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Karen’s Feet

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I was bored in a lecture staring at the screen hoping Dr Allen would finish his droning on. I played with my flats dangling them of one foot then the other not really thinking about the lecture.

As I copied down a few words I returned to zoning out thinking of going into town to buy some stuff afterwards.

I uncrossed my legs to rearrange my skirt which was underneath me uncomfortably and then my dangling flat dropped off my bare foot and down onto the next Level of chairs in the lecture theatre.

There wasn’t anyone sitting there but I couldn’t reach it. I sat forwards outstretching my foot wiggling my small toes trying to pinch the flat and get it back. But it was just out of reach.

I looked around and saw a guy staring at me but then it seemed like it wasn’t me directly.

Was he looking at my foot!

I moved it back up out of his sight and he turned away almost immediately.

I just didn’t like that sort of thing it seemed a bit creepy.

After the lecture finished I packed my paper and books away hastily and ran down to the other row to collect my flat, pushing my pale foot into it. I left the lecture theatre now painfully aware of my toe cleavage exposed in my loose flats.

It took me by surprise that guys like him might have been looking at my feet like that because I played with my shoes a lot in class. I didn’t know why it just annoyed me a lot.

I saw three of my friends who I had missed as they left the lecture theatre. I ran after them grabbing Hannah round the shoulders.

“we are going to the cafe” she said “you coming.”

I told her that I had stuff to do but I could come for a bit. A bit later after we decided what to have all four of us round a table with hot drinks. I was thinking about other things zoning out like I sometimes did after long lectures and when other people talked around me.

A few conversation changes later and I put in my views on the guy looking at my foot as I lost my shoe earlier. Hannah and Ellie laughed.

Jess said ” yeah that’s creepy.”

“does it really matter” Ellie mused “it’s almost kinda cute, except you don’t know the guy then it’s a bit less so.”

“yes but it’s still a bit weird” I replied. “I don’t like that sort of thing.”

“you like what you like but your being a bit mean Karen” said Hannah “and besides I might have been my boyfriend he likes that sort of thing.” she laughed.

I shrugged and awkwardly left the conversation only to declare I had work to do and I left quickly slightly annoyed.

I got back to my apartment and Alex my boyfriend wasn’t home so I made tea and set about doing an assignment I got in the lecture. Sitting down with my laptop and a cup of tea at the table.

I slowly dwindled away time typing away reading random articles and so on. I rubbed my eyes looking at the screen and flicked my shoe back onto my foot with my toes. I sighed “maybe I should try to stop doing it” i said to myself as I slipped off my flats and rubbed my soles together as I continued my work. I wasn’t sure why the feet thing got me so badly but Alex had expressed a slight interest in my feet before. My thoughts got interrupted by

the sound of my phone, unlocking it I looked to see a text from Alex inviting me to meet him in the park.

I looked at the time. Smiling to myself it wasnt too late in the day and it was still sunny. I told him I’d be in the usual place because we spent a lot of time in the park.

I slipped my flats on yet again and grabbing my keys I locked the door to go meet my boyfriend. I walked briskly in the direction of the park enjoying the sun.

I arrived at the local park and walked a little way up the hill through a few trees and around a more densely overgrown area l and got to the two tall trees where me and had Alex spent a lot of time. I looked for Alex but he wasn’t here yet.

I sat down my back against the tree looking around me, waiting for Alex.

As I looked around at the long line of bushes down the hill into the undergrowth and saw a shiny flicker. I was bored so I jumped up to have a look at what caught my eye.

Carefully treading through spiky plants I Saw nothing too obviously shiny.

There it was again a slight glimmer in the corner of my eye. I snapped to face the glimmer around to a large hole in the hill, like that of a fox but bigger. I bent down and to my surprise I could see quite far into it. Acting on impulse I crawled in as it started to get bigger and bigger to my amazement. It opened into a cave until I was able to stand up.

Transfixed with wonder I stepped forwards. I saw the shiny thing on the floor at the end of the cave. I picked it up slowly feeling cold hard stone and looked upon it, a blinding bright light emitted from it.

