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A Night at the Bakery

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Chapter 1 – A Light Bulb Moment

I am Simon Ashden, and up until very recently I had never known what WAM was or that playing with your food was something that could be so much fun. That was until I met Sharon and we had discovered together that we had similar messy tastes!

After her revenge session we had spent sometime playing with small quantities of food, but we both wanted to do another big session. It was a telephone call that gave me an idea and a great chance to have another major session.

* * *

“Hello Simon…” I paused “Hello Mike…” Mike Jones was the managing director of the bakery company which supplied our restaurant chain. I listened as he told me that he was retiring and would be selling the plant, we would need a new supplier. I asked why and he told me that the plant was to be sold for redevelopment.

I had a sudden light bulb moment, the plant was closing next week and the remaining food and goods would be removed following the weekend. I smiled to myself.

“Mike, I would like a favor.” I started to tell him my plan. He laughed and agreed readily.

* * *

When Sharon came home that night she paused as she saw me.

“What is up with you? It looks like you have won the lottery!”

“Better…” I smiled and held up a bunch of keys. “These are the keys to the Ablebake Plant.”

“Yes…” A smiled played on her lips.

“Well… we have the plant from Friday night to Monday morning and, as it is closing down. We have whatever is left.”

For a moment I thought that Sharon was going to faint, she grabbed me and we hugged.

* * *

The time before Friday dragged, but finally we drove through the gates. I saw Mike standing by his car.

“Simon.” He smiled and shook my hand. “I will be sad to see the place close. Anyway, you have fun.” He winked. I had expected this, since our video had been on You Tube there were very few people who didn’t know we were into messy fun.

“Thank you Mike.” We watched him leave and then stepped into the factory.

We were hit by a wave of heat and the sweet smell of baking. We slowly walked round the plant, past conveyor belts, icing machines and vats of ingredients. Mike had been good to his word and had ensured that the plant had a full batch of each ingredient. There was a loud bang as a door slammed. We turned round quickly and saw Hilary and Sue standing in the doorway.

“Oh by the way, I thought we should share the fun here.” Sharon laughed and we hugged each other and the girls. Since the last session we had talked about WAM and they were now well involved with our messy games.

* * *

Chapter 2 – Does anyone like pie?

Sharon led the way into a large side room. “This is the baked goods warehouse.” She smiled as she walked into the racks which lined the walls and pulled out large wheeled cages. These were seven foot tall steel baskets which were lined with shelves each one loaded with different pies. “Now there is some stock left over…” She winked. “Need I say more?”

I walked towards one of the cages when Sharon stopped me. “No, you are not dressed right.” She pointed towards two doors which were labeled ‘changing rooms’. I went into the men’s room as the girls went next door. A minute of so later we all emerged each wearing bakers whites, a white jacket with matching white trousers and topped with a white cap. We all laughed at each other as we pointed at the brilliant white costumes.

“Okay…” Sharon clapped her hands. “Here are the rules. You have two cages each which you can pick from the warehouse and then…” She paused. “Well you know what to do with them then…”

The girls rushed to the racks and started to load up cages. I did the same and soon had almost one hundred pies, mixed in were chocolate cream, cherry pie and banana custard as well as a range of cream pies. I pulled my cages into the center of the room where I was joined by the girls.

We lined up the cages and stood for a moment. I took a cherry pie and slowed walked towards Sharon. She smiled. “No, you wouldn’t dare…” She smirked.

“Actually…” I paused turning round and putting the pie down. “I couldn’t do that to you…” I turned back to face her.

“Really?” She smiled. I didn’t see her next move as I was hit full in the face by two chocolate cream pies. Hilary and Sue high-fived before continuing to splatter me. I was pie-sandwiched with two lemon pies before I felt the front of my jacket being coated, I could see or hear nothing so just had the sensation of cool mess and the sudden heaviness. My trousers were pulled down and a pie was slammed hard into my groin. I doubled over and was slapped on the bum with another pie. There was a pause and I took a chance to wipe the cream from my eyes.

Looking around I saw that the girls were still in clean white jackets. “Hang on… How did you stay so clean?” Sharon shrugged. I turned towards my cage and grabbed two pies. I slowly walked towards Hilary and pushed a chocolate pie in her face, turning it slowly. I then beckoned to Sue and did the same with a cherry cream pie. Sharon smiled. “Any left for me?”

I had found a giant catering sized gateaux which needed two hands for me to lift. Sharon smiled. I walked towards her. “Any last words?”

