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The Camping Trip

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Teresa took one last look before closing the trunk of her car. She had been looking forward to this little get-away for some time and didn’t want anything to go awry. If she forgot something now it would be a long hike out of the Rockies before she could get it. Being sure that she hadn’t missed anything, she closed the trunk, checked the ties on the canoe and locked the front door.

Each year since collage the three friends had gotten together for this hiking and camping trip into the high country east of San Francesco.

Even after 10 years, two marriages and three children, they still found the time to get away together. This would be the first year that Patty wouldn’t be able to make it. She and her family had just moved to LA two months before. Her husband Joe had just taken the new job and they were still working to settle into the new house. With the kids in a new school Patty was reluctant to leave them and Joe alone. She had promised to make sure to make it the next year and felt bad that she was the first of the three to have to back out. Both Teresa and Michelle assured her that they understood and that she would be sorely missed.

After stopping to top off the tank Teresa jumped on the freeway and headed to Michelle’s house. Knowing how Michelle was about being ready Teresa had told her that she would be there the hour before. No sooner had she taken the exit when her cell rang.


“Where are you Teresa?” Michelle asked. ” I have been sitting here for a half hour now. Mom has been here for an hour now.”

“I’m just turning onto Samson St. now. You all ready?”

“Of course Tee! I’m all packed. Mom and I went food shopping early this morning. I called Nick last night and he has agreed to pick up Jenny from school so Mom doesn’t have to.”

“You mean he didn’t freak out?” Teresa said shocked. “That’s rare!”

“Yeah, I know,” Michelle giggled. “I had to promise to not bitch next month when he is late with the support. He and that bitch of his have plans to go away.”

“OK, I am turning onto your street now. Be there in 10 seconds.”

“I see you. Bye!”

Four hours later found the two friends sitting in a booth at the restaurant that was part of a complex of buildings that serviced the crowds who came out for a day of tubing and water fun. Teresa paid for the weeks parking while Michelle ordered for both of them. With it being a Monday the crowds were light. The two collage kids who worked the counter jumped at the offer of $30 to unload the canoe and their packs while they ate. After paying the check they walked to the docks to find the canoe loaded and ready to go.

“Hold on a minute Tee. I need to change out of these clothes. I expected it to be cooler.”

” It is pretty warm. Maybe I’ll change too. Once we get going I don’t want to stop till we get to the site.”

After digging through their gear they headed to the bathhouse to change. Being roommates in collage for three years both had long since lost any shyness about nudity. Michelle’s slim figure and long blond hair contrasted Teresa’s exotic looks and jet-black hair. While stepping into a pair of denim shorts Teresa noticed Michelle smiling at her.

“What’s so funny?” Teresa asked.

“Ohh nothing really.” Michelle said shyly.

“We have been friends to long for me to buy that.” Teresa giggled.

“I’m just admiring your breasts Tee.” Michelle blushed. “I always thought they were nice. I’m just amazed at how well they have held up all these years. Are you embarrassed?”

“Ten years ago I might have been.” Teresa laughed. ” But now I am proud. It’s called a bra hun.”

Tying her bathing suit top in place Teresa winked at her old friend and smiled.

“Ready?” Teresa asked.

Michelle pulled the blue tank top into place before turning and heading to the door.

“I am now.” Michelle said.

Both Teresa and Patty had always known that Michelle enjoyed both men and women. But she had never made a move on either of them. Her interest in other women had pretty much remained unspoken even to her ex. Only after she caught him with a woman in his office did she explore that part of her nature again. Teresa had even met and had dinner with one of Michelle’s friends who was a lovely woman. As they walked toward the door Teresa blushed at finding herself admiring her friends figure. She had fantasies of course but never truly considered acting on them.

Once on the river they chatted as they paddled deeper into the back woods. Teresa couldn’t shake the image of Michelle’s body from her mind no matter how hard she tried. Even as roommates ten years before, the thought intrigued her. But Michelle never gave the impression she was interested. At least Teresa never thought she did. Now as they paddled she recalled all the times Michelle would come cuddle with her and talk about the different guys they were dating. When Patty was home she was nothing but proper though.

Two hours on the river together and alone emboldened Teresa enough to finally ask the question that had been bugging her.

