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Kenny’s Adult Bookstore Adventure

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May 14th, 1969 was a day that Kenny Holmes would never forget, and not because it happened to be his 18th birthday either. It was a day that he had been looking forward to for quite some time, and the anticipation was making his heart race as the bus neared the end of the route.

Kenny got off the bus a block before his destination because he didn’t want to bus driver to know where he was going.

That was silly on all counts, because not only wouldn’t a bus driver much care where one of his multitude of riders was heading, there were many other place around his destination that he could have been heading, but Kenny was too paranoid to think straight by then.

Kenny’s destination was the Adult World bookstore on Broadway in Schenectady, New York. The store was located in a seedy industrial area, and Kenny knew where it was because he had gone there before, and had been shown the door almost as soon as he entered.

“You gotta be 18 kid, can’t you read?” the clerk said after intercepting him and escorting him back out the door after Kenny couldn’t come up with proof of age. “There’s enough heat on me here as it is.”

That was two months ago, and now that he was legal, Kenny was dying to get in there and see everything. He had saved up money from his part-time job and had skipped school for this day, and now, with his driver’s learner permit in hand, grabbed the handle of the door and swung it open.

That was when Kenny’s adventure began…


I tried to stop my hand from shaking as I handed my learner’s permit to the guy at the register, who stopped me like I knew he would. It was the same guy who had stopped me last time, and I think he recognized me because he laughed when he saw me enter.

“Happy birthday kid,” he said, handing me back my permit and going back to the register. “Knock yourself out.”

Around me, the walls were covered with all sorts of devices and toys, while the rest of the room was filled with walls full of magazines and books. Trying to be casual and pretend like I wasn’t out of my element, I walked around like it was no big deal to see all of this naked flesh on the covers of the magazines.

The magazines were separated by categories, and while I was mildly interested in seeing the naked women and all, what I really wanted to see was over on the other side, the wall of magazines under the sign that read GAY.

As I made my way over there, I passed a curtain. Behind the curtain were sounds of all kinds, and when I peeked behind it, the sounds got louder. Sounds of people having sex – grunting and groaning and carrying on like I imagined people did when they made love.

I wouldn’t know what sounds to make, since I was a virgin. How I managed to be a virgin for 18 years still baffles me, and this was in 1969 no less, the era of free love and anything goes. I had dates of course, but I would always freeze up, and when I did manage to get to first base – so to speak – I could never manage to get any further.

I had managed to get two hand jobs from girls; the first time hardly counts because as soon as Shawn Hermann took my dick out of my underwear I started cumming all over this place, and the second one was lousy because we were both drinking and I had to put Kim Smith’s hand on my dick and move it myself until I came.

Maybe the reason I never got anywhere with girls was because, while I liked them and all, they never really turned me on. Not like guys did, and just thinking about being in the showers with all those other fellas was enough to get me hard.

Never did anything with any of them though, because you could get the crap kicked out of you in school if they even suspected you were gay, so I kept my desire to myself, and to my friend Jimmy. We had gotten each other off for years, but lately he had found himself a girl friend, which left me alone.

“Excuse me,” a greasy looking middle aged man said as he eased himself passed me in the cramped hallway behind the curtain.

He seemed to have touched me a lot more than he needed to when he passed me, putting his hand on my shoulder and sort of grinding into me and we passed. Despite the fact that the guy looked really scary, I wanted to see what was going on back there badly enough to continue. I went down the dimly lit hallway and tried to look at the signs outside of each little room, all of which were occupied.

That greasy guy had gone into a room that had a movie with two guys sucking each other dicks, at least according to the picture outside. That would have been one that I would have liked to see, and just before I walked past I peeked in through the opening between the curtain and the wall.

The guy had his dick out right in that little closet, and was jerking himself off. He looked up and saw me, and opened the curtain.

“There’s room,” he said, waving his dick at me. “Like what you see?”

“Sorry,” I mumbled, and practically ran down the hall and back out to the store.

There was only one other person in the store itself besides the cashier, so I went over to the GAY section and looked for something to buy. They were all wrapped in plastic, so all you had to go by was the pictures on the covers.

