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Journey Towards Love Ch. 03

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I had been back to Carol’s many times since that weekend when she first made love to me out in her pool house. No longer was I only a weekend visitor, I spent many weekday afternoons and evenings over at her place, usually using my babysitting as an excuse to tell my parents.

There was still a level of truth to that statement though as I did watch little Amy while Carol finished some work that she brought home with her. That was always followed with time alone with her after we put Amy to bed.

As with many new relationships, a lot of our time was spent in each other’s arms. The physical bond between us was growing though we did still do things together outside of the bedroom. I liked that fact very much. Before her, my relationships would start out friendly and fun but usually once the physical part began, that’s all there was and the fun would fade. Not with Carol though. She knew how to keep us fresh.

We’d do so many things together. Movies, miniature golf, shopping, taking Amy to the park and the list goes on. This was the most complete relationship I had ever been in, not that an 18 year old has a lot of experience to draw from.

Once in a while Mom and Dad would wonder why I all of a sudden started spending so much time with Carol. I would usually use the babysitting thing to start off with but now and then just say “I like being with her. She’s fun” and that would seem to satisfy their curiosities.

It was true. I was spending an awful amount of time with her. The weekends were the most obvious change because not only would I stay there, many times usually quite late, but also began to spend entire nights. I look back on this part of my life with great fondness. The memories I have of the first full night I spent with her linger as vividly as if I just lived them. But perhaps not for the reasons one might think.

It was a Friday night and Carol had enlisted my services as a baby sitter for the evening. She had a thing to do for work and it was going to keep her out very late. I had told my parents that I was probably just going to stay the night so I didn’t have to walk home at God knows what time. Even though I lived only two doors down from Carol, I didn’t want to have to sneak into the house as to not wake anyone. I also seemed to have a difficult time with our house alarm. I always found a way to set it off when I should be turning it off. Pointing these facts out, my parents had no problems with the plan. Even I didn’t expect anything to happen.

Carol and I had been growing closer in the weeks following the pool house. I had fantasized about spending the night with her, however, up until this night our time together had been measured in tiny hourly increments not large blocks of time. Still, as I played with Amy after her diner, I figured I’d still be on the couch in the morning when Carol woke me up for breakfast.

I had put Amy to bed around 8 pm and started to watch cable. I was in the living room with the lights down low watching a movie. As the hour of 10 pm crept up I was nodding off, lying in almost the same position I did while in Carol’s arms that first night. I drifted off with sweet thoughts of her dancing through my mind.

I woke with a jolt when I heard her come through the door that led to the garage through the kitchen. Though she was quiet in entering, sounds are significantly amplified while you are sleeping. A pin dropping sounds like a crash. She saw what happened and quickly apologized. With my eyes still weighing heavy with sleep I told her not to worry about it and proceeded to stretch. I had a bit of a kink in my neck from lying oddly on the couch.

“You’re home early,” I yawned as I checked the time on the VCR. It was only 11:30.

“Yeah nothing was getting done so we called it for the weekend. How was Amy tonight?” she enquired.

“An angel as usual.” I got up and joined Carol in the kitchen. Meandering up to her, I gave her a kiss welcoming her home then stood up against the eating bar between the kitchen and dining room. “I put her down around 8 and she’s been out ever since.” I was slowly beginning to wake up as I moved about.

“Looks like she wore you out Rose,” she chuckled. “I’ve never seen you out on the couch so early before.”

“Yeah, well – the movie was boring and I was so comfortable I guess I nodded off.” Reaching up to my neck I squirmed, “At least I was comfortable until I woke up with a sore neck.” Carol’s face quickly changed to a look of concern and she walked up behind me and began to rub my neck.

“Right about here?” she asked pressing her thumbs into my muscles.

“Mmmmmm that’s the place.” I melted to her touch. She was nowhere near the kink – it just felt good. She moved her hands about, touching a wide area about my neck and shoulders. My legs began to get weak and she pulled out a chair next to the dining room table and guided me down onto it. Eventually, she did hit the right spot and all I can say was I was so glad I was sitting down as I lost all strength in my limbs. I leaned back into the chair, which in turn settled my head on her stomach, making it difficult for her to continue with the massage. Instead, she leaned over wrapping her arms around me and kissed the top of my head.

