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The Abbeyway Prank

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Hilary and Caroline were both riding instructors at the Abbeyway Equestrian Centre. Hilary was twenty-two, tall, slim and well built drawing admiring glances from male visitors to the stables. Her piercing blue eyes and almost model features were matched with a body honed by hours of hard work, mucking-out, riding and working with horses. Caroline was almost her opposite, twenty and tom-boyish, she had scruffy brunette hair, brown eyes and a wicked sense of humor. Most of the staff and clients of the centre adored the two instructors, however it was not as much as they adored each other.

After gentle overtures they had become very close friends and then even closer lovers, bound both by a love for each other and an equal love of WAM.

The two girls loved to play messy! What had started as an accidental introduction, a fight between them which had ended with Caroline tipping a bucket of thick, gooey molasses over Hilary’s head. Instead of a roar of anger which Caroline had expected Hilary had gone quiet as the warm ooze had engulfed her and dripped down her shirt. There was something about the embrace of the black liquid as it had seeped into her sports bra and down her stomach which made her want more.

She had been shocked, unsure why this humiliating action had turned her on so much. Hilary had shuddered and without thinking given Caroline a sticky kiss, she was even more shocked when Caroline had gladly reciprocated.

Over a late night cup of coffee the following night she had said that she wasn’t into girls, and that this was madness. Caroline had just stood up and busied herself in the kitchen. Hilary had sat miffed that her friend had stepped away mid-sentence until she returned and, without warning slapped a custard tart into her shocked face. Hilary had squeaked in shock. Caroline stood grinning and started to pour chocolate sauce into her bra before rubbing it in well. Her proud nipples gave away the fact that she was more than enjoying the experience, she had taken a pie and pushed it tentatively into Caroline’s face. She watched as she had arched her back and moaned in abject pleasure. This small food fight lead to a shared enlightening and the start of a glorious affair between them. Hilary had succumbed to Caroline’s nimble tongue deftly sucking and licking at her chocolate covered clit before being overtaken by a series of toe-curling orgasms’.

But that had been sometime ago, Caroline stood leaning on a broom wandering what had happened, it seemed that, after months of shared messy play and the most glorious sex, they had begun to get on each other’s nerves. As lovers life was a dream, in real life they were a typical odd couple. Around her the yard was busy, grooms were tacking up horses and sweeping down the concrete. Hilary was nowhere to be seen, in fact she had been missing for some days. She had been working – teaching riding lessons, mucking out with the other girls but at the end of the day she had been disappearing. Caroline guessed that it must be over. She sighed, she should be stoic, she had been able to have some wonderful times and she guessed that it is better to have loved and lost.


Hilary was similarly thinking that their love life had become prematurely stale. They had played, and enjoyed dribbles of custard, a bit of mud but she knew that her lover wanted more. She had dreamed of the ultimate wamming, being so totally messed up. Hilary smiled as she thought of the far away look when she had discussed her wam fantasies. Caroline wanted everything, the more the better, the messier… But this was not easy, how could she introduce this new level of wamming? The solution had hit Hilary some weeks before, she had read a story about a prank, and a delicious warmness had hit her, in fact she had almost cum right there and then. The story had involved the setting up of a clever trap where the victim would become messed up in a variety of ways. Hilary had read the story time after time, dreaming of watching Caroline becoming trapped and messy before her.

Of course Hilary was not an expert in traps, the idea was great on paper, but it was impossible for her to set up. She had sighed, shrugged her shoulders and thought no more of it, until one night at the local pub she happened to mention the idea to Simon, a local farmer. He had smiled, loving the idea of a messy trap and had started to doodle ideas on scraps of paper. Hilary had smiled, this could happen. She rubbed her hands in glee.


In the end it had taken a lot longer to set up the trap than Hilary had imagined, she had spent nights in the barn watching Simon install bars, pulleys and buckets in a collection of equipment which seemed to be mad and highly complex. In fact the trap was so much more than Hilary had expected, it had been taken to a new level with Simon. He had welded and hammered with glee, hiding a few special surprises within the mechanism.

It was a late August night when the trap was ready to be set. Hilary had saved every penny she had and Simon had added more messy ingredients. Finally the time was right, Hilary stood with Simon and asked how it all worked.

“Well!” He smiled pointing up to the barn door. “Above here is the bucket of itching powder you wanted.” Hilary smiled, she had loved the evil nature of this in the original story.

“Okay, that will drop on her as she walks in…”

“Then the glue.” He pointed to two large tubs which were balanced above their heads. “When she hits the trip wire the glue will drop onto her.” He paused. “Then the slip and slide.” This was a length of plastic sheeting, normally used to wrap silage bales, coated with a thick layer of grease and oil. It was angled slightly downwards and Hilary thought of Caroline picking up speed as she approached the second trip wire which would drop her face first into the porridge pool. Built from straw bales with a tarpaulin liner, this was a deep pool of thick porridge oats which Hilary had taken days to prepare. The surface was pristine, but not for long.

“Lots of lovely porridge…” Hilary resisted the temptation to jump in now.

“Yes, when she gets out of there, she will stagger towards the see-saw.” Hilary looked and saw the huge see-saw, the idea was that the gooey Caroline would step onto this which would catapult a bin full of molasses onto her head via a series of pulleys and leavers.

