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Kara’s Fantasy

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OK, I admit it. I have a real fascination for a woman’s ass. Not all asses, but nice pear-shaped ones. If I see a woman walk by, the first place I look is behind. Well, maybe not the first, if she is walking towards me, but I will make an extra effort to look back as she walks past me.

First let me tell you a little about myself. I’m 51; about 5 foot 9 inches tall, 175 lbs, graying hair.

I’ve been married to the most incredible woman in the world for 26 years. My wife is ready to try almost anything sexual that I suggest and she will even throw in a fantasy or two. What more can a guy ask for?

I’ve found that the older I get the more varied my sexual interests have become. When we were first married our sex was pretty much vanilla. I loved sex then, but it didn’t vary a whole lot. But as time has rolled by I find myself fantasizing about other kinds of sex and anal is one of them. If I’m masturbating and don’t seem to be able to get off, all I have to do is think about fucking a woman in the ass and bingo, a major climax. My wife, Amy, enjoys a good ass fuck once in a while, but she isn’t into it as much as I am. Hell I’d do her in the butt almost every time we had sex if she wanted to. My thought is that no matter what kind of sex you are having, it’s no good unless your partner is really enjoying it. So with that thought, I will only do her butt when she wants to, and she lets me know when the time is right.

I find myself thinking about what it would be like to do a woman I don’t even know, or even a woman I do know–it doesn’t matter as long as she has a nice ass. Pretty sick, most people would think. I like to read stories about ass fucking or watching porno movies with a good ass reaming included. I think you get the idea.

I work in an engineering office that is fairly large with about 100 employees, so there are a few good looking women to fantasize about. One in particular has caught my eye many times because she is very attractive and has a great ass. It’s not that she only has a great ass, but she also has a great figure and a small waist. Her breasts are also small, but that’s ok because I like women with small, perky breasts. Before I was married, it seemed that most of the women that I had sex with who had small tits were also very sensitive and loved having them sucked on. (Sensitive, large nipples are another huge turn on for me).

Kara is in her 40’s and is also married with very short brown hair, wire-rimmed glasses and a pretty face. Every now and then we would meet in the hall and say “hi” or something like “nice day today.” A few times we would see each other in the coffee room and chat about nothing in particular while waiting for the coffee to finish brewing. She seemed really nice, but that was as far as it went. Nice, married women don’t ask you to fuck them in the ass like I would in my fantasies, right?

One day she came into my office and asked me to do something for her on a report that she was writing. I was pleased to see her and even though I had a fairly large workload already I said “Sure, no problem”. She explained what she needed, and we were joking around. She had a great smile and wasn’t afraid to laugh when I said something funny. I can be a real flirt when I want to be and she seemed to be enjoying it, and maybe doing a little of her own flirting. As far as I could see, there was no problem there.

Just as she was about to leave, she dropped one of those spring-type paper clips onto the floor and it bounced under one of the tables. She was wearing a pair of slacks that fit fairly snuggly around the hips, not too tight, but tight enough to show off her shape. She also had on a thin blouse that buttoned up the front, which fit snugly, allowing what breasts she had to be well-defined. She looked nice, but sexy.

Kara said “Clumsy me,” and bent down to pick up the clip. She had to get on her hands and knees and crawl partly under the table to reach it. This was perfect! What a view it gave me of her wonderfully pear-shaped butt as it stuck up in the air while she retrieved the clip. I could feel myself getting hard just looking at her and thinking what I would like to do to that wonderful ass.

I was lost in my thoughts when I heard her say “And what are you looking at?” I realized that she had turned her head to back and looked up at me as I was staring at her sexy ass! I was so embarrassed, I didn’t know what to say. I felt like a kid caught stealing candy from the local general store, or worse.

Kara stood up, looked me in the eye and asked, “Were you looking at my butt?” I didn’t know what to say. “You were, weren’t you?” she asked.

I don’t know why, but I looked straight back at her and said, “Can you blame a guy for looking at such a sexy butt as yours?” That must have been the right thing to say because she just smiled and said “No,” laughed a little and left with a small wiggle of her ass as she went through the door.

