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Kelly in the Mirror

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Kelly looked at herself in the mirror, pulling the bottom of her bathing suit tight against her crotch and running her finger up the crevice between her labia. She stepped back and looked at the strip of fabric covering her crotch, but all she could really see was the gently rounded mound of her vulva.

Nothing was clearly defined. It was just the rounded mound that existed between every woman’s legs.

She looked again at her reflection, focusing on her breasts. Her nipples, in contrast to her vulva, were clearly visible. They were two nubs, clearly displayed under the light blue nylon fabric stretched across her breasts. She rubbed them a little, and they swelled from the stimulation. Now you could clearly see her puffy areolas as well. In fact, Kelly noticed, you could just about see through the fabric and view the contrast between the pink skin of her areolas and the pale white skin of her breasts. “Oh well,” she thought. “I did it for them, I guess I’ll have to do it for my crotch as well.”

She peeled the just-bought, tight nylon tank suit, really a size too small, from her body. She glanced at herself in the mirror. “Not bad for forty,” she thought. She still had her curves, even if she was 15 pounds heavier than she was in college. Her legs were well shaped, mostly from the daily walk she took; her bottom only sagged a little. Her breasts weren’t enormous, but they had stayed a nice firm 34B in the 18 years since she’d graduated and married George. Her breasts, like her butt, sagged a little, but that only proved that they were real, she thought. They weren’t hard and round and pointing out like the basketballs Joan Samson had installed the previous year. “There’s something to be said about natural,” she thought.

Kelly turned the suit inside out. She looked at the lining inside the chest. Two circles had been cut out of the sewn in bra and carefully hemmed so that her nipples and areolas would push out against the thin outer material of the bathing suit. She turned the suit in her hand so she could see the crotch. It was lined with a thin beige material. She tugged at it and saw that it was only sewn to the seams of the leg holes of the suit. Kelly picked up her sewing scissors, and with a few quick snips, the lining was gone.

She slipped back into the suit, carefully positioning her breasts so the nipples were in their holes, and pulling the crotch taught. She ran a finger between her labia. The fabric clung to her now, outlining her slit. “It’s the classic peach shape,” she thought. “Good.” A few wisps of pubic hair poked out from under the edges of the suit.

“What am I doing?” Kelly said to herself. “Do I really want to go out like this?”

It had been two years since George had left her “to go find himself.” “How stereotypical of him,” she remembered thinking. George was now managing a fast food place in Haverton on the other side of the state. Kelly, on the other hand, had grown her temp service to three offices, had sold the tract house she and George had bought, and moved into a much-better built house in a trendy subdivision with a clubhouse, pool and tennis courts. Her offices each had excellent managers, and she spent most of her time now dealing with a select few old and valued clients and checking the books.

“You’re doing this,” she said out loud to herself, “because you’re tired of being alone and horny. You’ve played it safe all your life. It’s time to take some risks – especially erotically. You can do it in business, so do it with your personal life. And maybe if you let people see that you’re a woman with all the operating parts, they’ll get interested.”

This mild bit of exhibitionism was the result of a challenge from her neighbor, Mandy. Kelly had been complaining, she thought confidentially, to Mandy a few days before about the sad state of her sex life. Mandy had leaned forward and the neck of her blouse had fallen open. “Look here,” she had said. “This is why I have a sex life and you don’t.”

“They’re not that big,” Kelly had replied, glancing over at her friend.

“Look a little more,” said Mandy.

Mandy looked a little more carefully. “My god!” she exclaimed. “What’s with you? I can see you nipples!” And she could. Mandy was not wearing a bra and her breasts and their nipples, small, brown and erect, were clearly visible.

“Exactly,” said Mandy smugly. “And because I let them be seen now and then, discreetly, but clearly, I have a sex life.”

“You’ve got to be kidding,” said Kelly.

“Not at all. And I bet if you’d show off a little, you’d get some attention. As a matter of fact, I will bet you. You come to the pool Saturday, in something that shows you off a little – something that lets people see your nipples or your crotch or whatever, and I’ll introduce you to something that you’ll never forget.”

“What do you get if I don’t do it?” Kelly asked.

“You buy me that expensive vibrator I showed you in the catalog,” Mandy replied.

Kelly thought about it for a minute. “You’re on,” she said.

Now she just hoped that her cut-out suit was enough to win the bet.

Saturday came quickly, and that afternoon Kelly found herself in her newly-tailored suit arriving at the pool. There were a few families around, and the kids were playing in and around the pool. She picked out a lounge chair, spread her towel over it, and sat down. She read a few chapters of the romance novel she’d brought with her

“Hi Kelly, how’s it going?”

It was Mandy. Kelly looked up at the brunette standing over her.

