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Miss Betty

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My name is Betty Fielder and I have been happily married to the same man for the past 20 years. David was my high school boyfriend and we were married when he graduated from college. He is the only person that I have ever had sex with and our sex life over the years has been very gratifying. We have two boys that are 12 and 14 years of age.

David is a very successful businessman whose job requires that he travel extensively through out the world. Sometimes he is gone for weeks at a time. I do not work and spend my days taking care of my home and our two sons. Both are excellent athletes and play all of the sports. Most of my afternoons are spent attending their games.

I love routine and after the boys are off to school in the morning I go to the local health club to work out. I do this every week day morning at 8:00 o’clock. When I return home at around 10:00 I shower and work on the computer for a couple of hours.

About six months ago while surfing the net I came across the Literotica website and my curiosity got the better of me. I began reading the new stories that appear each day. I have always enjoyed sex with my husband but these stories turned me on in ways that I had never dreamed of.

During my life to this point I would occasionally masturbate and found it to be an enjoyable experience. Once I found Literotica I began to masturbate daily as I read the stories. As soon as I finished my work out I rushed home to take my shower.

When finished I would put on my robe, walk into the computer room, lock the door and turn on the computer. As it warmed up I would pull my hair back into a pony tail and secure it with a rubber band. I would then remove my house coat and drape it over the chair so that I would have quick access to it if anyone came into the house.

I am now totally addicted to porn. I sit in my chair totally naked and read and play with my pussy for at least one hour each day.

I am 5’10” tall and weigh 125 pounds, with long straight light brown hair. I am extremely thin with long, slender legs that are hard from many hours of strenuous work outs.

I have a fine tight ass that any woman would die for. If it were not for my small tits I would have a long, perfect body.

In the tit department I am a little on the small side. I am between an A and a B cup but I have extremely long and sensitive nipples. When aroused they take on the texture of an eraser on a #2 pencil and become about an inch long, I could probably do without wearing a bra if my nipples were not so prominent when I am aroused or chilled. So I wear a slightly padded one.

My pussy is surrounded by a dense bush of soft brown hair. When aroused my clit, like my tits, is extremely long and protrudes like a miniature cock.

As I read the stories I play with the lips of my pussy whose inner lips are long and thin and protrude even when I am not aroused. It begins to juice up immediately and as I manipulate it my love juice thickens to a milky white substance. I like to twist two of my fingers and work them in and out of my pussy. My cum is worked into a thick frothy texture that completely surrounds my hole.

I like to occasionally remove my fingers and suck this concoction. While doing so I make slurping sucking noises.

I love the taste of my love juice. I call it my sauce. If it were possible I would love to bend down and lick and suck my own pussy. I would slurp my sauce from in and around any part of it and suck my cock like clit until I exploded.

I like to work it for about an hour for I have discovered that I am multi-orgasmic and can cum many times for an extended period of time. I always finish with a mind boggling super orgasm.

Lately as I work my sauce into its thick, frothy goodness I wait until it works its way down to my asshole. Then I take my fingers and work it around the rim until it is totally lubricated. I then slide one of my long fingers knuckle deep into my asshole.

I saw it back and forth several times and then place the thumb of that same hand in my pussy. With the fingers of my other hand I pinch, pull and rub my clit unmercifully.

I sit back in the chair, place both feet on the desk and forcefully fuck my fingers. My ass just jack hammers into my fingers until I climax.

I then take my fingers and lewdly suck every drop of my goodness off. I then scoop every drop that I can find and loudly slurp it into my mouth. I love to eat my cum. Can’t get enough!

I have made the determination that at 41 years of age I am ready for a sexual adventure. I have decided that I intend to suck and fuck a strange cock and satisfy my overwhelming desire to eat pussy.

I do not know if this qualifies me as a sexual deviate or not but one thing that I know for certain is that I will live out my fantasy.

My problem is that I do not want to sacrifice the life that I now have. I love my husband and our love making. I also love my sons and my life style. I have everything that a woman would want and I don’t intend to lose it.

