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Last Call

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I watched them most of the night. Two guys in their early twenties out trying to score some pussy. Now I have been a bartender for quite a while and they were pretty typical. Oh they tried a few lines on me, which is par for the course. I gave them a limp smile and served their drinks. I didn’t want to encourage them, but I didn’t want to blow my tip either.

As the night wore on their luck remained the same. The girls were not paying them much attention even though they were both pretty cute. I realized why the few times I overheard their pickup lines. Let’s face it, they were young and had a lot to learn. They stuck it out until closing with their luck never changing. I could tell by the sideways smiles through drunken glances that, at least in their eyes, I was quickly becoming their last chance.

I’m not above partying with the patrons, but these guys were just above jailbait. Simply not my league. But I would admit they were both pretty buff and it had been a while. I’m not sure why, but my mind started examining the pros and cons of the situation. Of course, there was two of them and one of me. That wasn’t a problem for me, but these guys seemed a bit inexperienced for that kind of thing.

Then one of those nice devilish thoughts crossed my mind. A fantasy began to take shape in the inner reaches of my mind. I make these boys so horny they can’t see straight, then I start making them do things, things they would never dream of doing. Yes, that’s when it started getting good to me. That’s when I started getting horny. Not really a challenge, mind you, for boys this young as their cocks become stiff with nothing more than a glance. But the idea of watching them do the unthinkable made the decision for me.

As was my guess, all the other customers left except my two little drunken darlings.

“OK boys, that’s it…time to go. Let’s finish them up, it’s time to go home,” I said without even looking their way.

The blonde smiled at me and said, “Your place or ours?”

I continued to wipe down the bar as if I hadn’t heard him. I wanted him to dangle out there for a bit all by himself. After several moments, I stopped wiping and gave my boys a look. It was the reprieve the blonde had hoped for.

“Well I have to admit, you boys don’t give up easily. Let’s face it, it’s just not your night.”

Undeterred, he continued, “But it could be…with you.”

Now that was the spirit I was looking for. Believe me, he would need it. I gave him a look and the slightest of smiles.

“You boys wouldn’t have the slightest clue how to handle a woman like me…how can I say this…I’m a bit out of your league.” It was all the encouragement he needed.

“Well, maybe you could teach us.” He stressed the us as if taking the two of them was going to shock me somehow. Little did he know. The plans I had for them almost seemed unfair. Almost. But now it was time to seal the deal.

“You never know…I might teach you boys things you don’t want to learn.”

“I doubt that” the blonde said unsteadily. I could tell that his subconscious was trying to tell him to slow down, think, but his drunken consciousness was not having any of that. Suddenly he was looking to his friend for a little support. “Right Pete?”

“Yeah, that’s right” his friend managed to say without sounding like a complete fool.

“From the mouth of babes…”

“Hey, just give us a try,” said the blonde.

My tone changed and so did my look. “I don’t try anything…when you go to bed with me, you do everything I want and then some.”

They both were startled by the change of demeanor, but only for a second.

“Sounds good to us.”

I gave them that smile again, the one that said I’m in control and you will not question me again. I pulled out two shot glasses and filled them with vodka. I handed them to my boys and said, “Bottoms up.” They threw them down fast as I walked across the bar and locked the door. By the time I got back to their bar stools, I noticed two distinct bulges dominating their jeans. Yes, this was going to be fun.

“What are your names?” I asked.

“Craig” the blonde replied, “This is Bob” he said pointing to his buddy. I hopped up on the bar between them and licked my lips. You could feel the sexual tension rolling off of them. Without further adieu, I pulled my shirt up over my breasts and then pulled my bra down to reveal my hard nipples. Not believing their luck, they looked at each other and smiled.

“Now lets see…we will start with something easy. Craig, you take this one… and Bob, that one.” I then slipped my hands behind their heads and gently nudged them toward my nipples. Soon I was blessed by the gentle caress of my boys doing exactly as I wanted. It felt divine. But I wanted to keep the ball in my court, so I continued to take the dominant position.

“That’s it, boys. Show me what you got. Lick it…lick it.” I rolled my tongue across my lips for moral support as I stared down at them feeding on my breasts. After working all night, their dueling tongues felt wonderful. I was surprised that Craig wasn’t that good. I would have thought otherwise as he was the dominant of the two. I had just assumed he was more experienced. But it was Bob, dark hair and rather quiet, who really knew what a sensual caress was all about. Tender, sensuous and titillating, his tongue was working wonders on my libido.

I let them feast for several minutes knowing full well their cocks were straining to the point of being painful. That’s exactly where I wanted them. There is nothing easier to control then an extremely horny young man.

I pulled back so slightly and announced, “Take your shirts off” I moaned breathlessly. No sooner were the words out of my mouth then my boys rushed to comply. Now I could see just how buff they really were. They were both muscled and trim suggesting sports of some kind.

“So you boys are friends, huh? I bet you do everything together. Ever shared a girl before?” I asked giving them a leer. Their eyes lit up with surprise. It was just as I thought. “Well…I have a feeling that you two are going to be much closer by morning time.” I reached down and began massaging those lovely bulges in their jeans. Moans escaped their mouth almost simultaneously. “Just the way I like them…nice and hard.”

