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Kissing Practice Ch. 02

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Watching Kat’s towel wrapped body, Jenna again wondered if she would have the courage to admit her real feelings. The passionate kiss in the shower the feeling of Kat’s breasts pressed into hers had only increased her determination to admit her desire. Entering the kitchen, Jenna felt her heart nearly melt as Kat looked back at her and gave an encouraging smile. “Drinks first,” Kat said with a big smile, her high voice sounding so sweet Jenna’s knees nearly buckled. “Practice after, deal?”

“Deal,” Jenna whispered, not trusting herself to speak normally.

“Cheer up, girl,” Kat said, her smile encouraging, “after we practice, you’ll have all the confidence you need. Okay?”

Nodding, Jenna smiled wider, her heart in her throat. Kat opened a cupboard and grabbed two shot glasses, both with short, silly writing on them. One said, “drink me,” the other said, “eat me.” Almost giggling, Jenna remembered their road trip where they found the Alice in Wonderland themed tourist junk. The shot glasses had made them both grin broadly, and Jenna recalled how Kat said she couldn’t wait to hand the glass to her boyfriend. Kat poured the two glasses full and then handed the one that said, “drink me,” to Jenna. Licking her lips, she wanted to ask Kat desperately if that meant her friend wanted Jenna to, “eat me” but she knew that she should wait longer to say anything so direct.

“Cheers,” Jenna said, tossing back the tequila and feeling her throat burn as it slid down. Her stomach grew warm and nearly did a summersault before settling down. “Ack,” Jenna said, “aren’t we supposed to take these with salt and lime?”

“Right,” Kat replied, setting her glass down. She swayed a little bit as she grabbed the counter, then looked at Jenna, her brown eyes wide. “One more,” Kat said, hiccuping slightly, “and this time we’ll do it right.” She grabbed the salt and then licked her hand, pouring equal amounts salt on the ground and on her wrist, before handing the shaker to Jenna. She copied the movement, succeeding in getting more salt on her hand than the floor. Kat then remembered the lime and opened the fridge, looking around for a moment before blurting, “ah ha!” A moment later, Kat had set a lime on the counter and started carefully slicing a few wedges, her hands moving in near slow motion. Finally set, she grabbed the tequila bottle, now nearly half empty and poured the shot glasses full. “How does it go again?”

“Lick, shoot, suck,” Jenna said, her cheeks flushed from the shot as the alcohol kicked in. “At least, I think. It could be lick, suck, bite,” Jenna said, giggling slightly.

“Neither of those sound perfect,” Kat said, “But let’s go with lick, shoot, suck.” With her right hand holding the shot glass, and her left with the salt, Kat looked into Jenna’s eyes and asked, “ready?” Jenna nodded, and clinked her glass to her friend’s, licking her wrist and then shooting the tequila. This time it burned a little less, and she sucked on the lime before her stomach started to go crazy. Watching Kat do the same, Jenna felt unsteady on her feet, knowing that shortly, she would be too far gone to know what she should or shouldn’t be doing.

Swaying slightly, Jenna grabbed the counter and set the lime down, her stomach settling after a moment as the room spun a little. Blinking slowly, she looked over at Kat, who seemed slightly less drunk, but only because she wasn’t holding on to anything to steady herself. “Wow,” Jenna said, “I think I’m done for now.”

“Me too,” Kat replied, wiping her mouth with the back of her hand. “Jenna,” Kat said, “if you don’t want to practice with me, I understand. It is kind of weird.”

“No, it’s okay,” Jenna replied quickly, her breath coming faster as her friend’s face flushed. “I really appreciate the help, Kat.” Taking a deep breath, Jenna stood up straight and closed the distance between them, her towel wrapped body pressed lightly against Kat. “You have no idea how much I appreciate this,” Jenna whispered, her face flushed as she grabbed Kat around the waist, holding her close.

Kat giggled in response, her cheeks flushed as she felt Jenna’s hands wrap around her waist, “Remember, Jenna. A woman might enjoy it if you rub her the right way, but most guys won’t care for it.” Nodding, Jenna held her hands around Kat’s waist exactly where they were, not daring to move them south, despite her desire. “This time, how about you stick your tongue in my mouth,” Kat suggested, “remember to loosen up a bit. If you stiffen up, it won’t be any fun.” Jenna nodded, her blue eyes serious as she tilted her head.

