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Sweet Torture

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“Now you’ve got yourself into a bind.”

I snorted softly. It was a very unladylike sound, but at the moment, the only thing I could think about was what would happen next. Had he really read between the lines of all of our Emails? The online chats? The late night phone calls? Maybe I should have been more subtle. That’s what all the magazines said, right? Guys needed to be told what to do.

“Relax, Kenzie.”

The whisper against my ear made me jump. “Easy for you to say, Damien.”

“Shh. I’ll be right back.”

I took a deep breath and slowly blew it out, licking my dry lips. Had it only been an hour ago when I’d had the control? Or at least the option to walk away?

I heard him moving around the room, the TV turning back on…realizing he was waiting for me to get comfortable. I closed my eyes—not that it would matter since I couldn’t see anyway through the blindfold—and thought back to earlier tonight…


I raised my cell phone and exhaled. My finger hovered over the SEND button, my eyes glued to the two words on the screen: I’M HERE. I took another deep breath and sealed my fate, praying that my nerves would settle so I wouldn’t feel nauseous anymore.

There was no turning back now.

The sound of a toilet flushing drowned out the ringing of a phone nearby. A heartbeat later, the door across from me opened, and my nerves magnified.

“Are you going to stand out there all night?” The smooth, deep voice came from the backlit doorway.


I didn’t have to close my eyes to imagine him anymore. His wide shoulders towering a foot over me, draped in an untucked button-up shirt with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows. His obsidian eyes staring down into mine with a glossy look. His large hands gripping the frame and the door as he leaned into the hall toward me.

Our last—and first—encounter had been at a gangster/flapper-themed dance a week prior. My own stomping grounds, my own friends, my own comfort zone. It had been easy to fall for his charms, the way he held me close when we’d slow danced. The way he’d tilted my fedora back in the parking lot before kissing me softly, his fingers barely touching my cheek. The way he’d whispered in my ear that my decision to dress gangster had turned him on. My knees had buckled when he’d pressed up against my hip, proving his arousal.

It took all of my strength to function the next seven days, especially at work. Our late-night chats on the phone and Internet did not help. So why was I so scared? He was handing me the moment I’d been fantasizing about …

“Kenzie?” He propped the door and stepped fully into the hall now, the corners of his mouth turned down. “You okay?”

I backed against the wall, gripping my overnight bag on my shoulder.

It’s a mistake. I shouldn’t have come. What was I thinking? Wait, I wasn’t thinking. I—

His fingers brushed my cheek as he lifted my chin. “It’s okay. Don’t be scared.”

“Who me?” My voice sounded shaky, and nowhere near confident, even though I smiled.

His frown deepened. Concern and disappointment battled within his dark eyes. “Do you not want to do this?”

“I do. I’ll be fine.”

I pushed away from the wall, marching into the lion’s den. The door shut loudly behind me, making me jump as I took in the surroundings. It was a standard hotel room with the bathroom to the left, clothing rod in an alcove to the right, and a wide-open suite ahead with two lamps and a digital clock on small tables flanking the lone bed. A couch, table, two chairs, and a low dresser with a TV bolted on top finished off the furniture pieces.

Nothing fancy. But then, it wasn’t a special occasion. Well, not one that you’d rent a luxurious hotel room for, like for a honeymoon.

A soft snort escaped on the last thought. No, nothing important like that.

There was a tug on my arm, and I blinked. My eyes rose to meet his, and his gentle smile eased some of the tension.

“Let me take your bag.”

I released my grip on the strap, watching him set the duffle bag on the dresser beside the flashing but silent TV screen. He pressed a button on the casing, and the screen went black. Now it really was just the two of us.

Small sounds seemed amplified. The soft hiss of the air conditioning unit. The buzz of the light above our heads. The clunking of ice in the machine just outside the room. The gurgle of water in the corner hot tub by the bed.

Well, maybe this isn’t such a standard hotel room after all.

My heartbeat pounded in my ears. I tried to keep my breathing even, tried to wrap my mind around the whole situation. What I was doing. Why I was doing it.

A soft moan escaped when I thought of the possible end result, and something tightened in my gut.

“Kenzie? Sit down.” He took my hand and guided me to the bed. My skin tingled from the contact. My knees bent automatically, and then I was resting on the edge, my short stature making it difficult to sit and still touch the carpet. “You look beautiful tonight.”

I blinked again and tilted my head up to him. No one had ever called me beautiful, save my parents. My eyes dropped down to the dress I’d chosen to wear to the dance tonight, a silky red, rose-patterned skirt topped with a black, sleeveless bodice that provided ample cleavage. It was one of my favorites, mostly because I felt beautiful in it, despite my oversized body.