If anything could fuel a fantasy, that little scene did. For the rest of the day and into the next, all kinds of naughty thoughts were running through my dirty little mind. Of course I knew they would be nothing more than fantasy, since she was a married, professional woman, and I was a married guy, who was maybe not so professional. That was the way things were.

After that one encounter with Kara, things pretty much fell back into the same pattern, at which I was not at all surprised. A couple of weeks later, she asked if I would like company while I did my usual lunchtime walk around the pond. It’s a ritual that I have; I eat lunch while reading the newspaper and then go for a walk for the remainder of the lunch hour. The path goes around a pond in the office park, into a wooded area and then back to the building I work in. It takes about 30 minutes to complete. It’s a real nice way to break up the day and get some fresh air and a little exercise at the same time.

Surprised but pleased by her question, I answered “Sure, meet you out front at 12:30.”

I was a little suspicious because Kara had never asked to walk with me before. I wondered what was up, but at the same time I felt excitement building at the possible reasons for her coming along. I told myself she probably just wanted to go for a walk and didn’t want to walk alone.

We met out front and proceeded to the path. It was a nice summer day with the sun shining and the temperature in the 80’s – a perfect New England day. Kara was wearing a dark sleeveless dress that hit her mid-thigh and had a v-neck top. Conservative but sexy, which is the way she usually dressed. The dress hung loosely and swayed as she walked which brought my attention to that wonderful ass. Of course, it doesn’t take much for my attention to be brought to that particular section of her anatomy. We chatted as we walked about home, married life etc. Then she asked if I enjoyed being married.

“Yeah, for the most part,” I replied. “There are always times when it doesn’t seem to work as nicely as I would like” I explained, “but overall we have a good marriage. How about you?”

“Same here except we don’t seem to have that fire that we did when we were first married,” she said.

“I don’t think any marriage continues hot and horny for very long, you just get used to one another and the excitement naturally diminishes,” I said.

We continued on to the wooded area, which was nice and cool due to the shade afforded by the trees. I remembered seeing a gazebo off the path one day when I was in the mood to do a little exploring. “Do you want to go rest in the gazebo for a few minutes?” I asked.

“Where is there a gazebo?” Kara questioned with a puzzled look on her face. “I’ve never seen one in all the time I’ve walked this path.”

“Just a few hundred feet into the woods. I don’t know why the grounds people would put it there but there it is!” I exclaimed.

We took the detour and sure enough, it was still there. Kara couldn’t believe that she had never known about it, and commented about how cute it was. We sat down and took in the view; it was very quiet and cozy. I had never come across any other people in all the times I had stopped here, and today was no different. We had the place to ourselves.

“Did you mean what you said the other day?” Kara asked, looking down at the floor.

“What was that?” I asked not sure what she was talking about.

“The other day when I dropped the report off to you, you said I had a nice butt.”

I was just a little surprised at the question but I tried to keep my composure. I had the idea that it would be very easy to embarrass or upset her at this moment. “Of course I did! I wouldn’t have said it if I didn’t mean it. Don’t you think you do?” I asked her.

“Yes, but nobody has ever said that to me and when you did I got a tingling sensation in my stomach,” she said with a shy smile.

“Was that a good tingling or a bad tingling?” I asked cautiously.

“Good I think…..If I tell you something do you promise not to laugh and keep it between just us?”

“Sure, you know I will,” I promised her.

“I’ve always wanted my husband Mike to play with my ass a little when we make love, but he never does,” she said with a demure look on her face.

“Have you ever told him that?”

“Yes but the most he ever does is rub his hands over me and then moves on.”

“What would you like him to do?” I asked sympathetically.

“I would like him to kiss me there and fondle me and maybe even use his finger.”

She was telling me this all the while looking down at the floor like she was embarrassed just saying these things. She must have felt like she was taking a big chance in telling me, as who knows what I might have said or thought. I thought she was actually very brave in confessing her desires to someone she really didn’t know very well, and I told her so.

“Do you think I’m weird for wanting him to do those things to me?” she asked.

