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Kate’s Revenge

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As I watched Jen skip back from the DVD player and nestle in next to me on the sofa, I took a minute to think how lucky I was.

It was a Saturday night last November at my flat in London. My girlfriend, Jen, a beautiful 30-year old, petite but with a 36C bust and long, black hair, had just put on a porn film entitled “Five in a Bed”, for us to watch together. Not a bad way to spend a Saturday night, right?

Well, even better when you consider that the star of the film was my ex-girlfriend, Amy, a gorgeous 29-year old blonde with perfect features and stunning 38D tits. It gets truly stupendous when you learn that as the film began Amy was cuddled up on the other side of me on the sofa. Like Jen she was wearing only a baggy t-shirt and her underwear.

The full story of how I got to this situation is in “Amy’s Story”, but in short, Amy had just left her girlfriend, Kate, and had come to me and Jen for comfort. This had started a few weeks earlier with me watching a film of her getting fucked by two guys and had led to her, Jen and me getting it on together. Amy had made these films with Kate, and believe me they were unbelievably hot.

Since that night Amy had been over a couple of times. Each time we’d had dinner and a few drinks, chatted a bit, then watched one of her films. I’d seen her and Kate have sex with an Aussie guy, Rick, in a hotel room, and we’d all watched the one with her and two guys. Each time it had ended with all three of us fucking like animals. As “Five in a Bed” got started, I didn’t see why tonight should be any different.

“There’s not much story to this one,” said Amy. “Kate was in one of those moods where she just wanted to see me get fucked.”

I was only wearing boxer shorts and a t-shirt and both girls noticed my cock jerk to life at these words. They smiled at each other then turned their attention to the tv.

On the screen the camera focussed on Amy lying on a bed, already naked, her pink nipples erect and jutting skywards, her hands running up and down an already visibly wet slit. Her blonde hair was framed around her face and she was panting, looking directly at the camera, as whoever was holding it moved slowly around the bed, capturing every angle.

Then, without a word being said, three men moved onto the bed to surround her. I didn’t recognise any of them. They were all as naked as Amy and were all sporting impressive erections. I knew Amy had a thing about big cocks and these were all bigger then seven inches. One was around the same size and thickness as my nine-incher.

“They’re big boys,” said Jen admiringly.

“Mmm…,” replied Amy. “John had a really incredible dick.”

Jen reached across to stroke me through the fabric of my shorts. “Not as good as your’s though, I’m sure, Nick.”

“Not at all,” said Amy running a hot hand across my chest and reaching up to kiss me lightly on the lips.

I was looking forward to removing her loose light blue t-shirt and seeing her in just her bra and panties, but I also wanted to see what happened in the film, so I kept my hands to myself and concentrated on the screen.

All three men were kneeling in a circle on the bed. Amy was moving between them, sucking their cocks into her mouth, hungrily slurping them down, and looking up at them to gauge their appreciation. They started to encourage her.

“Suck it deeper you little cock sucker.” “That’s it. Take it all the way in.” “Oh yes, lick my fucking balls..”

When she wasn’t sucking them they were pawing at her body. Squeezing her breasts, tweaking her nipples, running their hands over her soft, tanned legs.

She spent extra time on John’s nine inches, licking every inch, then rubbing it over her face and neck, before easing her lips over it and sinking down as far as she could go. While she did, one of the other men lay down beneath her and opened up her pussy lips with his fingers. The camera zoomed in to watch him stick out the tip of his tongue and teasingly flick it across her clit. Amy came immediately, clamping herself down onto his face, her body shaking and her hands clasped tightly around the rigid meat in front of her face.

“I was fucking turned on that night,” said Amy, reaching into my shorts to pull out my now fully erect cock. Neither girl took their eyes off the screen as they each placed a hand on my shaft and started to slowly pump up and down. I exhaled slowly and looked back to the screen myself.

The guy underneath Amy had moved so his cock was lined up with her hole. We heard Kate’s voice for the first time behind the camera. “Slowly, Chris. Slide into the little slut nice and slowly.”

He did, taking what seemed like an eternity to fill her, the camera zooming in to see each second of the blonde girl’s pussy opening up to swallow the hard, throbbing cock. Once in, Kate zoomed out to show Amy alternating her mouth between the two cocks that were now in front of her face. As she lifted her head up each time she was leaving strings of spit between her lips and the pricks. The guy beneath her had started thrusting up into her.

I could feel my balls boiling. I was ready to shoot my load over their hands, but I held back, wanting to prolong the moment.

Kate said: “Ok, Nina, lube him up. She’s going to get all three holes filled tonight.”

Nina, who I took to be Spanish, appeared on the bed. She was also already naked. She was a small girl, only about five foot tall and thin too. She was well toned though and had good-sized tits, about 30B I’d guess. She looked like she was in her mid-twenties. As she moved towards the guys with a tube of lube in her hands I took in her shapely legs and ass, and then her pretty face with its long dark brown hair done up on top of her head. My cock was now rigid.

As Nina on the screen moved to lube up Amy’s ass, I reached over to lift first Jen’s then Amy’s t-shirts off. I unclipped their bras, while they remained focused on the TV. Both sets of tits bounced free and with each hand I reached round to stroke them, feeling four nipples grow hard in between my fingers.

The moaning and panting on screen was interrupted by Kate saying: “Ok, Nina, now put Rich’s cock in her ass.”

I watched as the small Spanish girl lined up the hard seven inch cock against Amy’s asshole. Beneath her Chris was still pumping up into her pussy, and John was now fucking her open mouth with his big nine inch dick. On the screen Amy’s eyes were closed and we could make out the occasionally muffled moan of pleasure. Next to me on the sofa her eyes were wide with excitement, her breathing was heavy, and she had slipped a finger into her panties.

“Shove it in her,” said Kate.

Rich did as he was told. He ploughed his member into her tight, puckered asshole, sliding in until he was buried to the hilt. As he did, Amy lifted her mouth off John’s cock, wrapped her hands around it and, tilting her head upwards let out a long, low guttural cry.

Next to me, I could see Amy had pulled aside her panties and was sliding her middle finger up and down over her clitoris. Her pussy looked wet and inviting. On my other side, Jen moved up to give me a deep kiss. I looked into her dark brown eyes, smiled, and reached down to pull off her panties. She then nestled in next to me and spread her legs to allow my hand access to her most intimate area. I ran my fingers through her strip of black pubic hair and dipped a finger into her slit. It opened up to accept me and I could feel it was already wet. I quickly found her clit and began to gently massage it. She released my cock, leaving just Amy’s hand on it, and leaned in closer to me, nearing her first orgasm of the night.

