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Just Down the Hall

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8===> Discovering a surprise neighbor in the freshman dorm

Ben leaned up against the door frame of the entrance to his dorm room and took in all the insanity going on in the hallway. One incoming freshman after another was busy dragging boxes and laptops and stereos and suitcases down the long corridor in search of the specific room that would be their cramped quarters for the next nine months. All the confusion, scurrying around, and bumping into each other was like watching ants at a church picnic.

He had gotten in the day before and already had his quarters pretty much set up and under control, and therefore avoided the craziness going on around him now. The roommate he was to share it with had yet to show, and he said one more silent prayer that he wouldn’t. Scoring the privacy of a single room…even if it was just for one semester…was probably the most coveted dream of any college boy.

He snickered to himself as he watched the various individual scenes. One poor guy had dropped his CD collection and was scrambling to recover the discs as they bounced around on the tile floor. Two more were wrestling a compact refrigerator along the floor in between other students. Three guys were arguing about all of them being assigned to a double room and which one was to be the one ‘out of luck’ and having to go fight with the housing office. Just as he turned to go back into the calmness his room, his eyes drifted to the back of a tall guy navigating his way through the quagmire of bodies.

‘Holy shit,’ Ben thought to himself. ‘That has to be the finest ass I have ever seen on a guy.’ He was at least six-one or two and the long legs were topped off with a high, tight, and fabulously rounded butt that was so-well packed into a pair of jeans, it was as if Calvin Klein himself has designed the rump for a billboard. Ben leaned back against the doorway opening again and licked his upper lip as he watched each cheek jiggle gently as the hunk walked away from him. Even though he was a virgin in every way except for his right hand, Ben already knew what it was he preferred but he hadn’t let anyone else know yet. After one last long gaze, he stepped back into his room with the thought, ‘Now that I would be willing to come out to…especially if he wants to help me lose my V-card.’

* * * * *

* * * * *

Tim paused just before entering his room and looked back over his shoulder. He had the feeling that someone was watching him very intently. He glanced around the crowd, but couldn’t peg the cause of the sensation. The sixth sense awareness that eyes were concentrating on him was something that he had become acclimated to; particularly since he had bloomed into adulthood earlier than most other guys. He was far from narcissistic and didn’t relish being stared at by others; but his thick dark hair, exceptional good looks, and strong build just attracted eyes whether he wanted them or not. In many ways, it also made him very ill at ease and was one of the main reasons his social life during high school had been self-limited. That and the realization of an attraction to other guys that had surfaced…along with unwanted boners…during gym classes.

Shrugging his shoulders to shake off the feeling of eyes being on him, Tim walked into the room and said ‘Hi’ to his roommate. His roomie replied ‘Hi’ back and immediately returned to perusing the stack of class texts he had already snatched up at the bookstore.

Jake and he couldn’t be at more opposite ends of the spectrum. Tim was a jock, having played football, soccer, and wrestled all through high school. Jake was the Wikipedia definition of ‘nerd’ right down to the thick glasses and pocket protector. Tim had struggled with classes to be able to complete high school with a good enough GPA to at least be able to get into college since his athletic abilities; while being above average; wouldn’t get him a free pass. Jake had been his class valedictorian and was on a full academic scholarship.

The other thing that had become obvious quite quickly the night before, was that while Tim was used to hanging out in just boxers and liked to sleep nude, Jake stayed totally dressed when in the room and changed into full pajamas for bed. He had thought to himself, ‘Damn! Even jerking off is going to be limited to the shower it looks like with this guy here.’ But with all the differences between them, they were getting along so far. Tim settled onto his bed and slipped on earphones to listen to the latest ‘One Direction’ CD he had added to his collection.

* * * * *

* * * * *

Ben had finally given in to the rumbles in his stomach and wandered over to the student union to enjoy his favorite dinner: a greasy double cheeseburger, large order of fries, and extra thick chocolate shake. He knew it wasn’t anywhere near as nutritious as what he should eat, but he couldn’t help himself. He loved the taste combination and would work off the empty calories later with a jog around the campus. He sat alone off in a corner and thought back on what his life had been like since his parents split up when he was 14.

The divorce couldn’t have come at a worse time for Ben. He was just beginning to try and deal with the fascination about other guys when all his friends were turning into walking, talking, constantly horny-for-chicks, one-track hormones. The confusion and questions he had were compounded by not having anyone he felt he could discuss the issue with…not even his favorite cousin. He had just about reached the point that he thought he could broach the topic with his dad, when he suddenly moved out. His mom explained far too simply that the marriage was hopelessly over. She added to the angst that created by announcing that as soon as the paperwork was done, they were moving across the state back to her former hometown. Ben remembered his thoughts from back then. ‘Fuck! I am already about as screwed up in the head as I can get and you are ripping me out of the only place I have ever lived and dropping me into a whole new unknown situation just as I start high school! No friends! No family but an elderly grandfather I haven’t seen for years, your also-divorced sister, and her daughter that had the reputation of town slut. Nothing will be familiar and there are more adjustments than I want to deal with.’ He shook his head at the original memories, wondering how he had gotten through all of it without blowing his brains out. More than a few times during the difficult transition he had considered suicide…especially after he realized he would only see his dad a few times a year at best.

