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The Photo Shoot

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His story:

She came highly recommended. A friend of a friend sort of referral. He checked out some of her photography online and was impressed by her work. She had a good eye. He needed some head shots for auditions and print work. He had gotten into acting late by most standards, but it came easily to him and he found his looks, charm and likeability were already opening doors for him.

He called to set up a shoot and hoped she looked as nice as her voice suggested. He was immediately at ease and even had her laughing by the end of their conversation. He enjoyed talking to her and looked forward to seeing what she could produce. She had given him a list of things to bring; several outfits for different looks and given him an address where they should meet.

He arrived on time to the old building in the industrial area of town. Her work vehicle was parked outside on the curb. The side of her black SUV read, “Photography 101”. As he got out of his car, he heard a knock on one of the building’s windows and looked up to see a woman waving him up to the second floor. He couldn’t see her well with the reflections in the glass but threw his gym bag over his shoulder and headed in.

The stairs were missing a door and he heard her banging around on the second floor so he made his way up. Her back was to him when he emerged from the stairway and he marveled at the space. It was an open warehouse with two walls of windows and wood floors. He took a moment to size her up from the back. She was tall with dark wavy hair. She wore jeans and a t-shirt and was busy fidgeting with one of her cameras. “Nice, huh?” she asked, still with her back to him.

He smiled to himself as he responded, “Yes, quite nice,” knowing what she meant and knowing what he meant. She turned around finally, made eye contact and shot him a big smile, he knew instantly it was her best feature and it lit up the room. She laughed a little and stuck out her hand. He grasped it firmly and was met with a firm hold by her as well.

“I’m Angela.” she told him.

“Joseph.” he responded.

“Nice to meet you, Joseph.” she told him and he could see in her eyes that she was studying him. The air felt charged and he knew that this would be a fun photo shoot.

Her story:

She didn’t know what to expect from her new client but enjoyed their first conversation immensely. She loved to laugh and found that she met fewer and fewer people who could make her. She had photographed actors and models before and assumed he would be good looking, maybe arrogant. But this guy seemed really refreshing on the phone. He was charming and had a bedroom quality in his voice that interested her.

She arrived early to set up for the shoot. It was a beautiful day and she found that she was a little excited. “Focus on your work.” she reminded herself but couldn’t help but await his arrival with a little eagerness. She heard his vehicle pull up right on time and waved him up from a window. It was hard to see him, her subject, so she just waited until he made it up to where she was. Her job, she took seriously and considered several places in the building where the light was good and the background colors were unobtrusive. She changed out the battery in one of her cameras to ensure there would be no interruptions to the session. She heard him walk up behind her and gave him a minute to look around.

This space was amazing and she loved taking photos here. “Nice, huh?” she asked and she heard him reply with a funny tone,

“Yes, quite nice.”

She turned around to see what she would be working with and gave him a hand shake as she introduced herself. His ice blue eyes twinkled with mischief and she couldn’t help but smile from ear to ear. She was really going to enjoy photographing him. The usual barrage of questions followed; what are these photos for, what is your best feature, is there anything you don’t like about your looks, and on and on. She knew his best features, crystal blue eyes, square jaw, dimples, before the words escaped his mouth but she let him talk. He looked so serious and focused when he answered her. His eyes were intense and grabbed hold of her, daring her to look away.

She took more photos than usual because she liked his looks and wanted to impress him with some images that captured his spark, his spirit. He was experienced with looking at the camera and she loved seeing him through the lens. She moved in whenever possible to touch him when she needed him to move or change direction.

His story:

He couldn’t help but notice that she touched him quite a bit. He wanted her to touch him and he liked how she took charge and gave her expert direction. She stood close to him, very close. He checked out the details when she wasn’t looking. She was slim through the hips and legs and had nice round breasts. She wore her jeans and t-shirt tight enough to compliment her assets. He wondered what she tasted like. He could smell her hair and her skin…clean, nice. Again she moved in close to him. She knew what she was doing and it turned him on to have her in charge. He could tell that things were going well and wondered if she enjoyed every photo assignment as much as she seemed to be enjoying this one.

She told him to change into his next outfit. He had brought a white tee, jeans and his motorcycle jacket.

“Where should I change?” he asked her and he saw her think for a minute before responding. He wondered what she pondered in that moment. She pointed him in the direction of a curtain wall in the corner. Behind the curtain he started thinking about the possibilities with this girl but quickly changed his train of thought when he began to harden.

“I can’t go out there with a raging hard on.” he thought to himself and started to bring his mind back to the photo shoot.

