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Velo Gets What He Wants

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I could tell Velo was working up to a special request. He was giving me a very enthusiastic licking – something he hadn’t done during the two weeks we’d been sleeping together. Sure, he’d tongued my puss before, but only as a means of getting it nice and wet for his brand of fucking – deep energetic slamming. But now here he was washing up and down my labia with his tongue and then sucking firmly on my straining clit.

I was pleasantly surprised to find out that he has some oral talents and grabbed a handful of his hair to pull him harder into my quim. I was steadily getting towards a nice cum, beginning to push back against the tongue worming against my parts, when he slid a finger deep into my cunny. Well that upped the pace and I started to hump him, feeling his bristly upper lip getting into the action. I was building up to a nice cum – but keeping things under control – when he withdrew his finger. I was letting out a frustrated groan when he pushed it against my anus. My groan turned into a sexy moan as his slimy finger went deep into my rectum. The combination of his tongue lapping at my clit and his finger probing my butt was delicious. I was losing control and, tugging on his hair and bucking against his face, I soon came hard.

When I eventually released him and slumped back on the pillows, he kissed his way up my stomach then nestled his reddened face on my heaving breasts. He had an ear to ear self-congratulatory grin and I pandered to him, telling him what a fantastic lover he is. Why do guys get such an ego boost from helping a gal get off? (After all, a dog could have done it better.) Still, I reflected, this was something I could exploit. And Velo is so easily manipulated by flattery.

‘So babe,’ he said after picking a pubic hair off his tongue. ‘Have you ever cum like that before?’

‘Uh uh, honey,’ I said emphatically. ‘You are such a stud!’ It wasn’t much of a lie. In fact he isn’t a bad lover – if your idea of good sex is long minutes of being pounded by his cock. What he lacks in the sensitivity department he makes up for in staying power. And at this stage in our relationship, that’s what I want.

‘I could tell you liked me fingering your butt,’ he smirked. ‘It really brought you off.’

I could tell where this was going and decided to head him off – for a few minutes anyway. So I reached for the hard rod jutting against my thigh and cooed, ‘And now honey,’ squeeze, tug, ‘I’d like to bring you off.’ I stroked the instrument of my impending pleasure, admiring its throbbing rigidness, while I hotly tongue-kissed him. ‘Roll onto your back lover,’ I whispered thickly, ‘and let me do the work.’ He lay back and put his hands behind his head, smirking again as he watched me get in position over his middle, hold his cock steady and lower myself onto him. His thick hot pole slid in nice and deep and I rocked my hips as my buttocks settled onto his thighs. I was just reflecting dreamily that one of life’s pleasures is having your twat filled with hard dick just after a good licking, when Velo grabbed my waist and started thrusting crazily. Even with my full weight positioned over his groin, he was managing to bounce me around like a beach ball. All of which was okay with me. Afterall, that too is one of life’s pleasures.

But even a young man can’t keep that up for ever and after a couple of minutes Velo lay still and I went back to my dreamy rocking. My tits were feeling neglected so I asked him to massage them. He applied his usual energy to the task and, as he kneaded and squeezed with his rough skinned workman’s fingers, returned to the subject that was occupying his mind. ‘So, like, have you ever had anal sex?’ he said real boyish, giving that easy-going grin that he thinks is irresistible.

‘Uh, no,’ I lied, continuing rocking on that nice pole. In fact, I like anal sex well enough. But I like playing games with horny guys even better.

‘Cos I reckon, you know, that you’d get a bit of a kick out of it,’ he said with all the persuasive charm he could muster.

‘I doubt it,’ I said, giving him a wide-eyed timid look. ‘You’re really well hung and I’m so small back there. You’d hurt me for sure.’ Actually, Velo is little more than average in the cock department, but he responds so well to positive comments about his manhood. This was hardly going to be fair.

‘Ah baby,’ he beamed. ‘I’d go real gentle and easy.’

Yeah, I thought. As if! ‘I don’t think so,’ I said, having put on a display of considering it. ‘My friend Amy tells me that her boyfriend made her bleed back there and for days she had to eat her meals standing up.’ Velo’s cock was touching a nice spot and I rocked a little harder.