I squinted to see a strange floating figure in front of me.

It spoke.

“Karen young child, you find yourself before me by chance. You are a human with a closed mind so I will lead you to have a more open one. From this day forth you will no longer be able to gain any sexual pleasure from any body part except you feet. You will find yourself needing sexual release more often and your feet will be the only way. ”

I was so dazzled and confused at everything so far all I could manage was “why me”

“because it was chance, I am an ageless being and sometimes I need to entertain myself.”

I stood there confused at what it all meant. Just as I was about to say something else I was shaken by something.

My vision swam and it got darker as I fell from consciousness dreaming back to the lecture and the cafe…

I opened my eyes dazed as Alex crouched beside me.

“what happened” I asked.

“you fell asleep waiting for me” he replied.

I hugged him and told him about some weird dream about a cave in the park but I couldn’t remember exactly what it was. We sat together talking and hugging until the sun started to drop in the sky and it felt like it was time to go home.


Back in the apartment we had left overs from last night for dinner and then watched tv together on the sofa. He leaned over nudging by breast gently. I smiled pushing my chest out at him.

He grabbed my breasts lightly and I relaxed as he nibbled my neck and pulled up my shirt and started sucking my nipples which soon turned hard.

I felt aroused but not from my nipples it was somewhere else but I couldn’t place a finger on it. I could feel my vagina moistening and hoped he would fuck me. He pulled down my skirt and I unbuttoned his jeans.

Both of us breathing heavily he slowly came forwards pushing his big head against my wet opening. He slid in and slowly grinded on my tight pussy. He was enjoying it but for some reason I

Wasn’t feeling much pleasure at all nor was it discomfort just no feeling down there.

I didn’t want to put him off do I went along and he came soon after fucking me hard which usually I’d never need to pretend to enjoy.

Afterwards we showered together and got into bed and said goodnight. As we drifted off to sleep I suddenly felt an overwhelming sexual desire. I needed to be fucked properly.

I rolled over pressing my boobs into his back and sliding my hands down by his crotch and I stroked his fast rising bulge and pulled out his cock slowly sliding my hand over its length feeling him respond to the pleasure. I took off my pjs and kicked them off the side of the bed as I mounted him using one hand to open my soaking vagina and the other to bring his rock hard cock into me.

He groaned slightly as I rocked on-top of him and he played with my breasts as I did so, I squeezed them together and he nibbled at my nipples. But I could feel no pleasure at all.

Then it hit me in a flash all the things in my strange dream or was it a dream. I didn’t want to believe it.

“you ok” he asked because I had stopped rocking on his cock. I nodded I whispered to him.

“Do my ass”

He smiled “really” he exclaimed I smiled back.

I didn’t mind anal I found it quite naughty but right now I needed to be pleasured.

Grabbing lube from the side drawer he smothered his dick with the stuff and a smear on my hole.

As he slowly pushed entering my ass as I felt the pressure build I waited for him go get up a steady rhythm and before long he became captivated by fucking my ass. He eventually came and once again I had to pretend I felt some form of pleasure.

Over the next few evenings I tried other things like titjobs and blowjobs which i was quite good at even while fingering my vagina it didn’t relieve any of my sexual stress.

One day I was thinking of something to do to get some pleasure out of it. Trying to put the things about feet I’d dreamed of out of my mind.

Alex was going away for a week on a field trip and I has stuff to do anyway So I couldn’t go. Before he left we kissed and hugged and I was on my own as he got onto the bus with his bags.

That evening my sexual desire became crazy. I furiously masturbated but nothing, if anything it made me more horny. I stopped in despair. I looked at my feet small and cute. My short toes with plain nails were quite pretty. I rubbed my soles together. I felt a tingle.

I did it again. I gasped it felt good. I rubbed my toes over the side of the other foot. I gasped again. I couldn’t take it I brought my foot up to my mouth and without thinking closed my lips over my wiggling toes.

As I weaved my tongue in between my toes it felt so good as my hands held my soft foot in my mouth. I kept sucking and licking them. I changed feet.