Her story:

“Jesus,” she thought, “this can’t be happening.” She knew she was flirting, she knew he could see through her. She wanted this guy in the worst way. Her mind was racing with all the different things she would do to him and the things she wanted him to do to her. She loved being close to him, in his personal space. She admired his physique through his dress shirt and slacks and couldn’t wait to see what he was wearing when he emerged from behind that curtain.

She wasn’t disappointed. God he was handsome. Slim, athletic and very much the all American boy but she sensed something darker simmering beneath the surface and it drove her crazy. It took all her will to remain calm and proceed with the shoot. She lost track of how many pictures she had taken. She wanted him from every angle. At one point she had him positioned in the northern light that came in through the wall of windows. He was a natural. Summoning every ounce of professionalism, she suggested he remove his jacket and then his t-shirt. He didn’t make her explain. When his shirt came off, she noticed an incredible tattoo on his left shoulder that moved down his arm and over his neck. His skin was tanned and smooth and his torso, well muscled. He wasn’t necessarily her type as she had always gone for guys that weren’t typically handsome. But he was quickly becoming her type as he stood there in front of her.

His jeans had started to rest lower on his hips and she tried to keep her eyes from noticeably wandering. She loved his smile and he smiled a lot. At times they would joke and he would erupt with a laugh that echoed off the walls. It was time to get some ¾ body shots so she decided to switch cameras. She told him to relax and take a break but he just stood there and crossed his arms, looking at her. Now she felt like the one who was being studied. When she turned back around he was still staring at her. His hair had fallen into his face and without thinking, she moved over and brushed it back with her fingers.

His story:

He could see that her face was flushed. Things were going well. She was working, yes, but there was something else. These photos would be amazing, he knew. She had a passion for photography but she had a passion for him too. He stopped to watch her switch cameras and some of his hair fell over his face. In a flash, she was there. She brushed his hair out of his face and he knew. He looked into her face as he grabbed her wrist. The look of shock on her face was perfect. “What are you doing?” he asked her. She froze and started to withdraw as she explained.

“I…I’m sorry, I just thought…I…wanted the shot…” she looked embarrassed; that wasn’t what he wanted.

“I liked it.” he said right before he pulled her wrist behind his back. She sort of fell into him but caught herself.

Their story:

Inches from his face, she stopped and looked into his eyes. The spark had changed to something else. A bolt of lighting shot up her back. She shifted her focus to his mouth. She wanted to taste his lips. She leaned in and kissed him, sort of softly at first and then with more intensity. He tasted good. His lips were soft but strong, he was a good kisser. Her free hand grasped his face and he opened his mouth a little, teasing her still. His tongue snaked into her mouth and the tip of it flicked her tongue. She almost dropped her camera. “Here, allow me.” he told her as he took the camera out of her hand. But before he could put it on the floor, he turned it toward her and took a picture.

“Oh no,” she told him. “I’m happiest behind the camera.”

“You looked pretty happy behind that camera today.” he told her. “Do you always enjoy your work this much?” he asked, already knowing the answer and making her blush.

“Maybe.” she challenged him but he could see though her lame attempt at being aloof.

“Show me what you’ve got.” he joked and then it was she who erupted into laughter. She squirmed but made her best model faces and puckered her lips for him. She was silly and he liked it. He snapped away with the camera and followed her as she inched her way back into one of the corners of the room. She backed into one of the walls and suddenly there was no where to go. He had cornered her.

“Take your shirt off.” he ordered, playfully. She paused and looked at him but then slowly took her t-shirt off over her head. She had a pink lace bra on underneath. Her breasts were full and her nipples were visible through the lace. “Yes, quite nice.” he reiterated. The silliness was gone and she looked at him as she undid her jeans and pushed them to the floor. He enjoyed photographing the process.

She wore a matching thong of pink lace and had slim hips and long toned legs. She stood there a bit uncomfortable so he figured he’d help by giving her something to do. From behind the lens he told her to turn around and undo her bra. She turned and he got a great shot of her round ass. His cock began to push insistently against his jeans but he ignored it for now. She made it more of a show than he was expecting. She unfastened her bra but kept it covering her breasts as she turned around to face him. She mashed her round breasts together and he imagined his cock sliding between them. She swiveled her hips a bit and posed for him…she’d been a dancer, he knew that now without asking. She dropped the bra finally but covered her breasts with her crossed arms. He took more photos and felt a tightening between his legs.

“Pull your thong aside, and show me how you like to be touched.” he ordered. She uncovered her breasts and slid her hands down her stomach. One hand pulled the lace to the side and revealed a neatly trimmed triangle right above her smooth pussy. With the other hand she slid a finger between her swollen labia. He got closer to get a better shot and through the lens he watched her stroke herself. Within moments he could see wetness on her fingers. Her eyes were closed and she moaned softly.

