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Special Delivery

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I know I’m like a lot of guys, I have a real fetish for women’s panties. I have always enjoyed trying to get a peak at the color and texture of women’s panties when they bend over, or are sitting in a chair and their shirt rises up enough to reveal a peak just above their pants. My wife (Diane) says that it is tacky when their panties are visible, but I rather enjoy getting a peak at what they are wearing underneath.

Since Diane thinks it is tacky, she very rarely wears panties at all. I know that the idea of her having no panties on is sexy in its own way, but it does create issues for me. I enjoy using her panties to pleasure myself. My exploration into her dirty clothes often leaves me with nothing to use. I would prefer to find two pair, one to enjoy her sexy scent and one to wrap around my cock as I stroke myself.

We are both in our mid forties, and we have a great sex life. We are both very open about our fantasies, and we have tried many things in the past. She has a super sexy body for her age, and is gorgeous. I get hard just thinking about her. Unfortunately, I travel for several months at a time, so I have to endure long stretches without tasting her sweetness, or feeling her tight pussy around me. It can be very frustrating. I ask her to wear some panties, and use her vibrator on herself then send them to me so that I can at least taste, and inhale her sweetness that way. She has obliged me, but keeps telling me that since she never wears panties she keeps forgetting. I have jokingly told her that if she won’t send me any, she’s going to have to start getting her friends to send me some. Truth is, it is only half joking, the idea of her friends sending me their used panties is extremely exciting! When she asks me “Who do you have in mind?”, I just play it off, not sure if she is testing me, or if she would actually approach one her friends with this odd request.

On my last trip away Diane would occasionally send me a care package, which would include a fresh pair of her panties that she would cum in for me. When I would receive the packages I would of course eagerly go back to my room as soon as I was able, to see what she sent me. Usually I would use the most recent pair to inhale her sweet scent, and then use the pair from before to wrap around my cock so as to feel the soft material that was against her pussy as I stroked myself to orgasm. I would of course prefer to taste her sweet juices, and feel her tight wet pussy around me, but this would have to do until I got home, and I rather enjoyed the anticipation of a new pair for me to use.

One day when I was told I had mail, I noticed that it wasn’t the normal package that Diane sent to me. When I looked at the return address I noticed that it was from Nina C. Nina is another hot little MILF that my wife goes out dancing with occasionally. We have discussed the possibility of having Nina join us in a threesome, but it has only been a fantasy discussion. I know that Diane would love to watch me fuck Nina, and I’m sure she would like to play with her as well. My mind was racing, what could Nina be sending me? Is it possible that Diane talked her into sending me a pair of her used panties? The day couldn’t go fast enough, I couldn’t wait to get back to my room to see what was in the package.

I noticed that my hands were shaking, and my heart was racing as I finally began to open the package. It’s not that I wasn’t excited to get packages like this from my wife, but this was different. As I opened it I noticed that it appeared to be what I was hoping for. I noticed two Ziploc baggies with what appeared to be panties in them, and a handwritten note from Nina. In the note she explained that the black thong was what she was wearing to the club when she last went out dancing with my wife. The white cum stain in the crotch was caused by the very erotic discussion she had in the parking lot with my wife, followed by the very passionate make out session they had in her car before they left to go their separate ways. She explained that she was so wet, she had to go home and fuck her husband, Allen. Just the thought of this had my cock twitching. I know how passionate my wife can be, and I just imagined what they must have looked like kissing each other in the parking lot. She went on to explain that the dark blue cotton panties were ones she masturbated in several times the next day while thinking about me using them to pleasure myself.

I of course immediately undressed, and laid on my bed. My cock was so hard, and almost throbbing. I opened up the Ziploc, and proceeded to examine these sexy little panties. My mind raced with thoughts of how wet she must have been while she and Diane were making out. I imagined how Diane was probably rubbing her thru the fabric, and wondered how hot and moist she must have felt between her legs. Then I inhaled her aroma, and as I do with my wife’s panties I had to breath several hot moist breaths into the crotch to bring her scent to life. Her smell was stronger than my wife’s, but so arousing. I used the soft cotton panties to wrap around my cock and stroke myself while inhaling Nina’s womanhood from her thong. As you can imagine it wasn’t long before I sensed that familiar feeling that I was going to cum. I was very careful to be sure I would not soil the panties wrapped around my cock yet. I would have to use these many times before I got another pair. I was so excited that I shot a huge load of hot cum onto my chest, and stomach.

