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Krystal at Work

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As I told you in my first story, ” The Boys from next door “, I currently own a home for retiree’s. It, of course, caters for both men and women. I currently have eleven males and nine females. I employ twelve staff for nursing needs, eight females and four men. On top of that I also employ five catering staff. I, of course, jump in and help where-ever I’m needed. I’ve been doing this since my divorce four years ago. I enjoy it immensely. I have great satisfaction in making sure our elderly are well taken care of. For this reason, I’m very particular about who I employ.

I conduct a hard interview, with lots of scenarios, to make sure that they respond in the way I want. Some of the old men are really quite lewd. And I want my staff to be able to handle that side of things. It’s no good running to me every time a “guest” gets a bit frisky. I certainly don’t want them running to the papers when things get “risqué”, so to speak. So as I say. I always conduct the strictest interviews for all staff, at all levels. From matron down to care staff.

During interviews with men hopefuls, I always wear respectable but sexy clothes. Normally a skirt suit, with a white blouse, undone enough to expose my more than ample cleavage. The skirt cut a respectable inch or two above the knee. I insist that they sit to the side of my desk, so that they get a good look at my legs and heels as I cross and uncross them repeatedly. This evokes a number of reactions. I would think that their first would be shock. They must find it hard to believe that this mature sexy woman of 62, is practically exposing herself to them. You can see some of them actually get nervous and fidget constantly. Of course some of them get the inevitable hard-on. That always brings a smile to lips. The ones that don’t soon do when I make out to ponder something and suck the end of my pen. It’s fun watching them trying to cover their embarrassments up.

I have as you’ve probably guessed by now had sex with most of my staff at sometime or other. The only one I haven’t is Jason. But he’s only been here a week. He’s just turned 18 a month ago. I see the way he looks at my legs as I walk past him. You maybe thinking that he’s a bit young for me. In case you are, let me make one thing clear. The only concern I have is whether their old enough. Nothing more. If I fancy somebody, then I will go all out to seduce them, no matter what their age. Anyway, I will let Jason settle in first. He does look like he has a nice package though.

Back to what I was saying. There was this one gentleman, Bobby who came for a job. I remember it clearly. It was about 3½ years ago, Thursday afternoon, 2.30. I was dressed in a black satin suit a shortish skirt, which came to about 3″ above my knees, it had a split in front and if I wasn’t careful, it would give anybody watching a nice view. A red blouse, again suitably undone to show my womanly cleavage. And of course, my customary 4″ heels. As soon as he stepped through the door I instantly wished I hadn’t worn the bra. I fell in instant lust. Bobby stood at 6′ 3″ was 28 years old and very muscular. He had short blonde hair, cut so severe he looked like an American marine. You could tell by his walk that he was a confident man and that I admit is a weakness of mine. I stood to greet him and held out my hand. He took it as he reached me. His were huge. They enveloped mine, completely smothered it. I was sure of one thing though. He like what he saw. His eyes appraised my 58 year old body from my 4″ heels up to my teased black hair and then back down again. I, myself was trying to get a look at his nether region.

We sat down and introduced ourselves. I went straight into my tease mode. I not only wanted to know if Bobby could take it, I really fancied him sexually. He oozed sex appeal. I was stammering and tripping over my tongue as I asked him questions and each time his eyes caught mine, they seemed to be smirking. I was aware of where his eyes were at all times. He wasn’t trying to be subtle. My skirt had ridden up so my stocking tops were on display and I brought my hand down and rested it mid-thigh. He watched as I stroked and ran my painted nails across my stockings. He answered my questions by talking to my breasts.

“So tell me Bobby, do you have an active social life?” I asked as my left hand ran the full length of my stockinged leg as he watched. ” What sort of thing do you enjoy doing?”

As he pondered his answer, I gave an obvious look to his cock region. Sure enough, there was the bulge that all women look for. Even now, he looked to be a well built man. Not waiting for his answer I quickly stood and made my way over to the door. As I turned the lock, I glanced back in his direction and caught him squeezing his throbbing prick through his trousers. By the time I’d got back to him I had my blouse fully undone and my now exposed bra gave him every indication of what I was after. He couldn’t take his eyes away from them.

