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Oral Lessons

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I have this neighbor who is absolutely gorgeous. Her name is Chandra, is married with one daughter, and has a very cheery disposition. I got her a job where I work and we see each other quite often. Every man I know that has met her is just amazed at her beauty and wonderful personality. She has a smile to die for and her body is awesome.

Almost all of our neighbors in the apartment complex get together often to cook out in the back yard. When I talk to her I have an extremely hard time controlling myself, because my eyes want to wander downward to take in all her beauty. There have been many times she was outside at the picnic table wearing a miniskirt and opened her legs to stand up or shift. She wears very sexy silk panties of different colors. The first time was a short glimpse of pink, the second time was a pale green. Just about the only colors I haven’t seen is white and black.

What prompted me to write are some incidents that started a few weeks ago. I was sitting at the picnic table reading the daily paper, when she came out and snatched it out of my hands, and sat across from me. She did this all the time so I thought nothing of it. This particular time, the sports section fell under the table, and being the gentleman that I am, I leaned over to pick it up. This just so happened to afford me a fantastic view of her panty covered puss! She was sitting there with her legs spread enough to see the outline of her outer lips and the slit running up the middle. This took me by surprise and I knew I shouldn’t stay down there too long, but as I was bringing the sports section up, part of it slipped out and fell back down. I had to retrieve it, and that turned out to be more difficult than I expected (mostly because my eyes were trained on her crotch and not on what I was doing!).

While down there the second time, I heard her husband, Allen call her from his back door. I just knew I was busted. Her legs spread even more as she turned to answer him. I got my eyes full as I struggled to hurry and gather the papers. When she gave him the answer to where the charcoal was, she turned back towards me and without even a blink, continued to read the paper. I thought I saw a small smile on her lips, but I figured that was just my imagination. When she finished reading the paper she handed it back to me as we made small talk ’till Allen came out ready to start the grill. He asked if I wanted to join them and cook using their grill. I said I’d like to and went upstairs to get something out of the fridge to throw on the fire. When I came back out, Chandra was standing right behind Allen with her arms around his waist. They offered me a glass of wine and I took it. We made a toast to good health and sat around sipping wine and unwinding from the day’s stresses. Al went inside to retrieve another bottle of wine as our food was almost ready.!

While he was gone Chandra looked me in the eye and asked, “Well did you like the color today?”

I looked her in the eyes and tried my best to lie, “The color of what?”

She laughed and said, “You know what I mean!”

This time I looked away embarrassed and said, “OK, OK, Yes I did like the color. Why?”

With a smile she said, “Well, I’ve noticed that every time I am wearing a skirt out here, your eyes are always glued to my legs until I sit down. Then you become a perfect gentleman and never stare. I thought I would reward you for your chivalry.”

I had to be honest, “Then you have not been too observant, because I have caught many glimpses of your pastel colored panties.” (I could have kicked myself for saying that!) A wide smile came across her face and she started to say something, but just then Al came back out of their apartment.

We had a very pleasant meal, and a lot more wine. The conversation got around to sex eventually, and I was floored by the next question. Chandra asked me, “Mina (my wife) says you like oral sex, both giving and receiving. Is that true?”

I looked at Allen and he seemed to be as interested in my answer as Chandra! I answered, “I think that a good session of sixty nine is as good if not better than straight sex.”

She looked at her husband and said, “I’m glad to know some people like it!” Allen had a look of disgust and embarrassment on his face. I didn’t want to see an argument between these two so I tried to change the subject.

Chandra was not about to let me off that easy and turned to me and said, “He thinks it’s disgusting that I would want to give him a blow job and literally gags at the thought of eating pussy!”

I tried to ease his pain and replied, “Well it IS an acquired taste! I have found very few women that like to give head as much as I like muff diving. Mina is in a different world when she sucks me, it’s like she is making love to my cock. I can’t think of a better way to give pleasure than with my mouth.” I was getting a hard-on just talking about it with Chandra.

It was as if Chandra read my mind, she reached into Al’s lap and said, “It doesn’t even turn him on to talk about it! How about it Joe, is your dick hard?”

Embarrassed, I answered, “Hell yes! As I was talking about it, I thought about last night when I got her off three times before I entered her and then she had two more orgasms before I blew my nut. She knows how to keep me hard for a long time through teasing and other methods.”

Chandra’s head cocked sideways and asked, “What are the other methods?”