‘Aw come on babe,’ he said, tugging my nipples and causing my puss to flood a little. ‘I’ve done it with other chicks and they didn’t have any problems.’ I made a little jealous pout and the stud-in-his-own-mind grinned back at me as if to say that he could have any woman he wanted at the snap of his fingers. Oh well, on with the game.

‘But honey,’ I wheedled, still pouting. ‘You wouldn’t make me do something I didn’t like!’

His mind focusing on the logical error, Velo pounced. ‘How do you know you don’t like it if you haven’t tried it?’ he said in a velvety voice. I looked confused and doubtful. ‘Come on babe,’ he said firmly, sensing triumph. ‘At least give it a try.’ I looked at him with large trusting eyes, but didn’t reply. ‘And I promise that if you want me to stop, I will. Immediately.’

I had to stop myself from laughing at his hopeful sincerity. Instead I made a show of thinking it over. ‘Well, OK,’ I finally agreed and he beamed up at me like a five year old that has persuaded his mother to buy him candy. ‘But I would only do it with some one I really trusted …’ he nodded vigorously, his neck in danger of dislocating‘… and who I know would never do anything to hurt me.’

‘Alright,’ he said, twisting his body as if he expected me to immediately climb off him. ‘Where do you keep your lubricant?’

‘Hang on, honey,’ I said in a confused voice, not budging. ‘I didn’t mean right now.’ He had wormed half off the bed and was bent backwards, his groin arched and dick almost touching my cervix. I put a hand on his chest to hold him there as I rocked deliciously.

‘Yeah, let’s do it now,’ he said, all impatient eagerness, trying to disentangle from me. ‘I’m really in the mood.’ That much was obvious. But his boyish act was no match for my wiles. One day I’m going to tell him that a 30 year old man acting like a teenager can wear pretty thin after a while.

‘Honey, let’s finish here first,’ I said flexing my cuntal walls around his cock. ‘Then, if you can get it up again,’ I said baiting him, ‘we can try what you want.’ He gave me a look that was meant to show I was a fool to challenge his sexual prowess then, with a growl, struggled to get back up on the bed. I made it hard for him, not shifting my weight and his struggles made his cock move nicely inside me. But he’s a big lad and once he’d got his balance, he manhandled me (oooh yes!) onto my back and started ploughing away with more than his usual ardour. I wrapped my legs tightly around his waist and lifted my pelvis higher so that he was banging against my clit with each hearty thrust and, as I felt an orgasm approaching, reflected that a guy who thinks only with his dick sure has his uses.

I came first and a minute later, when he shuddered and jagged hard into me for his own release, he lifted me to another small orgasm. We lay side by side on the bed, breathing heavily, and I wondered how long it would be before Velo was up to the task he’d set himself. We’d fucked every day now for two weeks and on those occasions when he’d stayed over we’d fucked twice – in the evening after dinner and then in the morning after waking up. But not twice in a row. I lit a cigarette and reached for my glass of wine, conscious that Velo was watching me. I decided to up the stakes. ‘It’s OK lover,’ I said sympathetically, glancing at his limp dick lying wetly against his thigh. ‘We can do it another time.’

‘I just need to go to the bathroom,’ he said defensively. ‘Then I’ll be right back.’ He left the door to the ensuite open and in the mirror I could see him directing a thick yellow stream into the toilet. The sight, and the sound of the piss hitting the water, made me squirm and clench my thighs. Once we’d done some butt humping, I thought, I’d have to introduce Velo to watersports…. That nasty thought made me feel the need for more fucking and I lay there anticipating his cock forging deep between my buttocks. I had planned to play him along a little first – get him to rim me and maybe give me a little spanking – but now I was impatient for rampant cock. As I watched him finish at the loo all I could think of was getting him hard again so he could get back inside me.

He sauntered back in and I gave him a sultry come-on look and licked my lips. His eyes narrowed as he got my meaning and he walked around to my side of the bed and stood there hands on hips his uncut cock, still slimy from being inside me, hanging a couple of inches above my face. I took a last drag on my ciggy and butted it out as he waited making impatient noises. I blew the last of the smoke over the limp organ then, with a smile up at my lover, stuck my tongue out and licked a yellow drop from the tip of the wrinkley foreskin – personal hygiene is not one of Velo’s virtues. ‘Suck me, bitch!’ he growled in his macho hard-hat voice and, inwardly grimacing at his porno movie language, opened my mouth and enveloped the glistening cock, managing to graze it with my teeth making him flinch. One day I’m going to tell him that women find it a turn-off being called bitch.