On screen Amy was now bucking with a huge orgasm. Her blonde hair was flying about and I could make out a thin film of sweat across her back. The camera zoomed in to where two cocks were relentlessly pistoning in and out of her pussy and ass.

Then from off camera I heard John shout: “Oh fuck. I’m cumming.”

Kate zoomed out again and we got a view of the first spurt of white semen erupting from his huge purple cockhead and splashing against Amy’s cheek. She caught the next one in her mouth, then one on her chin before John aimed the rest at her tits.

This was enough to set Rich off. He pulled out of her ass and started pumping strings of jizz all over her tanned, round buttcheeks. He groaned as he did so, and she looked round, a smile across her cum-drenched face.

Once Rich had finished, Chris rolled Amy over so he was on top of her, his cock still buried inside her. While he pistoned in and out of the blonde girl, the other two men and two women stood around them, Kate still holding the camera, all of them urging him on.

Above Amy’s rising cries of pleasure we could hear them shout:

“Fuck her harder. Yes! Fuck her!” “Go on, pound that pussy.” “Cover that cunt with your cum.”

Finally, Amy came with a loud scream and Chris pulled out of her and sprayed her spasming pussy with his cum. When he was done, the three men stepped away from the bed, and the camera focussed on Amy, lying on her back, her soft, golden skin shiny with sweat and cum, and a satisfied, lazy smile spreading across her face.

On either side of me Amy and Jen were cumming. Amy on her own fingers and Jen on mine. I stopped to hold my girlfriend while she shuddered with her climax and looked over to see Amy’s globes shaking with her own orgasm.

“Good film, hey girls?” I said, grinning. They’d stopped masturbating me, but I was still hard as a board, and I looking forward to sticking it inside both of them.

“Fuck yeah,” said Jen, trying to catch her breath.

Amy nodded, and said: “It’s not finished yet. This is where Kate started to get a bit nasty on this one.”

“I was wondering when she’d start,” said Jen. She’d not liked Kate from the moment they met, and the recent revelations of how Kate had treated Amy while they had been lesbian lovers had done nothing to change her mind.

As if to prove the point, Kate on screen said in a sneering voice: “Now let’s see what you can do, you little Spanish tart. Lick their cum off my girlfriend.”

Nina spoke for the first time. Her voice was quiet and heavily accented: “No. I don’t want to taste it. They can fuck me but I no eating that.”

There was a second’s silence and then the sound of palm connecting with a cheek with a loud slap. Nina screamed in pain.

“Fucking lick it off, bitch,” said Kate. “Then the three of them are going to fuck you. Except, because you disobeyed me, you’re going to get the biggest cock in your tight little ass. Now get on the bed and starting eating some jizz.”

We saw Nina being pushed on the bed, next to Amy, who was still smiling as if this was perfectly normal behaviour.

“Fucking hell, Amy,” said Jen. “Why didn’t you stop her?”

Amy replied: “Nina wanted to do it really. She was just playing around. Nina loves getting Kate angry and getting her to slap her around a bit. Look at how much she gets into it now.”

Amy had a point. On the screen the petite Spanish girl was eagerly lapping up the rivers of cum from Amy’s neck, tits, stomach, and pussy. She even lifted the blonde’s legs, parted them and ran her tongue across her asshole.

While we watched this, I went back to fingering Jen, and Amy shifted position to get the same treatment. While I pumped my hands in and out of two sopping wet pussies, we all carried on watching the orgy on the screen.

Once Amy had been cleaned up, the three men returned to the bed, already fully hard. Nina moved onto all fours and Rich went and stood in front of her face. It occurred to me that his dick had been inside Amy’s ass not more than ten minutes previously, but Nina didn’t hesitate in sucking it straight into her mouth. Rich pulled away the clips that were holding her hair up and it fell down, long silky hair, covering her face. He pulled back, and taking a handful of her hair wrapped it around his cock. She laughed and started tonguing his balls, before moving her hair aside and resuming sucking his shaft deep into her throat.

At the other end, Chris and John were kneeling behind her, their erections bobbing about in front of them. They were playing with her pussy and asshole, opening them up and sliding fingers into them, commenting on how tiny she was and how they were both looking forward to stretching her open.

“Enough talk you two fuckers,” said Kate. “Chris, fuck her pussy from behind.”

Chris edged forward and unceremoniously rammed his prick all the way into the tiny Spanish girl’s cunt. She yelped a little, but then relaxed and went back to sucking Rich’s balls into her mouth. Chris thrust in and out of Nina a few times, before Kate stopped him, telling John to replace him.

Amy moved down the bed to console Chris by sucking his cock while John carefully inserted his nine inch member into Nina’s slot. As he made his way in, the girl started shouting obscenities in Spanish, and he growled at her that he was going to fucking split her in two.

Next to me, Jen commented breathlessly: “It really looks like he’s going to as well. His dick looks fucking enormous in that little girl.” I didn’t say anything, just plunged two fingers into her dripping wet hole. My cock was aching and desperate to be touched, but I wanted to see all of the film.

In the film, Kate had decided it was time for another change. “John. I want you to stick that monster in Amy’s pretty little mouth. Chris, I want you to assfuck Nina.”

They all obeyed without question. John pulled his rigid cock out of Nina and moved over to where Amy was waiting, lying on her back with her mouth open, trailing her fingers over her erect nipples. He held her blonde hair and jammed his meat into her mouth. Kate got a close up so we could see her throat bulging with every thrust of John’s hips. I was looking forward to doing the same to her myself in a few minutes.

Next to them on the bed, Chris had lubed up his cock and was inching it inside Nina’s asshole. It was clearly much tighter than Amy’s had been and Chris was having to go slowly, pushing it in carefully, allowing the small Spaniard time to get used to it. She seemed eager to feel it all the way inside her though and was pushing back onto it as much as Chris was pushing forward.

She was also continuing to deepthroat Rich, and he was clearly close to orgasm, his eyes closed and brow furrowed in concentration.

No sooner had Chris got balls deep into Nina than Kate ordered him to pull out and said: “Now it’s time for your punishment, you little Spanish whore. Time to tear open that asshole. John, fuck her butt.”