“Mind if I join you?” Mandy asked.

“Not at all,” Kelly replied. “It was getting a little dull. I’d enjoy the company.”

Mandy spread a towel over the next chair and sat down.

“What are you reading?” Mandy asked.

Kelly held up the book so Mandy could see the cover.

“Ooh, that’s a hot one,” Mandy said. “There were parts of that one that I read with only one hand.”

“Mandy!” Kelly exclaimed.

“Oh come on, get off it,” replied Mandy. “I can tell you’re reacting to it. Look at you – your nipples are hard and before you moved your leg I could see that you were a little wet.”

Kelly became very aware that her suit really was a little small for her, and even more aware that her nipples and vulva were very clearly outlined by the material that clung tightly to her body. She was also aware that Mandy wasn’t entirely wrong about the book – it was hot and she had been reading a particularly good bit.

“So what’s with the suit?” Mandy asked.

“What do you mean what’s with the suit? It’s a bathing suit,” Kelly replied.

“Yeah, it’s a bathing suit, all right,” said Mandy. “But it’s a bathing suit that’s a size too small and it tells the world exactly what your nipples and crotch look like.”

“Well, I want to win our bet.”

“Ok,” Mandy said. “If you want to win the bet, get in the pool.”

“But the water’s cold,” said Kelly. She glanced down at herself and realized that the pale blue suit, when it got wet, really needed the linings she had cut out.

“Yeah, right, the water’s cold,” said Mandy sarcastically. “If you want to win the bet get in the water.”

Reluctantly, Kelly got up and walked over to the pool. She tugged a little at the leg band of the suit, which was riding up.

“Leave that alone!” said Mandy.

Kelly looked back at her friend, then turned to the pool and dove in. The water was cold at first, but as Kelly swam a few lazy laps, she adjusted to it. Ten minutes later she got out of the pool and walked backed to her lounge. She tried not to think about what the suit might look like.

“Much better,” said Mandy. “And if you keep that suit wet for another hour or so, you definitely win the bet.”

“What do you mean?” asked Kelly. “I’m wearing the suit; I’m exposing myself, discreetly. I win already.”

“That’s not enough when the suit is dry,” said Mandy. “You can see nipples and vulvas all over the place here. But when it’s wet…”

Kelly glanced down at herself and blushed crimson. The pale blue fabric of the suit that was no longer lined was practically transparent. She could see her prominent areolas and nipples clearly, and there was little doubt that the fabric between her legs was equally transparent.

“I can’t stay out her like this,” she said, embarrassedly, to Mandy.

“If you want to win the bet you will,” said Mandy. “And I guarantee it will be worth it.”

“Well,” Kelly said looking around. There were only a few mothers and their children, and a small group of teenagers over in the far corner. “Ok.” She sat down again.

After that the two chatted aimlessly, Kelly talking about work, Mandy reporting on the goings on in the neighborhood. Occasionally Mandy made Kelly get into the pool and rewet her suit.

Every once in a while someone would walk past the two women. The men, mostly fathers with their small children, did subtle double takes when they realized what they were looking at. One teenage boy kept walking past, his erection obvious despite his baggy bathing trunks. A few women even looked twice, just to make sure they saw what they thought they did.

What Kelly didn’t know was that Mandy had arranged for most of the adults to walk past.

“Do you like the way it feels?”

“What do you mean?” asked Mandy.

“Do you like the way it feels?” Mandy asked again. “Do you like the feeling that your nipples and your crotch are only covered by that thin little bit of nylon, and that everyone who can be bothered to look can see your hard nipples and puffy areolas and the shadow of your pubic hair and the line that runs down between your labia? Does it make you hot?”

Kelly looked at her neighbor and was confused. Mandy had never spoken to her like this before. And what bothered her even more was that she really was enjoying being on display in this relatively modest way. And it did make her hot. She answered.

“Well, yes, a little.”

“It does me too when I do it,” Mandy admitted. “You win the bet. Come over about 7. It’ll be fun, I promise.”

Kelly gulped. She wondered what Mandy meant by taking a risk. But here was an opportunity. “Thanks,” she said. “I’ll be there.”

At 5:00 the phone rang in Mandy’s house. It was Geri Johnson. “I don’t believe you got her to do that,” she told Mandy.

“I told you, she’s been alone since her husband left. I finally got tired of her moaning about her nonexistent sex life. So I flashed her, and then bet her she wouldn’t do something like that.”

“And she took the bet,” Geri said.

“You saw, and so did Keith and everyone else. So what do you think?”

“Well,” said Geri, “Everyone’s called and said they think we should let her try it. But you’ve got to tell her to be discreet. And we’re going to keep it simple. The women will just flash her a little bit now and then when they’re teasing the men. And if she returns the favor, then, well, you can get us all skinny dipping and we’ll go from there.”

