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Last winter I decided to get back into snowboarding on a more regular basis. It was something I did a lot when I was younger and thought it would be better that sitting on my ass all winter. I got a season pass to the small resort that was close to my home and started riding a couple of time a week, that is, if you can call it a “resort”, it’s really just a small group of hills.

I didn’t know anyone that was really into it anymore and was forced to go out by myself most of the time. It wasn’t a big deal though, I could usually find someone cool to ride with at some point and it was on one of those occasions that I wound up having one of the hottest sexual experiences of my life.

It was a pretty typical Midwestern winter night, but the weather was excellent. It was a perfect temperature for riding. It wasn’t too cold to be uncomfortable and wasn’t so warm that the snow conditions sucked.

I was riding alone, having not found a new partner yet, and after my third or fourth run I was waiting at the end of the line for the chairlift when a guy came in behind me.

“Want to share a lift?” he asked.

“Sure, might as well.” I replied and slide over to make room for him.

We got on the lift and introduced ourselves to each other as the chair began slowly going up the hill. His name was Kyle, and as we climbed we chatted about the snow conditions and the weather and how long we had been riding. Pretty much your typical conversation for the situation, I had learned.

I have to say that I thought he was really attractive right off the bat. He appeared to be a bit younger than me and I guessed he was about thirty or so. It was impossible to really tell what his body was like given all the gear he was wearing and that we were sitting, but his face was gorgeous, and he had beautiful eyes as well as a great smile.

We rode together for a couple of hours, getting to know each other better and better with each trip up the chairlift. He was just so damn adorable and when we rode down the hills I could hardy keep my eyes off of him.

We decided to take a little break and went to the bar inside the chalet. We chatted over a couple of drinks and I grew more infatuated with him by the minute. He was from a town not far away and had only been snowboarding for a few years. He made me laugh constantly with a very dry wit and we found we had a great deal in common. Although I wasn’t completely sure if he was into guys or not, when things got rather flirtatious between us I got the impression that he wasn’t totally straight, at least, and maybe even fancied me a little.

It wasn’t long before closing time and there wasn’t hardly another soul there. We decided to head to the far side of the place to finish the night and when we got to the chairlift for that area there was not a single person in line. We got on the chairlift known as the “slow four”, being that it can seat four people and goes pretty slow, and also has the tendency to stop and then start again frequently.

We were about halfway up the hill when, of course, it stopped. Like I said, it happened all the time and wasn’t any concern. I knew it would start again at any moment, but for some reason, this time, it was taking longer then usual to get going again.

A minute or two went by and it still hadn’t started up again. I started to wonder what the hell the problem was and then Kyle leaned over to me a said “I hope they haven’t forgotten about us” with a big grin.

I laughed and before I could stop myself I blurted out “God you’re cute!”

I just kind of froze, realizing what had just come out of my mouth and then said “Sorry… I didn’t mean to say that out loud.”

“No biggie,” he said with a slight chuckle, and moved over closer to me adding “Actually, I think you’re super cute too.”

I thanked him, blushing from ear to ear, and we sat there for a moment staring at each other. I then thought “what the hell!” and moved in to kiss him.

Our lips met and our tongues lashed back and forth in each others’ mouths. He was an amazing kisser! My whole body felt like it was on fire, and my cock got stiffer and stiffer as we kissed on our still motionless chairlift.

I pulled my left glove off my hand as we kept making out and slowly made my way down to his crotch with it. I rubbed him there and when I felt his erection through his snow-pants it was a apparent that he was as aroused as I was.

“Here, let me help you with that.” he said, and opened his coat and then unzipped his fly.

I managed to slide my hand under Kyle’s long-johns and grabbed his hard dick. It felt so hot in my cold hand and was by no means small.

“That feels so good…” he whispered, pulling away from my lips and then went back to kissing me.

I rubbed his stiff meat and jerked it the best I could, given the circumstances, and would have sucked him off right then and there if it had been possible to actually reach his cock with my mouth and we weren’t dangling twenty feet in the air.

We kept going at it like crazy until, suddenly, the lift started moving again. It gave us both a bit of start having been lost in the moment and we laughed out loud as we sat back.

“I’m not sure if this a good thing or a bad thing.” I joked and Kyle agreed as he fixed his gear.

We got to the top of hill and got off the lift. There were a couple different ways we could take from there and Kyle asked me were we should go. I knew the place very well and quickly came up with a great idea.

“Follow me.” I said and then headed down one of the runs.

The slope was bordered with thick woods to our left and about a third of the way down it had a small clearing along the side of it. It was a resting area and had a fire pit and a couple of picnic tables in it. I pulled into it and stopped with Kyle doing the same.