Nina didn’t complain. She probably knew better than that. She did turn to look at John’s massive pole, which after face-fucking Amy for a few minutes was now sticking straight up, fully engorged with veins throbbing along its length. She whimpered with a combination of fear and excitement.

Chris wasn’t going to be left out. He got underneath Nina and slid his cock into her pussy. He held still while John began working his purple cockhead into her tight hole. If she hadn’t been opened up already he’d never have got in there, but she was already stretched and so he was able to work the spongy head in fairly easily. Amy was kneeling next to him, pushing his ass forward and rubbing his chest.

“Go on, John. Let her have it all,” she said. “It felt so good in me. Nina, you’ll love it.”

Nina’s mouth was full of Rich’s cock but she nodded enthusiastically, her dark brown hair shaking around her head. With a growl John pushed forward, burying his nine inch cock balls deep in the five foot tall Spanish girl.

“Fuck yeah!” shouted Amy. “Now fuck her. All three of you.”

The three men responded well to vocal encouragement from the beautiful blonde girl. Rich reached down to hold open Nina’s mouth and started fucking her face. Nina could only try to grip onto his hips and you could hear the thud of his cock against the back of her throat. Chris and John started alternating in and out of her pussy and butt, neither of them making any attempt to be gentle, both of them fucking her as hard as they liked.

Nina gave in to this powerful onslaught, letting her body go limp, and allowing the three men to take their pleasure from her body. Above the deep grunts and panting of the men we could occasionally make out a higher pitched cry as she came time and time again, but the loudest sound was of three cocks plunging into her body, opening her up, finding areas inside her that had never before been touched.

On the sofa, all three of us were touching our own sex organs, me slowly pumping my fist up and down my aching cock, desperate not to cum just yet, Jen and Amy furiously rubbing their clits, desperate to cum as quickly as possible.

Jen came first with a cry just as the men on the film started to shower Nina with their cum. Chris had moved out so he was kneeling next to her, his cum spraying all over her back. John’s huge cock was pumping its seed all over her butt and Rich was covering her face with his load. When Amy on screen leant down to suck the last cum out of John’s cock, Amy on the sofa came loudly, writhing about, her face contorting in ecstasy.

I couldn’t watch any longer. I had to act. The air in our living room was heavy with the smell of sex and I had to fuck one of these women or I’d explode.

I reached over and lifted Jen up so she was straddling me. She’s so light I could hold her in the air with her pussy hovering just above my throbbing shaft.

“Oh yes,” she moaned, still recovering from her orgasm. “Fuck me, Nick.”

I then lowered her down, my prick so stiff it sank easily into her, until I was all the way inside her. My shaft was surrounded by burning liquid. She was clamping her pussy walls around me, coaxing me to immediate orgasm. Our faces were level, and she leant forward to kiss me, her full ripe lips parting to allow my tongue into her mouth.

“God you two are so hot together,” said Amy.

I’d almost forgotten about her.

Jen broke our kiss to lean over to Amy. They kissed while I remained embedded in Jen’s pussy. I didn’t want to move in case I came.

Then Amy leant over and kissed me. It felt so dirty to be kissing one girl while buried up to my nuts in another one. I was ready to cum, but I wanted more.

I stood up, keeping Jen impaled on my cock, then I turned around and placed her on the sofa next to Amy. They looked at each other and kissed, deeply and slowly.

I slid out of my girlfriend and moved to position my dick at the entrance to my ex-girlfriend’s pussy. Jen reached down and opened Amy’s cunt lips for me. I could feel the heat coming out of her, and when Jen leant down to suck on one of Amy’s nipples I pushed my hips forward.

“Oh fuck yes!” shouted Amy and I at exactly the same time. We would have laughed, but were both too intent on fucking to waste time with humour. I revelled in the velvety smooth sensation of Amy’s pussy. I knew it so well, but would never tire of feeling it.

I began to build up a rhythm in and out of her, and looking down I saw Jen was using a finger to rub her friend’s clitoris. It didn’t take long to push Amy over the edge, and she came, bucking up and down on my shaft, grinding her pubis against mine.

I held still, gritted my teeth and tried not to cum.

When I pulled out of Amy my cock was dripping wet, purple and absolutely rigid. I moved back between Jen’s legs and with one thrust filled her cunt again. I was so swollen that I was bumping against her cervix. I knew this could hurt, so I angled up slightly to caress her g-spot with my cockhead. This sent her wild and she started thrashing about, screaming my name and gripping onto the edge of the cushions.

“I’m gonna cum!” she shouted, as I plunged in and out of her hole, my cock rasping against her growing g-spot.

I was too, but didn’t want to talk. I was silent, all of my energy focussed on not cumming.

Amy was holding onto Jen’s head, trying to kiss her, but Jen couldn’t stay still. The sensations firing through her were too great. Amy stopped and just watched open-mouthed as I pistoned in and out of Jen, my nine inches filling her up completely, her excitement rising to fever pitch.

Then, all of a sudden, Jen tensed up. She went silent for two seconds, her hips in the air, and then she came, squirting a powerful jet of girlcum onto my chest. More came spurting out of her, covering my stomach, drenching my prick, and running down over my balls and thighs.

With a roar I erupted inside her pussy. My cum came gushing out of me. It splashed against the walls of her cunt and mingled with the liquids still squirting out of her.

It felt fucking incredible.

Jen carried on convulsing, my dick still inside her, for a minute or two, while I caught my breath and Amy looked on amazed.

Eventually, she said: “I didn’t know you could do that, Jen.”

“Nor did I,” said Jen, breathlessly. “Until Nick showed me how. It’s unbelievable, unlike a normal orgasm. Really. Fucking unbelievable.”

“It looks it,” said Amy. “I thought it was only Kate who could do that.”

“Apparently most women can,” said Jen. “You just need to know how. And have the right guy to help you out.” She smiled at me through tousled sweaty hair.

I pulled out of her gently and leant forward to kiss her. I then reached up to kiss Amy as well, but she’d moved away to the other end of the sofa.

We got cleaned up after that and went to bed. We all slept together in our bed, as we had done both of the other times Amy had been over with her films. It was, for me, one of the best parts: waking up in the morning with a beautiful girl on either side of me.

Just before we fell asleep I said: “Hey, Amy. One thing I wanted to ask. I thought you’d fallen out with Kate when you were making those films. You looked like you were having a good time in that one.”

“Yeah. A good time in the film. You didn’t see what she was like once the cameras were turned off. She was horrible. Those were about the only good times in our relationship,” Amy replied.

