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Just the Beginning…

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“Good morning. Please sit down.” He spoke softly. She looked him over and realized she hadn’t really known what to expect, physically. The man standing in front of her, holding the door open for her was just who she expected him to be, without ever seeing him before.

Their relationship had gone from code names and distance to an experimental next step.

She wanted to test a full-time sub life. It was logistically impossible. She lived a distance from the man she trusted enough to be his sub. She lived in the same house with her mostly-grown son who knew nothing of the life she longed to live.

Pete pointed at the chair in the hotel room and judi walked to it. The chair was a straight backed chair typical of many hotel rooms except this one had a folded hand towel covering the seat. judi turned so that she could sit and lifted her skirt. She already knew she was not to sit on her skirt. She spread her thighs as she sat, showing Pete her shaved pussy.

She knew she showed her intimate parts to him and she wanted to look at his face to see if she had pleased him. She didn’t look, a little apprehensive that that might be too forward, too assertive.

Pete closed and locked the door. He sat on the other chair in the room.

“judi, tell me why you are here, please.” He asked with all the gentleness of a man asking why someone attended a gallery opening, a new restaurant or a play. She heard a command, a demand for obedience, in the unsaid.

“I am here to please you. Whatever you want of me I want to give.”

“What is here for you in that giving?”

“I become the person I most desire to be. I become your beloved.”

“I will push you to be as you have never been. Will that be who you want to be?”

“If it pleases you, yes.”

“Did you dress just as I requested?”

“Yes, Pete.”

“How did you feel traveling here dressed that way?”

“For part of the trip I worried that everyone could see my nipples. Then I realized that you wanted people to see my nipples. You want people to see my arousal and be excited by seeing me.”

“How did I assure that people would see your nipples?”

“You requested that I cut the cups of my white bra so that my nipples and areola were exposed and that I wear a thin white blouse. Further, you asked me to rouge my nipples and areola so they were more visible.”

“Were you embarrassed?”

“I am a fifty year old woman. In the world of fifty year old women I know, women do not dress that provocatively. I felt like a slut, a bad woman.”

“How do you feel, right now, knowing I am looking at your tits and seeing your hard nipples?”

“I am soaking wet! I am hot, wanting more, praying there is more.”

“There is. I want you to take off the blouse. Hang it in the closet.”

judi stood and took off the thin silk blouse. She thought about how extra exposed she felt. She believed she could actually feel his eyes on her bra and exposed skin. She felt a little of her own nectar escape her folds and dampen her thighs. She worried that the imperfections he saw would ruin the moment, end this beginning before he had even touched her once.

“Let’s go into the bathroom.”

He ran warm water and wet a wash cloth. He twisted it, getting most of the water out, then handed the cloth to her.

“I want to suck your nipples, but not with rouge on them. Get all the rouge off. If it would help, take off your bra. Clean the right one first.”

Her hands held her bra covered breast and wiped rouge off the nipple and areola. At first she wiped quickly then thought about what she was doing and why. She released her bra and scrubbed the rouge off. When the right breast was clean she looked at Pete for approval.

“Is it clean?” He asked.

“I think it is. Yes, Pete.”

“Put it in my mouth.”

He was sitting on the toilet and she stood in front of him and aimed her breast into his mouth. He sat passively until her breast touched his lips. In that instant he sucked it in, his tongue exploring every millimeter of her areola and nipple. His tongue tip touching each Montgomery gland. judi felt her knees weaken, her juices flow and her hands wanting to hold his head to her breast.

He released the breast. “Do the other one, please. You did well with the first. I tasted no rouge.”

She scrubbed the other breast mere inches from his face. The roughness of the cloth, the heat of his breath, the intensity of his gaze inflamed her thoughts and her desire. She knew he wanted to suck on her. She knew it would bring her pleasure and bring him pleasure. When she pulled the moist cloth away he opened his mouth. He didn’t lean towards her. He waited for her to put her breast in his mouth.