“Squeeze your nipples while you play with your clit.” he softly suggested. She pulled the thong off and stepped out of it. She leaned back against the wall and he watched her rubbing herself as her hand squeezed her own breast and pinch her nipple. The hand between her legs began moving a little faster and he noticed that she was playing a bit roughly with her nipple. He made a mental note that she didn’t need to be handled like a china doll.

“Taste yourself.” he heard himself say and she opened her eyes to look at him as she brought her wet fingers to her lips.

She sucked her finger, “Mmmm, delicious…” she purred.

He had to taste her. He moved closer and kissed her mouth. He grabbed her hand with his and put it back between her legs.

“My turn.” he told her. She swirled her fingers in the growing wetness and brought them to his lips. He sucked her juices off her fingers and felt her mouth on his again. His chest pressed up against the heat of her body. He propped himself with one arm against the wall. Her hand returned to her pussy as he kissed her and she moaned in his mouth. His free hand traced up the side of her body to her soft breast. He cupped it in his hand and felt the weight of it. Her skin was on fire. He broke the kiss and he grabbed her hand and sucked her fingers again. She tasted amazing…sexy and sweet and he wanted more. He knelt down in front of her and looked up at her face. She braced herself against the wall and he smirked at her before bringing his face millimeters from her pussy. Her chest was heaving and he breathed her in. Her arousal was heavenly and he licked up at the hot sex in front of him.

She moaned louder now. He pushed his face deeper into her and took a long slow taste. His cock was rock hard and he was eager for some release but he wanted to make her cum first, and he knew it wouldn’t take long. He found her swollen clit and sucked on it lightly. She was squirming now and breathing heavy. He picked up her leg and hoisted it over his shoulder. He watched her face as he ate her pussy. Her mouth was open and she squeezed her own breasts. His tongue danced around her pleasure core. She tangled her fingers in his hair and began moving her hips against his mouth. He fucked her with his tongue; his nose rubbing against her clit at the same time. He squeezed her ass and buried his face in her soft wetness. Within seconds, she was cumming. She moaned her pleasure loudly and he loved the sound of it. He stood up and continued stroking her with his finger as he sucked the cries out of her mouth with his. He slid his finger inside her slit and felt her pussy spasm around it. She was so wet he couldn’t believe it.

Once her breathing began to return to normal he felt her hand rubbing him through his jeans. His hands were exploring her body. He flipped her around and pushed her up against the wall. “Arch your back to me.” he instructed. She arched her back and he pressed up behind her. He reached around and grabbed her breasts and massaged them in his hands as he pushed his hips against her ass. His hands moved down to her hips and he dropped down to his knees again. He spread her legs apart slightly and licked her from front to back. He swirled his tongue around. He felt her pushing her hips back to him.

“God, that feels amazing.” she said in a breathy voice. “I want you inside me.” she encouraged. “I want to feel you splitting me open…” her voice trailed off.

He was ready to take the edge off his erection. He dropped his jeans and freed his hard cock, finally. He put his fingers between her legs and rubbed her wetness all around. He stepped up behind her and slid his rock hard member between her legs.

“You are so hard.” she remarked rather obviously. He grabbed the side of her face and turned her head so he could kiss her over her shoulder. He fucked her between her legs, his rock hardness stroking her pussy again. Her wetness was all the lubrication he needed to easily slip between her legs and ass cheeks. It felt good but he was ready to split her. He drew back and the head of his engorged cock found its target. He teased her with his head just penetrating the first couple of inches of her opening. It was she who took the reigns and pushed back onto him.

“You want to fuck me?” he asked her. “Then fuck me.” He watched her push back all the way onto him and then forward again. She slowly worked his cock while he stood there frozen and watched. Her hips moved in a sort of dance. He could see her pussy lips wrapped around him as she started to milk his shaft.

“Oh, yeah…” he told her. “Work, me inside you.” Her pace quickened and he felt himself getting close. He loved watching her slam back onto him and then rub and grind back on his hips. He noticed then that one of her hands was rubbing her clit while she fucked him.

“Oh, my god, Joseph, I’m gonna cum on your cock…” He grabbed her tits again and really began to meet her thrusts with his hips. He held back long enough to feel her pussy tighten on his thick shaft.

“I want to come all over your tits.” he told her but wasn’t sure if she’d heard him. He got to the point of no return and told her “I’m gonna cum…” and she quickly spun around and dropped to her knees in front of him. He grabbed the base of his cock and held it tightly as she pushed her breasts together for him, tilted her head back slightly and opened her mouth.