I grabbed one that was called “Teacher Knows Best” that had an older guy with grey hair with his arm wrapped around the student’s shoulder, and another one that was called “Fathers and Sons”.

The idea of me and my old man doing anything together was gross to me, but I did like the idea of an older guy doing stuff to me. They seemed more mature and less goofy than guys my age, and besides, I was so naive and clueless that I needed guidance myself.

Not from that greasy looking guy though. He grossed me out, and as I paid for the 2 magazines I saw him come out from behind the curtain, so I hurried out the door and practically ran to the bus stop.

While I waited for the bus, I was horrified to see that guy coming toward me. I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t know Schenectady except for the bookstore, and as he got closer I started to panic, hoping he would walk past me.

“Hey kid,” the guy said. “No need to be afraid of me.”

“I’m not,” I said, my voice quivering as I spoke.

“I live down the street,” he said. “Why don’t you come home with me? We’ll smoke a little weed and have some fun. I like you hippie dudes a lot.”

While my dirty blond hair did grow down to my shoulders, I wasn’t a hippie, just a kid trying to fit in, although with my bell-bottom jeans and tie-dyed t-shirt I suppose I looked the part.

“I – uh – gotta go home,” I said, looking down the street and praying to see a bus that wasn’t there.

“Didn’t you like my stuff,” he said, walking in front of me. “You saw my cock, didn’t you?”

“No, I didn’t, I swear!” I said, and that was true, because I was so freaked out and it was so dark that I didn’t get more than a glimpse of him.

“Bet you’d like me to stick my cock up your ass, wouldn’t you kid,” the guy sneered, leering at me as he started to get really close.

“Beat it.”

I jumped when I heard the booming bass voice from behind me, and so did my greasy ‘friend’, who spun and hurried down the street when he saw the man behind me.

It was the other man that had been in the bookstore. He was a tall and solidly built guy who, if he wasn’t a cop, handled himself like he was, and after I overcame being scared by his voice, I exhaled deeply.

“Thank you sir,” I said, looking up at my hero.

“He had bad intentions, I’m afraid,” he informed me. “This isn’t a very safe area, especially for someone who looks like you. Come with me. I’ll give you a lift.”

He said it with such authority that I didn’t even hesitate, but just followed him to his car, a shiny black Lincoln Continental.

“My name’s Eric,” the man said, extending a beefy paw that made my hand disappear when he clasped it.

He was wearing a hat and a sharp navy blue suit, and I figured he was probably around my father’s age – mid 40’s or so. Eric was bald, his bare head shiny and smooth, and he wore glasses.

“I’m Kenny,” I said by way of introduction.

“Shouldn’t you be in school?” Eric asked as he pulled out onto State Street.

“Uh – yeah,” I said, knowing that if this guy was a cop I was screwed. “It’s my birthday, and I’m doing really good in school. I’m honor roll for the last seven semesters and…”

“Calm down,” Eric said, slapping his hand down onto my thigh. “I’m not a truant officer. Matter-of-fact, I’m playing hooky myself today. And you say it’s your birthday?”

“Yes sir,” I said. “Eighteen today.”

“I remember when I turned 18,” Eric recalled. “I went out and got beer my first day. You went to a porn shop. Of course, if there was a porn store near me I would have headed there too. How about if we celebrate your birthday together?”


Eric took me to his house, which was in a real nice neighborhood, and as he took me downstairs into his den, I still didn’t suspect anything was up.

“Cool!” I said as he ushered me over to the bar and had me sit down in a stool.

“Here you go!” Eric said, putting a bottle of some kind of imported beer in front of me and sitting next to me at the bar. “A toast to my friend Kenny. Happy birthday and many more.”

We clinked our bottles together and I took my first legal sip of beer. It was cool and delicious, and as I looked at our reflections in the mirror behind the bar I felt like a real man.

“So Kenny,” Eric said, nodding toward the paper bag that I clutched in my hand in a death grip. “What did you buy at the bookstore?”

“Uh – just a couple magazines,” I mumbled.