“Can I ask you something Michele?”

“Sure Tee. Ask away.” Michelle said over her shoulder.

Sitting at the back of the canoe and not having to look directly at Michelle seemed to make asking the question all the more easier.

“Why didn’t you ever make a move on me?” Teresa blushed.

Fir what seemed like an eternity Michelle didn’t answer. Teresa could feel the embarrassment washing over her as the seconds ticked by. She was just about to blurt out an apology when Michelle smiled and answered.

“Well, to be honest Tee, I never thought you were interested. I know Patty isn’t. She made that quite clear back in collage. I always thought you were sexy. But the only times we get together these days is when Patty is with us and she would never understand.”

“Ohh, OK.” Teresa smiled as they paddled along.

“Does the idea interest you tee?”

“I don’t really know hun.” Teresa replied honestly. “The idea of it has always intrigued me. But I never acted on it. I was just wondering is all. It’s been on my mind since I noticed you looking back in the changing room.”

Michelle just giggled and changed the subject. The next few hours passed uneventfully as they paddled their way to the campsite the three women had been using for ten years. Neither woman mentioned it again but Teresa couldn’t help watching Michelle as they paddled along. Her eyes kept drifting down along Michelle’s sweat soaked tank top. She admired how her friend’s tiny waist tapered out to her wide hips and firm round butt.

As each hour passed she found herself more and more intrigued at the thought of her friends lips pressed against hers. She tried to rationalize it as just a fantasy derived from her rather long dry spell. It had been six months since her last date and two years since her breakup. Besides her regular use of her favorite toy it had been some time since a sexual experience with another person. It had also been a week since she last made use of her little friend. Some time soon she would have to get by herself and relieve the tension that was surely building in her. She vowed to herself to find some time later that night for herself.

Once at the site they quickly made camp and started a fire. By early evening they had finally finished.

“Want to get a fire going for dinner?” Teresa asked.

“To be honest, I need to wash off.” Michelle answered. All that paddling has me drenched to the skin. I think I’m going to go down to the river for a bit. Want to come?”

“I……I think I’ll collect some wood for the fire.” Teresa stammered blushing. “Maybe I’ll come down in a little while.”

“All right Tee.” Michelle smiled. “See you there!”

Michelle grabbed the soap and a towel from her pack and slowly walked off toward the river. Teresa’s heart raced as she watched her dear friend walk off. She was sure Michelle’s invitation was more then just casual. Her face flushed, her nipples stiffened and a warm tingling of desire washed over her as the years of fantasies raced through her mind. A part of her wanted to get up and follow her friend to the river. But another was embarrassed that she was even considering it. Without thinking her hand slowly started to caress the soft skin along her thigh. Still confused and shocked at the building desire she was feeling for another woman she allowed her fingers to dance over her shorts and trace circles over her clit. Waves of passion washed over her and the erg to relieve her sexual tension grew stronger.

“What am I doing?” She thought to herself as her fingers continued to lightly caress her pussy. “I can’t do this now. Michelle can come back at any minute.”

A wave of passion washed over her and her nipples ached under her top. She leaned back a bit to allow her hand to slip under the band of her shorts and slide between her damp lips. Teresa shuddered as her fingers danced over her clit. The thought of her old friend returning to find her masturbating instead of embarrassing her now filled her with lust. She burned for the touch of another person. Still embarrassed that the other person she desired was her best friend Teresa pulled her hand away and sat there dazed. Her body ached for sexual release. But these new thoughts confused her.

“The cold water of the river will help.” She told herself. I’ll go wash off and that will help. I can wait until Michelle goes to sleep tonight and then find some place quite to do this.”

She slowly stood and walked toward the bank as she tried to bury her desires. As she approached she found Michelle standing naked in thigh deep water. Her friend was bent at the waist and slowly lathering her leg when she looked up and smiled. She stood and turned to face Teresa who stood on the bank of the river almost as if in a dream.

“Change your mind Tee?” She smiled. “You’re just in time to wash my back. Get out of those things and come join me.”