Once they had relocated, Ben became a loner and threw himself into sports. Even though he was very good at each sport he involved himself in, he showed the most promise and soon excelled at swimming and diving. He was a popular teammate but didn’t run with the rest of the jocks. That decision came after he developed a major crush on one of the other guys on the swim team when he was a sophomore. More than once he was sure he had been caught staring at the impressive bulge showing in Brent’s Speedos or letting his eyes wander too much in the locker room. He dated only enough to keep rumors from starting, but never had a third date with any girl. They just didn’t have the same affect on him as the allure of other guys. The closest thing he had to a sex life was jerking off to internet porn…mainly movies that involved two guys. He intentionally did little to make close friends because he was certain he was the only gay dude in the small city. Close friends had to share things and he wasn’t ready to fling open his closet door to peers that dropped ‘fag’ and ‘queer’ into conversations on a regular basis. Ben hated that town and had only two goals for those four tumultuous years: try to become good enough to get a swim team scholarship; and if he didn’t, study hard enough to still be able to move back to what he would always considered home to attend the university there.

Ben was jogging back across the quad when he saw that same set of hot male globes under denim entering the dorm. He picked up his speed in hopes of getting a closer look and see what else this guy looked like. By the time he raced through the doors, the long legs he was wanting to see more of were a half flight ahead of him on the stairs. Ben hit the first step quickly but slowed to match pace with his fixation. The gorgeous ass moved slowly and Ben took time to drink in every movement as they both climbed upward to their third floor hallway. He had been unable to see anything except rump and long thick hair…the face was still a mystery to him as they walked ten foot apart down the corridor. Ben stopped at his door and paused to enjoy the erection he had popped as he continued to watch the fantasy man stroll to his own door. There was no doubt in Ben’s mind that he would soon be enjoying a satisfying and needed whack session in the privacy of his room. Just as he started to step through his doorway he glanced one last time at the luscious piece of manhood he was lusting after. The guy’s head turned as he stepped across the threshold and all Ben got was a quick view of his profile, but two things smacked him hard as he did. It looked as if the guy was as hot as his ass, and there was something about his face; what little he saw of it; that clicked in his mind. ‘I know him from somewhere,’ was still echoing between his ears as he stripped down and flopped naked on his bed with the largest boner he had had in weeks.

* * * * *

* * * * *

As the door closed behind him, Tim once again had the nagging thought that he had been being watched again. That impression quickly vanished though as he realized that Jake was out somewhere and he had the room to himself…hopefully at least long enough to take care of business. He had been wandering around the campus and after enjoying all the young male eye candy, he needed relief that was more than a furious jerk session in the shower. Tim kicked off his sneaks at the same time he peeled his tee shirt over his head. His jeans were forced down just as rapidly and he dropped onto his bed as soon as he freed them from his ankles. Glancing at the locked door, he silently begged to the air, ‘Give me ten more minutes, Jake.’ He rolled the waistband of his tight boxer briefs down and snugged it under his full balls. His cock flopped into his pubes and a string of pre leaked from the tip before he even touched himself. ‘I really need this,’ he said to himself as he wrapped his hand tight around the pulsing seven incher and began a methodical slow stroke.

* * * * *

* * * * *

Down the hall Ben was making love to himself with his hand. The hot dorm neighbor he wanted so badly now, was the vision he was having behind his closed eyes. They were both naked and the guy was introducing him to the joys of man-on-man action. Ben pulled a little faster on the fleshy shaft in his palm as he imagined what it would be like to be in a sixty-nine with Mister Hot Ass. He smiled at the imagery of them working each other with their mouths. His slit oozed out more pre than it ever had before thanks to his mind telling him that anyone with a butt that beautiful, had to have equipment between his legs to match it. Even though he wanted this to last, Ben licked his lips and ramped up the speed of his yanks.

* * * * *

* * * * *

At the other end of the floor, Tim knew he had no clue how long he had before Jake would be back, so he began getting more serious about beating off after taking pleasure in slowly working his tool for a few minutes. It had been two days and he was so hard and his nuts so full. He reached up to his chest with his free hand and twisted on his left nipple until the nub was as stiff as his cock. The soft moans that slipped from his lips came from both the physical sensations of touching himself, coupled with the fantasy scene running in his mind. In his brain he wasn’t alone. There was an attractive college boy there with him and it was his fingers tweaking his nipple. It was his hand…or even better his mouth…working his throbbing bone. The daydream expanded as he stroked and his own mouth was now busy licking and kissing and exploring another male for the first time. He moved his hand from his chest to his lips and inserted two fingers between his lips, imagining that it was the other guy’s hard cock sliding across his tongue. His hand increased the tempo and he soon felt the familiar tingle in his groin and he clenched his butt cheeks tighter.