“I’ll try to keep that in mind,” Jenna whispered, her lips nearly touching Kat’s, “when I kiss somebody for real.” The lack of a masculine pronoun seemed odd to Kat for a moment, but she couldn’t think straight a second later as Jenna leaned forward and shoved her tongue down her throat. Jenna licked her mouth, sliding her tongue along the inside of her cheeks, her teeth and sliding her nubile member all around Kat’s tongue before the brunette started to respond in kind. Feeling naughty, Jenna let go of Kat’s waist with her left hand and tugged her towel, so it would drop if they stood back from each other.

Drunkenly, Kat felt a small tug on her towel, but ignored the sensation as Jenna gave her a thorough, deep throated kiss. Tasting of salt, lime and tequila, Jenna’s mouth was softer and more supple than their kiss in the shower. In her inebriated state, Kat started to swoon, Jenna’s tongue driving down her throat eagerly, passionately. Feeling herself grow even more horny than she did earlier, Kat suddenly regretted offering to help her friend, wanting desperately to go hide in her room and bring herself off. Jenna’s kiss lasted for more than a few minutes, and Kat allowed her to continue, moving her lips against her friend’s as Jenna tilted her face to the other side. Finally, feeling as if she could take no more, Kat tilted her head back and stepped away, her eyes wide, her breath coming in short gasps. “That was amazing,” Kat said, just as her towel fell to the floor.

“Really?” Jenna asked, swaying slightly as her own towel did not fall, despite it barely clinging to her athletic frame. She could see Kat’s nipples had stiffened, and her friend’s face was flushed nearly bright red. Jenna reached down and tugged her own towel free, letting it drop to the floor. “I think you are helping a lot, Kat.” Jenna said, her blue eyes dilated as her cheeks flushed, “can we try it once more?”

“I don’t know,” Kat replied, her cheeks flushed and her breathing shallow, fast. “You seem to have gotten the hang of it already,” Kat said, “and honestly,” Kat whispered, “I’m getting a bit frustrated. Sorry.”

Jenna grinned, reaching up and removing the towel from her hair, sliding her fingers through her long, damp blonde locks. They had dried slightly, and she felt a sudden urge to comb it out. “Kat,” Jenna said after a moment, reaching out to do the same for her friend’s hair after she removed the other woman’s towel, “this means a lot to me, you helping like this.” Jenna slid her arms around the other woman’s waist, pressing her bare chest into hers. As her nipples connected with Kat’s chest, Jenna felt a thrill like nothing she had ever experience in her life, shooting from her chest to her toes, and her cheeks flushed an even deeper red. “One more kiss,” Jenna whispered, leaning into her friend and whispering into her ear. “If I can make you frustrated, then I know I’m ready to kiss somebody I really want.”

Again, Kat noticed the odd phrasing, but with Jenna’s hot breath on her ear, her friend’s pert nipples pressed into her chest, Kat could barely think straight. At that moment, feeling her own stiff nipples pressed into Jenna’s flesh, Kat would have done anything to get off as fast as she could, the alcohol having ripped away any amount of reluctance she might have had sober. “Okay,” Kat replied, “One more, just so you know what to do when it’s for real.”

Instead of kissing her, Jenna licked her friend’s earlobe, causing Kat to shiver in her arms. She followed up with a small bite, breathing lightly into her friend’s ear, whispering, “I really want to get better at kissing.” She nibbled her friend’s ear for a moment longer as Kat moaned softly, the brunette wrapping her arms around Jenna’s shoulders, leaning into her heavily. Jenna licked her lips and bit Kat’s neck, slowly moving her hands down, gently resting them on Kat’s tight, bare bottom. Finally, Jenna tilted her head back and stared into Kat’s eyes for a moment, seeing her friend’s brown pupils dilated, knowing that Kat was as desperately horny as she was. “One more,” Jenna murmured, looking into Kat’s eyes as she pressed her lips against hers. As their lips met, Jenna closed her eyes, lost in the sensation of Kat’s tongue responding in kind, sliding and licking against her as she held tightly to her body.

