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The Sewing Class

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My wife (2nd marriage ) divorced me because she could not deal with my cross dressing. It was actually the best thing that could have ever happened to me. I proceeded to get my own apartment where I would not have to hide my wardrobe and I could come and go as I pleased. Except for going to work, I started to live dressed up as a woman almost all the time.

My goal at the time was to transition completely but I was denied hormone therapy I would have needed because of medical reasons as a result of bypass surgery. Still I enjoyed my life as a woman.

I soon gathered up many cross dressing friends and transsexuals and life was one big party. I loved shopping for pretty dresses and shoes and of course my kid leather gloves and boots, and of course leather skirts and coats. I was always attracted to prom dresses and ball gowns especially in satin. Perhaps it was because when I was younger, my mother who was a wonderful dressmaker would use me to model long dresses that she would be working on . I also grew partial to satin bridal dresses and developed a fetish for anything in satin.

One day I was reading an ad for evening sewing classes which were to be held at the local high school. I thought that it would be fun to learn how to sew my own dresses and that it would be an opportunity to meet women as well.

Needless to say, I was the only male who enrolled along with 12 women. They all giggled a little to see a man wanting to learn how to sew. I told them of how my mother had been a great dressmaker and of how she would have me wear dresses for her to work on. I also confessed that I enjoyed dressing in women’s clothes and wanted to make my own ball gowns. None of the women were really shocked at this. They all thought that I was kidding them until I showed them pictures of me dressed as a woman. They all agreed that I looked pretty good as a woman. One of the ladies even went so far as to say that it would be OK if I came to class dressed as a woman and that it would make things interesting. They all agreed that I should dress for class and from that day on I came to all the classes in my nicest clothes.

Class days were always very special and I took extra care to look my best. I did not care if I was over dressed compared to the other students, but I knew that they would always comment on what I was wearing and how could I afford such elegant clothes. I always wore my kid leather gloves and would wear my leather skirts and knee high boots as often as possible.

I think that many of the ladies accepted me as one of them and would invite me to join them at a local bar after classes. They all thought it was a lot of fun when some guy would hit on me and on how I would play along. I had confessed that I truly loved females and was not gay but I was not sure if they believed me.

One day I received a phone call from one of the ladies from the class. She wanted some advice on a dress she was sewing for a project and wondered if I could help her because she thought that I was doing so much better than she was. I realized that her curiosity had gotten the best of her and she wanted to see where and how I lived. I was very pleased to invite her over to my apartment that very evening after 8PM which she readily accepted.

Her name was Annie. She was an attractive brunette in her mid forties with a nice figure and a pleasing smile. I cleaned up my apartment to make it presentable but I did leave enough magazines and pictures and other items that were clearly feminine. I double shaved, got into my makeup and wig. I put on my black satin waist cincher with a black satin garter belt and black stockings and of course my black satin bra. I put on my black soft leather knee length skirt and a blue satin blouse. I put on a pair of kidskin pumps ( I would have preferred to wear my boots) and I thought that I looked sexy.

I left my bedroom closet doors ajar so you could see the clothes hanging there and had draped a purple satin nightgown over the mauve satin bedspread. I had just received a pair of up to the shoulder black kid gloves from E Bay and I left them on the dining room with the packaging for her to notice when she came in.

At exactly 8PM, there was a knock on the door and there was Annie. To my amusement and surprise she was also wearing a leather skirt and she was also wearing black leather over the knee boots and a satin camisole. I must have mentioned during one of our classes that I had a particular attraction for leather and that I thought that women were always sexy in leather. I gushed at how sexy and lovely she looked and she returned the compliment.

She came in with a dress in a garment bag draped over her arm. I told her she could put her coat and dress and things on my bed while I opened up a bottle of wine for the both of us. When she came in the kitchen, she had to mention the beautiful satin nightgown that was on my bed and asked if I wore nightgowns all the time which of course I told her I did. We both took sips of our wine and she touched the black kid gloves that I had left on the table. She put the gloves up to her cheek and said she had never felt anything so soft and how great the leather gloves smelled. She had never seen gloves that long except in the movies.