* * * * *

* * * * *

Ben knew he was totally committed when the rapid tugs to his dick reached a blur. His body was demanding relief and instead of pinching off the flow and prolonging the feelings, he let the dam break and arched his hips and back up from the bed. The first rope of white splattered his forehead and brows; the second strung from his nose across his cheek; and the next three drenched his chest and abs. He bit down on his tongue to keep from crying out as loud as he wanted to; instead just moaning in complete pleasure. After the final spurt dribbled over his thumb and fingers, he put his hand to his mouth and slowly licked off his own sweet juice, but the whole time seeing in his mind’s eye that it was the spew of the guy down the hall that he was tasting instead.

* * * * *

* * * * *

Tim spread his legs wide as he took the final strokes on himself. His toes curled tight when the initial eruption came quickly and flew above his head. The following ones were equally intense in both amount of cum and how rigid his body became. The half dozen strings of white landed everywhere…his pillow, his hair, his torso, and on his clean sheets. Tim didn’t care as he was lost in visualizing the guy that had just gotten him off was now pressed tight to him, making out as they enjoyed the afterglow. He dropped his cock and moved his hand to his sac, massaging it lightly, and his wilting pole responded by burping up one last trickle of life fluid. Tim smiled and reached over the side of the bed for his abandoned tee to clean up with.

* * * * *

* * * * *

Ben remained splayed on the bed for a few more minutes before deciding a shower was now in order. Both his hunger and his more base needs had now been satisfied and he wanted to feel warm water cascading over him before crashing for the night. He dabbed away most of the mess on his body with the hand towel he kept for a cum rag and then picked up the towel that was draped over the desk chair. Wrapping it around his waist, he snagged his shower caddy and headed out the door for the large communal bathroom and shower area in the center of the corridor. He glanced towards the end of the hall hoping against hope for yet another view of the hot stud he couldn’t get out of his mind. He didn’t magically appear and Ben entered the empty bathroom. He was soon soaping himself down with body wash and trying to figure out why he had a new chubby so soon after getting off. Snickering to himself, he decided that was just the advantage of being 18 and rubbed shampoo into his blond hair instead of rubbing the erection. He quickly finished and was headed back to his room when he heard a voice yell out, “Hope you left some hot water for me.” He turned his head in just enough time to see the guy from down the hall pop through the bathroom door; naked except for the towel around his waist. Once again, all he got was a short view of the profile of his face. He still wasn’t certain what the guy actually looked like.

‘Gawd! His back is even sexy,’ was all Ben could think of as his shower boner instantly returned. He searched his mind for any excuse to return to the shower area. He wanted to see that magnificent butt in all its natural glory. It was becoming like an addiction to him and this may be the best chance he would get. Even though his towel was tented from the new erection, Ben spun on his heels and headed back to steal a quick look.

* * * * *

* * * * *

Tim was under the shower head cleaning off any cum splotches he hadn’t gotten with his tee shirt and enjoying the water splash over him. He didn’t pay any attention when the door opened and closed. He only remained turned to the wall and running his soapy hands over his naked body.

* * * * *

* * * * *

Ben walked in far enough into the bathroom to be able to see through the gap that was the entrance to the common shower area. He inhaled a deep breath and subconsciously reached under his towel to squeeze his cock at what he saw. The guy that was holding such fascination for him, was facing away from him and surrounded by steam; but most importantly, he was totally naked and the rump that looked so good in jeans was right there in plain view. It looked even better out of tight jeans than he had imagined.

Ben ran his tongue around his lips and wished he had waited ten minutes to take his shower so he could have joined this Adonis of asses under the next shower head. When the guy suddenly turned around, Ben’s eyes fleetingly cruised to his crotch and he sucked in yet another breath upon seeing the dangling meat snaking down between his wet thighs. His eyes then shot up to see the sculpted chest and finally further up to finally see the face attached to this great collection of skin.

‘Dammit,’ he muttered under his breath as he looked longer than he should have. The guy had soap all over his face and there was no way to just stand there staring to wait and see what was really under it when he rinsed off. The guy shot him a smile and turned back around; seemingly to have no thought at all of how Ben’s eyes had been drilling into him. Before he did anything more blatant and that may not be welcome, Ben went back to his room and immediately pounded off yet again. Sleep was going to come easy for him tonight. It did but was filled with dreams…dreams that centered around two things: the image imprinted in his mind now of what the guy looked like naked, and eventually finding out what his face looked like…and kissing him without soap lather all over his cheeks and chin.

