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My Bestfriend’s Boyfriend

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Dee and I have been friends for several years. Her daughter is two weeks younger than my son, and we got together several times a week to have coffee and play dates for the kids from the time they were both about two years old.

After a year or two of doing this, she shared with me that she’d been having an affair with a married man, starting shortly after she’d had her daughter.

She was excited, because unlike so many married men who wanted to have their cake and eat it to, he had actually taken the plunge and left his wife to be with her.

She wanted him to meet me, and as I am the better cook, I offered to make dinner for them and the kids. I enjoy cooking, and am always glad to have someone eat my creations that will actually enjoy them!

That weekend, I tidied up the house, and started preparing a simple steak meal, with baked potatoes and salad. I bought some wine and chilled it, along with some grape juice so that the kids wouldn’t feel left out. The table was set with care, with wine glasses at every setting. All that was left, was to grill the steaks, so I went to get myself ready.

I showered quickly, then blow dried my long brown hair into soft curls. I’ve been accused of having 80’s hair in the recent past, but I refused to be insulted by this. I love my hair. It is a rich chestnut brown, the exact color of my eyes, which to me, was my best feature. Aside from my wide, full mouth and bright white teeth.

I dressed with care, choosing a pair of skin tight black jeans, and a loose gypsy blouse of pink and white, with long flowing sleeves. I artfully applied the barest of make up, accenting my eyes, and down playing my mouth. As I gave a quick gloss to my naked lips, I heard the doorbell ring. I unbuttoned two buttons from the blouse, showing just a hint of cleavage.

I nervously went to answer the door, almost feeling as if this were a blind date. I’m always self conscious when first meeting someone new, as I am not a little girl. Yes, I am BBW. Full figured, fat. Whatever you want to call it, I am it. This is not to say that I am shy, or frigid, or even scared to get naked with a man. Far from it. It is just the initial first meeting of someone new.

I opened the door, and was engulfed in a huge hug by the sexiest man I’ve ever seen in my life! Dee introduced us officially, and Jay, her boyfriend then shook my hand.

“I’ve heard so much about you already, I feel like I know you! And you have the most precious little boy I’ve ever met.” his hand held mine for a fraction of a second longer than was appropriate. My heart rate jumped a bit, as I looked into his beautiful blue eyes. His dark hair was cut short, and combed much in the style of Christopher Reeve’s as Superman. His glasses gave him a Clark Kent nerdy look, which did nothing to disguise his utter beauty.

My eyebrows rose slightly, as I was not aware that Jay had met my son. Dee and I frequently babysat for one another, so I assumed that that is how he met my baby boy.

Katy met Isaiah in the hall, and they ran off to play in his room. They were both four years old at this point.

I led the way through the house to the living room, and offered them a seat. They settled on the loveseat, and Dee leaned into him. I couldn’t blame the girl. I’d stake claim on him too, if he were my man!

I asked if they would like wine now, or with dinner. They both wanted some now, so I went to get the glasses from the table, and poured us all a glass. We sat and talked for a while, and after the second glass of wine, it was almost as if we had all known one another for years.

After one particularly bawdy joke, I laughingly stood, and excused myself to throw the steaks on the barbeque. It was properly warmed up, and the steaks were sizzling as soon as they landed on the grill. I lightly salted and peppered them, then replaced the lid. I took the opportunity to have a quick smoke, as I don’t smoke in my home for my son’s health.

I heard the slider open, and Jay stepped out onto the patio. “Mind if I join you?”

“Not at all.” I watched as he pulled a camel from its pack and lit up. He looked at me as he took that first drag. His eyes smiled.

“Dee told me you were beautiful, but not how beautiful.”

I felt my face warm up, and gave a little smile. “That’s sweet of you. Thank you.” “Just the truth, Darlin. You are gorgeous.” He took another drag on his cigarette, but I was saved from making another comment when Dee came out to join us.

“So?? Didn’t I tell you he was so cute??” Dee gushed. I laughed, and looked at him again.

“You seem to leave out the “How” part of your descriptions Dee!”

The rest of the night went by pleasantly, and over the course of the next several years, we three had gotten together often. Sometimes I had a date and other times, it was just us. The hugs hello got tighter, and lasted longer. The kisses goodbye always made my heart thud painfully. Our conversations were wildly outrageous, always sexual, and very open. Dee would brag about how big Jay’s cock was behind his back, and how great he was in bed.