I will have to be opportunist in my selection of sexual partners. I know that I am a beautiful woman and that men find me extremely attractive. Finding a man to fuck will be easy. I just have to select the right ones.

I have to find potential lovers that I have no connection to. They must be total strangers or people that are in compromising positions. I do not want nor will I allow any emotional attachments. I want pure recreational sex. My quest will begin today.

It is Monday and I just finished my daily masturbation session which ended in my usual thunderous climax. My computer room is up stairs and joins our master bed room after passing through a connecting large bathroom. It overlooks the street that passes in front of the house.

I see the postman walking down the street and I remember that I promised our neighbor that I would check their mail while they are on vacation.

Our neighbors are Steve and Sarah Johnson. They are about my age and have an 18 year old daughter named Angie. We have been next door neighbors for the fifteen years that we have lived here.

Angie is a tiny girl and an accomplished gymnast. She is about five feet tall and weighs about 100 pounds. Angie is an 18-year-old senior in high school and is at a gymnast clinic in another town. So their home is un-attended for the week.

I finish licking the cum from my fingers and slip on a pair of baggy white terry cloth shorts and an oversized, red, Ohio State t-shirt. I leave my hair pulled back in a pony tail. I am still tingly and my pussy squishes when I walk. I love the feeling.

I walked to their mail box, picked up the mail and walked around the back of the house. I unlocked the door and walked into the kitchen. I heard noises coming from Angie’s bedroom that sounded like two people enjoying sex.

“Suck my cock Angie. Come on baby you are so beautiful with my cock in your mouth.”

I walked down the hall and looked into the room. From my vantage point I was looking directly into Angie’s ass. She was facing away from me kneeling between someone’s knees and obviously sucking his cock.

Her tight little ass and pussy were beautiful as her head bobbed up and down as she slurped on that cock. Angie’s little love box was glistening with her juices. I felt like rushing in and sucking it but I restrained myself.

“Don’t suck anymore Ang I am close to cumming and I want to fuck you before I do. Come up here and ride me baby.”

“Damn it Coach but I love to suck your cock.”

Angie moved up straddled her lover, grabbed his cock and worked it into her pretty little pussy.

As she slid down on it she exclaimed, “Oooh, I love the way it fills me up. You can cum in me too. I am on the pill so fill me up with your hot cum.”

She leaned forward and began to work here ass up and down on his pole. At first her strokes were slow and easy. Then she picked up the tempo and began to violently pound up and down. There was a loud slapping sound every time their bodies came together and Angie began to talk nasty.

“Fuck me hard you bastard. Suck my tits. Make me cum all over your cock. Oh, oh, oh, oh, shiit. I love fucking. You make me so hot.”

This was obviously not Angie’s first time to fuck.

I was looking directly into where there bodies connected and it was a sensual sight. Angie’s juices began to flow down his cock and into the hair around his balls and his ball sac.

I felt like walking in and start licking and sucking his balls and her pussy as they fucked. Her little puckered ass hole was beautiful and I wanted to run my tongue into it.

Every time she raised her ass her pussy lips would grip his cock and were pulled out. When she plunged back down they were sucked inside.

“Oh fuck I am going to cum big boy. Keep pounding that dick into me. Arrgh, Shit. I’m cumming.”

“Me too pretty baby. Keep working that pussy. I am going to fill it up. Here it comes. Arrgh, I’mmm cuumming toooo!”

Angie collapsed onto her lover and said “Lets rest awhile and then I want you to fuck me doggie style.”

Some of his cum begin to leak from her pussy and down his cock. I wanted to taste it badly. I decided to make my move and walked into the room.

“It looks like someone has been enjoying the morning” I said.

Angie quickly jumped up and spun around sitting on the bed facing me. She shouted, “Miss Betty what are you doing here?”

“Don’t either one of you move. Stay exactly where you are. I didn’t think that anyone was here. Your mother asked me to keep an eye on the house because no one would be here for the week. I thought that you were at a gymnastic clinic. I was bringing in the mail like your mother asked me to.”

“Please don’t tell Momma.” Angie begged.

“Who is this and how long has this been going on,” I asked.