Teresa stood there for what seemed like an eternity. She had seen Michelle naked before. All those years in collage as roommates and the years of camping trips had made it impossible that she wouldn’t. None of the three women had been exactly shy about their bodies. Even the redheaded Patty had joined them in the river at times. Teresa was sure Patty knew of Michelle’s sexual tendencies but never seemed shy about being nude in front of them. Why did she hesitate now?

“Well just don’t stand there silly.” Michelle giggled. “You coming in or not?”

Almost as if in a dream Teresa reached up and untied her top. A cool wind blew over her breasts as she dropped the top onto the pile of Michelle’s clothes. Too embarrassed now to look at Michelle, she hooked her fingers into the band of her shorts and pushed them over her hips. She stood there for a moment in her panties not sure what to do next. It was then that she noticed Michelle looking at her with the same expression she had earlier in the day when they were changing. Teresa could feel the sexual tension in the air. In a moment of boldness she slipped out of her panties and walked toward her friend.

The cool water at first shocked her was she walked out to where Michelle still stood smiling. Teresa could feel her gaze on her body, which only made the unfulfilled passion burning in her to burn hotter. Her breasts ached to be touched and the tingling between her legs sent wave after wave of passion rushing through her. As she reached Michelle she took the soap from her hand. Michelle turned around without a word and stood waiting.

Teresa could feel every nerve in her body tingle as she looked at Michelle as if for the first time. Michelle’s long blond hair was pulled into a ponytail that hung to the middle of her back. Her petite frame tapered to a small waist, which in turn highlighted her wide hips and firm round buttocks. Michelle’s alabaster skin glistened in the evening light that filtered through the canopy of the trees. Small dark nipples that seemed to fit her tipped her small conical breasts. Teresa had always admired them when compared to her large firm breasts. Michelle’s nipples seemed to stand out from her breasts like firm little cherries on top of two sundaes. Teresa’s nipples, though firm and hard when stimulated, were almost lost in the size of her breasts in comparison.

Almost as if apart from her body Teresa reached out and slowly worked the soap over Michelle’s back. Warmth centered between her thighs washed over her as she ran her hands over her friend’s body. She felt the warm smoothness of Michelle’s skin against her palms as she slowly worked the soap to lather. Without conscious thought she ran her hands over Michelle’s shoulders and down the small of her back. As her hands ran lower across Michelle’ s firm hips Michelle seemed to shudder.

“Mmmmmm,” Michelle said, “That feels so good Tee. A little lower.”

As if not in control of her own body Teresa’s hands slipped lower and slowly caressed Michelle’s firm bottom. Chills shot through her as her fingers danced over Michelle’s buttocks. She ran her hands down over Michelle’s soft skin and between her cheeks until she could feel the warmth from between Michelle’s thighs. Sudden realization of the moment froze Teresa in indecision. The real possibility of what was happening sank in and filled her with indecision. Both women stood there not moving or talking. Teresa’s fingers were inches from Michelle’s pussy. She was at the point of no return and knew it. Go farther and she was sure she would succumb to desire. But if she stopped now she was sure Michelle would not persue it.

Almost as if understanding Teresa’s indecision, Michelle stepped away and turned to face her. Smiling, Michelle knelt down and washed off the soap. After a moment She stood again and reached for the soap.

“Here Tee, let me wash you now.”

Flush with passion Teresa turned and waited. Ever so gently Michelle ran her hands over Teresa’s shoulders and wide back. Her touch sent shocks through Teresa’s body. Her copper toned skin tingled as Michelle’s hands danced over her body. Ever so slowly Michelle moved lower. Teresa’s knees went weak as Michelle slowly caressed her hips. A shudder ran through her when she felt Michelle’s soft touch caress her bottom. Her nipples hardened and her clit ached as Michelle gently ran her fingers between Teresa’s thighs. Teresa could feel the wetness between her thighs at the thought of Michelle’s fingers caressing her lips. She sighed as Michelle’s fingers moved closer to where she now needed them to be.

Then suddenly Michelle withdrew her hands. In surprise Teresa looked back at her friend in begging want.

“Turn around Tee.” Michelle giggled. “I need to wash the front.”