“Why don’t we stop here for a minute.” I said.

We got of our boards and I went to one of the tables and sat down with the top of it to my back. Kyle quickly moved in between my legs and bent down to kiss me.

We made out with a wild passion. With each touch of our wet tongues together I became more and more aroused, and my cock was soon training against my long-johns. I took of my gloves and reached down to massage his crotch. His dick was just as hard as mine and I decided that I had to see it.

“Stand up” I said and unzipped his coat. I then grabbed him by the waistband of his snow-pants and pulled him closer.

“Can I see it?” I asked, looking up at him.

Kyle just nodded and smiled so I opened his fly and slowly pulled his gear down just enough to let his dong come out to play.

His cock was even hotter than I had imagined. It was circumcised, probably about 7 inches or so and pretty thick. It also had one of the sexiest heads I’ve ever been lucky enough to wrap my lips around.

I started out by first stroking it gently, and the skin felt soft and warm to the touch in my bare hand.

“Wow! You have such a nice dick…” I said as I tugged it and then licked up the front of his hard shaft. I planted a couple soft wet kisses on the tip and then licked the head, slowly making circles around it with my tongue.

Kyle moaned with pleasure and even flinched a little when I finally took him into my mouth and began to really blow him. His wood tasted so scrumptious as it slipped in and out past my wet lips, but I could sense he was somewhat hesitant.

“You like this?” I asked, pulling his meat out of my mouth and licking it all over.

“Yeah,” he replied “but I think we should find someplace a little less in the open.”

I had to agree. We were pretty exposed and the ski patrol could have been coming around at any minute.

“Why don’t we head back there?” I suggested while pointing to the woods behind us. Kyle thought it was a great idea so we grabbed our boards and went into them trying to take the easiest path we could find.

We hiked for a little ways through the trees and soon found a small clearing. It was fairly flat with no under brush and we figured it was far enough in that we wouldn’t be seen.

“Here, lay on this.” Said Kyle taking off his coat and handing it to me, so I placed it on the snow and got on my back.

I undid my coat as he knelt down and pulled my snow-pants down to my knees. The cool air actually felt good on my naked skin and I started to become erect again as Kyle knelt beside me and began licking and sucking my cock and balls.

He was so hot looking with my dick in his cute little mouth and I was soon hard as stone. He took me deep down his throat, occasional taking my prick out to lick and stroke it and the sensation of hot to cold as he did so is hard to describe other than it felt amazing!

He continued to give me one of the best blow-jobs I’ve ever received and then slowly made his way down to my sack. He licked my nuts softly and took one then the other into his mouth and sucked them. After that he lifted them up and started to tongue my hairless taint. It felt incredible but with each lash of his hot wet tongue I began to long for him to go further downward.

He must have read my mind because he pulled up and lifted my legs into the air and moved around to the front of me. He then gently licked up and down my crack. He teased my anus with his tongue playfully, driving me crazy, and then finally went for the hole itself.

“Fuck that feels good…” I sighed as he rimmed me and I became almost intoxicated with lust as his tongue dashed all around and in and out of my asshole.

I couldn’t hardly take anymore and was overwhelmed with the desire to feel his fat cock inside of me.

“Do you want to fuck me?” I asked, almost begging.

“Very much so!” he said and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand.

Kyle pulled down his pants and out sprang his hard unit. I held my legs up with my hands, trying to get my backside as high up as I could to give him access to it, and He drooled spit down onto my ass and then rubbed his hot meaty pole between my ass cheeks getting everything well lubed.

“Put it in…” I practically pleaded.

I first felt his wonderful helmet slip in past my tight o-ring and I gasped slightly. He then slowly pushed his thick bone in, little by little.

“Deeper…” I panted with each inch.

When he got as deep as he could go he pulled back out a ways and then proceeded to push himself back into me.

“Oh fuck!” I whimpered, taking it.

His cock felt breathtaking inside of me. It wasn’t so big that it hurt too much but was big enough to fill me up to the brim, and each thrust sent waves of pleasure through my whole body.

“Harder!” I moaned, “Fuck me harder!” as he humped me. He then got up a bit, leaned into my uplifted legs and began to fuck the daylights out of me.

I had a tremendous assgasm as he pounded the hell out of me and it was all I could do to not touch my own pre-cum dripping dick. If I had I would have cum right there and I wasn’t ready to be done quite yet. In fact, I had already formed a new plan.

Kyle finally slowed his pace after what had seemed like an indefinite amount of time and slowly fucked my ass with long soft strokes.

“What do say we switch places?” I asked after catching my breath.

“You mean switch positions” He asked after stopping but remaining inside of me.

