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The Party

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Jack settled into his chair to read the biography he got for his birthday last week. His wife and three sons had gone with her parents to their lakefront cottage for a month. His job wouldn’t let him leave the city where it was hot and muggy. He was going to join them at the end of the month for a quiet 3 day weekend. It was all he could afford to take. After all, as his wife constantly told him, they had to get a new car this year, the other one is two years old.

He sighed. The biography wasn’t holding his interest. His mind wandered, thinking of the redhead he saw at the liquor store tonight. She was dressed in a tight green dress that left little to the imagination. Lately, Jack found that all he had was his imagination. His wife, a wonderful woman, was not as interested in sex as he was. He didn’t consider himself a pervert but at this stage of his life, he realized he missed the excitement that sex for sex’s sake could bring.

His best friend Dave had left him a message inviting him to a private club Saturday night. Dave and his wife of 15 years had recently divorced and he was taking full advantage of his freedom. Jack was with him in the drugstore last Sunday when Dave bought his weeks supply of rubbers. The man didn’t even use Viagra and said his sex life was better than when he was 17! And yes, Jack admitted to himself he was jealous.

He listened with concealed eagerness to all of Dave’s stories. For the last month all Dave did was rave about this new private club he joined where all the men and women would live out their fantasies with each other. He said they all chose a slip of paper with a number on it when they entered the house, the men had blue paper, and the women had pink. When a number was drawn, the man and the woman with that number would have to live out a fantasy chosen by the host. Dave said he was last week’s host and as he told the story of his fantasy, Jack could feel the familiar tightening of his cock.

Now, he stood up. He had to stop thinking about it all the time! He chided himself for being a rutting horndog. He smiled. He’d never been a rutting horndog even when he was a teenager. He was the responsible one. The one who went to college, married well, started his own business and provided for his family. He was settled. Reliable.

“I’m boring!” he sighed. The phone rang and he sat back down to answer it. It was Dave telling him what time the party started at the club tomorrow night.

“I’m not sure,” Jack said.

“Come on!” Dave said. “You have never seen so much naked flesh in your life. The women are all hot and they’ll do anything you want…man, I mean ANYTHING!”

“I wouldn’t know what to ask any of them to do. I’ve told you Dave, I don’t have an imagination when it comes to sex.”

“That’s bull!” Dave replied. “Just because your wife is cold doesn’t mean YOU don’t have a libido. Just one time, please, for me. Just try it one time. It’s completely safe and totally confidential. Hell, one of guys is a judge!”

Jack looked at his book. That was his weekend. Reading about someone else’s life instead of living his own.

“Ok,” he sighed. “Tell me where it is and I’ll meet you there.”

“I’ll call you with the address. It’s kept secret until a couple of hours before the party. To protect everyone’s privacy, they are really anal about it!”

“Ok. I’ll talk to you tomorrow.”

Jack hung up the phone and walked into the kitchen. He had a sandwich at the office about three o’clock but now it was almost seven and he was hungry again. The kitchen was huge. His wife loved to entertain and cook fancy gourmet meals. One side of the kitchen was all windows that looked out onto the house next door. Jack’s house sat on a slight incline so standing at the sink, he could look out the window and down slightly into the family room of the house next door.

She was bending over from the waist, doing some kind of exercise. She wore a pair of light blue spandex biking shorts and a white sports bra. Jack sighed. He lost count of the times he stood and looked at her. He’d begun to have dreams about her and had to force himself to stop. Her name was Shari and she had been the first neighbor to welcome them to the area when they moved in five years ago. She was also a sweet person. She worked part time in a gift shop at Bayside University Hospital and was a freelance photographer. She did weddings and other special occasions and had even done some portraits of the families in the neighborhood. She was married to Randy, a lump of a man who continued to believe he was still in college and all that mattered to him was which team was going to win the game this week. He owned a chain of sporting goods stores and spent a lot of his weekends flying to Vegas with his buddies.

Jack quickly turned out the kitchen light and stood in the dark, watching Shari’s workout. She wasn’t very tall, about 5’3” with long golden-wheat colored hair. Tonight, it was pulled back into a ponytail that made her look like she was a teenager. He looked lower and realized that her breasts could never be the breasts of a teenager. He guessed they were bigger than his wife’s and she was a 32B. Shari’s were probably a 34C, they were full and in the thin sports bra, he could detect the dark circles around her nipples. He sucked in his breath as he realized he was getting hard. He turned away, forgetting that he was hungry and went upstairs to take a shower and masturbate until he was too tired to think.