“How about… Do your worst, wimp!” On this I slammed the gateaux into her face. She vanished into the thick cream and chocolate which dripped down her jacket and onto the floor. She stood still for a moment before clearing her eyes. She was expressionless beneath the mess but I knew that she was smiling.

I took some more pies and counted aloud. “Three, two…” The girls got the idea and grabbed pies. As I said one there was an explosion of cream and pie crust in all directions, we grabbed and flung pies until we were four unrecognizable blobs of pie and were standing in about a foot of broken pies.

I took the last pie, I had ensured I saved it and stepped towards Sharon. I smiled and handed her the pie. She looked around. “Ieeny, meany, miney, moe…” She stopped pointing at Hilary and stepped towards her with the pie in her hands. “Naah…” She slapped the pie in my face. “Sorry Hil’s…” She smiled. “He deserved that one…”

We stood for a moment before looking around at the pie mess on the floor. The idea seemed to occur to all of us at once and we all jumped at each other and slapped down into the pie. I guess three against one would not be fair in wrestling terms, but we all gave as good as we got and both Hilary and Sue was as intent in ripping each others clothes off as they were in holding me down in the mess.

We struggled, slipping and sliding until our bakers whites were no more and we were coated thickly in pie and exhausted. Sharon called a halt and we stood up, well all except for Hilary who lay in the mess, it was obvious despite the thick pie that covered her hand between her legs she was enjoying the pie too much, she gasped and shuddered before slumping back into the deep cream.

“Oh dear…” Sharon smiled. “I think someone has given in to temptation… That deserves a forfeit.”

* * *

Chapter 3 – Suited and Booted

Sharon dragged Hilary to her feet and took he into the locker room They emerged a minute or two later and Hilary was clean again. “She needed a shower, the dirty girl!” Sharon stood Hilary in front of us, she turned and opened a large case, opening it she took out a black wetsuit.

We all looked puzzled. Sharon smiled. “Well we cannot have Hilary pleasuring herself again.” She smiled. “Now do you know how difficult it is to put on a wetsuit?” She smiled and grabbed a large tub. “Well I have the solution. Butter…”

We didn’t need telling twice, we all reached into the tub and grabbed handfuls of butter and started to smear them across Hilary’s naked body. She had a far away look in her eyes as we took special attention to her breasts and between her legs.

Once she was fully coated we slid the thick rubber suit on her and zipped it up. Hilary’s peite form was perfectly highlighted in the suit. Sharon smiled. “Damm, how do you look so good even in a rubber suit…” She took Hilary’s hand and walked her across the factory floor.

We stopped by a large vat which had a hose attached. “This is the doughnut line.” She gestured to the vat. “In here are about a thousand liters of warm jelly doughnut filling.” She took the hose which had a nozzle on the end. Smiling she walked towards Hilary and slid the nozzle into the neck of the wetsuit.

Sharon squeezed the trigger and then locked it in the on position. Hilary gasped. “Oh wow… It is so warm and sticky.” Sharon stepped back as the jelly started to ooze into Hilary’s suit.

“Okay, there isn’t much to see… Yet.” Sharon smiled. Hilary gasped. “Oh, has it reached your crotch?” Hilary’s smile said it all.

We watched for a few minutes before I noticed something strange happening. “Sharon, is it just me, or is she getting bigger?” Sharon just nodded excitedly. “Should you stop the flow or something?” She shook her head. We watched as first Hilary’s legs started to bulge and then the rest of her body started to inflate. It was not long before she was looking almost like a ball with podgy legs. Finally Sharon removed the nozzle.

Hilary was clearly in a world of her own, we pushed her down to the floor where she rolled about unable to move more than rocking from side to side.

Sharon smiled, looking down at Hilary. “I think we are going to leave you there for a while. If you are a good girl you can come back and play later.”

As we walked away I wondered what other surprises Sharon had in mind… I couldn’t wait.

Chapter 4 – Quicksand!

We left Hilary lying on the floor in her filled wetsuit, we could tell by the look in her eyes that this was far from torture. Sharon, Sue and I walked across the factory floor towards the mixing room.

The mixing room was where all of the bakery ingredients were brought together and mixed into batter and dough to make cakes and pies. Due to the scale of the operation the mixers were nothing like the sort you would have at home or even at our restaurants in fact they were huge vats in the floor which could be filled from overhead pipes and chutes, the finished product was pumped out towards the automated bakery machines.