“Really, hon?” said Jen, reaching across me to rub Amy’s arm. “I’m so sorry. You deserve better.”

“Well, I’ve got better now haven’t I?” said Amy happily, before rolling over and saying: “Night, guys.”

I closed my eyes and within seconds was asleep.

The next morning, I woke up after the two girls and joined them in the kitchen for breakfast. Amy had persuaded Jen to go out clothes shopping with her, so they left soon after that.

About an hour later I was lying on the sofa, still in my tracksuit trousers, flicking through channels when the doorbell rang. Expecting it to be a salesman I opened the door ready with my excuses. I was so shocked to see Kate standing there that for a full twenty seconds I just stood there, my mouth hanging open, staring at her.

She was wearing trainers, jeans, and a black v-neck top that emphasised her 38DD breasts. Her red hair was curled around her face, down to her shoulders, and she was staring right back at me with her laughing green eyes.

“Aren’t you going to invite me in?” she said eventually.

“Er….” I hesitated. This was the girl who had spent months treating Amy virtually as a sex slave, who had made her life a misery, and who she had recently left. I wasn’t sure I did want to invite her in.

“Come along, Nick. That’s no way to treat an old friend.”

“Friend?” I said incredulously. Sure, I’d spent a couple of days fucking her at Glastonbury, but that was more than two years ago. She’d been a bitch then, and by all accounts hadn’t changed since. She certainly wasn’t my friend.

“What do you want, Kate?” I said blocking the doorway.

She didn’t say anything, just raised her eyebrows and looked at me. Her gaze ran over my naked chest and down to my crotch. I shifted position, no longer so comfortable in the role of strong man blocking the entrance to his home.

“What do you want?” I said, less confidently than I had the first time.

She looked up from my crotch to meet my gaze. “You,” she said.

“What?” I said and laughed nervously.

“I want you to come to my flat this evening.”

“What for?”

“I thought we could relive the good old days.” She arched an eyebrow and looked hungrily at my body.

“Why the fuck would I want to do that, Kate?”

“Because if you don’t then I’m going to put all these….” She reached into her handbag and pulled out half a dozen disks, “…..on the Internet.”

She held them up in front of my face so I could read the labels. “Amy, Kate, John”, “Amy Gangbang 2″, Amy Solo”. There were more, but I stopped reading. It would seem as though Amy hadn’t got her hands on all of the incriminating evidence before she’d left Kate.

Kate smiled at me: “I don’t think your cute little Amy would like that would she?”

I looked levelly at Kate.

“Imagine how embarrassed she’d be,” the redhead continued. “Imagine what her boss would say when he found out. I don’t know, can you fire someone for being an amateur porn star? Imagine what her Dad would think when he played it. The shock would probably be enough to finish the old bastard off.”

“Shut up Kate,” I interrupted sharply.

“Ok, big boy,” she said, stepping towards me, so her face was only inches from mine. “Just be at mine at seven.” She leant to whisper in my ear: “It’ll be fun. I promise.”

She kissed my cheek, turned and off walked down the street.

I spent the afternoon trying to decide what to do. On the one hand I wanted nothing more to do with Kate. Sure, I fancied the girl. Any man would. But I also thought she was a nasty piece of work, and possibly a little deranged. I suspected that Jen wouldn’t like what Kate had planned for me, and I didn’t want to do anything to jeopardise my relationship with Jen. I truly was in love with her.

But on the other hand, I wanted to do what I could to help Amy. I remember how distraught she’d been when she’d turned up at our’s straight after leaving Kate. I remembered how she’d stayed with Kate once she’d realised the relationship was over, specifically so she could get hold of those disks. She’d be devastated to find out there were more and that they were online.

Kate might have been trying to wind me up, but she had a point about how Amy’s employers and Dad would react. If Kate did follow through on her threat it would cause enormous suffering, and I had little doubt that she would do it. I could prevent that by just spending one evening with Kate.

By the time Jen got home from shopping I’d decided I would do – I told Jen I was going for a few beers with the boys, and headed over to Kate’s flat.

She met me at the front door, still wearing the same outfit, but now smirking triumphantly at me. She led me straight upstairs into the room Amy had described as Kate’s sex room. It was dimly lit, but I could make out hooks on the walls, four straps hanging down from the ceiling, a TV and digital video recorder in one corner, and a bed along one wall.

Sitting cross-legged on that bed was a young woman. Kate introduced her as Leila, her new girlfriend. I guessed she was about nineteen or twenty years old. She was wearing only a bra and panties that just held in her firm, ripe 36C breasts. Despite myself, I felt my cock twitching as I gazed at her smooth, olive skin, and her long slender legs. Tearing my eyes upwards I looked at her medium length, black hair and green eyes. I said hello to her and she flashed me a shy smile.

“So, what do you want Kate?” I asked defiantly.

“Less talking, big boy,” she said dismissively, opening a drawer and starting to look inside.

“Give me the disks.”

“All in good time,” she said, pulling out a pair of leather handcuffs.

“What are those for,” I said, backing away.

“Oh come on, Nick,” she said. “You weren’t this boring two years ago. You were kind of fun if I remember rightly. I’ve told Leila all about it, and she was looking forward to meeting you. You’re not going to be dull and disappoint her are you?”

I turned to look at the girl on the bed. She was still looking at me, now leaning back, her legs parted enough to show me her inner thighs. I imagined running my hands up them, wondered what I would find if I pulled those panties aside.

I shook my head, trying to snap out of it. This was just what Kate wanted me to do. I had a girlfriend who I loved. I wasn’t going to have sex with Leila. I was going to get the disks and leave.

Then I realised Kate had cuffed my hands together behind my back.

“Just give me the disks, Kate,” I said. “And take these cuffs off.”

“Not until we’ve had some fun with you,” she said, kneeling in front of me and undoing my belt buckle.

“Kate!” I said more loudly. “Stop it!”

She stood up and put a finger on my lips. “Sshh, big boy. You know you want this. Stop fighting it.”

She then pulled her top over her head, shaking her hair and reaching up to squeeze her bra-covered tits together. “Are you saying you don’t want to see these?”

I had to admit it to myself. I did want to see them. I did want to see her, and Leila, naked. I did want to fuck them both. I just didn’t want to hurt my girlfriend.

As if reading my thoughts, Kate said: “Don’t worry, Nick. No one will find out.”