The mixture of juices and semen on his skin was quite arousing and I sucked him hungrily. His cock began slowly to thicken and as I worked on it he reached for the open can of beer he’d left by the bed and chugged down a couple of mouthfuls. But I was not going to be put off my game. His cock was firming nicely and I let it out of my mouth and lapped at his low-swinging balls (there’s something about a loose nut-sac that draws me). I got one ball into my mouth and gently sucked on it. Velo’s cock twitched and bobbed, and he growled in appreciation. After a moment, I switched to his other nut and gave it the same treatment. I was getting hot rolling those warm orbs between my lips, and my hands went to my breasts and started squeezing.

Eventually Velo pulled back a little and grunted at me to suck his dick again. As I took his straining rod back into my mouth Velo tilted his head back, drained the beer can, dropped it on the floor and let out a long satisfied burp. It is at is times like this that I realise our relationship is never going to transcend the physical. Velo knew that I was less than charmed but only chuckled then held my head so he could fuck my mouth. This was more like it, I thought as he took control and settled into a rhythmic bucking. I can take his seven inches all the way without much trouble and he groaned each time his belly hit my lips.

But we didn’t continue this way for long – we both wanted that cock in a different hole. Velo let go of my head and I slumped back on the pillow. He stood above me, wanking his glistening rod and looking distractedly at my heaving tits. I was worried he’d forgotten what he was about and, batting my eyelids, told him to check the second drawer in my dresser. By the time he’d found the tube of gel and turned back to the bed, I was up on my hands and knees wiggling my arse at him. ‘Get me ready lover,’ I said huskily.

‘OK babe,’ he said and I felt his cool finger smear gel between my buttocks. I was expecting some nice fingering to loosen and grease my sphincter, but in just a couple of seconds he had replaced his finger with the dry blunt end of his dick. He put his hands on my hips and I felt him tense, ready to ram in me – just like he does with my pussy. This guy only seems to know one way! I quickly swayed down and his cock, instead of busting through my anus, plunged along the greasy crack between my cheeks and up into fresh air. Velo grunted in surprise or annoyance, but I didn’t wait for him to try again. I reached back and grabbed his swaying balls, holding them firmly.

‘Listen, dumbo!’ I spat into his startled face in genuine anger. ‘Try that again, and I’ll crush your nuts!’ I twisted his scrotum sharply to show I meant business. He looked suitably cowed and I loosened my hold on his sac. I was furious at his inept behaviour and for a long few seconds thought about kicking the stupid cowboy out. But I decided to give him another chance. ‘Honey,’ I said in a soothing voice, releasing his balls and holding his softening cock. ‘You do it that way and you’ll be taking me to hospital for stitches.’ He mumbled contrite things and I started stroking his dick, feeling it respond almost immediately. ‘Now you go nice and easy and we’ll both have some fun, OK?’

‘Sure babe,’ he said, the cocky construction worker in him reasserting itself.

‘So why don’t you just grease me up good and proper, and push a finger or two in to start with,’ I purred, looking at him through hooded eye lids. ‘Then I’ll tell you when I’m ready and you can grease your cock.’ I released his now-hard dick and, when he didn’t move, nodded at the tube of gel.

‘You sure you haven’t done this before,’ he said, still a little piqued.

‘Are you sure you have?’ I replied, arching an eyebrow.

There was uncertainty and self-doubt in his eyes as he turned away and reached for the gel. I turned so that I was lying on my back. I didn’t want him to sulk and be grudging in bed, fucking me only out of a need to get his rocks off. I wanted him lusty and enthusiastic, needing to get his rocks off with me. After all, that’s what had attracted me to him in the first place.