“No, lots of people feel the same as you. In fact, I have a real love for a nice ass myself. I think it’s the best part of a woman and you have one of the sexiest asses I have ever seen.”

“How would you know?” she asked. “You’ve never seen my butt.”

“From what I have seen, you have one of the best!” I exclaimed.

Now, this conversation was getting awfully erotic! I don’t think I’ve ever had a talk like this with any woman except my wife, and it was having a growing influence on my cock. I had to shift a little to get myself in a more comfortable position, but there was still a noticeable bulge showing. Kara watched me shift and fidget, looked down to my lap and then back up to my eyes.

A smile formed on her lips and she said, “I can see you really mean that.” With that said, she looked back down to my lap again and I followed her gaze to see what she was looking at. It was my turn to be embarrassed!

“Would you like to see what Mike doesn’t want to play with?” She asked with a definite sparkle in her eyes.

I guess the look on my face was enough of an answer because she stood up and leaned on the railing with her ass facing me. I couldn’t believe this was happening, but I sure as hell wasn’t going to hurt her feelings by not taking the next step. Sometimes a guy just has to suck it up and do the right thing for a friend, right?

I lifted her skirt slowly to reveal a pair of white cotton panties. I think a simple pair of white panties can be one of the sexiest things a woman can wear and this pair was perfect. Thin white cotton hugged her ass and pussy like it was painted on and they smelled so good! Her stockings were thigh-high, so there were no pantyhose to get in the way. I placed my open palms on her ass and rubbed her backside from top to bottom and then all around. I squeezed and even pinched her soft, smooth cheeks. She was perfect! I brought a hand down between her legs and fondled her pussy, feeling the moisture seeping through the thin material. I heard her take in a deep breath and slowly let it out; I think she was enjoying this as much as I was, maybe more.

It was time to unwrap this lovely package and what I really wanted to do was just rip her panties off, but instead, I did it slowly. I have to admit, I get a thrill out of teasing a woman, and this was a perfect time, so I slowly pulled them down. As I pulled, I placed my wet tongue just above the top of her panties, licking and kissing as I pulled them lower and lower. I ran my tongue down her crack from her spine almost to her tight little hole and I heard her groan. She smelled great too. How do women do it, a butt that smells good? I figure it must be some kind of magic because I’m willing to bet that any guy’s ass doesn’t smell good at any time!

It was time to shed the panties and get a full view of this wonderfully sexy ass. I slid them down to the ground and she stepped out of them. I picked them up and put them to my nose taking in a big whiff. I believe my cock grew another inch!

My tongue made its way back to her ass and I licked her all over while playing with her pussy. I pressed a finger inside her moist, extremely hot flesh while I licked her asshole. The juice was positively running out of her and she was swaying back and forth while moaning a deep growl.

It was time to release my cock; it wasn’t fair leaving it all cooped up inside a pair of pants when her ass was taking in the cool, clean air. She must have seen me do this because she let out a loud growl and started bucking into my face. She was so hot, we could have started a forest fire! I could not understand how her husband could possibly refuse to do anything for this woman, much less this. His loss, I guess.

I buried my tongue into her ass as far as it would go but she was extremely tight. She might have fantasized about someone doing her like this, but it was obvious that she was an anal virgin. Kara was very tight and refused to relax her muscles.

I thought, if a tongue can’t get in there, maybe a finger can. I scooped up a large handful of her pussy juice and rubbed it into her asshole, figuring that the more lube the better. I started rubbing my finger around her hole slowly, pressing more and more while playing with her pussy and clit. She was groaning louder and louder and her legs were beginning to shake. I think she was very close to a climax so I kept going. Little by little, my finger slipped inside her and she was shaking more and more. First one knuckle – a gasp! When I went to the second knuckle I heard a small scream. This was getting intense and I started stroking my cock. Now was the time! I buried the whole finger into her ass and she went off like fireworks. She put her arm across her mouth to stifle the scream and her whole body shook and went rigid. Juice just poured out of her pussy down her legs and onto the floor of the gazebo. This had to be one of the most intense orgasms I have ever seen a woman have, it was wonderful to be a part of it!