“This is Billy Tompkins and he is the gymnastics coach at Michigan Tech. He is an instructor at the clinic that I am attending.”

“Do you fuck all of your instructors?” I asked.

“No Maam. We met once before at another clinic and I thought that he was hot. I flirted with Coach a little bit but I didn’t think that I would ever see him again. When he showed up at this clinic I saw an opportunity and I thought that if I played my cards right that I might be able to get him to fuck me. So I offered myself to him and he said yes. We were able to slip away in my car and came here. I knew that no one would be home but I didn’t think about you checking the mail.”

“Miss Betty please don’t tell mama. She would die if she knew about this. Please don’t tell her.”

“What about you Billy boy. You do know that you could lose your job over this.”

“Yes I do and I have a wife and baby at home. Angie looked so sexy to me and I just couldn’t resist her. I didn’t think that anyone would find out. I’ll do anything if you do not tell her parents about this. It won’t happen again I promise.”

“We’ll do anything. Please don’t tell”said Angie.

“I won’t tell under one condition” I answered.

“What is that?” asked Angie.

“I want to play with the two of you. Now! I want to fuck both of you. Your bodies are so tight and beautiful and watching you fuck has really turned me on. You may have your way with me but I am in charge. Do you agree?”

“Yes maam, but what do we have to do?” Asked Angie.

“You just sit there while I suck Billy’s cock. Sit on the edge of the bed big boy. You have a beautiful cock and it’s all coated with your juices. I want a taste.”

I dropped to my knees in front of him, grabbed his cock in one hand and took the head of his dick into my mouth. I begin to slurp and tongue his cock’s big purple head.

I begin to salivate and saliva filled my mouth and drooled out of the corners. It ran down my chin and unto my t-shirt. Damn he tasted so good.

I removed my hand and swallowed the whole thing. My chin was resting on his balls with my nose in his pubic hair. I then began to suck him vigorously. I loved the taste of their combined juices. I can’t believe that I am actually doing this but I love the feeling that I have. I bobbed my head slowly up and down sucking vigorously and making loud slurping noises. I was like a starved animal that couldn’t get enough.

“Damn, Angie your Miss Betty can really suck a cock. Suck pretty lady, suck it hard.”

“Suck it Miss Betty. I love those slurping sounds,” said Angie.

I pulled my head back and a long string of saliva extended from my mouth to the head of his beautiful cock. I begin to loudly suck Angie’s pussy juice from the hair around his balls. I then sucked one of his balls into my mouth and rolled it around with my tongue.

“That’s it suck my balls baby. Now suck the other one.”

I was more than willing to do that and I switched. By this time his balls were coated with saliva as was the hair that surrounded his cock.

I knew that it was too soon for him to cum again and I wanted to taste my first pussy. I let his ball sac slip from my mouth and I leaned back and looked at Angie who was staring at me with wide eyes as she sat on the bed.

“Angie, get on all fours and move to the edge of the bed, doggie style. You know the position. Move to the edge of the bed I want to suck your pretty little pussy.”

She quickly moved into the position as instructed and said, “Miss Betty I’ve never done this before.”

“This is my first time too pretty baby but I intend to make the most of it.”

As I looked at that beautiful pussy and cute little asshole I began to salivate profusely and with my mouth hanging open the drool ran from its corners and dripped down my chin where it formed a single long line. A large drop of Billy’s cum was hanging from Angie’s cunt and I bent forward and sucked it down with my mouth. Damn but it tasted good.

Angie squealed, “Oh god, fuck!”

I flattened my tongue and ran it the length of her pussy to her little asshole and then down again. Their combined juices were plentiful and tasty. I made loud slurping sounds as I sucked all that I could find. I moved down to her clit and pulled the little bud into my mouth and begin sucking and gently biting it with my teeth.

“Oh suck my clit Miss Betty, suck it hard. Damn but your mouth is good. You are going to make me cum. Awwwhh I’m cumming.”

I raised my head for a second and said, “Cum for me pretty baby, cum hard!”

Billy chimed in with, “Cum Angie! Look at me when you cum. You are so beautiful when you do.”

