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Learning to Give at the Gloryhole

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As I stated in my earlier story, I had lived a relatively average, suburban, heterosexual lifestyle. My detailed fantasy life, however, had significant homosexual activity. Fantasy and reality had remained separated, until the fateful day when I entered a gloryhole in a Manhattan video store and gotten a blowjob. While I felt ashamed / confused about having received oral from another man, the blow job itself was quite exceptional. 

In the immediate days after my first encounter, I had resolved myself that it was a one shot deal – no more man sex for me. However, about 4-5 days after the encounter, I found myself jerking off to more thoughts of man-on-man sex. More troubling to me was not only that I had enjoyed receiving oral, but now I kept wondering about giving oral. The more I tried to push the thoughts out of my head, the more I kept imagining having a cock in my mouth, and the harder my own cock would get. When I would masturbate, what got me most aroused and what became my singular focus was having a cock in my mouth and making it cum.

Each night as I would head towards the train at Penn Station, I would fight the urge to return to the video store and its gloryholes. While I did not initially cave, I would wind up with a raging hard-on as I walked through the cavernous train station, often hiding my rager with my bag as I took my seat on the always crowded car. 

Finally, about 3 weeks after my first encounter, I found myself making a last minute turn and heading towards the video store. It was like I was in a daze, drawn uncontrollably towards the taboo pleasure palace. My heart was racing and I quickly ducked in the front door, paranoid

I would be seen. Although I had been in there before to buy porn, my sense of guilt that I was there for another reason started to feed my paranoia – do all these people know I have a cock-sucking fantasy?

I perused the video display (hetero titles of course), waiting for the time to enter a booth. My cock took over and I quickly entered a booth, locked the door and fed a wad of singles into the machine. Instead of flipping to find a nice hetero scene, I left the screen as is – a man sucking on a large cock. I noticed that the booth next to me was occupied and, my heart pulsating at an insane pace, I held my breath and put my finger on the hole. 

While it seemed like an eternity – had I made a huge mistake? – it was actually only seconds later that soft cock was put up to the hole. My first thought was to laugh as my cock was perpetually hard in any kind of adult place. I knelt down and touched it. It twitched a little and I kind of held it with my hand, looking at it for a split second. Then I stuck out my tongue and licked the tip and then the sides. It was starting to grow but still was not fully hard. Next I put the head in my mouth. It certainly felt different than anything I had done before, the head was spongy even as the staff was starting to get rigid. While it was new and different, it was also somewhat right and almost familiar. 

After the initial taste, I started sucking more and more of the cock into my mouth. Quickly the entire cock was hard. Although people often write of these gargantuan

cocks, this cock was neither small nor large – about 5-6 six inches and seemingly a perfect fit for my novice mouth. I continued to put more and more of it into my mouth with each passing suck. Eventually I was taking all of the cock into my mouth, until my face would press up to the wall of the gloryhole. After a few minutes I had to rest briefly. As I released his cock, he shook it in the hole as if to say “Hey, you’re not done” And I certainly wasn’t. I put my mouth on the cock and started to suck harder and with a quicker pace. At the same time I knew he was close because he was starting to buck his hips into my mouth, trying to get as deep as possible down my throat. 

Suddenly, without warning, he pulled his cock out of my mouth. Briefly I wondered if I had done something wrong, but then looked through the hole and saw my companion shooting a rather impressive load onto his video screen. I then saw his hand wipe off his cock with a tissue and start to close up his pants. 

I sat back on my chair and a million thoughts raced through my head. I was struck by the whole surreal nature of what had happened – I had just sucked a cock, even though I was straight. Also, I had just made another man cum and, other than detecting a Spanish accent when he groaned, I knew nothing of the man – not his name, his looks or even height or weight. As my heart started to slow down slightly, I was hit with a similar sense of quilt and overwhelming need to sneak out of the store. The guilt was not nearly as strong as a few weeks prior, possibly due to the fact that I hadn’t cum and therefore my hormones were still calling the shots. Nonetheless, I

did slip out of the booth and the store and headed back to by suburban, heterosexual sanctuary. 