She then pulled down my fly and fished out my semi-hard cock. She started to masturbate me. As I stiffened in her hand, she turned to Leila and said: “Babe. Why don’t you show this big man how beautiful you are?”

Leila, who still hadn’t said a word, smiled again and unclipped her bra at the front. She looked directly at me as she pulled it away, revealing firm, full breasts topped by large brown nipples. Then she turned around, and on all fours ran her hands over her ass, before pulling aside her panties and showing me her totally shaven pussy.

I caught my breath and Kate laughed. “Hot, isn’t she?”

She continued: “Come and taste this big dick, babe.”

Leila walked over to me, not taking her eyes off my mine, then knelt down and took my cock straight into her mouth. I’d not even kissed this beautiful girl. In fact I’d not even heard her speak, and here she was sucking me off. Kate was still running a hand up and down my shaft, squeezing my balls, and encouraging her lesbian lover.

“Suck him all the way in. That’s it, babe. You look fucking beautiful. Suck his cock.”

She was an immensely talented cocksucker, using her tongue to stimulate my glans, and alternating deep throating me with pulling me right out and running her tongue along my length while looking up at me with deep brown eyes that were framed by long, dark lashes.

I started to breath deeply and, even though my hands were tied behind my back, I was able to thrust deeper into her throat. Just as I was about to cum though Kate pulled Leila off me. I should have expected this from her.

“We’re not going to see you cum yet,” she said.

She picked up her mobile phone and dialled a number.

“Ok. You can come over now,” she said into the phone.

“What are you doing I asked?”

“Getting you some help.”

“What for?”

“You’re going to give me and Leila a cum shower. But first I want you to fuck my beautiful girlfriend. Make her cum with that big dick of your’s.”

She pushed me onto the bed where I lay on my back. I knew I should have protested, tried to stay loyal to Jen, but the young girl who was straddling me was just too beautiful. I sat up so her breasts were pressed against my chest, her shaven pink pussy lips were hovering just above my throbbing prick. I could feel the heat coming from it, and wanted to bury myself deep inside her. As Kate said, no one was going to know about it.

Just as I was about to penetrate her, Kate put a blindfold over my eyes. I didn’t complain. All I could think about was getting my dick inside Leila.

“Now,” she said. “Do you want to fuck my girlfriend?”

“Yes,” I said, inhaling the musky scent of sex that was coming from the girl perched just above my cock.

“Do you really want to fuck her? Tell me how much.”

“I want to fuck her. I want to fuck her more than anything else in the world right now,” I said, more loudly. I could hear Leila breathing heavily next to me. I sensed she was as excited as I was.

“Tell me you want to fuck her more than you want to fuck Jen,” said Kate.

“Fuck off, Kate,” I said. There was no way I was going to say that.

I felt a nipple rub over my lips and a wetness brush the top of my prick. Every inch of my balls and dick were straining to be inside this beautiful girl.

Leila spoke to me for the first time, whispering in my ear: “Go on. Please say it, just once, so we can fuck. I want you so much.” She had a South London accent.

She ran a hand through my hair. My head was spinning, perhaps with the loss of blood that was pouring into my cock. It was throbbing painfully. Leila leant forward, pressed her tits against my chest and kissed me on the lips.

“Please,” she said.

“Ok.” I gave in. “I want to fuck her,” I said, quietly.

Kate wasn’t satisfied. “You want to fuck her more than you want to fuck Jen. Say it.”

With a groan I said: “I want to fuck her more than I want to fuck Jen.”

“Louder!” shouted Kate.

“Please,” moaned Leila.


There was a second’s pause and then I felt Leila’s steaming hot pussy slide down over my aching, pulsating prick. I slipped in easily, and was soon completely enveloped by her.

“Oh fuck. Yes!” said Leila as she sat there completely still.

“Fuck that is good,” I said.

“Now what do you want?” asked Kate.

“I want her to fuck me,” I said.

“Say it louder,” said Kate.

I shouted: “Fuck me! I want Leila to fuck me. Fuck me hard. Make me cum! I want to feel her pussy sliding over my dick. I want her to fuck me!”

That’s what she did. She pushed me back down so I was lying flat on the bed, then placing her hands on my chest for support she raised herself up and down on my shaft. She started slowly, but gradually sped up so soon she was pounding up and down on me, grinding her clitoris into me, getting me as deep inside her as she possibly could. We were both moaning and panting, and I was ready to cum again.

She came before I did, suddenly stopping her movements, her pussy convulsing around my shaft. It wasn’t quite enough to bring me to orgasm but I was nearly there. One or two more thrusts from her would have done it.

But just then Kate pulled off my blindfold and I saw that there were about eight men in the room with us. I recognised three of them from the film I had watched the night before: John, Chris and Rich. The others were strangers. They were all naked, in various stages of arousal, and they were all intently watching Leila and me fuck.

“Nick. These are the boys who are going to help you give us a cum shower. Come on Leila.”

I groaned as Leila lifted herself off me. She undid my handcuffs and went to join Kate on the floor in the middle of the room.

“So, these are the rules, Nick. Once all you men have cum and covered us in your jizz you can have your disks back. See? Not so bad is it? Come on then boys.”

Then men formed a circle around the naked redhead and the brunette kneeling on the floor. One by one they started to masturbate.

I watched as the two girls started kissing and fondling each other’s bodies, looking out of the corners of their eyes at the eight cocks surrounding them. The only sound was heavy breathing.

After a few minutes the two girls moved into a sixty-nine position, lapping at each other’s pussies and moaning with pleasure. Despite my misgivings about the situation I was incredibly turned on by it. I didn’t join in immediately, just sat there watching these two hot girls putting on a show to coax the cum out of so many men.

Soon enough someone lost control and loosed several jets of cum where Leila’s face was poised above Kate’s pussy.. The next one coated Leila’s ass, and his cum started to drip down onto Kate’s face.

The remaining men sped up their masturbating, some beginning to grunt with pleasure, and soon a third sprayed his load onto Leila’s back.

When they moved so they were lying next to each other, looking up at the remaining five cocks above them, their tits squeezed up together, occasionally turning to lick some cum off the other’s face, I couldn’t take it any longer. I had to get involved somehow. I got to my feet and moved over to join the circle and started masturbating myself.

“Good boy, Nick,” said Kate, and Leila smiled at me.

The next two to cum aimed their jizz at the girls’ tits, and Kate began to lick it up from Leila’s nipples. The next covered Kate’s auburn bush and Leila reached down to rub it in, looking me in the eyes while she did so.