The response was changed. He sucked, but barely. His tongue explored but with the utmost tenderness and care. Long minutes passed as he enjoyed her breast. His kisses and tongue explored all the breast.

Pete noticed that judi’s head tilted back, her eyes closed, her breathing became shallow and quickened. She had surrendered to her feelings. He smiled internally. He released her breast.

“Please put your bra and blouse back on.”

He stood and went back in the bedroom. He sat again in the same chair. She followed him and stood by the other chair.

“Soon we will go out for lunch. I want you to behave in a certain way while we are out in public. As much as possible maintain contact with me. Hold my arm, hold my hand, put your arm around me. If I hold you it is a statement to the world that I possess you. When you hold me it says that you give yourself to me. If I possess you it could be without your consent. If you give yourself to me it is a gift. You will only speak when directly addressed, and when I give you permission. If I make a suggestion, take it. When we sit in the restaurant sit on the napkin, not your skirt. Any questions?”

“No, Sir.”

Even though the rouge was gone her nipples were still quite obvious through her blouse. It was also obvious that the holes in her bra were there so she would be seen.

When they entered the elevator there were two couples already inside. They were not touching and were dressed as though someone from J. Crew had picked their clothes. The conversation in the elevator stopped when Pete and Judi entered. Judi stood close to Pete and held his arm above the elbow.

“Hungry?” Pete asked.

“Yes, Honey.”

One couple were both looking at judi’s breasts. The female of that couple had on a white polo shirt and a bra designed to give the impression that she didn’t have nipples. It was beyond modest. It denied that she was a woman.

The elevator doors opened and Pete walked out with judi still on his arm.

As they entered the restaurant judi noticed the hostess eyeing her chest. They were taken to a secluded booth. judi sat when Pete indicated. The hostess said their waitress would be there soon. Pete handed judi her napkin. She blushed and arranged it under her, hiking her skirt out of the way. She was not exposed to view but fully aware that she was open for Pete. He sat next to her.

They looked at the menus until the waitress arrived. Pete ordered two iced teas and asked judi which salad she was having. With no hesitation she ordered the Caesar with grilled chicken. Pete ordered an appetizer for himself. The waitress kept looking at judi’s chest. After they had ordered she stuck around a few extra seconds looking at judi.

“You did well. They look and they see how you behave. I am proud to have you with me.”

“Other women are not showing as much of themselves as I am.”

“They were taught that they should be ashamed of their bodies, and to use teasing as a way of getting a man. The contradiction makes most women crazy. Haven’t you seen women dressed provocatively at a dance who then act offended when they catch a man looking? The woman in the elevator couldn’t stop looking at your tits. Hers are so covered there is no way anyone will ever see a hint that she has nipples.”

“I’ve never been so exposed. I was taught that it wasn’t right.”

“Probably taught by a church or by people who were taught by a church.”

“My family didn’t go to church very often.”

“They didn’t need to. The general society has adopted church rules as society’s rules for behavior. The church says hide your bodies and the law says hide your bodies. The church now says one man, one woman, that is marriage. Now the laws that agree with that are finally being challenged. Not one of the social scientists who advocate one man, one woman can give a good compelling reason why it shouldn’t be one man, three women or two women and four men or any other combination people might want to use.

When we are together we will bend some of society’s rules. In private we will consciously break some others. Cutting the tips out of your bra was just for openers. Sitting with your legs spread and pantiless is another step to liberation.”

“I thought Dom and sub was about sex, not politics.”

“Does a political discussion make you wet?”

“No. Honey.”

“You are wet right now. Is that political or sexual?”


“The two biggest forces on the planet that believe in domination and control are churches and governments. Neither believe in freeing people to choose for themselves. Both believe in repressing people. I believe in freedom. Sexual freedom, political freedom, personal freedom.”

“I want freedom.”

“Have you ever felt really free?”

“I think so, Honey, I think so.”