“Can I interest you in a warm bubble bath?” she whispered in my ear followed with a little nibble on my lobe. A smile came to my lips and I reached up behind me wrapping my arms around her neck giving her a gentle hug. “I’ll take that as a yes then.” She snickered.

Regaining my strength after my little massage, I got up and walked with her down the hall and into her bedroom. She asked if I could go get the bath started while she looked in on little Amy. Waving a little wave of “okie-doky” I opened the double doors to the master bath. I loved her bathroom. It was so big, larger than most baths I’ve seen, and almost regal in decor. This room looked like a Roman bath with its abundance of marble, brass fixtures and rich colors.

Walking in through the doors, the tub lay straight ahead across the expansive room, centered on the wall. It was a huge tub, a Jacuzzi style that fit two people beautifully. It was raised with a white marble top while the sides were lined with a dark cultured marble material. At each corner was a pillar reaching up to a canopy of sheer material above. The ceiling stood very high and that added to the vastness of the room.

To the left of the tub and nestled in the corner of the room, was a large smoked glass enclosed shower. It was lined with a reddish tan colored cut stone. Sandstone perhaps? The etched glass was framed with brass and a large glass door was centered on it. In the corner of the shower was a seat made from the same material and the two showerheads could point to it from either wall.

To the right of the tub in the other corner was what Carol called her tropical island getaway. It was an area lined with bamboo lattice with ivy and ferns growing all over it making almost an indoor gazebo. There were four heat lamps that lit the area with a warm amber glow and misters throughout the open roof segment making it act very much like a rain forest. A lounge chair sat in the middle of the enclosure on a floor covered deep with the whitest, finest sand. A paradise located in and indoor sandbox.

Looking to my right, on the sidewall, were the sinks and vanities. To my left just past the double doors was the room in which the toilet was housed. The walls of the room were lined with a tanned marble veneer and the floor had the same sandstone material as the shower. The only pure white marble was that surrounding the tub. Light was abundant during the day from a large skylight above and the large window that was on the wall between the shower and toilet room on the left. As night fell and the sun faded, several wall fixtures resembling candelabrums lit the area adding to the warm tones of the marble. She could have lit the room with torches and added to the illusion. I could have lived in this room easily.

I walked up to the tub and sat on its edge turning the large brass knobs to let the water flow. The coolness of the marble reached through my thin shorts and sent a chill through my body. As the tub filled with perfectly warm water, I reached for the glass vase that held the bubble bath liquid. Carol believed in pampering to the fullest. With the riggers of life, she didn’t do anything half assed when it came to relaxing. No commercial, plastic bottles were to be seen in this retreat. Everything was transferred into appropriate vials and vases right down to shampoo and liquid body soap.

Noticing that she was taking a while with Amy, I thought I’d surprise my love with a vision of beauty befitting the setting. I ran out into the bedroom where the linen closet was and picked out a white sheet. Taking off my clothes, I wrapped the sheet loosely around my body forming a rather makeshift toga. I went back into the bathroom and closed the doors behind me. Turning off the water, as the tub was now full, I positioned myself on the edge of the tub’s deck. I sat down and swung my legs up onto the edge reclining back into a “goddess” type pose. A servant fanning my body with a large green palm branch would have completed the vision I was attempting, “but none were available on such short notice” I joked to myself.

Once happy with my position, I rearranged my toga so that it was looser, and a bit more revealing. The white sheet provided a wonderful contrast to the natural darkness of my French/Native American skin. My long brown hair flowing freely down my back as I got back into my pose and lay there, waiting for Carol to arrive.

Fortunately, I didn’t have to wait long as shortly after I finalized my pose, the doors opened and she walked through wearing only her jet-black stiletto heels and a choker with a mini red rose just pulled off center from the nub of her neck. I do believe that both of us were surprised by what the other was wearing. She loved the theme costume I had concocted and I absolutely adored her choice of wardrobe.

We both stared at each other for what seemed like forever. I was taking in every inch of the seductive beauty that was standing before me while she did the same to her reclining goddess. I couldn’t help but look her over from head to toe. Everything was just as beautiful as the first time I witnessed her body unclothed, though there was something different this time. I couldn’t tell at first so I continued to inspect her.

