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Kyla and the Heavy Machines

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My name is Zake. I’m called that because my parents gave me an unpronounceable Ukrainian name, and that was the best fit that came out of kindergarten. It stuck, and it’s been hard to get confused with anyone else in the phone book. I’m 34 years old and I’m an instructor for heavy equipment. I also dig vacant lots for homebuilders on the side with my own business.

Been doing that since I was 18, so I know what I’m doing. I like teaching though, and it’s an easy gig by the comparison. I make more as an instructor than any of the operators. So I’m pretty happy there.

I haven’t been very happy with my love life though. I lost my wife in a car accident five years ago. Drunk driver. Sonofabitch walked away from the accident without a scratch. My wife and I were planning on having children soon, but, hey, sometimes you never see it coming. So I’m childless and wifeless, and sorta lonely. I do ok though. The dating scene didn’t work out so good for me after I finished mourning. I loved my wife, and no one could ever really compare. So I drink beer and watch movies a lot. It’s just me and my dog Jabber. And a lot of porn when I get horny.

Kyla started as part of a training class in April. Construction companies always try to beef up the ranks of the operators’ relief crew in the spring. People go on vacation, get injured, quit, retire, whatever; and you gotta have new people come in to take over. Summer time is money time, and the job sites don’t slow down.

You don’t get too many chicks out training for heavy equipment. Not that they can’t do it, but you gotta put up with a serious male locker-room attitude. Dirty jokes, foul language, sexist attitudes, pinup posters. And that ain’t gonna change soon. Laws or no laws.

Kyla was a young one, too. 22. Cute. She had medium-long dirty blond hair, and a real sweet face with chubby cheeks and cocksucker lips. Her boobs were about C cups I figured, and her hips were a bit broad, but she was a cutie. I figured there was no way she was gonna last. Figured her uncle got her through the interview process or some shit like that. Didn’t matter to me though, I get paid either way. All my graduates know the equipment inside out, or I don’t pass ’em. I got a solid reputation.

There were seven people in her class. Most cross-training or upgrading. Only two rookies. Kyla and Dan, this tall lanky young kid. He was smart, if a bit of geek. He’d do all right. Kyla I figured wouldn’t last out the week. A cute young girl like that gets chewed up and spit out. Not by me, but there’s lots of oldschool hardshell bastards who get their jollies seeing how far they can push chicks. Whatever, not my issue.

Since my wife died, I haven’t been too social so I don’t get involved with the trainees much. Most of ’em are morons anyway. I like hockey and football as much as the next guy but I don’t need to see 17 pictures of your kid’s last game. Or hear about how much pussy you’re going to get on the weekend. Maybe that makes me a prick, but oh well. If I don’t care, I don’t care. I’m not rude about it. Just not interested.

I was surprised when Kyla not only lasted through three weeks of training, but was quickly moving to the front of the class. Past two experienced operators. She had a real knack. I learned that her last job was running bobcat, and she used to run farm equipment with her grandpa when she was a teenager.

Not only that, but she put up with all the dirty jokes, pranks, hazing and all the other bullshit that comes with the territory. She had a great attitude and sense of humour about it.

It was weird though, that she was single, I thought. Figured she’d have a husband or boyfriend or something. Naturally once the crews got wind that there was a pretty young girl who was available on crew, she was constantly badgered with suggestive remarks and passes being made at her. All the reps and salesmen would make excuses to be around the office in the morning or when class finished up in the evening to take a shot. She turned ’em all down. Won a bit of respect from me with that too.

At the end of the third week, the trainees all wanted to head out for a drink. I said no thanks. Mostly I think they all wanted to pour drinks into Kyla, but again, not my issue. So I ditched.

Kyla approached me as I was heading out with Jabber to my truck to head home. “Hey there, Zake!” she smiled at me. “Not comin’ out huh? Why not?”

“Don’t feel like it,” I simply stated with a shrug.

“Hm,” she replied. “So what’s your story anyway? You’re like this big mysterious dude; no one knows anything about you. What makes you tick? You have a wife, family?”

“Not much makes me tick,” I said flatly. “Haven’t been really outgoing since my wife died. No kids.”

“Oh, I’m sorry,” she said sincerely. “I didn’t know.”

“Not many do. Not many have bothered to ask. It’s ok. It was five years ago. I’m doing better.”

“Wow, geez, kinda hard to come back after that! Well, I really do hope you’re doing all right. If you want, maybe join us for a drink. I think you’re sorta cool. It would be nice if you hung out with us all for a bit.”

“Nah, not tonight. Some other time though, huh?”

“I’ll hold you to that,” she said with a grin. “Have a good weekend. See you Monday, Zake!”

“Will do, Kyla. You too.” I responded.

Weekend was busy. Dug a bunch of vacant lots. Good to be racking up the OT this early in the season. Weather was right for it, so you gotta make hay while the sun shines.