Moaning softly against her, Kat swooned, her head in a daze from the shots of tequila and constant drinking. One part of her mind knew that she was just being a good friend, helping Jenna to learn how to kiss. Another, more rational part of her mind wondered why her friend had started to lick and nibble her ear, as Jenna knew that would drive her crazy. Kat continued kissing her friend, lost in the delicious sensation, no longer caring so much about how Jenna was getting better at sliding her tongue into her partner’s mouth or not. Clutching Jenna’s body tightly to her, Kat started to wonder how she could sneak off to masturbate, her thighs on fire as she felt Jenna’s breasts pressing into hers. For the first time, Kat seriously contemplated just stuffing her fingers into her pussy right then and there, the feeling of Jenna’s lips and tongue driving her wild.

“Kat,” Jenna moaned, finally breaking the kiss, “I’m a lesbian.” She was so drunk and horny, she could no longer resist telling her friend, and she looked into her eyes as she confessed. “I’ve wanted you since we met,” Jenna said, giving Kat’s bottom a squeeze as she said it, “you have the most beautiful body, such lovely eyes.” She paused, breathing deeply as she started to massage Kat’s ass, feeling the other woman shift on her feet, as Kat pressed her pubic mound into her thigh. “I’d rather be your friend, than not have you in my life,” Jenna continued, “if you want me to stop, I will.” The blonde could no longer resist taking things one step further, having confessed her desire. She gripped Kat’s ass tightly, and slid one hand down her crack, feeling along the other woman’s inner thighs until her fingertips grazed Kat’s dripping mound.

“Jenna, are you kidding me?” Kat could not help the high pitch in her voice, as she nearly jumped, despite her drunken, horny state when Jenna started to almost finger her. One part of her mind was screaming, “no,” and another part was telling her to simply go with it. Catching her breath, Kat started to grind herself against Jenna’s thighs, aching for release of the massive tension built up in her pussy. “If you’re a lesbian,” Kat said, still a bit incredulous, “prove it.”

Surprised, Jenna stopped attempting to thrust her fingers into Kat’s core and she looked at her friend, who had leaned back slightly, staring at her as if seeing her for the first time. “What do you mean, ‘prove it’?”

Swaying on her feet, Kat looked a challenge at her friend, her brown eyes wide. “Eat me, drink me,” she said, smiling slightly as she quoted the phrases on the shot glasses. “If you’re really a lesbian, fine,” Kat sounded upset, but her voice was only slightly slurred as she spoke, “Jenna, you will always be my best friend.” Kat paused and let her arms drop, releasing the other woman and stepping away slightly, as Jenna let go of her as well. “I’m drunk, I’m horny, and either you eat me or I finish myself off, right now.”

“Are you sure?” Jenna could not believe what Kat had said, in her wildest dreams, Kat had never simply demanded she eat her pussy. “I’m not kidding, Kat. I really am a lesbian, I’ve never been with a woman, but I have no interest in men at all.”

Smiling mischievously, Kat did not respond right away but simply stared at Jenna’s gorgeous body. Drunk, she found herself admiring her friend anew, wondering what it would be like to touch her, to kiss her all over. “Jenna, you’re sexy as hell. I’ve seen many, many porn flicks with Rick and you’re hotter than any other woman I’ve seen naked.” Kat paused, her grin naughty as she reached up to massage her breasts, plucking her nipples. “I’m drunk and so horny, I can’t wait another minute.” Kat squeezed her nipples, face flushed, and then let go with her right hand and trailed her fingers down her flat stomach, finally reaching her pubic mound. “Either I do this myself,” she said, face flushed as she slid her fingers between her thighs, “or you help, but either way, I need to cum.”

Instead of replying, Jenna stepped closer to her friend and grabbed her free breast with one hand, bending down to flick her tongue against the erect nub. Kat moaned and Jenna reached around her waist, gripping her buttocks as she started to suck her nipple in earnest. Drunk with desire and tequila, Jenna slipped her hand between Kat’s butt cheeks, slowly working her fingers towards Kat’s damp nether lips. Hearing her friend’s breathing grow faster, she finally reached the slick lips, surprised at her friend’s wetness. With her long fingers, she parted the pink folds and slid one finger inside, surprised at how smooth and slick Kat’s pussy felt. The brunette gasped in surprise, reaching out to grab Jenna’s face and pull her mouth against her breast, loving the feeling of her finger as it slid deeper into her wet slit.