~~ Jack looked at the house as he sat in his car. There was a light misting of rain and he could see his breath as he faced out the driver’s window. This was the place. There were about 20 cars parked in the long semi-circular driveway and along the street. None of the other houses seemed to have any lights on inside. Maybe they were all at the party, Jack thought.

Steeling himself and promising to leave quickly if he was uncomfortable, Jack got out of the car and headed to the front door. He rang the bell and Dave answered it.

“Hey buddy! I’m glad you made it!” Dave waved Jack into the room.

“I’m still not sure about..”

Dave cut him off, “it’s going to be fine. Don’t worry.”

Jack sighed as Dave took him by the arm and drew him into the house. There wasn’t time to see what kind of place it was as Jack looked around because everywhere he looked there was someone half dressed, being kissed or stroked or rubbed. Most of the women were wearing thong panties and bras while a lot of the men were still dressed. Jack could feel his stomach tighten. He felt as though he was taking the SAT’s again.

Dave led him over the host, an affable man named Sterling. Sterling said to enjoy himself, any friend of Dave’s..blah blah blah and if you need Viagra it’s in the kitchen in a bowl by the sink. Dave led him around calling out the names of people so fast that Jack knew he’d never remember their names. The women were good looking, some downright gorgeous. Some were made up too much for his taste and a few that he thought he’d only be able to kiss if it was dark, very dark.

Someone thrust a piece of blue paper into their hands and moved on. Jack looked at his number. It was 7, which had always been a bad number for him. His boyhood pet, a big golden retriever named Seven died after being hit by a car. He was married on the 7th of June. Dave chuckled beside him.

“Lucky eleven!” he cried. “I’m gonna get lucky tonight!”

“How do you know?” Jack asked.

“Just a feeling, in my gut. Hell, even if I don’t get picked for the fantasy, there’s so much sex going on here that you start humping and someone jumps on you!”

I can’t do it, Jack thought. He turned to leave and then he saw her. She was standing at the back of the room in a white dress. Her eyes were wide in fear and her hand covered her mouth. Her hair hung over her shoulders. It was Shari! She turned to the girl next to her and they put their heads together and giggled. Shari started to move and her friend caught her arm. Shari turned and looked directly into Jack’s eyes.

He felt a current of electricity shoot down his spine. He couldn’t take his eyes away from hers. She smiled slightly and nodded, acknowledging him. Jack turned back the other way. There was no way in hell he was leaving now!

Sterling stood on a chair and yelled for attention. Someone thrust a glass of wine in Jack’s hand and he drained it in three big gulps. He needed that false courage!

“Ladies and gentleman! Welcome to the party. For those who’ve never been here before the rules are simple. There are no rules!!” Several men cheered and the ladies whistled.

“The object of each party is to fulfill a fantasy. The original 12 members of the club have each written a fantasy on a slip of paper. One man and one woman will be chosen to begin the fantasy. After that, anything goes as long as everyone consents and no one gets hurt.”

A naked woman with a tanned trim body walked up to where Sterling stood. She lifted a bowl filled with blue paper above her head. Her breasts, tiny with big aureoles, pointed up with the bowl. Sterling reached into the bowl and drew out a piece of paper.

Everyone stood quietly looking at his or her paper. “The man who will be our male lead tonight holds number seven!”

Jack felt his knees give out! Dave yelped, clapped him on the back and pushed him forward. He walked slowly through the crowd accepting congratulations as he went.

Sterling motioned to him to stand next to the chair.

“Now ladies, please look at the paper in your hand and the one with number seven, please step forward.” The crowd looked around waiting for one of the women to move.

In the back of the room, Dave saw a blur of white as Shari moved through the throng of half naked men and women. She was hugged and squeezed as she walked up to Sterling and stood on his other side. She looked like she was blushing.

“Now, we will give our players their fantasy. As soon as they get it, they’re friends will take them to the playroom in the basement to get ready. We’ve got lots of costumes there, so please feel free to help yourself.”

Dave walked forward and stood behind Jack and Shari’s friend stood beside her holding her hand for support.

The trim bowl carrier walked forward and held up a bowl of white paper to Sterling. He reached in, pulled out a piece of paper and read it to himself. A slow smile appeared on his face and he looked out at the crowd, caught someone’s eye and winked wickedly.