Those devilish thoughts returned. My panties were growing quite damp. It was time to start working on Craig. He was the dominant one. Once he gave in, they were mine. I turned to him, and with a soft, sexy voice said, “You know…the way your friend licks my nipple is much softer…sexier.” I then turned to the Bob and said, “Here, show him how you do it…do to him just exactly what you have been doing to me.” I then pulled back so it was just the two of them.

It was the moment of truth. I could see confusion on Bob’s face. Was it the alcohol or was he resistant to my suggestion? Either way, I wasn’t going to give him time to think about it.

“No, here” I said nudging his head towards his friends bare nipple. “You do this so well…do it to him so he knows what I like.” I continued to push his head downward while giving Craig a nice big smile. That was all it took.

And just like that the Bob clasped his lips around Craig’s stiff nipple. Craig was immediately responsive to the caress although he tried to hide it. He wasn’t hiding it from me. I could see the pleasure in his eyes, but I could also see that this was new. That made me even wetter.

I kept my hand on his head as a gentle reminder in case he changed his mind. I watched as his tongue began to caress his buddy’s stiff nipple, just as he had mine. I began to massage his scalp, raking my long nails gently along the back of his head, as a sign of my approval. The blonde was now watching his friend’s tongue as it worked its magic on his nipple.

If I didn’t miss my guess, neither had ever touched another man before. And that made it all worthwhile. Once Bob relaxed a bit and started rolling his tongue sensuously across Craig’s nipple, things started to get interesting. Craig wanted to moan, but stifled it. I guided Bob to Craig’s other nipple where he jumped right in teasing it with his tongue. I glanced at the nipple he just left and found it stiff with excitement and glistening with saliva. Craig was quickly getting to the point where he didn’t care who was making him feel this good.

“See? See how nice that is?” I told Craig. He was still looking down watching his friend tease his nipple. Bob suckled his buddy’s nipple without the slightest hesitation. I removed my hand from the back of his head and moved it down to the bulge in his jeans and began rubbing him. It was a reward for doing such a good job. His cock throbbed in my hand. I knew he was getting off to the action.

Craig was digging it too, but he was going to need more to do the things I wanted him to do. I put my hand behind his head, grabbed a bunch of hair, and tilted his head towards me. I moved in for a nice wet kiss. I forced my tongue between his lips and he moaned. Now I could feel his body swaying ever so gently to his buddy’s caress and knew he was close to where I wanted him. His free ride was just about over.

I pulled away and reached down for the Bob. I grabbed his head and yanked it up towards me and planted my lips on his. I drove my tongue inside his mouth and caressed him while reaching blindly for Craig. I found him and guided him down towards his buddy’s chest. He knew what I wanted and I was glad that he offered no resistance.

Bob instinctively jerked when he felt his buddy’s lips around his nipple, but I continued to drive my tongue down his throat. And just as quickly I could feel him relax as he started to enjoy it. Craig was horny enough now where he needed no encouragement. Bob started moaning into my mouth. I could feel the juices starting to drip down my leg.

I pulled back and watched Craig for a moment. “Yes… that’s it…much better” I purred, “you are a quick learner…I like that in a man.” I turned Bob in his barstool so that he was facing away from the bar. I snuggled in behind him, mashed my exposed breasts against this back. I told Craig, “I want to see his cock. Get those pants off of him so I can see his cock.”

I nibbled Bob’s ear and watched Craig tug on the zipper to his pants. I moved my hand to Craig’s scalp giving him a gentle massage as he diligently worked to unbuckle Bob’s pants. He then grabbed the pants legs and pulled hard. Bob sat there on the stool, his cock visibly throbbing inside his underwear. He was a magnificent specimen of man. I waited for Craig to pull his underwear off as well, but he was just sitting there staring.

“Those too” I whispered. Craig grabbed his buddy’s underwear and freed his cock, which stood stiff demanding attention. Craig just stared at it, his mouth inches away. I needed to move fast.

I hopped off the bar and moved between Bob’s legs. I grabbed his cock, just at the base, and looked at Craig. I looked deep into his eyes for several moments. I wanted to connect with him. I wanted him to know that I was there, with him, for him. Once I saw that in his eyes, I bent his buddy’s cock towards my lips and gently slipped it inside.

Now I love sucking cock as much as the next person, but I knew that it was very important for me, at that moment, to impress Craig with just how great it is to suck cock. So I really expressed myself! I drove down his length in the most sensuous way, moaning and luxuriating in the hard, yet soft, warm flesh of his buddy’s cock. Craig watched intently as inch after inch of his buddy’s cock disappeared between my hungry lips. Bob moaned his approval enthusiastically.

I kept my eyes on Craig as I sucked that cock. I wanted to keep that connection with him. He watched and all but licked his lips in the process. And that’s what I wanted to see. I pulled that thick, hard cock from my mouth and aimed it at his lips. I dared him with my eyes. He wasn’t about to back down. He set his jaw, lowered his lips and took his buddy’s cock into his mouth.