A smile pulled at my lips, glad that he had liked it, too. “I-I’m sorry. I’m just a little…”

“It’s okay. I understand.” He sat beside me, still holding my hand.

For several minutes, the only noise we made was our breathing—his even, mine staggered.

How can he be so calm?

I kept my gaze on my own lap, swallowing heavily when it wandered to his lap…and the slight bulge there. He squeezed my hand every now and then. Finally, when I felt calm myself, I raised my eyes to his face.

He was watching me; the corners of his mouth were turned up. “I’m going to kiss you, okay?”

I tipped my chin in response, and then his hand cupped my jaw, drawing me closer. My eyes drifted closed when his warm lips touched mine. They brushed lightly at first and then pressed harder. I squeezed his hand, sucking down air, little squeaks of surprise reaching my ears.

His hand slid to the back of my head, his fingers burying into the gathered strands of my hair. When his tongue outlined my mouth, I shivered. When he nipped at my bottom lip, I gasped. And when his tongue slipped inside, flicking at my tongue, I moaned.

Damien continued to ply my mouth with his until our tongues danced, tasting each other, and my moans became more frequent. He pulled his hand from mine and released the clip that held my auburn locks secure. The soft waves cascaded to my shoulders, whispering against my ears and cheeks before he brushed them back so he could hold my head more firmly.

My hand found his thigh and squeezed, eliciting a moan from him. Our bodies turned into each other, the nerves slipping away as he helped me scoot back on top of the quilt. When he laid me back against the pillows, I sighed, and anticipation replaced the anxiety in my tense muscles.

His fingers caressed my cheeks and forehead and neck, twirling through my tresses as he moved his mouth against mine. He was gentle but firm. In control, but in no hurry, either.

My fingers rose to trace the contours of his neck, across the slight stubble on his jaw, up into his wavy hair, holding his head.

When his fingers slid down to my shoulder, over the wide strap of the bodice of my dress, and grazed against my bare arm, I sucked his breath into my mouth. Even through the dress and bra, I could feel the heat from his touch and ached for him to cup my breast, to ease some of the pressure I’d been feeling ever since we’d met. He was so close, yet he seemed to purposefully avoid that area.

“You taste so good.” His mouth covered mine once more before moving to my chin, my jaw, and behind my ear before settling in the curve of my neck. His nose nuzzled, his tongue licking at my flesh. He drew in a deep breath and let it out slowly with a groan. “You smell amazing.”

I whimpered, my skin tingling as he ravaged it. “Please, don’t stop. Mmm.”

“I don’t intend to.” His voice was muffled as he sucked gently, nibbling and then licking away the sharp pains that resulted.

I gripped his arms, anchoring myself to him. His warm body pressed against my side, igniting sparks under my skin. I wanted to pull him on top of me; I just didn’t have the energy. Or the guts to take the initiative.

His mouth landed butterfly kisses across my shoulder and over to my throat. When he pulled back, my eyes fluttered open. His eyes were fixed, but not on my face. I followed their path, and my breath hitched when I saw the object of his concentration: the quick rise and fall of my breasts pushing against the confines of the dress’s plunging neckline. My gaze returned to his face just in time to see him lick his lips.

“If you do want me to stop, now would be the time…”

“No, no, no.” I clenched my eyes, and a shudder ran through me at the thought that it could be over so quickly.

A soft chuckle was his only reply, and then his lips brushed my throat again. Slowly, methodically, they covered every inch of skin. Sometimes, his tongue darted out, making me shiver. My breath caught repeatedly as he moved lower.

When his lips caressed the swell of my breast, I gripped my skirt, my body arching up to him on its own volition. The flat of his tongue stroked the rise above the edge of my black satin bra, and the feeling of wet heat burned through me. He shifted, laying an arm across my abdomen and turning his head. My nose buried in his hair. It smelled slightly of woodsy aftershave, and I exhaled with a sigh.

My concentration shifted when I felt his finger trail along the curve of my cleavage, dipping into the space between my breasts before sliding under the edge of the bra. His tongue followed, and a moan rose from the back of my throat. My nipples were so hard they hurt. If he would just…

My body writhed, urging him to go just a little lower to where I wanted it. Where I needed it. When I moved my hand, literally trying to take matters into my own hands to ease the aching, he shifted again and grasped my arm, raising it above my head. He rose up enough to release my left arm beneath him and joined it with my right arm. Holding both wrists with his right hand, he lowered his mouth to my breast again and resumed worshipping my now burning skin.