“Tonight for your fantasy pleasure. We have a rebel, a man who wears leather and denim, rides a Harley, takes women as he wants them and shares them with his motorcycle gang. Ladies gentleman and we are that gang. Our male lead is the rebel. Our lovely female lead his the rebel’s latest victim. She is the daughter of the local minister, a young girl who felt sorry for our rebel and allowed him to talk her into going back to his house to talk. Are there any questions?” Sterling looked to his left at Shari and her friend, then to his right at Jack and Dave.

“Let’s get started!”

Dave pulled Jack’s arm and led him to a door in the back of the room. They entered a stairwell that took them to the basement playroom. It was set up with couches around the sides of the room and mattresses on the floor. There was a slightly raised stage at one end of the room and a doorway off to the left of the stage. Dave eagerly led Jack back to the door. As they entered, Dave saw two curtained partitions.

“Go in there,” Dave pointed to one of the dressing areas, “ I’ll see what I can find for you to wear. Better strip down.”

“Dave, I’m not so…” he was going to say he had changed his mind but then Shari and her friend walked through the door. They both went into the other partition. Jack turned and walked into the empty dressing area and pulled the sheet that served as an opening. He stripped down to his jockey shorts and stood nervously waiting for Dave to return. He could hear the two girls talking next door.

“Oh my God, Shari, you need to be shaved! You’re pussy has hair on it and you’re supposed to be sweet and young and innocent. Shari’s friend left the cubicle and came back a few minutes later with the naked woman who held up the bowls earlier. Jack moved closer to the curtain to hear what they were saying.

“Tina, this is my friend, Shari. Shari, this is Tina.”

The girls exchanged greetings and Jack could hear the pfft of shaving cream.

“This isn’t going to hurt at all, I’ve done it so many times, I’ve lost count. I’ve did it on you Annie, didn’t I?”

“Yeah. The first time I joined. It was hell though my pussy hair is so damn thick, it took forever to get it off!” Annie giggled.

“If I remember right, you came once while I was shaving you so that’s why it took longer!” The girls laughed loudly.

Jack decided he better stop listening as their conversation was making him hard. He thought maybe he should go pee and wash up a bit, so he slipped back into his pants, left the cubicle and headed to the door marked ‘bathroom’. He had to walk in front of the girls cubicle and as he did he glanced at it and realized he could see into the space.

Shari stood with one leg on a chair, legs spread wide, and the girl named Tina was squatting on the floor in front of her shaving her pussy hair. She would take one of the lips of Shari’s pussy and pull it taut while the razor slowly removed the blond hair. The sight of Tina’s fingers in Shari’s pussy gave Jack a buzz. He only had a little wine but suddenly he felt like he was going to pass out. He went to the bathroom, relieved himself and washed up, carefully splashing water on his face to calm down.

When he left the room, he noticed the curtain to the cubicle was closed. Dave was waiting for him in his own cubicle with a pair of jeans and a black leather jacket.

“Put these on man.” He said.

“Where’s the shirt?”

“No shirt, trust me, you want to wear as few clothes as possible!” Dave laughed. “And no shoes. Barefoot is ok. Remember this is for fun it’s not a real play!”

Dave hurriedly dressed and Dave fluffed his hair out a bit to make him look wild. When they were ready, they left the cubicle. Dave went back out the to playroom to tell Sterling they were done.

Jack looked over and watched Shari as she emerged from her cubicle. She had her long blond hair pulled back into a ponytail and she wore a white blouse, a plaid skirt, white socks with a ruffle around the ankle and high heels. She looked nervous, but definitely hot!

Annie left them alone.

Shari moved to stand next to Jack.

“Are you nervous?” she asked in a soft whisper.

“Scared shitless!” he admitted. “I’ve never done anything like this before. I wanted to run out after I got here.”

“Me too. Then I saw you and thought it would be ok.”

“Me?” Jack asked. “Why would I make it ok.”

“Because I trust you.” She said simply.

Jack looked into her green eyes and watched as they darkened with some emotion he hoped was lust. He knew his brown eyes were sizzling with it!

“I would never hurt you,” he said.

“I know. But the fantasy has to be like you’re forcing me. I know you won’t really, so I’m going to resist sometimes ok?”

“Ok. We’ll give them a good show then! Just whisper in my ear if I go too far.”