“Let’s take a look at them,” Eric said as he took the bag from me, and I think Eric must have sensed my embarrassment, because he smiled and added, “I saw the section you were shopping in, and I’m open-minded that way. VERY open minded.”

I cringed when Eric first held up the one about the teacher and the student and then the one about the fathers and sons, and as he tore the plastic off of them he chuckled.

“Seems like my friend Kenny here likes older men,” Eric said as he opened up the magazine and set it on the bar in front of us.

“Uh – I just bought something fast because I wanted to get out of there,” I said.

“I see,” Eric said. “Have you been with an older man before?”

“No,” I said. “Never been with anybody.”

“Really?” Eric said, and when I nodded and told him that my only experience was exchanging hand jobs with a friend, he asked me why.

“Scared, I guess,” I said. “And I’m kinda shy.”

“I’ve noticed your shyness,” Eric said as he turned a page of the magazine. “It’s a very endearing quality. Hm-mm… that’s interesting, isn’t it?”

Eric pointed to a picture that showed the younger guy on his knees in front of the older man, who had his hands on his hips and was looking down as the kid grabbed his long limp dick with both hands.

“Quite the weapon Pops has on him there,” Eric said, and I jumped when I felt his hand on my thigh.

It wasn’t the beer that was making my head spin, it was the realization of what was happening. This man wanted to have sex with me. This wasn’t me and Jimmy jerking each other off in his basement, this was a grown man.

Suddenly I didn’t feel 18 anymore, and I wanted this to end. I clearly wasn’t ready for this, and tried to think of a way to get out of this gracefully without hurting Eric’s feelings. After all, he had saved me from who knows what back at the bus stop. If not for him it could have been the greasy guy with his hand squeezing my thigh.

“Relax, Kenny,” Eric said softly, his voice soft and soothing in my ear. “Nothing will happen that you don’t want to happen. Okay?”

I nodded, reaching over and grabbing the beer because my throat and mouth had somehow become parched when his hand hit my thigh, and as Eric’s fingers kneaded my skinny leg he leaned over and spoke softly into my ear.

“I have to confess, son – the things I’m thinking about right now – they’re probably the same things that the jerk who was hassling you was thinking about,” Eric said. “You’re so sweet looking, and I want you so bad, but only if you want me.”

“I’ve never done anything,” I said.

“I know,” Eric said. “I want this to be special for you. A wonderful man many years ago made my first time special for me. Guess I want to pay it forward or something, but only if you want me to.”

I looked down at the enormous hand that was squeezing my thigh and then looked over at Eric who was watching me with those piercing eyes of his. Not in a threatening way, but in a way that made me tingle a little inside.

I nodded in response to his question, because I believed him. He told me that anytime I wanted him to stop, he would, and if I wanted to leave he would not only understand, but would take me home.

“Do you, Kenny?” Eric asked me as a trickle of sweat went down my forehead and into my eye, making me blink as it burned. “Do you want me to stop?


When I said the word no it came out in syllables, because Eric’s hand had slid up my thigh and was squeezing my dick through my jeans. I gasped as he began to massage the lump, and as he traced the bulge he let out what sounded like a sigh of contentment.

“Nice,” Eric said as I tried not to cum right then and there. “How about if we go and get comfortable?”

“I don’t – don’t know what to do,” I mumbled.

“I know,” Eric said. “That’s why I’m here.”

He leaned over and kissed me on the cheek, and the next thing I knew I was being led down the hallway and into his bedroom.

“Wasn’t expecting company,” Eric said in explaining the unmade bed, which was the only thing out of place in the immaculately furnished room.

The bed. It was a water bed, and it looked enormous, with black and white sheets. Standing in front of Eric, it struck me how much bigger he was than me. Not just taller, because at about 6’3″ he was at least a half foot taller than me, but he probably outweighed me by 75 pounds, and most of it was probably muscle.

I was going to find out. This was obvious enough because Eric was undoing his tie and tossing it aside before turning to me. His hands went to the bottom of my tie-dyed t-shirt and started to bring it upwards. I lifted my arms eventually, and after it went over my head Eric set it on the chair with his tie.