“Please…oh, please, Damien…” I mumbled past the whimpers he pulled from me.

“What do you want, Hun?” His breath breached the barrier of the bra and made me ache even more. “Tell me what you want.”

“Oh…” My mind was hazy, and I was suddenly embarrassed again. Why can’t he just read my mind?

“This, maybe?” His fingers grazed the underside of my breast through the dress and I shrieked. “Yes, I think that’s it.”

He teased again, and then finally his hand cupped my breast, squeezing gently. His thumb brushed over the peak. Even through the material, it sent shockwaves through my entire body.

“Oh my—!”

My eyes shot open and I held my breath, staring at the ceiling but seeing nothing, reveling in the fact that he had finally touched me where I needed it. I gasped as he moved his hand up and slipped a finger under the edge of my bra and swept it over and over again directly on my nipple. Heat rushed down and pooled between my legs.

The world stilled.

His lips brushed my ear, his breath hot but still making me shiver. My breath hitched again when his hand slid further inside my bra to cup me fully. His skin was slightly rough as he kneaded my breast, rolling my nipple between his thumb and fingers.

I turned toward him, my mouth searching for his. He moaned, pressed his lips against mine, and pushed me onto my back again. I wiggled beneath him, echoing his moan as his tongue swept my mouth and played with my tongue.

He squeezed my breast one more time and then removed his hand. He released my left wrist, slid his hand up over to my shoulder, and pulled both the strap of my dress and my bra down my arm. Cool air brushed over my now bared breast. My nipple tightened painfully.

I was gasping for breath, shivering as his fingers slid along my arm and slowly brought it up back up above my head. When I felt him tie something around my wrist, I automatically jerked. “Damien?”

“Yes, Kenzie?” He kissed his way down my arm and over my breast, sucking my nipple into his mouth.

“Oh!” I forgot what I was going to ask him, my nerves wiped away with that one simple action, and I arched against him.

He chuckled, teasing my nipple with his tongue as he climbed over me and released my other wrist. When he’d bared my right breast, he moved his mouth over to that side while he brought that hand above my head again. I struggled to swallow, watching him tie off my right wrist.

“You are so sexy.” His eyes were glossy as he sat back beside me, staring down at my naked chest, my dress and bra just under my bust line.

I pulled gently on my wrists and gulped at the tension. There was enough slack to let my arms relax against the pillows, but not enough that I could actually untie myself if I so desired.

“I didn’t think you’d remember.” What had happened to my voice? It sounded so husky.

“Oh, I remembered. I remembered everything.” That lazy smile, that deep tone, that sudden darkening look in his eyes made my heart skip a beat.

My mind raced to remember everything we had discussed…and wondered if I had forgotten to mention anything. But my focus was lost when he reached under my back and released the clasps on my bra and slid the zipper down on my dress. I kept my eyes on him, apparent fascination in his eyes as he shimmied my dress down, revealing more and more of my naked body.

He sucked his breath in when he unveiled my black, satin panties. I bucked up to him, and he paused, gripping my hips and running his thumbs back and forth over my covered skin. Resuming his undressing, the satin of my skirt brushed against my bare legs, and then he tossed the dress aside. His fingers slid over my calves, up to my knees, and then down again to unbuckle and remove my heels.

I had a sudden surge of courage. I slowly ran the tip of my tongue along my upper lip and wiggled my hips. “So you like what you see?”

His eyes raised to mine, and I swear I saw a flicker of fire in them. He didn’t speak, but he slid his fingers under the edge of my panties and slowly pulled them down. I gulped, aware that I really was concerned that he liked what he was seeing.

Cool air brushed against me, and I couldn’t help pressing my thighs together, moaning and squirming as he just stared at me. A couple of times, he raised his hand as if he were going to touch me down there, but his hand returned to his lap. I wished I could read his mind.

He reached into his back pocket and then leaned toward me, brushing his lips against mine.

“You okay?”

I took a couple of deep breaths and then smiled. “Yeah. I’m good.”

His eyes met mine, and he smiled back. “Liar.”

His hands moved over my face. A soft cloth covered my eyes, blocking out the light, and he secured the elastic band over my head.

My breath quickened. I couldn’t help it. He was right. Part of me worried that I had gotten in too deep. I had wanted this. But once my control was gone, my nerves had returned and I was afraid. Not necessarily of Damien, but of what I would do…or not do. He appeared to have done this before. What if I didn’t live up to his expectations?


