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Just Teasing

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I sat at my desk today and chatted over messenger. This was pretty normal for me, reaching out to those far away. You were at work today but one of the windows open was a dialogue with you.

After half a day of talking about sex, non-consensual sex, resistance play and bondage you had excused yourself for some fresh air. I giggled thinking about the hard bulge you must be trying to conceal in your slacks.

I wondered if any of the girls in the office would notice and maybe get themselves off when they got home. Oh that would be grand.

When you returned to your desk you seemed calmer. I wondered if you were still hard and being the curious feline I am, was compelled to ask. “Are you still hard there in your little cubicle at work?”

I could almost hear the growl in your voice, “Yes, and when I get home I’ll show you what teasing gets naughty little girls.”

You’d signed off then and I did as well. I never knew when to expect you back and that was the irony of your comment. With you it was most always unexpected. Unsure how much time I had, I quickly got a shower and shaved my legs smooth. Drying my hair and putting on just a touch of make up, it was time to decide what to wear. Slipping a light dress over my shoulders I smiled. It buttoned up the front and fell to just above my knees.

With all that I could do to prepare out of the way, it was time to do anything but think about your arrival home. I turned the stereo on and music filled the house. Oh it was a song I loved and so the volume went up until it was all you could hear.

I never heard the door open and close. I was busy straightening the pantry and moving to the music. As I stepped back to eyeball everything you were behind me suddenly and I jumped as your presence startled me to my toes. You gave me no time to think, just pushed me against the wall firmly, your hand gripping my soft brown hair and pulling my head back. The other hand was around my waist and opening the buttons down the front of my dress. Your lips against my throat, biting and kissing bring a passionate moan of need from me. Your fingers find my breast and are teasing the nipples, pinching and pulling them, kneading the flesh. Releasing my hair and using that hand to seize my wrists, you pinned them to the wall above my head.

You press your body against mine, holding me against the wall while your hand leaves my breast and pulls the hem of my dress up in the front…I gasp as you roughly force your hand between my legs, chuckling evilly as you discover my bare sex, already damp. Forcing my legs wide apart with your knee, you bring your hand around behind me and very gently caress my naked ass cheeks. My knees buckle when you suddenly, rudely shove two fingers into my pussy from behind, but your grip on my hands holds me up. My breathing quickens as you plunge your fingers into me again and again, each time lifting me onto my toes, but as I begin to meet your thrusts, trying to grind my wet pussy onto your fingers, you pull them out just as suddenly as you had put them in.

“Tease me, will you?” Your breath tickles my ear as you release your grip on my hands, only to seize my hair again and pull my head back. I open my mouth to protest, or perhaps to answer, but you don’t give me the chance as you shove your fingers, wet with my own juices, into my mouth. Tasting myself on your fingers and smelling the musky smell of my arousal, my lips quickly close around your fingers and begin to suck and lick your fingers clean.

Just as suddenly as you thrust them in you withdrew your fingers and with that same hand slid my dress off my shoulders. It fell to my feet in a silky pile. Using your grip on my hair you pull me away from the wall and towards the table. Pushing me down across it with my now bare ass up in the air and open to you I can’t guess what you will do next.

“You’re the tease today, don’t just lay there. Open up, spread those legs, and let’s see what the naughty little girl has to offer.” Your voice taunts me with just enough edge to it to know you’re very serious.

I try to reason with you, inside I know it’s futile but I am compelled to try. “Master,” I speak up respectfully, “Please accept your lil girl’s apology…” I don’t get to finish as the wind is sucked from my lungs with the first blow of what has to be your belt against my bare skin.

“I said open up to me little tease, I don’t want to hear your apologies. You knew teasing me has a price.” You spoke these words while pulling your tie from around your neck. Forcing my legs wide apart you tie the left ankle to the table leg. With the belt from your coat you pull the other leg over and secure it to the opposite leg. Standing back to admire me you chuckle. “There, now I can see what my little tease has hidden away. You’re so wet little girl. Such a naughty girl you are today.”

The belt whistled through the air and made contact with my skin again and I gasped as the impact sent pain and shivers through my body. The third was lower and the lips of my pussy felt on fire afterwards. Counting silently after each I count the fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth sting of your belt against my ass, thighs and pussy. Something clicks in my head and I remember the discussion that led to your current state: Resistance and non-consensual sex.

I start to struggle against the binding around my legs, and almost manage to wrench them free between the ninth and tenth lash of your belt. I hear you growl menacingly and feel your weight pushing me down against the table again. You’ve stripped away your clothes and now we’re flesh against flesh. Your mouth begins to kiss and bite the exposed flesh of my neck and shoulders. One hand tangled in my long hair held it firmly in place as you ravaged my neck.

My mind screamed to fight back to struggle to get free but the sensations you were creating in my body were driving me wild with wanton desire. Suddenly the breath was driven from my lungs as you slammed your cock balls deep in my pussy. It hurt. I didn’t want you to stop but my brain was saying fight it, fight it. I clenched tightly and tried to push you back out. Again you growled possessively and in my ear I heard you snarl, “Mine, and you will take my cock in any way I choose to give it to you like the good little slut you are.”

Oh gods, you know what that word does to me. My pussy suddenly is drenched and all I can think about is that I want you to fuck me hard and make my pussy sore afterwards. I squirm against my bonds, testing them. Your cock draws out and pistons balls-deep again. I gasp as the head presses against my cervix. Pulling all the way out until just the head lay at my dripping slit I feel the belt on my ass again. As it makes contact you thrust hard and begin to piston in and out faster and faster. The belt alternating left and right on the cheeks of my reddened ass.

I lost count after twenty-three. Tears began to stream down my cheeks. My body was like a tempest of conflicting emotions. I teetered on a razor edge of a great abyss. Pain and pleasure were rampaging my body, my mind and my pussy.

Your fucking is merciless and my body loved it. I truly am a slut. The weight of your body is pressing me hard against the table and my breasts are smashed beneath us. Your hand grips the silky tresses of my hair tightly and you latch onto my left shoulder with your teeth. You like to bite. You like to bite while you’re fucking me and leave marks on what is yours. My ass is aflame from the belt lashes and stinging with the contact with your body.

In my belly I feel the tightening sensation of my orgasm. I know he can feel it too. He loves the feeling of my pussy around his cock just before I cum. With his mouth and teeth biting and sucking my shoulder, hand tugging my head back tightly and cock possessing my pussy I do what any slut would do. I cried out loudly and gave into it. My small body trembled and thrashed beneath yours like an epileptic having a seizure. I hear you growl again like the predatory animal you are at this moment and the next few thrusts are the hardest and deepest as the fat head of your cock pushes past my cervix to deposit your load of cum deep in my womb. The final marking of what is yours.

I feel you rise up on your arms over me and dare a peek over my shoulder. You meet my eyes with an evil grin. There’s a sloshy pop as your cock slides from its silky sheath. “How beautiful you look like that my lil slut. Don’t go anywhere, now.” You chuckle and walk out of the room leaving me sprawled and bound on our kitchen table naked with your cum dribbling from my red, swollen pussy.

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