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The Beach

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I woke this morning in a very strange mood… I think it must be the changing of the moon. I want to be alone. Totally alone. I need to think. So I send my husband fishing… and I take my son to my mother. As I drop him off I tell her not to worry if I don’t contact her today. The pressure of work is over for the summer months. School is over until August and I am free to concentrate on myself. So I decided that it was just that! Time for me.

I put my new bathing suit on and head to the beach. I am in the mood for the sun and surf. The crashing of the waves I know will sooth me as I plan on what to do with my life. I have made many changes already but I am contemplating more. I am not happy.

As I drive I am looking. I don’t know what exactly I am looking for but I know I will know it when I see it. The beach is endless. So silent at times and others so loud you cannot think.

Suddenly my eyes catch a glimpse of empty beach…How unusual.. no one at this section. The day is slightly over cast and a slight breeze but not enough to keep people away. I wonder why this part is empty?

The tide is out. A huge section of beach by the rocks and dunes… Oh it is so beautiful. Just what I am looking for. I park the car and grab my bag and take off to the shoreline. I drop my stuff next to stones that have been washed clean. The beach is not the beautiful sand of Daytona or St. Augustine but a more natural sand. I walk the shoreline thinking and enjoying the solitude.

I walk back to my bag and lie out the blanket. I lower myself down and close my eyes. The heat of the day washes over me and the sound of the waves slide around me. I must have drifted off because a noise has startled me awake…

I suddenly hear a voice… a deep voice say..

“Mind if I join you?”

The voice vibrates through me… so deep and so sure of yourself. My body betrays me and quivers with the vibration. It touches something deep in me….I am afraid to open my eyes. Maybe he will go away if I say nothing…. I hear a slight chuckle. Shit, he must have known I was faking. I hear a flap of a blanket and then the rustle of clothes being removed.

Oh God, he sounds close but I lay there as still as I can…trying to control my breathing which had quickened.

“My name is David. What is yours?”

Well I guess I didn’t fool him after all.

“Jane” I answer.

“From around here?” you ask.

“Close… about an hour” I say.

I open one eye and try to peek but all I see is sun. Dam, I wish I could see if the face fits the voice. Deep, sexy, soft…. oh my… I must be needier than I thought if I am letting a voice rule my emotions. I begin to relax and drift again.. The sun is so warm….


“Your burning Jane. Would you like me to put some sunscreen on you?”

I cannot breath to answer you. My brain is not functioning quite right. Again that soft sexy laugh.

I smell the coconut before it hits my body. Oh the smell is one I remember. Memories slam me. Childhood memories, fun times, and exciting times, before marriage, before college. The end of my high school years. I smile.


“Nothing just remembering another time in my life”

“Tell me” you say.

“It’s nothing really, I was just remembering my younger years.”

“Well Jane, your not that old now”

“You’d be surprised” I say.

Your hands hit my shoulders with the sunscreen and oh god! The sensations are running though me. What is it about your touch? Your voice? You? Who ever you are, it is obvious to us both that there is a chemistry. I turn my head and try to look at you again. You are in my line of view but I cannot see your face. My shoulders are being massaged and it feels so good. I moan…..

“like that Jane?” you ask.

“hmmmmm, yes I do” is my reply.

As if you didn’t know.

Suddenly the straps of my suit are being slid down. I startle…lifting my self up I start to reach for them….

“Don’t Jane. it’s ok!” you say so softly and strong.

You continue to remove them and I allow it. I am nervous about it… But I can always fix them if I want I say to myself.. I am an adult, in control of my emotions…I slide my arms out of the straps, holding the front in place. Down my arms you slide those hands. Strong hands… long fingers (oh the places those fingers could reach).

Oh dear god help me… I am thinking such naughty thoughts. Your hands spread the lotion down to the small of my back and go just in inside my suit. As you bring your hands up they slide to my sides… your fingers touch the sides of my breasts… I hear your intake of air… it matches mine. I don’t say a word… your hands continue to massage my back to my sides… fingers just glazing my breasts getting bolder and closer to the nipple with each stroke.

“So Jane.. are you married?”

Reality slams me in the face and I reach for the straps of my suit… your hand stops me…

“It’s just a question Jane, no big deal…just wondering why you are alone on this strip of beach and so sad.”

“What makes you think I am sad?” I ask.

“Just an observation. It’s ok, I won’t ask questions that hurt you. Tell me when your ready.”

For some reason I trust you. I relax my body and you continue to rub the lotion on my body. You touch my calves and I begin to want you to go higher… When you touch the back of my thighs it excites me and I begin to talk to cover my embarrassment.

“Yes, yes I am married… 24 years. Are you?”

“I have a woman in my life yes” is your reply.

Your hands move to my inner thigh and your fingers come so close to my ass and pussy so that another moan escapes my lips… I bite them… hoping you didn’t hear me over the crashing of the waves. No such luck. Your thumbs again slide close and my body moved with it.