“Nice,” Eric sighed, running his hands over my scrawny chest, smooth except for the three tiny hairs in the center that had just begun to sprout.

Eric fingers toyed with the little hairs, smiling but not laughing as his hands went over to my nipples. He tweaked them gently, making them rock hard between his thumbs and index fingers, before letting his hands slide down my stomach.

Eric’s eyes never left mine as he undid my belt and unbuttoned my jeans. After they became undone, the jeans dropped to the floor. A coin must have fallen out of my pocket, because the sound of it landing on the hardwood and rolling away was the only sound in the room outside of my breathing.

Eric took off his glasses and leaned down, kissing my nipple as he unbuttoned his own shirt. This was probably something that I should have done, but I was frozen in place and could not move.

“You smell nice,” Eric said as he lifted my arm a stroked the spray of damp hairs pasted to the skin in my armpit with his finger before sliding his tongue under my arm.

The sensation made me shiver, and when Eric’s licking became nibbling my knees nearly buckled from the indescribable sensation. I managed to get help Eric get his shirt off during all of this, and after it came off his broad shoulders I let out a loud exhale.

“Kinda let myself go lately,” Eric said, for some reason apologizing for a body that looked a hell of a lot better than my own.

Eric might have been a few pounds heavy, but it was hard to tell with all the muscles and the hair. His arms were massive and his chest was broad, and it seemed like he was covered in hair from the neck down.

Tentatively, I reached over and put my hands on his chest. He was like a bear, so hairy and warm, and when my fingers sank into the pelt of rich black hair my dick surged in my underwear. I started to unbuckle his belt but Eric stopped me.

“Sorry – I’m usually a little more able to maintain control of myself, but you…,” he said, and just like that Eric went to his knees, his bald skull shining up at me as he stared at the obscene bulge in my tight white underwear.

There was a wet spot, which would have embarrassed me if I wasn’t so excited. Eric’s hand slid over the bulge a couple of times before he reached up and took the elastic in his hands and carefully pulled the briefs out and down.

“Beautiful,” Eric said softly as my dick bounced around wildly after being released from captivity. “You’re cock is so beautiful – so long and so perfect.”

His warm hand came up and took my slender prong, gently stroking the length of it from the mushroom head right down the pale shaft while his other hand cupped my balls, rolling my nuts as he stared at my cock like it was something special.

“You’re excited, aren’t you Kenny?”

I nodded as I watched Eric’s finger swipe the string of pre-cum than was hanging off the tender tip of my organ, and as he looked up at me he put his stained finger in his mouth, seeming to savor the flavor as he licked his lips.

“Cum for me, Kenny. I want to taste you.”

Eric then leaned forward, and as he wrapped his hands around my hips, I watched his lips part and saw my dick disappear into his warm and waiting mouth. Slowly his moist lips traveled down the shaft, until his mouth was right down the base, with his nose buried in the little tuft of curls above it.

I had waited all my life for this to happen, and it was worth the wait. Eric’s mouth moved up and down my dick, leaving all six inches glistening with his saliva, as his right hand began to knead my sac harder while his left hand squeezed my ass.

My body tingled from head to toe as I fought to keep from having this end all too soon, but it was a losing battle. I cried out something incoherent as I started to cum, and as I erupted into Eric’s mouth he took it willingly, swallowing my seed while my legs turned into jelly.

In the many orgasms I had experienced, mostly self-induced, there were a few that were really noteworthy. The first time Jimmy jerked me off out in the woods was a particularly memorable one, but that and all the rest paled in comparison to this one.

Somehow I ended up on the bed, and I have no idea how I got there. Maybe I blacked out, although I suspect that Eric had just eased me down after holding me upright while I came. Regardless, there was Eric beside me, running his finger along the underside of my dead dick, which was resting on my belly.

“I hope that was as good for you as it was for me,” Eric said, and I nodded enthusiastically, unable to find the words that could adequately describe what I had just experienced.

“Kenny,” Eric said when I sat upright and went back to the belt that I had started to undo before. “You don’t have to.”