This always made me wonder, what he would be like inside of me. I loved his hugs, and how his hands would brush the sides of my large breasts. I would often catch him looking at them, when I wore low cut blouses.

We had lost track of one another for about a year, when I sent out an email to everyone on my contact list. Dee and Jay had been without internet for many months, and had finally come back online to see my message. She emailed me immediately, and we made a date to go out the following weekend. # We wound up going out to a bar for karaoke night, and had several rounds of Tequila shots each, and some beers. Soon, none of us were feeling any pain! We left around 1am and went back to their place to continue on our night out. Dee’s little sister, who had watched the kids, went home after we arrived.

Jay and I sat on the bed, drinking some hard lemonade’s while Dee surfed the net on the computer next to us. We talked and laughed for another hour or so, then I started getting sleepy, as it was getting pretty late. I was reluctant to drive this wasted, not to mention rousing my sleeping son, as it was always so hard to get him settled back down. Note to self, avoid drinking on a Sunday night in the future!

I went to check on the kids, and as I was returning to the bedroom, where we were all gathered, he was coming out of the bathroom. He said a quiet ‘Hey’. Then asked how the kids were. I told him they were both dead to the world, and that I should think about crashing out next to him on the floor. He said that wasn’t necessary, that there was plenty of room in their bed for three.

I smiled up at him, about to make a smart remark about how he’d like that, when he bent his head down to give me a quick kiss just as I was opening my mouth to say it. I felt my tongue graze his lower lip, and his head jerked back quickly. He looked me in the eyes, and I blushed. His head lowered, and kissed me again.

When his tongue entered my mouth, my hands found his waist. His hands cupped my face, holding my mouth to his. My heart was pounding in my chest, and I just couldn’t believe my best friend’s boyfriend was kissing me like this. I broke away, and we kissed a series of short passionate kisses, not six feet away from Dee. “Oh shit!” I whispered. His head fell against my forehead, and we stood like that for a few seconds, catching our breath.

I wiped my mouth, gave him a confused look, and went back into the bedroom. Guiltily, I answered Dee’s enquiry about the children. I downed the rest of my drink, and set the bottle in with the other empties in the case.

Jay then came back in, and flopped on the bed next to me. He yawned, and said he’d best get some sleep since he had to work in the morning. Dee smiled and told me to lie down too, since I also had to work. She promised to stay awake to wake us both up for work.

I wasn’t quite comfortable with that, but knew I’d be worthless at work if I didn’t get at least a little sleep. Dee kissed Jay goodnight, then leaned over him, and kissed me too, although it was just a peck on the cheek. He kissed me too, although this time it was just a quick kiss on the mouth.

I lay on my side, looking at him, but careful not to be too close. Dee was already engrossed in her online bingo game again. Jay rolled over onto his side, facing me. We gazed at one another, and my poor heart began to pound again. My breathing became erratic. He smiled, and reached for my hand. Pulling it closer to him, he placed my hand on his heart, and I felt his heart racing too. He brought my hand up to his mouth, and kissed it, nibbling on my fingertips. Then with his hand wrapped around mine, up against his heart, he fell asleep.

A few hours later, I woke up, to find us spooning, his cock hard against my ass. One hand was under me, firmly grasping my heavy breast. The other was around me, tucked between my legs and cupping my mound inside the sweatpants Dee had loaned me for the night! I shifted, rolling onto my back. The blankets had come off of us, and as I looked at Dee, she glanced back at me and smiled!

Her man had his hand on my pussy inside my pants, and she is smiling? I didn’t get it. I lay back down, trying to figure this out, when I felt his fingers beginning to move on my pussy lips. I looked at him, and he appeared to still be sleeping.

“Dee??” I whispered. She looked at me, and I gave her a panic stricken look and pointed to my crotch. In no way, did I want to lose her friendship or come between her and her honey. I was already feeling guilty about the kiss… This was just too much!

She looked down, and saw her man’s hand in my pants and smiled again! “Enjoy it, he’s good with his fingers!” she whispered back. My mind was reeling, but then I had no thoughts, when his fingers slipped between my pussy lips and brushed my clit.

I moaned. She looked again, and caught my eye. Her wink freaked me out! His hand began tugging at my sweats to pull them down. Should I let it happen? She seemed ok with this, who was I to fight it? Especially when it felt so good?

I lifted my ass, and was divested of my sweats quickly. I could see that he was hard already and throbbing against his own shorts. His fingers began stroking my clit, and soon I was throbbing and extremely wet. I was sure Dee could hear the sloshing of my pussy juices as her boyfriends fingers plunged in and out of my sopping cunt.