“Fine,” said Mandy. “We’ll see you tonight.”

At 6:45 Kelly stepped out of the bathroom. She was nervous. She thought back to the afternoon’s conversation with Mandy, and about sitting out that afternoon, practically naked. Kelly pulled a pair of pale blue cotton bikini panties out of the drawer and slipped into them, and then picked up the sundress she had laid out earlier. It was pale blue as well, with white and yellow daisies embroidered here and there on it. Kelly thought for a minute about putting on a bra, but decided against it, since the dress held her up pretty well anyway. She slipped the dress over her head and pulled it down over her hips. Then she reached in through the neckline and adjusted her breasts so they were comfortable. Kelly bent over and picked up the sandals that were on the floor next to the chair and slipped them on her feet. A quick look in the mirror to make sure everything was ok, and then she was out the door.

Ten minutes later she walked up to Mandy’s door and rang the bell.

Mandy answered the door a moment later, wearing only a bathrobe.

“Come on in,” she said to Kelly.

“Oh, geez, I’m sorry,” said Kelly. “I thought you said seven. I’m obviously early. You’re still getting ready. I’ll just walk around the block and come back later.”

“Nonsense,” said Mandy. “You’re right on time. Come in. You can help me finish up.”

Kelly thought the invitation to help Mandy “finish up” was a little odd, but she followed her friend into the bedroom.

“I always think it helps if I get in the mood before I go out,” said Mandy, slipping out of her robe and lying down on the bed. I was just about there when you rang the bell.”

“What do you mean?” asked Kelly, staring at her friend. Mandy was totally naked.

“I mean I like to be in the mood,” said Kelly, picking up a vibrator from where it lay on the bed and switching it on. “And I want to be in the mood for what we’re going to do tonight. So just sit back and watch while I finish up, or you can join me if you want.”

Kelly was a little shocked. She thought of Mandy as a fairly close friend, and she’d never seen this side of her. She didn’t know quite what to do, so she sat down in a chair facing the bed.

Mandy was gently rubbing the vibrator around her breasts. Kelly watched as her friends nipples hardened. Why was she doing this? Why would Mandy want to masturbate in front of her?

Mandy moved the vibrator down to her crotch. With one hand, she spread her labia apart. With the other, she positioned the vibrator between them, gently moving it up and down the length of her slit. Kelly noticed that, while there was a patch of neatly trimmed hair on Mandy’s mons, the labia had been shaved clean. She also noticed that she was becoming aroused as she watched her friend stimulate herself.

Mandy began to gently moan. She focused the vibrator on her clitoris now. Kelly watched as her friend became more and more aroused, a flush covering her chest, her legs clamping closed around the hand that held the vibrator. Mandy trembled as the pleasure washed through her. Kelly noticed her own nipples were hard and beginning to ache.

A minute later Mandy sat up. “Ok, that’s got me in the mood. I’ll be right back.” She got off the bed and went into the bathroom. A few minutes later she was back, still naked.

“What was that all about?” asked Kelly. She couldn’t figure out why her friend had masturbated openly in front of her, and then stopped just before it looked like she was going to orgasm. Kelly glanced at her friend. Mandy’s nipples were still hard and erect, and her genitals were still clearly aroused – the inner labia gaping open, the outer labia puffy and engorged.

“I told you, I wanted to get in the mood for tonight. And you watching me has definitely got me in the mood.”

“But in the mood for what?”

“Think about it. By the way, are you wearing panties?” Mandy asked.

“Of course I am,” said Kelly. “What kind of a question is that?”

“Give them to me,” Mandy demanded.


“Give them to me. Tonight we’re going to solve your little shyness problem. I can tell you don’t have a bra on under that sundress, that’s good, but give me your panties, too.”

“Mandyyyy…” Kelly whined.

“Now,” her friend demanded. “You did the thing with the bathing suit, you watched me masturbate, now you’re going to do a little more. Give me your panties.”

Reluctantly, Kelly slipped her panties over her hips and stepped out of them. She handed them to Mandy. Mandy threw them on the bed.

“Good. I promise, you’re going to have fun.”

“I don’t know about that,” said Kelly. She was nervous about what would happen.

Mandy pulled a pink sundress over her head and slipped into a pair of sandals. Quickly, she brushed her hair and touched up her lipstick. “Let’s go,” she said.

Mandy led Kelly out of the house and down the street. “We’re going over to the Johnson’s,” she said. “There’s a little party tonight. I think you can figure out what kind of a party. Just a few things:Rule one is, be discreet.”

“What do you mean, be discreet?” Kelly asked.

“Well, I think you’ll understand. Just be discreet. This group is pretty private, and very conservative about what gets said about these little get-togethers.”