When Kate looked up from Leila’s tits she noticed there were only three of us left and she got an evil glint in her eyes. She beckoned John towards her and slid her lips over his cockhead. He groaned with pleasure and put his hands on her head and pulled her further down. She lifted up off his cock to look at the man next to me.

“Ted. Get underneath me and fuck my pussy.”

In a flash he was underneath her, his face covered by her huge tits and his shaft disappearing into her pussy. She closed her eyes and smiled.

When she opened them she was looking at me.

“Leila. Lube him up. I want him in my ass.”

She reached down to just above where Ted was fucking her cunt, and slowly slid a finger into her asshole. “I want you to stretch me open.”

I was past objecting. I was so turned on I would have done almost anything she asked.

Leila kissed me while she slid lubricant over my engorged dick. I closed my eyes and revelled in the sensation, then allowed her to pull me towards Kate’s asshole.

The redhead looked at me over her shoulder, smiling in triumph. “Go on, big boy. Fuck me.”

With six men and Leila watching, I lined up my greasy cock at the entrance to Kate’s asshole. The room was silent.

I took a deep breath and ploughed into her with all the strength I could muster. I didn’t really care how much it hurt her. She screamed and held tightly onto the cock in front of her. A few of the men at the sides of the room exclaimed in shock. I didn’t care. I pulled out, leaving her asshole gaping open, then rammed back into her. This time she was ready and just let out a guttural moan. I stayed in her and carried on pumping that tight, hot ass for all I was worth.

Kate resumed sucking John, slamming her mouth up and down his pole. In a few seconds he was roaring and covering her face with his cum. Beneath me Ted said: “I’m fucking cumming,” then slid out and moved up to add his load to the jizz that was dripping off Kate’s face.

She turned to look at me again, her face coated in cum, and said: “Just you big boy. I want you to cum now.”

“Not fucking yet,” I said, and pulled out of her asshole.

“Jesus, look at the size of that,” said one of the men, pointing at my cock which seemed to have grown another inch. Everyone, including Kate, turned to look at it. It was sticking straight up, pulsating, veins sticking out all over it. It must have been a good ten inches by now. My balls were swollen and tight. I wasn’t far off cumming, but I wanted more from Kate.

I flipped her over onto her back, gripped her ankles, forced them apart and shoved my cock deep into her open asshole. Then I pulled it out and slid it into her pussy. I carried on alternating between her pussy and ass, while the audience urged me on, telling me to fuck her deeper, to use all her holes, to cum all over her big tits.

Leila was next to me, watching fascinated as my shaft ploughed in and out of the redhead’s two holes, stretching them, filling them.

“Let me taste it,” she said breathlessly, and moved so her open mouth was just above Kate’s pussy. I pulled out of Kate’s ass and slid into Leila’s waiting mouth. She groaned around my shaft and with a loud shout I started cumming. I pulled out of her mouth, covering her face and Kate’s pussy with spurt after spurt of cum, the hot liquid shooting up from my tight balls, along my rigid shaft and out into Leila’s willing mouth.

When I was finished I fell back against the base of the bed and lay there to catch my breath.

The two girls however weren’t finished. They began to kiss deeply, their hands running over each other’s bodies, rubbing in the combined sperm of eight men. When they separated from their kiss there was a sticky string of cum between their mouths. It stretched and then dropped on to the floor. Leila started smearing cum over her tits.

I shook my head and pulled on my clothes. I was starting to feel guilty about what I’d done. I had to get out of there.

When I was dressed I asked Kate: “So, where are the disks?”

She looked up from staring at where Leila was rubbing cum into her pink nipples. “In my handbag over there,” she said dismissively, pointing to a brown leather bag on the floor by the door. She seemed suddenly uninterested in me. She was reaching down to stroke Leila’s cunt.

I crossed the room, picked up the bag and pulled out the disks.

“Is this all of them?” I said.

She glanced at me and nodded, before nestling between Leila’s thighs.

“And there are no copies?” I asked insistently.

She looked up with just her eyes, her tongue now buried in Leila’s snatch. She shook her head and Leila giggled.

Seeing what was going on, the other men had all stopped getting dressed. They obviously thought they were in with a chance of a second round.

Kate lifted her head to look at me: “You can stay if you want as well. There’s lots more fun we can have.”

I considered it for a second, watched one of the men kneel down and start sucking one of Leila’s cum-drenched nipples.

“No. I’ve got to go,” I said firmly.

“Really?” said Leila, looking pleadingly at me

Much though I would liked to have stayed and enjoyed this beautiful young woman some more, I had to remind myself that I’d done what I set out to do. I’d got Amy’s disks and prevented Kate from putting them on the Internet.

“No, sorry Leila. I have to go. If you’ve got any sense you’ll do the same as well. Kate, I want this to be an end to it. I don’t ever want to hear from you or see you again. Is that clear?”

Kate didn’t reply. She was buried deep in Leila’s crotch, making the younger girl pant with pleasure.

There was nothing left for me to do there, so I turned to leave.

“Bye,” said Leila. As I closed the door behind me I caught sight of Leila looking at me while she lifted a thick cock to her lips and idly ran it across them. I turned and walked out of the flat.

As soon as I got home I hid the disks. I thought about throwing them away, but reading titles on them like “Amy, Nina and Kate” and “Amy and the 7 Cocks” was too tempting. I knew I’d want to watch them, and so I hid them on the top shelf of my wardrobe.

I had about an hour before Jen was due to get home so I busied myself cleaning the flat. I tried to forget about what I’d been doing that afternoon, but I just couldn’t erase the images from my mind’s eye. I kept picturing Leila poised above my cock, desperate to sink down onto it, the two girls sixty-nining each other with rivers of cum dripping off them, Kate’s expression as I pistoned in and out of her ass and pussy. I was starting to regret leaving when I did. The orgy was probably still going on, the eight men still fucking the two women every which way.

In the end I had to go and tug myself off in the bathroom sink.

By the time Jen got home I was collapsed on the sofa, exhausted but surrounded by a clean flat.

“Wow,” she said as she walked in. “What have you done wrong?”

“Nothing,” I replied a little too quickly. “It needed cleaning.”

“Well thanks, babe. It looks lovely.” She reached down to kiss me. I thought of Leila kissing me while she eased her steaming pussy down onto my cock.

“Well, I didn’t forget you while I was out. I bought you a present.”