I sat back down, grab my assets in both hands and opened my thighs so he could see my thong between my wet pussy lips. Within seconds he was on his knees, head in my cleavage slobbering all over my breasts. I do love man and woman who make a fuss over my boobs. I find it such a turn-on. Even men who I didn’t fancy have had their cocks sucked just because they’ve been overly attentive to my tits. Bobby was certainly doing a terrific job. My big nipples were protruding through my lacy bra. Not really wanting any niceties at this time’ I reached down and pulled my bra over so he could really get at them. My breath was coming in pants as he continued to devour me. Leaning forward, I reached down as far as I could trying to get a feel of his cock through his trousers. I couldn’t, but he soon stood before me, his throbbing erection inches from my mouth. Involuntary I licked my full lips and rested my hands on his bulge. I suppose I was a mite disappointed. I’d had longer, but christ, it was thicker then my wrist. Oh well, a girl cant have everything. I wantonly ran my nails along his thickness and wasn’t in the least bit surprised when I felt the tell tell sign of pre-cum showing on my finger tip, through his trousers.

I smoothly pulled his zip down and released his tool. His helmet was already pulled back and glistened with cum. Pulling him towards me by his balls I sucked his helmet into my opened mouth and swirled my wet tongue around it. Pre-cum oozed onto my tongue and I kept swallowing. He sure was excited by me and I always appreciate anyone who is. I started ever so slowly to bob my mouth over his cock and he started groaning in enjoyment. I know how to suck cocks. Been doing it many years and enjoy it fully. I’m somewhat of an expert at it. All my blow-jobs are noisy and I make lots of slurping noises and I moan and groan a lot. This is a sure way of letting your partner know that your sucking him off because you like it and not because you feel you have to do.

I soon had Bobby pumping his cock into my face as he held my head in his hands. I knew he was going to shoot at any second. I reached up with one hand and squeezed his hairy balls with one hand and with the other I inserted a finger into his anus. He gave a small grunt and a powerful blast of cum hit the back of my throat. So much cum was actually in my mouth that I didn’t have time to swallow all of it and some escaped my mouth and dribbled onto my tits. I managed to swallow what was left in my mouth and sucked and sucked until I had it all.

He pulled me to my feet and unceremoniously pushed me over my desk. Not bothering to pull my thong off, just pulling it out of my wet pussy, he thrust his hard cock inside me. There was nothing pretty or nice about this. This was pure lust. Filthy sex of the best kind. It had been a while since my cunt had been fucked this hard, but I was enjoying every second of it. His hands came around my front to tease my nipples which were now as hard as they’d ever been. I was bucking back at him as he powered into me. Juices which were mostly mine, was running down my legs, causing the delicious suction sounds as he pulled out. I reached behind him and gently sunk my nails into his bum. As this happened, he really lost it and was giving it to me so hard his balls were banging my arse. I felt the rush of my orgasm approaching and used my left hand to play with my engorged clit. That sent me over the edge and I stifled a scream as it hit and I felt his hands squeeze my bum cheeks as he sent his own seed into my hungry cunt.

We eventually composed ourselves and I informed him that he had the job. I also made it clear that he’d got the job before we’d fucked and it had had no bearing on his appointment. Bobby’s still with us. We fuck every now and then and I’ve even had threesomes with sally, our senior carer. She’s another big busted beauty. Sally and I have had many sexy escapades. Specially with some of the residents. I will tell you some of them later. But just imagine this, sally’s 50 with an incredible figure. A 40D bust, an arse you could put you glass on. Always dresses to please. When we do our rounds together, you can actually see some of the male residents groan. We’re always teasing them. We have our favourites of course. Through the course of bathing and showering, some need our help and we tease and tease. Even aged men have cocks and some are very impressive. They really appreciate a nice soapy hand job. We’ve even sucked and swallowed a lot of their cum. My personal favourite is Henry. He’s disgustingly naughty with a cock and a pair of balls which produce so much cum you think your going to drown. His eyes light up as soon as I enter his room and close the door. When myself and Sally walk into his room, he visibly shakes. Girls, when I finish telling you about Henry, you’ll be off to find your own old man.

Henry came to us 2 years ago. He was brought in by his daughter, straight from a convalescence home, where he’d been recovering from an operation on his back. His wife had died a number of years back and his daughter had reluctantly had to admit that there was just no room in her small house for Henry as well as her, her husband and two teenage children. Henry had had no complaints, he knew she was being honest and he had no problem with it.