I slowly pulled my finger out of her and she seemed to relax a little as her climax subsided. Her legs folded under her so I grabbed her by the waist and sat her down on the bench as she collapsed onto my lap. This is only my opinion but I think that one of the most beautiful sights on this planet is a woman during – and just after – a mind-shattering climax. Kara was just that beautiful in that moment! I pulled her dress back up and gently rubbed my hand all over her ass and pussy, enjoying the moment and the feel of her.

Slowly she began to stir. She looked up at me with a contented smile.

“I have never experienced and orgasm like that in my life, thank you!”

“Glad to be of help” I said with a wide grin. “It was as enjoyable for me as it was for you.”

She sat up and gave me a big hug and a wet, open-mouthed kiss that made me hard again. She must have felt me pressing against her because she got this surprised look on her face as she said, “You didn’t get a chance to get off did you?”

“No but just watching you cum like you did was good enough for both of us. I’ll get you back some other time.”

“That’s not fair,” she said with a very concerned look on her face.

“Believe me Kara, I’ll get my chance another time,” I replied.

“If you say so,” she said a little cautiously. I think she realized this was not going to be the last time we would get together. Then she smiled that devilish smile.

“We better get back before they send out the troops looking for us,” I exclaimed, a little worried about the time we had been gone. It had only been an hour, but it wasn’t like either of us to be late getting back after lunch.

We put ourselves back together and she bent down to pick up her panties but I grabbed them from her.

“Uh-uh, these are mine,” I said putting them in my pocket. “I want to smell you whenever I want to and these panties will do the trick just fine.”

“But what will I do for the rest of the day?” she asked.

“Go as you are, it’ll be sexy. Who knows, maybe someone will see that sexy little ass of yours. Or maybe even your pussy!” I said with a smile.

“You’re bad!” she exclaimed hitting me on the butt. “OK, just this once. I better not get into trouble.”

We walked back to work laughing and feeling like kids again. She was glowing and if anybody noticed anything, they would notice that glow. It was worth the risk though.

The remainder of the day was just a blur. I spent most of the time thinking about what had just happened. Things like that just don’t happen to married guys like me, do they? An idea came to me towards the end of the day on how we could continue this little adventure. I wasn’t sure how much attention to her ass Kara wanted, but I was going to find out tomorrow.


Normally I would do almost anything to get out of going into the office on a Saturday but this Saturday was different. The report Kara and I had been working on was due on Monday and we still had a few things to finish up before it could be turned in. Most of the work was minor changes and then came the printing and binding, mostly no-brainer type stuff.

By early afternoon we put the final touches on the report and sent it off to printing. Everyone had left except Kara and me, eager to get started with the weekend. It always feels a little strange in the office on the weekends, no one around and dressed casual with jeans and t-shirts. Normally there are lots of people buzzing around, different conversations going on in cubicles all around you and everyone dressed professionally. Working on the weekend would be nice if it wasn’t the weekend if you know what I mean.

Kara and I were sitting around taking a few minutes to relax before heading home. As I was drinking the last of my Coke I was noticing that Kara even looked good in jeans. She had on a tight pair of faded jeans and a low-cut tee shirt, which would surely not win the best-dressed award, but she sure looked sexy.

I was thinking back to when we were putting the pages of the report together; we had been standing opposite of each other and bending over. Although this may not be the most comfortable position to be in for more than a couple of minutes, it did give me the opportunity to see down the front of Kara’s braless t-shirt. As I said before, she has a small chest, but to my surprise she had very puffy nipples which stood out from her breasts at least an inch or more, and were just aching to be sucked on. I felt a familiar stiffness coming on big time.

Now that we were alone the discussion went to what had happened yesterday and this was not making my cock get any softer.

“Looks like the beast is back,” she laughed, looking straight at my crotch.

She had been brushing her hair when she said this but stopped, put the brush down, got up, turned around and started swaying her ass back and forth to tease me.

“Is it this what brought the beast back?” she teased.

I got up and stood right behind her as she was swaying that beautiful butt back and forth rubbing against the front of my pants. This was too good of an opportunity to pass up and I was going to see how far she really wanted to go.