* * * * *

* * * * *

Tim had been a little shocked when he comprehended that the guy had been looking at him while he showered. He was used to joint showers from sports and gym classes and all the kidding around that went on between guys. But this time it was different. The guy had just been staring! Tim had only turned away because he felt his flaccid cock start to fill with blood when he saw how cute the guy was. His slightly shorter stature, sleek build, and dark blond hair was just the kind of guy that excited Tim the most. He didn’t want to pop a bone in front of the guy…at least not until he knew his name anyway. Even more disconcerting to him was the fact how much he reminded him of someone…the cousin he hadn’t seen since the ugly divorce between his aunt and uncle four years earlier. Fearful of finding out for sure; which would have been so simple by just knocking on his door; Tim instead allowed ‘Could it be?’ hang in his mind the rest of the night until sleep overtook him.


Two days later, Ben was frustrated at having not seen his hot buns guy again. Classes had started and he had been exceptionally busy getting into the swing of things. He had watched for the hunk, but the planets hadn’t aligned to be able to catch him in the shower again or even granted him a replay of being able to see his great ass wandering down the hallway. Thanks to his expected roomie never showing up, Ben was at least able to settle for a couple more intensive jerk sessions stretched out naked on his bed and fantasizing about him. Each one was satisfying, but he wouldn’t be completely happy until he met this guy. Nothing else would probably happen between them, but at least knowing his name and actually seeing the face that was attached to the body would be enough for his whack time.

After finishing up a reading assignment, Ben decided to grab a late sandwich and Coke. He had skipped dinner and needed something to quell the grumbling coming from behind his abs. He walked over to the student union and after getting a sub, bag of chips, and a drink, he planted himself at a table off to the side, but one that gave him a good view of the people wandering around. He ate slowly and checked out each new guy that came through the dining area. Just as he was about done, his eyes enlarged at the same time his dick did. There he was! Chuckie Cheeks as he had begun to think of him, was strutting through the entrance. He was wearing bright blue nylon running shorts and had on a tee shirt that was at least one size too small and was showing off the well-defined chest and arms he had seen in the shower. Ben watched closely as he picked out a sandwich and soda and then turn to find a seat. ‘Over here…come sit by me,’ screamed in his brain, but his lips remained silent. Finally seeing the guy’s face clearly for the first time had Ben’s brain cells bumping together instantly. ‘I do know him from somewhere! But where?’ was all he could get the memory banks to regurgitate. Suddenly it hit him. ‘It can’t be…can it?’

* * * * *

* * * * *

While standing at the counter and deciding on a selection for his late snack, Tim felt the eyes on him yet again. When he turned to look for a place to sit and eat, his own eyes quickly found the source of the feeling. The cute guy from the dorm was here and staring at him. As he looked him over, Tim wasn’t positive it was who he thought it was, but he grinned and headed straight for the table to find out. Even if this guy wasn’t the cousin he hadn’t seen in so long, he wanted to meet this guy anyway. Sauntering over casually, he dropped down at the table next to him to settle the mystery.

* * * * *

* * * * *

Ben was a combination of total fear and nearly unrestrained excitement as the hunk came closer. When he picked the table next to him to sit at, Ben felt his cock begin to grow. He wanted to speak, but his mouth wouldn’t work. As he kept stealing glances at the guy’s face, Ben’s brain was fighting with itself. ‘It has to be him. But it’s been four years. Are you sure? I think so. Then say something and find out. But what if it isn’t? But what if it is?’ The debate going on between his ears was making him crazy.


They traded smiles and looked at each other for a moment. Finally breaking the uneasy silence, Tim poised a one-word question. “Ben?”

“Tim? Is that really you?” he responded as his lips formed a wide smile.

Tim mirrored a big grin back. “Sure the hell is, cuz. Sonbitch! How long has it been?”

Ben offered a fist bump as he answered, “More than four years dude!”

“I saw you in the dorm bathroom the other day, but wasn’t sure.” Looking Ben up and down, he added, “Man you have changed. Last time I saw you, you were about a foot shorter and scrawny as an anorexic scarecrow.”

Ben laughed. “Well the last time I saw you, you weren’t any taller than I was and had enough baby fat yet to be the Pillsbury Doughboy’s double.” He stood up to move to the table with Tim, but allowed his eyes to cruise over his body first. “But you sure look a lot better now.” He blushed from the bluntness of the words as he sat down.

“Good genes and four years of high school sports had a lot to do with it.” Tim leaned back in his chair and gave his cousin the same once-over, but spending extra time on the upper chest showing through the thin pullover and the hard thighs stretching his shorts. ‘He may be my cousin, but he is a fucking turn-on,’ Tim told himself. He didn’t really need to since his cock had gone to full staff while looking him over. “You’ve filled out real well too, Ben,” he stated. ‘And so has your dick if that bulge means anything,’ zinged through his head. Tim’s hand reached over to squeeze a thigh. “Damn! Those legs are like rocks and with those pecs, I’m guessing swim team…right?”