With Chandra, I had to go into full detail, “Well, to begin with, if the member is pointed downward, it restricts the flow of blood, which keeps it hard longer. Also if I get real close to cumming, she squeezes the base until it subsides.” She looked at Al again with an expression of eagerness. He smiled nervously and then I tried to change the subject again. I tried to pour Chandra and Al some more wine. She picked up her glass and drained it. I filled it again with the last of the bottle.

From that night on, Chandra has had a much different attitude towards me. She flirts constantly, and talks about sex all the time. Last week she came into my office and sat down giving me a good view of her panties again as she crossed her legs. She asked me if I wanted to cook out again that night with her and Al. I told her it would be my pleasure. She brought up the topic of discussion we had that night saying, “I never could get him to eat me, but I did get to lick his cock. He almost cringed when I licked his balls!”

I asked, “Are you careful with your teeth? Some men might be afraid you are going to hurt them with your teeth. Teeth can play an important part in fellatio, but the man has to know it’s not going to hurt.”

She nodded and seemed to be hanging on every word I said. Then she replied, “You know, I never thought about that. I did show him my teeth as I put my mouth over the head. He seemed nervous, but I didn’t think about that.”

I agreed with her and said, “Another thing you might want to consider to get him more inclined to eat you is…” I hesitated for a few seconds then said, “No, never mind, most women don’t like to do that.”

This really piqued her interest and she blurted out, “What? What? Come on, you’re not going to embarrass me.” That had definitely been proven so far, so I said, “Well, most men gag on hair, and truly hate getting it caught in their teeth. Maybe if you shaved your pussy, he might try it. If he tries it, he might find that he likes it.”

She uncrossed her legs and leaned towards me and asked, “I don’t know if I can do that ’cause it itches like a bear when it grows back!”

“Yes it does, but if it will get him interested in eating you, you can even have fun keeping it shaved. A lot of men like to participate in that ritual.”

Scanning my face for a long time she asked, “Does Myna keep hers shaved? And do you like to help her shave it?”

“Yes to both. It is a tremendous turn on to shave her, clean her, then lick her into a frenzy!” I had a raging hard on and had to shift to try to relieve some of the pressure on it from the way I was sitting.

Chandra’s eyes dropped to the bulge in my pants when I did this, and without looking back up asked, “It really does turn you on, doesn’t it?”

I answered, “More than you could ever imagine!”

Finally she looked back at my face and asked, “Does it turn you on talking about it with me?”


“Of course it does! Chandra, you are the most gorgeous lady I have ever met. I would give my left nut to lick you all over!” At this she shuddered. If I didn’t know better, I would have thought she just had an orgasm! She gave me that award-winning smile of hers, spread her legs a few seconds, then stood up. This time, I showed no embarrassment at looking at her panties. She left the office and I didn’t see her again until that evening.

I was enjoying the sun in the back yard again reading the paper. As usual, Chandra came out and grabbed the paper out of my hand, this time giving me a big smile as she did. She sat across from me and this day she was wearing a black leather miniskirt, and a low cut white lace top with a flesh colored bra. In a word, she was stunning. I felt much braver around her than before, so I asked if she had thought much about our earlier discussion.

She smiled and answered, “I’m going to surprise him tonight with my freshly shaved pussy!” I asked her if she had already done it. Her smile was all the answer I needed, and just thinking about it got a rise out of my little soldier. I was not ready for her next question, and when asked, it took me a few seconds to formulate an answer. “Would you like to see?”

“Uh, I mean, uh, yes I would!” Before I got the entire answer out, she dropped part of the paper under the table (it looked like an accident, but I know it was on purpose). I scooted over so that when I leaned down, my face would be even with her legs. As I reached for the papers, I looked at her spread legs. I don’t think that there is a word invented for the beauty before me. Again, I was speechless (trying to come up with that word no doubt). I took my time gathering the loose papers, but like all good things, it had to come to an end. I finally raised back up with all the papers and began to arrange them.

“Well? What do you think?”

I thought for a few seconds trying to remain calm, “Well, if he doesn’t want to eat that, I know someone who would gladly volunteer to do the honors!”

Teasingly she said, “Oh yeah? Who pray tell?”

“Oh, I don’t know, only about any man in this apartment complex, or any man at work. I can think of several women who would volunteer also!”

Chandra seemed surprised at this last statement but evidently curious. She said, “Oh I doubt that!”

“You wouldn’t doubt it if you saw what I just saw!”

She laughed and said, “Oh I saw it! It was a great turn on looking at it in the mirror afterwards. I couldn’t help but seeking out the ‘man in the boat’.” I had to shift in my seat to get the pressure off of my raging hard-on. She noticed this and asked, “Wow, it really does turn you on that much, doesn’t it?”

