “I know you are, but it has to be someone special, someone worthy of you, worthy of your love, someone who can and will give you all the love you need, just like I’m doing. But I know you really do need a man.”

“Yes, but I don’t know any nice men, none that I can trust anyway,” she said wistfully, “you have the only man I know whom I could trust, but unfortunately, he’s my son!” And Ellen laughed.

The light in Cassie’s eyes brightened to a glaring beam.

“Then Ellen, listen to me, and listen to me carefully,” she told her, “I know the perfect lover for you, one who will satisfy you completely, love you totally, he will protect your love, and your honour impeccably.”

“Humph, does he even exist Cass?”

“Oh he exists alright Ellen,” she said, “its Lewis, your boy, my boyfriend and as you well know, my lover.”

Ellen had an idea she was talking about Lewis, but it still came as a shock. “Cassie, I can’t even possibly think of such a thing, he’s my son, mothers don’t do that sort of thing with their sons,” then as an after thought, she added, “do they?”

“This one will, he won’t expect it, but he will Ellen,” she said as she nibbled Ellen’s sensitive ear, “I know he loves you, he has told me many times too, and of how beautiful he thinks you are. He has even told me you are the sexiest woman he knows, apart from me that is!” and she laughed.

Ellen was stunned, “he hasn’t said that about me, has he, he can’t have? That I’m sexy? No!” The shock was evident in her shaking voice.

Lewis hadn’t, but Cassie went on. “Yes he has Ellen, and do you know what, now things are clicking into place, I never realised it until just now, but I know for sure now, that he has the hots for you!”

“But Cassie, he’s my son and your boyfriend, I couldn’t possibly go there, its too wrong.” she whispered.

“Yes he is my boyfriend and one day we’ll marry, but you are his mother, he needs you, you need him, I don’t think you know how much either Ellen, and he’s the one that can and will give you everything you need. And the reason I know all that is, because he gives me everything I need too, apart from what you give me. So, I don’t want to hear any more about it, leave it to me, I will set the ball rolling.”

“But….” Cassie stopped her with a kiss.

“I said Ellen, no more, and I mean it, leave it now, okay?” Her tone of voice left nothing more to be said. Ellen withdrew into her thoughts for a while. Looking at Ellen, Cassie thought, ‘if you only knew where he was right now, and what he was doing you would have a dickey fit! Instead of thinking he’s away with his mates for the weekend.’

Next door Laura was on her knees before her man, his cock securely lodged in her sumptuous mouth. She giving him a blow job she had never given her husband. He knew he wouldn’t cum again, he had no more left, but he lay back and savoured Laura’s manic attempts on him, her fingers and tongue were magical, she played a virtuoso on his half stiff cock.

They spent hours loving, before drifting off to sleep, they slept right through the night, next morning Laura was stiff and sore all over, her whole body ached from the rampant banging Lewis had put her through, she felt utterly glorious. She rose, kissed him softly while he slept on, and went down stairs, there she prepared a huge breakfast, she wanted him thoroughly fed so he would perform again for her.

Then she went and ran a nice hot bath, hoping he would wake up and join her there. He did, he jumped in causing water to splash all over, she giggled and grabbed his cock and kissed him. God, she thought, how she wanted him again, right now, any where any time she thought, ‘he could do me in the middle of the street, I wouldn’t care one jot!’

“Good morning my beautiful sexy lady, how are we today,” he said, as his cock grew in her soft soapy hands.

“I’m just great Lewis, especially now,” she mumbled into his mouth.

“You keep that up lady and I’ll do you right here in the bath,” he warned her.

Quick as a flash she quipped, “How do you want me, on my knees?” and she was over and on them immediately. He got behind her and slipped his slippery prick straight into her already hot a dripping with love juice pussy.

“Oh Jesus Lewis, oh my god, how do you do it? I’m cumming already,” she dropped her head into the water as an orgasm swamped her. Lewis reached under her and squashed both nipples flat, he exerted great pressure, Laura cried out in fabulous bone crushing agony. He drove his cock in so hard she hit the end of the bath, he showed no mercy he fucked her with total abandon before he came in a torrent of spunk that filled her so much it swilled out into the water they were kneeling in.

Laura sank into oblivion, climaxes washed through her like waves on an ocean; he fingered her clit, and finished the job she had started by grabbing his prick. That has to be the fastest fuck ever, he thought, as he gasped for his own breath. He pulled away and held her, she didn’t seem to have any strength left.

Lifting her out of the bath he carried her back to her bed and dropped on to it with her, both soaking wet, and they started laughing in the after glow of a magical magnificent cum.