Electric shocks shot through Teresa as she turned to face her old friend. She could feel her clit burn and her lips part at the anticipation of Michelle’s touch. Michelle reached out and slowly ran her soapy hands over Teresa’s breasts and shoulders. Teresa went weak and leaned into her friend as wave after wave of sexual want washed over her. As of their own accord, her hands rose and found Michelle’s firm little breasts. Michelle sighed and shuddered as Teresa’s fingers danced over her hardened nipples. Any shyness that remained disappeared as Teresa leaned in to find Michelle’s lips. The softness of Michelle’s kisses were different then any man’s she had known. Teresa could feel Michelle’s hands dance over her tummy and tease the dark hair between her legs. Her tongue danced over Michelle’s lips ever so softly. In return Michelle’s tongue reached out until it found hers. Wave after wave of passion washed over Teresa as she lost herself in the moment.

Michelle’s fingers danced over Teresa’s hair again but didn’t stop there. As her lips moved to Teresa’s neck her fingers slid lower until they parted her lips and found her now engorged clit.

“Oh god yes.” Teresa moaned. “Don’t stop.”

“Mmm, you’re so wet Tee.” Michelle whispered in her ear.

Without a word Michelle pulled her now wet fingers from Teresa’s wanting clit and raised them to her lips. Smiling She slipped them into her mouth.

“Mmmm, you taste so good Tee. You have me so wet right now.”

With that she grabbed Teresa’s hand from her breast and guided in between her legs. Teresa could feel Michelle’s full lips against her hand and did what she liked when she masturbated. Ever so gently she slipped her fingers down between Michelle’s lips. Michelle’s wetness coated her fingers as she parted them to find her clit. Teresa was shocked at its size. It seemed to stand out of it’s own from Michelle’s large thick lips. Michelle moaned deeply as her fingers slowly circled the thick button. The excitement she was surely giving Michelle excited Teresa even more. Not knowing why Teresa brought her hand to her own lips. She had never tasted a woman other then herself and burned with the desire. She could smell Michelle’s musky dampness as she raised her fingers to her lips. Just as Michelle had done, She placed them to her lips and sucked them in. The sexiness of the moment sent waves of joy through her. The taste of Michelle’s pussy made her want more. Michelle’s hand had returned to her clit as she slowly caressed Teresa’s lips.

“I want to lick you.” Teresa moaned. ” I want to feel you cum as my tongue caresses your clit.”

Teresa’s boldness seemed to shock Michelle for a moment. Then without a word she took Teresa’s hand and led her to the riverbank. Once there she took the towel and laid it out.

“Lay down.” Michelle almost seemed to demand.

Teresa laid on the towel and looked up to Michelle wondering what to expect. Michelle smiled before knelling beside her to kiss her softly. Then without a word Michelle swung her leg over Teresa’s shoulder to straddle her face.

“Relax and just do what comes to you Tee.” Michelle said before leaning down.

Teresa laid there looking up at her friend’s obviously wet pussy. The sounds and smells of the forest mixed with the damp musky smell of Michelle’s pussy now inches from her face. Teresa laid therefore a moment and admired it. She took in the differences between her own and this one now obviously excited. A small tuft of sandy blond hair gave way to thick pouting lips that parted to reveal a large thick clit. Without thinking Teresa reached out with one hand to caress that lovely clit. She could feel and see Michelle’s wetness as it coated her fingers and glistened on her lips. Suddenly She felt something warm and wet dance over her clit. A wave of electric shocks shot through her causing her to shudder. Michelle’s tongue danced lightly over her lips until it found her clit. Teresa was not new to oral sex but this was different. Michelle seemed to know exactly what to do to bring the most pleasure. As Michelle took Teresa’s clit between her lips Teresa arched her back to push her now throbbing clit into her friends mouth.

Teresa could feel her body respond as her orgasm built. Without thinking she reached up, cupped Michelle’s bottom and pulled her pussy to her lips. Her tongue reached out to dance over Michelle’s clit.

“Mmmm that feels so good Tee. I’m going to cum!”

“Ohh god yes!” Teresa mumbled into her friend’s pussy. “Don’t stop!”

Teresa’s own passion drove her on to bring Michelle the same joy. By the way Michelle was moving against Teresa’s lips and tongue it was obvious that Teresa was doing a fair job. Then suddenly she felt Michelle stiffen and press her pussy hard against Teresa’s mouth. Teresa’s face was suddenly awash with Michelle’s orgasm.

