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Roger had seen the couple every Saturday morning about the same time for the past month. It is impossible to not remember such a beautiful woman with a hook for one hand and an empty sleeve. Unfortunately, the same man is with her each time. She wears a wedding ring on a chain around her neck, dangling just above the start of very fine cleavage.

Just before they step forward in his line to checkout, Frank taps him on the shoulder and mentions it is time for a break. Roger scowls, his brow furrowed, as he turns to walk away. Another whole week until he sees her again, like an eternity. He lingers against the nearby wall, a foot against the wall with hands stuffed in both pockets. Frank makes idle chitchat with them and he wonders what they are saying.

Most every night since first seeing her, he has dreamed of her. Now the dreams are more frequent, more detailed, and more sexual. At first, the husband would be there, watching or talking. Now, well now it is just her sprawled atop him rubbing both stumps everywhere.

Not since Jean divorced him had he been with an amputee, but the memories still abound. He often scours the web looking for picture or pours though the ones of her. It doesn’t matter; the arousal is just as great. She was missing an arm, the right one just above the elbow. She would caress his face with it, to tease and excite. He knew where it would touch eventually. Those were the best nights.

The woman whispers to her husband and he goes ahead with the basket and rounds the corner. She stands just in front of Roger with a pleasant smile.

“Missed having you check me out.”

The way she puts the words together have several interpretations. His eyes take in her appearance in detail, slowly roaming, slowly undressing.

“There, something to remember,” she whispers, and then turns to leave.

“At least tell me your name.”

“Yes, for your nightly fantasy. It’s Sara.”

She smiles again and is gone as quickly as she arrived. The left arm seemed to be off near the shoulder based on the way the sleeve hung. It wasn’t clear how much of the other arm remained, but the way the hook moved he imagined it was below the elbow.

His foot slowly falls to the floor and he walks to the break room. Shoving a dollar bill into the slot, he pushes the button, waiting for the can of Pepsi to fall down. The level of frustration is great and he has trouble popping the top. The spray of suds across his face and shirt adds to the irritation from not having asked for more information or giving her his contact information. He sits hard on the plastic seat and cross his legs leaving an ankle over the knee.

“Hey,” Maggie says, repeating the same activity with the drink machine. “Saw you talking to Sara. Do you know her? I only know her name.”

“Nah, but she comes though my line on Saturday mornings. We make idle conversation. That’s all.”

“Remarkable woman, even if you don’t find her pretty.”

“She’s a knock out.”

“Yeah. Not many men would say that about a woman missing both arms.”


“God-d, if she was a lesbian, I’d make a move on her.” She laughs.

“She appears to be married.”

“Lucky guy. She sure floats my boat.” She laughs. “You ever know someone like her.”

“My ex-wife was missing an arm just above the elbow.”

“Oh, my. Is that why you married her?” She chuckles.

“I’m kind in the closet about that part of my life.”

“Hey, me too! The only reason I mentioned it is ’cause you were lookin’ at her.”

“Yeah.” He shakes his head twice. “Maybe we could have a drink after work…talk about things.”

“Honest, I only like women.”

“I understand. I’m not trying to get in your panties.” He groans and then stands, tossing the empty can in the trash. “Got to get back to work. Later.”

At home, Maggie hurries to her laptop and calls up several web pages of pictures, all of women missing arms. She pulls her blouse and bra off, watching the pictures scroll past. Sitting, she squirms out of her slacks and panties. The conversation with Roger had more than aroused feelings. She had not known anyone that lived near with comparable desires. Gay or straight, he is someone to cultivate a friendship with, and soon.

Her finger alternately fingers between her thighs then slips into her mouth, sucking it like an erection. It doesn’t take long before all it is doing is drilling deeply between her legs. The phone rings and she considers if it is worth answering. Finally, she gives in rather than finishing the task at hand. She was so close too.


“Hey, Maggie. It’s Jean. Sorry, I dropped off the face of the earth.” She chuckles.

“How could I forget you?” She snickers. “Missing that arm…. Anyway, what’s up?”

“Listen, I’m in town and thought we might have dinner.”

“Sure. Just looking at pictures and playing with myself, but I’d rather see you.”