Lewis, I have never known anyone with the energy and stamina that you have you’re amazing.” She told him.

“Yea I suppose I am aren’t I?” He bragged, and sniggered. Laura punched him playfully on the arm.

He flipped her over and started playfully spanking her beautiful rounded tight little bottom. He nearly shot his load just looking at it, she squiggled and wriggled but couldn’t get away, but there again, she didn’t want to. Laura loved this, the way he was with her, she wished she could make her ex husband watch, as she revelled in the arms of a much younger very virile energetic young man.

Without thinking what he was saying, Lewis told her.

“I am going to do you in here today Laura,” and he sank his middle finger deep into her ass. Laura’s mind exploded not only because of what he had just said, but the very fact that she was now stricken into immobility by his digit wrecking her ass.

“Oh Lewis, please?” She pleaded, but she had no idea of why or for what she was pleading.

She had the most unusual climax, it rolled slowly through her, rippling like pond after a small stone had just landed. Laura sank into sublime feline weakness; her body sank as if in a swamp to disappear into unknown bliss. She just lay there as Lewis probed, fingered and felt her rectum, she began trying to push her ass at his finger without knowing she as doing it.

“Yes Lewis,” she heard herself say, “you will do me there, I want you to, I need you to. I want be complete.” Have I gone mad? She thought, but she knew without a doubt that she would give him all he wanted, pain or no pain, she would give her virgin ass to him. ‘And not forgetting that huge piece of meat he has!’ and her thought’s turned to just that, invading her most secret of places where no one had ever ventured. Nor had she ever envisaged anyone ever would, least of all her ex husband.

Laura got up and went to make him a breakfast, he was famished and so was she. They played and toyed with each other all morning, never one leaving the other alone, be it in a quiet moment of reflection, or an out and out play fight everywhere. They ended up back in her bedroom, she knew instinctively what was going to happen, and she surprised herself by being philosophical about it. He wants my ass, he’s having my ass, end of!

She even nipped off and brought him some of her most expensive body lotion; it was just so smooth and creamy. ‘It’s made for the job,’ she decided. She handed it to him with a knowing look in her gleaming sea green eyes, gave him a small wistful look, and almost asked him to be easy on her. But she had already made her mind up that, what will be, will be, Que Sera sera.

She stroked him to full hardness, she examined it carefully noting every crease, wrinkle, and vein in it, the texture, the steely soft hardness. The utter manhood of it, and him.

“Do me Lewis, do me now baby, I’m more than ready for it, I need it, I need you, and I need to be a complete woman, and I know now that without this, I never will be.” Her voice was rich with conviction, sincerity, and wanting love. Laura got to her shapely knees, bent her gorgeous head down to the bed, and stuck her wonderful ass up in the air, just for him.

He got behind her, lathered her up and his engorged prick too, then pointed it at her dark brown little hole, where dark blond hair frittered about it. Holding her by ther hips he steadily pushed forward until contact then intrusion took place. Laura gasped as the head slid past her sphincter; it popped open like a vortex. She moaned at the pain, but the thrill of what was happening to her over rode any concerns about that, she didn’t care whether it hurt or not.

Lewis pushed on burying his cock deeper and deeper, working more and more in, until his loins were flat against her ass. He gazed down in w9onderment at the sight below him, his cock had gone” It was no where to be seen, but the tightness around it told him exactly what was going on. He pulled back, Laura couldn’t stop herself going with him.

The power of his prick, the solidity of the muscle, pressing outwards against the tightness of Laura’s ass made her go backwards with him, he had to hold her against the reverse suction of it. But as he got it almost out the head became trapped by her tight little button hole. He shoved it back in causing her to cry out, then he pulled it back, this allowed him movement and he steadily opened up the passage within her.

“My god Lewis this is sooooo…. Ooooooh, Ugh, Arggggh, oh yes please Mmmm, do it, me, Lewis do it!” He began to rhythmically drive in and out slowly and methodically, Laura moaned at the utter unknown sensation of it. She knew she would like it eventually, but she didn’t know it would be so painfully as wonderful as this, ‘its absolutely fantastic,’ she thought, as an enormous climax hit her so hard it stopped her breathing for a few seconds.

Soon he was going a little faster and harder, Laura gritted her teeth, bit her plump bottom lip, grasped the bed sheets in her hands, dug her knees into the bed, and bent her head to glean as much as she could from the titanic orgasms hitting her from all sides,. Lewis roared out and banged in hard, then shot a humungous load of hot steamy cum right into her insides, it filled her to capacity.