“OHHHH Yes Tee! I’m cumming!!!!”

Feeling and tasting her friend’s joy was more then Teresa could stand and wave after wave of one of the strongest orgasms she had ever experienced crashed through her body. Ever so slowly they both teased each other down from their orgasmic high until Michelle rolled off to the side. Neither spoke for the longest time as they basked in the warm glow. Michelle was the first to move. Sitting up she lightly traced circles over Teresa’s breasts.

“Was it what you hoped Tee?” Michelle smiled.

“Better!” Teresa smiled as she caressed Michelle’s thigh. “Can we do it again?”

“Of course silly! But right now we need to get a fire going before the sun sets. We have all week together.”

Leaning to kiss Teresa’s lips Michelle stood, grabbed the pile of clothes and walked off toward the campsite. Teresa laid there staring up into the late day sky still basking in the pleasure of what just took place. She hadn’t sought or expected what happened but wasn’t shy in admitting to herself that it was something she would gladly do again. After a few moments she got up and followed Michelle to the camp.

Neither of them talked about what happened while they built a fire and ate. Neither of them bothered to put on more then shorts either. Teresa found herself watching Michelle with desire and knew Michelle was watching her as well. Teresa could feel her pussy grow wetter with each passing moment and couldn’t wait to taste that sweet pussy again.

“Are you sorry it happened” Michelle finally said. “I wasn’t to sure if I was reading you right and hope it doesn’t effect our friendship”

“Oh god no.” Teresa smiled. “I loved it and can’t wait to get you out of those shorts.”

“Ohh good.” Michelle seemed to sigh. “Patty could never look me in the face again.”

“You and Patty?!?” Teresa asked shocked. “I would never have thought Patty had ever even considered it.”

“It was backing collage. One night we all had gone out together. Remember Tommy Aston? The guy from your art history class?”

“Yes! I remember him.” Teresa smiled mischievously. “He was a good lover with the largest cock I had ever seen. But we had little in common besides the sex and broke up after a few weeks. Why do you ask?”

“Remember the first night you two got together?”

“Sure.” Teresa smiled. “We all had gone to that bar off campus and he came up and started talking to me. We went back to the apartment together.”

“Well Patty and I stayed for a while longer and got pretty drunk. I was always hot for her but never thought she was into women. So I just never made a move. We came home and were in the living room watching TV together. All giggly from and pretty drunk and you two were not exactly quiet.”

“Ohh.” Teresa blushed. “We didn’t know anyone was there.”

“Don’t be embarrassed Tee. We weren’t” Michelle winked and smiled. “I was just about to go to my room and masturbate when out of the Blue Patty leaned over and kissed me. Now that I think about it I think hearing you two and all the drinks had her pretty horny. If you remember she wasn’t dating much around then.”

“I remember. I thought she would burn out her vibrator as often as she used it.” Teresa giggled.

“Well one thing led to another and we ended up using her vibrator together most of the night. The next morning when she woke up she couldn’t look at me and avoided me for weeks.”

“I remember that!” Teresa said. “I just figured you two were fighting over some guy at the bar.”

“Well, since then she has made a point to never be alone with me. I think she is embarrassed and fears that she might do it again.” Michelle laughed.

“Well don’t you worry about that hun. I can’t wait for it to happen again,” Teresa giggled.

And to prove the point she leaned toward Michelle and kissed her long and hard as her hand came up to caress Michelle’s small firm breast. Breaking the kiss both women sat for a moment looking into each other’s eyes as Teresa’s hand continued to caress Michelle’s breast.

With out a word Teresa stood, dropped her shorts to the ground and walked toward the tent.

“You coming?” She said over her shoulder.

“Not yet but I plan to.” Michelle giggled as she stood dropped her shorts and followed.

Teresa sat by the river naked and sipping a cup of coffee as she thought about the night before. She couldn’t count how many times Michelle brought her to orgasm with both her mouth and her fingers. She was still basking in the glow as she thought about the joys she felt and gave.

“Morning!” Michelle smiled as she walked p and sat beside her friend.