They had arranged to meet in an hour at Elsie’s, a mostly lesbian bar and restaurant. Jean waits at a table, sipping a beer. The halter-top cut low in the front leaving little to the imagination about her breasts or the arm stump ending just above the elbow.

“Look-k at you-u,” Maggie coos. “Might just drag you back to my cave and feast on you.” She laughs, flagging down a waitress to order whatever Jean is having.

“Yeah, been a while. I remember our times fondly.”

“Not to bring up bad memories, but I talked to Roger today.”

“I don’t think of him much anymore. It was an interesting year, but I’m glad we parted ways.”

“He was lusting over a woman with a hook and an empty sleeve. We chatted a bit about her. He doesn’t know about our history.”

“Good, and I’d appreciate keeping it that way.”

“She rocks my world. Shops in the store with her husband every Saturday morning. She been through my checkout line a few times and it is so-o hard to focus on scanning.” She chuckles.


“Yeah, you know her.”

“She had the left leg off the same week I did my arm. It sounds like she’s been back again.”

“Not much left,” Maggie quips.

“Well, I guess she could do more of the one arm. Of course, there is a whole other leg to whack on.” Jean laughs.

They order another round of beer and two cheeseburgers with fries. The waitress spends a moment looking at Jean then walks away.

“She’s hot for you,” Jean teases.

“I doubt it. People just stare.”

“Have anyone in your life?” Maggie asks.

Jean chugs the rest of the beer as the waitress puts new bottles on the table.

“I was hot and heavy with a guy for three weeks, mostly great sex, but we enjoyed each other’s company too.”

“And you let him get away?”

“Took the hook out of his mouth and dropped him overboard like a small fish.” She laughs and wipes some hair from her face using the stump.

“Geez, I love to watch you do stuff like that.”

“You should get a stump. Arms are cheaper than legs.” She snickers.

“I just like to look and touch. Guess I know who to call if I change my mind.”

Thoughts of Sara inflame Roger as he reads his e-mail and looks at pictures of amputee women, one hand on the mouse, the other around his erection. The coming week stretches out like the endless desert for a stranded man without water. The few moments with her added to the details from past encounters greatly. Now he knows her name, even have been several feet closer to her perfect body.

What does she look like naked? The thought rages and he imagines many possibilities, all creating greater arousal between curled fingers. Her husband must have interests similar to his own, otherwise why would he be with her? He probably must help with personal tasks – dressing, eating, even bathroom.

Imagine helping her in the shower, scrubbing that perfect body. Probably kissing everywhere to make sure she is clean. Yeah, such a chore – kissing between her thighs making sure that is perfectly clean. The climax covers his chest and thighs unexpectedly.

Roger relieves Frank at the register between customers. There is no way Sara will come today and the disappointment is great. Yesterday was his day off and he did little other than watch some movies and drool over pictures of amputee women while thinking of her.

“Hey, man. Perfect timing.” Frank steps out of the way.

“Yeah, back to the salt mines.”

“Oh, someone left you a note yesterday.” He hands Roger a folded piece of paper.

‘Sorry I missed you yesterday. A friend was visiting and I thought you might be interested. Maybe another time. Sara’

Groceries were piling up at the end of the black conveyer belt and an older woman seemed impatient with fists jammed against her waist. “What did her friend look like?” Roger whispers to Frank, beginning to scan items without paying much attention.

“Pretty, much like the woman with the note. Oh yeah, she was missing the left arm.”

“Shit-t,” he groans under his breath. “Pretty?”

“Yeah, at least she wasn’t wearing one of those horrible hook things. I guess I was looking more at her chest. Great cleavage.”

“Missing an arm?”

“Uh-huh. She had on a sleeveless blouse and had less than half the upper arm…you know, there.” He points.

“Shit-t, shit,” he groans again, still scanning. “No phone number?”

“No, that’s all. Hey, hook-lady will be back Saturday with her husband. I’m sure.”

“Well, thanks. Have a good break.” He scans a few more items. “Sure ruined my day,” he mutters under his breath.

It remains hard to focus on his work and the line of customers never seems to go away. The list of questions continues to grow in his mind. How do they know each other? Why did they come yesterday? Does the other woman live in the area? Is she single?

The eagle-eyed customer stops him, complaining that he scanned an item twice. He rechecks the register, credits the extra scan, and continues shoving items past the scanner.