Just then, Jay sat up. He tore his shirt off, and then stood to remove his shorts. His cock stood proud, and as I lay there, I admired it. It was thick and veiny, throbbing with desire. I heard him say, “Hi baby.” to Dee, and turned to see him kiss her. Her fingers ran through his hair, and then pushed him away.

“Don’t leave her waiting baby.” I was floored. This was more than ok with her! She gave his cock a loving tug, as he pulled away from her. He sat me up, and had me move to where I was sitting on the side of the bed with him, facing Dee. He kissed me again and I melted into it. His hand fondled my large breasts, and then his head bent to take an exposed nipple into his mouth. My shirt was bunched up over my tits, and as his mouth claimed its prize, I took the shirt off fully.

Dee’s eyes never left my huge knockers, and although I’d never been with another woman before, I was so turned on I did something I’ve never done before. I lifted my other breast up, and held it out to her. She rose, and came to sit on the other side of me, reaching out slowly to touch my soft skin. I moaned at her initial touch.

They lay me back on the bed, and each of them began to suck my nipples in earnest. The sensations were out of this world, as my sensitive tips were tugged, sucked, licked and laved with hungry tongues. My arms were around both of them, pressing their heads down onto my breasts harder. Jay’s fingers found my pussy again, and began to stroke my hardened clit. He rubbed gently on either side of my swollen nub, and soon my hips were grinding up to meet his fingers.

I was so very wet, and turned on that I couldn’t stop moaning. Dee let my nipple go with a loud pop, and looked into my eyes. Her gaze traveled down to my lips, which were full and berry red. Then back into my eyes. I knew she wanted to kiss me, so I whispered, “Yes, kiss me!”

Her mouth was soft, like a butterfly, when her lips met mine. Her kiss barely a whisper against my lips. I groaned and strained forward, as Jay’s fingers penetrated the depths of my pussy. Our lips clashed together, and our tongues began intertwining around each other. I sucked her tongue into my mouth, and sucked it like a cock. She giggled, and then did the same to mine. I’d never realized before, how good that felt!

We kissed for what seemed like forever, my hand running up and down her backside, caressing her silky skin. Then tentatively, I took her breast into my mouth. Her tits were much smaller than mine, most likely a C cup or possibly a D. We were both on the big side, with me being the bigger of the two. Her hand caressed my belly and tits, while I took her nipple into my mouth. I sucked like a baby on her nipple, and then took it between my teeth lightly. She moaned in pleasure, and I bit down a little harder, and then sucked it hard into my mouth again. Over and over, I alternated between sucking and biting on her nipple. First one then the other. Her fingers were buried in her pussy, flicking her clit furiously.

My own pussy was on fire, with Jay’s fingers fucking me deep and fast. I took a moment to tell him how good that felt, and he bent forward to kiss me. Dee slipped off the bed, onto her knees. I felt her small hands on my thick thighs, and was surprised that I felt no qualms about spreading my legs for her. We were all such good friends, that I had no fear of being with her this way.

Jay removed his fingers from inside my pussy, and hers took his place. She had short little fingers, and as she pressed them into me, I was actually missing Jay’s larger fingers inside. “More!” I begged her. She worked her fingers in and out of me, and when I said that, she put another finger into the mix. This drove me wild, and I began humping up at her fingers. “YESSS!” I hissed, “Deeper!”

Again, she added a fourth digit into my soaked pussy. I reached down and grabbed her wrist, pulling it deeper into me. “Fuck me Dee!” I panted. I needed to be filled badly. Jay’s fingers were tormenting my clit, and he dipped his beautiful face down to mine and our mouths met passionately. While I kissed her man, Dee worked her fingers in and out of me. I opened up wider, and she pulled her thumb up between her fingers and began to slide her hand inside of me. I went wild, begging her to do it, to fuck me with her hand. “Fist me, Dee! Oh FUCK!”

I came as soon as her hand was inside me, juices flooding out of my hot box, coating her hand. She slid in, and waited out my orgasm. Then I felt her begin to move again. Slowly, oh so slowly, she twisted her hand left and right, in and out. My hips were rising to meet her small hand inside my pussy, and then she leaned forward and took my engorged clit into her mouth. I went wild, and shortly found myself climaxing again. Her tongue snaked around and lapped up all the juices that escaped from my stuffed pussy.