Sucking my left foot I found wiggling the toes of my right foot made me feel good as they slid over each other lubricated my my saliva. I sucked harder slowly bobbing my head over my toes as though it was a blowjob. It felt sooo good.

And then I orgasmed. I gasped letting out a slight cry. I actually orgasmed From sucking my feet.

I got up and washed my mouth slightly disgusted. What did it mean. Was the cave real. I couldn’t understand it but then I thought if I really did just orgasm from sucking my little toes and I couldn’t get off any other way so I might as well consider the cave real.

I planed to return to where I found the hole or sleep by the tree but I had work to do. Except my habit of playing with my feet distracted me. Where usually I would just do it without thinking but now each time I forgot and rubbed my feet together or flexed my cute toes I got a bit aroused. I sighed this really couldn’t go on for much longer.

That night I carefully got into bed and avoided touching my feet together. After a while of discomfort I eventually fell into a dreamless sleep.


I ran my tongue over the sole of my right foot then slid my tongue in between my cute pink toes. They tasted so good. I sucked them harder loving the feeling of my tongue all over my feet. I orgasmed again. I relaxed and tried to forget what I now had to do to reduce the horny feeling I got quite frequently.

The problem was it was starting to get more difficult to orgasm from me sucking my toes. I had to find out something.

It couldn’t wait any longer I had to go and try to find that cave place somehow. After a quick breakfast of cereal and tea. I put my bare feet into my green converse. And was just about to leave when a fiery itch erupted all over my feet. I could barely stand I pulled of the converse and rubbed my feet.

‘What the hell’ I thought this is ridiculous. I walked over to where I left my flats yesterday and slipped them on expecting the same response but this time it was ok. Nothing happened. I gingerly stepped out of the flat and started for the park.

As I walked I thought. What did that mean so now I had to wear things that revealed my feet all the time. It was stupid.

I walked for a while finally getting to the park, up the path then off onto the grass and up the hill walking straight through the undergrowth to where I remembered being when I found the cave.

But as I expected I couldn’t find anything. No trace. As I looked over small tree stumps and into brambles and bushes. Still nothing.

I sighed and walked further up the hill to the tree Alex and I liked to sit by.

My feet began to tingle sexually I could feel something strange as if it was my vagina but it was my feet.

I slipped my feet out of my loose flats flexing my toes rubbing my feet against each other trying to reduce the hornyness I felt.

Then the worse thing happened. Something that would have only happened In my worst nightmares. The guy from the lectures, it was him the guy that stared at my feet. I slipped my flats back on quickly and looked away as he walked up the grass on the right side of the tree I lent against.

He saw me, he must have seen me turn away too quickly. I heard him approach.

“you were in my lecture wernt you” he asked. I nodded trying to ignore the feeling in my feet.

“What’s your name” he asked smiling

“Karen” I said curling my toes in my flats to try to stop the arousing feelings.

“I’m Shawn” he announced as he sat down.

” if your trying to come onto me, I already have a boyfriend” I stammered.

“Alex isn’t it, I thought I recognised you in the lecture, I go to the tennis club he goes to so I kind of know him” he explained.

I thought foolish he wasn’t interested in my feet at all but I still had my problem.

But then he said

“I hope you don’t mind me saying but you have very pretty feet” he said slowly but quite confindently.

Curse his courage I thought as I heard the words but at hearing about my feet I was so aroused and it was all I could do not to gasp.

Then I said “Do you like my feet, would you like to have a look” not looking him in the eyes as I said it.

I kicked off my flats. He almost hesitated, almost but I had a feeling he was restraining himself.

I moved my legs upwards towards where he sat. He took them I his hands holding them so his hands covered my toes.

It was so good I gasped as his fingers ran between my toes and over them. Along my soles and sides of my small feet.

He brought one to his mouth as I lifted my leg to help him. I gasped again a bit louder as the wetness of his mouth touched my bare toes. I pushed my foot into his mouth more as his tongue ran over them. It felt like I was being given oral sex but it was my feet. This is crazy I thought as I felt him suck on my toes. He changed feet, it was just as amazing.