Teresa looked to her friend and smiled. Michelle hadn’t bothered to dress yet either. Why bother after last night? There wasn’t a part of either of them that the other hadn’t caressed or licked. Modesty seemed pointless. For the longest time neither said a word as they enjoyed the warm morning and each other’s company.

“I was thinking about taking a hike up to the caves.” Michelle finally said. “Want to come?”

“Sure dear! It sounds like fun! We can pack some lunch and make a day of it.”

“Do you think we should get dressed? ” Michelle giggled.

“Hmmmm, as much as I like that sexy butt of yours I think we should. Who knows if anyone else is out on those hiking trails.” Teresa smiled.

An hour later they made sure their campfire was out and headed north towards the caves. Both wore nothing more then a pair of shorts. But they made sure to keep their bathing tops handy just in case. The caves were a three-hour hike through the deep woods. They picked up the trail not far north of their camp. After ten years of coming here they both knew the way well. The time passed quickly as both flirted and giggled. Two hours had passed and both were starting tire and had run out of something to say. Michelle led while Tee followed admiring her friend’s sexy bottom. She was about to suggest that they take a little break by the stream not far ahead for some afternoon fun when they both heard what they were sure were voices. Not saying a word, they both dropped their packs and tied their tops in place.

“Want to go around?” Teresa asked quietly.

“Lets see who it is first.”

Both women moved as quietly as possible so not to give away their position. You can never be sure who was out here and they were two women alone. It only made sense to be careful. Who ever it was had stopped by the stream Teresa was thinking about a few moments ago. They both walked slowly to the edge of the woods that opened onto a small clearing by the stream and stopped dead in their tracks.

A dark haired man was lying on a blanket by the stream. Astride him sat a lovely dark skinned beauty with jet-black curly hair. Completely nude, she had her head tilted back while her hands steadied her on his chest. With obvious lust she was riding him with abandon. Teresa and Michelle were too far away to hear what they were saying but it was obvious that the two were close to climax. Teresa walked to Michelle and whispered in her ear.

“Should we go around?”

Mmmmm no, I want to watch silly.” Michelle replied as she turned to kiss Teresa.

Michelle’s hand had found its way into Teresa’s shorts to her pussy. She slowly caressed Teresa’s clit as they watched the scene before them. The woman was moaning loudly now as she continued to ride his hard cock for all it was worth. Then suddenly she fell onto his chest as her orgasm washed over her. Michelle’s hand continued to wonder over Teresa’s clit as Teresa leaned back into her friend. Her own fingers first sought out and then found Michelle’s damp pussy. After a moment the woman slid off the man and moved lower. His thick cock glistened in the sunlight covered with her juices. The woman took it in her hand and lowered her head to take it between her lips. Both women continued to finger each other as she ever so slowly worked her lips along his long thick length.

“Ohh god.” Michelle whispered. “I can almost feel it inside of me.”

“Mmmmmm yes.” Teresa sighed.

The man had moved his hands to the woman’s head as she continued to take as much of him into her mouth as she could. Suddenly without warning he moaned.

“OH YES! I’m cumming baby!”

Michelle and Teresa could see clearly as the woman took as much of his cum as she was able. After slowing she released his now wilting member and lay on his chest. The show was more then either of them could take as both Michelle and Teresa climaxed together. After a moment they composed themselves. Teresa was about to suggest they go around again when Michelle boldly walked into the clearing.

“HI!” Michelle said loudly as she walked toward the couple.

Hearing Michelle both of them jumped and scrambled to find their clothes. Not knowing what else to do, Teresa followed her friend and walked toward to couple.

“Well it’s a little late for that.” Michelle giggled to the two as they worked to put their clothes on. “We’ve been standing there for some time now.”

“You have?” The woman said in shock. “You saw us?”

“Of course silly.” Michelle smiled. ” Don’t be embarrassed. My name is Michelle and this is Teresa. We are camping down by the river and were out for a hike when we saw you.”

“I’m Ted,” The man said as he pulled up his shorts. “And this is Mandy. We didn’t know anyone else was out here.”

“We didn’t either until we heard you.” Teresa said as she joined Michelle.

“Ohh god, I am so embarrassed.” Mandy said as she pulled up her panties.