I brought my hand up and gave her a huge slap on the ass. She jumped up with a shocked look on her face.

“What was that for?” she asked with a pained look on her face.

“Because you like to tease and you’re being very naughty,” I exclaimed trying to sound angry but not succeeding. “Now bend over the desk and take your punishment like the naughty girl that you are.”

To my surprise she did just that. “Are you going to spank me?” she asked with a tone so low I could barely hear her.

“Yes I am Kara; I’m going to teach you a lesson!”

I started spanking her cute tush with blows designed to not hurt, just sting a little. Slap after slap landed on her swaying ass causing her to breathe deeply. This was good but I needed to see her bare bottom, to feel her flesh as I spanked her.

“Take your pants off you bad girl, I want to spank your bare bottom,” I demanded.

She stood up and slowly unbuttoned her pants all the while playing the part of a girl about to be punished. She took an achingly long time to pull them down, wiggling her ass as she did. Underneath she had on thin, flowered cotton panties, again clinging to her body like paint. Once again I could see she was soaking wet.

“Panties have to come off too,” I ordered. She took forever pulling them off, teasing me as much as possible.

“Now assume the position Kara,” I sternly told her pointing towards the desk.

She bent over sticking her ass out as far as possible. I think she was beginning to enjoy this little game. I began spanking her bare bottom again with the same force as before, not enough to really hurt her but a little sting was the desired effect. Her cheeks were starting to turn a rosy pink with all this attention, but she started moaning like she was really enjoying it. I stopped long enough to reach down between her legs and cup her pussy. She was soaking wet again and her lips were all swollen. I could even feel her clit sticking out hard as a little cock. She was a sight to behold!

It was time to release the beast so I unzipped, unbuttoned and dropped my pants. My cock hurt it was so hard and I could see a drop of precum sitting on the tip. Kara was really turning me on!

I glanced over at the desk and saw the hairbrush sitting there and an idea popped into my head, a devilish one at that.

Kara saw me pick it up and asked, “What are you going to do with that?” She had a very worried look on her face, and with good reason.

“You didn’t think that you were going to get away with a few light slaps on the rump after being as naughty as you have been, did you?”

“I don’t know, but what are you planning to do?” she asked with that worried look still on her face.

The brush was plastic and about eight inches long, with the handle taking about four inches of the length. It was round and a little larger in diameter at the end, getting narrower towards the brush. The back of the brush was slightly curved and would make a great paddle.

“You’re about to find out Kara. So be quiet and bend over like a good girl,” I said.

I turned the brush around and smacked her good with the smooth rounded backside of the brush. It made a wonderful slapping sound but I don’t think it hurt as badly as it sounded. She slightly jumped and yelled “Ow” when it landed on her left cheek. This is good I thought. Smack, smack, smack, I slapped her a few more times and her buns were getting very red, almost glowing!

I ran my hand over her feeling the heat and pulled a groan from her. Then I cupped her pussy again inserting one and then two fingers deep inside her while my thumb flicked across her clit. She started humping my hand while I was doing this and began to reach down to rub herself. I grabbed her hands and pulled them behind her back and held them there.

“This is my pussy and ass right now, not yours and you are not to touch until told to do so.” I said sternly. I told her to clasp her hands behind her back, so I could have both hands free to touch and tease her sweet ass and pussy.

She looked back at me a little confused but definitely obedient. I brought some of her juices up to her puckered hole and rubbed my finger all around it and started to press in. She gave in easily this time and it wasn’t long before I had one and then two fingers deep inside her ass. She was really starting to squirm and shake now, closing in on a climax – but I wasn’t ready for her to explode yet. There was more to do.

I pulled my fingers out of her ass and replaced them with the handle of the brush. I pushed it against her now open hole, gently piercing her as she had never been before. She gasped and instinctively tried to move away from the object trying to invade her ass but I held her tight in my arms. Slowly I sank the handle into her ass and she opened up, accepting every inch of it.