The touch from Tim only intensified the strain Ben’s cock was making on his tight cargos. He knew he was leaking pre into his boxers too. “Y-y-yeah…co-captain my junior and senior years,” he stammered. ‘Oh my God! I’m boning up over my cousin and can barely talk,’ he thought. “That tee you’re wearing says your abs are better than mine though,” he complimented as he let his eyes wander down even further to check out the whole package that was his long-lost cousin. The lump he saw in the now tenting running shorts was more than obvious. Ben’s brain spoke to him. ‘Oh fuck! He is hard too! How wrong is this?’

The two cousins had been enjoying their reunion for only about a half hour when the announcement the student union was closing was made. Ben asked, “You want to talk some more? I managed to score a private room by accident if you do, and have a six pack of Bud we can split.”

Tim livened up even more than he had been at that prospect. ‘The way you have me turned on, I don’t know if being alone with you is a good idea…but I don’t care,’ was the short-lived discussion in his brain. “Sure. My first class isn’t until 10AM, so just do a last call by 2AM and I’m fine.”

“Let’s rock and roll then,” Ben declared as he stood up. He watched closely as Tim rose from his seat and did a barely concealed crotch adjustment hopelessly trying to hide the hard-on he was sporting. The one Ben had was showing just as bad in his tight cargo shorts but for some reason he wanted Tim to see it and left it alone. Just minutes later, he was unlocking his door. “Welcome to the crib,” he announced as he flipped on a light. “Make yourself at home.”

“That means I can get naked?” Tim jested.

“Whatever floats your boat man. I usually am when I’m here,” Ben shot back with a grin on his face. ‘I can only wish,’ was the thought he let tempt him. Unfortunately, Tim only slipped off his sneaks and took possession of the chair in front of the study desk. Ben did likewise before sitting down on the bed.

They were soon entangled in a conversation that ran the gamut of the latest updates on the families, including the dirt; to highlights of each other’s high school years and hobbies. They had a good laugh when they discovered they both shared the same two favorite things to do when not playing sports or in school: mountain biking and jacking off. For being two good looking jocks, the one thing that was suspiciously missing during the long exchanges, was the typical dating tales and bragging about sexual conquests. Neither had mentioned much about females beyond passing comments about prom dates and homecoming dances, but neither had admitted their virginity either. Tim finally took the plunge and broke the ice with, “So cuz…truth or dare time. You still waiting to get your cherry popped for real?”

Ben blushed a little and mumbled, “Truth. Don’t laugh, but yeah.” The look he got back said the question in his mind was okay to ask. “Truth or dare back…what about you?”

“Don’t feel pregnant dude,” Tim replied. “Truth. Me too. I’ve had handfuls of tit a few times, but…” He just let the rest of the explanation fade away.

Ben half smiled before speaking. “I got some stink finger once, and…well…nothing that really counted beyond that I guess you would say.” Not being totally certain where this tête-à-tête would go now, he decided to at least make a move to open things up a little more just in case Tim needed some incentive. He stood up and announced as he peeled off his shirt, “Man, I am over these clothes and getting comfortable.”

“Go for it,” was the initial salvo back from Tim as he slipped his tee off also. That was followed with, “Lose the shorts too if you want.” The ending one came with a grin: “It’s just us guys.”

It was impossible to miss the way Tim was looking over his bare upper torso as Ben reached down to unsnap his cargos. He wasn’t sure if it was due to the defined pecs and arms swimming had provided him or the hopeful chance there was some lust involved. His own desires as he looked over the hard chest and rippled abs of his cousin had made him half hard, but his fingers found his zipper and slid it down anyway. By the time he had pushed the pants to his ankles, Tim had already stripped out of the running shorts. The skimpy lime green bikini briefs he was wearing left even less to the imagination than the red swim team Speedos Ben was used to seeing packed almost as tight. Even though he gazed at the impressive lump showing, what he really wanted at that moment was to see how the clingy fabric looked from the backside. Finding a bravado he didn’t know he had, Ben ordered, “Turn around and show it all off, stud.”

Tim only grinned and used the ball of one foot to do an almost military spin. Glancing back over his shoulder, he asked, “Think my ass would look even better in one of those strings you swimmer guys call a suit?”

Ben didn’t answer at first because he was mesmerized by the way Tim’s cheeks rode perfectly in the stretched cotton. With Tim’s six foot plus height, the few square inches of his body that was still covered created a full picture that was nothing less than so completely erotic, that his cock grew enough for the tip to be trying to find an escape from the waistband of his boxers. Finally finding his voice again, Ben responded with, “I dunno if it could look any better, dude.” He gulped in some air hoping that statement wasn’t over the line.

Tim laughed out a “Thanks, man,” and turned back around even though his own tool had fully hardened too and was barely held back by the cloth as it snaked across his pelvis. He looked over Ben again closely and then reached out to slide a hand over his pecs. “You really got these from just swimming?”

Ben swallowed the moan that tried to escape his lips as Tim touched his chest. His cock twitched almost violently and “Umm, yeah,” was all he managed to let leak out at first. “The coach always said that ten laps a day of the pool doing breast strokes was better than a week of bench pressing in the weight room for chest development,” was added once he found his breath again.