I quickly resumed my sucking and slurping until she finished her orgasm. But I wasn’t finished with her yet. I again flattened my tongue and licked her entire pussy up to her asshole. I then begin to loudly lick and suck on her little puckered hole. I was out of control. I rolled my tongue up and begin to probe her asshole. I was actually fucking it with my tongue. Her asshole was making little gripping movements as if trying to grab my tongue.

“That’s it Miss Betty lick my asshole. Fuck it with your tongue. Tongue fuck my asshole. God, Billy she’s tongue fucking my asshole. I’m going to cum again. Shiiit I’mmmm cuuummming!” Angie screamed.

I backed away. Her asshole and pussy were covered with my saliva. Damn, I just ate my first pussy. It way my 18 year old neighbor’s pussy and I loved it. I am one nasty bitch. The saliva hanging from my chin was dripping onto my Ohio State t-shirt. I then realized that I still had my clothes on. I pulled the shirt over my head and threw it on the floor. My nipples were hard and extended at least an inch from my little titties.

“Suck my nipples Billy. Suck them hard!”

“Miss Betty they are so long and hard. I’ve never seen any like this.”

“Just like a small cock. Suck them Billy Boy. God! Yes! That’s so good. Suck baby suck. I need for you to fuck me. Doggie Style.”

I got up, pulled my shorts down and moved unto the bed. I got on all fours on the edge with my ass high in the air. My shorts were dangling around one ankle.

“Fuck me standing Billy! Stick that cock in my pussy. You will be the first person that I have ever fucked other than my husband and I want you to fuck me good. Put it in and we will start slow. That’s it long, deep strokes. Can you cum again Billy boy? I am going to pull it out of you so let’s work it hard. Come on baby pound that cock in my pussy.”

And Billy began to pound his cock into my pussy with long powerful strokes. I bucked back against him on each thrust. We were in perfect rhythm. We began slamming together with loud slapping sounds and ripples moved through my ass cheeks.

God but it felt good. It was going to take Billy a while to cum so I had time to enjoy the ride. I had already experienced many small orgasms but this one was going to be big. Damn we were pounding.

“Move under me Angie and suck my nipples,” I said.

“But Miss Betty I’ve never done anything like that,” She replied.

“Do it now and give them a good sucking.”

She slid under me and took one of my nipples into her mouth. Damn but that felt good. Her position placed her fine little apple sized tits right in front of my face. The nipples were hard and extended and I began to suck one. This was another first time experience for me. God! I am one nasty slut but I love it.

Angie began to suck on my elongated nipples with loud slurping sounds.

She stopped once and said,” They are so long and hard. I love the way they feel in my mouth. Keep sucking mine. I love it.”

She kept switching between the two using her tongue and saliva to slurp away at them.

I reached the point where I was about to explode. “I am about to cum Billy boy cum with me.”

“I’m close too Miss Betty. Your pussy juice is thick and white and is coating my prick. Let’s pick up the pace. Come on buck baby, buck hard. Slam that pussy into me.”

“Stroke my pussy hard baby. Fill me with your hot cum. I’m almost there. Pump my ass big boy, pump! Oh gawd, Shiiiit I’mmm Cuuumming! Fill me up!”

“Fuuuuccccckkk I’mmmm ccuuummming too! Oooh, Oooh shiiitt! I feel like I am going to pass out.”

Billy leaned into me and rested on my back but his cock remained hard and stayed in my pussy.

I looked back at him and said, “Stay in me and stroke me real slow. Work our juices. I love the squishing sound it makes. I want to thicken our sauce. Work it slow baby. Make it thick and creamy.”

“Miss Betty, you are one great fuck. This is the most intense sexual experience of my life. I love this slow stroking. My cock is so damned hard.”

I leaned forward until I was looking down into Angie’s face. She had a blissful look on her saliva coated face. I realized that she was a truly beautiful girl with her dark complexion and black hair.

She had big brown eyes and thick bumble bee stung lips on both top and bottom. Like Angela Jolie’s. I realized how kissable and how suckable they were.