“Oh my God” she gasped, “I’ve never felt anything so wonderful in my life!” She started humping again as I pulled the brush out and then back in again. She just kept on grunting and humping that brush. It was the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen!

With the brush still embedded deep in her ass I turned her around and pulled her up onto the desk. I had her sit up with her legs spread as wide as possible so I could see her exposed pussy and her ass with the brush sticking out. It was an impressive sight to say the least and she was still humping that brush. Now I pulled her t-shirt up to her shoulders exposing her little tits and wonderfully puffed out nipples. They looked even better now that she was as excited as she was. They had swollen even more and were all bumpy from her excitement.

I reached down and grabbed her right tit and squeezed it bringing her nipple out even further and then leaned over and sucked it into my mouth like a hungry baby. If I wasn’t so hot I could have sucked on her nipples for hours but I was getting close to a major climax myself.

I climbed up on the desk and positioned my cock right in front of her and started jerking myself off. The precum was dripping out of my piss slit and falling on her stomach and she was watching all this with a lust-filled look in her eyes. I wanted to put my other hand inside her pussy to bring her off but she had beaten me to it. Her fingers were like a blur as she stroked herself, stopping once in a while to push all of her fingers deep inside of her pussy. Already I could see a puddle forming on the desk and the thought ran through my head that maybe she had peed, but I think she was just that turned on.

I returned my attention back to her sexy little tits and at that moment all I wanted to do was cum all over them and within a few moments that was exactly what I did. I exploded with a fury that I hadn’t felt in a long time, probably due to the naughty nature of this whole affair. Cum squirted all over her tits, dripping off her nipples onto her stomach and down to her pussy.

This must have been the last straw for her too, because she screamed, bucked and shook like a wild woman. Her pussy squirted cum like I have never seen before and it was a huge turn-on to see. The puddle under her ass was huge and was running off the edge of the desk. She came and came, spasms racking her body time after time. She kept jerking her hips forward forcing her brush-filled ass up into the air like she was fucking someone with a fury.

Then Kara just collapsed – something I assume she does after a huge climax, because she did the same thing at the gazebo. I lay down next to her and kissed her on the lips and played with her cum-covered nipples, waiting for her to come to.

It took about five minutes but she did start to stir and opened her eyes. She looked at me and said, “That was incredible!”

“I have to agree Kara, you are one hot tomato!”

She just chuckled and started to get up. She was a sight, cum-covered with a brush sticking out of her ass and sitting in a puddle on a desk at work.

“I don’t think there are many people who can claim ever looking like you do right now Kara” I said. Again she laughed.

I gently pulled the brush out forcing a groan from her once again. “I think this is going to need a washing,” I said with a smile. Then I pulled her t-shirt down soaking up the cum all over her breasts and stomach.

“I think I’m going to leave this shirt on all the way home. Maybe no one will notice,” she laughed.

We both got up and put our pants back on, but once again I stole her panties claiming them for myself. She gave no argument. It took a while before we were able to get ourselves together but eventually we did and went our separate ways. But not before we kissed and hugged and thanked each other for a wonderful working Saturday.

“I would never have believed that I would have done anything even close to what we just did!” she said. “You have made a fantasy come true for me and I don’t know how to thank you!”

“You made a fantasy of mine come true also Kara, so we’re even.”

She just smiled and gave me a light kiss on the lips. As she walked away I couldn’t help but to watch her sway her hips and think that there was still one part of this fantasy left undone. I felt that familiar stiffness coming on once again.


A week had gone by and what a let down it was after last week. The days were pretty much just ordinary working days. Both Kara and I were working on completely different projects, so I didn’t get to see her much during the day. Even lunches were quiet, since either she or I worked through our lunch hours. It seemed things had gone back to normal. It’s probably a good thing though, because a guy could get caught up in the little fun we had and it could take over. We both had spouses and lives that we still needed and wanted.

Friday afternoon about 4:45 Kara came running into my office like there was an emergency. “Oh good, you’re still here. My car is in the shop today and my ride left early. Could you give me a ride home?”

“Sure, I have nothing pressing. When do you want to leave?” I asked.

“In about 15 minutes, is that OK?”

“Yep, see you then.”