Tim’s hand strayed across Ben’s man boobs once more as he nodded his head. “Sure looks like it worked,” he offered while letting a finger drag slowly over the left nipple.

Ben shuddered. He then felt the goose bumps rise on his forearms when Tim’s finger brushed against the right one. ‘Is he doing this to me on purpose?’ raced through his mind. A quick glance down let him see the large wet stain on the lime bikinis. ‘Fuck! He must be leaking pre like a dripping faucet.’ Just before Tim stopped his touches, Ben reviewed the last few moments in his mind and surmised to himself: ‘I think he is getting into this as much as I am.’

It took every bit of restraint he could find within himself to keep Tim from tracing his fingers down Ben’s flat stomach and grasping the bulge that seemed to be trying to rip out the threads of his boxers. ‘Touch me like I just touched you so I know it’s okay to go further,’ he asked silently. ‘Touch me anyway you want to. Just fuckin’ touch me please!’ He permitted a light moan to slip out when Ben seemed to have heard him by dancing his fingertips over Tim’s hard pecs. He blushed and stammered out an excuse that even sounded lame to his own ears. “Sorry, Ben. My nips are real sensitive and I get turned on real easy with them.”

“Oh really?” came from Ben with a smirk. “Just how turned on does it make you?” was followed by tweaking both of Tim’s nipples at the same time with a thumb and index finger from both hands. He knew he had probably just entered territory he couldn’t backtrack from, and hoped the move was taken as it had meant to be. Otherwise, he was totally screwed if he had read the signals wrong. The way the nubs responded by instantly hardening and the moan from Tim’s lips provided most of the answer.

“Fuckin’ A,” finally seeped from Tim’s mouth and his hands grabbed Ben’s waist to strengthen his quivering legs. Looking deep into his eyes, Tim slowly let his hands move to the front of Ben’s boxers and massaged his erection. “Looks like more than my nips are getting hard,” he teased as his hand worked the hidden boner. “Bet it will twitch even more if I…” He didn’t finish the statement…just jammed his hand through the fly and took the warm flesh he found in his palm.

Ben’s eyes snapped shut as he felt the squeezes begin. “Oh hell yes,” he whimpered as he felt the first hands ever beside his own begin working his tool. He reached around Tim and used both hands to grope the luscious globes that so fascinated him.

“Yeah baby!” was the cry coupled with another moan from Tim as Ben worked his butt cheeks like he was kneading bread. He laid his head on Ben’s shoulder and kissed his neck as he continued tugging on the throbbing cock in his hand. His mouth moved higher and chewed on an earlobe. He traced the ridges of the ear with his tongue tip and then slathered his way over Ben’s cheek. Caught up in the moment, he didn’t think at all as he licked Ben’s lips and then forced his tongue between them.

Ben’s lips parted easily and eagerly as he felt Tim’s tongue intruding. He yanked him tight to his body and rubbed Tim’s ass with even more enthusiasm as he sucked on the invading tongue. As their passionate making-out and crotch grinding reached a pinnacle, he suddenly pulled his mouth away. “Tim…should we really be doing this?” he questioned. “I mean…we are related after all.”

Tim grinned. “So we are ‘kissing cousins’ that are headed for much more I hope.” While he let that thought sink in to Ben, his lips and hands got busy again to hopefully help convince him.

“You mean it doesn’t bother you, Tim?”

“Just because your dad and my mother were brother and sister just makes us blood….barely. It doesn’t mean one of us will get pregnant and pop out a kid with three eyes.” He hesitated and then added, “Why? You wanna stop?” The question was almost moot as all four of their hands had yet to cease roaming and rubbing and fondling.

“Well no. Not really.” Ben responded with a smile. “Not unless you want to.”

Tim grinned back. “Hell no! This is the most aroused I ever been and I want to see how much more excited your cute ass can make me.” His fingers slipped to Ben’s waistband and as he pushed the loose boxers down the strong thighs, he added, “And that means we need to get naked.”

The beaming smile that appeared on Ben’s face came along with his hands nearly tearing Tim’s skimpy briefs off. After they both shook their underwear from their toes, they stood back and drank in each other’s nudeness. Ben admiring the endowment that was pointing straight at him, and Tim licking his lips over the unbelievably thick forest of blond curlies Ben’s slightly shorter but thicker cock was standing up in.

“Shit are you hung,” Ben panted while keeping his eyes pinned on at least seven or more inches of throbbing flesh.

Tim reached over and wandered his fingers around in Ben’s pube patch. “Yours isn’t anything to sneeze at cuz. And you have the hottest man patch I have ever seen.” He kept leaving fingerprints all over Ben’s groin and enjoying the attention Ben’s hand was giving his shaft.

“I wanna taste it,” was all that was said before Ben slumped to his knees. He took Tim’s cock in one palm, used the other to cup his balls, and looked up for approval.