Her hair was as golden as the morning sun. Her hazel eyes pierced their way into my soul. Her lips, breasts and hips as desirable as ever and her legs as toned and shapely as I had ever seen. But what was I missing? It was then that I realized what was different. It wasn’t a question of what I was missing; more to the point was what she was missing. It became very obvious when I looked at her once again and realized that she had shaven herself smooth. There wasn’t a hair to be seen about her blushing rose. I must have been staring fore she had to say may name twice before I heard her.

“Rose?” she said. When I didn’t respond she took her tone up a notch and repeated, “Rose!” I snapped out of my gaze and turned my attention up to her eyes.

“Do you like what I did?” she asked looking at herself then back up to me for approval. I had never seen her shave there. She had always had hair; very neatly trimmed hair in fact hiding the folds of her womanhood. Now, I could see her very clearly. Following the light tan lines that traced the area and even detecting a further paleness where hair once grew, I noticed that the flesh surrounding her sex had a pinkish hue as she blushed with arousal.

“Beautiful!” was all I could manage to say. With that she acted almost in relief. She then began to explain how she always used to shave before she was pregnant, then stopped until Amy was born. She planned resume shaving once she healed up completely. Even though she could have been shaving long before now, she admitted that she got lazy and only trimmed.

“Then you came along,” she stated, “and made me feel sexy again. That’s when I began to feel like shaving again.” I didn’t know what to say. I had never seen a sight such as this and I definitely have never received such a compliment. I must have been running my fingers through my own pubic hair while staring fore she then asked if I would like to shave myself as well.

“What?” I asked surprised.

“Well,” she continued, “you’re combing yours like you were trying to feel what it would be like smooth there, so I thought I’d ask.”

Blushing to the point of feeling my ears get quite warm, I was at a loss for words. I stumbled about for something to say then finally decided to say, “I’ve never shaved there. I wouldn’t know how.”

Smiling that angelic smile of hers that I have grown so in love with because every time she smiles like that, something new and wonderful happens to me, she walked up to me and bent over as if to kiss me and asked “would you allow me to shave you my love?”

I was getting hot all over now and I could feel my body start to quiver with excitement. She knelt on the steps that led up to the tub, leaned over and kissed me so sweetly. As she did, she took my hand in hers and guided it up between her legs and to the fully nude surface surrounding her preciousness. I discovered for the first time what a woman felt like shaved. It was amazing. Her skin was so smooth and soft to the touch. I could feel her muscles contract in reaction to my exploring the surface. The heat that generated from her aroused sex was most obvious now where, in the past, her hair acted as an insulator. When my fingers ticked her labia, her juices and lack of hair made it most easy to slide my fingers between the fleshy pedals and slip effortlessly inside her. I was never able to do this without pulling some hair before now.

Her kiss hesitated while she reacted to my intrusion and as she slowly opened her eyes and to gaze into mine, I whispered, “please make me feel just like this,” as I spoke the words my fingers enunciated my desire with a little extra rubbing around her clitoris and about her now wet lips. With that she inhaled me into a very deep kiss. She then stood up and walked over to one of the vanities. As I watched her naked body walk away from me, I pulled the fingers I had inside her up to my mouth and tasted the flavor of my darling love.

She opened a small drawer and pulled out a little leather case. Turning to make her way back to me, I couldn’t help but see her womanhood glistening with evidence of her excitement – yet another vision pubic hair had kept secret. Gleaming with the several sources of light from about the room, she sparkled as she approached.

“Stand up my sweet Rose” she beckoned to me. As I did, she set the case down on the surface of the tub and turned her attention to helping me remove my makeshift toga. “Let’s get you into the water for a few minutes” she suggested.

As the toga fell to my feet, and the coolness of the air on my freshly exposed skin made little goose bumps form, she offered her hand to me as support as I lifted first one then the other of my legs up and over the sides of the tub. The warmth of the water soothed me and the bubbles tickled my skin as I lowered myself into the bath. Carol followed close behind and took a seat within the thick layer of bubbles. We let our bodies relax for a few moments before either spoke another word.

Shortly after we got in, Carol sat up and reached over for the little black case and opened the lid revealing several styles of grooming tools such as scissors, a real flat blade razor as well as one with replaceable blades. A fine-toothed comb and a few other items I couldn’t identify were included. She didn’t take any of them out yet, but she left the lid open and then turned to me.