We chatted on the way home, some about last Saturday and some about other things. I did ask her if Mike had noticed anything strange when she got home.

“He didn’t notice anything until I sat down on the floor in front of him and started to masturbate” she laughed.

She proceeded to tell me how she took off her pants, sat down in front of him with her legs wide open and started to masturbate. He had a look of shock on his face but soon got into the swing of things and jumped on her right there and fucked her raw. The best part was when he was sucking on her tits and mentioned that she tasted different. I had to laugh at that and asked if he had any idea what he was licking and she told him it was a new body spray she had used. This got us both laughing so hard tears were running down my cheeks.

We arrived at her house just about then and she asked if I would like a beer before heading home. I thought, why not and followed her inside. I noticed Mike wasn’t around.

“Where’s Mike?”

“He’s off with his buddies at a baseball game, he won’t be home before midnight. They usually go to a sports bar after the game to blow off a little steam.”

I was a little surprised but that was OK.

“I’m going to get out of these clothes, be back in a minute,” she said as she gave me the beer. Her house was small but quite comfortable looking. I’ll take a house that is small and comfortable over huge and expensive any day.

It wasn’t long before she came back into the kitchen. I did a double take as she walked by me. Kara had on a pair of gray cotton shorts that were tight and very short. The leg openings where larger than her legs and almost allowed you to see up to her ass while the rest of the material fit very snuggly showing every contour of her body. They were very sexy to say the least, while still being very casual. Her top was a short tee shirt that was short enough to show just a little of her belly and was cut low enough to show a little cleavage. She was a sight to behold.

“You’re looking very sexy” I exclaimed.

“Oh this, these are just some old ‘bang around the house’ clothes I like to wear, they’re very comfortable,” she said innocently.

Somehow, I thought she just might be teasing me again. It was working! Whether she was trying or not, I could feel that stiffness coming on again.

Kara was putting away dishes from the dishwasher while we were talking and I was sitting at the table. I couldn’t help but try to get a glimpse up her shorts as she bent over to pick out dishes from the washer. I didn’t think she had noticed my stares because she just went on doing her business while talking. Meanwhile I was getting hotter and hotter just watching her and it was beginning to show and again I started to fidget trying to find a comfortable position. I think a pattern is beginning to form here.

When Kara finished putting the dishes away, she asked if I wanted to go into the living room where it was more comfortable. I agreed and off we went. I sat down on the couch and watched her as she paced back and forth a couple of times like she had something on her mind.

“Is everything OK Kara?” I asked.

It took her a few moments to answer. “Yes, I was just thinking, trying to decide something.”

With that she moved the coffee table and knelt down in front of me. I was a little surprised by this. Then she reached out and unbuckled my belt, unzipped my pants and pulled out my cock. Just like that! I couldn’t believe she was doing this and was at a complete loss for words.

She bent down and put my quickly stiffening cock in her mouth and swallowed it completely. I can’t describe how good it felt. She continued to lick and suck on my cock for the next several minutes without either one of us saying a word. I just sat there completely enjoying the sight and feel of what Kara was doing to me.

When I felt as though I was on the verge of exploding and releasing a huge load of cum into her mouth she just stopped. Oh the agony I was feeling right then! She stood up and pulled off her shirt exposing those beautiful tits and even rubbing and pinching her nipples to tease me. Then she peeled off her shorts, dropped them to the floor and kicked them aside. She started fingering her pussy, showing me how wet her fingers were and then licking her juices off. I could even see her clit sticking out, erect and shiny with her juices.

A word still had not been spoken between us. She climbed up onto the couch, standing and straddling me. Her cunt was right in front of my face and I could smell her sex as well as feel the heat emanating from her. I put my hands around her grabbing her ass and drawing her pussy to me. Pushing my tongue deep inside her was extremely exciting for me and it drew a groan from her. Her juices were flowing down my chin and onto my chest, intensifying my excitement. I ran my tongue around her clit causing her to hump my face. She had her hands behind my head pushing my face into her, trying to envelope me. She tasted as sweet as I could have ever imagined!