She pulled out a t-shirt, one I’d been looking at in a shop window when we’d been shopping together the weekend before.

“Oh thanks,” I said a little unconvincingly.

“What? I thought you liked it.”

“I do. I do. It’s really sweet. Thanks.” I kissed her.

“Well, let’s see it on.”

I pulled off the t-shirt I was wearing and she quickly ran a small hand over my bare chest.

“Oi!” I said jokingly, and pulled on the t-shirt.

“It suits you,” Jen said, flicking her long, black hair to one side and looking at me appraisingly. “You look gorgeous, babe. I’ll have to watch you round the other girls.”

She leant over to kiss me, her tongue snaking into my mouth, her hand reaching up into my hair.

I thought about the sight of my cum spraying Leila’s face and Kate’s pussy. I pulled away from Jen, and stood up.

“What do you want for dinner,” I said.

She looked at me puzzled.

“You ok, Nick?”

“Yes,” I said, picking up the empty carrier bag and putting it in the bin by the door. I’m just tired. I didn’t sleep too well last night. “How about some pasta?”

“Pasta is good,” said Jen. She curled her legs under her, her body language showing her disappointment at my reaction. She reached for the remote control.

“Ok. I’ll make it,” I said, walking into the kitchen, my mind’s eye picturing Leila sliding a hard cock across her lips as she waved good bye to me and a door closed between us.

The next day Jen left for her office early, and I settled down in our home office to try to concentrate on some work. I tried everything, but by lunchtime I’d given up. I just couldn’t get away from the combination of guilt and lust that I was feeling. No matter what I looked at, all I could see was Leila and Kate’s naked bodies writhing together, breasts and pussies covered in sticky sperm, grinding against each other, their eyes turned to me, clouded with lust.

I was standing over the bathroom sink again, tugging on my shaft, nearing orgasm when the doorbell went. I cursed, stuffed my cock back in my jeans and went to answer it.

I was surprised to see Amy standing there. I asked her in.

“What’s up, Amy,” I said as we got into the living room.

She didn’t answer, just walked towards me, raised up onto tip-toes and kissed me lightly on the lips.

“Thank you,” she said and smiled.

“What for?” I said surprised by the kiss and dazed by her dazzling smile.

“Kate called me this morning. She told me what you did for me. It’s so sweet.”

She kissed me again.

I moved away to sit on the sofa. My ex-girlfriend shouldn’t be here with me on my own. She certainly shouldn’t be kissing me like that.

“It was nothing really,” I said.

Amy sat down next to me. “Well, it didn’t sound like nothing the way Kate told it. She didn’t give me details but said you seemed prepared to do almost anything to protect me.” Her blue eyes were wide. She looked so sweet. “What happened?”

“It was, er……………weird,” I said.

“In what way?” Amy shifted so she was closer to me and placed a hand on my knee. “Tell me about it.”

“Well, she had her new girlfriend there. Leila.”

Amy tried to suppress a smile, covering her mouth with a hand.

“What?” I said.

“Oh nothing. I just know Leila. That’s all.” She shrugged.

“And there were eight blokes,” I continued.

“Eight?” she said, her eyes going even wider, with a look halfway between astonishment and something else. Excitement maybe?

“And what did you do?”

“Well, I’m not too proud of it, Amy.”

“But you were doing it to protect me. You’re so incredible, Nick.”

She leant over and kissed me again. Her lips were soft and warm.

“Yes. I didn’t want all those films of you getting on the Internet.”

“So what did you do? I won’t tell anyone I promise.”

I didn’t know why Amy was so keen to hear the full details, but I wasn’t sure I wanted to tell them to her.

“Well, Kate and Leila got naked.”

“Mmm, yes,” said Amy. Then what?” She was rubbing her hand up and down my thigh.

“Then all nine of us men formed a circle around them and came all over them.”

“You gave them a cum shower?”

“That’s it.”

“There must have been a lot of cum.”

“I suppose there was.”

“And was that it? You didn’t do anything else?”

“No.” I said.

“Really?” Amy was looking at me with a strange expression.

“No.” I said. “Why? Did Kate tell you anything different?”

She ignored my question. “Oh, Nick, that’s so kind of you. I’m so sorry you had to do that. You must have hated it.”

“Well,” I said, puffing out my chest a little. “I felt it was the right thing to do.”

“It was,” said Amy, leaning towards me again. She was wearing a halter neck dress, the top of which barely contained her large breasts. I could see almost inside it as she leaned forward to kiss me on the cheek. “Thank you,” she whispered in my ear.”

“So, where are they?” she asked.


“The disks, silly.”

It hadn’t occurred to me that she’d want them back. My heart sank. I’d been looking forward to watching them.

“Oh,” I said. “I’ll go and get them.”

“Thanks, Nick.”

I came back a minute later with them and handed them over.

She must have noticed my disappointed expression as she said: “I’m sorry, hon. We’re you hoping to watch them?”

Before I couild say anything, she went on: “You naughty boy Nick. What would Jen say if she knew you were watching dirty films of me without her?”

I was about to answer but Amy continued: “Well, I wouldn’t want to deprive you, but I do need to take these away. How about we watch just one of them together now?”

She leant over the back of the sofa, so I could see her breasts again. I thought about how she’d been there just two days earlier, lying naked next to Jen while I’d ploughed in and out of both their pussies. Amy started flicking through the films. “Which one would you like to watch? Amy and the 7 Cocks? That was an amazing afternoon. Or me on my own? Bit boring maybe?

I didn’t know what to say. I knew this was wrong, but all the same this could be my one and only chance to watch these films. And Amy was looking really hot in that dress. I looked at how it curved around her firm ass. My cock was starting to rise.

“I know exactly the one” said Amy, jumping up and putting a disc into the player. “Come and sit down, big boy. This is me, Kate and Keira. You’ll like it, I promise.”

The mention of the name Keira was enough to finish off my resistance. I went to sit next to Amy on the sofa as the film started with an image of the three girls in bra and panties on a bed in an unfamiliar room.

“We went to visit her in Paris,” explained Amy, shifting to put her arm around my shoulders.

Keira looked even more beautiful than I remember. She’d be nineteen or twenty in the film. Her hair was longer than it had been when I’d had that night with her at the Glastonbury festival. It was now halfway down her back, still dark brown and silky. I didn’t really pay much attention to Amy and Kate kissing. I just focussed on Keira sliding her hands over her slender body, caressing her firm 38D breasts, down over her tight stomach, her lightly tanned skin and along her beautifully sculpted legs. Her dark brown eyes were looking deep into the camera and as she blew a kiss at it she unclipped her bra.