“I’m going to shit all over!” she called out loudly; Laura had never used such language. She felt her body sell as his cum spurted all the way in. He reached under her, gripped and crushed a nipple, a finger found her clit and Laura screamed.

Lewis held position for at least two minutes, then let go, pulling back, his cock softening, he pulled the head of it out with a plop and fell away, leaving her static on her knees unable to move. Laura had cum and brown slime leaking from her wide open ass hole. Very slowly she lowered herself and lay prone face down, Lewis gathered her up and told her she was the sexiest most beautiful woman he had ever known, ‘even if I am only 19,’ he told her, ‘I know what I’m talking about.’

Laura’s heart almost burst, she turned her head and kissed him as she had never kissed a man in her life, and he knew it was a special kiss too, it told him all he needed to know about her. Here was a woman in her absolute prime, and ready to be plucked, she was ripe for love. And Lewis knew he was the one who would, and could provide it.

But he also knew that Cassie had a claim too, without her he wouldn’t be who he was, the man he is today, he was who he was solely through her. He was also sure that Cassie would have already thought it through and would tell him how it would be this very night. If he knew what she had already planned for him, he would fall over in shock.

But there was one thing that was certain in his mind, as beautiful and as sexy as Laura was, he would only ever love Cassie, he couldn’t breathe without her, his every thought was her. He did what she told him to do, not because she was a dominant personality, no, he did it because it was the natural thing to do, she called it complete compatibility, he didn’t know what they called it, it just was the way it was and it suited him perfectly.

After a long rest, Laura said softly and some what sadly, “Lewis it’s time for you to go I’m afraid, my son will be home in a few hours and I need to be ready for him, do you mind?”

“No I don’t mind Laura,” he told her, “I need some rest any way, you were right, you have worn me out!” he laughed.

“Good,” Laura said, “I’ll call you in the week, bye darling.” Lewis left after many long kisses from his beautiful 36 year old goddess.

When he got home, his mother was in the kitchen cooking, she greeted him with warm love and hugs, Cassie came in and did the same, after asking how his weekend had gone, and he had said he was exhausted, she ushered him to bed, and promised that she would be up later to see him.

Cassie had formulated her plan, and the timing of Lewis coming home was perfect. Ellen had been told what to do, and to do it, or she may have to inform Lewis of the birthmark right at the top of her inner thigh, no one else knew about it, least of all him! Ellen couldn’t help but feel excited by her instructions, and blackmail really, it wasn’t blackmail as such, and it added to her thrill. But she was also worried about her doing what Cassie was making her do.

Lewis went to bed to sleep the sleep of a very happy and contented young man, who could possibly ask for more? He had a girlfriend who was the most amazing person he had ever met, and now he had a woman next door who out shone even her in the beauty and sexiness stakes, but would never have that thing, that something that only Cassie had, but his world was about to change yet again.

Later that night at 11pm Cassie got into bed with Lewis, she gently woke him up with knowing fingers and easy touch, he had slept for 7 hours straight, so she knew he would have recovered. She played with him in the way she knew he would respond to, soon his cock was as hard as it usually was.

He was becoming fully awake, he reached for her, told her he loved her and even though he had had a fantastic time, he was where he should be, with her. Cassie was pumping his cock, feeling his balls, squeezing them the way she knew he loved.

Lewis responded to her as he always did, no matter that he had been balls deep all weekend, this was the girl that gave him sustenance, his cock was ready for her. Then her phone rang on the side table next to the bed. Reluctantly she broke away from what she was doing.

“Hello?” she said, a moments pause, then, “no, are you sure?” another moments pause while she listened further. “Oh my god,” she said, “I’ll be right home, okay?”

“It’s my mom,” she told Lewis, “she’s ill, I have to go,” and she hopped out of bed leaving Lewis with an enormous hard on.

Despite mild protestations, she was gone in seconds, as she raced down the hall Ellen was waiting.

“Go on Ellen, don’t waste one second or it will be too late,” and she shoved her towards Lewis’s door. She did as per Cassie’s instructions, still not believing she was about to do, what she was.

Cassie headed off, her plan was to go to her car, drive off and wait for five minutes around the corner before walking back to the house tip toeing in and to see if her well thought out plan had hatched. ‘It had better do or Ellen will have some serious questions to answer me,’ she thought unhappily and grimly.

Ellen had hesitated momentarily outside her son’s bedroom door. ‘Is Cassie right about Lewis, does he really want me like this?’ she thought. She was too far into it now to back out, Cassie had laid it on the line, made her believe what she had told her.