Kara shocked me again by pulling herself away from my face and crouched down, slowly impaling herself onto my hard, hot, angry cock. It was like being bathed in warm silky oil. She buried my cock to the balls deep inside her cunt and just sat there. Then she kissed me and licked her juices off of my face. She was like a kitten licking the food off of your fingers, not wanting to miss a single drop. All the while I could feel her pussy contracting around my cock. It was close to impossible to not try to hump her pussy.

We stayed like that for what seemed like an eternity, but it was really three or four minutes before she slowly raised herself off of my cock. She climbed off of the couch and onto the floor and turned around facing away from me. She did all this in slow motion and I took in every movement breathlessly. While on her hands and knees she put her head down onto the carpet and her ass up in the air and looked back at me.

“Fuck me Kurt, fuck me in the ass! Fuck my asshole hard and deep!” she said with a deep throaty voice.

This was the one thing in her fantasy we had not done, and you can’t let a fantasy go unfulfilled. I kneeled down behind her and cupped her pussy collecting a handful of her juice and spread it all over and into her ass. She literally sucked my fingers inside her, she was so hot and turned on.

I put the head of my cock against her hole and began to push gently. I could feel her open up and allow my entry into the most intimate part of her body. I heard her groan deeply as the head of my cock disappeared inside her ass. I stopped allowing her to get accustomed to my invasion. After a few moments I very slowly pushed a little deeper and then pulled almost completely out.

I repeated this going a little deeper every time I pushed back in, keeping my pace slow and easy. Eventually I had my cock buried to my balls inside her ass and it felt great, she was so tight and hot around my entire cock. I had to concentrate very hard not to climax too quickly but was able to hold off the inevitable for a little while.

“You feel so good inside my ass Kurt, it burns and hurts but feels so good at the same time!” she said with that deep, husky sex voice. “If you keep this up you’re going to make me cum!”

This made me want to fuck her even more so I started pounding into her ass with more force and speed. Every time I buried myself she would grunt and the grunts were getting louder and louder.

“Fuck me you bastard!” she yelled. Fuck my tight little asshole!”

That was it! I had all I could take and I couldn’t take any more! I slammed into her as hard as I could, pushing her ass up in the air with every thrust. The sweat was running off of my body like I was standing in the rain. My body took over and I no longer had control. This happens every once in a while and it is scary and wonderful at the same time.

Suddenly I heard Kara scream and she went rigid, clutching my cock like a vise with the muscles in her ass. Then she started shaking uncontrollably. I knew she was cumming and it set me off like a rocket. I could feel my cum squirting deep inside her ass, squirt after squirt, I just kept on cumming. This had to be one of the most intense climaxes I’ve ever had!

We just stayed in that position for like a minute, not moving or breathing. It was like we were some sort of erotic statue. Then slowly we both began to sink down to the floor until we couldn’t fall any further. Kara on her stomach with me on top of her, my cock still buried inside her ass.

We must have passed out, because I don’t remember a thing after that until Kara started to stir. I raised myself enough to fall to the side, relieving the weight on top of Kara so she could breathe. I remember looking down at her ass and watching my cum leak out of her, across her pussy and onto the carpet. Another fine mess we’ve created here!

We managed to get ourselves upright to hug and kiss. There wasn’t much to say, just thanks. I figured I better get myself cleaned up and get home before it got too late, or I’d have to do a bunch of explaining.

I left her with a kiss and a goodbye, knowing we would see each other next Monday at work. That would give us enough time to grasp what had just happened and how to deal with it. I was hoping that she would feel the same as I did – that this was a one time thing, a fantasy fulfilled and that was all. This was Kara’s fantasy and I just help her make it come true.


Some of you reading this little story may not believe that this actually happened. Well, you are right. This isn’t Kara’s fantasy, it is mine.

You might ask, “Is there a real Kara?”

She may be based on a woman I know or have seen, but you will never know. I can tell you that the place of work is real. My wife is real, and she is as great as I said she is. And of course the fantasy is real.

I hope you enjoyed reading about this little fantasy as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Things like this just don’t happen to regular married guys like us, right?

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