Henry was 69 years old when he arrived. He walked into my office using two canes and almost collapsed into the armchair. I filled out the paperwork with his daughter Jane, and explained the visiting hours which are pretty relaxed here compared to most. Contact numbers were obtained and she said her goodbyes and left.

I saw Jane out to the reception and with a few word and a long lusty look at my receptionist Susan I headed back to my office. I collected his file and sat down across from him on a settee. I was asking him questions, such as food, likes and dislikes, drinks and so forth. Everything we’d need to know to make his stay a happy one.

I happened to look up and caught the old goat staring at my legs. Looking at his face he was obviously flushed. I moved slightly so my hold-ups were exposed. All I wanted to do was give him a little stiffie. As I said before. Show me attention and I’ll make it worth your while.

I got up and walked towards him, wanting him to sign a consent form. I went to place the clip-board on his lap when all sense left me. I was stunned into immobility. Running along the inside of his right leg was the biggest cock I’d ever seen. Although it was under his trousers, you couldn’t miss it. Resisting all temptation to reach out and squeeze it, I got him to sign the form. I couldn’t stop my hand shaking. All I kept thinking about was that huge cock. It didn’t belong on a man. Any man. It was more suited to a horse or a donkey. Already a plan was forming in my mind.

Crossing over to my desk, I reached over to punch the intercom and asked Susan to send up one of the day staff to help Henry over to the east-wing. Intentionally giving him a first rate look at my arse. Turning back to him, my eyes were straight on his bulge. I’m sure it had gotten bigger. It was nearly to his knee. I was getting really hot.

When they had come to take Henry, I explained that myself and our senior carer Sally would be over shortly to settle him in. as soon as he’d gone I paged Sally and she rang instantly. I gave her a brief run down on the phone where upon she ran to my office. Not long after that we’d both stripped down to our lingerie and donned white lab coats. We love each other dressed this way and before I could get my buttons done up sally was on her knees giving my wet pussy a good clean.

Normally I would of sat down and let her tongue me as long as she wanted. Giving me many orgasm’s in the process. But I reluctantly had to push her away and remind her of what we were supposed to be doing.

We stepped out of my office and Susan, whilst talking on the phone, ogled the pair of us as we strutted by her desk, making our way to Henry’s room. By the time we got there, we’d both undone all the buttons on our coats, except the one in the middle. We sure looked hott!!! I knocked on the door and pushed the door open. Henry sat in an armchair that had been placed in front of the window so that he could see out into the garden. He glanced our way and I smiled as he had to do a double take. He saw before him, two voluptuous women. Dressed in doctors coats, barely done up. Exposing copious amounts of flesh and lingerie. Capped of by us both wearing stiletto heels. I watched his face as his eyes alternated between Sally and myself. Sally stood hands on her hip, staring at his cock bulge, willing it to grow.

” Hello Henry. This is our senior carer Sally.” Sally stepped over to him and shook his sweaty hand.

” Now normally Henry, I would come and settle you in on your first night with us. It’s just a bit of the personal touch. Anyway, as Sally’s on duty tonight, I thought we’d both do it. Is that alright with you?”

“Y…yes” he stammered. “That would be lovely”

I walked towards him and watched his eyes as they scanned my legs as they came through the unbuttoned coat as I walked. By the time we reached him and swung his chair around, so that he was facing into the room, he was already sporting a nice fat semi hard-on.

We the proceeded to make arrangements in his room. Trivial things like unpacking his cases, checking his en-suite facilities, generally just making sure that he had everything he needed. All the while, we were chatting to him and watching his cock get harder and harder. The posing we were doing as we went about our work, a monk would of got a stiffie. With every excuse we could think of, we would bend over, exposing our bums to his face, bend forward showing our expansive cleavage to his excited gaze. Myself and Sally have worked this routine down to a fine art. The amount of residents, staff and even visitors that we’ve seduced using this strategy is incredible. We can keep it up for hours if needed, but I knew that this wasn’t going to take long. His eyes followed our every movement. He had trouble keeping up with the pair of us. Sally was being real slutty by now. Actually acting like a bitch on heat. At one time, she actually bent down on the pretext of picking something up, about 6 inches from his face. Her thong had worked it’s way into her arse and pussy lips. I watched his cock bulge as this was going on and decided to move things along. I was hungry to get my hands and mouth around it.