“Oh, wow, Jenna,” Kat gasped, as Jenna bit slightly on her nipple. “Let’s head to my bed,” she continued, “I feel like I’m going to fall over.” Without waiting to hear a response, Kat released her friend and stepped away, breaking Jenna’s tenuous grip on her thighs and releasing her long, probing finger.

Almost reluctantly, Kat walked away, without checking to be sure Jenna would follow. Down the hall, she opened the door to her bedroom and then lay down, turning over onto her back. Jenna appeared in the doorway a second later, her blonde hair slightly frizzy, tumbling down her shoulders and nearly reaching her pert, pink nipples. Kat had never been particularly excited about the women in porn movies, but seeing open lust writ on her friend’s face was enough to drive her wild with desire. “Lick me,” she begged, her girlish voice making Jenna pause, blue eyes wide. She stared into Kat’s face, seeing her open lust, her own pussy growing hotter by the second.

Breathing deep, Jenna crawled onto the bed in between Kat’s legs, moving to cover the other woman’s body with her own. Despite her anxious desire to taste her friend, Jenna wanted to tease her first, to make sure that Kat desperately wanted her to lick her, to suck her dry. The beautiful brunette was in heaven as the blonde’s mouth closed on hers once more, the taste of the tequila mingling her with feminine flavor in a delicious combination. Thighs parted, the brunette’s mound pressed into hers, causing her to gasp in ecstasy as Jenna started to grind her body into Kat’s, their hips writhing back and forth. Tongues sliding against each other, Kat started to grab the other woman’s buttocks, clenching her ass as Jenna continued her writhing motion. “Yes,” Kat whispered, the ache growing unbearable in her center as Jenna started to kiss her neck, moving lower, down to her chest.

“Suck my nipples,” she whimpered, letting go of the other woman’s ass and reaching up to grab the back of her head. She could feel Jenna’s hot, wet mouth leaving a moist trail down her throat until finally, her pink, soft lips closed onto her nipple. “Oh, yes, Yes!” Kat cried out, so turned on, she felt as if she was having a mini orgasm as she bucked her hips, her wet slit pushing into Jenna’s pubic bone, the sensation driving her wild. Fingers entwined in Jenna’s damp hair, the lightly tanned beauty used her muscles to press Jenna’s face into her tits, one after the other, delirious with need and lust.

Sucking her nipples, Jenna could feel the other woman’s slit pushing into her, the wetness growing. As she licked and sucked at her gorgeous, pert buds, she thought Kat might cum if she kept going. The thought drove her crazy, wanting to make her gorgeous friend came like never before, as she reached up and started to squeeze the nipple not sucked into her mouth. With her teeth, she bit lightly at Kat’s pink nub, her fingers imitating the same movement on Kat’s other nipple in a sucking, pinching rhythm. A minute later, Kat was panting and gasping, her body shaking as Jenna continued to work her hips in a slow, sensuous motion against the other woman’s dripping pussy. Quivering with need, Kat started to push the other woman’s head lower, wanting to feel her tongue kiss on her nether lips.

Jenna knew what Kat wanted, and feeling the other woman press her head down south, she did not hesitate in giving it to her. Kissing a trail down Kat’s stomach, she marveled at how delicious her flesh tasted. Finally reaching the other woman’s dripping pussy, Jenna paused, inhaling her sex, loving the scent. “What do you want me to do?” Jenna asked, teasingly, curious if the Kat would talk dirty. She wanted to lick Kat more than anything, but she also wanted her friend to want it as bad as she did.

“Put your tongue in it,” Kat cried, fingers tightening in her still damp hair, “Lick my pussy.”

Hearing the dirty words, Jenna immediately moved her mouth down, clamping her lips in a little, “Oh,” around Kat’s clit and sucking for all she was worth. The blonde did not know what to expect, her first time licking pussy, but the taste was like heaven as she slurped and licked Kat’s dripping pussy. The brunette started to pant and scream, bucking her hips like a mad woman. Kat’s delicious pussy lips were pink, the opening small and tight underneath Jenna’s tongue. Sliding her tongue up and down Kat’s wet lips, Jenna was in heaven, her mind in a daze as she slid her tongue all around.