Oh that soft chuckle. You know I am being excited and you are purposely doing it to see how far I will go. Your hands move away and have this feeling of abandonment. You tell me to flip over so you can do the front… I do it even though I can reach it all myself. I don’t want the touching to end. An internal power struggle is happening to me. I know where this is going and I have to decide now if I want it or not.

Decision made, I flip. I get to finally see what you look like.

Strong, firm, mature and so sure of yourself. I watch as you squirt some lotion on my chest and shoulders… you rub into my neck and shoulders and down my arms…back up my arms and across the tops of my breasts. My nervous intake of my breath raises them up and I say absolutely nothing when you begin to slide the top down. My white breasts are exposed and you smile. Oh it is a beautiful smile.

“You have such beautiful breasts. Are you OK? What me to stop?”

Considerate and gorgeous. Oh My!

“No David, no I don’t want you to stop.”

“ What do you want Jane?”

I am silent. What do I want?

“I want you to continue doing what you are doing.” I finally say.

Your hands become bolder. More sure of your actions. My nipples get hard when your fingers get closer to them. I begin to move with you.

“Are you sure Jane?”

“Yes David. I am very sure.”

Your hand reaches to remove the rest of my suit. I lift my hips to help.

“Very nice, very very nice!” you say when you see my shaved pussy.

I reach for your suit but your hands stop me.

“Hmm, not yet baby”

I am disappointed but soon that feeling disappears and turns to excitement when your hands begin to touch me. Your fingers touch everywhere. My lips capture one of your fingers when you take and touch my face and lips. I suck softly and you like that. I know because your breathing alters and your body tenses. You slowly remove your finger and the assault on my senses continue. Your fingers find my hard nipples and oh god you pinch them lightly.

I whisper “harder David”

and you smile at that. Your fingers do pinch harder and begin to roll them. My body pulses and jumps. That surprises you that my nipples are that sensitive.

“You like that Jane?“ you ask.

“God yes!”

“Will you cum if I continue? I wonder?”

So sure of yourself and of my reactions to you. Your fingers continue rolling my nipples and the orgasm hits me again. Moaning and rotating my hips shows how much I am enjoying your fingers. When the waves slow, your fingers continue to trail down to my pussy. My hips moves and wiggles, wanting to feel those long strong fingers in my body.

Your fingers open my lips and find how my pussy has reacted to your attentions. You slowly rub your finger from my very wet pussy to my clit. It is very hard and exposed for you. Gently that finger rubs around and around on it. I move against you and the friction is building. I am begging now I want you so

“Please David.. Please”

You quickly remove your suit and lay between my legs. Almost as if afraid I will change my mind but I won’t. I want you just as much as I have wanted anyone in my life. I lift my legs and wrap them around your waist. Your moan reaches my ears. You slide your cock past my pussy to get it wet and then gently insert the head. I arch my hips up to meet you and you are so very pleased. I know that you want me. I can see that in your eyes. You know I want you. You can feel that in my body. You slide in and I my legs pull you in deep.

I love the feel of you in me. Almost like we were made for each other. You fit me perfectly. I pull you tighter and you slide all the way in, your balls hitting my ass. My fingers reach for your head and I thread them through your hair. I guide you to my nipple and you take it in your mouth and begin to suck on it. My hips begin to move and you slide in and out of me. Your mouth bites the nipple and I arch up to meet your thrust. You seem to know just what I like and need.

I feel you start to swell in me and I am so close to climax. You frenzy continues and you go faster and faster. In and out you slide, deeper and deeper, in and out. As I hear your moan of release I open my eyes and see that you are watching me…that is my undoing and I climax. My body arches and I tighten around you and squeeze you tight. I know you feel my climax waves they are pulsing so hard around you. The intensity of the climax scares me. You slide down and hold me, instinctively knowing I need to be held.

As my body begins to come down from the high, sounds filter in my ears. The waves, the birds, the traffic….OH MY GOD! I am not ashamed of what I have done as much as where. I reach for my suit and you reach for my hand.

“Don’t baby.. Nothing to be ashamed of…no one is here and you are beautiful”

How can you know. Know what I am feeling and thinking.

“ Come with me”

You help me off the blanket and we walk to the water. The waves hit my body and you hold on to me. Taking me out further the water surrounds me and feels cool around my warm body. I feel so welcomed in your arms. You whisper in my ear

“You were wonderful Jane.”

You kiss my neck and I tilt my head feeling so sensual in your embrace. Your fingers are playing with my nipples and I begin to moan. You like that they are so sensitive to your touch. You turn me and take one in your mouth. I pull you closer. Your fingers pinch the other and I am seeing stars. The sensations are marvelous. I want you again.


I begin to feel the twinges of remorse. I have just cheated on my husband and all I can think of is I want to make love to you again and wish this day would never end. You must have felt the tension return to my body. As I pull away, you let me go. I wish you wouldn’t. I wish that you would grab me back and hold me. I am almost at the edge of the water when suddenly I am pulled back in your arms. You kiss me until I am senseless. Your mouth is so hard on mine. Your tongue searches and finds mine. Sucking and stroking it to drive me wild. My knees start to buckle.