We quickly finished doing the tasks that we needed to do and it was now time to settle him down for the night. We got him out of his chair and sat him on the edge of the bed. We could see his impressive cock bulging along his thigh and Sally kept brushing against it with every opportunity she got. A wet patch had already formed in his trousers and we could smell that heavy musk that only men can give off.

With her heart pounding, I made my way over to the en-suite and fetched a basin of hot water. Donning pair of white latex gloves, which Sally had already done, we got Henry undressed. Sally stood stunned as Henry’s erect cock came fully into view.

“Oh my fucking god!!!!!” she exclaimed, “It’s huge….. Not normal, it belongs on a horse or some sort of animal.”

The Boa snake laid along Henry’s thigh, gently throbbing and oozing pre-cum as we watched. I don’t think that it could ever stay upright. It was just too big. Believe me when I say it was enormous. In fact, the very next day when I went back , I took a tape measure with me and took it’s dimensions. He actually measured 13 inches long, by just under 4 inches round. It was then, the biggest cock I’d ever seen.

Henry leaned back on the bed on his elbows and waited to see what was going to happen. With two voluptuous women half naked in front of him, staring at his huge throbbing erection, he knew for sure that something was definitely on the cards.

We reached for the soap-bar and lathered our gloved hands up. As sally watched, I tentatively placed one hand around his tool, this was followed quickly by my other. Sally joined me by putting one hand around his cock, whilst with the other she tried to cup his huge balls.

I think I knew what was going to happen before sally did. You see sally loves sucking cock even more than I do. Once she’s seen a stiff one, she just has to go down on it. She did so now. I watched amazed as she opened her succulent lips to accommodate his massive rod. I continued to wank him as she sucked with all her might. We both knew he wouldn’t last long. We’d teased him mercilessly and you could tell that he was doing his best to hold back.

I was stood bent over as I was giving him his wank when I felt his hand run up the inside of my thighs. I don’t usually let the residents touch me, but the sight and touch of this magnificent specimen had made me hornier then I’d ever been. So I let Henry finger my sodden pussy until I game all over his hand. This in turn was enough for Henry. I saw sally’s eyes open, saw her cheeks bulge as Henry roared and sent a torrent of cum in Sally’s mouth. To say I was shocked would be mild. I had never seen, nor had Sally, so much cum in my entire life. It was just so much, Sally couldn’t swallow it, it escaped from between her lips that were still around his engorged helmet. I pulled gently at first at her hair because I wanted to see some of this spectacle, then as she refused to come away I pulled a little harder, just in time to see a massive wad erupt out his dick and land on Sally’s tits, which she immediately began to rub in.

I played with his massive tool until it went sort of limp. I say sort of because despite his age, it didn’t seem to want to go down fully. It was like it had a mind of it’s own. All the time I had hold of it, it kept twitching and jerking in my hand. I resisted the throb in my cunt telling me to climb on top of it. I really wanted to know what that monster would feel like inside of me. That would come a little later. Firstly though, I wanted him to recharge his battery because I was coming back tomorrow to give him one of my blow jobs and maybe actually fuck my first resident.

I tenderly cleaned him with a hot soapy sponge and eventually got him dressed. All the while, Sally watched his cock, massaging his opulent amount of cum into her fat tits.

By the time I’d got him into his night clothes and got him into bed, he was fully hard and Sally wanted to have another suck on him. I was a little selfish and insisted that she leave him alone for now as he needed his rest. I wink at him and sent Sally on her way. I then explain as I rubbed his erection through the sheet, what I had in mind for him tomorrow and if he could refrain from wanking that monstrosity until then, it would be so much better for us both.

I left his room then and as I did, I felt juices run down my leg. I was really horny now and I needed to cum really bad. Instantly I knew what I was going to do. I knew where there was a tall sexy secretary that loved to tease and please. I know she would love a repeat of last week. The thought of Susan sucking my big nipples as she poked my vibrator into my wet pussy made me literally run back to my office.

I called Susan on the intercom as soon as I got my breath back and by the time she entered I was leant on the edge of my desk, white coat undone exposing my stockings and bra covered boobs, holding my big black vibrator in both hands.

Susan took in the scene in a glance and turned to shut and lock the door…

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