So I set myself to the task of getting him to the required mental state. As he started smearing the gel around my brownie and probing with his finger tip, I moaned softly, stretched my legs wide and rested my heels on his shoulders. While he bent to the task, I made encouraging sounds and told him that it had been such a fantastic surprise when he’d gone down on me; that I never knew he had such talent; that he sure knew how to make a girl feel good; that when he had slipped his finger in my butt it had amazed me how sexy it was; that I had never guessed that something so nasty could make me cum so hard. He chose that point to push his finger in me and I didn’t have to pretend as I gasped in pleasure, feeling my sphincter opened wide and my rectum invaded. Velo worked his finger around a bit then started a steady back and forth action. I moved my hips in response, at first in encouragement and then ‘cos it felt so good. Velo looked up at me, his face back to its smug self-assured boyishness as he saw my heaving breasts and my lower lip caught between my teeth.

‘I think you’re ready for my cock, babe,’ he said grinning. Normally I would have suggested he stretch me a bit longer and do two fingers first, but the idea of his dick wedging into my half-prepared butt hole, stretching it then plunging through into my gut, made my mouth go dry in anticipation.

‘Uh,’ I said, wetting my lips. ‘I don’t know,’ prolonging the moment a little. ‘Doesn’t it feel too tight to you?’ and I clamped down a little on his finger.

‘No, babe,’ he smoothly lied. ‘I reckon you’re ready.’ He pulled his finger out and wiped it on the bed cover. Then he got to his knees and reached for the gel to grease his cock. My heels were still on his shoulders and my backside was lifted high, my anus lewdly exposed.

‘Ok, honey,’ I agreed with a show of giving in to his better judgement. ‘But remember to go easy.’

‘Yeah, sure,’ he said only half paying attention as he dabbed a last glob of gel on the purple swollen knob of his dick. Then he quickly positioned it against my anus and leaned forward so he was resting on his hands and I was bent nearly double, my knees squashing my breasts. God, I was so vulnerable like this and felt that old need to be roughly dealt with. His face was just inches from mine and I grabbed him by the back of the neck and pulled him down for a quick tongue-thrusting kiss. I released his head and put my hands high on his arms, my fingers entwined with the tattoos on his biceps. ‘Fuck me, lover,’ I gasped urgently.

Velo had to push fairly firmly to get his cock through my ring. I was loving the stretching feeling and clenched tightly to prolong it. Then he was through, the force of his pushing driving his pole deep into me. I arched my back and yelled, the invasion was so intense, but Velo didn’t pause to enquire if I was alright. He just grunted that I was real hot then went straight into his jack-hammering routine, ignoring all my talk of starting slow. But I didn’t care. This was what I wanted now and I bucked and twisted as he thrust into my rectum, wanting to feel him deep in my bowels.

Velo rode me pretty well, smiling at my grunts and little yelps, working me up the bed with his pile driving, making the bedclothes bunch under my shoulders. His cock was now drawing back right to my entrance then punching long and hard into my gut, forcing the air out of my lungs in a deep grunt, grunt, grunt. I heaved and pushed against him, thrashing my head from side to side, then kissing and biting his sinewy forearms. He laughed now, seeing the state I was in, and gave me a series of exaggerated heaving thrusts that lifted me up almost onto my shoulders. I gasped and moaned out that he was mashing my guts, then pulled his face down to mine for another passionate kiss. The kiss went on and on and I felt Velo relax and ease off on his thrusting. Finally he stopped and sat back a little. I let out a long sigh, took my heels down from his shoulders and stretched my legs out along the bed, still keeping them spread wide.

‘That is so good,’ I purred, giving him the benefit of my biggest smile.

‘Told you you’d like it,’ he gloated, flexing his groin muscles a little so that his dick twitched deep in my butt.

‘You sure did,’ I said in mock contrition, but the irony was lost on him and he just beamed in a superior way. I massaged my breasts – at first to relieve them after being crushed and then because they were feeling nice and sexy. Velo’s eyes narrowed a little as he watched and I began to put on a little show, first squeezing them then pulling at the nubs. ‘Suck my titties,’ I said huskily, when I saw the time was right, holding them up to him. He grunted and leant forward slobbering over first one then the other. As he sucked on the taut fat nipples, I flexed my sphincter around his cock and felt him reflexively start to fuck me again. I put my legs around his waist and hissed in his ear to bite my nipples. He eagerly complied and I bucked and thrashed, feeling myself close to cumming. Then, as Velo combined his worrying at my tits with deep humping into my arse, I was washed over with a stomach wrenching orgasm.