“The day after I graduated from High School.”

“What did you wear that day?”

“We went to the beach that day. I wore a blue bikini, sandals and a big t-shirt.”

“Did you go in the water?”

“Yes. We had lots of fun.”

“At the end of the day, did you have sand inside your suit?”

“Sure, everyone did.”

“The day after I graduated I went to the beach too. At the end of the day I had no sand inside my suit. Showering before I went home was to get the sand off me. I was free all day. No suit. I was nude all day.”


“You have been thinking about being my sub. It takes you away from being responsible for your actions. It makes me responsible. I get to consider the implications for every action, for both of us.”

“I couldn’t do the things I’ll do for you, if I had to do them on my own.”

“You could. You have been so well taught how to be a good girl that you rebel at the thought of showing your nipples. You could do it. You are doing it!”

“Not really. I’m doing what you want me to do.”

“See the woman sitting alone over there in the aqua dress?”


“Get her to go into the bathroom with you and strangle her until she is unconscious.”

“I won’t.”

“So, being my sub has limits doesn’t it?”

“I won’t hurt anyone.”

“So, you are still responsible for your actions. Good. If you had stood up to get her into the bathroom I would have stopped you. Being a sub isn’t license to be stupid. Being my sub is giving me the power to have you be bigger, more of yourself than you normally would allow.”

The meals came and since the restaurant was slow I engaged the waitress in conversation.

“Does the management provide your uniforms?”



“No, but they tell us which ones are best for us to wear.”

“Could you work here without a bra?”

“Sally probably could. She is tiny up top. I couldn’t. The manager would send me home.”

I turned to Judi and said, “She has no real freedom in her job. Does being braless stop or hinder her from ordering food or carrying it to us?”

“No. She could still do the job, but she might offend people if she was braless.”

“The risk of offending someone is so great that the only way to avoid offending someone is to stay home with the drapes drawn. We can justify all kinds of restrictive behaviors in the name of not offending anyone. I’m white. When I walk into a school that is 92% black students does anyone get offended because I am a white teacher?”

“I’m sure someone does.”

“How many people do you know that don’t have nipples?”

She looked puzzled and answered, “I think every one has nipples.”

“Then why do we spend so much time, effort and money to hide them?”

“I have no idea.”

“Do you like having your nipples pinched?”

“By you, yes, I think I would.”

“We have to be in private or I need to be very sneaky to do it, don’t we?”

“Yes! It shouldn’t be done where people can watch.”

“Those are the rules. They are automatic. They are so automatic that thinking is not part of understanding why we do what we do. No more. You get to show people that a woman can be overtly sexual and still be Ok.”

They finished their meal and left a nice tip as they left. As they walked back to their hotel room Pete asked for a taste. judi did not hesitate. She reached under her skirt and dipped two fingers into her wet pussy and held them to Pete’s mouth. He held her wrist gently and sucked her fingers.

“You taste good to me. Do you often taste yourself?”

“No. In the last few weeks I have touched myself more than ever, but I do not often taste my own juices.”

“Taste now.” judi dipped her fingers in again and brought them to her own lips. Her tongue reached out and licked her juices from her own fingers.

In the elevator they rode standing facing the doors. On the second floor the doors opened and a young man about twenty entered. He smiled at Pete and at judi. Pete spoke.

“Young man are you here in the hotel alone?”

“No. My parents have a room on the sixth floor.”

“We are on an adventure. I have bet this woman that she cannot have twenty men kiss her nipples before dark. So far she has only gathered eight men who have kissed her nipples. Would you be number nine?”

“You want me to kiss her nipples? Really?”

“Open your blouse for him. Offer your breasts to him. Ask him to kiss your nipples.”

judi unbuttoned and opened her blouse. The elevator stopped at the fifth floor and the doors opened. Two more men entered. judi blushed but kept her blouse held open.