Maggie is mostly finished with a sandwich brought from home when Roger sits at the table with his face in his hands.

“Rough day?” she asks, sipping more of the drink from the can.

He tosses the note on the table and she reads it. “Yeah, I saw her. A piece of real eye-candy.”

“Tell me,” he begs into the hands rubbing his face.

“It’ll just frustrate you.” She laughs and finishes the sandwich.

He looks at her dropping his hands onto the table. “I can take it…maybe.”

“They could have been twins, ‘cept she was only missing one arm.” Maggie points above the midway point of her upper arm. “Damn fine looking stump. I’d have to give it a nine-five.” She laughs, holding both hands up as if she is holding two scorecards. “If you’re keeping score.”

“I don’t believe I missed it.”

“Man, I didn’t. Sara saw me and asked if you were working. Something about the friend being in town overnight and wanted an escort. I volunteered.” She laughs. “The woman made it clear she didn’t do women.”

“Holy, fuck me, Jesus.”

Roger shakes his head and stumbles to the fridge to get his sandwich. He slips a dollar in the drink machines and presses the button. Maggie is swigging the last of her drink when he sits again.

“Can I depress you more?” Maggie laughs.

“No, that’s enough for one day.”

She takes one hand with hers for a moment and stares into his eyes. “Listen, I really only like women, but you seems to share a dark side with me that I have no one to talk to about.” She watches his head nod as he chews. “Maybe we should get a drink one evening.”

He stares at the woman for a while. She isn’t a raving beauty by any stretch, but she is attractive enough that he would not object to being with her in public. That she is out, as a lesbian shouldn’t reflect poorly on him. After all, they aren’t ‘dating’.

“I’d like that.” He recovers the note and jams it into a pocket.

On the other side of the parking lot from the grocery store is a country-western bar and restaurant with sawdust on the floor and mostly families for customers. Maggie and Roger stroll through the late afternoon without saying much. Her hands press into the hip pockets of her jeans part of the time.

There is an empty set of stools at the long bar and they take two, ordering whiskey. She comments about how this seems like a conversation that needs more than beer. He agrees, taking the first sip after clinking the glasses together.

“Just arms?” she asks.

“Actually, no. Probably any limb, or limbs, would get me worked up.”

“Boy, howdy. You’ve got that right.”

“Have you ever known someone?” He sips then holds the glass resting on the bar.

“Over the years, two. One was missing a leg, the other an arm. Both were hot until they ran off with someone else.” She chugs part of the drink in disgust.

“Yeah. I was married for a year to a woman missing an arm. Guess that was a big part of my attraction to her.”

Maggie controls her expression and says nothing about having known Jean. “That sucks.”

“Her leaving me? Yeah, but I’m over her and ready for someone new.”

“What would be your preference?”

“Missing a leg or arm would be interesting. Possible one of each.” He chuckles. “How about you?”

“Anything and any combination.”

“Has this been something you’ve wanted in a partner for a long time?”

“As a child, I had a babysitter for a while. She was missing an arm and a leg. She was a riot to be around and didn’t mind letting her stumps show.”

“How did she walk?”

“She used a single crutch, quite gracefully too.”

“Hmmm, I was never so fortunate to know anyone in that part of my life, but now when I see someone missing a limb, I’m be a wreck for days afterwards.”

“Yeah, for the first few hours after I by chance see someone, I’m incapable of rational thought.” Maggie laughs.

Carol sits on the couch reading a paperback book. She wears a casual sleeveless dress slightly unbuttoned. Her only foot, the right one, rests on the edge of the coffee table. The short right stump of her left arm dangles idly. She pushes against the page with her thumb and it turns.

“Hey, how was your trip to see Sara?” Barbara asks, laying her crutches on the floor in front of the overstuffed chair. She drapes her right leg over the arm of the chair, trying to get comfortable.

“Good. She tried to set me up with a guy where she shops. I think his name was Roger. Yeah, that’s it.”

“And he wasn’t interested?”

“He wasn’t there that day. She chatted with a woman who offered to go out with me. Can you imagine?”

“Nah. Give me a handsome guy any day.” She chuckles.

“How’s, ah….”

“Kevin? I broke up with him. He thought he was doing me a favor by seeing me. I’m missing a fuckin’ leg, not desperate.”