Then my other foot wet from his mouth touched on his hard cock though his jeans. I gasped again with a new wave of pleasure. I pressed with my foot down onto his bulge. He gasped with pleasure as my other foot dropped from his mouth. He frantically undid his jeans and exposed a large bulge in his white boxers I felt his cock closer flexing my toes over it pressing feeling the unbelievable pleasure I could now feel though my feet.

I used my feet to pull up his boxers and..

Out it came. His cock thick and hard. I felt it touch my foot. My toes first then my soles. It was amazing I couldn’t believe, it was better than sex. I didn’t know what to do I just knew I had to keep it between my soles I put my feet together

And pressed them rubbing them on his hardness. I was blinded by pleasure I ran my feet up his shaft and it felt better than anything I’d ever felt before.

Shawn moved my feet back a bit so only my toes were on his hard shaft. It was good too, amazingly so as if my clitoris was being played with. I ran my toes up and down his shaft. Several strokes later and I saw a little blob of creamy pre cum ooze out of his cock. My foot moved quickly I touched my toes to it. It caused another wave of pleasure. I wanted him to cum on my feet. Make them sticky with it.

But then I heard voices and the bark of a dog coming down the Hill. We looked at each other I moved my feet reluctantly away and he buttoned himself up as I put my tingling feet into my flats.

I sort of realised what I had done. And looked at him and the ran away home, aroused, unsatisfied and confused.


Something that transpired in the park made me less horney that night and in the morning as well and I managed to get dressed without the need to touch my feet. I slipped on my flats and left for my classes, but on the way it felt slightly uncomfortable the flats clinging to my feet but not as bad as the comverse.

In the lecture I had to keep dangling my flats or slipping them off to rub my soles together to reduce the discomfort of the clinging footwear.

I wanted to find Shawn again.

I knew I’d find him later as I has the lecture that he was in the first time I saw him looking at my foot.

In the lecture theatre I looked around for him and forgot all my past problems about him staring and sat in the row across from him and I made eye contact and played with my flats for the rest of the lecture I even pretended to not see my friends and not go sit with them so I could tease him. I wanted to give him a footjob so badly.

Afterwards we walked out together without saying much. Then finally I broke the silence between us as we walked out of the building outside.

“you know anywhere private we could go” I asked sheepishly.

He looked at me a but stunned the said “my flat is about five minutes walk away. ”

We reached his door and hastily unlocking it we moved without saying a word and he led the way to his bed where I sat.

I kicked off my shoes and he went to grab them.

“just so you know, I’m just doing this for me, I still love Alex.”

He nodded ” no strings attached then” he said smiling.

I brought up my feet to his crotch to find him already hard.

I pressed my small feet into him.

“what size are they he asked holding them to his bulge.”

“Size 4 1/2″ I answered ” it’s rude to keep a lady waiting.”

He pulled off his jeans and boxers faster than I could believe. And he sat in front of me.

“I’m not good at his so you might have to help me” I said already feeling the pleasure.

“your very good regardless” he said as he pulled my feet up and I closed them around his hardness. He pointed to his bedside table and told me to get the oil. I was turned on by the prospect and I dribbled the clear slippery stuff over my feet and his cock.

And started to slide my soles over his shaft.

My toes worked his cock wet with oil, and I wiggled them. He told me to turn around.

I felt his hands guide my feet to his cock as I jerked them up and down looking behind me to see his cock appear and disappear between my feet. I loved the pleasure, it WAS better than sex.

I turned back around and grabbed my ankles to speed up the action.

I could feel the peak of it coming like an orgasm with sex but it held off. I kept going wiggling my toes sliding my slippery soles over him. Until I felt it his cock throbbed and I knew. I kept going as he grabbed my oily feet. He thirst hard into them. He came.

Warm, sticky white stuff all over my feet. I orgasmed.

I looked at my feet, his cock tightly between my smooth feet. His cum all over the sides of my feet I lifted my foot wiping the cum of his cock on to my toes. It still felt good.

I had an urge, it was crazy and uncontrollable I brought my feet up to my mouth.