“I need each of you to kiss my nipples. I have only had eight men kiss them so far today and I need twenty to win the bet. I offer my breasts to you. Please kiss my nipples.” She let go of the blouse and held her breasts forward towards the three men. They hesitated.

When the elevator dinged for the sixth floor the young man suddenly kissed her right nipple and then her left. The doors opened and he backed out of the elevator. As the doors closed judi said, “Thank you Sir.” The other two men took more time kissing her nipples. At their floor they thanked judi and she thanked them.

They rode the elevator long enough to get seven men to kiss her nipples. When they got off the elevator on their floor Pete asked, “Who did we hurt?”

“No one, Honey.”

“Was it exciting for you?”


“How long would it take for you to get twenty men to kiss your pussy?”

“In the elevator?”

“Anywhere. Out by the pool, in the hallway, in the gym. How about we dress in shorts and t-shirts and head to the gym. Once there I will check out the men’s locker room and then you will go in. Your task will be to get as many men as will kiss your pussy lips to do it while you are in the locker room. If twenty men walk in over the next hour how many will kiss your pussy?”

“I have no idea. Are we doing this?”

“Are you my slut?”


“If I ask you to do this, will you?”

“Yes!” Pete opened their door and ushered her inside. “Take everything off. Put on shorts and a t-shirt. When we get to the gym and you go inside the men’s locker room you will remove the shorts and the t-shirt. Tell the men that this is a bet between us and if they will kiss your pussy and then step outside and tell me they did it you could win a thousand dollars.”

He changed into shorts and t as well. They walked to the elevator and entered. One floor down the doors opened and two men in suits entered. judi looked at them and then at me.

“You may begin here if you like.” He said.

“Gentlemen, I need you. I have a bet going with this man. If I can get twenty men to kiss my pussy in an hour he will give me one thousand dollars. I need the money. Would you help me?”

She lowered her shorts uncovering her shaved pussy. The men looked at each other and one pulled the stop button. The elevator stopped between floors. The man knelt and kissed her pussy, then stood again.

“Bob, do it!” He said.

The other man knelt and held judi’s ass as he kissed her pussy. He stood again and the first man pushed the button releasing the elevator. When we reached the first floor judi said, “Tell your friends to find me in the men’s locker room for the next hour or until I win the bet.”

The doors opened and they walked towards the club. Pete and judi walked to the gym.

“You are a good slut. If you get the twenty I will fuck you in the men’s locker room as a reward.”

“In front of other men?”

“If you are my sub you should be happy that I want others to see you having my cock inside you.”

“I will be honored and so wet I will drip!”

“Good.” They entered the gym. It was big enough that thirty or more people could work out at the same time. Pete and judi were watched by the ten men and one woman in the gym as they walked to the men’s locker room door. Pete went inside and saw that there was no staff person inside.

Back outside, judi was looking at the woman riding a stationary bike.

“Does she count?”

“If you can get her inside the men’s locker room and she kisses your pussy you get double points for her.”

Judi walked to her and spoke to her as she rode. They both looked over at Pete twice. Then judi came back to Pete and said, “Is there anyone inside?”

“Two men were in the showers when I was inside. They haven’t come out.”

As she walked thru the door she pulled the t-shirt up, over and off. Every man in the room watched her walk thru the door. The woman peddled faster.

About five minutes later a man opened the door and came out. “Count me.” He said.

“Did you kiss her pussy?”

“More than once.”

He smiled and walked away. Two men got off their bikes and went into the locker room.

Ten minutes went by before the next man came out. He was dressed in street clothes and said, “I kissed her pussy.” A minute later the next fully dressed man came out and repeated, “I kissed her pussy.”

The woman on the bike stopped peddling and walked to Pete. “If I go in there all I have to do is kiss her pussy and come back out and tell you, right?”

“That’s the bet.”

She pushed on the door and walked in. Pete followed her. judi was standing in the shower soaping her pussy. A naked man knelt before her. She rinsed the soap away and he kissed her pussy. Then he stood and she soaped his hard cock for just long enough for him to cum all over her. He walked away and judi soaped up again.