“Yeah, it’d sure mess with his mind to know why too.” Carol laughs. “I’d love to find a man who could dig that I wanted to be missing an arm and a leg.” She moves the arm stump about. “I ‘love’ being this way.”

Barbara sits upright and cross the leg over the long stump as though the leg were still there. A hand fondles the end for a moment, and then drags under the tee shirt to find a breast.

“I have that ad on the devotee dating site making quite clear I wanted to be this way. I won’t put my picture up there, so I guess most guys think I’m a fake. I don’t know what else to do.”

“I’ll be seeing Sara again soon. Let me talk to her husband. I hear Dave has connections. I don’t know how close any of them might live to us. I’m not excited about having to move away, but for the right man I would.”

“Wonderful. When?”

“She said Roger is at work every Saturday morning when they shop and loves to look at her. She showed me a picture of him and he’s hot looking. I told her I wanted a shot at him.”

“What makes you sure he’d be interested?”

“I don’t, but Sara and I look like sisters and he is interested in her. Only she is missing both arms and has a stump long enough to wear a hook. Yuck. I don’t know why people do that.”

She slips the bookmark into place and drops the book on the end table. Barbara watches intently as she puts the single crutch under her arm and walk gracefully towards the kitchen.

“Do you want a beer?”

“Sure. Here, I’ll help.”

Barbara opens both bottles and hands one back to Carol.

Sara leans face forward against the shower wall as Dave washes everywhere. The sudsy washcloth moves across the smooth tanned skin of her back and then over each hip. She waves the leg stump a few times.

“Don’t forget this,” she teases.

“I’m not even close to being finished.” He laughs.

“Today’s Saturday. I wonder if Roger will be there.”

“Yeah, probably. He sure likes to look at you.”

“About as much as Maggie.” She laughs. “I think he’d like Carol.”

“I’ve been thinking about someone for Barbara. How about Kevin?”

“I don’t remember him.”

“He came alone to the pool party before you went to have the hand off. He’s a lawyer and well off, confident, and ‘loves’ women missing one leg. I don’t think he’s seeing anyone.”

She turns on the lone foot, still leaning against the wall. He begins to wash her chest, paying great attention to each breast, letting the suds drain across the nipples before sucking each. She rubs the forearm stump through his hair and around his face.

“You take such good care of me.”

He kneels and works his tongue deep inside, his nose brushing the begging clit.

“God-d-d, Dave. Don’t stop that for a few days, why don’t you?”

She grinds against his face letting the climax build.

Roger sees Sara and her husband in line as Frank taps him on the shoulder. He snarls something about the timing and Franks looks up to see why. He finds them two customers back.

“I’m not going to get fired so you can talk to her,” Frank whispers in his ear.

“Trust me, I know people in the mob and they owe me a favor.” Fingers of one hand tighten into a fist.

Frank holds a hand up. “Geez, okay, okay.” He helps bag the groceries as Roger pushes them back.

“Sorry we missed you,” Sara says softly as they step up.

“Yes, me too. You had a friend with you I hear.” He shoves Frank back. He takes a hint and steps away from the checkout area.

“Looks like you are about to take a break,” Dave says. “Maybe we could all go to ‘Java Hut’ for a coffee.”

Sara smiles and rubs the tip of the hook over the black conveyer belt a few times. “I’d like that, Roger.” The way she says his name – soft and sensual – arouses him.

It feels like the entire store is pilled on the belt and he will never be finished. He takes the opportunity to suck in more details of her – the hook, the empty sleeve, the tease of cleavage that is exposed, her face, and lovely lips. Thankfully, they didn’t have much. He hands the receipt to her husband and willingly lets Frank take his place at the register.

He stands with Sara on the sidewalk as Dave takes the basket across the parking lot to the car. They watch him putting bags into the trunk.

“Thanks,” he says, unsure of what else to say.

“Not often a man pays attention to me, not like you. I thought it’d be interesting to have a chance to talk.”

“Yeah, guess I’ve had some interesting thoughts about you.” He chuckles. “Sorry.”

“No, don’t be. Dave is like you.” She laughs.

Dave returns. “Are we ready?”

“I’m Roger,” he says, extending a hand.

“Dave, and this is Sara. I guess you already know that.”

They take a table along the sidewalk away from where others sit. Dave asks what they want then goes inside to get three coffees. Sara crosses one leg over the other and shifts slightly on the plastic chair.