Straight back into it on Monday. Turns out Joe, one of the upgraders, got loaded on Friday. Hit on Kyla and made an ass out of himself. Didn’t show up Monday morning. Figured he mighta had a drinking issue anyway. Oh well, one down.

Don’t know why, but I actually felt more relaxed that week. I joked around a bit more than normal. I told myself it wasn’t because of Kyla, and I’m sure it wasn’t. She was way too young for me. And not really my type anyway. We could probably be friends though. Once I got talking to her she ended up having a pretty interesting story. She got pregnant at 19, got into some pretty bad drugs, lost the baby, sold all her shit, spent a year living on the streets… Heavy shit for a girl that age. She was real honest and up front about it too.

Anyhow, on Tuesday I was planning on doing some OT at this site I was working at to get the job finished, and Kyla had asked if she could come along. She wanted an opportunity to watch me work, maybe get a chance to get some extra practice, and check out a real job site. I said what the hell. She wasn’t a pest and I genuinely was beginning to enjoy her company. Plus I thought she would do very well at this business, and she had the right attitude. I thought maybe I could recruit her and give her some OT working for me doing some vacant lots excavations after she finished her day with whatever placement she took. Never hurts to plan for the future.

The plan went well. She watched me work, asked all the right questions, and stayed out of my hair as far as cutting into my productivity. I let her have some time at the controls, which is pretty much unheard of when it’s a rig I own. She had a real gentle touch once she got familiar with my Deere. I was impressed and I don’t impress easy.

The sun was going down and I was getting ready to knock off when she said she had to take a piss. The site cans were by the safety trailer, a good five-minute walk away on the other side of the site. She asked how I avoided losing time that way. I told her the way the guys did it was just to piss off the side of the rig.

“You kidding me?” she asked.

“Nope. Unzip, let it hang and let ‘er rip. That’s guys for ya. One of the reasons there’s not many chicks on the construction sites.”

“Bah,” she snorted. “Gooses and ganders you know?” She looked at me with a half-cocked smile and stood up on the trackguard. She unzipped her coveralls, slid them off her shoulders, and let them fall to her thighs. She wore only a white tank top and a black thong underneath. My eyes bugged out a bit seeing her white cheeks facing me. To my further surprise, she pulled her thong down, arched her back to thrust her hips forward, grabbed her crotch and let a jet of piss fly. She looked back at me with a wide smile and a laugh, then went back to peeing.

Holy fuck. She had a sweet ass to match her pretty face. Nice, rounded meaty buns, with a tramp stamp tattooed at the small of her back. Some kind of Celtic thing. Curvy thighs, nice flare at her hips. I was enthralled. I got a thing for chicks pissing. Don’t know why, but it turns me on. Big.

She finished pissing, wiped herself with a tissue from her pocket, pulled her thong and coveralls back up, zipped back up and turned to face me with a grin. “No lost time, right?”

I laughed back at her. “Right you are, no lost time.” We finished up the job for the night, shut my rig down, and got back in my truck to head home. I wasn’t supposed to be on the job site after hours, but the site supervisor knew me and my rep well, so he gave me the key. I locked up after us, sent a text to the super to let him know I was offsite, and prepared to drive Kyla back to the training centre.

Turns out she didn’t have her own vehicle though, she just caught the bus, so I offered to drive her home. She accepted, so we talked along the way. She told me more about her past. She was real frank. Told me that she was raped by her boyfriend back when she was 19. That’s how she got pregnant. No one believed her, so that’s when she started hitting the bottle, which led to her drug habit. She felt completely alone and betrayed, so she decided to destroy herself. She was going to get an abortion when she miscarried, and then she went on an even worse tear. All of her possessions ended up with her dealer, she lost her job, got kicked out of her place, and hit the streets.

I was amazed at how totally honest she was about this fucked up, heavy story. I felt great sympathy for her. I was a little concerned about her being a former hard drug user, but she seemed completely in charge, and appeared to have reconciled her past and her wounds and failings.

“So I haven’t had sex since I was raped,” she told me. “Don’t really trust guys like that. Not sure if I ever will. I’d like to have a baby some day, but you don’t put the cart before the horse like that. I want to find a partner that’s stable first, and I kind of doubt that will happen. Who knows, though, right?”

“Right again,” I replied.

“Anyhow, I want to just concentrate on getting a good job, making some money and getting my life back on track. The rest of that stuff can wait. Ok, that’s my place up ahead. Just pull over and let me out behind that red truck.”

“You got it, Kyla,” I said. “You did real good out there today. Get some sleep and we’ll see you in the morning, ok?”

“You bet, Zake. Thanks again for the extra practice.”

“Heh, don’t mention it. Good night!”

“Good night, Zake!”