“I’m going to cum,” Kat cried, her fingers clamped almost painfully in Jenna’s hair. “Please oh, please don’t stop.”

Scalp on fire, Jenna dared not stop, taking her friend’s sensitive clit into her mouth and moving her lips around, humming softly as she did, moving her tongue on the pink folds with a variety of movements. Sucking and licking, she heard the pitch and tone change from Kat’s screams, confident the other woman was about to burst. Kat’s legs started to twitch and she lifted her legs off the bed, wrapping her toned, sexy thighs around Jenna’s head as she reached up with one hand, determined to drive her even more crazy.

Her left hand reached up, clutching Kat’s sensitive bud, while her right started to plunge a digit deep into Kat’s steadily dripping pussy. Kat’s juices were flowing faster now, her breathing frantic and moans coming in a steady cadence. When Jenna fully inserted her finger, she felt the other woman contort, bucking her hips and moaning, arching her back. Jenna could recognize the climax as it washed over her best friend and started to pummel her further, finger flying in and out of Kat’s slick, lubricated passage.

“Yes, yes, oh, Jenna, YES!” Cried the lithe beauty, her head and shoulders arching up off the bed in tandem with her hips. She curled up in a semi-circle, her pussy convulsing around Jenna’s finger as cum started to flow even faster. Panting, Kat lay back down, her legs slumped a little, as Jenna slowed her momentum, feeling her friend’s massive climax start to subside. The blonde slowed her licking too, withdrawing her finger and opening her mouth as she felt Kat’s death grip on her damp locks release. “I can’t remember the last time I came like that,” Kat murmured, her girlish voice cracking slightly.

Smiling to herself, Jenna lifted her face to stare into the other woman’s eyes. Very horny, Jenna wanted to feel Kat’s succulent mouth on her pussy too, but she did not want to push, especially since it was her first time with another woman. “Kat,” Jenna smiled, seeing the other woman’s flushed face, her skin glowing from the massive climax, “that was amazing, you taste like heaven.” Jenna was debating if she should resume licking her friend, or ask her to return the favor.

Shyly, Kat looked down at her, brown eyes wide, “Oh, really?” Kat teased. Jenna’s face grew more heated when the brunette replied, and her thighs quivered. Jenna thought about doing very, very dirty things to her, “how about you lay down?”

“Are you sure?” Jenna whispered, anxious to feel Kat’s tongue between her nether lips, but also wanting to not push her friend into doing anything she didn’t want to.

“I’m curious,” Kat said, smiling softly. Her grin grew wicked as her brown eyes closed a little, the heavy lidded look nearly making Jenna start to touch herself and climax, just watching Kat’s sexy face, “Besides, I owe you. Now lay down.”

She wasted no time in pushing herself to a kneeling position and then crawling up on the bed, putting her head next to Kat’s and then laying down, admiring her friend’s sexy, lithe body as she did. Kat rose slowly and pushed her head up on her elbow, reaching out to trace a line around one of Jenna’s nipples as she did. “If I could do anything for you,” Kat whispered, enjoying the catch in Jenna’s breath as her fingers pinched the rosebud nub, “What would you ask me to do?”

Shyly, Jenna held back from anything she thought was too kinky, so she simply whispered, “Lick me. Then lick me again, and again. Maybe you could lay on top of me, and we could lick each other.”

Kat giggled, shaking her head slightly as she got up and leaned over, still clutching one rosebud nipple in her fingers, “I’m sure you can do better than that,” she whispered, her head leaning over the blonde. “Kiss me,” she whispered, surprising Jenna again. “I want to taste.”

Leaning to the side, Jenna saw only lust and desire in Kat’s face as her best friend extended her tongue, pink lips parted to swallow her mouth. The kiss was more passionate than before, Kat biting softly at her lower lip, teasingly licking her cheeks, her chin and then leaning further to lick her ear. Between Kat’s tongue, teasingly licking and sucking all around her face, and the rhythmic squeezing of her nipple, Jenna felt as if she would cum almost as fast as the other woman, shocked at how turned on she was. Kat’s long, damp brown hair draped over her body in an enticing fashion, causing Jenna to moan softly, reaching down to stimulate herself. Slipping one finger between her folds, Jenna used her other hand to grab Kat’s head, pushing her down towards her aching core, in imitation of the way Kat hinted to her earlier.