“Don’t be silly.” Teresa smiled. “We’re all adults and it’s not like we haven’t done the same.”

Mandy didn’t seem to catch Teresa’s meaning but Ted surely did. He suddenly stopped dressing for a moment and smiled at both of them. Michelle just smiled and winked at him. Teresa didn’t notice. She was more interested in making Mandy comfortable.

“So where are you two camped?” Teresa asked.

“We haven’t yet. We were hiking in when we decided to stop for lunch.” Ted replied.

“Some lunch.” Michelle giggled.

“Well why don’t you both come with us?” Teresa smiled. “We have a great spot by the river and would enjoy the company'”

After talking it over Ted and Mandy agreed to join them at least for the night. Ted was more then willing while Mandy was still too embarrassed to look at either woman. The hike back to the camp gave them all a chance to chat and learn about each other. Mandy and Ted had been married for just under 15 years with two kids. Both children were girls in school. The older had just turned 13 while the youngest was 11. Now that the girls were older they both decided it was ok to leave them on their own for a week. It had been years since they taken a vacation just by them selves. With a little prodding from Teresa they admitted that the passion had waned over the years as they raised their two daughters and this trip was supposed to be a bonding experience for both of them. It was supposed to be a way of exploring each other’s sexuality again.

Teresa was leading the way with the other three following in line when Michelle dropped back to walk next to Mandy. They talked quietly for a few moments before Michelle giggled and kissed Mandy on the cheek. She then made a point to catch up to Teresa.

“Just go along with me.” Michelle said softly and winked. “Do you trust me?”

“Of course hun. What’s up?”

“You’ll see.” Michelle giggled and dropped back.

Now load enough for all to hear Michelle said. “It’s getting hot and since we have already seen you two naked, there is little reason for false modesty. I already talked to Mandy and she is fine with it.”

With that Michelle undid her top and tied it to her pack. Seeing Michelle, Teresa just giggled and followed suit. Ted didn’t say a word but his smile said volumes.

“Oh what the hell.” Mandy said and pulled her tank top over her head.

Mandy’s breasts were neither as small as Michelle’s nor as Large as Teresa’s. Well formed and tipped by large nipples, they obviously hadn’t seen the sun in some time. Michelle took the opening and offered to help Mandy apply the sun lotion she carried in her pack. To Ted’s obvious surprise, Mandy agreed. All four stopped while Michelle dug into her pack.

“Ahh, here it is!” She smiled holding up the lotion.

Mandy took it and started to apply it to her breasts while Michelle did the same to her back. Teresa just smiled knowing now what Michelle had planned. She watched quietly chatting to Ted as Michelle spread the sun block to areas beside Mandy’s back. Mandy didn’t say a word. She just relaxed and smiled at her husband as Michelle’s fingers danced along the sides of her breasts.

Ted couldn’t help but look at the three topless women now standing about him. His excitement was becoming obvious.

“Enjoying the view hunny?” Mandy giggled as she noticed his condition.

“Ted just smiled and winked at his wife before turning to follow Teresa who started to walk off once again. Mandy and Michelle followed behind talking and giggling together.

Once back to camp the four worked together to get Mandy and Ted’s Tent up before dark. Once done Mandy agreed to help Teresa start dinner while Michelle walked down to the river to fetch some water. Ted started the campfire and then sat there like the Cheshire cat watching the three women. Dinner came and went with all four sitting around over casual conversation. No one mentioned the fact that all three women were still topless.

“Well, I’m going to go wash off.” Michelle smiled. “Want to come with me Tee?”

Knowing her friend wanted to talk to her alone Teresa agreed. Both walked off to the river leaving Ted and Mandy alone. Once at the river Michelle dropped her shorts and waded into the river. Shaking her head, Teresa did the same. Now naked she walked up to Michelle who stood waiting.

“So what’s going on?” Teresa asked.

“Do you think Mandy is sexy?”

“Sure Hun. But what’s that got to do with anything?”

“We were talking back on the trail.” Michelle smiled as she reached out to caress Teresa’s breast.”

“And?” Teresa asked feeling her body responding as she lifted her hand to Michelle’s breast.