The next day we were back at it in class. Things went smoothly and we spent some time doing theoretical problem solving with simulators; things like what do you do if your rig starts to slip, or you get your bucket caught, or you hit a power line and stuff. Important shit. If you don’t know what to do in those cases, you’re in real trouble. Class went well and I shut ‘er down for the night. Figured I’d get some more OT in since the weather was good for it, and Kyla asked if she could join me again. I said what the hell, since it had gone well last time, and I was genuinely scouting her out as a future employee for myself at this point.

We got to the site and Ken, the super, was there and just shutting stuff down. He asked about Kyla, and I said she was a trainee and that she was cool. He trusted me so didn’t ask any further.

We fired up my Deere and got to it. I let her have a little more time with the controls since she seemed to completely know what she was doing. It was almost spooky how quick she picked up.

We talked and bullshitted to pass the time, in between her asking questions about the job sites and the machinery.

She asked me about my name, so I told her the story of how I got my nickname. I also told her I used to be known as ‘Fuck Zakes’ in high school. I asked her if she had any nicknames.

She snorted with laughter. “Uh, yeah. I used to be called ‘Kornhole Kyla’ since my last year in high school.”

I guffawed. “Do I even want to hear the story behind that one?”

“Sure,” she replied. “It’s kind of dumb. I was at a sleepover at a friend’s place in my senior year. Her parents were out of town, and there were five of us and we got totally out of control.”

“Yeah, it was a really weird night. We were drinking sourpuss from her parents’ liquor cabinet and playing Truth or Dare. I’d always had some kind of anal fixation — I found some anal sex mags my uncle had when I was young, and I was totally riveted. I didn’t understand why, but something just clicked.”

“Anyway, we were playing and we’d downed half the bottle. The dares just kept getting sillier and sillier, and we couldn’t stop laughing. We started daring each other to flash our tits, and see how much of the bottle we could deep throat and stuff. I dared Christie to take her panties off and stuff them in her mouth. She did it and we just about pissed ourselves laughing. We had corn-on-the-cob for dinner, so when it came around to her turn, so she dared me to stick a corncob up my ass. I couldn’t believe she said it. We were all laughing so hard we were crying, but I was also instantly, like, super turned on.”

“Anyway, I did it. I ran into the kitchen, grabbed a cob, a plate, and some butter, and buttered up the cob in front of the other girls. We were all in hysterics. I whipped my panties off, wiped some butter on my butthole, propped the cob up on the plate, and began sitting down on it. Everyone was screaming with laughter, including me. I kept sitting down on it further and further. My legs were spread and they could all see my pussy. It started stretching my asshole as I bounced down on it. It hurt and kind of tickled at the same time. We just laughed more and more, and I was getting a super big thrill. For some reason I just loved showing off like that, and I wanted to take that cob deeper and deeper into my asshole. It really started to hurt, but I got off on the stretching sensation it gave me. I think I might have cum a bit too, but I was laughing too hard to really tell. Anyway, after that, I was known as ‘Kornhole Kyla’. Most people never really knew why.”

I was sort of stunned by her frankness and wasn’t sure really how to respond.

“So I’ll bet now you’re all freaked out, huh?” she said with a laugh.

“Me? Naw. I don’t judge. Everybody’s into their own brand of weird.”

“Really? So what’s your brand of weird, huh, Zake?” she smiled at me in a taunting way.

I cleared my throat. “Well, I guess you’ve been honest enough with me. Probably shouldn’t tell you this, but I like watching girls pee. Don’t know why. Never had any experiences that led me to that, as far as I can remember. Just like it.”

She laughed out loud again. She had such an easy, carefree laugh. “So I probably gave you a bit of a thrill yesterday, huh?”

“I tried not to think about it. I was surprised, that’s for sure. Don’t want to make a moron out of myself by falling for you or hitting on you or anything. You peed. No big deal. Nothing a thousand guys haven’t done on site before.”

“Oh, yeah?” she chuckled. “Guys don’t have to do quite the costume adjustments that I have to. How about this?” she asked, standing up unsnapping the top button of her coveralls. She unzipped in front of me, revealing her white tank top and a pair of white thong panties. I was quite shocked but tried to look nonchalant.

She removed her coveralls entirely, stepping out of them and then skinned out of her panties. I was flabbergasted!! She stood in front of me on the edge of my rig wearing just a hard hat, safety boots, her tank top and a smile. Her pussy was covered in short, fuzzy brown hair. “Here’s a little present for you!” she smiled as she spread her thighs and reached down with her fingers to separate her pussy lips. I just started in utter shock, my cock stirring and straining to erection in my pants.

A trickle of pee start to issue from between her puffy pussy lips, quickly coming up to full force to splash down against the side of my rig and all over her boots. She kept peeing with an impish grin on her face and her pussy spread wide while I watched, completely enraptured with a throbbing hardon.

Her light yellow stream separated into a spray, squirting out in a glorious cascade, tiny droplets carried by the wind to dampen the side of my rig. Time stopped and something awoke inside of me. All of a sudden it was like I was stoned out of my mind or something. My vision was tinged with fire and I was in the conscious moment of now in the way that I had perhaps never been. I watched motionless and transfixed as she emptied her bladder before me.