Which brought us back to me laying on the bed, completely naked, blindfolded and hands tied to the headboard. Damien was sitting or standing elsewhere in the room listening to reruns of Law and Order. I highly doubted he was watching the TV.

I could actually feel his eyes on me. And it wasn’t that uncomfortable feeling you get when you know someone is watching you and you wonder why and then glance around nervously trying to locate the culprit. Instead, I felt warmth spread through me, pleased that he found me worthy to look at.

Several minutes passed, the show went to a commercial, and in the background, I heard the distinct click of the hotel room’s door opening and closing.


There was no answer. I tried not to panic, but I couldn’t help tugging on my restraints. I didn’t hear anyone else in the room, which was a good thing. But still…

My thoughts were just getting the better of me when I heard the door open again. I held my breath, hearing the tinkling of ice in a glass and the hiss of an opening can of soda. The heat of another body brushed against my right side, and the bed dipped from the weight of someone sitting down. I gasped when a cool palm brushed over my right nipple.

“Did you miss me?”

I let out a ragged breath, relieved to hear Damien’s voice. “Tell me next time you leave!”

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to scare you.” His lips brushed mine. I smelled the cola on his breath. Our tongues flirted for a moment, and then he sat back. “Shall we begin?”

I grinned, relaxing against the pillows. I heard him set down his glass, and then he reached under my head, pulling down the comforter and blankets. Goosebumps prickled my skin as his hands brushed against me. I helped as much as I could in my position by lifting my body. When I was lying on just the cool sheets, the weight on the bed shifted again, and the TV went silent.

“You can’t see anything, right?”

I tilted my head back, to both sides, and then relaxed again. “Nope. Not a thing.”

“Then enjoy. And not a word.”

I nodded and flexed my wrists and fingers. I knew he was watching me again, and heat gathered between my legs. I shifted my hips, wiggled my toes, and then rotated my ankles. Anything to keep myself distracted. My lips were suddenly dry, and I licked them, swallowing and finding my mouth dry as well. I forced myself to breathe normally, listening for any indications of what he might be doing.

The air conditioner shut off, and then I only heard his even breathing. But still, he did not touch me. After several more minutes, my muscles relaxed, and my legs fell open slightly. His breath caught, and I smiled. I wondered if he was masturbating, but surely, I would have heard some indication.

I was going to ask him if everything was okay when I felt it. It was the lightest touch, directly across both of my nipples. I groaned when they hardened. The sensation moved down, following the curve under my breasts and up the sides.

It was definitely a feather, the fullness grazing my skin like the softest fingertips. It flitted across my abdomen, outlining my ribs, circling my bellybutton. My hips bucked when the tip grazed the dip where my leg joined my body. I shivered, cooing. He repeated the motion, moving out over my hip and slowly back again, following the line of my pelvis.

I was writhing by the time he ran the flat part of the feather across the top of my left thigh. Goosebumps prickled my skin, and I opened my legs more, using my feet to gain leverage against the bed to push up.

Damien chuckled. “Patience, Hun.” But he did slide the feather along the inside of my thigh, drawing it down under my knee and calf.

I giggled when he tickled the underside of my foot. He moved to work on my right side. I could feel the heat of his body leaning over my legs. The feather traced the same pattern backwards from my foot up my calf, under my knee and over my thigh, across my pelvis and along my ribs. I arched my back and groaned softly when my nipples brushed against the rolled-up sleeve of his shirt.

“Hey, no cheating!”

I grinned and licked my lips, but I behaved and lay back down.

He pulled away, and I felt him move up over my head. The feather traced the underside of my right arm up to my wrist and brushed against my fingers. He drew circles on my open palm before moving back down my arm. The tip swept across my shoulder, down my collarbone, and across my throat.

I tilted my head to the left against the pillow and sighed when he traced designs up my neck and teased my ear. When he slid the feather under my chin, I tilted my head the other way and sighed again as he repeated the same motions all over my neck, across my shoulder, and up my left arm and hand. I wiggled my fingers, the feather slithering between the digits.

He stood up, leaving my body begging. My fingers clenched, echoing the constrictions deep inside me. I licked my lips again, feeling my heart beat pick up. Thankfully, he was not gone long.

A new sensation—a silk scarf, would be my guess—brushed against my fingertips and down both arms at the same time. It covered my face, slowly sliding down my nose and mouth to drape across my neck. When it reached my breasts, I arched up, moaning. He rubbed it back and forth across my aching nipples.

