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Lacey & Molly Get Laid

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I always thought that the trouble with my friend Lacey was that she was so gullible. As much as I hate stereotypes Lacey is quite simply one stupid dumb blonde.

Imagine this, a tall six foot statuesque girl, with curves in ALL the right places, firm but bouncy tits, a rounded ass that sways not wobbles when she walks, and that wonderful not quite honest tint to her skin.

She has masses of long blonde curls, huge innocent blue eyes and a mouth that is as fuckable as the rest of her, red, moist and deliciously wide.

A mutual friend of ours once said that Lacey had been short changed on brains because of all the other advantages that God had given her. That I can believe!

Lacey was also oblivious to her own gullible nature and her lack of brains. In fact she thought of her self as being a singularly sophisticated and intelligent young woman. I didn’t tell her the truth mainly because she wouldn’t believe me and also because if I was being honest I was jealous of her and her looks.

I’m no six foot leggy blonde, I’m short, with curly brown hair, I’ve got a curvaceous body but it would never win a modelling contract, and I’m cursed with freckles and a snub nose.

Anyone who had one bit of sense in them took advantage of Lacey and let me tell you it wasn’t difficult, she believed everything she was told and went along with it with such enthusiasm you almost felt sorry for her, almost but not quite.

There are hundreds of stories I could tell you about Lacey that would have you laughing your socks off, but the best one I think concerns her efforts to make money for charity. It’s also a story about me but I think you know that already!

We were in her apartment along with a mutual friend Jake drinking sodas and eating chips. She told me wanted to make an impact on poverty in the third world she told me earnestly and I would have probably laughed out loud if she hadn’t been so serious faced. Here was someone who was wearing so called designer clothes that had probably been made in a third world sweat shops, she was so naive and stupid it was unbelievable. Before I could say anything, Jake spoke.

“Well there is a lot of things you can do Lacey,” and at that moment he winked at me and I knew he was up to something. I quelled the urge to be sharp with Lacey and waited with baited breath.

Lacey leaned forward eagerly, her tits were almost hanging out of the skimpy t-shirt she was wearing and the shorts she had on were so tight around her crotch I was sure she must be having a perpetual orgasm with the amount of rubbing they were doing to her clit.

“You could make a movie,” Jake said smoothly, “And some of the proceeds could be sent to charity.”

Lacey’s big blue eyes lit up.

“Cool!” she said enthusiastically, “That sounds great!”

I knew Jake well enough to know what sort of movie he was thinking of and I raised my eyebrows at him. He gave me a little smile and turned back to the eager faced Lacey.

“Of course,” he said, “It would have to be an adult movie.”

“Oh,” said Lacey and she looked confused but not for long. Jake smiled at her.

”They make the most money,” he said, “And you could be the star, I mean after all, it is your idea.”

Lacey looked like someone had given her a million dollar note and told her to spend it. She clapped her hands in glee.

“What do you think Molly?” she looked at me expectantly and I looked thoughtful. Jake knew I could blow his plan out of the water in a second because despite her dumb blonde stupidity Lacey trusted me implicitly and if I said it wasn’t a good idea, she’d listen and want us to come up with another idea for her endeavour to end third world poverty.

“I think it is a great idea,” I said and I almost heard Jake’s breath explode from his body in relief, “Think of how many people you will be helping.”

I felt a little bit guilty later on, after all Lacey and I are both women, I should show some loyalty to our sex, but the thought of Lacey “doing it” for charity actually was a bit of a turn on, and the spiteful side of me wanted her to be taken advantage of.

It was fun to watch to Lacey discuss the details with Jake. She was so serious about it all. Jake is a consummate actor and I knew that he was enjoying every single minute of his little charade.

It was a few days later that we got down to business of getting the “movie” underway.

“It has to be natural,” Jake told Lacey as we sat in her lounge, our feet sinking into the fake shag pile carpet, our bodies reclining on an expensive leather suite that Lacey had just purchased on a whim, “No faking, you have to go all the way and totally enjoy what you are doing, we want the movie to sell, and no one likes anything that is fake.”