Her flow slowed to a trickle and she squeezed out the last few drops. Tiny beads of urine clung to her pubic hair. She bent down to retrieve a tissue from the pocket of her coveralls. She stood, wiped her pussy lips, and threw the tissue away. “The rig will wash, huh?” she said with a grin. Then as if nothing at all had happened, she put her panties back on, stepped into her coveralls, zipped them up and sat down beside me.

I was thrown completely off. My cock was rock hard and pounding. I couldn’t think of anything to say, so I just went back to work. Ten minutes later, we were swapping small talk. I couldn’t figure this girl out. I just chalked it up to some very strange occurrences in her past, and carried on.

We shut down the site for the evening, and I drove her home again. We didn’t mention anything about the show she had put on for me. We said good night, and I drove home with Jabber, utterly bewildered at what had occurred.

When I got home I jacked off the moment I closed my front door, and within moments I was shooting a geyser of cum into the air. Whew! I hadn’t cum like that since my wife was alive. Something strange was definitely going on, but I didn’t want to think about it, so I just ate dinner, had a beer, and went to bed.

The next day I was a little apprehensive. Kyla was completely cool though, as if nothing at all had happened last night. I acted as though everything was business as usual, but something was fucked for sure. Every time I looked at Kyla my cock started twitching. I had to concentrate just to stay on topic. Not good for the brain. Managed to get through it. The hardest part was when she got up in the afternoon to excuse herself to the ladies room. My cock was hard in an instant, and I had to hide behind the podium until I got a grip. I couldn’t get the idea of her sitting on the toilet with her pants around her ankles out of my head. What the fuck, huh?

The day finally ended. Things had turned a bitter cold by the end of the day, so I wasn’t going to rack any OT up tonight. Kyla said nothing, just goodnight. She caught the bus. I was thinking of asking her if she wanted a ride, but then, yeah, that would seem a little too chummy.

Maybe things were fucked already. I resolved to just keep it to a teacher-student thing, and run up my OT solo.

When I got home, my dick was once again as hard as reinforced concrete. I tried to shake it off, but all I could think about were the images in my head of Kyla. Standing on the edge of my rig platform. Spreading her pussy lips for me and peeing while I watched. And that sly grin she had on her face the whole time. Something was strangely sexy about her wearing the hard hat, boots and just her tank top. This was driving me nuts!

I had to beat off. I pounded my prong hard and shot a massive load into my shirt. Fuck! So fucking intense. Ten minutes later, my dick was hard again. Shit! I tried to think of anything. Race cars, a fishing trip, screws and bolts, doing laundry, tennis matches… Anything!! But I couldn’t. Every time I relaxed my mind, it was back to Kyla. Standing up, next to naked, peeing in front of me. “Here’s a little present for you!” she had smiled. More like a curse!!

I gave in and whacked off again. I shot another big load. I was naked this time, sitting in front of my computer. Shit! I didn’t have anything to wipe my cream up with. God damn it. ‘Fuck Zakes’, as my high school buddies might have said.

I got up and walked over to the laundry room, dripping with jizz. I wiped off, tried to get my shit together, ate dinner, and watched an action flick while drinking a beer. I thought I had it all under control until I hit the sack.

My fucking dick was hard again. Shit. I tried, once again, to think of anything else. No dice. Kyla. Just Kyla. “I wiped some butter on my butthole, propped the cob up on the plate, and sat down on it.” Arrgh!! How and why had everything she said infected my brain like this? Kyla peeing off the side of my rig, her beautiful buns pointed at me with her coveralls around her thighs as she turned and laughed. Oh my god!!!

I resolved not to jack off. No fucking way. This had gone too far. Back to all business tomorrow, no more of this bullshit.

The next day I was back on my game. I saw Kyla first thing in the morning, had a twinge of something at the edge of my mind, and pushed it out. Back on top. Nice. The rest of the day was smooth as glass.

Weather had warmed back up again so I decided to see if I couldn’t finish off that site before the weekend. Kyla asked if she could go with me for some more practice. I opened my to say, “Sorry, can’t do that again.” Instead, “Sure thing, kiddo,” came out. What the flying Christly fuck? I stood stunned for a second with my mouth open.

“Great!” said Kyla, hefting her bag into the box of my truck and climbing into the cab. I couldn’t really figure out what had just happened, so I let Jabber climb in the back, got into the driver’s seat, and headed off for the job site.

We chatted on the drive. I kept up with the conversation. Inside my mind was screaming. WHAT THE FUCK? HOW DID SHE GET IN HERE? HOW DO I GET HER OUT WITHOUT BEING RUDE? AAAAAGH!!