There were two vats in place one was empty and the other was filled almost to floor level with thick chocolate cake batter. Sharon was staring down at the batter, I had the feeling that she was about to have one of her ideas.

“How thick do you think the batter is?” She smiled. “I mean, do you think you could walk across it? It looks just like mud…” I smiled at the idea.

“Well there is only one way to find out!” I smiled and we both turned towards Sue.

“Guys…” She held her hands up and started stepping away from us.

“Grab her!” Sharon and I leapt towards her and grabbed her arms and legs. We carried her towards the vat and swung her towards the batter. “One, two, three…” We let go on three and Hilary flew into the vat landing on the surface. She stayed there for a moment looking up at the ceiling. She struggled in the thick batter until she was able to get onto her knees. We watched as she grabbed the central pole which was attached to the mixer and managed to stand up.

“Wow this is really thick mix!” She started to wade across the surface towards the side. “It’s like thick mud. I guess this is a mud pie mix!” She had managed to get a few feet towards the edge when she suddenly stopped. “Oh no…” She tried moving her legs but it was obvious that she was sinking. We watched as she slowly sunk until she was up to her waist in the batter.

“I think we had better do something!” I looked around and saw a reel of extension cable. I grabbed it and flung it towards Sue. It took a couple of attempts but she managed to grab the cable and tie it round her body. It was just in time as she was now up to her arm pits in thick mud like batter and sinking fast. Both Sharon and I grabbed the cable and pulled as hard as we could, eventually managing to drag her to the side and out of the vat. She slithered onto the floor.

Sharon helped her to her feet. “Oh you look good enough to eat…” With this Sharon grabbed Sue and licked her cheek. Yummy…” She paused for a moment with an evil look in her eye. She reached down and unbuttoned Sue’s jacket. The batter had seeped into her clothes and she was completely covered. Sharon leaned towards her and started to slowly lick batter from her left breast. Sue gasped. Sharon smiled and started to caress her chocolate coated nipple with her tongue. It was not long before Sharon had ripped off her heavy jacket and was caressing Sue’s body. She slipped her hands down and unbuttoned the trousers letting them slip to the floor. “Oh… No panties Sue…” Sharon winked. “Naughty girl!” Sharon knelt down before Sue and started to caress her thighs and between her legs.

Sharon stood up and gestured to me to grab a flat trolley which was standing nearby. I pushed it towards the girls and Sharon gently helped Sue onto the trolley before climbing on board and straddling her chocolate coated body. They both started to kiss and caress, Sue starting to cover Sharon in chocolate as they embraced each other. Sharon put her head down between Sue’s legs, I could tell from Sue’s groans that Sharon was certainly hitting the spot and it did not take long for her to grab the edges of the trolley arching her back in obvious pleasure before slumping back down exhausted.

“Two down…” Sharon slithered off the trolley.

* * *

Chapter 5 – Iced Fancy

Sharon walked towards me, wiping her face and smiling. “Did you enjoy watching that?” She reached down feeling the obvious lump in my trousers. “Oh I thought you would.”

She led me across the factory towards a wide conveyor belt, she slowly stripped my clothes from me and laid me down on the belt. “You are far too clean, and we need to change that…” She walked towards a control panel and started pressing buttons, there was an alarm and the belt lurched to life. I was slowly rolling into the machinery, I looked across and saw Sharon watching through small windows in the side of the machine. She smiled and gave me a thumbs up before pointing at something further down the belt. I looked and saw what looked like a solid wall of pink across the belt. I was approaching this quickly and realized that this was a wall of icing. Stupidly I had my mouth open in shock as I hit the wall and ended up with a mouthful of sweet icing. I spluttered and watched as my body dissapeared under a coat of thick warm sugar paste. I was taken out of the machine by the moving belt.

“Oh you look sweet…” Sharon laughed. “I wanted to give you more, but there is something missing…”

“Wh..” I spat icing out. “What?”

“Me silly…” She slowly stripped her clothes off and leapt on the belt, she straddled me and started to kiss me. “Yummy…” She smiled and reached down below the belt hitting an unseen button. The belt ground to life and we headed into the machine again, this time there was a wall of red icing which hit Sharon and poured down onto me. “Oh wow…” She shuddered as we slowly traveled through the wall of icing. Sharon kissed me firmly as our heads were coated with red icing.

As we came through the wall of icing the belt shuddered to a halt. Sharon looked up. “Shit…”

“What?” I stuttered.