The woman peeled off her clothes and stepped into the shower. judi lathered her entire body and then rubbed her body against the woman’s body. They kissed face to face for quite a few seconds then the woman dropped and kissed judi’s pussy. The kiss lasted almost a minute. Judi grabbed her head and held on as an orgasm ripped through her.

When the woman stood back up Pete said, “Return the gift she just gave you.”

judi dropped and buried her face in to woman’s pussy. It did not take long before the woman threw her head back and screamed, “Yes! Eat me forever!” The orgasm shook her hard and judi hung on to her ass as she shook.

The men watching clapped when judi stood back up. The woman was given a towel and two men helped her get dry. judi finished off the men in the room and washed herself one more time. I motioned for her to shut off the shower and dry off. She shut off the water and four men used towels to dry her body.

She saw her shirt and shorts folded on a bench. Pete said, “You won! Now you get to choose. You can be fucked here in front of all these men or we can go back up to our room and fuck there.”

“Whatever you want is what I want.”

Pete looked at the men standing there. Eight men in good physical condition standing nude waiting for his answer.

“If I fuck here her will all of you splash her with your cum? Jerk yourselves onto her tits and face?”

Every man drew closer to judi and began stroking himself. Pete undressed quickly and judi lay back on the bench with her legs spread. He lined up and slid into her about an inch. His strokes were short and quick, then deeper. A man on either side of judi held her legs high and wide. Judi looked at the faces of the men surrounding her and said, “Cover me with your juices! Cum on me! I want it!”

Rope after rope of sticky white fell from the stroked cocks all around her. They landed on her tits, her chest, her belly and her face. From the amount that some of the men spewed on her they had not cum in months! Pete’s balls tightened and he filled her pussy with his contribution.

HERE!! We went back into the showers and all of us showered together. Many hands soaped her body tenderly and made sure her hair got washed as well. Many towels dried her and two men dressed her when she was dry.

We both thanked them for helping and walked out of the locker room. The woman was waiting. She was dressed and smiled as we came out.

“I was starting to wonder how long you would stay in there.”

“Was there something you wanted?” I asked.

“Yes. I want to have more of you.” She was looking at judi, not me.

“I belong to Pete. If it will please him to have me be with you, I will gladly be with you.”

The woman looked at me. I spoke, “We will be in room 1124. If having sex with both of us is what you want come to our room. If you just want judi come to our room at nine tomorrow morning.”

My hand pressed lightly on judi’s back and we walked out of the gym, to the elevators. We had the elevator to ourselves.

“May I speak?”


“I don’t know how else you could have convinced me that I am worth something in so little time. I saw it in their faces. I wasn’t just a cunt! They liked what they saw and who I was being.”

“If you had been the good girl that you were raised to be do you think they would have looked at you the way they did?”

“Not in a hundred years!”

“Do you think the woman you kissed will come to our room?”


“If she comes I will fuck her, you know that?”

“She knows it too. The only question for her is tonight, or in the morning.”

I opened our door and we went inside. I asked judi to undress. She did. I rubbed lotion on as much of her skin as I could before a knock came at our door.

“judi, answer the door. If it a woman, let her in. If it is hotel staff act embarrassed.”

She swung the door open and the woman from the gym stood there with three glasses and a bottle of champagne. She smiled and walked in. I took the glasses and the bottle and put them on the table.

“judi, our guest has too many clothes on. Help her undress. I will open the champagne.”

I got the champagne open even though I was watching the dance of disrobing the two women were doing.

I poured three glasses of bubbly and handed each woman a glass. Our new friend offered a toast, “To new friendships and new experiences.” We drained our glasses. I set them on the table.

“I must apologize for my terrible manners. You have come to our room with gifts and we didn’t even welcome you properly. Judi, please kiss our new friend so that she drips.”