Tim twisted his fingers in Ben’s thick blond hair and simply smiled at first. As soon as Ben leaned forward and swiped his tongue tip over the oozing mushroom, Tim moaned but also got out, “Don’t make me cum yet. I’m eating yours too first.” After that, for the next few minutes he only made noises of pleasure as Ben’s mouth explored every single inch of his cousins silky pole. When he felt a warning rumble from his balls, he pulled Ben to his feet and kissed him again. After breaking the embrace he explained, “I was getting close, so now it’s your turn.”

Before Tim could lower himself to the floor, Ben stopped him. “I’ve got another plan than just you sucking me,” was cryptically uttered. Ben took Tim’s hand in his and led him to the bed. He stretched out on the sheets and grinned. “Lay down on top of me and we can do each other, hunk,” was the demand.

Tim’s cock bounced in the air at the thought of them sixty-nining, and he immediately joined him and covered Ben’s body with his. He wasted no time in taking Ben’s tool through his lips and was soon letting himself be completely impaled thanks to Ben licking and chewing on his nuts. He was lost in his own world enjoying the sensations of Ben’s cock rubbing on his tongue and his hips jousting up into his face. Suddenly every nerve in his body electrified as Ben made a totally unexpected move and Tim cried out best he could with his mouth stuffed full.

Ben had spent little time mouthing Tim’s cock, but instead concentrated on soaking his balls with saliva. After inhaling them into his mouth and then rolling them around on his tongue, Ben spit them out and tugged gently on the loose skin of his sac with his teeth. As much as he was enjoying the unique feel of Tim’s low hangers on his lips, the view above them was his true intention. His hands had been working the beautiful twin globes while he teased Ben’s nuts and he finally used both hands to push the tight cheeks apart. He stared at the winking flesh eye for only a couple of seconds, thinking to himself, ‘Any ass that looks this good just has to taste even better.’ Completely dedicated now, he moved in and dragged his moist tongue over the twitching pink spot. The intense quivering that came from Tim and the increased vigor of his mouth working Ben’s rod was an unqualified statement that he was loving this new experience. Ben used both palms to spread the hard buns of his cousin even wider and pasted his face as tight as he could between them.

When Ben’s tongue pierced his virgin ring, Tim shuddered. He had never felt anything so insanely good in his life. He abandoned Ben’s cock only long enough to beg, “Please don’t stop,” and immediately swallowed him again. The tongue pressed in deeper and Tim wiggled back into it with total lust and desire for more. By the time Tim felt the lips jammed as tight as they could be and the light stubble on Ben’s chin scraping his split, the invasion of his man pussy was being accompanied by tender chewing. He knew he was dripping precum all over Ben and could already feel the main juice looking for the escape route. Once again freeing his mouth, he warned, “Gawd does that feel great, but ease off for a bit or you’re gonna make me cum.”

Tim grinned to himself and then wedged his tongue in as deep as it could physically go one last time. He left a large amount of spit on Ben’s pucker as he pulled his face off. Quickly getting his index finger as wet as could in his mouth, he started teasing the same spot he had just vacated. “You like that do you, cuz?” came just as the finger poked the rosebud open.

“Fuck yeah!” Tim threw back along with his hips pushing against the newest intrusion. When Ben’s finger easily slipped past the second digit, he moaned out, “A lot better than me doing myself when I beat off.” As he felt the second finger probing, he whimpered out, “Oh yes! More babe!” and went back to sucking Ben.

Ben soon had both fingers working inside Tim’s cavern and felt him loosing up with each drive in and out he made. While his hand toiled to excite Tim more, his mouth joined in making oral love to the cheeks he had wanted so badly. His tongue licked them. His lips planted sensuous kisses all over them. His face rubbed them like a cat marking territory. He paused his efforts only long enough to state, “I love your ass Tim. It’s so hot and so tight.” He yanked his fingers free and went back to tossing Tim’s salad with renewed gusto. The only warning he gave before slipping his tongue back inside was, “And tastes so good.”

Tim suddenly withdrew from Ben’s shaft and sat up on his face. He began gyrating his hips and seemingly trying to have his ass take in Ben’s entire head. “Oh fuck yeah! Eat that hot ass then! Jam it full and eat it like you really want to!”

The dirty talk made Ben’s cock burp up a huge new wad of pre and made him chow down even more. Neither one of them was in control of the other, but both were doing their best at maxing the desire for each other. Tim kept up with the squirming on Ben’s nose and encouraging him verbally. Ben kept up his butt munching until Tim’s vocalizations were nothing more than whimpers again. He knew his cousin was where he couldn’t resist and then pushed him forward and slapped each hard cheek. “I think you like being stuffed,” he said simply as his finger penetrated Tim again.

At first, Tim only nodded his head and clinched on Ben’s finger. As he felt it go deeper he turned his head and grinned devilishly. “I’m sure not complaining about it, am I?” He then bounced hard and casually added, “I think you want more than your finger or tongue in there though.” The smile on his face said ‘Ball’s in your court now.’