“Fine.” Kelly was put out. Mandy was being strange – the bet, the masturbating, taking her panties – it was all a little much. And now, Kelly was pretty sure, they were headed for some kind of an orgy.

“There are a few other rules. No means no. If someone tells you no, stop doing what you’re doing, or don’t start. If you really get uncomfortable with something, just say lemon.”


“Lemon. It’s something we all agreed on. If someone says lemon, everything stops and we change the subject.”

“And one last rule – have fun. Remember what it was like at the pool today. Remember those feelings. I think you might be able to get them back tonight – and maybe do something more.”

“Mandy, what is this all about?”

“Just wait. You’ll see. Follow my lead, or Geri’s, for that matter. Anyway, we’re here.” They had arrived at the Johnson’s.

The Johnson’s owned one of the larger houses in the neighborhood. A large brick colonial, its backyard was surrounded by a tall stockade fence. Kelly had always assumed it was because of the pool. She took a deep breath and wondered what she had gotten herself into.

Geri greeted them at the door.

“Mandy, thanks for coming. And you must be Kelly. Please, come in. You run that temp agency, don’t you?”

“Yes, I do,” Kelly replied.

“We’re all out here in the back. Come on through.”

Kelly looked a little more carefully at Geri. She was wearing a sheer black blouse. So sheer, in fact, that you could clearly see, held up by a demi-bra, her full breasts with their nipples fully exposed. “Oh well,” Kelly thought, “It’ll at least be a new experience.”

The guests were gathered around the pool, mostly conversing in small groups. Kelly noticed that Geri was not the only woman wearing a sheer blouse.

After Geri had introduced her to the various guests, and gotten her a drink, Kelly and Mandy sat down with Brad and Suzy Morgan and Keith Johnson. Suzy and Keith were animatedly discussing the antics of the local mayor. When Suzy leaned forward to make a point, her blouse fell open. Kelly could clearly see a soft round breast and its hard pink nipple. She also noticed that Keith was staring down Suzy’s blouse.

Mandy joined in the discussion. “He’s just a typical politician. He’s up for re-election soon and he needed a contribution. So what if that contracting company made a donation just before they awarded the road paving contract? That’s the way that game is played.” She leaned back in her chair, uncrossing her legs. Keith got a clear look at Mandy’s still-reddened labia, as did everyone else in the group.

About 45 minutes later, after Kelly had mingled with several groups, and seen at least one woman in each of the groups obviously but apparently innocently display herself to the others, Kelly found herself alone at the bar with Mandy.

“Ok friend,” Kelly said. “I see the game. The women are all flashing. I haven’t seen so many breasts and vulvas since I was in the locker room in high school.”

“Well, first, in this group anyway, tits and pussy,” said Mandy. “But just in this group and just at these parties. And cocks and balls and whatever other dirty names you can think of.”

“So, I should be flashing?”

“Definitely,” Mandy said firmly. “Show it off. And when it gets dark in a little while, be ready for more. Just follow my lead. I promise you’ll have a good time.”

“Ok,” said Kelly, a bit warily. “I’ll join in. But lemon is the word, right?”

“Yes,” Mandy replied. “Lemon is the word. But don’t use it unless you’re really uncomfortable. Push yourself a little. It’s more fun that way.”


Kelly and Mandy rejoined the party. Kelly sat on a lounge and leaned back against its sloping back. She pulled her knees up in front of her and wrapped her arms around them. Her skirt pulled up to the top of her thighs. She felt exposed, but knew her legs blocked any view of her privates.

She followed the small talk of the discussion, chiming in occasionally. She watched the other women casually display themselves, and then steeled her courage. As she described how she’d had to pacify an upset client the day before, she sat up a bit and put her feet on either side of the lounge. She felt the lips of her vagina pull apart a bit, stretching open with her legs. The skirt of her dress was bunched high on her legs.

Brad Morgan glanced over and nearly dropped his drink. He’d seen Kelly at the pool, but figured that the “special suit” his wife had told him to look for was about as far as Kelly would go. Now she was telling this story, and her dress had ridden up and her pussy was there for all to see. A few moments later Kelly casually turned to the side and crossed her legs. Her dress was still bunched up a lot higher than it normally would be, but she wasn’t so openly displayed.

Mandy winked at her.

A few minutes later, Mandy stood up and said “I’m hot. I think I’ll go for a swim.”

Hearing this, Geri turned around. This was the signal to the group that it was time to crank things up a notch. She hadn’t seen Kelly’s display, and she was a little nervous about how Kelly might react to what would happen next.

Kelly watched, only partially surprised, as her friend kicked off her sandals, reached around behind herself, and unzipped her dress. Mandy slipped the thin straps of the dress off her shoulders and the pulled the dress down and off her body. A moment later, she was nude. She posed for a moment.