“If I had a ‘man in the boat’ I’d be seeking him out myself!”

Again she laughed, and then very timidly asked, “Would you like to see me find mine?”

“Are you kidding?” I asked nervously.

“Do I look like I’m kidding?”

So I had to ask, “When?”

She looked around to see if anyone was in earshot, and answered, “Right now if you want. Al is working late tonight and won’t be home for another couple of hours, and Lisa is playing at a friend’s house until 7:00.” Without waiting for an answer, she stood up and said, “Just come in after about five minutes. I’ll be in the bedroom.” I glanced at my watch and watched her ass as she walked towards her apartment. She turned to see if I was doing just that, and smiled.

My mind was racing. This could be my chance to get to eat and then fuck the vision of most of my friend’s fantasies, as well as my own. Or it could just be a chance to watch a beautiful babe play with her shaved pussy. Either way I was not about to pass this chance up.

I waited the five minutes and walked into Chandra’s house. My heart was pounding and I couldn’t believe my luck. I walked back through the hallway towards her bedroom, I could hear her breathing almost as hard as me. As I came through the doorway, I wasn’t sure what to expect. But this surpassed any thing I could have thought of. I couldn’t help letting out a “Wow!” She was sitting at the foot of the bed, without a stitch of clothes on. Her perfect breasts were rising and falling with every deep breath she took. Her nipples were protruding proudly and looked so delicious. Her tummy had just the slightest bulge, not bad for the mother of a child. Her hands were clasped between her thighs. I was hoping just because of modesty and not because she was having second thoughts. I wanted to help her relax, so I said, “Are you sure you are comfortable with this?”

My heart palpitated waiting for her response, “Oh I’m comfortable with it if you are. I’m a nudist so it doesn’t bother me to be naked. I’ve just never masturbated for anyone before.”

I asked, “Not even for Al?”

Chandra frowned and answered, “He thinks that masturbating is for kids!”

“Well I think it is a tremendous turn on to watch a gorgeous lady pleasure herself.” A very sexy smile came across her face as she said, “I think it would be a tremendous turn on to watch each other masturbate!” I wasn’t sure right away if she was referring to her and me, or if she meant her and Al. Since she was staring at me, I took it that she meant me. I pulled my tee shirt up over my head and without hesitation, I dropped my shorts down to my ankles. I had a raging hard-on and precum was showing on my underwear. I kicked off my tennis shoes, bent over and removed my socks before dropping my underwear and stepped out of them. I grabbed the chair from the vanity and pulled it over in front of her at the foot of the bed. She seemed to be waiting for me so I grabbed my cock and began to slowly stroke up and down.

As I did this, Chandra opened her legs. With her left hand she opened her outer lips, and the middle finger of her right hand dipped knuckle deep into her hole. She brought this out showing me how wet she was and started spreading her juices all around her inner lips. The sights, sounds, and smells before me had me mesmerized. I stopped masturbating as I watched. Chandra scolded me and said, “Don’t stop, I’ve always wanted to watch a man ‘jack-off’.”

I replied, “If I keep going, I won’t last two minutes!”

Ever trying to embarrass me, she asked, “What happened to all that staying power you were talking about?”

I explained, “That staying power comes from the all techniques Myna uses on me.”

At this, she dropped to her knees in front of me and took my cock out of my hand. “Teach me those techniques, OK?” I leaned back and told her to pull the head towards her, then as she strokes it to keep it slow and keep it pointed that way. I told her if she sensed that I was about to cum, to grab the base tightly, being careful with the balls. I showed her what I meant and was totally surprised when she enveloped the head of my member with her mouth. She sucked hard and then said, “I don’t think Al has ever been this hard!”

“He will get that hard, if you use these techniques on him. Plus you have to remember, I’m getting a blowjob by the object of many of my fantasies!” This brought a lustful smile to her mouth as she lowered her head and sucked about half of my cock. Her hands came up and she gently massaged my balls as she tried her best to deep throat me. This caused her to gag and I told her that she didn’t have to deep throat me to make it pleasurable. The sensitive area is underneath the head and her tongue swirling around that felt better anyway. My hips were moving with her and I felt glorious release coming upon me. Chandra sensed this and grabbed the base hard. For her first time she did it correct.