Ellen knocked on his door, opened it and walked in, there was a scramble to cover up from Lewis, Cassie as right, she had said he would be jacking off, and she had walked right in on him.

“Lewis,” she whispered.

“Yes mom?” he answered as she closed the distance between them.

Ellen looked around, and said, “Where’s Cassie?” Knowing full well where she would be right now.

“She had to go, her mother isn’t well.” He told her, “what is it mom?” he asked looking up at her. He couldn’t help but notice the outline of her strong firm tits outlined against the white paint on the ceiling.

“Lewis, I’m so lonely, I’m alone every single night, I need to hold someone, someone to hold me, take care of me, will you do that for me honey, please, just for a while, just for tonight?” Her voice cracked as she said it, not because it was rehearsed, it was, but because she realised that she meant it!

“Oh mom, yes of course, come here,” he pulled the covers back, and Ellen glimpsed briefly the hard on he still had. She gulped at the sight. Without waiting another second she scrambled in and wrapped him in her arms. Cassie’s plan was working like a dream so far, the next bit would decide whether it would come to fruition.

His arms surrounded her and she snuggled in, her head on her strong son’s shoulder, her left leg lifted and slid over his. Her hot breath was in his neck, her tits pressed forcibly into his side and chest. The negligee that Cassie had got for her was so small and thin it was like a second skin.

Her perfume drifted into Lewis’s nostrils, it was delicate and flowery, it was also very sexual, his cock didn’t diminish one bit!

“Oh Lewis,” she breathed into his neck, “this is so nice, it’s just what I need, to be loved by a real man, just like you.”

“Yes mom it is, I like the feel of you in my arms,” he said, his mind was racing, but his cock was going to beat him to the finish line, he just didn’t know it yet.

“Mmmmm,” she responded moving in closer, she was already past the point of no return, any inhibitions were now gone, her reticence a thing of the past. Her knee came sliding up, made contact with his prick, continued its journey up and over it, her soft inner thigh caressing it, then slid back down.

“Lewis?” his mom whispered.

“Yes mom?” he croaked.

She decided innocence might be the order of the day here, “Do you, erm, have you ah, er got a hard on, your willy is hard, is it,erm, because of me?” she tittered the last few words. Without waiting for an answer she took matters into her own hands, literally!

She ran her hand down his muscular body savouring the feel of tight and taut abs as she went, then the mass of hair around the base of his fully erect shaft tickled her fingers, then she grasped him. The moan she heard was all she wanted or needed to know. ‘Cassie was so right,’ she thought, ‘spot on, right on the nail,’ he was more than up for her and it. He was hot for her; the woman in her guided her to her future.

Lewis went in to automatic; his cock ruled his thoughts, his body and his whole world right then. All of a sudden this wasn’t his mother, it was a beautiful sexy woman in his bed holding his cock and there was no mistaking what she wanted. His mother, this sexy woman wanted to be fucked, did he need a picture with instructions? No he fucking didn’t!

He yanked away her negligee, split it wide open and tore it off, now she was naked and under him, he rammed his prick in without further ado, and fucked his mother for what would prove to be, the first of many many times. Ellen moaned and gasped at the sudden intrusion of man cock, it had been so many years she had almost forgotten what it was like.

Her mind blew up and shattered into smithereens, an unknown climax ripped through her helpless body as her son powered in and out. Her legs and arms knew what to do, they hadn’t forgotten, her knees went under his arms, her feet went over his back, and her arms encircled him, nails digging in naturally at his shoulder blades and back.

Lewis, although only 19 years of age knew what to do, how to do it, and did, his mother if she had been in battle would have lost totally. She hung on while he gently but lovingly battered her body and super hot pussy, the tightness of it gripped his slick shaft tightly. Oh how she had missed this, the fact that her son was beating her with his prick was of no consequence, she needed this more than oxygen.

Seven years had passed since she had done this, and her body and mind were screaming out the relief she was feeling, the satisfaction that only a good cock can give a feline sexual responsive woman such as Ellen. Cassie had opened the door; and now the floodgates had been well and truly breeched. She heard her self crying out, urging him on, telling him she loved him, not to stop, keep going baby, she spurred him on to greater and greater things as her orgasms thrashed at her body, from the tips of her curled toes, to the top of her lovely head.

Then she was suddenly crushed into him as his grip on her tightened, his toes dug into the mattress, and one last huge thudding bang he shot the load that 10 to 15 minutes ago would have headed for Cassie’s belly, but now it was spurting out and into his mothers waiting, and unknown to either of them, her still fertile womb.