I felt trapped, but there wasn’t anything I seemed to be able to do about it. Ken was there, shutting the site down again. He glanced sideways at Kyla again, and I flushed red. Fuck! Get yourself under control! I just tried to laugh it off. Ken was cool. Just smirked and left us to it. Whew, thank god. I owed that dude a bottle of whiskey for sure.

We fired up the Deere and started to it. I tried to keep focused on the job. Let her have a good go at the controls. We chatted about this and that. Again, I was astounded at how she handled the hydraulics with her level of experience.

“So I’ve been thinking about the little show I gave you,” she stated out of nowhere after a bit of a pause.

“…Uh huh,” I simply replied.

“I liked it. Maybe a lot. You liked it too?”

I was going to say something like, “Not overly.” Instead, I found myself saying, “Yup.”

“Heh,” she chuckled. “Thought so. I can tell. Think I can tell a whole bunch about you.”

“Yeah?” I asked. “Like what?”

“Well, I think you’re a dirty fucking pervert who likes watching younger girls pee, isn’t that right?” she asked plainly, wearing an eager grin.

“…Guess so,” I responded.

“And I think you weren’t going to let me come with you tonight, but you did hoping I’d pee for you again, right?”

I started to say something. Don’t know what it was. “Uh, that’s probably pretty close,” I croaked out. My dick was stiffening. Down boy! God damn it!!

“Well, I want to,” she stated after a short pause.

We sat in silence for about five minutes. I operated the controls while I fought to get my rock-hard erection under control. Had no hope in that department.

Kyla turned to me with a matter-of-fact look on her face. “You know that I’m never going to fuck you, right?” she asked.

“Never expected that,” I answered.

After about ten seconds, she suddenly stood and began removing her coveralls. She was wearing that playful, smug grin again. I thought my cock would explode!!

“I don’t want to make a mess of your rig this time,” she said, kicking out of her coveralls and skinning out of her panties.

“You’ve got one chance to keep a clean work site here.” She said as she climbed back into the cab. She swung a leg over me and straddled me. What the fuck was she doing? My cock was twitching and straining in my work wear. “Here. Here’s your chance. Drink all my piss and there won’t be a mess.” She bent her pussy down towards my face and spread her lips apart with her fingers.

What in the Holy Fuck Mountains of Fuckland?? I was blown apart! Totally mindfucked! I wanted to say something, or move, but I was rooted to the spot!!

A squirt of pee jetted from between her pussy lips and sprayed my neck and chest. What the flying fuck was she doing?? I managed to look up at her stupidly. She wore a demonic grin as she stared down at me. Then she let her stream go with full force. In a complete fog, I opened my mouth. She aimed her steaming stream at my tonsils and filled my mouth. I couldn’t swallow. I couldn’t move. I just sat there like a statue as this girl was standing over me, pissing straight into my open mouth!! My brain just couldn’t comprehend this! My cock sure could though. I began shooting into my coveralls. Shot after shot of blazing jizz filled up my work clothes. Her piss tasted salty and strong, but not wholly unpleasant. The effect it had on me was electric though.

Her stinking piss splashed all over my lips and chin, running down my chest and utterly soaking my coveralls. I sat there as she drenched me in her urine as my cock spewed forth enough jizz to father 20 billion babies. My whole being was seized with the intensity of the experience.

Utterly hypnotized, I stared at her cunt as it gave forth all the urine her bladder had been storing. Most of it went into my mouth, but as her stream slowed, it just dripped down onto my already saturated chest and my crotch. I was sitting in a pool of her urine. She just laughed as her stream finally dried up.

“Whoa, you didn’t do so good there, huh, Zake?” I just stared, still open-mouthed. I was in shock.

“Ok, you stay there. I’ll run back to the truck. You’ve got a spare set of coveys there, right? And there’s towels, too. Don’t move. I’ll be right back!”

She ran off to the truck, buck naked but for her tank top, hat and boots. I sat there soaked in her piss. What in hell just happened? I just shot a load in my pants! And all I wanted to do was to whip it out and jerk off again!!

I watched her like I was watching a movie or something. Like I wasn’t really part of the scene. She reached the truck, gathered a few things and came bounding back. The cool April breeze was chilling me now. Kyla’s piss was literally dripping off of me as she approached rapidly, her ample tits bouncing and jiggling all over the place in her tank top. She still wore a warm, satisfied grin as she climbed up on to my rig and into the cab.

“Messy, messy!” she remarked with a laugh. She toweled off my face and neck. “Okay, let’s get you out of these coveys, huh? You don’t want to catch cold!”

How could she be so unaffected? Holy shit. In a trance, I rose and she unzipped my coveralls and helped me out of them. She took off my hardhat, removed my shirt, undid my fly, unzipped my pants, and started sliding them down. I still felt like I was watching my body from above or something. Definitely not with it.

I sort of returned to reality when she hooked my briefs and slid them down with my pants. Holy fuck! I still had a hardon! And the inside of my black shorts clearly showed the creamy evidence of my orgasm! The clothing was down around my calves before I could do anything about it.