The orgasm might have gone on longer but my nipples were on fire – Velo not recognising when it was time to stop. I grabbed his hair and tugged his face up, told him he really knew how to satisfy me, and begged him to kiss me. It was another of those long deep kisses that I love so much and by the end of it he had covered most of me with his hard lean body and was moving his hips in time to his tongue so that I was getting gently nudged in the butt as our mouths worked together.

I could have stayed that way all night. Anal sex has always caused an oral reflex in me and as long as Velo’s dick was in my arse I was happy to suck on his tongue and lips. But he wanted a change in the action and told me he wanted to ‘do it doggy’. He pulled out and stood back looking at me, his cock bobbing all greasy and brown streaked. I stood up too, embracing him for another kiss, pushing my soft breasts against his hard chest, feeling his cock smear across my belly. ‘Sure you wouldn’t like me to blow you instead?’ I asked, squeezing his slimey dick and smiling up into his shocked face. I lewdly licked my lips. ‘Wouldn’t you like to see me lick your smelly cock all clean then suck you till you cum?’ I cupped his balls and hefted them. ‘You could pull out and spray your hot jism all over my face,’ I said, eyes all hooded and lusty. ‘You’d like that, wouldn’t you?’ I felt his cock throb telling me he would indeed like that. I could see he was giving it serious thought, but in the end he decided that could wait for another time and told me that he wanted to finish off in my butt.

I didn’t try and persuade him any longer – afterall my arse was nearly as hungry for his cock as my mouth was. I stood by the side of the bed and leaned forward so that my hands were on the bed and my butt was quite high. I looked over my shoulder at Velo and wiggled my arse, sure he could see my brown eye winking at him. ‘Come on big boy,’ I urged. ‘Fuck me!’

With a growl he stepped forward and plugged my gaping anus, both of us sighing as his cock sunk deep into my hot rectum. A pause to savour the moment then he was quickly into his stride, fucking me with long hard strokes. I was moaning after only a few seconds, my head going down and one hand sneaking back to my puss. This was nice fucking and my buttocks and thighs were shuddering under the barrage. I got a finger on my clit and went to work, occasionally reaching behind me to catch and tug Velo’s balls. After only a few minutes I was getting close and so was Velo. He buried his cock in me, put his hands under me to grab my tits, and started doing rapid little rabbit humps. It was too much and I slumped forward as my orgasm hit, barely aware of his weight resting full on me, feeling only the hard pole moving in my bowel and the rough fingers pinching my tender nipples. Velo grunted into his orgasm and somehow his hand found its way to my mouth, the act ending with me sucking furiously on a couple of his fingers, clenching my butt and feeling him pulse as his cum jetted deep into my bowels.

‘Baby,’ he sighed, rolling onto the bed beside me. ‘You are one sexy fuck!’

‘You too lover,’ I smiled, kissing him and squeezing his limp member.

We moved about so that we were comfortable, and he took me in his arms again. ‘Were you serious before when you said you’d suck my dick?’

‘You know how much I like to suck cock, honey,’ I said batting my eyelids. He smiled, no doubt thinking of our first date. ‘Well, having my back passage filled just made me want to suck cock. The more you shoved it in my back end, the more I wanted it in my mouth. So when you stood up and I saw that fuck tool jutting out, I just wanted to wrap my lips around it and suck the man juice out.’

‘Even though it was covered in shit?’

‘Well it wasn’t covered in shit,’ I corrected him. ‘But I would have wiped it off if it made you feel better.’

‘Well I was tempted,’ he confessed. ‘But your arse was too good to pass up.’ I snuggled up to him and kissed his still sweaty chest. ‘If I knew how good anal sex would be, I would have bum fucked you sooner,’ he said whimsically. ‘I can hardly wait to do it again.’

‘Me too, honey,’ I said, then added coyly, ‘How about next time you bring along one of your big burly workmates so I can have a cock to suck while you’re doing it?’

Velo grunted, thinking it over, then smiled. ‘I might just do that,’ he said and playfully squeezed my butt.

‘I’ll be counting on it,’ I murmured, nuzzling against him and beginning to drift off to sleep.

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