“Of course,” Lacey agreed with him and I spluttered back a laugh by pretending to choke on some soda I was drinking.

“How about we see how natural you can be?” Jake suggested and my ears pricked up at his words.

“Sure,” Lacey said and smiled a wide gullible smile.

“Take your top off, “Jake ordered her and without a protest Lacey whipped of her pretty baby blue designer sweatshirt and flung it to one side. She wasn’t wearing a bra and her tits were as magnificent as ever. I bit back my feelings of resentment and jealousy; after all I wasn’t so dumb as to fall for Jake’s “wonderful” idea.

Jake turned to me and grinned.

“That’s pretty natural,” he said to me and I found myself smiling.

”Yes,” I agreed, “But Lacey, part of being natural also means being a slut too; do you think you can be a slut as well as natural?”

Lacey nodded her head vigorously but I looked doubtful.

“It takes more than just showing your tits to be a slut,” I said, “Doesn’t it Jake?”

”Absolutely,” Jake said and Lacey pushed her breasts out toward us and said aggressively.

“I can be the best slut around!”

“You’re going to have to prove it,” I said slowly emphasising each word, “Jake let’s see how slutty Lacey can be.”

Smiling Jake reached for Lacey who was sitting on the sofa and pulled from it so she was on her knees in front of him, she didn’t resist, her eyes were huge and eager and her rib cage was rising and falling slowly in anticipation. He cupped her breasts in both hands and began to slowly fondle them. I watched Lacey’s hands reach for Jake’s crotch, and slowly she began to rub it and I head her sigh.

“Go see if Frank is in,” Jake said to me as I watched them, fascinated by what was happening in front of my eyes, “Let’s help Lacey get into slut mode properly!”

I obeyed; we both knew full well that Frank would be in. He’s the new temporary Janitor for this apartment complex, not long out of the army, a dishonourable discharge due to an injury to his knee during night manoeuvres.

He’s just doing the Janitor bit whilst he works out what he really wants to do. Despite his injury he is tip-top physical condition, he goes to the gym every day and I have never seen such a well oiled, well muscled body.

Jake’s as blonde as Lacey is, but he’s more tanned due to time in the desert and his eyes are green and sparkling. I know full well he won’t turn down my request to come up to Lacey’s apartment, I’ve seen him watching her, and he probably wants to get in her panties as much as any man in this complex does.

I was right about Frank. He didn’t bat an eyelid when I told him what was going on in Lacey’s apartment and he was invited to join in. He just followed me to the apartment by which time, Lacey’s face was buried in Jake’s pants and she was sucking his cock. I watched as a slow smile slid over Frank’s handsome face. He turned to me and said in his slow Southern drawl.

”You going to join us?”

I shook my head.

”I want to watch,” I said and I moved to a nearby comfortable armchair to drape myself over. I was going to watch and get myself off at the same time but I think both Jake and Frank already knew this.

Frank strode over to the kneeling Lacey and knelt down behind her. He and Jake acknowledged each other with a quick nod. Lacey’s mouth was moving rhythmically back on forth on Jake’s rapidly swelling cock and he looked blissful, sitting with his legs straddled and Lacey’s head bobbing up and down on him like a yo-yo on a string.

I watched in delight as Frank began to kiss the back of Lacey’s neck, moving down her spine, his hands sliding their way to cup her free and easy breasts. He did it with such ease and confidence I don’t think that Lacey even noticed at first until he began to tweak her tits. Gently at first, then harder and harder until I heard her gurgle and arch herself against Jake’s cock, she was practically kissing his balls she was so deep throating him.

I found my own hand moving toward my crotch. I was wearing a skirt and I tugged it upwards and pressed my fingers into the damp material. Shit, I was wet already! As I was pulling my skirt over up Frank was doing the same with Lacey’s skirt.

She was wearing one of her thongs, the black one that was so tiny I’m amazed it covered anything if it did cover anything that is! Frank stroked her smooth buttocks, admiring their milky hue. She rose up to meet his hands and he gripped them tightly and then he turned to look at me. Our eyes met and he grinned at me.

“Sure you don’t want to join us?” he said and I shook my head.