Kyla just cackled a quick, “Ha, ha!” when she saw my stiff member and the mess in my shorts. She grabbed the towel and dried off my chest, stomach and butt, carefully wiping my cock, scrotum and groin too. I was totally embarrassed, my face completely flushed red and my ears burning. My terminally rigid penis bobbed lightly in the open air, completely undeterred. She merely busied herself with the task of wiping me off, then wiped the seat, folded the towel on it and told me to sit.

“We have to get those boots off, eh?” she prompted me. I sat down on the mostly-dry portion of the towel and allowed her to unlace and remove my safety boots. She then slid all the rest of my clothing off, except for my socks. Then she got my spare set of coveralls and slid my legs into them. She put my boots back on and told me to stand. I did so, and she pulled my coveralls all the way up, zipped them up, snapped the snap, and bent down to lace my boots. Still stark naked apart from her feet, the top of her head, and her tits.

She stood before me with a look of pride as if I were a toddler she had just helped dress or something. She placed my hard hat back on my head and gave me a little peck on the lips, gathered up my soiled clothing and ran back to the truck. She stowed it and ran back, still bouncing and jiggling and her fuzzy pussy in plain view. She remounted my rig and started gathering her clothes and redressing. “The hole’s almost finished, eh? Can I drive your rig back on to the flatbed when you’re done?”

“Yeah. Yeah, sure thing…” I trailed off, utterly bewildered. I manned the controls again and finished off the excavation, not quite processing what had just occurred.

When I was finished, I let Kyla take over and coached her on driving the rig back on to the flatbed. Ronnie, my contractor, would move my rig to the next job site the next day. I sent him a quick text letting him know what the program was.

My cock would not sit down. Holy fuck did I want to fuck this chick. Or something. Maybe just beat off. She either didn’t notice or ignored my woodie as we loaded every thing up, shut the site down, locked up and headed for home.

She started up conversation on the way home in her frank, relaxed way, making no allusion to what had transpired. I responded and soon we were chatting away just like usual. My dick stayed ramrod straight the whole damn ride back to Kyla’s place.

As we were saying our goodbyes, she remarked, “We shouldn’t do anything like that at a job site again, huh? We’ll get caught eventually or something. Well, have a good night Zake! Thanks again for the practice! I’ll see you in the morning!” With that, she gave my engorged penis a little pat and hopped out of my truck with a laugh.

“Uh, yeah, good night, Kyla! See you tomorrow!” I managed. I could not figure this girl out at all. Not even a bit.

My dick didn’t deflate one bit the whole way home. Holy shit! I was naked underneath my coveralls and transporting a load of laundry that was saturated with Kyla’s piss! Huh? How the hell did this happen?

I got home and once again, the instant I closed my front door, my dick was in my hand. I pounded it with fury. Seconds later, I was ejaculating. A volley of semen flew five feet in front of me and splattered to the floor. I groaned and beat my meat as my prostate contracted repeatedly, forcing out blobs of milky jizz that coated my fist and dripped down my hand. I wiped up the mess with my already-soiled clothing, put it in the laundry and started dinner.

My head was a total wreck. I could not formulate one single coherent thought. Kyla occupied every corner of my mind. I saw her face every time I shifted my gaze. I heard her voice. Felt her hands toweling me off and dressing me. Felt her lips ever-so-gently meet with mine. I thought I was going crazy.

It took about another hour for my penis to finally go completely flaccid. I sat on the couch, staring blankly at the TV set, drinking a beer as I scratched Jabber behind the ears.

“Here’s your chance. Drink all my piss and there won’t be a mess,” said Kyla’s voice in my mind. What in fuck!?! She was haunting me or something. I shut off the TV, took a shower and climbed into bed, totally drained. I dreamt of Kyla the whole night through.

The next day I was borderline terrified as I returned to my class. My thoughts were all jumbled. I almost accidentally ran two red lights on the way there. Not like me at all.

I just about panicked when I saw Kyla. She just smiled a happy good morning to me, once again totally independent of anything that might have passed between us other than training.

I tried to get my act together, but I was just not on it. Every time I looked at her a jolt went through me. My cock tingled and twitched. I desperately tried to get a hold of myself. By noon I had almost hit my stride.

Started to settle into a bit of a groove with teaching, and in the afternoon it almost sounded like I knew what I was talking about. By the end of the day, I was feeling better, but I thought it best to try to avoid looking directly at Kyla as best I could. Wow. Fucked.

End of the day was end of the week. Four weeks down, one week of training left. Only one dropout. Pretty good so far. The class wanted to head to the neighbourhood pub again for drinks. I felt a flash of panic, but then got a hold of myself. Dan had asked me, so after a brief pause I said ‘Sure’. What the hell, I was feeling more social than I had in five years. Might do me some good. I told them I would head home, clean up, feed Jabber and meet them there at seven. Dan let out a cheer, and Kyla joined in. The rest of the class shared a laugh, and I did too. Felt pretty good.