I had to tell me wife about my special delivery, she just laughed and said, “I knew you’d enjoy that, baby.” What she didn’t tell me, was that Nina was not the only one she had asked to help me out. I was regularly receiving panties from her friends. Some I knew, and some I had to go to her Facebook page to look at. What a wild trip that was. How many wives would do that for their husbands?!

As if she hadn’t done enough for me. When I returned home, she went out dancing with her friends one night. I am not much of a dancer, so I do not go with her. It is her girls night out event for the week. I do like when she comes home afterward, because we usually have a pretty wild fuck session. This one particular Friday night I was asleep when she got home, and didn’t hear her come in our bedroom. I just remember her straddling me, and kissing my neck. As I woke up I could barely make out her silhouette in the darkness, and she whispered in my ear that she had a surprise for me. Of course I wanted to know what it was, and she explained that she had a very fresh pair of Nina’s panties for me. That, along with the fact that she was grinding herself into me, was definitely waking my cock up. She went on to explain that I would have to do a few things for her before I got to enjoy them. I of course promised to do whatever she asked.

The first thing she wanted was for me to lick her until she came on my face. Being that I love to lick her sweet pussy this was no issue for me. She was still dressed in her short club skirt, and her sexy stilettos that she wears to the club. Of course she never wears panties so all she had to do was straddle my face, which she promptly did. I noticed that she was exceptionally wet, and I went to work on licking her clit the way she likes it. She grasped the head board and was really grinding herself into my mouth, my face was covered with her wetness, it was so exciting. She came so quickly, and came so hard I had to grab her ass to keep her from moving too much. Of course my cock was fully awake and hard by this time. She quickly slid down and stuffed my cock into her hot, wet pussy. She was so wet it slid in with ease. She felt so good around me, and I started to thrust myself up into her.

She pushed my hands down, and forced me to quit thrusting into her. She told me if I wanted Nina’s fresh panties I would need to do as I was told. I quickly obliged, and awaited further instructions. Diane just continued to ride my cock, using it to pleasure her pussy, and putting on quite a show for me. I was loving it. She rode me for a few more minutes, and really seemed to be enjoying it, and then she said, “OK, you’ve been a good boy, you can have Nina’s panties, but first you have to lick her pussy thru them.” I was trying to figure out what she was saying, when I noticed another silhouette approaching from a dark corner of the room. It was Nina, she had been watching all along. At this point they both removed their club clothes, but Nina left her panties on. She is very small in stature like my wife, with very sexy dark features.

I was not expecting any of this, but I was certainly enjoying it. Nina climbed up on the bed as she was instructed to do by Diane. Then she straddled my face, and was facing Diane. I was told to start sucking Nina’s pussy thru her panties, while Diane continued to fuck me. The two of them began to kiss and fondle each other while I was enjoying Nina on my face, and Diane on my cock. They both seemed to be enjoying each other, and I was enjoying the whole scene. I couldn’t take it anymore. I reached up and pulled the wet fabric to the side so that I could tongue fuck Nina. I had to taste her, and feel her wet clit on my lips. I sucked in her smooth lips, and teased her clit until I felt her body start to shake. I knew she was about to cum on my face, so I increased the pressure on her clit. She came so hard, and her moans of pleasure were incredible. Diane could sense that I was about to explode deep in her pussy, so she immediately climbed off, and told me I’d better not cum yet.

My wife orchestrated everything from here on out. She had Nina lay on her back, and told me that if I wanted her panties this was the time to get them. So I quickly slid them off of Nina, and stashed in the nightstand drawer for later. Now Diane and I took turns licking Nina. It was very erotic for her and I to taste another woman together. Nina Obviously enjoyed it when she started bucking her hips up into my wife’s face as she came again. Now Diane wanted to watch as I fucked Nina from behind, she just sat in the chair with her vibrator and watched. It felt incredible for my cock to go into another woman’s pussy, as my hot wife watched and played with herself.

Nina told me that she was being bad by fucking me, and that she needed a spanking. I did as I was told and spanked her sweet ass, as I plunged my cock deep into her pussy. The sound of the moaning was making me crazy, and Nina was telling me to fuck her hard, like I fucked her panties. I knew this feeling wasn’t going to last long. The sight of my wife fucking herself, and her friend bent over in front of me fingering her clit while I fucked her pussy was making me crazy. I was fucking her deep and hard, I was going to cum any minute. I quickly pulled out my slick cock, and shot my hot load on Nina’s back, and onto her dark ass.

What a wild night my wife was giving me. I got took a little rest while I watched the two of them play together, then I got to join in again before Nina left. Of course it was very late by the time we went to bed, and we both fell asleep with a smile. I knew that in the morning I still had a little present to enjoy in my nightstand.

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