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Joserlin & Kalin

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Throughout supper, and in fact for the entire evening, I couldn’t help but sneak glances at Kalin. Once or twice, I think I caught him watching me too. But with dad in the room, I didn’t dare to do or say anything more. Anyway, by the time I went to bed, I figured that would be it. Like I said last time, I was a bit naïve.

I guess it was about 2:30am when a weight on the side of my bed caused me to roll towards it, and someone kissed my eyelids. Still more than half asleep, I mumbled something and smiled. A hand rubbing my dick through my boxers quickly brought both me and my cock awake though! Startled, my eyes flew open to see Kalin sitting on the side of my bed, a little half smile on his face.

“Shhh…” he said, kissing me on my lips.

“Kalin!” I whispered urgently, “What are you doing!? Think about this a second… if dad catches us…”

Anything else I was going to say completely vanished from my head as he pressed me back against the bed with both hands on my naked shoulders, and kissed me again. He kissed my lips, my throat, and pushing the covers down farther, started to work his way down my chest. As he paused to lick and suck at my nipples I was more than a little amazed at how sensitive they were. Each gentle tug seemed to ignite a spark that raced down to my already hardening dick.

Rising up on one elbow, I drew my fingers lightly through his silky dark hair, then moved my hand lower to caress his strong back and firm ass. The first brush of my fingers against the curve of his ass elicited a sort of sigh from Kal as he raised his head to look into my eyes. Holding me motionless with that deep deep look, he moved his right hand to cup and gently rub at my cock and balls. Smiling at seeing my eyes flicker with emotion, Kal broke the gaze and moved his head down until he came to the head of my dick, now poking slightly above my boxers.

“Mmmmm,” he moaned as his tongue flicked out and sampled the clear precum beginning to flow from my penis, “You taste so good, big brother.”

All I could do was moan softly. I had never even managed to get a girl to give me a blowjob before, and here was my little brother showing me the expertise he’d gained over the years, and especially from the session that afternoon. His warm soft tongue swirled around on the head of my prick, stopping frequently to lap off the bead of fluid that showed him just how turned on all of this had me. Between the silken administrations of his talented mouth as he licked and kissed me there, and the thoughts still lingering in my brain from the afternoon, I soon lost all of my normal modesty and helped him as he eased the boxers off of my body, and then proceeded to strip the pyjama bottoms from him as well.

“Suck me off too?” Kalin asked hopefully as we lay back down on the bed. My doubt must have showed though as he followed it with a, “Please, Jos? Just try it?”.

I still wasn’t very sure of myself as we eased into a 69-position. Kalin’s warm wet mouth was working it’s way over my dick, as I gingerly put one hand around his and jerked it a couple of times. Gathering my courage with both hands I leaned forwards and gave it a cautious sniff, and was surprised to notice that it smelled nothing at all like I thought it would. The strong scent of the salty secretions was there, but I could also smell the soap he used, which fortified me enough to start licking around the head of his cock.

Even without knowing what I was doing, something must have been right, cause warm air from Kal’s sighs soon started to flutter about the sensitive skin along my shaft. So I kept gamely on, licking and kissing him in his entirety, and as more precum started to appear, I even licked it off, and relished in the flavour of my brother’s arousal.

I’m afraid that that first time I didn’t manage to get much further than that. Kalin was stroking me off with one hand, while taking a good 3 inches of me into his mouth; twisting that talented tongue around my head, sucking gently, running his tongue along the shaft, probing at the ever so sensitive underside, lightly touching his fingernails to my sac, and generally driving every thought out of my brain. After a few minutes of this, when he licked his fingers and rubbed them against my ass hole, I let loose with one of the strongest orgasms of my life.

“Shit! Kal, don’t… God, I’m going to cum!” I moaned as I felt my balls tighten up and my dick start to quiver.

“Give it to me, Jos. I want to taste your sweet cum in my mouth. I want to feel you blast your load against my tonsils. Give it to me, I want it all!”

“Kal… oh God! Kal, I’m cumming!” I groaned, barely managing to stay quiet enough that dad wouldn’t wake up.