“I hate to do this sweetheart, but I need you to sit up on the side of the tub.” I looked at her and sneered in protest as she just let me get into the perfectly warm bath and was now asking me to get out.

“Thanks a lot ‘Lovey’ for the bath.” I quipped. “Didn’t realize this was going to be a torture session too.” I continued with a humorous sneer on my face.

“Oh are ‘we’ into that too?” she spoke in a tone just short of being a smart ass, then continued with, “we’ll break out the whips and chains later deary.” We both giggled and I proceeded to stand up. She reached over and grabbed a folded towel and set it down for me to sit on and handed me another to wrap around me if I so desired. At first I did and wrapped my upper torso with the towel. I then sat on the other and leaned back against a pillar as she instructed me to get comfortable.

As I got settled and began to think about what was about to happen, a noticeable look of uneasiness formed on my face. Carol saw this and stood up briefly to reach my lips and kiss me so tenderly. “Everything will be fine my love. Just enjoy the adventure as we go along.” She always knew just what to say to calm my nerves.

She lowered herself back into the bath, this time kneeling on the seat that was right in front of me. Facing me she bent to the left to take a few of the instruments out of the case and placed then on the portion of the towel that I wasn’t sitting on.

“We ready?” she asked me with that blessed angelic smile. I nodded and watched as she very gingerly took her hands and spread my legs apart. My left leg was as far to the left as I could hold it with my foot and lower legs still dangling in the warm water. She took my right leg and raised it placing my foot up on the side of the tub. I had never been so widely spread before, but I guessed it was to pull my skin taut and give her plenty of room where she would be working.

She then took a handful of water and rinsed away the leftover bubbles that clung to the curly dark hair between my legs. The cascading rinse tickled me slightly. Brushing my hair with her fingers to drain the water it was surprising that her actions were not the least bit arousing. She then reached next to me and picked up the scissors. She held them by the blades as to take the chill off them.

Settling onto her legs as she knelt before me, she took hold of them as if getting ready to cut. With her left hand she once again brushed away any hint of water between my legs then took a small tuft of hair into her fingers. I watched as she lifted the scissors and brought them up closer and closer to my quivering body. Never in my life had I felt so vulnerable as I did right then. Not even the first time I succumbed to the penetrating force of a boy’s erection as it broke through my defenses, steeling my virginity did I feel this vulnerable.

I closed my eyes to try to calm my fear when – it was done. She had clipped the first bit of hair and left short stubbles in their place. I opened my eyes to witness her offering me this finger full of clippings. I opened my hand and she placed them in my palm. Gripping my fist closed again she smiled and started to clip more and more hair from my body. She let them fall into the water and I watched as she very delicately continued her task.

After only a short time she had managed to trim me down to nothing. When she inspected me to see if she missed any, she cupped up some water and rinsed me down, soothing my freshly exposed rose. I must admit, seeing what she had done didn’t impress me much. It didn’t look good at all, but then, I had to remind myself that this was a work in progress. She got up to stretch her legs as she cleaned off the scissors in the tub. Reaching over to the vases of lotion she picked up one that had an oily liquid in it.

While she was doing this I decided to remove the towel around my body. It was difficult to watch as she worked because of the ripples in the thick fabric. I took off the towel and set it down next to me and repositioned after I took a stretch myself. Was THAT a mistake! As I pulled my legs together the stubble of hair was so coarse and itchy, I made a face that amused Carol because she began to giggle.

“Thanks for the warning!” I screeched at her.

“I’m sorry baby.” She giggled. “I really am. I should have warned you but you moved so fast I couldn’t get anything out.”

“Yeah right – Whatever!” I growled and began to giggle myself. As I settled back into my seat and returned to my spread eagle pose, I watched as she poured some of the oily lotion into her hands.

“Scoot yourself forward a bit so you are hanging over the edge of the tub a little.” She instructed. I obliged and inched my way until I was sitting on the back portion of my butt and I had both feet in the water though still spreading my legs as much as I could. She had put the vase down and wiped her hands together, spreading the oily substance evenly on both.