He relaxed his hold on her, they both slipped in to a kind of after love stupor, each knowing that this had been more than special to each of them. He looked down at his mother, her eyes were glued on him, he stared at her in wonderment. Before he could react any further she reached her arms around his neck and pulled him down. She kissed him, it wasn’t a mother’s kiss, it was a thankful grateful lovers kiss, one that said, that was right on the button, nothing could be or would ever be better than this, ever.

Lewis slid off his mother and lay at her side, his respect for her made him wait until she decided to speak. They both knew a line had been crossed and would never be redrawn. Her first reaction to what had just transpired was to reach for him. Her arm went around his waist and her head went into his neck. The all clear came from one simple movement; she tucked his balls in her hand, then slipped up and gathered his wet through cock in her palm and fingers closed around it.

She sighed with the contentment that enclosed her.

“Lewis,” she said, “I know this shouldn’t have happened, that it may be illegal I don’t know, and I don’t care either, certainly it would be viewed as immoral, but I am so glad it did. I couldn’t have had a better lover than you darling, never.”

“Mom, it’s just so astonishing,” he said, “I can’t believe this, but it’s just too good, will this be the last time, is it just a one off, I hope not mom, I want this again?”

“I swear on all I believe in darling, this will not be the last time, in fact how soon will this be back to working order?” she asked, as she stroked his flaccid cock for him.

“Very quickly mom, I can assure you,” he laughed.

In the hallway Cassie was smiling, ‘job done,’ she told herself, ‘now I have the both of them, they will have me, and soon I will have Laura from next door, she won’t escape this.’ She left for home, knowing everything was as it should be. She just wished she could stroll across and get Laura, but not with her son there, that would have to wait until the next time, two weeks away.

Ellen fell asleep in her son’s arms, a warm smile on her face and a great big one on her pussy. She had made love with her son, and it was all as natural as could be, there was no regret, no remorse, only thankfulness to Cassie. ‘Oh Cassie, I love you baby.’ She told her in her head. Lewis stayed awake looking over his mother, fingers gently stroking a very hard nipple.

He wondered what Cassie would say when she found out about this, she knew about Laura, it was all part of her design. But his mother? That was a different kettle of fish. He knew she would know something had happened, and he knew he would tell her, there was no way on earth that he would be able to keep it from her, what will she do? He worried.

He wakened the next morning and his cock was hot, it felt heated, then he knew, his mother was on it, he was in her mouth and she was taking him, if he had wanted to stop her it would have been too late. His prick was already at full attention and ready, willing and oh so able to go to work.

She rubbed his balls, licked them, her finger went to his ass, she was under the covers so Lewis let her had her head, definitely. He reciprocated by reaching down and sinking his own finger into his mom’s ass, she groaned around his thick meat. But it served to urge her onwards and upwards, she wanted him to cum in her, give her it all, she wanted to chew his cock and then his thick cum. Lewis blasted it out like an erupting volcano, Ellen let very little escape, she swallowed and gulped as fast as she could.

It was manna, sent from heaven, this feeling of love and sublime acceptance that she was now lover to the two most important people in her life, gave her oxygen, life’s sustenance. And the sperm Lewis had shot into her last night had gone to work in her fertile womb and was in the process of making a baby. But it would be at least three weeks before Ellen would suspect anything.

Next door, Laura was thinking the same kind of thing, she had suddenly become maudlin, broody, now she wanted another baby. Making love the way she had with Lewis had opened something in her subconscious. Her maternal instincts had kicked in. She was still on the pill; she was trying to make up her mind whether to come off it. Her mind made itself up, yes Laura, get off it, he doesn’t have to have anything to do with it if he didn’t want to. She would hold no broom to beat him with.

Cassie came over at 11am, Lewis and his mother were in the kitchen, as soon as Cassie looked at Ellen, she winked it had all gone as she had said it would. Cassie was over the moon. Then she looked at him, his face was stricken, she could see the anguish on there. Her heart lurched for him, she needed to put him out of his misery, and quick.

“Lewis babe, I need to chat, can we go upstairs please?” He rose and disappeared in a moment, as Cassie passed Ellen she gave her ass a huge nip and a squeeze, Ellen yelped in surprise but knew it for what it was, ‘congratulations Ellen,’ it said.

In his bedroom Lewis was as glum as she had ever seen him. He started to speak but she stopped him by locking lips, when she finished she sat him down, put her arms around him and said, “Lewis I love you, you know that don’t you, and no matter what we do or get up to, I always will, okay?”

“Yes Cassie, but….”

“I know Lewis, I know about you and Ellen, who do you think set it all up?” He was agape.