“Mmmm,” he sighed as my thick ropey semen blasted into his throat. Kal wasn’t quite able to swallow it all, so I turned around and kissed his face clean before leaning in to kiss him deeply on the lips. For a few minutes we rested together, my head on his shoulder, thinking about what had just happened. It didn’t last for long though, I couldn’t believe how turned on tasting my own spunk had made me, as even my dick was still hard and ready for action.

I shyly offered to repay the kindness, to which he smiled and shook his head a bit. I was confused for a second, but was soon cleared up in that respect. Kalin had had another idea about how to ease his own throbbing erection.

He rolled me over onto my stomach and straddling my waist, began to slowly and firmly knead my shoulders. I could feel his hard cock against me every time he leaned into the massage, could even detect the tip, still leaking precum, as he leaned down to kiss my well tanned back. As he worked, he slowly moved his hands lower and lower on my body, until he was finally rubbing my ass. With each gentle squeeze I could feel the cool air against that most sensitive of orifices, and feel the sphincter of it getting pulled gently this way and that. Reaching behind himself he motion for me to pull my legs a bit apart, and he eased into the space created.

Kalin then continued his massage over each thigh and calf muscle, until things got to the point where I felt so relaxed that it seemed as if I didn’t have any bones anymore. The only thing marring that relaxed state was an ever-hardening prick, nearly impaling me in my own stomach. While I relished the feeling of his soft hands on my thighs, and his kisses caressing my butt, I was really starting to wish for another mind-shattering blowjob.

Then a kiss, and another, and then a warm, wet tongue was being applied to my asshole and that bit of skin between it and my balls. My inner thighs where Kalin’s hands still rested felt like jelly. My stomach was quivering inside from his ministrations to my posterior, and I was so nervous that each press of his tongue against my asshole threatened to turn me inside out.

“Relax, big bro,” Kal whispered at my ear, the weight of his chest pressed against my back, and his cock nestled against my as crack, “it won’t hurt. Not hardly at all, if you just loosen up and relax for me.” God how I loved the feel of his breath on my ear.

I really did try to relax more at that point, but when he coated a finger and my ass with some K-Y gel, and shoved… I still thought I was being ripped from stem to stern. Slowly, slowly, the pain ebbed as my hole stretched, and he was able at last, to get three fingers inside of me.

When he removed those fingers, with me instinctively trying to suppress that need-to-shit urge, I was amazed to notice just how empty I felt. As if those fingers had suddenly become my world. I simply ached to be filled back up again. Though not by the gigantic dick seeking entrance there now. Oh my God! Kalin might be an average 8″ long but has a girth that would likely make a horse gasp. Slowly and gently he eased that monster up my rectum, each movement shear agony as my ass tried but just couldn’t quite adjust enough.

“Oh yeah!” Kalin groaned and with a tremendous thrust skewered me on the last inch and a half of his dick. My nuts exploded as I felt his balls slam against me, coating the top sheet of the bed with my cum. Kal began thrusting against me, as tears streamed down my face. In pain, yes, but also of happiness, enjoying the feelings of this act of lust. After riding me slowly and methodically for a bit, Kal started to gasp with each movement into my ass, one of his hands slipped around my waist to jerk my cock while the other remained braced against my hips to pull me closer and closer each time.

Just as I came for the third time that night, Kalin tensed and started to shoot his load up my ass. As he blasted away, he slowly stroked us both, milking every last drop from our now spent pricks. We collapsed in a heap on the bed, his dick slowly falling out of me as nature took its course.

Afterwards, we lay there, my arm across his chest, just relaxing and rejoicing in the newfound warmth between two people that were more than just brothers. The future might be more difficult, especially with our dad around, but the risk would be more than paid for by the love and pleasure we had found. We ended up spending that night, as well as others together, even though we did have to do some fast-talking in the morning when dad saw us leaving my room together.

“What do you two do at night that requires you both to be in the same room? You both have perfectly serviceable beds of your own!”

“Honestly, dad! What do you think? That we were up all night screwing around?! Ha ha ha….”

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