I groaned at the sight of her firm, full breasts and Amy laughed quietly.

“Amazing, isn’t she?”

“God yes,” I said, my cock already straining to be free of my jeans.

On screen Keira was continuing her striptease for the camera. There didn’t seem to be anyone operating it as it was stationary. She slid her thumbs under her white lacy panties and looking at the camera, licking her lips, she slid them all the way down her long legs. Finally, she kicked them off and spread her legs wide. My gaze went straight to her pink pussy lips and her strip of pubic hair.

“Oh God,” I said, and shifted position so my cock was a little more comfortable.

“You ok there?” murmured Amy.

I nodded, looking intently at the screen, where Amy and Kate had now moved over to Keira. While Amy started kissing the young French woman, Kate moved down to kiss each of her cousin’s nipples in turn. Soon, Amy moved down and the redhead and blonde were sucking on a nipple each. The beautiful brunette closed her eyes, tilted her head back and sighed.

“Ah oui. That is so good,” she said. Her accent was so fucking sexy, I nearly came in my jeans there and then.

In the film Kate and Amy started undressing each other, and I barely noticed Amy starting to rub my rigid shaft through my jeans.

With all three girls naked, they pushed Keira onto her back. Amy knelt between her legs while Kate went back to kissing and licking those amazing tits. The camera had a good view as Amy ran her tongue along the length of Keira’s pussy. The French girl sighed with pleasure, and Amy started swiping her tongue across her clit.

I was so lost in the action that I didn’t notice Amy unbuckling my belt.

“Keira tasted so good,” she murmured into my ear.

On screen Kate had climbed up so she was straddling Keira’s face. The three girls carried on lapping at each other’s pussies. The only sound was the occasional cry of pleasure. The three of them looked incredibly hot, the bed a sea of writhing, soft, smooth skin, heaving breasts and soaking pussies.

Amy next to me was now reaching into my jeans to grasp my cock.

“Oh Nick, it’s so big. So hard.”

I grunted, enjoying the sensation of her hot hand around my shaft.

On screen Keira was bucking onto Amy’s mouth with her first orgasm.

Amy moved down between my knees and tugged down my jeans. My nine inches sprang up, and she looked at it with a smile.

While on screen Keira was sliding a finger into her cousin’s pussy, rubbing that sensitive g-spot and making her explode with a scream, girl cum spraying out all over Keira’s body, Amy smiled up at me from between my legs.

“Thanks for getting these disks,” she said, and slid her mouth down over my cock.

“Oh God yes,” I groaned as I felt her soft tongue swirling around my cockhead.

On the television Amy was now kneeling on all fours with the cum-drenched Keira underneath her. Kate was working a long white dildo into her ass.

I looked from the screen to where Amy was lovingly licking the entire length of my shaft. She looked up at me and smiled.

“Show me your tits,” I demanded.

She happily complied, undoing the tie of her halter neck, and quickly unclipping her bra to reveal her huge, golden tits. She looked up at me and squeezed then together, then pinched the nipples, before leaning forward and taking my purple cockhead in her mouth again.

On the screen, Kate had forced the dildo deep inside Amy, who was now crying out with an orgasm. Keira was holding Amy’s asscheeks apart and lapping up the blonde girl’s juices from her glistening pussy lips. Kate began to pump the dildo in and out of Amy’s ass, stopping only occasionally to pull it out and lick it clean.

Amy had started licking my heavy balls. I was so full of cum and I was ready to let it go, but I didn’t want the feeling of her warm, wet mouth to end, and I wanted to see more of the film.

For one second I thought guiltily about Jen. I don’t know what I was doing. I just know that it felt good and I couldn’t stop.

On the television, Amy now had her face buried in Keira’s pussy, giving the French girl another orgasm while she herself was writhing around on the dildo that Kate kept remorselessly plunging into her asshole.

Amy was deepthroating me, pushing herself down onto my cock as far as she could go. With a gasp she came up and said: “Come for me, Nick. Shoot your load down my throat.” She then grasped the base of my cock and slid her mouth down over it, not stopping until she had swallowed the full nine inches. She held it there and swirled her tongue around it, while I watched the screen.

Amy had finished having a huge orgasm and had now moved towards the camera. While Kate and Keira continued kissing and fondling each other in the background Amy looked at the camera and said: “Wasn’t that good? Did you like it, Nick?”

Between my legs Amy slowly raised her lips up my shaft, then, just as slowly slid them back down.

On screen she said: “It would have been better if you could have been here to fuck us all.”

She started to caress my balls, her tongue rubbing against my glans. Despite my shock at what I was seeing on the screen I was about to cum and I couldn’t stop.

“I miss your big cock so much, Nick. I can’t believe you’d rather go out with that little bitch Jen than with me.”

Amy squeezed my balls and groaned around my shaft.

“Still it won’t be for long,” she continued, while looking into the camera. “I’ll think of a way to get you back. Now, I wonder how Jen would feel if she saw a film of you fucking someone else. Maybe even, Kate.”

She turned to look at where Kate was sliding the dildo into Keira’s tight pussy.

That sight tipped me over the edge. I exploded in Amy’s mouth, surge after surge of boiling semen erupted from my pulsing dick, filling her mouth until she could take no more. She pulled it out and let the rest spray onto her neck and tits.

Exhausted, and with my head swimming, I collapsed back onto the sofa.

On the screen, Amy turned back to the camera and said: “Now, I wonder how I could arrange for you to fuck Kate.”

As my senses returned to me I had a growing sense that all was not well. The film ended at that point, and Amy who had now finished swallowing my cum turned round to reach into her handbag on the coffee table.

She pulled out a disk, and, looking at me with a triumphant smile, she showed it to me. I looked first at where she was using one of her hands to scoop up my cum from her chest and pushing it into her mouth. Then I looked at the other hand which was holding a disk for me to read the label.

As I looked at it, my heart stopped for a second, my prick shrivelled, and I suddenly felt very cold.

I couldn’t believe this beautiful innocent-looking girl had tricked me like this. I couldn’t believe I’d fallen for such an obvious trick. This was going to change everything.

I carried on staring at the disk, with eyes wide with shock and horror at the label that read: “Kate, Leila, and Nick.”

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