Went home, showered and ate. Got Jabber taken care of. Tried to decide on something to wear and freaked out. All I could think of was how I was going to look to Kyla. Messed. Realized I basically have no nice clothes. Ran to the mall on the way out to buy a new shirt. Maybe I shouldn’t have cared, but, what the hell, ya know? No one was going to know but me.

The evening turned out to be real fun. Dan had a great sense of humour and did a bunch of impressions and jokes. We played darts and pool, drank a few and chatted. Kyla looked amazing, wearing just a pair of jeans and a sweatshirt. She was such a natural beauty, and her ass looked just fantastic in those pants. Every once in a while my thoughts would flash back to her naked butt. Was pretty hard to concentrate when that happened.

By eleven thirty, most people had knocked off. Dan was leaving, that left just me, Kyla, and Rick, this dude who was in for cross-training. I figured it was about time to call it a night too, so I finished my beer and started to say my good-byes. Dan took off, and Rick got up to use the can as I paid my tab. Kyla approached me with a broad smile and asked if she could get a ride home from me. I said ok, trying not to show how much that question threw me for a loop.

I guess I had considered that that might happen, but it blew me away when she did actually ask me. Whoa, Zake, cool out. It’s probably just a ride home. Get a hold of yourself.

Kyla got into my truck and I set off toward her house. She was real friendly and talkative, just like usual. She gave no indication at all that she was interested in anything other than just a lift. Oh, well, I figured. I couldn’t expect anything more anyway.

We arrived at her place. I pulled over behind the truck that was parked out in front and stopped. She unbuckled her seatbelt.

“Hey, Zake,” she said, turning her head to look at me, “I think I really like you. I mean, I really like you. You make me feel really safe and at ease. I trust you.”

“Well, thanks,” I replied.

“Do you want to come in? I want to do something for you. And for me. You just can’t touch me, ok?”

I swallowed hard. What, exactly the fuck, was she suggesting?

“Urm. Yeah. Sure,” I said.

I felt that trance-daze-like thing happening again as I shut my truck off and followed her up the steps to her place. She opened the door and let us in.

“Ok, come on in,” she said with a grin. We took our shoes off and she giggled. She looked up at me with a huge smile, and gave me a quick peck on the lips. “Damn you are cute!” she gushed. “Ok, wait right here, I’ll be quick,” she said, quietly padding off.

She returned in a minute as I stood there stupidly, my cock slowly getting harder. She had a big rubber dick in her hand. She laughed as she saw my expression. She still had a wide grin on her face the whole time. I wondered what the hell was going to happen.

She placed the dildo and a tube of lube on a wooden bench in her hallway by the entrance and began rapidly shedding her clothes. I watched, totally enthralled. Soon she was nude in front of me. She flashed a smile at me and grabbed the rubber dick, sticking it to the bench with a suction cup that was on its base, opened the lube and started lubing up the shaft of the dildo. She then tucked her hand into her butt crack and worked it around a bit.

Her breathing was quickening and her nipples were stiff. My cock was hard as steel. I was totally enraptured. “Ok, watch me,” she said as she straddled the dildo. “Watch me but don’t touch, ok?” She reached behind her and grabbed it, holding it steady as she squatted down. She began grinding it up between her butt cheeks as she panted and grinned. Holy fuck, was she going to stick that thing up her ass? It was huge!

She spread her legs wider and I could see the dampness of her pussy. I had seen that sweet little pussy a couple of times before, but this time it was definitely horny. Lips swollen. Darker coloured. Almost purplish. And glistening with her juice.

She lightly bounced up and down as she sighed. I was losing my mind watching her! She then put more of her weight on the big dick that was probing her asshole, and held still. She groaned quietly as her eyes closed. She had a blissed-out expression on her face. Her lips pursed into more of a grimace, and she gasped as the head of the thick dildo popped into her asshole. My eyes were bugged half way out of my head.

She opened her eyes and laughed again. “You can jack off if you want, eh?” She then leaned back and placed both her hands flat behind her on the bench. She closed her eyes and groaned as she began grinding slowly up and down. She began an incredibly slow, erotic rhythm of gentle bobbing on this huge fucking dildo, slowly, ever so slowly taking more and more of it up into her ass.

Her mouth was open and her eyes shut as she gasped in time with her thrusts. Slowly, eventually, she finally sat right down on that giant rubber dick, taking it to the balls up her ass. I couldn’t move. I sort of had the urge to jack off, like she suggested, but my eyes and my brain were totally overloaded.

She moaned a sweet, “Mmmmmmmm,” as she rotated her hips, rolling her butt around as it was completely impaled on the suction-cup dick. Her eyes opened and she look at me with an incredible smile. “You like?” she asked. I just stared in mute bewilderment as my cock throbbed and pounded in my pants.