“I will. I’ll try to be a good girl,” she said with an innocent smile, but her eyes twinkled with promise. She flirted with him coyly.

“You better be good or I might have to spank you!”

“Mmmm. I might like that!” she laughed. She turned and leaned against him. Jack could feel her hardened nipples even through his jacket. He put his hand boldly on her ass and squeezed hard.

She gasped and closed her eyes. He pulled her closer until there was no room between them. He thrust his knew between her legs and put his mouth hungrily on hers. He plunged his tongue into her mouth, forcing her mouth open, tasting her, taunting her.

He drew back and watched as she opened her eyes. She smiled.

“Let’s give them the best show they’ve ever seen. Don’t hold back!” she breathed.

“Are there any limits?” Jack asked.

“I’m in your complete control. Use me. Offer me to them. Take what you want, I’ll pretend to resist sometimes but know this,” she leaned against him and put her hand on his hardened cock, “know that you can do anything you want to me…anything.”

“Let’s go!” Dave interrupted them and they turned to go out on stage.

** The stage had only a few props. A sofa, a wide armchair, a wooden kitchen table and a coffee table with thick legs. The crowd was gathered in groups facing the stage. Some sitting on sofas along the wall, others lounging on the mattresses. There was a group of five or six men and women kneeling in front of the stage eager for the show to begin.

Jack and Shari were alone on the stage.

Jack took Shari’s hand and pulled her towards the middle of the stage. As promised, she resisted and pulled back, trying to get away. Jack then took both her hands and yanked her to him. He held her arms above her head and rubbed his cock against her belly. The crowd whispered their approval. He turned her around with a swirl of her skirt and stood behind her. He moved her arms down and placed them between them, holding them there as he wrapped his arms around her.

He ran his hands over her face and down her neck. He pulled slightly at the top button of her blouse and it gave way with a small pop. Shari struggled but Jack only squeezed her tighter. He thought he heard her whisper ‘yes’. He slipped his right hand into her blouse, cupping her breast. He pulled his hand out and with both hands he tore the front of her blouse open, exposing her white lace bra. The crown moaned.

Using both hands, he massaged her tits, squeezing the nipples. He rubbed his cock, contained in the tight jeans, against her ass. With his right hand, he reached in and pulled her left tit out of the bra. He then pulled her right tit out. They were round and luscious. His mouth watered for a taste of the brown nipples! He took her nipples between his fingers and pulled them straight out, let them go, pulled them out. Harder and harder he pulled on them until they were like elongated erasers. They got darker and darker the harder he pulled.

“God!” Shari moaned softly. She took a deep breath, and catching Jack off guard, she pulled away from him. She took two steps to the back of the stage before he caught her by her ponytail. He pulled her back to him. This time facing him.

“You ok?” he asked almost under his breath.

“God, don’t stop.” She whispered.

With Shari now facing the audience, Jack pulled up her skirt, giving them look at her tight round ass in the white cotton panties. These were not the thong or bikini panties that a woman would wear. They were the type of panties a teen girl might wear at an all girls school.

Shari kept her hands between them as Jacks hands roamed up and down her ass cheeks. He took the panties and pulled them into the crack of her ass, exposing both naked cheeks. He pulled each cheek away from the crack, knowing that the bunched up panties were the only thing keeping everyone from seeing her tight, puckered asshole.

He took her by the shoulders and turned her around. His hands going immediately to the velcro that held her skirt waistband closed. He pulled it and slipped the skirt down her hips to lay at her feet on the floor. He then pulled her blouse off, and she stood in front of the group clad only in her white bra and panties.

He removed his jacket and stood behind her again. This time, he pulled the crotch of her panties between her freshly shaven pussy lips. The group of people in the front of the stage leaned forward to get a better look. Jack moved Shari from left to right, showing them her naked pussy lips.

“I want her panties.” A man said.

Jack moved Shari to the edge of the stage as the man’s hands reached up. The man put his hands in the elastic waist of her panties and pulled them roughly down her legs. Shari stepped out of them and the man quickly put the panties to his nose, smelling her juices. Jack reached between them and unhooked the bra. It fell to the floor. And now, Shari stood in front of them all, naked.

Jack was ready to come from the excitement. He took Shari by the shoulders and forced her to her knees in front of him. He undid his fly and pulled it open.

“Take my cock out!” he commanded.

Shari glanced at him with a smile but shook her head.