“I like doing things myself,” I said trying to keep my voice even, not wanting to let him know how turned on I was and my hand began to move slowly up and down on my crotch. He turned back to his task, and began to kiss Lacey’s buttocks whilst pulling her thong down.

“Oh yeeeeeeeeeees!” Jake moaned his eyes closed, his hands stroking Lacey’s golden hair, “I’m gonna cum real soon!”

As soon as he spoke, Lacey drew away from him; she was smiling in the most seductive manner.

”First you fuck me,” she purred and turned to Frank who was biting down on her neck, “I’ve got another cock I want to suck!”

I almost came myself when she spoke! Talk about slutty behaviour or what! Lacey wasn’t certainly proving she could be a natural slut with very little help from anyone! Neither Frank nor Jake protested, Jake practically spun Lacey to face Frank and I found myself panting with pleasure as my fingers slid in and out of my own now VERY moist hole.

I almost regretted not agreeing to join them but I’m a strange person, if I’m going to fuck someone, it’s got to be someone I really like, call me fussy but that’s the way I am. I heard the zip on Frank’s jeans go and Lacey’s head disappear once again into another crotch. This time though she had her work cut out. If she thought Jake had a large cock, she hadn’t seen Frank’s!”

His meat was HUGE, and I mean huge, and even with Lacey’s wide mouth she had trouble getting it all in but he helped her, she was going to suck his cock and suck it good and proper! I heard her gag a few times but she persevered, and I watched in amazement as Frank’s swollen member slid in and out of her mouth like a snake going up and down a greased pole.

By then Lacey was on all fours and Jake was on his knees behind her. One hand was braced against her rhythmically moving hips, and I watched from my vantage point as the other hand suddenly snaked to her cunt and he plunged his fingers inside her with the words.

“Let’s get this bitch really going!”

He began to hand fuck her, not gently but hard, his hand working her cunt with vigorous precise thrusts. I heard and saw Lacey jerk in two directions as her body responded to his words and actions. She was practically skewered onto Frank’s cock and I’m sure her eyes momentarily popped out of their sockets but she didn’t stop, Lacey was proving herself to be quite a determined little slut!

“Shit!” I heard myself gasp as I bucked against my own fingers, “Oh shit!”

Frank suddenly jerked out of Lacey’s bulging mouth, her eyes were rightly shut and a trickle of his juices slid down the side of her mouth. Air exploded from her lungs.

“Fuck me Jake!” she screamed as soon as she could breathe properly, “Oh God Fuck me Jake!”

Frank turned to me and he was smiling as he spoke.

“Time for me to help you out Molly” he said his green eyes glinting.

I didn’t even have time to protest, he was that fast, one second I was sitting with my legs parted, one hand in my panties, the next, he was straddled between my legs, dragging me half down the chair, taking me by surprise, that I couldn’t even cry out. My panties were ripped off me in one sudden flick of the hand and his head buried itself into my crotch, his tongue tasting my salty swollen wetness, gorging on me like a man who hasn’t had a meal for a VERY long time.

“HOLY SHIT!” I bellowed, as I thrashed up and down on the chair totally turned on and outraged at the same time, “Frank, stop it, you bastard stop it!”

Of course I was shouting out my protests in vain, Frank had no intention of stopping and I was nowhere near strong enough to make him stop. I grabbed at his blonde hair, trying to pull him away but he had me in a vice like grip, and his tongue was so deep inside me I knew I would cum very soon and the son-of-a-bitch knew it too.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw that Jake was getting it on with Lacey. He was no longer hand fucking her; his cock was now being rammed into her cunt with as much vigour as Frank’s tongue was being rammed up me. I whimpered in pleasure and arched my back, cursing both Frank and Jake but knowing I was going to blow anytime soon.

Lacey’s unfettered tits were bouncing like two wild and free beach balls. I was mesmerised, I have a good pair of jugs but nothing like Lacey’s and then Lacey reared up suddenly, like a gorgeous filly in the process of being broken in. Jake’s hands grabbed her tits simultaneously and began to squeeze and feel them, his head was buried in her neck and she was arched into him her arms around his neck and she was crowing. Yes, the bitch was crowing with pleasure as he fucked her from behind and I began to wonder who the real fool in all of this was. I didn’t get to think about it for long, Frank came up for her and dragged me face him.