Yes I did. I wanted – I needed to at least try and make Eric happy, so my shaking hands fumbled with his belt and slacks before managing to get them down and off his legs, which were just as hairy as the rest of him.

Eric was wearing baggy boxers, and as he lifted his bottom off of the bedding and I coaxed them down, I let out a gasp when I saw his cock hanging between his thighs.

“Holy shit,” I mumbled to myself as I tried to get his briefs down while keeping my eyes glued to the dusky brown penis, which was almost as long soft as mine was hard.

The shaft was thick as it emerged from the jungle of black curls that surrounded his manhood, and the wrinkled vein that meandered down the shaft was hypnotizing to me. Eric wasn’t circumcised, which made it even more intimidating, with only the rose colored tip of his dick peeking out from under the shroud.

I instantly knew how Jimmy had felt when he saw how much bigger my dick was than his on that first day we explored each other’s bodies. I was filled with a mixture of envy and excitement, and when I finally reached over and lifted his organ from between his legs, I was stunned at how heavy it was.

Eric’s cock felt like Jello in my hand, and as I pulled on it the foreskin moved back and forth along with my fingers. Now exposed, the fat head of his cock looked less scary, and as I looked up at Eric I apologized for not knowing how or what I doing as I kissed the tip of his member.

Eric smiled and nodded, reaching down and running his hand through my hair, and so I kissed the bulbous glans again before licking it.

Not bad, I remember thinking. The aroma was musky and the taste was not unpleasant, so I licked it again. Holding his cock with both hands to try and steady the wiggling organ, I took the head of his dick in mouth while wondering how big it would get if I somehow managed to get him hard.

I’m doing it. I’m sucking on his cock. Not a lot of it at first, just the head, but after a while my lips went down a little further, and as I did I could feel Eric’s cock begin to come alive. Not so much thicker, and not a great deal longer, to my relief, but as he got harder it became easier for me to handle.

“You’re a natural,” Eric said as I knelt beside him, propping his erect cock up with my fist as I looked at the skinned-back cock that had my saliva half way down the dusky shaft. “You sure you’ve never done this before?”

“Never,” I insisted before going back down on him.

I’m sure I wasn’t all that good at it, but Eric didn’t seem to mind because he stayed hard despite my occasional fumbling and choking when I got carried away.

“Kenny,” Eric huffed. “I’m gonna cum.”

Despite my excited state, I was afraid to have him cum in my mouth, and I think he realized that too because he had me jerk him off, with both of my hands pumping up and down while I licked the underside of his plump glans as he instructed me.

I could feel Eric’s orgasm racing though the veins in his cock a split second before the first jet of cum spat out of the puckered tip. I kept my hands pistoning as Eric groaned, with the thick sap pouring out of his cock and over my fists.

Eric’s cock soon went limp in my grasp, with the head of his dick hiding back under the foreskin again as it withered. My hands were dripping with his cum, and I very tentatively brought a dripping digit to my lips. Not great, but not all that bad, and so I even took a big wad of Eric’s semen into my mouth, much to his delight.

“Next time, I want you to cum in my mouth,” I declared.

“Next time?” Eric laughed. “I’m an old man, so I don’t know about that. You on the other hand…”

Eric nodded toward my dick, which was hard again and bobbing in front of me as I knelt beside him, my hands becoming more adventurous as I raked my fingers through the dense pelt of fur that covered his body.

The wiry hair fascinated me, probably because I wasn’t all that hairy myself, but Eric seemed to like the attention I was giving him. My hands ran through his hairy chest, up and down his fury legs, and even raked my fingers through the thick tufts of hair under his arms, reveling in the virile musk that rose from my touch.

“I like the way it feels,” I said sheepishly when Eric sensed my attraction to all of his hair.

“Don’t apologize, Kenny. I like the way you feel too,” Eric said. “Here, climb up on me.”

Eric had me get on top of him, probably hardly feeling my skinny body on top of his muscular torso, and when he wrapped his arms around me, my first thought was – hey, this is queer.

I guess it was, and I guess I was, because I was enjoying the way our bodies felt against each other. My boner was pressed between our bodies, and I could feel his flaccid cock against my balls as I rubbed into Eric.