I sucked my little toes.

I licked my soles and sides of my feet.

I tasted his salty thick cum and swallowed. I felt it coming I sucked them more, swapping feet.

I orgasmed again crying out slightly.

Afterwards he looked oddly at me and thought the situation was weird enough having given this random guy a footjob.

I explained how for some reason I felt serious sexual pleasure through my feet.

He nodded looking at me funny.

The he said

“maybe we can do this casually until you don’t want to.”

I nodded “yeah ok” I said a little bit awkwardly.

Later at home I was fine. No overwhelming sexual feelings. I was finally satisfied and I didn’t easily get aroused.

The next day I wore my flats again and met up with Shawn before the lecture.

“you wanna do it” he asked I nodded.

He led me to a seminar room it was empty just a computer and tables.

“your sure nobody will come in” I asked worriedly. He nodded and we got onto the floor.

It didn’t take long for me to forget myself working my soles, sweaty from walking over his cock giving me immense pleasure.

He reached his peak as did I as he came onto my feet this time he took his cock and wanked it right onto my toes . I wanted to suck it off my toes, all lovely and thick it was but he slipped my flats back on and smiled.

That lecture I had so much fun wiggling my sticky toes In my flats.

We kept doing that, going to the empty room and he came on my Feet I either sucked it off or left it to play with in the lecture. Once I wore open toed strap sandals and he came all over my feet I was so worried that somebody would see the wet white stuff on my feet in the lecture. But that was the fun of it.


Then that sunday night Alex retuned. I was guilty I was only realising what I’d done and how crazy it would seem. I didn’t know what to do. That night after he returned and as we ate dinner together.

I has an idea.

I lifted my bare foot to his leg and rubbed. He looked at me funnily.

I stopped for a second

I could almost see the disappointment in his face.

Then I touched my foot between his legs.

I felt a slight hardness almost immediately. He looked at me again.

” I thought you didn’t like..”

I cut him off. “do you want to cum on them.” he nodded.

I led him to the sofa where I sat him down and produce a bottle of oil, like I used with Shawn.

I pulled at his jeans twisting the buttons with my toes finally feeling them come undone as his erection became more obvious under his clothes.

Then i moved down to his boxers. Sliding my big toe under the rim of his boxers, pressing my soles onto his bulge as I did so.

His cock slipped out big and arousing. I pulled down his boxers securing my feet round the base of his cock as he closed his eyes with pleasure. I poured on some oil and began.

My feet slid along his nice cock. I felt the pleasure. My pink soles now expertly curled around his member as I brought my toes to the tip of his cock.

I remembered what I’d done before turning over so the insides of my feet clasped the base of his cock. I moaned with pleasure of his cock fucking my feet.

I turned back over I had to see the cum properly on my feet. I pushed my toes the the base of his cock then my soles around it. I leant forwards, closer to my feet closer and closer until his cock was in my mouth with my feet around it. I wiggled my toes as I pressed my tongue to his throbbing cock I watched my cute oily toes massage his cock. I slid my lips lower down his cock so my lips actually touched my soles, I could feel my orgasm coming.

I pulled myself off his cock as I felt his cock throb in the way that I knew he was going to cum, as he grabbed my feet to thrust through them forcefully.

It erupted over my feet.

I orgasmed it was amazing I kept jerking my soles along his pulsing dick as I closed my eyes.

I brought up toes up to my mouth and sucked. It was the best thing ever, better than the other guy better than anything. I orgasmed again as I cleaned my feet of his cum swallowing it greedily.

Afterwards when we were finished. I looked at him the felt awkward as I was about to tell him. But then he said

“wait, stop I know what your gonna say.”

I was confused

“You mean you know about…”

He nodded

” shawn yes, he is one of my closer friends from tennis you just never met him till recently, and he told me when I said to him you were acting strange before I left.”

“I’m sorry” I said “something strange happened to me where I kept getting horny in my feet and the only way to satisfy it was footjobs.” I said worriedly.

“that’s kinda weird but to be honest when you asked me for anal the other week I was shocked and you were doing stuff with your feet, which is so not you.”