“Finally, the plunge pit. She hits the final trip wire, lands in the pit and…” Simon smiled. “Well, let’s just say there is an extra surprise ending for her.”

Hilary grinned. “Thank you so much.”

She spent a moment thanking Simon and watched as he carefully left the barn. She looked at the trap in its full glory, she would stand at the end and watch Caroline as she progressed through the messy humiliation, knowing that she would be having the time of her life!


Caroline’s day dream was shattered by the ringing of her mobile phone. She saw it was Hilary and smiled. “Hello stranger, where have you been?” She listened for a moment. “Come to the barn on Simon’s farm? Okay?”

Caroline had no idea what was going on, Hilary had been acting strange for sometime but curiosity made her walk towards the farm gate at the edge of the stables and purposefully towards the barn.


Hilary was having last minute doubts. This could be too much to do to Caroline, what if she hated it… She left her vantage point and walked carefully towards the door. She would stop Caroline before she arrived, it would be for the best. She froze as she heard Caroline calling her name. “Hilary? Where are you?”

Hilary gasped as she realised what was happened, the barn door shook and started to move slowly, there was nowhere she could go she was standing directly under the itching powder and… “Hilary?” Caroline was suddenly standing in the open doorway. Her next words were lost as the bucket clanked and the contents tipped onto both of the women standing there. “What the!” Hilary yelped as the powder started to act, Caroline was tearing at her hair and clothes, struggling wildly she pulled off her polo-shirt exposing her black sports bra.

Hilary tried to stop her but it was too late, she heard the snapping of fishing line and looked up just in time to be hit by a wave of glue.

Simon had laughed when Hilary had wanted glue, but had just happened to have a barrel of industrial adhesive left in another barn. He had split the barrel between two large tubs and that had just poured over the two unsuspecting wammers. Caroline spluttered and gasped as she was covered from head to toe in sticky glue, her jodhpurs and riding boots thickly coated. Reaching out she grabbed Hilary and stuck fast. Hilary toppled and started to slide, it was impossible for Caroline to resist as she was stuck to her lover and the hurtled down the slippery plastic ramp. They both hit the rope at the bottom and landed with a splat in the deep porridge.

The porridge was warm and gooey, Hilary and Caroline flailed about until they had both surfaced. The glue was less sticky now that it had been covered in sludge. “What on earth is this!” Caroline smiled.

“Sorry, this was supposed to be all for you…” Hilary shrugged.

Caroline giggled and grabbed Hilary pushing her into the porridge. They wrestled until they were both naked with sticky, gooey clothes flung around the barn. Caroline took care to rub the thick porridge into Hilary’s chest before kissing her deeply. They caressed and rolled in the gooey messy pool. Caroline pushed Hilary down where she lapped hungrily at Caroline’s pussy, her knees giving way as she came, collapsing together, sinking in the oats.

“Wow…” I suppose we should get out. Caroline smiled after almost an hour spent in the pool.

She took Hilary’s hand and they stepped out onto the bales, the floor dropped beneath them and they were engulfed in gooey molasses. Caroline grabbed Hilary in the stream of black ooze and kissed her, caressing her naked, sticky body.

“Oh dear, I am all sticky…” Hilary smiled coyly.

“I know and it is not all just the molasses and glue, you naughty girl!” Caroline laughed. “Right what else?”

She stepped off the see saw and they both stood in an empty area. “Okay…” She slowly stepped forward, there was a sudden click and a trap door opened above her, there was a shriek and a sudden cloud of white. When the dust cleared it was obvious that Caroline had been hit by a massive pile of flour which had engulfed her and covered every inch of her body. She was a white statue. Hilary laughed earning a huge handful of flour which was flung in her direction.

“This time, you go first.” Caroline pushed Hilary forward. She was not sure about any part of the trap now, she knew there was a pit, but Simon had not told her anything or let her see what was beyond. She edged forward, arm in arm with Caroline. As she approached the back of the barn there was a loud rumbling from above, like some sort of machine. The two looked at each other.

They walked on and Hilary suddenly stopped them both, in the half light they were standing at the edge of a deep pit built out of bales and tarpaulin. “Ha!” Caroline laughed. “You expected me just to fall in to that did you?”

Her laughter was cut short as she heard a noise behind her, she turned to see a large straw bale swinging towards them. The bale hit them both and knocked them into the pit below.They landed on a soft bed of plastic cushioned beneath by straw.

“Ah…” Caroline grabbed Hilary. “A love pit… I like how you work!”

Unbeknownst to them, above their heads the sound of machinery was in fact two cement mixers, their tipping mechanisms linked to the bale swing. A weight dropped and slowly the two mixers started to tip.

The two women were obvious as they were engaged in a full on sixty-nine as the flow of gray sludge hit them. The orgasms hit them both as they were engulfed and were trapped in position as the mixture rapidly set.


Simon eventually set them free. He had been carefully monitoring the women to make sure they could breath, although they seemed to be doing much more than that! He had released the bales and cut away the solid alginate. They both hugged him. Caroline looked deeply into Hilary’s eyes. “You did that for me?”

“All for you, lover.” She could not help but blush.

“Thank you…” She smiled. “Thank you so much.” Turning to Simon. “And next time, I am working with you to get her and… Quick drying cement please…”

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