After giving me a “that’s good” she reached down and applied the lotion over what was left of my pubic hair just above my pussy. When she was happy with the coverage there, she used her other handful of lotion and applied it directly on and to either side of it. Anywhere there was hair, she lubed up. The feeling was strange in that the lotion felt very thick, not like any lubricants I was used to, and it also made my skin tingle slightly. Perhaps that sensation was more psychological than physical. I really couldn’t tell.

“Ok, make sure you are comfortable honey,” she said as she reached down into the water and rinsed her hands of the remaining lotion. “This part takes a while.”

I started to scoot back on the towel more when she instructed that I needed to stay where I was, overhanging the edge of the tub.

“I need to be able to get my hands below you and the tub would be in the way” she continued to coach. This made sense to me and I returned to my overhung position. “Much better” she said with a smile.

As I was getting myself settled, she reached into the box and pulled out the flat blade razor. My eyes opened wide as I had thought she would shave the rest with a regular razor. I had never used such a blade and the thought of her using a sharp sword so near my sex unnerved me. Carol saw my legs tense up and then looked up into my eyes with concern.

“Rose, this is the best way to do this for the first time sweetie.” She assured me. “I’ve used this on myself and that’s trickier that using it on someone else. It will be just fine but you have to relax and trust me love.” All the while, as she was speaking comfort to me, her free hand was gently stroking my thigh. Between her words and gentle caress, I succumbed to her persuasion and resigned myself to trusting her implicitly. My muscles relaxed and I opened my legs once again to allow her the greatest access possible.

“Are you ready Rose?” she queried. I produced the best smile I could manage at that moment and offered it to her as my sign of readiness. Smiling back to me she switched her focus down to the leftover stubble. Placing a hand just above the area she gently pulled my skin taut and placed the blade just below her fingers. I closed my eyes in anticipation of the unknown. I could feel her using short, quick strokes assuming she was just getting her bearings. Then I hear the sound of sloshing water.

I opened my eyes to witness what was happening. She was rinsing the blade. I looked down at myself and saw that she had already shaved a sizeable area. I was amazed. I was expecting it to hurt and all I felt was her strokes and perhaps some tugging as the hair gave way to her blade.

When she brought the razor back up to my body, I watched as she performed the same short, quick strokes. I watched as the area changed from dark, raggedy, rough-cut hair to smooth, clean skin. I was truly thrilled. I continued to watch as she slowly cleared all the area above and around what some guys refer to as my bush. No more! My ‘bush’ was slowly but surely being clear-cut.

When it came time for Carol to focus on the hair left really close to my sex, she enlisted my help. She instructed me to take over the duties of her left hand by pulling my skin taut upwards while she pulled my skin to the side in that area where my leg meet my crotch. I became nervous again only because she was working directly on my labia. I became apprehensive once again as I felt the steel of the blade touch me there.

It was then that she began to speak to me in a tone so soft it was almost like she was telling me a bedtime story. She described the first time she shaved herself and how she was nervous too, but how as she worked along, she gained confidence discovering how easy it really was. I think that helped calm me a little.

As she spoke to me, she continued her task. I was nearly oblivious to what she was doing to me because I was focusing on her words and not her actions even though I was watching everything she did. Before I knew it, she was rinsing me off again with warm water from the bath. She looked closely at the work she had performed, using her fingers to test the closeness of the shave as well as feel for stragglers. She found a couple of rogue follicles and attended to them directly. Once satisfied with her accomplishment she rinsed off the blade, dried it off and set it back in the case along with the sheers that she cleaned off earlier.

She then reached over for another vile. This time she picked up a tall lengthy container with a glass stopper and after removing it, took a whiff of the liquid within. She offered my nostrils an opportunity to sample the fragrance and I was delighted by it’s scent. She poured some of the liquid into the palm of her hand and after setting the vile down, proceeded to put her hands together again much like she did with the shaving lubricant.

When she applied it to the newly shaven portions of my body it tingled for a brief moment then burned a little. I cried out in discomfort and she assured me that it will pass very quickly and that it was only my pours tightening up. I began to giggle when a sentence went racing though my head and struck me as funny. She giggled too out of curiosity and asked what was so funny.

“Try new Pus-se Aftershave Lotion,” I stated with a French accent, “Strong enough for a man, but made for a woman.” quoting a line from an old deodorant commercial. Carol instantly began to laugh out loud. As we laughed, she continued to cover the rest of the areas in need of this tonic and when she finished, picked up a hand mirror from the side of the tub and offered me a look straight on of my newly shaved womanhood.