Jay, in the meantime, kneeled above me, his rock hard cock poised above my face. God I wanted that tool in my mouth desperately! I reached up, and caressed his balls gently, lovingly. I let my hand squeeze and roll them around a bit, until a drop of pre-cum appeared at the tip. My hand slid up from his beautifully full balls, up the hard, thick shaft to the head, where my thumb rolled the cum drop across the head of his cock. He moaned, and I gripped him and bent his cock down to my mouth.

My tongue slid out to taste the pre-cum I had smeared over the helmet. He tasted so good. His cock was silky smooth, warm and hard as steel. It was like warmed velvet as I rubbed the head across my lips. “Oh, sweetie!” he groaned as I took him into my mouth, closing my lips around him. His hands in my hair, caressing my silky locks. His thumb caressed my cheek, close to my mouth, where his cock began slowly pumping in and out.

Dee was getting busy with my pussy, pushing her tiny fist in and out, faster and faster. My pussy grabbed at her hand, and she marveled at how tight I was around her hand. “Suck my man, Shanna, suck him good!” she said as she lowered her mouth to my clit once more.

I doubled my efforts on this hunks cock. He was so thick now; I could barely keep my mouth closed! My mouth flew up and down his thick shaft, as he pumped his hips to get in deeper. Finally my throat relaxed and accepted his cock head he pumped in and out of my throat, faster and faster. “Oh God, I’m going to cum!” he slowed the progression of his cock, as Dee sped up her efforts on my pussy. She was banging her pussy with a dildo in time with her thrusts into my cunt.

I started moaning on Jay’s cock, my pussy tightened up on Dee’s hand. The both knew I was about to cum again. Dee exploded first, which set me off, spasms milking her hand. Dee pulled out and crawled up my body. Her tongue began licking Jay’s balls and he pulled out of my mouth in time to shoot his cum all over Dee’s and my faces. We licked his cum from one another’s cheeks as he milked the last few drops of cum onto my tits, which Dee hungrily lapped up.

We’d barely redressed, when the alarm went off, signaling that it was time for us to wake up. We laughed and shut it off, and Dee excused herself to go make some coffee. Jay pulled me back onto the bed, and began kissing me again. This time, I kissed him back, with no hesitations, no reservations.

We found ourselves with little more than an hour before we had to leave for our jobs, so Dee got up to make us breakfast and coffee, while Jay and I went to shower together to save time. For the most part, we got our showering done quickly, and as I was about to climb out of the tub enclosure, he put his hand on my arm to stop me.

I looked up at him, my heart thudding double time for I knew that we were going beyond the consensual acts that occurred in the bedroom. I may not have been a swinger, but I knew the rules. Couples play together, or not at all. Then again, some couple’s have different limits. “Dee?”

“She knows how bad I want you sweetie. She’s ok with it.” He took my slippery body into his arms, and kissed me hard. I let go of guilt, and took pleasure in our kiss.

My hands began to explore his sexy chest, and there I noticed for the first time, that he had a nipple piercing. I thought that was hella sexy, and leaned forward to lick it. I played with it for several minutes, licking, sucking and pulling the little hoop with my teeth.

“Shanna! God that feels so good!” he pulled my head away though, and started kissing me again. One hand played with my smooth pussy, the other tugging on a hardened nipple. “I’ve got to fuck you, Punkin’, I’m so hard for you!”

And he was! All seven gloriously thick inches were throbbing, bobbing up and down in eager anticipation. I took hold of his shaft, and turned my ass towards him. Then I put one foot up on the edge of the tub, and leant forward. He thrust forward as I guided him inside of my horny pussy. I heard him groan with pleasure as my warmth enveloped his hardness.

We stood still for a moment, but time was against us. We didn’t have enough time to have a leisurely fuck! He began to move against me, and when I moaned he picked up the pace. Soon his balls were slapping against my wet clit as he pounded in and out of me. My moans and cries got a little louder, and his hands gripped my ass tighter.

“Holy fucking Jeezuss!” He cried as my pussy began to contract around his cock. The tightness milked his cock, and he groaned that he was going to cum.

“Fill my pussy, Jay! Shoot it inside me…NOW!” I cried as I hurtled towards my final orgasm, I felt his hot cum erupt inside me. We were both breathing hard when the shower curtain moved aside a few inches.

There stood Dee, giving us that ‘you two are so naughty’ look. “Hey you two, breakfast is ready!” We all laughed, and after washing up our sex, we toweled off and dressed quickly then went to join Dee for breakfast.

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