“That’s it,” Eric said as he slid his hand between us and arranged things down there so our cocks were together. “Grind into me.”

“Oh man,” I gasped as I felt my erection rubbing into Eric’s rubbery hose as his enormous hand squeezed our dicks together, his manly scent making me crazy as I buried my face into his shoulder.

“Can you feel it?” Eric said with a smile. “I can feel your cock against mine – you’re so hard.”

“Feels so good,” I said as Eric took my face in his hands and kissed me, and I did not back off when his tongue found mine.

It all felt so good; the sensation of our cocks rubbing together, the feel of Eric’s hirsute body against my smooth skin, and even his lips on mine. When his hands slid down my back, first cupping my ass cheeks and then probing my anus with his finger, my body convulsed.

“Gonna cum,” I grunted seconds before I ejaculated, covering our crotches with a copious amount of cum as Eric seemed to share my joy as I came.

“Made a mess,” I said sheepishly as I looked at my cum all over Eric’s cock and pubic hair.

“That’s okay.”

“Can I clean it?” I asked.

Eric was fine with that, and the more I cleaned the more he liked it. Despite his earlier reservations, he wasn’t too old to get erect again, and this time I sucked on him with a lot more confidence.

Eric had a big cock, but not all that much bigger than me when we were both erect, so I felt a lot of the intimidation factor leave me as I sucked on his manhood while stroking the part I could not reach. To think that Jimmy and I could have been doing this to each other all of those times made me feel like I had missed out on something, because as my mouth went up and down Eric’s throbbing member I realized that I loved sucking cock, just as much as I did when receiving the affection.

When Eric warned me he was going to cum, I made up my mind to take his orgasm, and while I choked and didn’t do as masterful job as Eric had done to me when I had cum, I not only survived but enjoyed the sensation of his semen spurting into my mouth.

“I’ll get better at it,” I assured Eric afterward.

“That’s scary, because you’re damn good already,” Eric said.


“You sure about this, Kenny?” Eric asked as he knelt behind me.

“Yes,” I said with as much bravado as I could muster, and stared at the headboard waited.

In between going down on each other, we had been looking through my magazines as well as some of Eric’s collection, when I saw something that looked interesting. Interesting, but scary.

“Look, I may never get this chance again,” I said, trying to figure out why this good looking guy seemed so fascinated by me.

Eric had assured me that I would have no problem finding lovers, since all I lacked my confidence. I had the look, according to him, even though I had managed to go 18 years without anybody else seeing what he saw in me.

“And if you ever end up lonely, you could always give me a ring,” Eric said with an expression that actually suggested that he would be the lucky one if we met again.

“Really?” I said, and he seemed amused at my shock when he assured me that he would love to get together again.

So when I suggested that Eric complete my education, he agreed even though he seemed to approach the idea of putting his cock in my ass with a great deal of trepidation.

Eric had lubricated my anus liberally, progressively sliding fingers into me until he had three of them corkscrewing into my rectum, and although it might not have been his idea, the way his cock looked suggested that he was up to it.

While the first finger or two had not been bad, and even pleasurable, it hurt when he managed to push the head of his cock into my puckered ring, and I was chewing on the sheets as he moved a little bit of his tool into me.

“Damn, you’re tight,” Eric said as he rocked back and forth. “You okay Kenny?”

I grunted something that sounded like a yes, and mercifully in a minute I heard Eric groan, and after that my bowels got a warm bath. He pulled out of me quickly and made sure I was alright.

“Can’t believe I did it,” I gasped through my tears. “Did you put it all in?”

“No,” Eric said, and after I pressed the issue he told me that he barely got the head of it in before he felt bad about hurting me and made himself cum to get it over with.

“Oh,” I said, deflated when I learned the truth. “Well, in that case, can we make a deal?”


“Let’s never do that again,” I said, and joined Eric when he laughed and agreed, with me deciding that having experienced it once was enough, at least with a guy the size of Eric.

“There’s plenty of other things we can do,” Eric said, and over the course of the summer he proved to be right about that, but there was never anything better than when we went down on each other during my 18th birthday party.


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