Mandy does have a beautiful body, thought Kelly. She was a small woman with well-proportioned features. She wore her brown hair cut simply and short, just covering her ears. Her breasts were smaller than Kelly’s, but firm and round with small, dark nipples. Her hips flared out a little from her tiny waist, making her butt round and firm. Her legs were short, but nicely shaped. Kelly watched as her friend stepped to the side of the pool and jumped in.

A moment later she surfaced, pushing the hair back from her face. “Come on in, Kelly! The water’s great.”

“Do it!” Kelly silently commanded herself. She was terrified, but wouldn’t let herself stop and think about it. She slipped off her sandals, tugged her sundress over her head, and quickly jumped into the pool. The caress of the water on her naked breasts and vulva was strangely arousing. When she came up, she heard a small round of applause.

Kelly looked around. Geri and several other women were joining Mandy and her. The women, naked, got in the pool. The men, equally naked, sat on the edge, dangling their legs in the water.

“Welcome to the club, Kelly,” Geri said. “I think you’ll like it with us.”

“I feel like that girl in The Last Picture Show,” Kelly replied. “You know, the one who goes to the party and strips at the end of the diving board.”

“Well, maybe things will end up like that party was supposed to,” said Geri.

The men by now were in various states of erection. The women were moving in front of the men. There was an erotic tension in the air. Kelly was unsure of what to do, and she stood in the middle of the pool, looking around at her naked neighbors. Kelly felt strange – being nude with a group of men and women was unusual. It was erotic and frightening at the same time. Kelly became acutely aware of the feeling of the water moving between her legs, and the gentle breeze of soft, humid air moving around her torso, caressing her breasts and face.

“Come with me,” Geri said to Kelly, taking her by the hand.

Geri led her over to Paul Bermeister. Kelly looked at him, and saw he was firm and erect. He was really erect. Another little shiver of nerves ran through Kelly. His penis, circumcised, its head a little darker than the shaft, was not particularly long, but was nicely thick, rising from a nest of black curls that stretched up Paul’s belly and down over his thighs. His testicles hung loose in his scrotum.

“Let’s see if we can show Paul a good time,” Geri said.

Steeling her nerve, and very tentatively, Kelly reached out and stroked the erect phallus before her. It was the first penis she had seen, and definitely the first penis she had touched, since her divorce.

“That’s nice,” said Paul.

“Help me,” said Geri. She lowered her head to Paul’s crotch. Kelly joined her.

“He likes it like this,” Geri said. She grasped his penis at its base, stuck out her tongue, and then licked up the underside and over the head. “Your turn,” she said, holding him out toward Kelly.

Kelly mimicked Geri’s stroke. It had been years since she’d tasted a man. Paul’s musky odor aroused her.

Geri and Kelly alternated licking up and down Paul’s penis. After a little while of this Kelly couldn’t resist, and plunged her mouth down over him. Keeping her mouth firmly closed over the penis in her mouth, she ran her tongue around its head, and then concentrated on the point where a little string of flesh ran from just under the head to the shaft. She pointed her tongue and flicked at it.

Paul moaned. “Suck it. Suck my cock. That’s so good. Suck my cock good.”

Kelly felt Geri pulling her off Paul’s dick, and then watched as the older woman sucked his hardness into her mouth. Kelly watched as her new friend’s head bobbed up and down the shaft. She glanced around, and realized that similar scenes were taking place all around the pool. Mandy was between Keith’s legs, her head moving up and down his long, thin cock. Other heads bobbed up and down as well. Low, guttural moans were erupting from the men around the pool. She turned her attention back to Paul.

She was aroused, and watching wasn’t enough. Kelly knelt down in the pool, the warm water lapping around her breasts, and pushed her head up under Geri’s. Gently, she sucked one of Paul’s balls into her mouth, and rolled it around with her tongue.

“Oh fuck, yes,” Paul whispered. The stimulation was intense. “Suck me girls. Make me come. Suck me.”

Geri pulled Kelly’s head up and kissed her, a deep, hard kiss, her tongue invading Kelly’s mouth. Kelly returned the kiss, her tongue wrestling with Geri’s.

“You take one side and I’ll take the other,” said Geri.

They wrapped their lips around the hard cock in front of them, trying to kiss each other around the swollen shaft. Paul grabbed the back of their heads, holding them tight against himself, and he thrust up and down between the soft lips that encircled him.

It didn’t take long.

“Oh fuck, oh yes, that’s it, that’s it,” Paul moaned. “I’m coming, I’m coming.”