“Take my cock out!” he said louder. He reached down and pulled her hand to his crotch, forcing it into his jeans. He felt her squeeze his cock slightly. Then she quickly drew her hand out.

“No!” she said, “you can’t make me!”

Jack grabbed Shari’s hand again and forced it back into his jeans. He kept his hand on hers as she wrapped her fingers around his swollen member. The audience didn’t see that she ran her fingernail lightly over the end of his cock, sending tingles of pleasure down his spine. Together, they pulled his cock out of his jeans and Jack kept his hand covering hers as he moved closer to her face. He rubbed his cock across her cheeks and nose. Across her closed mouth and chin. She opened her lips slightly and wet them with her tongue and Jack took that opportunity to push the head of his cock into her mouth. She opened wider as he slowly pumped his cock into her. He pulled it out and she automatically leaned forward to keep sucking it. But he wouldn’t let her have it. She looked up at him with a wicked grin and quickly turned around. She tried to scramble away from him on her hands and knees but he grabbed her by the waist and stopped her.

He easily picked her up with one arm. With the other he reached over and pulled the coffee table to the edge of the stage, positioning it so that they would both be at chin level of the group.

He lay her on her back and pulled her ass so it was at the edge of the table. He had seen a gynecologist table once and this reminded him of that position. He stepped between Shari’s legs and pushed her knees to her chest, exposing her pussy and ass crack. He reached down and drew his fingers from her clit to her asshole, wetting his fingers. He pushed slightly against her tight ass and Shari moaned. Then he drew his fingers higher and finding her wet pussy lips, he lightly stuck one finger into her, teasing her. Then he moved his finger to her clit, barely touching it.

Shari closed her eyes and arched her back. Jack took her clit between his fingers and stroked it lightly. Treating it like a nipple, he rolled it around between his fingers. He heard sounds of other couples in the room having sex. His cock tightened. He placed it between her pink wet pussy lips and slowly pushed it into her.

She was tight and wet and so soft. He plunged deeply into her, grabbing her ass as he stood between her legs. He thrust into her fast, then slowed down, then plunged in hard and quick. Each time he slowed, Shari would moan a soft ‘no’. And each time he plunged hard into her, she smiled.

He spread her legs wide and put his hands on the table next to her head. He leaned down and drew her nipples into his mouth. One after another. Back and forth, suckling them harder and harder. He plunged his cock deep into her pussy and leaned down to kiss her. She eagerly met his tongue, playing with it, sucking on it.

She opened her eyes as he drew back slightly to look at her. They smiled at one another.

“What do you want now?” she asked.

“I want to cum on your face.”

“Oh, yes. Please!” she moaned.

He felt himself ready to explode and pulled out of her wetness. He moved to the side of the table and quickly jacked off on her face and neck and tits. His white cream fell with big splats. She opened her mouth, trying to catch as much as she could. When he finished, he took his finger and scooped some of his cum up and let her suck it off. She held his hand to her mouth as she eagerly swallowed his juice.

He bent down and lifted her up into his arms. He walked over to the sofa and stood her next to him. He quickly removed his jeans and sat on the sofa, pulling her on top of him with her back to him. He pulled her legs wide open and with one hand, motioned for a man at the edge of the stage to come forward.

“Our little friend here needs her pussy licked.” He said to the man.

The man willingly dropped to his knees and began to greedily lick Shari’s open pussy. He took long licks, like she was an ice cream cone, then he would wiggle the tip of his tongue on her clit. Jack watched fascinated by soft pink lips.

“Oh God, yes!” she moaned. Jack gently caressed her breasts, tweaking the nipples slightly. Shari’s ass moved against him as she pushed her pussy into the stranger’s face. She gasped and started to shake as her orgasm shuddered through her body. The man moved away and was replaced with another, who put his cock deep into Shari’s waiting slit. He fucked her hard and fast, pulling out at the last second to come all over her belly. A woman, kneeling nearby quickly licked the white cream up, ending up between Shari’s legs where she tickled Shari’s clit with her tongue.

Jack felt himself hardening again. He lifted Shari up and put his cock back into her pussy. It was soft and hot. Shari leaned forward and putting her feet on the floor for balance began to ride him. Jack looked down and could see the crack of her ass as she moved up and down on his dick. She breathed heavier and heavier the faster she humped him.

