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Kim’s First Christmas Party

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It all started innocently enough, I was home from college for Thanksgiving vacation and the Jones needed a babysitter. I came home every chance I got, being a freshman and all, I was pretty homesick.

I had been babysitting for the Jones for the last three years and their baby was a sweetie but I hadn’t seen them since I started school a couple of months ago.

I went over at 6:00 to let them catch an early movie. Darnell opened the door and he kind of paused before his normal greeting of “Hi, kid.” I had changed a bit since I started college. My body was the same but I had started wearing clothes which showed it off a bit more.

This night I was wearing a white button-up blouse and tight blue jeans. His eyes were locked on my breasts for what seemed like forever. They were pushing against my shirt a little, I guess. They were 36C, firm and plump and stood out quite proudly by themselves even without the pushup bra I was now wearing. My jeans also displayed my nice firm ass, considered by many to be my best feature.

I said, “Hi, Mr. Jones” and giggled as he snapped out of his trance. I bounced past him, enjoying the attention.

I hugged his wife Carla and she held me by the arms and said “Look at you, all grown up!” I said, “Thanks, I love college.”

“And it loves you,” Darnell said as he walked into the kitchen.

“Oh, hush, you dirty old man.” Carla said and punched him in the arm. I looked at him and thought he looked pretty good for an old guy of 30.

They said their goodbyes and left for the movie. The evening went smoothly and I was resting on the couch when I heard the door open. The baby had fallen asleep on my chest. I closed my eyes, pretending to be asleep.

I heard them come in and heard Carla whisper, “They look comfortable. Bring the baby upstairs and I’ll put him to bed.”

I felt Darnell grab the baby lightly and start to lift him off my chest. I felt my shirt raising and realized the baby had fallen asleep holding my shirt. Darnell didn’t realize this and continued to pull the baby towards him. I heard a tear and felt my shirt fall back down.

Darnell left the room to go upstairs. When he was out of the room, I looked down and realized my third button was ripped out. I had left the top two buttons undone, it had allowed a small glimpse of cleavage but now my bra-encased breasts were almost completely visible. I heard Darnell returning and laid back down, pulling my shirt back together.

He came to the side of the couch and reached down to touch my shoulder. He shook me slightly and I heard him whisper “Kim, wake up.”

I opened my eyes slowly, faking sleepiness. “I am so sorry I fell asleep.” I said.

“It’s ok, get up and I’ll walk you home.” He said softly.

“Thanks, that would be nice.” I said.

As I got up off the couch I felt my shirt open up and saw his eyes lock on my breasts. My bra was white and sheer and I thought he could probably make out my nipples. I felt a tingle between my legs and I realized I was getting turned on. I was not a virgin, but not very experienced and I could feel the tingle spreading through my body.

We walked next door, making small talk. I pretended not to notice the condition of my shirt and he continued to stare down every chance he got. My panties were starting to get wet.

We got to my door and I reached up and hugged him. “Good night, Mr Jones.” I said.

He held me at arms length, getting one more eyeful and said “Good night Kim. Thanks again”

“No problem” I said as I turned to open my door, giving him one more good look as my shirt opened up.

I went in, closed the door and started rubbing my pussy hard through my jeans. I was so hot. I practically ran upstairs and ripped off my clothes. It only took a minute of rubbing my swollen clit for me to explode in an orgasm. I decided right there that I would have to do that again as soon as possible.

Unfortunately I was leaving for school the day after tomorrow and would not be back until Christmas.

The next month crawled by, my mind having trouble concentrating. Finally Chrtistmas vacation was here and I was riding home with my friend. My mind was racing, trying to remember his face, wondering if it was all my imagination running wild.

My answer came the next day when there was a knock on our door. My daddy opened it and Darnell was there.

“Hi, Hank” he said. “I just came by to invite you and Jane you over to the house for a Christmas party. It will be Saturday.”

My Dad looked back at my Mom and asked her if she had anything planned. She said no and he turned back to Darnell and said “We’d love to come.”

Darnell then looked past my Dad and saw me sitting at the table. I was wearing shorts and a blouse. I could feel his eyes run up my legs. He looked at my Dad and said “Would it be ok if Kim came too, she could look after Tommy until he goes to sleep and then she could join the party, if she wouldn’t mind.”

My Dad looked at me and I said, “That sounds ok. Daddy, can I come?” Dad paused a second and said, “If it is ok with your Mother.” I looked at my Mom and she said, “Sure honey, it’ll be your first Christmas party”

My Dad turned back to Darnell, and said, “It’s official, we’ll be there” Darnell said “Great, we’ll see you at 7:00.”