“I think we may be in trouble…”

I glanced up through the windows in the machine and saw a very sticky Hilary and a chocolate coated Sue, they were at the control panel smiling. They both waved at us as the belt restarted. The icing had done a good job of gluing us to the belt, we could not move if we tried, to make matters worse we were hit with another coating. Sharon and I thought we had better enjoy the ride and caressed as much as we could within our sticky cocoon.

We left the machine and rolled into a second one. Here we were dropped into a huge baking tray about two feet deep, we slithered off the belt and landed in the tray beneath us. I recognized this as one of the massive tins they baked cakes in which would be sold in single slice packs. As we moved on we met at least some of the chocolate batter which Sue has so enjoyed as it was pumped into the tin and around our bodies. We quickly struggled so that heads were above the surface, but other movement was now impossible as the batter held us firm.

I was then aware of a wave of heat, I panicked, we were heading for the ovens. Would the girls really do this to us? What I did not realize was that Sue had adjusted the settings so that the oven was warm but running much cooler than it normally would be. However this did not mean that we would not be baked. We were bathed in a warm orange glow as we entered the oven, it was actually quite pleasant. The belt snaked around the oven for sometime we could feel the batter setting solidly, I was glad to be able to grab Sharon’s hand before any movement was made impossible.

Eventually we emerged into the factory, I could see the cake slicing machine but we were routed off on a side belt where Sue and Hilary were standing.

“Oh look… Chocolate WAM cake!” Sue laughed before reaching down and digging into the cake. “Its almost totally set solid. Oh here we are…” I felt her grasping me through the cake she had scooped out. “Well at least this bit is hard!” She laughed and ate the handful of cake. “Tasty, andmoreish…” She bent over and started to eat cake from around my crotch before she took me in her mouth. I am embarrassed to say that it did not take long before I had shot my load. Sue smiled and gave me a kiss.

“Now, just for a message…” Hilary took out an icing bag and iced the words ‘Eat Me…’ onto the cake. “Good night!”

The girls walked away. Sharon smiled. “Three down…”

“Well, I wish I could help you…” I tried to move, but the cake was too solid. I smiled… “Well tomorrow is another day… And I think that you will get what is coming to you!”

Chapter 6 – Wedding Cakes

For me it was a very long night, Hilary was about to cut me free from my cake prison but Sharon stopped her and instead she told me that I was a very naughty cake and I was to stay where I was. And so I was left as the girls went and showered and left me in the bakery for the night.

The next morning I heard the doors open and the sound of footsteps, Sue appeared above me smiling. She started to cut the heavy cake from me and finally I was free. “Now Sharon has told me that you need to get washed and changed, your outfit is in the changing room.” With that she walked away.

I stepped into the changing room and quickly into a hot shower, I washed away the cake and associated mess and walked into the changing room. There was a suit bag hanging up on a hook, I opened the bag and saw there was a morning suit inside with a white shirt, beneath it was a pair of polished black shoes. I was puzzled but changed quickly and stepped back out into the bakery.

It was then I noticed that there was the sound of people around, I was confused until I stepped into the warehouse and saw lines of chairs set up and lots of people sat waiting. “What the hell is going on?” I stopped. “And what are you two wearing?” Hilary and Sue were both dressed in pink dresses.

“Don’t you recognize bridesmaids dresses?” Hilary laughed.

“Yes, and you are the star of the show…” Sue smiled and walked me down the aisle to rapturous applause from the crowds. “These are all of your You Tube fans and other Wammers, and of course all your friends.” Sue stood me at the front of the room.

I waited a moment before I heard the familiar wedding march and saw Sharon starting to walk down the aisle in a beautiful, brilliant white wedding dress. She was flanked by her bridesmaids. She stopped and stood next to me. She noticed my puzzled look. “Well, it is our WAM wedding, a way to cement our love in front of all our friends.”

I recognized the master of ceremonies as Bill Shipton “We are gathered here to join two wammers. Simon and Sharon. In custard and in pies, for deep gunge and shaving foam for as long as they both may smear each other with jam.”

Sharon smiled as we started the ceremony, I realized quite quickly this was no ordinary wedding. Sharon and Hilary approached with two cages dressed with ribbons. Bill spoke. “Sharon do you promise to pie Simon regularly.”

She smiled. “I do…” She grabbed a pie which was being offered from Hilary and slapped it in my face slowly twisting it. There was a cheer from the crowd. She smiled and took another two pies and sandwiched my head.