Then the scarf caressed my abdomen and hips, briefly grazing over my pelvis on its way down to my thighs and feet. He repeated the process in reverse, taking care to linger in areas when I made low noises of pleasure. And then the scarf was gone as soon as it had appeared.

I heard Damien rummaging through a plastic bag, and then he was laying on the bed next to me. There was a snap that sounded like a plastic top. I gasped when something cold covered my left breast.

His tongue lapped at my nipple before he sucked it into his mouth.

“Ohh!” I arched up to him, and he complied by dragging his tongue all over my breast, his hand cupping and squeezing it.

When he’d apparently licked my left breast clean, he shifted to lay on my right side and repeat the process. I could feel the heat throbbing low within me, begging to be touched, and I whimpered.

“I know, Hun. I know.” He squeezed my right breast and reached up to kiss me, dipping his tongue into my mouth. “Mmm.”

I tasted chocolate and moaned with him.

He kissed his way down my chin and neck, nuzzling my shoulder. A cold stream of chocolate fell across my lips, and I hungrily licked it up. His finger pressed between my lips, and I sucked it deep into my mouth, cleaning it of chocolate as well. Then the coolness trailed down my chin and throat. It continued through the valley between my breasts and circled my bellybutton. His tongue and lips slowly followed, making me shake with arousal.

The bedsprings squeaked as he moved away, and then I heard water running in the bathroom. He returned a minute later, slowly running a warm washcloth over my neck and breasts and stomach. The change in temperature had me gasping and my body undulating.

He laid down on my left side again, his hand splayed out across my abdomen. He massaged me for a moment, his mouth covering my left nipple, gently nibbling and sucking on it. I tried to reach down to run my fingers through his hair but my hands snapped back, reminding me that I was restrained. I clutched at the air instead, trying to press my side against him. His hand slid up and cupped my breast.

I cried out at the sudden bite of an ice cube rubbing against my nipple. I jerked away, but there was nowhere to go. Cold water dribbled down my breast, the ice slowly circling my nipple. It ached, but the sudden pain grew numbingly pleasant, and I felt the heat increase once again between my legs.

I whimpered, trying to pull away now, my fists clenching.

“Shh. Shh.” His free hand returned to press against my stomach, holding me to the bed while he sucked at my numb nipple, licking up the water. He pulled away, and the warm washcloth covered my shivering breast.

I should have been ready for him to move to my right breast, but the freezing ice cube still surprised me. I shrieked, and once again, I was whimpering and pulling away, regardless of his attempts to soothe me. The sharp pain returned, tightening my nipple, numbing the skin around it. As the ice melted, his mouth licked and sucked away the water, and then the washcloth warmed my breast.

My head was hazy now. I couldn’t believe how aroused I was, even more so since the ice treatment. I felt a little guilty that I’d enjoyed the brief pain. The resulting pleasure was amazing. I was glad that Damien had tied my wrists. I was certain I would have tried to stop him if I’d had the ability.

How long have we been at this, anyway?

My thoughts snapped back to the present when ice slid between my breasts.

I shrieked and arched up. Damien caught my sides in his hands, holding me up to him as he trailed the ice up and down the center of my body with his mouth, my breasts brushing his cheeks.

I felt water pooling in my bellybutton, spilling down over my hips. I didn’t think my body would ever stop shivering.

When the ice was gone, his tongue replaced it, licking at my skin that now sizzled under the cool layer from the ice and water. His hands moved up to cup my breasts, squeezing them as he nuzzled the valley in between.

It took me a moment to realize that he was lying between my legs. I instantly raised my knees to his hips. He felt so good nestled against me where I needed to be touched the most. I sighed, the heat of his hard bulge evident through his slacks.

His deep chuckle vibrated through my chest. “Okay. I get the hint.” He released me and crawled away from my legs.

I whimpered at the sudden absence, but his hand on my hip stilled my squirming body. His fingers wove their way through my curls and down to my heated skin. I sighed. My legs fell open again. One of his fingers pressed into my slickness, briefly touching my clit. I cooed, opening my legs wider.

He slowly stroked his palm over my outer lips. Occasionally, he dipped his finger, dragging it from one end to the other, making me gasp. His hand paused, cupping my mound, and two fingers pressed down, spreading the engorged lips.

I held my breath when his thumb circled my clit. And then a finger slid down further. He teased, tracing the edge of my tight hole before moving up to rub along the walls of my inner lips. My hips bucked, trying to force him back down and inside me.