The next two days crawled by, my anticipation was overflowing. However, I wasn’t sure what could possibly happen with my Mom and Dad at the party. Oh well, I thought, I’ll make the best of my first Christmas party.

My Mom must have been excited also because she came up to me the day before and said “Let’s go shopping for dresses for the party.” You don’t have to ask me twice to go shopping and we were off.

We had a blast and got a couple of cool dresses. Mom got a conservative calf-length dress that looked great on her. To my surprise, she bought me a wonderful dress. It was red with spaghetti straps. The top was moderately low cut and showed a hint of cleavage, but I would not be able to wear a bra with it.

I mentioned it to my Mom and I almost passed out when she said “Honey, it looks beautiful on you even without a bra.” The bottom of the dress was cut tight around my hips with a staggered length. My left leg was exposed a few inches above the knee and on the right side it went down to my calf. I kept it on for a while and pranced in front of the mirror, loving the way I looked.

I could hardly wait for Saturday and finally it came. We walked over to the Jones and Darnell answered the door. He greeted my Mom and Dad and when I walked up to him he surprised me by kissing me on the cheek. He whispered to me “You look hot.”

I giggled and said “Thanks.” I could feel myself blushing. We walked into the living room and there were about 6 people already there. Introductions flowed and then I took Tommy from Carla and said “Give goodnight kisses” He kissed his Mom and Dad goodnight and we started up the stairs.

I was trying to imagine how many eyes were fixed on my ass as I walked up the stairs and then I realized I was probably being silly. These were all happily married men and I was just a kid.

Tommy went to sleep pretty quick and I was heading back downstairs around 8 o’clock. When I got downstairs there were about 5 guys standing in the kitchen. They all looked at me and one rather drunk looking guy said, “It’s the babysitter. Baby, can you put me to bed now?”

All of the men laughed and I laughed with them, trying not to blush. Just then Darnell came into the kitchen and said, “Don’t mind these idiots, come on into the living room.” He led me into the living room where there must have been 20 people.

I looked around and realized for the first time that with the exception of one other couple, my parents and I were the only white people in the room. It is funny when you know someone so long you forget about skin color until you are in a situation like this and realize, Holy cow, everyone’s black!

I saw my Mom and walked over to her. She was drinking wine and turned to me, “Hi honey, Tommy asleep?” “Yep, he went out like a light,” I said.

“Great,” she said, “In honor of your first Christmas party, why don’t you have a glass of wine.” For the second day in a row, my Mom had floored me. “Ok, I guess I will.” I turned and went to look for Darnell.

I found him in the kitchen and told him what my Mom said. He smiled and said, “Great, I was hoping to get you drunk.” I looked at him questioning and he laughed. “Joke, loosen up” and punched me in the arm.

He filled up a glass for me and said “Drink up.” I tasted wine for the first time. I had a few beers in college but never wine. It was sweet and tasted great.

I started mingling and talking to different people. Darnell would show up every now and then and fill up my glass. I said, “My Mom said I could only have one glass.” He smiled and said “Then we better not let that glass get empty” This time he didn’t laugh and stared right in my eyes. I lifted my glass to him, he filled it full and smiled at me.

The next thing I realized I was sitting at the kitchen table with Darnell and three of his friends playing a game. It was sort of like charades and they seemed to enjoy it when I had to get up and act something out. I was starting to get excited again as they stared at my chest.

Around 10 o’clock, my Mom and Dad came into the kitchen and announced they were leaving. I asked my Mom if I could stay a little while longer and she looked at Darnell. He looked back and said “No problem, I’ll bring her home later, she’ll be fine.” She kissed me on the top of my head and said “Ok, honey, see you later. Be good.”

They left and I turned back to the table and realized I was now sitting with 4 black guys and my parents were gone. I started to feel that tingle again.

We continued to play the game and they started getting more and more daring. At one time I had to act out the word “striptease.” I started dancing real slow and untying the bow on my left shoulder strap. Just as the strap came untied and fell down one of the guys blurted out “Striptease!” The other 3 guys all punched him at once. “You asshole, you guessed too early!” I started laughing and sat back down, not realizing my strap was still untied.

We laughed for a while and continued to play. Darnell continued to fill up my wine glass and I was starting to feel a little dizzy. I got up another time to act something out and lost my balance. I fell and landed on the lap of the guy sitting next to me. His hand caught me under my left breast and almost popped it out of my dress. He also ended up with a hand on my right thigh.