I was amazed at what I saw. It was like not even looking at myself but someone else. I hadn’t seen that area hairless since I was 13. I truly felt naked, vulnerable even, like there was nothing protecting me from invasion there. My skin had a pinkish hue to it by virtue of the irritation it just went through and was a tint lighter than the rest of my naturally dark skin, but not by much. I could definitely tell where hair once grew, but figured it wouldn’t take long for it to blend in.

“Well sweetheart – what do you think?” she queried. I just stared at myself for a moment longer before I responded. So many changes had already taken place in my life this summer and I was getting used to that, however, this was the first visible change that I could actually see.

“It feels cool there,” I murmured. “Like, I can feel a draft there now.”

“Yes, that’s what I felt too.” She mentioned then asked again, “Do you like what I did?” With a big smile instantly forming upon my lips, I looked up at her with tears starting to collect in my eyes and nodded my approval.

“Oh sweetie what’s wrong?” she noted my tears immediately and took me into an embrace. I began to weep openly and held onto her tightly. It was several moments before I could regain enough composure to speak with any literacy.

“So much has changed,” I cried into her shoulder. “I’m glad for all of the changes I’ve been through but it sometimes gets to me when I think of how my life has turned around so much and so quickly.”

She held me tight, our naked bodies melding into one form. I could feel her heart beating rapidly with mine; the warmth of her skin comforted me greatly. She asked if I was feeling pressured by her in any way and I replied by saying no. Always worried that she was forcing herself on me, Carol tried desperately to take things slowly.

We sank into the warm bubble bath and cuddled in each other’s arms for a while. She spoke of simple things while trying to take my mind off my worries. It worked. Laying in her arms is such a wonderful experience. Sometimes it feels more like a mother cradling her child rather than two lovers embracing. That in itself was a feeling I cherished as much as knowing I was her love.

After a while, I stood up and had another look at my bareness below and she began to tell me about how to maintain this new style.

“Sounds like a lot of work,” I said in astonishment. “Do you offer a maintenance policy deary?”

With a chuckle Carol replied that she would love to help in the beginning; until I got the hang of it. “Maybe when you learn how, I’ll ask you to shave me,” she stated. As we were joking about I was looking at myself and letting her see as well. I touched the area and found it to be a little sensitive. She said the first time is always the worst and that it would not be as sensitive if I continued to shave.

As time passed, the bath was beginning to turn cold and our fingers and toes were beginning to prune, we decided it was time to get out. As we stepped out of the tub, she took my hand and guided me over to the shower for our usual “after bubble bath rinse”.

When we were done, each took a turn toweling off the other. Moments lost in kissing and exploring each other’s bodies allowed what droplets of water left on our skin send cold chills in tandem with the heat we produced. One of Carol’s hands found its way between my legs. Still sensitive, she was gentle and nestled a finger within the silken folds of my sex. Letting my juices, now flowing freely, drench her finger, she began to probe me like I did her earlier when I asked her to make me feel like her. I had to balance myself on her as she dove deeper into my body.

My legs began to shake and as the quivering in my body became obvious. She pulled her finger out and slid it across the nub of my clitoris sending me into an instant wave of pleasure. My body became one rigid muscle. Nearly falling over I leaned into her for support and once the convulsions of ecstasy subsided, she helped me stand upright.

Looking as worn out as I felt, she led me back into the bedroom where she turned down the bed and sat me there.

“You liked that didn’t you?” she asked knowingly.

“I have never…” I began then paused to take another breath, “…felt it so much!”

“Amazing what something as simple as shaving can accomplish isn’t it?” she continued as she finished drying off my legs, still damp with shower droplets. She then helped me lay down and tucked me in. She then walked over to the opposite side of the bed, dried herself the rest of the way and then crawled in and snuggled next to me. We spooned each other as she wrapped her arms around me and held me close. I occasionally tremored with memories of what just took place and eventually drifted off to blissful slumber.

It didn’t even dawn on me to think that this was my first night spent in another person’s bed. The events of the evening proved to be exciting enough and we both enjoyed dreaming together will little fanfare about this little milestone in my continuing journey towards love.

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