“My turn is it?” Kat whispered, grabbing Jenna’s hand, forcing the blonde to stop, just as she had started to finger fuck her self faster, beginning to feel her orgasm swelling. “I want to taste you,” Kat continued, moving her head down towards Jenna’s thighs. “While you do the same.” Swinging her knee over the other woman, Kat swiftly moved herself into a sixty-nine position, straddling the surprised blonde. “Let’s see if you can make me cum first,” Kat giggled, feeling Jenna’s hands immediately spread her ass cheeks wide. Loving the feeling of Jenna’s novice tongue sliding between her folds, Kat finally looked down, admiring the pink, juicy folds of Jenna’s beautiful pussy. She smelled Jenna’s sex, sweeter than her own, and gripped her thighs as she pressed her mouth to the shaved, slick mound.

With a single lick, Jenna started to moan against her, clearly on the brink of cumming. Curious what else she could do while driving Jenna crazy, Kat started to slid a single finger into the other woman, then put a second together with the first. Jenna’s pussy was incredibly tight, so two fingers together was enough to make Kat use a lot of force to slid them all the way in and out using deep, steady strokes. Her mouth was sucking Jenna’s clit, in imitation of the way she’d been licked earlier. After a few minutes, she withdrew her hands, feeling Jenna’s pubic mound pressing up against her face, she slid her tongue all the way down to the base of her vulva. Extending her long tongue, she spread Jenna’s legs as wide as they would go, burying her face into the woman’s delicious cunt. Loving the taste, Kat started bobbing her head, in and out, stabbing her tongue over and over deep into Jenna’s core. In moments, Jenna was again bucking her hips, clearly on the brink of a massive climax.

Moaning incoherently, Jenna started to grab Kat’s ass harder, burying her face deep into the luscious, dark skinned pussy so far her nose almost pressed into Kat’s asshole. “Yes, oh, yes, eat me,” Jenna moaned, her first orgasm almost there, her thighs shaking under Kat’s vaginal assault.

Kat obliged, moving her head back up to her clit, licking and sucking harder, Jenna moving her hips back and forth, frantically humping against Kat’s surprisingly skillful tongue. Surprised at how much Jenna was enjoying her oral skills, Kat slid two fingers back into Jenna’s dripping pussy, curling them back to reach Jenna’s most sensitive spot inside her pussy. While her own second orgasm approached, she could feel Jenna’s hands, prying her ass cheeks as far apart as they would go as the blonde buried her tongue and lips into her crack. Bucking her hips slightly, Kat positioned her clit better over Jenna’s mouth as she felt her orgasm nearly explode.

On the brink, Kat started to slid her fingers deeper and harder into Jenna’s tight cunt, combining the movement with her lips and tongue as she sucked her pink, swollen clit. Her mouth clamped onto Jenna’s stiff, delicate nub and sucked, hard, her two fingers working in deep strokes. Each long, wet stroke made Jenna cry out. Soon enough, Jenna could not take anymore, and her pussy clenched on Kat’s fingers, halting her long, hard strokes as her tight pussy convulsed. Cum drizzled out, soaking Kat’s hand. Feeling her first ever orgasm given to her by another person, Jenna was in heaven as convulsions rippled through her center, and her eyes rolled back as she clutched even tighter to Kat’s buttocks, drowning in pleasure. With Jenna’s face pressed even more tightly to her soaking pussy, Kat felt her own orgasm blast forth, soaking Jenna’s face in equal measure. Drunk, Kat collapsed slightly, her legs no longer able to support her as she felt her pussy almost squirt cum onto her best friend’s face.

Several minutes later, both woman finally slowed their mutual sucking, Kat’s fingers withdrawing as Jenna’s stomach and hips stopped twitching. Suddenly exhausted, Kat swung her leg from over the blonde, curling up by her side. “How was that?” Kat asked, her naughty smile back in place, as she looked at Jenna’s wet lips, her tanned cheeks flushed and her eyes wide.

“Kat, that was amazing,” Jenna whispered, reaching out to caress her best friend. “Thank you,” she said, her beautiful face serious.

“Jenna,” Kat replied, her slightly high pitch voice cracking slightly, “I’m glad you came.”

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