They embraced slowly, tenderly and pressed their breasts and hips together as their mouths spread their lipstick around. The kiss lasted a long time. When it ended they did not release each other, they just looked at me.

“I wish to welcome you as well.” My arms opened and I stepped close. judi moved behind our new friend but did not stop touching her. I hugged them both and kissed the woman with all the passion and desire I had for both of them. Her response was tentative at first, but because my kiss wasn’t demanding or forced she relaxed and soon was a full participant.

Our kiss ended but the embrace continued. judi had reached around her and had a hand caressing our new friend’s pussy.

“By the way, this is judi and I am Pete.”

“I am Cass. My Mom loved the Mama’s and the Papa’s.”

“judi, have you eaten a woman before tonight?” I asked.


“You have sixty-nined with a man?”


“Cass, you get to choose. Top or bottom?”

“Bottom!” I pointed at the bed and Cass threw herself on her back. I helped judi climb on and position herself so she could eat and be eaten. Cass wasted not a moment. She licked judi and pinched her nipples as soon as judi was accessible.

judy moaned and buried her face into Cass’ open pussy. I sat in a chair and watched. judi came first. Cass held on and tenderly kissed around her open pussy for a while before again finding judi’s lips and sucking them.

Cass’ ass was near the edge of the bed. I stood by her ass and grabbed her legs. I hooked them over my arms and put my hands under her ass. One quick motion and her ass was at the edge of the bed. judi sucked on my cock.

When I pulled back out of her mouth she looked up at me, smiled and used her hand to align my cock with Cass’ cunt. She used her fingers to open Cass’ lips wide and I slowly entered Cass.

Every stroke pressed my body against both women. When I pulled back judi licked Cass’ clit. Soon I felt her body starting to shake and her moans were louder. I held myself deep within her and held still when just the crown of my cock was still within her.

I plunged in and said, “Cum Cass! Let it have you!”

She sucked hard on judi’s clit and both of them shook and thrashed through their orgasms. I pulled slowly out of Cass and judi took my cock in her mouth. A few more strokes and I unloaded into judi’s throat.

I poured three glasses of champagne and they untangled. We toasted to new friends and new experiences.

Cass looked at me and said, “You didn’t cum inside me.”

“judi has earned my cum inside her. You haven’t asked for it and I would not presume to give it to you without talking with you about it.”

“I was afraid I might get pregnant.”

“I have no sperm. I did not have the operation. What I had was an accident when I was in the military. All my swimmers died and no more have been made.”

“judi says she is yours. Like a slave?”

“No. Like a gift. She gave herself to me for this weekend. At the end of the weekend she will go home. I will go home. You will go home. Each of us will think about what’s next for us. We will ask questions of ourselves. Will judi want another weekend like this? Will she want more? A 24/7 relationship perhaps? Will Cass ever see either of us again? Did Cass like being fucked by a man? Will Pete call or email either of you again?”

“You are only together for this weekend?”

“Yes. She knocked on my door, the door to this room, less than twelve hours ago. We have talked and emailed before today but had never seen each other before.”

Cass turned to judi and asked, “How could you trust him that much?”

It was quiet in our room for a long time. Judi looked at Cass and said, “I decided I had lived in fear too long. Everything I knew about Pete said I could trust him and nothing I knew about him was a guarantee. I decided to trust him anyway.”

“That game in the locker room?”

“We made that up. More men and women have kissed my pussy tonight than in my entire life. I loved it. I loved that they wanted me, that you wanted me. When you wanted more I was on an emotional high. All of it is because I trust Pete. Every orgasm you had was because I trust Pete.”

“I can’t believe I’m saying this but I trust him too.”

I called room service and ordered breakfast to be delivered at nine in the morning. We snuggled together in the big bed and woke up hours later. Cass had a hand on my cock. judi had a hand in Cass’ pussy and I had judi’s tit in my mouth.

When I opened my eyes judi said, “Ready for day two of our adventure?”

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