I jumped up quickly and apologized. Everyone was quiet. I realized my left strap was undone and started to tie it. They all said, “No, leave it.” I said “But, it doesn’t match.” Darnell said, “No problem” and reached up and untied the right strap. Before I realized what he was doing he was finished and I was standing in front of these 4 guys with both of my straps untied and hanging loose.

It must have been the wine because I started laughing uncontrollably and sat back down. I could feel my breasts bouncing up and down as I laughed and all of the guys were staring. My panties were starting to get wet.

We played a couple of more rounds and people started to come into the kitchen to leave. I tied my straps back as some of the wives started to come in. More people began leaving and within minutes the only people left were me, Darnell and two of his friends, which I found out were single.

Darnell’s wife came in and said “Honey, I’m going to bed. Take Kim home soon. Goodnight Kim.”

“Goodnight Carla” I said.

Darnell got up and said to his friends, “Go get some more snacks, I’ll be right back down.” He followed his wife upstairs. His friends got up and went in the other room to get snacks. I laid my head down on the table.

As I was sitting there I could hear them whispering in the kitchen. Darnell had come back and they were arguing about something. I heard one of them say “She is hot.” I the heard Darnell’s voice “She’s just a kid.” Somebody else said “She’s 19 and she’s hot.”

I kept my head down on the table and I heard them come back into the room. I felt Darnell touch my shoulder and shake it slightly. I didn’t move. He whispered my name and I didn’t move. I heard one of his friends say “She’s out cold.”

I felt Darnell lift me up and lean me back in the chair. I let my head droop to the side. Somebody said, “Look at her, she’s dead drunk.” Somebody left the room and Darnell touched my shoulder again. When I didn’t move he started to rub my shoulder. He rubbed down my arm and then moved back to my shoulder.

Just then I heard a camera click. They’re taking pictures! I found this incredibly exciting and I could feel the tingle beginning between my legs. Another click. I felt someone’s hand on my right shoulder and then he grabbed the strap and pulled. I heard Darnell say “What are you doing?” His friend said “Relax, she’s out.”

I felt the strap come untied and fall. Click. Another hand on my left shoulder and the left strap fell down. Click. I felt both straps go tight. They were pulling them from the front! I could feel my dress start to pull down. A few more inches and my breasts would fall out. I tried to open my eyes but for some reason they would not open.

I felt the dress move past the nipples and fall down. My young, ripe breasts were out in the open. Click.

I felt hands touch my breasts and squeeze them, my nipples hardening. They grabbed the nipples and squeezed and rolled them between their fingers. Click.

I could not believe I was just sitting here allowing three guys to take pictures of my bare boobs, but I did not want it to stop and I was afraid if I opened my eyes they would stop.

Suddenly I felt a hand under each arm, lifting me. They stood me up and slowly lowered me onto the table, face first. I felt my breasts touch the table top and then they laid me down. I was bent over on the table, my legs hanging off the end. I felt someone between my legs and realized they were sitting in a chair.

I felt hands touch my legs at the knees. They rubbed a little and started to move up. They moved up my legs and over my dress to my ass. They squeezed my ass slightly. Click.

The hands returned to my knees and started back up my legs. This time they went under my dress and pushed it up to my ass. They massaged my thighs and then I felt my dress pushed up over my ass. My ass was out in the open, covered only by my white sheer panties. Click.

I felt hands work up my thighs again and then under my panties onto my bare butt. They squeezed my ass cheeks. I was so hot. If they touch my pussy, they will realize I am soaking wet. I feel my panties being pulled down my legs. My bare ass now on display. Click.

The hands returned to my ass, rubbing. They grabbed my cheeks and pulled them apart, exposing my pussy. Click.

Someone had just taken a picture of my bare pussy. Maybe this is going too far. Just as I was about to get up I felt a finger touch my swollen clit. My body tensed up and the finger pulled away. It slowly came back and was soon rubbing my clit in a circle. My mind was racing, the pleasure was intense. Click.

I felt something warm and hard touch my inner thigh. Oh my gosh, they are going to fuck me in the kitchen on the table. I could not move. I wanted it so bad. I felt the dick touch my pussy lips. I was so wet it started to slide right in. It didn’t go far before I realized it was far bigger than any that had been in me before. Well, it was bigger than the only other dick to be inside me. It was my white boyfriend in college and he had only fucked me twice. His dick was about 6 inches long and pretty thin.

What was trying to enter me now was now stretching me and having trouble getting in. It felt like someone was trying to stick a beer can in me. He was patient though and slowly applied pressure and eventually I realized he was buried. I felt his pubic hair tickle my ass. I felt so full. Click.

Oh shit, now there is a picture of a huge black dick hanging out of my 19 year old white pussy. I started praying they would not end up on the internet or in my mailbox for that matter. But it felt so good. He started moving in and out of me slowly. I was in heaven.