The semen burst from his penis, splattering over Geri and Kelly’s faces. Kelly tried to put her mouth over the tip of his penis, but Geri fought her for the treat. Between them, they sucked Paul dry and licked the semen from his penis and belly. Then Geri looked at Kelly, and licked the sperm from her face. When she finished, Kelly returned the favor. Paul slipped into the pool between them, and they shared an awkward hug.

Steadily, the women around the pool brought the men before them to orgasm. Kelly looked over at Mandy and Keith, and saw him come deep into her throat. Millie Jones was standing at the edge of the pool and bobbing up and down. Tom Bradley was holding her pendulous breasts around his penis, and as Millie bobbed up and down it slid up and down between them. With a cry, he came, and Kelly watched his semen burst out of the tip of his penis, splashing over Millie’s throat and chest, then dripping down over her breasts.

A hand caressed her vulva, and Kelly jumped a little, startled at the intimacy. It was Mandy.

“So, what do you think?” she asked.

“It’s wild,” said Kelly. “I can’t believe I’m doing this.”

“It gets better. Are you ready to be the center of attention?”

“What do you mean?” Kelly replied.

“Just slip this blindfold on, and relax,” Mandy said, handing her a satin sleep mask.

“A blindfold? I don’t know…” Kelly felt a little dubious. A blowjob between friends was one thing. Maybe even someone returning the favor, maybe even a woman. But a blindfold? What were they going to do to her?

“It’s the first-timer’s treat,” said Mandy. “You put on the blindfold, you lay back on the table over there with the cushions, and then you have fun. It’s very stimulating. You’ll like it.”

“Well, what if I say lemon?” Kelly asked.

“Everything stops. You know that. But don’t say it. You’re going to like this.”

Kelly glanced around. There was some hugging and kissing going on, and Keith was now standing behind Millie, both of his arms around her, caressing her breasts. Geri was perched on the edge of the pool, her hand between her legs, obviously masturbating. Kelly slipped the blindfold on and let Mandy help her out of the pool and onto a table covered with soft pillows and fluffy towels.

It began when a hand gently caressed her hair, smoothing it back from her face. Then another began stroking her right arm, and her left, and then her legs. The caresses were soft and gentle at first, and then became more firm. Her skin tingled.

A finger trailed around her right breast, and another traced a line inside her left leg, and then circled around inside her thigh. The finger on her breast moved in circles now, around and around, moving higher and higher. Her nipple ached in anticipation. Her thighs were being stroked now. Fingers ran through her hair. The finger finally reached her areola, and traced around it, tantalizing but not quite reaching the nipple. Another hand clasped her left breast. The stroking of her arms and legs was now constant.

Kelly felt herself lubricate, and a moment later, felt her labia relax and open. The hands were insistent now. A finger ran up her slit, opening her up even further. Mouths replaced the hands and fingers on her breasts, and tongues began to caress and stimulate her nipples. The experience was electrifying.

Hands lifted her legs up and open, pulling her down so her butt was just at the edge of the table. Her legs were well-supported, but she felt open and vulnerable. And immensely excited as well.

The caresses began again. Hands stroked, palmed and caressed her. Someone was pinching her gently, gathering little bits of flesh and pulling them away from her body. A tongue grazed across her navel and traced lazy circle on her stomach. Another began to trace its way up her left leg. A hand cupped her vulva, moving in small circles.

Kelly’s mind was racing. These people were touching her – intimately. She felt a mouth cover a nipple and suck it and its areola into erection. It was arousing, but it was almost too much. Her mind raced from point to point around her body, feeling a tongue here, a hand there. A penis, at least she thought it was a penis, was being rubbed against her right breast. It was wonderful but it was – not wrong, but not right, either. All these people, all these feelings. What should she do?

Kelly willed herself to stop thinking and just focus on the feelings. These people were making love to her. They were touching her, arousing her, leading her towards the release of orgasm. She closed her eyes behind the mask that covered them and relaxed into the sensations.

A finger probed between her labia, and slipped into her vagina. Kelly felt herself close around the pleasant invasion, the membranes within her most private passage yearning for stimulation.

The finger withdrew, and it was replaced with a tongue, sliding over her labia gently, lapping and probing at her most secret spot. Kelly shivered with the sensation. She felt hands pull her labia apart, and the tongue dipped into her vagina, licking around the opening and then pushing into her moist flesh.

Teeth gently nipped and tugged at her nipples, distracting Kelly momentarily from the sensations in her crotch. The penis that had been stroking her breast, at least she thought it was the same penis, pushed against her lips, and she sucked it into her mouth, running her tongue around the head, tasting its maleness. She grasped its shaft with one hand, and as her tongue licked and probed, she slid her hand up and down the shaft, sliding the loose skin up and down over the hardness within it.