“Your friend?” Roger begins.

“Carol. She visits sometimes…lives over in Broxton, about two hours away.”

“Missing an arm I hear.”

“Arm and leg. Like me, she usually wears a leg prosthesis.”

“You? I’d have never guessed.”

She taps her leg just above the knee. “My stump is longer than hers, but we both walk well.”

She smiles as Dave puts the cups in front of them then sits across the table leaving Sara next to Roger. Dave blows across the black liquid a few times then sips, looking through the steam at Roger.

“Did she tell you about Carol?” he quizzes.

“Yeah, yes,” he stammers, still processing that she was missing an arm ‘and’ a leg. “Sorry I missed the chance to meet her.”

“She felt the same,” Sara says with a chuckle. “I had a picture of you on my phone that I showed her. She was all ah-flutter.”

“I’m flattered. Makes me glad I lost my job and found this shit one.”

“What were you doing?” Dave asks, before sipping.

“Photography, video, and some graphic design. Even a some web page creation.”

“Wow-w.” He nods, glancing at Sara, then back at Roger. “I have a small company, about 25 people. We should talk.” He pushes a business card across the table.

“You might have to hide Lois from him.” Sara laughs.

Dave chuckles. “Probably too old for him, besides she’s currently taken, I think.” He shrugs.

Sara sips through a straw, the cup resting against the tip of the hook. “I didn’t know. Shame because she’d have been perfect…and local.” She chuckles.

“Whom are you talking about?”

“A woman at work missing a leg, really short stump, full-time crutch user,” Dave says.

Roger’s mouth gapes open for a long moment as he listens, the panting almost audible. “Not sure age matters with a description like that.” He chuckles. “Probably doesn’t appreciate men lusting over the fact she’s missing a leg.”

“Lois, nah,” Sara begins. “She gets a perverse pleasure out of taunting someone that likes her that way. Probably one of the reasons she went overseas and had the amputation.”

Roger roars with a hardy laugh. “She just moved above Carol on the list of women I’d marry.” He chuckles. “Maybe I could contract a hit on the guy she’s seeing.”

“I often lust over Lois,” Dave says, “but Carol has been to the same doc and ‘very’ pretty. Much more than Lois…in my opinion.”

He mocks a heart attack, grabbing his chest and laughing. “Why am I just meeting you two?”

Sara sips again, staring at Roger. “We just moved to this side of town.”

“This is so-o exciting-g,” he drawls.

Sara asks if he had ever known an amputee women and he explains about Jane. “Other than her, no.”

“Bet you’re like Dave and have a picture collection on your computer.”

“Yup. I’d love to have you in front of a camera.” He chugs the rest of the coffee.

“You know, we’ve been discussing doing some of Sara. The last batch was before her hand amputation.” Dave flashes a knowing smile in Roger’s direction then at her.

“Might just be able to twist my arm.”

“We’ll need to sign an agreement giving us distribution control,” Sara says.

“No problem. Oh, ah, I could quit the grocery store and not look back if I had another job.” He laughs.

Roger eagerly accepted the invitation to have dinner with Dave and Sara that evening. There had been talk of bring a swimsuit and dress being casual, that they would barbeque burgers and had plenty of beer.

Sara wears a short skirt and a tube-top without any prosthetic limbs. The leg stump is partially exposed. For the first time, he sees her left arm is off midway above the elbow and the other midway below. She smiles as he takes in all the features hidden before.

She uses a wheelchair and pulls herself about using the single foot. Standing as Roger approaches, she wraps the longer arm stump around his waist letting her lips kiss his cheek. She remains standing when she finally let go, far too quickly in Roger’s mind.

“Look at you,” he says softly. “And I thought you were beautiful before.”

“You should she her in a thong,” Dave teases, shaking hands. “Or less.” He laughs. “Come on back. The beer is by the pool.”

“Brought swim stuff.”

“It’s secluded enough you might not need it,” she says, sitting again in the wheelchair and following.

“Great place,” he comments, trying to distract him self from the suggestive comments.

By the wooden picnic table on the pool deck, she stands leaning with the stump resting on the edge, the long arm stump teasing the end.

“Thanks,” she says, still rubbing. “A lot nicer than the old house. I love back here. Before, the neighbor’s windows looked down on the pool.”