His free hand pressed my hips back to the bed, and then he was fully stroking my pussy. The heel of his hand rested against my pelvic bone while his first three fingers dipped down, swiping through the valley, curling up to graze against my clit. Again and again. It was most exquisite feeling, finally having him touch me, relieving some of the pressure. My hands clenched, my body arching, striving for release.

I groaned, throwing my head back into the pillow when he pushed two thick fingers up into me and then sucked my nipple between his teeth. His hand sped up, pressing hard and deep. The tightness in my belly increased, and I squeezed my thighs around his hand, crying out. His hand stopped, but his fingers wiggled, still buried between my legs. He suckled my breast while I rode out my first climax.

When I’d caught my breath, he rolled away. I heard him rustling in the bag again, and then he was lying between my legs, spreading my thighs. My breathing picked up again when I felt him spread something solid and cold over my pussy. I shivered and sucked on my lower lip, unable to stop my hips from arching up to him. His fingers brushed against the insides of my thighs, and then one finger pressed in, swiping my pussy from top to bottom.

I gulped and took a deep breath only to have him slide his finger into my mouth. My lips closed around his digit. I moaned at the taste of Cool Whip with a touch of my own tangy juices. While I sucked on his finger, he stroked it in and out, mimicking what he had already done below. It wasn’t hard to think of him doing that with more than just his fingers.

Just thinking about the fact that he’d covered my pussy with Cool Whip—and most likely why, based on the recent chocolate experience—made me pant. I’d played with myself more times than I could count. And while I’d had many new experiences already tonight, I’d never imagined a guy licking me down there.

I felt him sit back on the bed, not touching me. He growled, long and low. It was the sexiest sound I’d ever heard, and I couldn’t stop myself from echoing it. The bottom layer of Cool Whip was starting to melt and dripped down around my clit. I wiggled around, moaning softly as more Cool Whip pressed between my lips. I’d had shaving cream down there before when I’d attempted to shave my pussy, and the feeling now was just as erotic, squishing and caressing my sensitive skin.

“Getting a little feisty, aren’t we?”

I made some unintelligible sound of impatience, and he chuckled. I loved his chuckle as much as his sexy growl. I struggled to swallow, loving what he was doing to me mentally as well as physically, despite my intermittent frustration.

Damien ran his fingers over my left breast, along the heavy curve underneath, over the soft swell on top, outlining the areola. He cupped and massaged my breast. His thumb and forefinger pinched my nipple. I bit my lip to stop myself from crying out. He gently rubbed the hard nub back and forth and then flattened his palm against it, easing the sharp pain.

His hand slid down the valley in between and grazed over my right breast. His fingers played again, electrifying my skin, sending new fire down between my legs. When he pinched my nipple, I rolled towards him, wishing he’d put his mouth back on it again.

“So sensitive.” His breath brushed my cheek, his tongue ran along my jaw, and then he was making my wish come true. His lips closed over my nipple and gently sucked away the sharp pain he’d created.

I rocked back and forth, moaning. I felt the Cool Whip sticking to my thighs now, and wondered if he’d forgotten about it. I didn’t want him to leave my breast, but suddenly I wanted him down below. I wanted to know what it felt like to have his tongue teasing me there just as he was doing to my nipple. What it would feel like to have the tip of his tongue pressing inside me, his teeth nipping at my slick skin.

His ran the flat of his tongue over my nipple again and then slid down my body, kissing and nipping and licking every inch of my skin along the way. Not soon enough, he was lying back between my legs. He kissed my hips and then trailed his tongue down the junction between my legs and pelvis. He added a fresh layer of Cool Whip, and then his arms wrapped under my thighs and held them apart.

I moaned, my body convulsing slightly. I felt his hot breath against my soft curls. I cried when his tongue darted out and touched my clit. I spread my legs wider, and he raised my bared pussy closer to his mouth.

His tongue darted out again, and I whimpered in relief. His fingers massaged my thighs while he licked deeper along the length of my pussy. I heard the soft sound of his tongue lapping at the mixture of my wetness and the whipped topping. His tongue was everywhere, not missing any little crevice. It was a slow, tortuous process, and I prayed he wouldn’t stop anytime soon.

I let myself go, my hips bucking under his mouth. When he sucked on my clit, I cried out again. When he pressed the tip of his tongue into me, I groaned. I couldn’t get enough of him. And I wanted to touch him more than ever before. I cursed my restraints…and yet they raised the level of arousal at the same time. I’d never had such an assortment of feelings running through me all at once.

I came for the second time when his finger slid inside me again. He stroked me through my orgasm, his mouth still latched onto my clit, his hot breath mingling with my own heat and wetness.