“Fuck…” he thought in that moment, “Her mouth, her tits…yessssss!” He pumped his shaft and exploded onto her open mouth and lips the first time and aimed at her neck and tits for the remainder. Wave after wave of pleasure passed over him as he emptied his cock all over her.

After he had cum, his cock remained semi erect. He sat down to catch his breath. She cleaned up a bit and sat next to him. “Amazing,” she said, “but I don’t think I satisfied you.”

“That’s just because we are not finished.” he told her. She smiled and pushed him back.

“Close your eyes.” she ordered.

“But I want to watch…” he told her and she just smiled. She straddled his middle and began kissing him. She rubbed her breasts against him as she kissed down his neck to his chest and stomach. It was his turn to weave his fingers through her black tendrils. She took him into her mouth and started sucking.

He pulled her mouth off him and she looked at him, “But I want it…I want to make you feel amazing.” she coo-ed.

“Then by all means…” he didn’t even get the words out and her lips were around him. She quickly had him hard again. Usually it took him a little longer to recover but today was different.

“Turn that body around.” he told her. She never took him out of her mouth as she maneuvered around to straddle his face. From this angle, the curve of his cock was such that it slid down her throat easily and she took him deep…as deep as she could. Her pussy was right over his face and he smelled their sex mingled there. He licked up at her beautiful pussy. His hands grabbed her hips and pulled her down on his tongue. She moaned around his cock and the vibrations felt amazing. Hungrily she sucked him. He flicked his tongue on her clit and she shivered. Feeling her mouth on him while he licked and tasted her pussy had him really turned on again. Her hand stroked him and she licked him down his balls and to his ass. She bobbed her head up and down on his shaft, faster and faster. His eating her was driving her on and she hungered for him all over again.

“I want to ride you.” she told him as she was already positioning herself over his torso. Her skin glistened with a light coating of sweat and she kissed him before slowly sliding down onto him.

He watched her ride him for a while and enjoyed the show; her tits bounced and her muscles flexed. He grabbed her hips every now and again to grind her onto him a little. She’d lean forward and he’d squeeze her breasts in his strong hands. She licked his thumb and positioned it at her clit. She leaned back and rode him harder while his thumb circled her pleasure button. At one point she was almost bucking her hips on him and he could tell she was getting close again, hell, he was getting close again. He sat up so she could rub her clit against his stomach. He could tell that the mild mannered gal he met an hour earlier was gone. He had flipped a switch in her and she wouldn’t stop until she had gotten her fill; which was fine with him. There were lots of things he wanted to do with her and he could tell she would deny him nothing.

He was ready to cum and pushed her back onto the floor. He spread her legs wide and pushed her knees up to her shoulders. Those long legs were tons of fun. He positioned the head of his glistening cock at the entrance to her pussy. Then he grabbed it with his hand and started rubbing her clit with his bulbous head. She squeezed her nipples and moaned.

“That feels so good!” she told him, “You’ve got me so turned on again!” He stroked her this way then plunged into her pussy. He could watch it splitting her. He put his hands on her knees and worked his hips front and back to fuck her with every inch of him. She was wet again and he slid into her easily. He pulled his cock out and rubbed the head of it at her tight little pink asshole. Her moan encouraged him and he pressed against it. He was slick from her juices but took it slowly to allow her time to adjust to the thickness of him. He was ready to ram it inside her but held back.

He heard her whimper a bit from the pain but when he stopped she told him “No, don’t stop…” He pushed deeper each thrust and soon was all the way inside her. “Oh, fuck, that feels so good!” she told him and he felt his balls tightening in anticipation of what was to sure to be an earth shattering orgasm. He built up speed and was making long deliberate thrusts into her tight ass. He leaned forward to suck her nipples and bury his face in her soft, hot breasts. He felt her nails on his back and she pulled him even deeper into her.

“You’re gonna make me cum, baby.” she told him breathlessly. His hips slammed into her and soon they were moving together in a violent dance. He felt his next orgasm build from deep within him and he knew it would be a deluge of cum. Her breathing and moaning sounded so good in his ear and they were sweating and moving into each other. When she cried out and began to shudder around him, he exploded deep inside her. He could hear her pleasure echoing off the walls of the warehouse and he didn’t stop until he emptied every drop into her. He collapsed on top of her and felt her breathing under him. His head was spinning and he felt so relaxed.

She played with his hair and stroked his back as she came back to the present. Never had she met someone with whom she felt so turned on and yet so comfortable. It had been the sweetest afternoon and she hoped that it wasn’t the end of their encounter.

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