“Yes,” he heard her whisper. Then he felt a tongue licking his cock every time Shari pulled up. Someone was licking her cream from his cock with every stroke she took. She would plunge back down and the mouth suck on one of his balls. Then Shari would lift up and the tongue would again lick his swollen prick. He saw a woman’s hand come around Shari’s waist and lightly stroke her ass. The licking and sucking the strange woman was giving him coupled with Shari’s expert fucking drove him wild. He began to buck up and down in rhythm with the ride. Each time Shari would slam down harder and harder onto him.

“Fuck me Shari!” he cried.

“I love fucking you,” she moaned. “I could fuck you all night!”

With a groan, they came together, their juices quickly lapped up by the unknown woman.

~~ Jack woke up and realized he was sleeping the couch with Shari laying on top of him.

“You slept for almost an hour.” She said as she smiled.

“Are you ok?” he asked.

“Oh my yes!” she giggled. “But I have to go home.”

“Let’s get dressed and I’ll walk you to your car.”

Together they got up and looked around. Most of the couples were sprawled out in groups of two or three, sleeping soundly. A man and a woman stood at the bar and the man was licking something off the woman’s nipple.

They headed back to the cubicles. “You can get cleaned up first,” Jack said.

“I’ll wait till I get home,” she replied. “I want to feel wanton just a little longer.”

They dressed quickly and Jack held her elbow as they left the house. Shari was parked up the street behind a sleek black Corvette.

“Nice car.” She said. She reached out to touch it but pulled her hand back. “Car alarm!” she whispered.

Jack reached out and gave the car a nudge. “Nope,” he said. “I don’t think anyone wants to call attention to themselves in this neighborhood.”

Shari turned and smiled up at him. Jack bent and kissed her lips softly. He touched her silken hair and ran his hand down her back. He pulled her against him and amazingly felt himself get hard again. Who needed Viagra he thought he’s got a natural cock hardener standing right in front of him.

“Will you be here next week?” she asked when their lips parted.

“I would love to share another fantasy with you,” he whispered, thinking of all the fantasies he already had in his mind from watching her out of his window.

“Maybe next week we should have a private fantasy? We could go somewhere alone.”

“I’d like that. There are some things I don’t want to share with just anyone.” He smiled at her, thinking that he was dreaming and would wake up soon.

“Call me tomorrow and we’ll talk about it.”

He moved against her, pushing her against the car. She leaned back and he pulled her white dress up to her waist.

“Someone took my panties.” She said when she saw his eyes looking at her hairless pussy. “A souvenir I guess.”

“Maybe we should call the cops.” Jack joked.

“Only if you promise they’ll frisk me,” she teased.

He pulled her up and turned her around, pushing her face down on the car.

“You have the right to remain silent, if you can! Any movement will be held against you!”

“Oh officer,” she giggled. “Please don’t punish me!”

“Spread ‘em bitch!” he growled. She spread her legs wide and Jack looked down at her firm tanned ass. Suddenly, he knew what he wanted. Something his wife never let him do. He unzipped his pants and took out his swollen cock. Guiding it to her pussy, he got it wet with her juice. Then, he put the head of his cock gently against her tight puckered ass hole. He pushed forward.

“Argh.” She cried.

Jack didn’t stop. He pushed again, this time the whole head popped into her ass. He pulled it out. Then pushed it in.

He pushed deeper, slowly fucking her ass. His mind let go and he became a rutting animal, hungry only for the pleasure of this forbidden hole. After a few minutes he realized that Shari had moved back, her feet firmly planted on the ground, her hands on the hood of the Corvette and she was pumping her asshole back against his cock. She was ass fucking him! He plunged in harder, taking her fiercely. They both pushed against each other so the sound of their bodies slapping together rang out in the darkened street.

Jack felt Shari come. Her ass clenched and unclenched around his cock. He shot into her, filling her ass with his cream. When they stopped, they both collapsed against the car breathing heavily.

“Did it hurt you?” he asked.

“Oh yes, it hurt so good!”

Jack kissed her again. And this time walked her to her car. As she got in, she pulled up her dress to expose her wet slit.

“Think about me driving home like this,” she said.

“I will. Drive carefully.”

He watched her start the car and drive off. Then he got into his own car. Suddenly, he thought this summer would be filled with more than working long hours at the office and reading biographies at night.

He smiled again and realized if he hurried, he might catch his neighbor as she got undressed for her shower.

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