“Annoying, I bet,” Roger says, still taking in all her stumps.

“Can I help?” she asks, breaking out into wild laughter. “If it were up to him, I wouldn’t even have this leg.” She chuckles flapping both arms.

“Really?” he musses. “If there’s anything….”

“Nah, I’ve got it,” Dave cuts in. “Besides, you’re our guest.” He turns towards her. “Honey, get those pictures of Carol. Let him die knowing what he missed out having a date with.” He laughs.

“Don’t have my hook on.”

“I’ll help,” Roger offers willingly.

She leads him, hopping towards the den. “Don’t always hop,” she quips.

“Good thing, I don’t think my heart could stand it.”

She stops beside the large wooden desk, pointing at a small album rests at one edge. There are ten photos of Carol in various poses, all undressed and hiding nothing.

“Pretty, isn’t she?” Sara whispers, noticing the swelling in Roger’s khaki short pants.

“God, I hope I don’t go blind.” He chuckles, flipping the page.

“That’s Lois.” Her pictures aren’t as risque.

“Good god, almighty.” He looks back at Carol before flipping the page.

“And that’s Carol’s roommate, Barbara. Do you have a preference?”

“Can I just clone you?” He chuckles.

“Because I have three stumps?”

“You don’t mind being that way.” He shrugs, looking at Carol again.

“Fuck-k, no. It’s fantastic. Sorry, I get a little exuberant at times.” She laughs. “I need a lot of help and am quite helpless these days. Dave is so good to me.”

“I’m quite taken with your appearance. The fact that you are drop dead gorgeous doesn’t get in the way either.” He chuckles.

“Thanks, Roger.” She leans close and kisses on the lips, the longer arm resting over his shoulder.

“Hmmm.” Roger reminds himself that she is married and they both know several outstanding women missing limbs as well.

“My bad. You are handsome and I got carried away.”

“Anytime you want to be ‘bad’ again….” He chuckles, taking her short stump with one hand and massaging it.

“I’m very orgasmic. That is quite erotic, you know.” She pecks his lips again, this time quicker.

“Dave’s going to miss us,” he whispers.

She leans closer and presses the leg stump against his crotch. “Just another minute.”

“Welcome back,” Dave teases when they return. Roger holds the album. “I didn’t expect you two to still be dressed.” He laughs.

“Quickies don’t count,” she teases.

“So, which of the women do you vote off the island?”

“None. It’s my fiefdom and I want them all.”

“Somehow, I knew you’d fit right in,” Dave says, taking the burgers from the grill.

They settle on the benches along side the table – Dave next to Sara helping her eat the burger. Roger anxiously takes in the sight letting it become a movie in his memory.

“Honestly, they are all great catches,” Dave says before taking his first bite. He chews for a moment and swallows. “If I had to choose, I couldn’t. There is something appealing to me about Carol. That one arm and one leg stuff fires me up.” He chuckles and glances at Sara, holding the burger to her mouth. “Of course, it is hard to beat three stumps.”

“Yeah, Carol.” Sara muses, swallowing the bite. “I hear Lois gets pretty crazy in bed though.”

“True,” Dave says, holding the bottle of beer in front of his mouth. “However, Carol loves oral, especially on her. Go down on her and she’s yours.” He laughs.

Sara playfully pokes the long stump at him. “How do you know?” She chuckles.

“Just a rumor.”

“And Barbara and Lois don’t….”

“I think there isn’t anything sexual that Lois doesn’t love.” Sara laughs looking at Dave. “You should give her a call and find out what is going on.”

He looks at Roger. “She’s probably got five years on you and Carol is hot, hot.”

“I’ve seen their pictures.” Roger sighs. “I’d probably be happy with any of them. I guess I feel like a kid in a candy store.”

“Yeah. I bet,” Dave says, pulling out his cell phone.

“Hey Lois, it’s Dave.” He listens. “You still seeing that guy?” He listens, nodding a few times. “Just wondering…we have a new friend, maybe going to get him to work with us. Anyway, he’s hot to meet you and I think you’d hit it off.” He listens and closes the phone. “She’s coming over after dinner. You can stay. Right?”

“Oh, yeah-h.”

“What about the guy?” Sara asks.

“She only saw him three times before she let him know it wouldn’t work.”