“No, you didn’t, oh Jesus Cass,” he gasped.

“Yes babe, it was all me, she needs us, you and me honey, we are a part of each other, all three of us now.”

That’s when the penny dropped, “you and mom?”

“Yes Lewis, me and Ellen, and its been me and Ellen for the last two months, I suppose that’s a bit of a shock, but you know me Lewis, I like a good looking girl, and Ellen definitely falls into that category, are you okay with that, I hope so babe?” she kissed him. Lewis thought for a minute then roared with laughter, and not some little relief at being off the hook he was certain he was tightly hooked on.

“Cassie, you are the most wonderful woman on the planet, I adore you, I love you, oh god Cass how I do love you!”

“Yes I know you do honey, that’s why we make such a great team, we know each other inside out. Well,” she added, “I know you inside out!” And laughed loudly herself. Ellen heard them and sighed with utter relief, it was okay again Cassie had been right.

He was in a state of shock and disbelief, he had made love and half fucked his mother to death, and now he was learning that his love Cassie, had ‘joined’ with her too, she had planned everything, and like everything she planned it had worked a treat. And he knew that given time, the situation would evolve into the pattern that she had seen and engineered.

“Cassie, what about Laura next door, what’s the agenda?” he asked her. His life at the moment was high in the stratosphere, the twists and turns that she saw and came up with was more than he could take in. It’s a good job I trust her implicitly, he thought.

“Well hon,” she said, “you’ve had your turn, you’ve opened the door, and I won’t keep you from her, but I will befriend her too now.” He nodded his assent, happy in the knowledge that she wasn’t going to keep him from her, he loved Cass, and he loved his mother, but Laura was something else when it came to being between the sheets.

“I want you to find out if she has had a relationship with another woman, or a girl when she was younger, if she has that’ll give me an opening, okay?” She told him. He understood that, and he would find out later in the week when he hopped the fence to see her one afternoon.

It was Wednesday morning when Cassie sent him off to Laura’s with the intention of giving her what she needed, which was turning into a happy mission for Lewis. He also was to delve into her past, he didn’t know how successful that would be, but Cassie was more than delighted to hear his news when he returned home a very happy, if somewhat tired young man the next day.

Cassie let him sleep before she tackled him about Laura, she could hardly wait to know if what she had thought about her might have been true, it was!

“So,” Cassie said, “what did Laura have to say about other women, or girls from earlier in her life, were there any situations there?”

“Yes Cassie there were,” he told her as she stroked his cock, there would be no way of refusing to tell her the details, even if he wanted to, and he didn’t want that at all. “She had two relationships, one when she went to college, she had trouble with all the boys, men and staff, because she was so lovely. Another student befriended her because she was in the same sort of boat, they ended up rooming together, and the other girl seduced her. That lasted for a whole year until the girl left.”

“And the second one?” Cassie said.

“The last and final one was a very intense affair apparently, she met a woman at work, and it just fell into place, within a week she was in a red hot passionate situation. And she turned out to be the sister of the man she married.”

“Brilliant, just brilliant,” Cassie said. “Tell me more Lewis.”

“It seems they moved in together, then she was introduced to him, and in 3 months they got together and set up home and married. His sister was not a happy bunny and left, no one has seen or heard from her since apparently, but Laura isn’t sure.”

“Oh Lewis this is great news, I hope you don’t mind, but I have to have her, I won’t take her away from you I promise, but its just got to happen!” she told him.

“Yes Cassie I know, and I have no problem with you having her. I would if you were a guy, but not you my sweet love,” he told her as he popped his load into the air as Cassie finished him off.

“Good,” she told him sweetly, “anyway, your mom needs some real full on attention, so you’ll be kept busy sweetcakes,” she told him.

Two days later Cassie went over and joined Laura by the pool, Lewis had given her the heads up on what to wear, she had bought the most revealing bikini she could find, it was a lime green one and made Cassie look utterly resistible, and over it a sheer light red shawl, totally transparent and leaving nothing to ther imagination. She told Laura had had to visit a sick relative, and didn’t know when he would be back. Laura was disappointed, she had bought the skimpiest sea green bikini she could find and was wearing it just for him. She looked stunningly and fabulously sexy.

“I know I’m not Lewis, but I’m good company Laura.” She giggled. Although they knew each other and Laura knew Cassie was Lewis’s girlfriend, she believed that she didn’t know they were having an affair. Laura looked at her, was she, did she know about her and Lewis. Inquisitively she said.

“Has Lewis said anything to you Cassie?”

“About what Laura?”

“Oh I don’t know, anything?”