I looked away embarrassed.

That night he gave me a foot massage which we both enjoyed. And we fell asleep happy.

In the morning, we went to university together, I had painted my toenails black and was wearing flip flops which Alex liked a lot, and went out separate ways.

I liked the feeling of flip flops now and I hadn’t before, and I thought how pretty my black nails looked. It was quite a short day and before I knew it I was back with Alex walking home when he said

“hey I’ve got a surprise for you.”

“what is it” I asked smiling.

“let’s get back home it’s there” he answered.

I didn’t know what he meant but I had a feeling it was something strange.

We walked back home, I had an overwhelming unsettling feeling in my stomach. He reached the front door opened it with a key and stepped inside. I followed apprehensively.

Then I saw Shawn sitting on the sofa talking to a girl who seemed familiar, but she was facing the other way and when she turned round I saw Hannah

I was too confused to speak.

“hey Karen” said Hannah. I managed a shy acknowledgment and looked away embarrassed. I had a feeling what was going on here.

“it turns out it was my boyfriend in that lecture” she explained.

Then Hannah got up and ran over to me. She whispered into my ear

“let’s give them our feet” she smiled. I looked at her and I felt horney. I nodded as I slipped my bare feet out of my flip flops my shiny black toenails making me aroused. Hannah took off her converse and socks to reveal pretty feet with blue nail polish.

This must have been their plan as the boys had already stripped off and were lying on the floor me and Hannah got down too.

“let me do you” she said to me holding a bottle of oil. I turned my feet to Hannah and she dribbles oil onto me. It was nice and arousing feeling her rub the slippery stuff into my soles and between my toes. Then I did the same to her. Feeling between her toes pressing her soles slowly giving the boys a good show. Then we turned on our respective boyfriend.

My slippery feet came into contact with Alex’s cock.

It wasn’t hard enough yet so I held his cock between my toes of one foot while the other pressed his balls. I then pushed my toes onto the top of his cock. I could feel it hardening and I curved my soles round his hardening member. I expertly slid my feet along him. It made me feel so good.

“help me over here” said Hannah. I remembered the other two and brought my feet over to Shawn’s cock held by Hannah’s blue toes. I let my soft slippery soles onto his member and rubbed. Hannah used one of her feet and entwined it with mine our oily feet combined around the sexy dick. I put my toes of the other on top of his cock and wiggled as he relaxed I pleasure.

Me and Hannah moved back to Alex’s waiting erection.

My sexy feet set to work along his shaft as Hannah’s blue toes stroked his tip. I saw the sticky strings of pre cum on her toes. I wanted their cum soon.

Our pretty feet working together sliding on Alex it was the best thing I’d felt so far.

We worked back and forth on our boyfriends cocks, my legs began to get tired even though it was giving me so much pleasure.

Then Alex and Shawn got up and said together


Hannah and I both nodded and they started stroking themselves. We held up our feet as their spare hands held our feet below their cocks.

Hannah tired to put her feet over mine which I realised she was doing so she would get all the cum!

We fought with our feet as the boys neared climax.

Shawn came first. A big splash landed on the top of my foot above my toes the rest caught Hannah’s eager blue wiggling toes. Seeping between them making her giggle.

Alex came soon after his load was massive most of it luckily caught my toes, the black of my nails showing through, dripping off and onto Hannah’s waiting feet below mine. I cried in pleasure as the load covered me I loved this.

Hannah passed her soles over my semen covered feet and I rubbed my toes into her feet. We rubbed the cum across each others feet until Shawn brought Hannah by her ankle towards my mouth. I reached forwards my lips closing across her shiny blue toes. The semen tasted sooo good I felt another orgasm coming. Gasping as I swallowed cum off her toes. I felt hands grasp my ankles and soon Hannah was sucking my cute semen covered toes.

I couldn’t remember much for a while afterwards but it was such a great night. That was a few months ago and I’ve started to regain some sexual pleasure in the rest of my body but I still enjoy footjobs a lot. I’ve become more open minded and now I’m happy that my feet became a centre or sexual pleasure.


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