“Maybe you have a shot.” Sara smiles at Roger for a moment. “If you like sexually adventurous women, she’s for you.”

“I can’t say I’ve found one before.” He groans.

Evening settles over the pool and they leave the deck lighting off. Soft lighting filters through the pool water giving it a nice quality. Alternating tapping of crutch tips and a barefoot come from the house.

“Hey, all,” says the lovely woman, with one leg and wearing a black, one-piece thong cut high over each hip and low in front. Her stump is inches long, almost short enough to not qualify as a stump. Long brown hair pulled into a ponytail, drapes over one shoulder.

Sara stands and takes a few hops before hugging her tightly. Sara steadies herself against Lois as she makes the introductions.

“So, this is your new friend,” she says, hugging Roger, beginning a mild kiss that quickly grows passionate. Hands roam everywhere, sampling, touching.

“Good thing the lights are out,” Sara teases.

Lois waves a hand and shushes her. “Busy,” she mumbles then resumes the kiss for another minute.

“Well?” Dave quizzes.

“Wrap him up,” Lois roars, “or, unwrap him.”

“I’m yours,” Roger says, agreeing.

“Get your swimsuit on,” Sara encourages him.

“Or just get naked,” Lois whispers, pulling at a shoulder strap of her swimsuit freeing one breast. “Or is that too inappropriate?” she asks Dave.

“No, knock yourself out. Be a kid.” He laughs. “I promise not to look.” He laughs again.

She drops her thong by the crutches and hops to the pool, the smallish but full breasts swaying as nicely as is the short piece of thigh. He had caught a healthy glimpse of her from the front and enjoyed it all, especially the waxed mound. Right behind her they dive in one after the other, not stopping until they are at the far end of the shallow lap pool.

Standing on the one foot, she pulls him closer. “God-d, where have you been hiding?” She takes his lips and drives her tongue wildly into his mouth.

He fondles a breast then the other before quickly reaching for the stump. “Could say the same for you.” Several fingers press into her slit and circle her clit before going back inside again.

“Dave didn’t tell me anything about you.” She kisses him deeply. “I take it you like your women missing something.” She chuckles.

He tells the short version of being divorced from Jane, how she had one arm, and how he dreams of finding someone, and that he is not seeing anyone now.

She curls her fingers around his shaft and idly strokes. “Nice,” she coos. “Do you like short or long stumps?”

He reaches down and fondles her stump all over. “This’ll do,” he teases, kissing her deeply.

“I could do the other leg too, if that’s what you want.”

“Maybe. Is it true, that….”

“Yeah, I did choose to have it amputated…a lifelong dream. Is that a problem?”

“Oh, hell no. I know you needed to be this way, but it excites me that you did. Does that make sense?”

She laughs. “Yeah, honey.” They kiss for a while. “Most men, even those that dig chicks with one leg, don’t like me ’cause I wanted it off.”

“Is that what happened to the guy they mentioned you were seeing?”

“Yeah.” She shakes her head. “Maybe it is a good thing.” She smiles and kisses him several times, grinding against him. “Bet that will warm me on a cold night.”

“Maybe kissing it there would heat you up.”

“Oh, my. Now I know there’s a chance.”

“What do you think there’re talking about?” Dave musses aloud.

“Maybe we should go inside and leave them alone.”

Roger stands behind Carol, rubbing against her, watching them both in the hotel bathroom mirror. A hand cups the short arm stump a while as it move in his grip, the other caress a breast. He pecks kisses over her neck and shoulder, her head leaning back along his face.

“Darling-g,” she moans, twisting in his embrace. She reaches down to rub the erection between her thighs. “We shouldn’t waste this,” she teases.

“Well, happy six months to you too.” He chuckles, scooping her into his arms.

On the large bed, her singles leg wraps around his waist as he enters, staring into her bright blue eyes, before suckling the arm stump. She rubs it over his lips, nibbling her lower lip. “The love gods were looking out for us,” she whispers, kissing him for a moment before grinding against him and pulling her foot tighter against his back. He kisses the stump as she teases his mouth with it. His strokes are long and slow, matching the movements of her hips.

“I’m not sorry she moved away,” she says, the climax on the wane.

“It wouldn’t have worked. That was clear.”

“Will I work?” She snickers.

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