I was coming down from my high when I felt the ice cube and screamed. He’d pushed it right up inside me, and cold water ran down between my ass cheeks. His fingers pressed in, holding the ice in place, letting my heat melt it. I felt my muscles squeezing around his fingers, and he slowly stroked them in and out in time with my cries.

Another ice cube joined the scene, this time against my clit. I fell into another orgasm, my head rolling back and forth between my raised arms, feeling the ice and his fingers stroking me throughout. His mouth returned to lap at my pussy while I writhed beneath him. Somehow, my fingers managed to grab the pillow.

I think I yelled a few curse words because Damien chuckled and said something about me being a bad girl, the sound vibrating against my skin.

Finally, he offered me some relief and pulled away, lowering my legs to the bed. I was panting, my eyes clenched tight. My body felt on fire, as if nothing he’d done so far had satisfied it completely, and yet I felt exhausted. His mouth covered mine. I managed to find the strength to return the kiss, tasting and smelling my own sweet muskiness on his lips.


I must have drifted off, because my next thought was wondering why I was lying on my stomach. My wrists were still tied to the headboard above my head, I was still blindfolded, and I was still naked, but I had been flipped over. I sighed, feeling my breasts press into the warm sheet, my face nuzzled into a pillow lying between my head and arms. I could reach the wooden slats on the headboard now. I clasped them lightly, smelling my sweat and perfume on the pillow.

I was just about to call for Damien when I felt warm liquid on my shoulderblades, and then the feeling of hands spreading the liquid out over my skin. It smelled like lavender.

“Welcome back, Hun. You took a little nap.” He leaned down and kissed my cheek. “I took advantage of the situation and rearranged you. Are you feeling okay? Are your arms sore?”

I smiled and murmured, “Nope, I’m good.”


He kissed me again and then began massaging my back and shoulders. His fingers slid through the oil, his hands gently pressing and pulling at my muscles, drawing moans and groans from deep inside me. I’d had several massages before, but none had been this sensual. It aroused me more than it actually relieved any tension.

His fingers moved up into the base of my skull, massaging my scalp and up behind my ears. I breathed slowly, remembering where else those fingers had massaged me. When he finished with my neck, he worked up my arms to my hands. Our fingers laced together, slick with oil.

He squeezed my hands and worked back down to my lower back and sides. I shivered when his fingers brushed against my breasts, rubbing the oil around to my chest where his fingers could reach.

I was moaning by now, feeling the weight of his body between my legs, pressing against my ass. I shuddered when I felt his bulge harden, but he backed away, working on my legs now. I whimpered, burying my face in the pillow to muffle the sound.

He finished with my feet and slowly slid his hands up the back of my legs, over my ass, pressing out along the back of my waist and hips and up my sides. His fingers grazed the sides of my breasts again, and then he lay flat on top of me, his mouth against my neck. He brushed my hair away and nibbled my right earlobe, making me moan.

I sighed and wiggled my ass against him, feeling his hardness throb in return. I didn’t want to beg, and I’d agreed not to say anything, but I was hot and bothered despite the massage. I needed more.

“Damien?” I whimpered and arched up again.

“Yes, Kenzie?” He sounded amused. As if he was expecting this. He pressed back against me.

I groaned. “Please?”

He licked at my neck. “Please, what?”


“Hmm?” He stood up, I heard the rustling of clothes, and then he sat beside me, his bare thigh against my shoulder. His hand stroked my lower back, caressing my ass. “What do you want, Hun?”

I couldn’t breathe for a moment, knowing his cock was right there. I whimpered and then bit my lower lip. “Let me see you.”

He slipped the blindfold off, and I had to blink several times to adjust to the light. I stared at his bare shoulder and a barbed wire tattoo circling his left bicep.

My eyes drifted down, and I felt something deep inside me twist with desire when I saw his cock, hard and thick laying across his thigh. It pointed right at me, the head red and glossy. I sucked in my breath and turned my face back to the pillow, grasping the slats on the headboard again.

“Is that all?” His hand moved lower, stroking the inside of my thighs.

I squirmed, moaning. “No.”

“What do you want, Hun?” His voice was softer, huskier.

I forced myself to swallow and closed my eyes. “You. I want you. Please.”

“This?” His fingers slipped up between my wetness, rubbing against my clit.

I gasped, my eyes flying open. Somehow, I managed to find my voice again. “More.”

He stroked slowly. His fingers dipped inside me. “This?”

“More.” I struggled to get my knees up under me, to open my legs wider, to feel him deeper.