I raised her head up by her chin and said, “Now it’s your turn!” I gently laid her back on the bed and spread her legs. I could tell she was as close to cumming as any lady I’ve ever seen at this point. I wanted to prolong that as long as possible. I sucked on her nipples alternately for a long time, then slowly trailed kisses down her sides and tummy, totally avoiding her snatch. She grabbed my hair and tried steering me to where she wanted my mouth, but I didn’t let her. I got her hands loose and licked her toes. I don’t usually do that, but like I said, I was trying to postpone the inevitable.

The whole time I was staring at the most beautiful hairless pussy I have ever seen. I wanted so much to taste her, to give her the release she needed, but I didn’t want this to end. I was ready to explode without any stimulation since I started on her. Finally, I was licking up and down her outer lips, being very careful not to come too close to her clit. I lifted her legs to give me better access. I moved down and licked her puckered anus. I could tell she had never had that done to her before, and it drove her crazy. She would not relax enough for me to get any of my tongue in her even with all the juices she had flowing into her crack. Eventually I was able to take her by surprise by licking all the way from her butt crack to her clit. I felt a slight shudder, so I wanted to slow down a little.

My tongue dove into her love hole and I swirled it around. I would only come up long enough to flick her clit once and then back into the hole, fucking her with my experienced tongue. She had handfuls of my hair and finally let go and just kept her hands on my head. No longer trying to move me, she was allowing me complete control. Her eyes were rolled back in her head and her breasts were rising and falling with each fast breath she was taking. I was able to hold her off for only a short time and then she went wild. She was bucking so hard with her climax that I had to hold on tight to be able to keep my tongue in her slit. When she returned to earth, she grabbed my hair again and pulled me away from her quivering quim.

I trailed kisses all around it and any time I got close she would start laughing hysterically, and clamp her thighs around my head. She was extremely sensitive, so I moved away some and downward. I began licking her asshole again and this seemed to calm her some. After a few minutes I was able to lick upward and back into her sumptuous pussy slit. This time I new it would be awhile before she comes again, so I was set to enjoy a long tasty muff diving session. Chandra surprised me and started to cum again! This was an intense long orgasm that seemed to last for minutes. I found out later that it was many orgasms back to back. She said once she started it just kept ending abruptly and then start back again with more heat. My face was soaked with her juices and I was in heaven. She quickly pulled my head away and said she could not take any more. I got up and laid beside her letting her recuperate.

She finally leaned over and started licking her juices from my face. I asked her if she was ‘bi-curious’. Her answer was, “I never really thought about it but if it tastes the same as what I just licked off of your face, then it probably wouldn’t be too bad!’ When our tongues were doing battle for control, she climbed on top and easily slid my throbbing member all the way inside. God she was tight! She started moving up and down in a hurry. I slowed her down some and told her to move her hips towards our feet to bend my cock downward. This was an incredible fuck! Even with this delaying technique, I was ready to explode in only a matter of minutes. Chandra breathlessly said, “Let me know before you come, I want to taste it!”

Who am I to argue with logic like that? When I felt the familiar boiling in my balls, I told her I was ready to cum. Reluctantly she came up off of me and turned around to suck me off. I draped her lovely legs over my head to get to taste her again. The second my tongue found her clit, I shot a huge load of cum into her awaiting mouth. In this aspect she acted just like a pro. She started sucking so hard it felt as if the cum was coming from both my feet and my head and rushing out the end of my dick. I heard her moan and all of a sudden her stomach muscles started to tremble. She was cumming again, probably from the thought of swallowing the cum of someone other than her husband.

She rolled off of me and kept her hand on my deflating cock. The next thing that happened damn near gave me a heart attack. Al came out of the closet with a video camera in his hands with a big smile on his face. I had a look of terror on my face when I looked down at Chandra and she almost fell off the bed laughing so hard. When I looked back at Al and noticed that he was naked with a hard-on, I realized I had been set up. I joined in on their good-natured laughing and asked, “How long have you guys been planning this?”

Al said, “Chandra has wanted you to eat her every since she talked to Myna, and then found out that you really do like to do it.”

She joined in, “I have had an itch to have you licking me real bad since that night we talked about it.” Then they explained to me that they both want to experiment with swinging, but were afraid they might have some jealousy between them. This was a good way to test Al, and they asked if Myna might be inclined to join in, to test Chandra. I told them that we had talked about it but had not yet acted on it. I think she would go for it, and that she also wants to experiment with bisexuality. I looked at Chandra as I said this to get her reaction. As expected she looked towards Al, and then back at me and said, “Why not!”

I told them that after she gets back from visiting her mother, we would see how it goes. We immediately started devising a plan to get Myna involved in our sexual playing, but that was cut short by Chandra sucking Al’s cock as I video taped them. But that’s another story…

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