“Do you promise to fill his pants with honey?”

Sharon grabbed my waistband and taking the offered jug started to pour sticky honey down the inside of my trousers.

“Do you promise to use beans when you can?”

The bucket of beans were cold as Sharon poured them over my head, they dripped down my white shirt and coated my jacket and trousers. This was followed by a jug of gravy which she filled by pockets with until they overflowed and mashed potato which she crammed down the back of my trousers.

Bill turned to me. I smiled as I looked at Sharon’s white dress.

“Simon do you promise to pie Sharon?” I didn’t need telling twice and took a big cherry cream pie and gently lifted her veil and slowly smeared the pie into her features. I was careful to leave the dress as clean as possible.

“Do you promise to fill her tights with butter cream?”

I smiled and took the large bowl from Hilary and asked her to lift Sharon’s dress. She was wearing beautiful underwear with white tights, in the circumstances I could understand why as I started to fill the front of them and massaged the thick, gooey butter cream down her legs. Sue handed me another bowl and I filled the tights almost to bursting before Hilary lowered the still clean dress.

“Do you promise to treat her to sticky treacle?”

Now I knew that the dress was to be no more. I took the first bucket and held it above Sharon’s head and poured. The thick tar like ooze dribbled from the bucket and across her hair. Soon her head was coated and it was starting to slide down onto the dress in slow drips. The second bucket went on and coated more of the front of the dress until it was black.

“Do you promise to flour her when she deserves it…”

I took the flour and poured it across the sticky treacle, the white returned to her dress. Sharon spluttered and spat treacle and flour out.

“I now pronounce you true wammers!” The crowd cheered. “You may kiss your bride.” We embraced and kissed which was the cue for Hilary and Sue to cover us in buckets of brightly colored cake batter. We were totally coated. The girls helped us onto a flat bed trolley which had four chairs on it. We sat at the front and the two girls sat behind us. Slowly we were pulled with a long rope down the aisle.

It was then I noticed that each of the crowd had buckets, pies, jugs… We were bombarded, cream pies, treacle, custard every food stuff you could imagine was hurled at us as we were pulled down the aisle. The food was so heavy and made each of us into sticky blobs. At the end we were unrecognizable and had to be helped to our feet. The crowd helped us stand, and then started to undress us rapidly until we were all standing in our somewhat clean underwear. We were ushered towards a set of stairs.

Chapter 7 – Swimming Lessons

As we climbed the stairs I wondered what was about to happen. We found ourselves on a catwalk, as I looked down I saw that we were standing above a huge vat of red liquid, the sign said that this was the jam vat. I then saw the diving board which was over the surface and it all became clear.

I took Sharon’s hand and we stepped hand in hand onto the board we edged to the end before embracing and taking the final step. There was a short plunge before we hit the surface of the thick jam, we sank quickly and re-emerged totally covered in a thick layer of jam.

We waved towards Hilary and Sue and they leapt hand in hand off the diving board to join us. We all hugged in the thick sweet jam.

“Thank you…” I smiled and kissed Sharon. “And thanks to you two…”

Hilary laughed. “We wouldn’t have missed this for the world.”

We swam and caressed in the warm jam for about an hour before finally climbing out exhausted. Hilary and Sue left to go to the changing room. Sharon smiled. “You are very good you know… For a beginner!”

“Thank you.” I paused. “Thank you for my WAM wedding… How about the real thing?”

Sharon gasped. “Oh Simon yes…” We embraced and kissed.

“Do you think that Bill is licensed to do proper weddings?” I laughed.

Sharon led me down to a quiet part of the bakery and closed the door. “Now, how come everyone else has had their fun and not me?” I took Sharon by the hand and started to remove the sticky remains of her lingerie and we has hungry, passionate sex lying on a pile of flour sacks.

Chapter 8 – Happy Endings

On our real wedding day we had to have Hilary and Sue as our bridesmaids, Bill was there but was not the person who married us. The party was second to none and, for once, we did not throw the cake about. There were cheers as we left and got into our decorated car. It was then that Sharon turned to me. “Now, you have been very secretive, where are we going on honeymoon?”

I laughed. “Well, we are visiting a chocolate factory which has gone bankrupt in Switzerland, another bakery in Italy…” She cut me short with a deep kiss.

“You know, I think that being married to you will be very interesting!”

The End… For now…

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