“Don’t be making a challenge you aren’t ready to live up to,” Ben threw back as he pushed his finger in knuckle deep. The deep cry of pleasure he got back told him what he wanted to know. “Get on your hands and knees,” he ordered as he pushed Tim forward. Ben moved at the same time and positioned himself on his knees between Tim’s legs. He pressed his crotch tight up against those magnificent buns and wrapped his arms around Tim’s sculptured chest. He took a few rapid humps with his hips and then leaned in to kiss the back of Tim’s neck. “I’m willing if you are,” he cooed in Tim’s ear as he fumbled his cock into the crevice.

“Just remember it’s just as virgin as any frigid old maid’s twat.” Tim’s words were meant as a caution, but his squirming against Ben was also an unstated go ahead.

Ben pressed the tip of his mushroom to Tim’s boy flower. Just as he moved enough to pop through the ring, he paused to give him one last out with, “You really want my toy in your box?”

Tim decided to settle the question by shifting backwards and take half of Ben’s cock all on his own. He looked over his shoulder and grinned. “That tell you cuz? If it didn’t, try this on: Hell yeah! I want you to fuck me and fuck me like the stud I think you are!” His ass worked back to add encouragement.

“I’m gonna fuck you like the man you are then,” Ben emphatically replied as he drove the last half of his engorged tool in to the hilt. As he began a slow rhythm of thrusts, his hands searched and found the nipples on Tim’s pecs. He rolled and pinched them between his fingers until they stiffened fully. “You like me twisting your cute boy tits while I pump your hot ass don’t ya?” he breathed into his ear. The thrusts started coming faster.

“Uh huh,” was all Tim answered with at first. Then as his body quivered and shook, he also added, “Would feel good for you to be working my bone like that too.”

Ben responded by moving his hands down across the rippled abs and trapping Tim’s flopping cock with his palm. Grasping it fully as he could, he squeezed tightly and felt an unbelievable amount of fluid ooze over his hand. “Somebody’s balls are really loaded,” he observed. “Bet I can make you empty them good though,” he added as he began stroking. The flesh throbbed in his hand and that caused him to ramp up both the yanking and the slams he was taking on the tight ass he was buried in. “Tell me how bad you wanna cum,” he demanded as he heard his nuts tell him it was time.

“Really bad, Ben…really, REALLY bad!” The words were joined with a series of hip motions that forced Ben’s cock even deeper into him. Tim’s eyes rolled and he let out a wild animal cry as he felt his magic button being smacked the first time. It was as if he had grabbed a live 220 wire from the way his nerves reacted. When the next long thrust nailed it again, he yelped again and a little too loudly yelled out, “Fuck yeah! Right there! Right fucking there!” He dropped his head to the sheets and only moaned constantly after saying the last understandable words of, “Finish us both the hell off you damn fuck machine!”

The clenches Tim’s interior muscles had been taking had almost shoved Ben over the cliff. The trashy orders he uttered was the first step into the empty air. As he went light-headed from the feeling of his juice starting up his chute, he tightened his grip on Tim and jerked as fast as he could. He rammed his hips…one…two…three times…hard in a row and cried out as he began erupting inside Tim. Tim’s moans echoed off the walls as his own massive release started splattering his abs, chest, Ben’s hand, and the bed thanks to the warm flood that was suddenly drenching his special bulb. Their bodies continued to spasm until the very last dribble squirted from each of their cocks. Totally spent, they both collapsed and wrapped together to share kisses and an afterglow cuddle that lasted until each erection had fully disappeared finally.

Ben was fondling Tim’s deflated tool and broke the silence first. “That was even hotter than I ever dreamed it could be,” he said.

“Sure was for me too,” Tim concurred as he slipped his arm over Ben’s torso to play with a nipple. “Only next time, it’s gonna be you finding out how hot being on bottom can be,” he predicted with a smirk on his face.

“Next time?” Ben started. “You mean you want to do this again, Tim?”

“Sure. Don’t you?”

“Well…I guess so. You are hot as hell and your ass makes me crazy. I just have to get the cousin thing out of my mind.”

Tim grinned and pecked Ben on the cheek. “I love you cuz, but I don’t wanna fall IN love with you man…just fuck like bunnies on Viagra until we each find Mister Right down the road. It’s a perfect situation with us already knowing each other as well as we do and no ugly histories to get in the road or any stupid jealousy to show up.” He paused as he took another tug to Ben’s flaccid cock. “Plus, so long as we limit ourselves to each other, we don’t have to worry about ‘being safe’ and dealing with rubbers.”

Ben grinned as he felt his dick start to respond to the new attention so quickly after an orgasm. Tim’s began to grow also as he started pawing at it. The final words he offered before they concentrated on getting round two under way was, “You forgot the other big thing we have going for us.” He squeezed Tim’s cock tightly in his hand and finished with, “When this thing bones up on you and you don’t feel like just whacking off, I will be just down the hall.”

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