“Come with me Jane.” you say to me.

Again I put my hand in yours and we leave the shoreline. As we head to the blanket. You grab our suits and we keep walking.

“ Where are we going David?” I ask nervously.

Walking naked is not my idea of fun out in public. I hang back a little.

“Trust me’ you say.

You tug me closer and we head for one of the glorious homes that are at the beach. I look back at my blanket and stuff.

“It will be fine Jane, no one will touch it. No one allowed on this strip of beach” and then it hits me… why no one was on that beach. Private.

YIKES! I start to stumbled over an apology but you whisper it is ok. You wanted me to enjoy it. I melt against you and we enter your home.

“Friend not home?” I ask.

“No baby, she is out for the day.”

The air conditioning hits me and I shiver. Thinking I am nervous you wrap your arms around me. I catch glimpses of wicker and ivy as you lead me to the bedroom, your room.

“No David” I say. “not your bedroom”.

You look at me and I plead silently. You sense I do not what to disrespect your friend. You turn and head for the guest room. The bed is large and you ask me to lay on my stomach.

You straddle my ass and begin to massage my neck. To my lower back and you start to kiss my neck. My body begins to react. I love my neck kissed. I move under you and you lean down and ask,

“Like that do you Jane?”

“hmmm yes”

You continue to massage as you kiss and lick my neck. Your hand reach and pinch my nipples and I rise up for you. I love my nipples played with. I feel your cock on my ass and it feels good. Your hands go lower and you slide down to the back of my legs.

“You have a beautiful ass Jane. Mind if I play with it?”

I love my ass touched and fucked. My husband will not touch me there so I have to use toys in the privacy of my bedroom. I do so want you in my ass. As you touch and rub the puckered hole it is my undoing. As you slide inside I push back on you and it goes in so deep. Over and over you finger fuck my ass. I am so disappointed to feel it slide out of me. Your chuckle tells me it is not over.

“Just preparing you Jane. I want my cock to slide deep in your ass. I want to feel it close around me and squeeze me tight.“

Your words make me shiver and I feel your weight lifting off me. Your hands lift my hips. Two fingers spread open my pussy. I am so wet that they slide in easy. My own fingers begin to play with my nipples and I am slamming back against your hand. In and out they slide. When they slide from me I cry out. Again you take me to that peak and stop. My frustration grows. I now feel the head of your cock at the entrance. You slowly enter but I don’t want slow… I slam back against you and take you all in.

“Oh Jane…” you moan.

Weren’t expecting that were you?

I don’t want slow anymore. I want it hard! Fast! Deep! You know instinctively what I want and give it to me. Faster and faster you slam, deeper and deeper I accept you. Thrust for thrust. Moan for moan. In and out, in and out, in and out! I feel the pressure in you building. I am so close when suddenly I feel your finger in my ass. I scream out for you and I’m falling, falling into that blackness of climax. It is so intense!

You flip me over and your cock is at the entrance of my ass. My climax has my body relaxed enough for you to slide the head in so easy. When you feel me beginning to push back on you slide in deep and sure. My ass lifts up to meet your thrusts. We move together so easily. My orgasm building again… you feel the tightness of my ass gripping your cock. Your grunts match mine. You slow to allow my orgasm to subside before you start again. God! I want you deeper.

You put your hands on my shoulders and thrust fully into my ass. Each thrust brings me closer until I explode around you. I feel you release your cum into me and I ride with you all the way until every drop is in me. Squeezing and pumping. I cannot do any more and I collapse. You fall with me. Still inside me. I pulse and pulse around your cock gripping it tighter and tighter. You feel everyone of them.

You are whispering something… I cannot hear…. I cannot breathe… all I can do is feel.

You are touching, rubbing, massaging. Everything I need to help bring me down from the climax high I am in. You gave me so many orgasms that my body is ultra sensitive. You kiss away the tears I don’t even know are falling.

How long we lay there I don’t know. I am not aware of anything until I feel you move away from me. The sun has moved to the other side of the house. It is very late. I know this and know I have to go. You know I have to go.

“Shower with me?” you ask.

I know what you are asking and how it hurts to answer you. Reality is sinking into my soul. I cannot fight it anymore.

“I cannot! I still have to go get my son.”

You understand and do offer me the shower, alone, and when I get out you have left my suit and belongings from the beach on the bed. I dress quickly and when you return, you hand me the phone.

“Call and let them know you are on you way.”

My eyes fill with tears. I reach for the phone our fingers touch, you reach for me and kiss me with such passion. I am going to hate to leave. As you hold me you whisper,

“I am leaving. It will be easier if I am not here. Call, then go. I will find you again.”

And you walk out the door. I close my eyes as the tears fall and I begin dialing.

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