“No, I mean I want to fuck you for a while now. That is, unless your not into bottoming.”

“Oh, I am, and it sounds like fun to me. How do you want me? On my back or what?”

“You should come here and sit on my face first.”

Kyle got a huge grin and pulled his cock out of me. I let my legs down as he pulled his snow-pants down further and stood over top of me facing my feet. His ass looked so inviting as he gradually lowered himself down, and as it got close I could smell his heavenly musk. I breathed it in deeply when he had completely smothered my face and it drove me crazy.

I rimmed him like hell, licking all around his sexy button while he put his hands on my chest for balance. His ass tasted so sweet and tangy and I pulled his ass apart and fucked it with my tongue, driving it in as deep as I could.

Kyle then moved forward to give me head. This took his anus just out of my reach, so I caressed his balls and taint with my mouth, and stuck my nose against his asshole to really take in his scent.

When he got me well lubricated with his saliva he slide down my body and mounted me in the reverse-cowboy position. He placed one hand on my leg for support and used the other to insert the tip of my rigid pole into his ass. He then gingerly sat down on it, taking it deep inside of him.

The moon was full and I could see everything. When he got all the way down to the base of my shaft and put his other hand on my leg his ass looked so hot with my cock in it.

He began to rock back and forth, telling me how good it felt. He then started to bounce up and down and it was all I could do to stay inside of him.

“Fuck me! Fuck me!” he wailed as he took my meat, and we got into a good rhythm.

I fucked him hard with short thrusts for a time and he then went up some and slammed his ass down aggressively on to my pelvis. I couldn’t believe how tight he was and groaned loudly each time he pounded on me.

Kyle finally just sat down on me and wiggled for a minute. He then stopped and said “I have an idea…”

He got up off of me and waddled the best he could to the closest tree. He then bent forward some and pulled his butt cheeks apart with his hands.

“Here you go.” He said and it was all the invitation I needed.

I managed to get up and join him. I first gave his spread ass another good tonguing and then stood up and rubbed my engorged prick across his slick hole.

“Put it back in…” He cooed and I guided my throbbing tool back up his ass.

“That’s it baby… Fuck me good.” he sighed as I reentered him and heaved.

I was quickly in a strong rhythm and began plowing his ass full bore.

“Fuck yeah! That’s it!” he groaned as I fucked him, and kissed and lightly bit the back of his neck.

The whole woods were filled with the sound of “Whack! Whack!” as our bodies met with each thrust, and are combined howling was so loud that I’m surprised the whole resort didn’t hear us.

I pulled out almost entirely and rammed my cock back in hard a few times while reaching around and jerking Kyles dick. I was getting really close to an orgasm and I whispered in his ear that I was going to cum soon.

“I want you to cum in my ass…” He said softly and I went back to grinding him hard and fast.

My whole body tensed up and I cried out loud as I started to spew. I shoved my pole in as far as I could, and pumped my load deep into his rectum. I shot blast after blast of hot splooge up his ass and my knees began to shake from the intensity of the pleasure.

“I’m gonna cum too!” Kyle announced before I had even finished ejaculating and I stroked his thick meat hard while putting my other hand in front of his dick to try and catch as much of his wad that I could.

Kyle bellowed hoarsely and thick ropes of white jizz exploded from his pulsating cock. The first few shots went over my cupped hand but, as I stroked him, I managed to get most of what gushed out.

I brought the handful of his sticky nectar to my mouth and and slurped it down. It was absolutely delicious and I savored every last drop of it that I was able to catch.

“Your cum is yummy.” I said after licking my fingers clean and kissed him on the cheek.

I then pulled out of him and my seed oozed out of his ass. He reached down and wiped it off with his hand and put his wet fingers in his mouth.

“Yours too.” He said and then kissed me right on the mouth.

It was one of the dirtiest things I had ever seen and made me like him even more. He was obviously as much of a cum-slut as I was, and it almost made me hard again.

We stood there making out for a moment with our pants still down, enjoying each other’s embrace and then decided we had better get going. The place was probably going to close on us at any second so we cleaned up the best we could, got back to the slope and rode down to the chalet.

It turned out to be none to soon either. Just as we were getting off of our boards, the lights went off on the hills and we realized we were the only ones still there.

“Good timing I guess.” Said Kyle and I couldn’t help but laugh. We had come really close.

I walked him back to his car and told him what an incredible time I had had. He told me he felt same way and gave his number.

“Give me call next time you wanna go out riding.” He said.

“I will for sure.” I replied after plugging in his digits and putting my phone away.

We then kissed deeply one last time before he drove off and I headed to my car to leave. I could still smell our sex on my face strongly as I walked, and all I could think was how glad I was that I started snowboarding again.


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