“Well Laura,” she said, in a conspirational tone, “he has whispered the odd thing to me, but don’t worry, your secret is safe with me.”

“Secret, what secret?” Laura asked a little alarmed.

“Oh only the fact that you like women too, as well as men that is.”

Laura was aghast, “oh Jesus,” she gasped, “I told him things in confidence, Cassie, I think you had better leave me. I need to talk to Lewis now.”

“Oh Laura, don’t panic, its okay, I’m fine with things,” she said, taking no notice of Laura’s discomfort. Cassie got up and walked into the secluded area of the pool location. She gazed around, waiting for Laura to get up and follow her so she could talk some more.

“Show time!” Cass said to herself, as Laura did just that. Laura walked towards her, as she did so Cassie got down on the bed and stretched out in the warm sun.

“What do you mean Cassie, that you are fine with things?” she asked, not looking at her as she got to the side of the bed, just where Cassie wanted her to be.

“Come on Laura, relax, sit down here,” she said, and patted the bed next to her, “I’ll tell you all you want to know okay?” Laura did so a little reluctantly. Cassie laid right back and stretched out, arms above her head, her tits and tight taut nipples thrusting up, she spread her knees slightly leaving nothing to anyone’s, or Laura’s imagination, as to what was there.

She saw Laura’s eyes travel up and down her body, she smiled inside. ‘Laura,’ she told herself, ‘you’ve had it already baby!’

“Lie down Laura, lets chat hey?” Laura did as she suggested and she too stretched out, she was now acutely aware that she was right next to a sexy beautiful woman, it tickled her pussy, and rattled her growing nipples.

Laura, like a lot of people, was intelligent, but like a lot of people, was also naïve too. She couldn’t see what was coming, or the fact that she was being set up. She was heading into it completely blind. She understood something didn’t seem to fit, but had no idea what was about to take place, or Cassie’s wild intentions.

Cassie was letting Laura hang herself, she could feel Laura’s mind ticking over, what to say next, what to do. Cassie half turned toward her letting her eyes feast on her glorious lines. She was already in heat because she had been expecting Lewis, and Cassie was fully intentional on exploiting her desires.

Laura took the plunge, along with the bait unknowingly being offered tantalisingly by her younger companion.

“He has told you everything hasn’t he Cassie?”

“Of course he has silly girl, he loves you, and he loves me, the difference between the two of us is that he adores me, that’s all Laura.”

“He loves me, how, er, do, erm, has he….?”

“Yes Laura he has told me you are the sexiest woman he has ever met, you are a fabulous person to be with, not only beautiful, but that he loves you too.” This was what Laura wanted and needed to know, but before she could say more. Cassie rolled to her, put her arm around her, and said.

“And now Laura,” she told her, “Because Lewis can’t be here, and I am, I will give you the loving that you need!” Without taking a breath she leaned in and planted a huge smacker on Laura’s inviting lips. Laura was so taken aback to be kissed like this that it stunned her into immobility, this was her defeat. By the time she had started to recover, her top was pushed up and her nipples were under attack, Cassie’s knowing finger tips were already devastating them, and she had her firm toned thigh tucked tightly into Laura’s suddenly sweetening crack.

Cassie had her top and bottoms of in no time, hardly giving Laura time to even blink, she removed hers and now they were both naked. Cassie jumped up and turned in one movement bringing her pussy down on to Laura’s face, and her own tight on to Laura’s sweet slick gash. Cassie had no chance of avoiding the wave of climaxes that drilled through her, but then she felt the same reaction from her victim. And she sort of breathed a sigh of relief that Laura had succumbed to her own emotions.

Laura’s hands and arms were wrapped around Cassie’s ass and lower back, holding herself tight up to her new lover, her tongue deep into the sweetest fanny she had ever tasted, her nose pressed into Cassie’s little button hole heightened her arousal. Cassie mirrored Laura’s movements and actions, both women attacking the other lovingly and whole heartedly. Both held tight in the others loving grip.

When the last orgasm had been ripped away from each other Cassie spun around and went for Laura’s dripping mouth, lips clashed, tongues met, bodied hard against each others. Cassie in the superior position, Laura wilfully accepting her dominance. Arms, legs and tongues enmeshed they loved their time away, the kiss was continual, unstoppable, everlasting. Laura knew she had met someone very special here today, someone who had found her inner needs that even Lewis would never find, but he had also found what Cassie never would either.

As the kiss finally ended, Laura whispered to her, “Lets go inside Cassie, we have more to know about each other don’t we?”

“We sure do Laura, and you have a lot to learn too about Lewis and I,” she told her.