As Kelly worked on the penis in her mouth, her attention moved back to her crotch. Whoever was licking her had moved on to her clitoris, and was tracing lazy circles around it, not quite touching it, but making it ache for attention. She tried to shift her hips a little, but the hands holding her legs up and apart prevented her from moving too much. Around and around the tongue went, occasionally sliding down and probing her vagina, but always coming back to circle around her erect pleasure nub. Finally her tormentor flattened her tongue and licked up and over her clitoris, causing Kelly to shiver with the first hints of orgasm.

The man in her mouth thrust forward, trying to push into her throat. Kelly held him back, but redoubled her efforts, and she was rewarded with thick spurts of semen filling her mouth as the man she could not see reached orgasm. She swallowed the semen and then gasped, pulling the penis from her mouth. The tongue was flicking repeatedly at her clitoris, and Kelly felt herself climbing towards orgasm.

She shuddered as the first wave of her orgasm washed through her, and moaned gently as the tongue continued to flick at her clitoris, driving her deeper into her release. Waves of pleasure swept through her, flowing out from her clitoris. She could feel it throughout her body.

The flicking stopped, but was almost instantly replaced by something blunt probing her vulva. It slipped up and down the crevice between her legs, then parted her labia gently and slipped up and over her still-sensitive clitoris, almost painfully. It took a moment, but Kelly realized that it was a penis that was moving over her, just as it began to slip into her well-lubricated vagina.

The penis slipped into her slowly, and she felt herself opening and surrounding it. It had been more than two years since a man had been inside her, and every nerve in her vagina was firing as she stretched around the hardness moving into her. “Ohhh, godddd, that feels sooo goood,” she moaned.

Kelly felt her legs being brought together and pushed up toward her head, and her vagina tightened around the penis slipping into her. Slowly he ground his body into hers, and finally she felt him leaning against her legs, his groin pressing firmly against hers, his penis buried fully within her. She felt full, and squeezed herself around the firmness that filled her.

Almost as slowly as he had moved into her, Brad pulled himself out. “God she’s tight,” he thought to himself. He stopped just before he slipped out of her, and pushed back in. He picked up speed, sliding in and out of Kelly rhythmically, and she began to moan more loudly.

Brad stood up, taking his weight off of Kelly’s legs, and she lowered them and wrapping them around his hips, pulling him deep into her body. Brad continued thrusting, watching as Geri daubed some lube on her fingers and then reach between them to massage Kelly’s clitoris.

“Oh yes!” Kelly cried out. “Oh yes! Do that, do that, it’s so good, it soo good!”

Brad thrust more rapidly. Geri’s finger moved faster over the erect red bud of Kelly’s clitoris. Mandy sucked one nipple into her mouth, Tom the other. Others reached out to caress her hair, her calves, and everything else that could be reached.

When her orgasm came this time, Kelly saw stars. Her whole body convulsed as the orgasm exploded out from her crotch. Brad kept pushing into her and Kelly’s vagina spasmed around him, squeezing an orgasm from him. He pushed hard and deep and collapsed over her, his body pressing hard against hers.

The orgasm, it seemed, went on for ever. Geri kept stroking Kelly’s clitoris, watching the new member of their group twitch with pleasure until it was finally too much, and Kelly pawed at her arm to make her stop. When Brad withdrew another little jolt went through her, and she could feel him even after he had stepped away.

“Turn over, honey,” a voice whispered to her.

Weakly, Kelly rolled over onto her stomach.

“Now lift up a little,” the voice said.

Kelly did, and as she pushed up from the table she felt someone slipping onto the table and putting her legs up and over her shoulders. At least, Kelly thought, they felt like a woman’s legs. A familiar, musky smell seeped into her nostrils.

“Oh my god,” Kelly thought. “It’s a woman, and she wants me to… Lemon! Lemon!”

She was in a quandary. Kelly knew these people had made love with her and just given her two wonderful orgasms. But now they wanted more. What could she do?

“Don’t say lemon!” an inner voice commanded. “Stretch yourself.”

Kelly obeyed the voice, bending her head down and kissing the vulva that presented itself to her. She noticed it had been shaved, and wondered if it were Mandy that was lying in front of her. She kissed the woman again, inhaling the aroma of her arousal.

“What do I do?” she wondered to herself. The voice came to her again. “Do to her what you like to have done to you,” it suggested.

Kelly obeyed again.

Her tongue swept over the soft mound, exploring for an opening. A few moments later she found it, and forced her tongue between the labia she had been licking. The skin was incredibly soft and moist. Kelly explored further, pushing her mouth hard against the softness offered to her. She sucked the lips into her mouth and continued to probe with her tongue. Kelly found the woman’s vagina, and pushed her tongue as far as she could into its musky depths, tasting the moisture of another woman.