I told her that I had bought them on E Bay to wear with my new satin ball gown that I was making for myself. I could tell that she really wanted to try them on and offered to help her put these wonderful long leather gloves on. I could see that the soft leather was having an effect on her as she slid her arms down the leather shaft. I helped smooth the leather up her arm and squeezed the tight leather down her fingers and smoothed out all the wrinkles. She held her arm straight out and took in the aroma of the leather. I said if she put the other glove on that I could take pictures of her wearing them which she readily agreed to.

I asked her what kind of help she wanted from me and she took a sip of her wine and smiled and made me promise not to tell anyone but she had bought a satin corset online and was having difficulty putting it on. She said that I had mentioned in class that I wore corsets and that I loved them. I told her that I would be happy to show how to lace up a corset.

We went into the bedroom and she put her gloved hands around my neck and gave me a long wet kiss and thanked me for letting her try the kid gloves on. I helped her unbutton her blouse and draped it on a chair and unzipped her leather skirt and let it fall to the floor. I was pleased to see that she too was wearing a black satin bra and a camisole, a garter belt with thigh high stockings and black satin tap panties.

I told her that she looked beautiful and we kissed again, this time longer. I could sense that she was enjoying touching me with her kid gloves and she could tell that I was getting aroused. I opened my bureau drawer and took out my own leather corset and would show her how the laces worked. I also took out another pair of kid gloves that were over the elbow but not as long as the pair she was wearing. In the meantime she was checking herself out in the mirror and began rubbing her pussy through her satin panties and moaning. I put my kid gloves on and came up behind her and cupped her breasts with my gloved fingers kissing her in the neck. I knew it would be an exciting evening as she was already trembling in my arms.

I explained to her how the different sets of laces worked and how to pull each set separately until the desired tightness was reached and how you wrapped the laces around you She had purchased a below the bust corset which was perfect. I loosened the lace and put it around her and hooked all the clasps in the front. I proceeded to tighten the laces as much as I could the first time and wrapped the laces around her waist.

I asked if she would like it if I took pictures of her in that outfit and she agreed readily. First I had to remove the garters from the corset as she was already wearing a garter belt. As I did so I brushed my hand on her pussy and she grasped it in both hands and started rubbing it vigorously. I took her in my arms and started kissing her passionately holding her face in my gloved hands. Her gloved hands were holding mine and she was all over my body.

I reached behind her back and undid her bra and let it fall to the floor. My gloved fingers went immediately to her breasts and I took turns massaging them and kissing them. I knelt down before her and slowly took down her black satin panties. Her pussy was already moist as I inserted my two fingers and began a slow rotating motion. I removed my fingers as she licked her pussy juice from my gloved fingers.

I rose and lay back on the bed and had her kneel astride my chest and guided her pussy to my waiting tongue. I made her love to her throbbing pussy and massaged her stiff little tits at the same time. I could feel each one of her orgasms. Finally she slid off and reached for my cock which had softened up some in the meantime. She put it in her mouth and gently sucked on it until it stiffened again. Then she climbed back on top and slowly descended on my rock hard cock for a nice slow rotating motion. Only a few moments went by when she climaxed again. This time she slid off my cock and put it in her mouth until I blew my whole load in her mouth.

We spent the night together and did see each other occasionally. I don’t know how the other ladies in the class ever found out about it, but from that time on , I had a wonderful clientele of ladies needing help with their “sewing”.

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Alba wrote

This is a wonderful story, really brings out the feminine male female flavor and the excitement of sharing it with anotehr appreciative female who also has the clothing fetish and likes the sharing as well. Wish there were many females in this mode, there are, but many are afraid to express it as well as men expressing their female sides. Well written.

sally baker wrote

great story , love the part that they play dress up with each other