“How about this?” His voice was a hot whisper in my ear.

I cried out when I felt him press his cock against me, stroking it back and forth between my outer lips. “Oh, please, yes!”

“What do you want me to do next, Hun?”

My tongue froze. I only thought dirty in my head. I’d never imagined myself saying the words aloud. Until now. But I couldn’t say them. I just couldn’t…

He leaned across my back, his cock resting between my ass cheeks, and he whispered in my ear, “Do you want me to fuck you, Kenzie? Do you want me to do it really slow?”

I choked and then nodded so furiously, my neck hurt from the effort.

He chuckled, sat up again, and grasped my left hip in his strong hand. I felt him move his cock until it rested between my outer lips. The pressure increased. My whole body tensed. I’d played with toys many times, so I was well accustomed to the size of his cock. But I’d only imagined what it would be like to feel the real thing inside me. Despite being aroused and stretched, I still worried about pain.

He nudged my knees with his, and they slid further apart on the sheets. He pressed again, and this time he entered.

I choked again, burrowing my face in the pillow, pretending it was his fingers instead of his cock so I could relax. And just as he promised, very slowly—inch by inch—he entered my hot, wet pussy. I couldn’t believe the sensation. There was no pain. Instead, there was hard, throbbing heat. And pleasure. Oh the pleasure! I thought he’d never stop, and then he did, and we were both still.

“Are you okay, Hun?” One hand still held my hip; the other stroked the small of my back.

I managed to get out a breathy, “Yeah.” I could only imagine our erotic scene: me on all fours, my wrists tied to the bed, my ass raised up to him; him kneeling behind me, his cock buried deep within me, his hands on my hips. Tremors rippled through me.

I’d never imagined myself submissive…until tonight.

He began to back out. He worked his way slowly—out a little, back in; out a little more, all the way back in—until he was sliding so that just the head of his cock remained inside. It was a breathtaking experience, and I could only let out small gasps of pleasure as he moved.

Both of his hands gripped my hips now, and he slowly stroked in and out, rocking my body back and forth against him. He got into a rhythm, and I found myself bucking on my own volition. When he would press all the way in, pausing to give an extra deep push, burying his balls against my ass, I groaned louder.

I lost track of time, just enjoying the sensations: his hands on my body; his cock inside me; the slurping sound of him sliding in my slickness; my heart beating in my head; our heavy breathing. I don’t know if he said anything, but I was so focused on the increasing pressure building within me that I don’t think I would have heard him if he had. He had not increased his speed throughout. It intensified the entire experience, drew out the pleasure.

He shifted slightly, possibly to relieve pressure on his knees. Why he did it didn’t matter, but he shifted inside as well and I cried out, realizing he’d hit my G-spot. He paused on his withdrawal. “Kenzie? Did I hurt you? Are you okay?”

“There!” It was all I could say, my breath caught in my throat, silently urging him to continue. I gripped the slats on the headboard and tried to push back against him but his hands held me still.

He pushed forward, and I cried out as he hit it again.


“Ahh. I got it, Hun. I got it.”

And he did. Over and over again, he slid deep into that perfect spot. The edge got closer and closer. And then I tipped over, screaming the whole way. I collapsed against the bed, but he continued to stroke, whispering words of encouragement. I barely made sense of what he was saying, but his deep voice was comforting.

I felt his hands grip me tighter. His hips slammed into my ass, a hot stream entered me deep within, I cried out with him, and then we were both still. Amazingly, he began stroking again, just as slow as before, and I tripped along on another orgasm.

While I shook beneath him, Damien reached above me and untied my wrists. I fell onto my side. He pulled me back against his chest, still inside me. Tears leaked out my eyes when one of his hands covered my breast and caressed it. His other hand dropped down to cup my mound, his fingers slipping between my thighs to rub my clit.

And I came a fifth time.

At some point, I pushed his hands away. I felt his cock fall out of me and lay against my leg. He scattered kisses along my shoulderblade and just held me spooned against him.

When I’d returned to earth and caught my breath, I rolled over to face him. His arms wrapped around me pulled me close.

“We didn’t use the hot tub,” I mumbled against his shoulder.

“What, not enough torture for one night?” He chuckled and pressed his lips against my forehead, brushing my hair behind my ear. “Checkout isn’t until noon tomorrow. We’ve got plenty of time.”

I tilted my head back so I could stare into his dark eyes. They looked heavy-lidded, as sleepy as mine felt. I managed to hide my yawn with a grin. “Good, because payback’s a bitch.”

~ H

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