Once home, my wife was heading out and I was able to distract myself getting the kids ready for bed. After they were in bed, I thought back to the events of the afternoon and the shame quickly gave way to a raging hard-on. I took my cock out and started stroking myself, thinking back to the cock I had recently sucked. I was almost high on hormones. I shot a big load all over my chest. As I glanced at the clock I saw that it took only 4-5 hours for me to get comfortable knowing that I had not only sucked a cock but really enjoyed it.

The very next day I was alarmed not by what I had done, but by the fact that I was feeling little shame. In fact, I was feeling really horny, eager to suck some more cock. By the early part of the next week, I left my office, heading home, knowing that I wanted to stop by my new favorite place. I ducked in the store and headed straight for the booths – I was done pretending that I was there for any other purpose.

I put my money in the video booth and waited briefly for someone to enter the adjoining booth. (I would come to understand over time that rush hour was often a great time for quick action at these gloryholes). I heard a person enter the booth and close the door. I got on my knees to peer through the hole and surmised that a construction worker had just entered, due to his jeans and flannel shirt. 

I put my finger on the hole and sure enough he started to open his jeans. My mystery neighbor had an impressive lump in his briefs and he quickly pulled out a cock that was both thicker and longer than mine. It wasn’t soft, but wasn’t fully rigid either, but looked great anyway. He placed it in the hole.

As with the week before, I started with licking the head of the cock, but less tentative than before. The cock was getting more rigid and I placed the spongy head into my mouth. It was definitely larger than my first cock, but was still spongy and felt great in my mouth. I then started slowly sucking up and down onto his now rock hard shaft. Since this cock was larger, I was not immediately able to take it all in my mouth, stopping about an inch from the wall.

My companion was obviously enjoying my hard work and started bucking his hips lightly. I was encouraged and started trying to take more of it down my throat. I eventually got myself all the way to the wall, but started to gag the way I had heard girls complain. However, I was not to be deterred and kept at it.

Besides having a bigger cock than me, this guy had pretty good stamina. I was now sucking most of his cock and applying pretty good sucking pressure on his stick – this wasn’t the courtesy lick that a reluctant girlfriend provides to appease a persistent boyfriend. I was swallowing most of his cock and sucking hard. I was sucking so hard, in fact that my jaw was starting to get a bit sore – nothing painful, but definitely worn out.

In an effort to get a break, I stopped sucking momentarily and started licking up and down his shaft. I also stuck my fingers in the whole and fondled, as best I could, his proportionately large (and cum filled) balls. Apparently my friend was pretty hot and he starting bucking his hips more, his cock jutting into the open air of my booth. 

I restarted my sucking, taking as much cock in my mouth and increasing my tempo. In turn, he started to buck faster and I sensed he was near orgasm. Sure enough, I felt him pause and I quickly pulled my mouth off (I didn’t want to swallow). As I reached to touch his cock he twitched, let out a deep groan and his cock started jetting out cum. The load was easily twice as much as I had shot on my best day. It flew right into my face and onto my hand. As his cock pulsed, more cum came out, putting and impressive load on my face for the first time. 

As soon as he finished shooting, he quickly pulled his cock back in, pulled up his pants and was gone in less than 30 seconds. I was left kneeling, with warm cum on my face and hands and my own cock as hard as it had ever been. I wasn’t sure if I had ever been so turned on before in my life. I quickly dropped my pants and started to tug on my had-on. I don’t normally have great stamina, but now I was so turned on I came almost instantly, firing my load into the corner of the booth. I sat there, pants at my ankles, cum on my face and hands and only then realized how sweaty I was and that my heart was racing.

The high of my orgasm was subsiding and I quickly felt the need to leave. I wiped the cum off as best I could, pulled up my pants and slinked out of the booth and store. As I walked towards the train station, I felt both guilt and excitement. My skin felt weird and I was wondering: is there cum on my face? Does everyone see it? Before heading to my train, I ducked into the bathroom. While not the cleanest place, I needed to wash my face. I looked in the mirror and while it wasn’t a facial from a porn movie, there were definitely tell-tale signs of his load on my face, particularly a missed glob near my ears. I quickly rinsed it all off and made my way towards my train.

As I sat down everyone else was moving and sitting – business as usual. I sat there replaying the events of the past hour and week and was pleased with what I had done. In my mind, I had gone “all the way” and reached kind of the sexual mountain top. It was only over the next few months and years that I realized just how much greater fun there was to be had.

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