She laughed that staccato chortle she had, and began slowly bouncing up and down on the dildo. I couldn’t take my eyes off her. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. This was fucking incredible!

After about a minute, she sat further back on the dildo and raised her feet up on the bench, so she was squatting with her legs spread wide. She looked me straight in the eye the whole time with that broad smile on her face. Then she closed her eyes and began bouncing up and down in earnest.

Her mouth opened and she began panting as she increased her pace, rising and falling a good three inches with every cycle as she fucked her own asshole with this thick toy while I watched. She began little moans and grunts, working her way up to gasps and groans as she rolled her head around in pleasure, her mouth grimacing and puckering, opening and contorting, playing out her joy in her facial expressions.

This was too much. I had too jack off. I whipped my pants down and grabbed my tool and started beating on it.

Kyla was grinding in earnest on the dildo, bouncing up and down with vigour, fucking her own ass deeply and thoroughly as I beat my meat. She opened her eyes and grinned open-mouthed at me as she impaled her butt. “Yeah,” she gasped. “That’s more like it. Beat that cock while I fuck my ass.”

She leaned forward a bit and really started to ride that big black dick. “Ooohhh!!” she moaned. “Ooooh!! Ooooh!! Oooooooohhh, that feels so good!!” She pitched up and down, slamming herself down on that cock, taking it all the way up her ass as she cooed and groaned.

She slowed her pace a bit and opened her eyes again. She was bouncing lightly again. Her expression was intense and excited, like a woman possessed. “Ok, Zake, come here!” she breathed. “Get on your knees! Come get your treat! I saved this for you from the pub!”

In a complete sexual frenzy, I did as she commanded immediately. I was out of control with horniness!!!

“Put your mouth on my pussy!” she rasped. “Now! Hurry!!”

I did as she ordered me. I opened my mouth and place it over her dripping snatch, sealing my lips around hers. My head was swimming with lust!

Ever-so-lightly bouncing on her toy, she moaned. I knew what was coming. I felt a tiny burst of hot liquid enter my mouth. She was peeing!! I double my pace on my dick, now jack hammering my raging rod like a mad man!! The incredible, hot, salty flavour hit my tongue and my brain exploded in ecstasy.

“Ohhhhhhh,” she groaned. Another jet burst into my mouth. I gulped it down greedily. “Oooooooh,” she cooed as another squirt hit my taste buds. The strong, salty, earthy taste of her hot piss was unlike anything I’d ever experienced before. I was utterly in heaven, over the moon and floating in the air!!

“Aaahhhhhhh,” she sighed as her stream of urine opened up in earnest, flooding my mouth in hot, frothy piss. I gulped it down in great swallows as I felt my cock throb and twitch in my racing hand.

Mouthful after mouthful of delicious, salty pee she gave me as she bobbed lightly on her dildo. I couldn’t hold back. I couldn’t cum. I was beyond horny, beyond reason, beyond feeling! I was a feverish maniac, frantically drinking down her piss, driven to mindlessness, into new realms of lust I didn’t know existed!!!

Finally I shot! My cock exploded, seizing my entire body in a crushing spasm! Blast after blast of scalding sperm leapt from my dick, spewing all over the bench, the floor, the wall, everywhere! The powerful, yellow brew she was voiding into my mouth gave my orgasm such power, such overwhelming thunderous force, I felt like my whole insides were gonna blast out the end of my dick!!

Finally my orgasm began to abate, and I whimpered, sobbing in joy and relief as I sucked on her pussy, submissively accepted the last trickles of her urine, sucking it out of her delicious little snatch, swallowing it all and praying for more.

Her tinkle finally stopped, and I collapsed to the ground, waves of bliss washing over me. My whole body was buzzing with electric joy and contentment. I had never known pleasure and rapture like this! Kyla looked down at me and laughed her merry laugh.

“Wow,” she breathed, “That was awesome. I don’t think I’ve ever had it so good. With anyone. Ever. You?”

“No,” I managed to gasp. “Fuck, no. Not anything even close.” I was struck with my honesty. Not even with my wife had I cum half that hard.

Kyla laughed again. “Ok, do you want to spend the night here? No touching, though, is that ok? I mean that. Do you want to sleep here?”

I lay on the floor trying to catch my breath. “I don’t think I could leave even if I wanted to!” We shared a laugh together.

“Ok, you can sleep with me in my bed if you want. I trust you, Zake. Off to bed, then?”

“Yeah,” I concurred with a smile. “You got it.”

Two weeks later, Kyla moved in with me. We work together. We live together. And we love together. It’s kind of weird, because our sex life is mostly like what I just described. But we’re happy. Happier than either of us have ever been. She says she trusts me more than she’s ever trusted anyone. And she’s almost ready to try sex with me. I’m cool. Although I’m looking forward to it, I love every instant of what we do. And so does she.

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