“I’ve wanted to fuck you for a long time Molly,” he rasped shocking me and then I felt the tip of his rock hard cock pressing against the swollen wet lips of my vagina and he was pressing into me, slowly, making me buck because he was so big.

“You can’t” I croaked but he could and he did, his cock was not going to be denied, I was going to take all of him and he was going to fuck me like Jake was fucking Lacey.

I don’t know whether I was angry or pleased by this extreme turn of events. Oh what the hell I thought savagely and I rammed my hips hard against him meeting him mid way and letting him thrust inside of me, deeply, and fast, making my eyes water with the sheer size of his cock, oh my God this was going to be one hell of an orgasm, not only for me but for him too! He was like a train on the last stretch of its journey uphill, moving faster and faster, knowing that very soon it’s going to have to go down hill with equal speed, putting on the brakes just at the right moment before it can screech to a triumphant halt at its final destination.

“Don’t you dare cum inside of me!” I hissed suddenly aware that the brakes were about to be put on because Frank body was heaving against mine in that old familiar way, “I’m not on the goddam pill!”

“Tough,” Frank plunged deeper inside me, grinding back and forth, forcing me to clutch at his shoulders else I would I would disappear under him totally “Here I cum!!!!”

At that moment Jake let out a whoop as did Lacey, and despite my fury at Frank’s refusal to withdraw I felt wave after wave of pleasure rapidly rise up inside my gut, swirling around me like a ribbon of delicious colours that I could both see and feel. I let out an orgasmic scream, clawed at Frank’s heaving back, bucked back and forth until I was dizzy which precipitated him letting out a huge grunt of gratification and I felt him detonate his load inside of me in swell after swell of cum.

Frank’s hot spunk gushed out of me, all over Lacey’s new leather armchair and into the shag pile that Frank was kneeling on. The man was a veritable Niagara Falls and my cunt wasn’t that big that it could take all his cum all without there being a back flow. His mouth that had only moments before had been gorging on my pussy was suddenly on my mouth and he was kissing me so hard I knew it wasn’t only my cunt that going to be real sore tomorrow!

Seconds later Jake and Lacey came, and through my own heaving and gasping I watched them crashed into each other, deflate and then collapse against into a sated contented heap on the shag-pile.

Lacey turned a languid face toward me and said whilst licking her luscious lips.

“I think I’m a pretty good slut,” she said and I had to laugh. I think we both were pretty good sluts that day but even though I was seriously pissed about Frank coming inside of me, I had to admit it was by far the best fuck I had experienced in a very long time.

As for Lacey making that adult movie for charity, she actually went ahead and did it! She so impressed Jake he got some friends of his to finance it and get it off the ground.

Jake directed it of course; they called it, “Lacey’s Cosmic Bang” and it sold a mint of copies I can tell you! Charity got a fair chunk of the proceedings as Lacey wanted so she was happy and she got to be a star too!

Lacey also found her niche in life. She is known in the Porn Circle as Lacey Banges and her gullible nature is making her a fortune. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry but I guess I’m pleased for her, I guess…

As for me, I got pregnant, can you believe it? Frank knocked me up! I was furious of course, I didn’t want to join the mommy brigade, I was going to have an abortion but Frank put a stop to that. Seems like Frank has been after me for a long time, but I was so wrapped up in being jealous of Lacey I didn’t see it.

So I’m now pregnant and hitched. Doesn’t stop Frank from making my eyes water though, he’s one horny bastard, not that I mind, I’ve found out that pregnant women have hormones that are ALL over the place as well as their tits practically doubling in size. I didn’t think my jugs could get that big I can tell you! Also I can’t get enough of Frank, and he’s the same with me.

However the best thing is that I have found that I can deep throat him EVEN better than Lacey, so remember everyone, if you have a gal pal who looks like Uma Thurman, don’t be jealous, because not everyone wants to fuck a model, they want real women, and real women are just like you and me…

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