I lowered my mouth and sucked her bottom lip between my teeth and gently sucked it. Then I moved to the upper lip as I trailed my tongue across her teeth. I took it into my mouth and sucked it hard for a second. Then I slid my tongue into her open mouth and sucked on her tongue.

Then we switched and she sucked mine. I can not describe the feeling. I was in Nirvana.

“Do you like what I am doing baby girl.” I asked?

“Oh yes Miss Betty. Please don’t stop I like the way it makes me feel.” She answered.

“But I have to Angie girl I want you to eat my pussy. Pull out Billy. How is our sauce?”

“It’s thick and frothy and everywhere. I want to taste it.” He said.

“No I want Angie to clean my pussy,” I said.

Billy’s cock popped out as I crawled over her body and lowered my sopping wet pussy to her face. She did not hesitate and quickly begin to lick and slurp noisily away at the combination of juices that filled me. I slid my pussy back and forth over her face.

“Billy and I made a nice thick sauce for you baby girl. Eat it all and don’t leave a drop. Jesus Christ but your mouth feels good on my pussy. Lick it off my thighs, Suck it out my hole. Don’t forget my ass hole. God, suck and slurp and pull it out of me. Damn but you are one nasty pussy eating little bitch. I love what you are doing. Fuuucck, you are going to make me cum again. Oh, oh, oh shiiitt I’m cuuuuummmmiiiing,” I said as I exploded.

I dropped my mouth to her pussy and begin to lick and suck voraciously and loudly like a starved animal. Angie was so turned on that she came immediately while making a muffled sound into my pussy.

“Billy move up here. I want to suck your dick. I want to clean our sauce from you.”

He quickly got on the bed, crawled up to my face and served that beautiful sauce covered rod to me. It was rock hard and the head was still a deep purple color. I knew that it would be impossible for him to cum again but I wanted that juice.

I loudly sucked the cum from the head, and said, “Suck my clit Angie, suck my little cock”

She took it into her mouth and curled her tongue around it and gently began to suck. This was going to be good and I wasn’t going to last long.

I begin to suck and slurp on Billy’s cock with gusto. The taste of our combined juices was unbelievable. God, it was good and I couldn’t get enough but I had to pull off because of the magic that Angie was working on my pussy. I was unable to concentrate on my sucking. She was gently biting and sucking my clit and I was about to cum again.

With saliva drooling from my mouth, I said, “I’m close again baby suck my little cock hard. Make me cum. Make me explode. Pull it out of me with that pretty little mouth. Rub that pretty face in my cunt. Put your whole face in it. That’s it baby I’m going to blow. Awwww, fuuccking shiitt, I’m there God help me I’mmmm cuuummmmiinng!”

I should have had enough but I had to see Angie’s pretty little cum covered face so I moved back down. Her face was slick and covered with our combined juices. Her mouth was slightly ajar and I see that her teeth were coated with our sauce. Her eyes were glazed and slightly crossed. The poor little girl was lost in an intense sexual high. A big glob of Billy’s cum was in one of her nostrils. I could not resist so I bent down and gently sucked it into my mouth. I then gently begin to lick her pussy juice coated face lightly like a cat slurps his milk.

“You are beautiful Angie with our sex sauce all over your face. Did you like to eat my pussy baby” I asked?

“Oh yes Miss Betty. I am sorry if I got carried away. I loved the taste. I loved the smell. I loved the texture. I can’t help myself. I love eating your pussy.”

I resumed my licking trying to be gentle and not slurp but every now and then I would get carried away. I know for sure now that I am one nasty bitch. I love to fuck and suck. I do not know where this journey will take me but I know that I am going to enjoy the ride.

I finally licked the last vestige of cum from her face and said, it’s time for me to go. My boys have a game at four o’clock and I have to make myself presentable.

“Both of you get yourself cleaned up and get yourselves back to that clinic. No one ever needs know about this. Your parents will never know Angie. All three of us have too much to lose. This will never happen again. Go back to your job and your family Billy and never come back to this house again.”

I pulled on my shorts and saliva soaked t-shirt and walked out of the back door and over to my house. I love that fresh fucked feeling and I can not wait for another sexual opportunity to present itself.

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