“It seems that Ted has a fantasy about Mandy with another woman. He got what you meant about us earlier and was talking to Mandy about it. She asked if we were gay and seemed disappointed when I said no. You should have seen her face light up when I said that we were bi though.”

“Really?” Teresa giggled as her fingers danced over Michelle’s pussy. “Hell I didn’t know I was until yesterday.”

“Later on when I offered the sun block she didn’t hesitate to let me spread it in places beyond her back. I could tell she liked it.”

“Yeah, so did Ted.” Teresa sighed as Michelle’s fingers danced over her clit.

“So as we walked back I suggested that I might be interested if she was willing. She was worried that Ted would be left out so I assured her that he would be welcome to join in if she was ok with that.”

“What did she say?” Teresa asked in shock.

“She told me that we would know the answer when we get back. It was her idea that we come down here and leave them alone.”

Teresa smiled as Michelle’s fingers slowly sent chills through her.

“How long are we supposed to wait?” Teresa asked.

“Not long enough for that silly. Come on. Lets go back.”

Reluctantly Teresa followed Michelle to the riverbank. Instead of dressing Michelle just picked up her shorts and walked slowly back toward camp. Teresa stood there for a second, then just picked up her shorts and followed.

“What a vacation!” She smiled to her self.

As they walked toward the fire it was obvious what Mandy had meant. Ted was on his back while Mandy had his now hard cock in her mouth. When the two women walked up they both looked to them for a moment. Mandy just smiled and returned to sucking Ted’s cock. Taking the cue, Michelle turned to Teresa and took her now hard nipple between her lips. Teresa’s hand slipped between Michelle’s legs to find her wetter then when they parted at the river. Looking over Michelle’s back she watched as Mandy took Ted’s full length into her mouth. Mandy pulled back and turned to watch the two of them as she slowly stroked Ted’s cock. After a few moments of this Teresa held her hand out to Mandy. Smiling brightly Mandy kissed Ted on the lips and stood to join them. Ever so gently Teresa reached out and cupped Mandy’s beautiful breasts. She could fell Mandy shudder as her fingers danced over her now hard nipples. Michelle stood and turned to Mandy. Their lips met as Michelle’s hands danced over Mandy’s firm body. Breaking the kiss Mandy turned to Teresa.

“We shouldn’t leave Ted all alone should we?” Mandy smiled to Teresa.

Teresa needed no more encouragement then that and walked to join Ted who was now watching his wife make love to Michelle while stroking his thick long cock. Teresa dropped beside him and took his hard cock into her mouth. Her own fingers found her clit as her passion washed over her. She could feel Ted’s cock pulse between her lips and needed more then just her hand. Turning she straddled his face and lowered herself to his eager tongue. Now facing the two women she found Mandy on her back while Michelle brought her the same kind of joy Teresa had known the day before. Between the sight of them and Ted’s tongue Teresa was fast approaching orgasm.

Turning to Ted she said, “I want you to fuck me from behind as we watch your wife cum all over Michelle’s tongue. Without a word Ted knelt and moved behind Teresa. She could feel him against her ass shuddered. Leaning onto her elbows she reached back, grabbed his cock and slipped the head between her lips until it was coated with her juices. She moved his cock into her pussy and pushed back. Electric shocks shot through her as it parted her lips and slid deep into her. Mandy and Michelle had now moved to a 69 and by the way they were laying both Ted and Teresa could watch as Michelle’s tongue danced over Mandy’s obviously excited and wet pussy. Ted started to move within her slowly.

“Fuck me hard!” She screamed

“Oh god yes! Your so fucking wet!” Ted moaned.

“I’m cumming!” Mandy cried.

That was all Teresa could take and came in wave after electric wave. She could feel Ted’s cock swell inside of her as he drove deep and came shuddering.

All four fell exhausted not moving for the longest time.

“Was it good?” Michelle asked Mandy.

Instead of replying Mandy grabbed Michelle’s hand and licked her own juices from her fingers. Then turning she crawled to Teresa.

“Good enough that I’m ready to do it again.” Mandy said as she lowered her mouth to Teresa’s cum soaked pussy.

The night passed as if in a blur as either two, three or all four took turns pleasuring each other. Teresa lost count of how many times she came. All she knew was that she was exhausted by the time they all finally fell asleep.

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