“Mmmm, I’m beginning to realise that Cassie.” In Laura’s bedroom Cassie immediately went through her drawers until she found what she was looking for, Laura’s vibrating dildo. She had it up Laura’s forgiving ass in a heartbeat.

Then she attacked her, letting her know and find out, just what being taken, used, abused and loved by a woman who knows what she’s doing is all about. Laura begged forgiveness, pleaded with her to stop, to not stop, for more, for less. Make me have it she cried, no more, she begged. Her orgasms were unending, intermingled. She knew that in a relationship with Cassie, there was only one way, Cassie’s way, and Laura loved it. In all her life she had never been taken like this, and she knew now what it meant, she adored it, she adored Cassie, and then she knew what Cassie had meant when she had told her that, ‘Lewis adores me.’

They spent the whole day and night together; Lewis was with his mother, everyone was happy. Cassie’s next mission was Ellen and Laura, and then she could rest in the knowledge that she had utopia in her hands. Lewis, Laura and Ellen would all be hers. But out of the rising love in her heart for all three of them, she knew that they would all be as one, well until the day she and Lewis left to make their future together, but that day was a ways off yet.

“How old is your son Laura?” she asked her.

“He’ll be 17 next month, why?”

“Just wondering,” Cassie replied, already thinking of the future, 13 months to the age where what he did, would be good for her and for her lovers, she hadn’t met him properly yet, he was already a good looking young man, and she sensed he would be good.

Laura guessed what she was referring to and was a little offended.

“I’m not too happy wit your insinuation Cassie,” she told her. Cassie took the bull by the horns and gave it straight to her.

“Laura, who do you think has taught Lewis how to love a woman the way he can and does?”

“Why I suppose it was you?”

“And you’d be right, and here’s some breaking news Laura, his mother and I are in a relationship.”

“No!” You can’t be, what about me, are you just a cheat and seducer?” Laura gasped.

“No I am not, I love Lewis with all my heart, he loves me, and one day we’ll be married.”


“I seduced his mother the way I seduced you, and I’ll keep on seducing you too if I have to, Lewis knows everything Laura, I keep nothing from him.” Laura lay back stunned, but things were piecing themselves together, the way each appeared without the other.

“Do you mean,” she said, “that while Lewis is here, you are there with his mother Ellen?”

“Well done Laura, you’ve got it, and now for something that will rock your world even more.”

“W w w w what’s that?” she asked quietly now.

“I’m here with you, Lewis knows I am, and where do you think he is hmmm?”

“He knows you are here and what we might have been doing, You said he’s gone to see a sick relative.”

“Cassie got Laura into a grip for the next bit. “He’s at home with his mother Laura,” was all she said, she waited for the light to go on.

It did, Laura’s eyes widened, “he isn’t Cassie, not with his mother, no!”

Cassie’s smiled broadly, “yes he is Laura, we share everything, and now we are sharing you, you need us, you need our love, you need what we have already given you, don’t even try to deny it, you can’t, and do you know what? Once you get used to the idea you’ll be a full part of our love for each other.” Cassie delved into Laura’s pussy and she sank back in surrender to her.

Next door Lewis was telling his mother of what he and Cassie wanted, he told her about Laura, Cassie and Laura, ‘and soon mom, you will join us all together too.’ Ellen, having been Cassie’s lover for a long time now was philosophical about it. They were all open now, lovers all round. And the thought of having the blond beauty from next door added to the mix, excited her like never before.

“Why did you ask me about my son Cassie?” she asked suddenly.

Cassie smiled knowingly at her, letting her work it out herself was the best way, she thought. But whether it would materialise was another matter.

“Cassie,” she yelled, “you can’t possibly mean that, you can’t?”

“Don’t panic, lets wait and see what happens Laura, it’s a long way off yet, but he is a very good looking boy, and I’m sure he’ll make some woman, or women, very happy.” Her fingers on Laura’s clit lessened the impact of her words.

Words and thoughts forgotten Cassie went back to giving Laura her desires, her needs, and yearnings satisfied, occasionally mentioning Lewis and his lovely big cock that Laura loved so much. And that she, Cassie, had any final word, Lewis would do as she told him to do, he would never go against her. Laura began to understand her power, and slowly fell into place, where Cassie intended for her to be. She would never be put upon, berated, or degenerated in any way.

The following morning Cassie went back, and she and Lewis compared notes, both mom and Laura seemed, on the whole, reasonably happy with the new life that seemed to be unfolding in front of them, they both were receiving, and knew they would receive what they wanted more than anything in the world, love.

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