We maintained eye contact as he worked his way down his buddy’s length. I smiled as his lips reached my hand at the base. The thought of him sucking his first cock, all the way down, excited me to no end. I would reward him later, but that would have to wait.

His smooth young face looked so good with a cock buried his lips. He could see the pleasure in my eyes. It was all the encouragement he needed. He began to work his buddy’s cock. There is something about cock sucking that men really lock into. This was not the first time I had witnessed it. Without the slightest bit of direction, he began to suck his buddy in long, slow strokes. The chorus of moans soon pervaded the atmosphere, which only served to encourage him more. Bob was so lost in his enjoyment that I wasn’t sure if he had figured out that his friend had taken over. Not that he would have cared.

“Yes…that’s it. Nice and slow…” I said watching that beautiful cock disappear between Craig’s lips. I guess that was when Bob put it all together. Hearing my voice and yet still having his cock sucked caused him to open his eyes and take stock of the situation. He looked down to see his cock lodged firmly in his buddy’s mouth. If it bothered him, you could have fouled me. He gave me a lazy smile of appreciation.

I rose slightly and tongued Bob’s nipple as Craig lost himself in that primitive, yet very enjoyable act of sucking cock. The one thing I was sure of was that Craig certainly didn’t consider himself a cocksucker. I’m sure it was probably the furthest thing from his mind before that evening. But he was now sucking his buddy as if he had been born to do nothing else.

I was so proud of Craig that I wanted to reward him. Besides, Bob was getting very close to climax and I didn’t want that to happen just yet. I gently pulled Craig off and hopped up into Bob’s lap. I looked at Craig and asked, “Well you do the honors?”

He smiled and grabbed Bob’s cock and guided it into me. It didn’t take much and I had his entire length within me. That young stiff cock felt so very good. I bounced on it a few times in shear enjoyment. But I had other plans.

I patted the bar where I had once sat. Craig took my hint and hopped up on the bar barely an inch away. It was hard to resist grinding against the cock inside me, but I did long enough to grab Craig’s cock and direct it to Bob’s lips. We both watched as he sucked it into his mouth. Craig thrust his hips forward making sure his buddy got plenty of cock.

Now if I didn’t know better, I would have said that Bob had sucked many a cock. He sucked and slurped on that cock like a pro. I started grinding away on his cock loving its hardness inside me. It was all I could do to prolong my first orgasm until a more opportune time.

My boys were doing all the nasty things I wanted them too, just as I had hoped. Horny young men as so easy. I was determined to make each of them swallow the others cum. That would be the ultimate conquest and I would settle for nothing less.

I pulled free long enough to re-position everyone. I pulled Bob behind me and nudged Craig to slide in before me. I then reached back and found Bob’s cock and pulled it between my legs from behind. I rubbed it several times across my clit, but didn’t let him enter me just yet. I turned around and looked at the Craig and then nudged his head down, down towards my legs, towards his buddy’s cock between my legs. With a firm hand behind his head, I directed Craig down on his buddy’s cock. He wasted no time sucking it in and lathering it up with his saliva.

I then directed his mouth towards my pussy and he got the idea. He directed his tongue to my clit and flicked it several times. Then without my direction, he reached over and grabbed his buddy’s cock and pushed it just inside my pussy. He surprised me by leaning in and licking my clit and his buddy’s cock at the same time. It was marvelous!

Bob would fuck me for a minute or two and then pop his cock out where Craig would go down on it. Then Craig would push it back into my pussy for another round. It was better than I could have hoped.

I sensed that Bob was on the edge of climax and I wanted desperately to have him shoot his entire wad into his buddy’s mouth. I would not be satisfied until they both swallowed swimming pools worth of cum.

I pulled Bob from my pussy and moved him around so that his cock was directly between Craig and me. It gave me a perfect view. I took Bob’s cock and slipped it between Craig’s lips. “He is ready for you…do me proud.”

Craig didn’t let me down. He went all the way down on Bob’s cock and stayed there. Bob moaned loudly and threw his head back. He thrust forward just once and then released into Craig’s mouth. That’s when my first orgasm cursed through my body. Craig tried his best to swallow it all, but Bob had too much volume. It started leaking out the sides of his mouth and that’s when I had my second orgasm. Bob became too sensitive and yanked his cock away. I kissed Craig and sucked the rest of the cum from his mouth.

Seconds later, I said, “Now its your turn.” Without hesitation, I moved Craig around so that his cock was bumping up against his friend’s lips. “Now, bring him off.”

Bob smiled and sucked that cock between his lips. I could tell from the look in his eye that if he hadn’t been sucking cock for years, he was certainly going to start. He sucked that cock with so much enthusiasm that Craig blew a huge load down his throat barely a minute later. And Bob obviously loved the taste of sperm. He sucked him dry and then licked his cock until it grew limp.

I watched. I was very pleased. Both my boys did everything I wanted them too. I’m sure they would tell no one and that was fine with me. But if I didn’t miss my guess, the next time they struck out at last call, they would go home and suck each other’s cock.

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