As she was doing this Kelly felt a finger invaded her anus. It pushed and probed, stretching her sphincter. A second finger joined it. Kelly willed herself to relax. The fingers pulled out, then back into her. Kelly realized that lubricant was being forced into her. “Lemon,” she thought. “No. Wait. It doesn’t hurt that much.” The fingers slid out of her. A moment later she felt a hand forcing something into her. It felt hard and round. Her anus stretched to accommodate it and it slipped inside. More pressure, and another sphere slipped into her, and then another. There were seven in all. She could feel something dangling out of her. “It must be those balls on a string,” Kelly thought.

Hands pulled her up onto her knees, and Kelly felt someone move between her legs. She felt a hand reach under her, and then part her labia. A penis was guided into her, and its owner started thrusting, steadily. Kelly concentrated on the woman into whose crotch her faced was pressed.

The woman started moaning. Kelly explored her vagina a little longer, and then felt with her tongue for her clitoris. When she found the hard little nub she traced the alphabet on it with her tongue. As Kelly’s tongue swept over and around it, the clitoris she was licking grew larger and she started moving her tongue even faster. She had to make this woman have an orgasm. She licked faster and faster. The woman moaned even louder.

Whoever was in her picked up the pace. Kelly felt him bend over a bit, and his hand reach under her to massage her clitoris. When it made contact, she moaned involuntarily.

The woman she was licking cried out. “Do that more! More! It feels so nice.”

Kelly did, as she felt herself being thrust into and her clitoris being vigorously massaged.

The woman cried out “I’m coming!, I’m coming!” The crotch ground up against her mouth, and Kelly kept licking, making sure the woman’s orgasm was full and complete.

As the woman beneath her relaxed, Kelly felt another orgasm building within her. She pressed her mouth firmly against the vulva she had been licking, tasting and inhaling its lust-ridden feminine odor, and gave herself over to the feelings spreading out from her own crotch. The thrusts into her were coming more quickly now, and a new hand was caressing her clitoris. Kelly moaned steadily.

“Hmmmm! Hmmmh!, HMMMH!, HMMMMHHHH!”

It was coming, she felt the last twinge of tension that meant she was about to burst, and then…

Something was happening. “Oh god!” Kelly thought, “It’s those balls, someone’s pulling them out!”

They came out of her with a slow, steady series of little moist pops. Kelly felt her anus stretch open as each ball was pulled out from within her. It added to and distracted her from her orgasm all at the same time. She felt herself shaking. There was sensation where it had never been before. And then she felt whoever was in her coming, and pushing deep and hard into her, and she felt full and empty at the same time, and the odor of sex drenching her face, and her body convulsing with the orgasm and it was all just…too…much.

Kelly collapsed onto the table, pulling herself off the penis buried within her, her head lolling over onto the thigh of the woman she had been licking. Every so often a little quiver of pain and pleasure would run through her. She felt herself being picked up in strong arms, and carried across the yard then being placed on the big double lounge that faced the pool.

Mandy was there next to her, with a cool glass of water.

“It’s ok, sweetie,” she was saying as she removed the sleep mask from Kelly’s eyes. “You’ll be just fine.”

“Oh Mandy,” Kelly whimpered. “It felt so good, but it was so much, so much…”

“I know, honey, I know,” Mandy said. “It was like that my first time, too. All the hands, and the touching, and then the men in me and it just didn’t stop.”

“I want more,” Kelly said, surprising herself and Mandy.

“You what?” gasped Mandy

“I want more. I’ve never felt this way. Everything in me is alive and tingling. My nipples are so hard they ache. My arms and legs want to feel those touches. I want someone inside me – and maybe even someone inside my bottom, or maybe even one in my front and one in my back. I want more, more…”

“Take it easy, sweetie,” Mandy said. “You can have more, but just rest for a minute. You just collapsed back there.”

“But it was so good. I want to feel that, and I never want it to stop.”

“Of course you do. We all do. That’s why we have these little get togethers. But not every night, or even every week. It’s better if we spread it out a bit.”


“There will be more,” Mandy said. “Just rest and watch for a minute. We don’t stop until tomorrow afternoon. But just watch now.”

Mandy did as she was told. What she saw enthralled her. It was a re-creation of almost every porno movie she had ever seen. Women on top of men. Three women, in a circle, their heads buried in each other’s crotches. Three men standing over them, slowly masturbating as they watched and listened. Millie Jones on her hands and knees, and Paul leaning over her back, slowly forcing his way into her wide-stretched anus. Geri, wearing a harness with an obscene phallus jutting out from it, behind Paul, doing to him what he was doing to Millie.

“Oh god,” Kelly moaned. “I want it so much.”

In the months and years that followed, she got it, and much, much more.

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