His pace picked up and I heard him whisper to someone, “Is she on the pill?” I heard Darnell answer “Yeah, she had to go on it to regulate. Fill her up!” How did he know that? Did I tell him? I couldn’t remember. Now the guy started moving faster and I felt him grab my ass and bury himself. He held himself in and I felt him start to tremble and spasm. He was filling my pussy with cum. Click.

He stopped and started to pull out. I felt his cum dribble out of me and run down my thigh. Just as he moved away I felt someone else move between my legs. He stabbed his dick right in, my pussy now well-lubricated. Me banged me harder then the previous one. I felt my ass cheeks jiggle as he pounded my white pussy.

He fucked me for about 5 minutes and also came in me. He moved away and the third one took his place. His dick filled me and was bigger than even the first one. He kept pushing and pushing. I felt my lips open wider than they have ever before and he kept pushing. I felt him enter and he kept pushing. I started to wonder if his dick would ever end. Finally I felt his pubic hair on my ass and he was all the way in. I felt like I had a baseball bat in me.

He pulled out slightly. Click. He pulled out a couple more inches. Click. My God, they were taking pictures of how much dick was in me. A couple more inches. Click. This continued for three more pictures until the head was the only thing inside me. Click.

He then jammed the whole thing back in slowly until he hit bottom. He was huge. My mind was racing again, I could feel an orgasm building. I wanted this dick to never leave my pussy. He started to move back and forth, sliding his whole length in and out of my young body. He continued for at least 5 minutes and I came around his dick, my legs spasming.

“This little cunt just blew on my prick.” he said. “She is one hot little snatch.” I felt another tingle start. I had never been talked to like that and for some reason it was turning me on. He continued to slam me and then he grabbed my ass and pounded his whole length deep in my womb. I could feel his dick jerking and knew my insides were getting another bath.

He pulled out and no one moved back in between my legs. I heard the chairs and I realized they were all sitting down. I heard beers pop. They were having a drink while I was bent over the table, freshly fucked, and leaking cum. I felt like such a slut and I surprised myself that I loved it. Click.

Great, a picture of my sloppy pussy, leaking cum. There’s one for my Mom’s album. I suppressed a laugh.

They sat for a while and then I was lifted off the table and turned around and laid back down on my back. My dress fell back down so they pushed it back up. They lifted my legs up and placed my feet on the table. I was now on my back and my legs were spread. Click.

Another shot for the family album.

I felt someone get back between my legs. I felt the dick enter my pussy. He grabbed my legs behind the knees and held them up and started to pound away. I soon figured out that the second time took a lot longer when he was still fucking me after about 10 minutes. Eventually he stopped, pulled out and shot his cum across my belly. I felt it pool up in my belly button.

Another one moved into place and also pounded me for about 10 minutes. He also pulled out and shot off on my stomach. He came a lot as I felt about three spurts hit me. I felt like I was covered in cum. Click.

The last guy took his position and slid into me. This was the big one. He pushed my legs up into my chest and started slamming into me hard. I could feel my breasts bouncing every time he pounded me. Click. Click.

He continued for so long I lost track of time. My pussy was getting numb. I now felt like I was having an out-of-body experience. I felt like I was looking down at this cum-covered 19 year old being sliced open by a massive black dick. He continued on and on. Suddenly I felt him pull out and groan, I felt the first spurt hit my breasts, the second also hit my breasts and the third hit my belly. I felt him move away. My pussy felt like it was wide open. I felt a pool of cum under my ass on the table. Click.

I am not sure how long I lay there until I felt a warm cloth start to wipe my stomach. They cleaned all of the cum off my belly, my breasts, and the table. I felt my panties being slid back up my legs. I was lifted up and sat back down on the chair. My dress was lifted back up and the straps were tied.

They then started to rub my forehead with the warm cloth. They rubbed my face and neck. I heard Darnell whisper, “Kim, wake up. It’s time to go home.”

I fluttered my eyes open and looked at him. “Hi, I’m so sorry. I must have dozed off. I’m sorry to be such a party pooper.”

“That’s ok baby. It’s awfully late. Let’s take you home.” He said.

I looked around and there was nobody else there. I looked at the clock and it was 2 o’clock. They had fucked me for about two hours or did I dream it?

Darnell walked me home and kissed me on the forehead and thanked me for babysitting. He was so calm and normal I began to think I had imagined the whole thing. I closed the door and leaned back against it. I reached down and slid my hand into the front of my panties and felt a large glob of cum slide out of my pussy. I smiled and closed my eyes.

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