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Jennifer Two

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I called Jennifer back a couple of days after our last tryst and she practically squealed at the sound of my voice.

“I’m so glad you called,” she said.

Grinning, I replied, “me too. How are you doing?”

“Great, now. How about you?”

“Great too. Hey, can I come by and see you tomorrow afternoon?”

“I’m so glad you didn’t ask to see me today. I am really busy today and I would hate to miss you. How about tomorrow morning?”

“I thought that you don’t do mornings,” I said curiously.

“I don’t, but someone is sick at work and I have to pull a double shift today. But I’m off tomorrow and I’m looking forward to seeing you, besides you’re special.”

“And I’m still looking forward to fulfilling your fantasy,” I replied hornily.

“I haven’t stop thinking about it the last two days! I was hoping you might say that. Remember, this one is a freebie.”

“And I haven’t stopped thinking about it either. I’m really looking forward to pleasuring you.”

She giggled, and said “How about ten?”

“Sounds great. I’ll see you at ten.”

“Oh, and don’t forget to come the same way you did last time. That made me so hot!”

That day and all the next I could hardly contain myself. But Friday finally arrived and I had not touched myself in anticipation of our meeting. I had a three day weekend coming so I took the day off work. I prepared myself and dressed in my jeans, dress shirt and black loafers. The drive over to her place was slightly uncomfortable, due to the tight jeans, but it wasn’t far to her place.

When she opened the door she bubbled with delight. God, she looked gorgeous, her long blond hair hanging over one shoulder, and dressed in shear white pantyhose pulled up over here perfect 34D breasts. The pantyhose were one piece, with no cotton gusset, and no toe reinforcements. The seam up the middle split her cunt lips, cinched up her body as they were. She ushered me in and closed the door quickly.

“You like?” she said as she twirled around. The back seam pressed up snuggly between her cheeks, tantalizing her rosebud.

“Oh my God Jennifer, that looks so good on you.”

“I followed your example, I hope you don’t mind.”

“Hell no. That’s fantastic on you,” I admired. The shear hose had obviously caressed her pink nipples, causing them to harden and protrude like two little corks.

She jumped to me and hugged me tightly as she whispered in my ear, “I’m so ready for you.”

I tightly hugged her in return, letting her feel my hardness against her belly, “me too.”

“Obviously. Let’s get you out of those tight jeans quick,” she said as she undid my belt, button and fly. She unbuttoned my shirt and I slid my shoes and socks off quickly.

As Jennifer tugged down my pants she discovered that I was wearing the same type of white pantyhose as her.

“Oh God. I’m so glad you wore these,” she mewed as she run her fingernails up my encased hardness. A ripple of pleasure ran though me and I shuddered at her touch.

“Do you have your plug in again too?” she said as her hands glided around my ass to feel the butt plug firmly seated inside me. Giving it a little tug my legs almost lost they’re strength and I moaned into her ear.

She moaned back and whispered seductively to me,” That makes me so hot… I can’t wait till you plug my ass with your hard cock.”

“Then lead the way, I’m aching to fill you too.”

She held her hand to my ass, gently teasing my plug as we walked to her bedroom.

Her bed was all ready, with a big bottle of pump lube and an assortment of dildos and vibrators laid out on a towel, as well as the black latex shorts and black latex cock and ball sheath I wore last time.

“I figured you might want to wear these again to keep your ass plugged while you fuck mine. I haven’t touched my little ass in two days and it’s so tight for you,” she teased.

“You are so thoughtful. I love the feel of the tight latex holding me,” I soothed. The latex shorts had a hole in the front for my cock and balls to protrude from.

Reluctantly, we peeled off my pantyhose and my rippled plug started to slide out of my slippery ass. She caringly held it in place for me with one hand as I kicked of the hose. With the other hand she offered the latex shorts and I slipped them on, pulling them up and positioning my plug in place. The latex snuggly pushed it in further and I bend forward slightly to seat it deeply inside me.

“Argh,” I grunted as the last ring of the two and half inch around plug filled me.”

“Feel good, Jack?”

“Mmmmm,” was all could manage. I adjusted my cock and balls out of the hole in front, and Jennifer quickly lubed her hands and caressed my fullness.

“Good. Let’s get that rubber sheath on your hard cock so you can fuck my waiting ass. It’s been pulsing in spasm for you all morning.”

She glided the rubber sheath on my slippery prick and massaged my full balls before stretching the latex ball sheath and setting my testicles into it.

“There. Delicious,” she murmured and engulfed my full length in her hot mouth.

“Whoa, I’m worked up enough already. I want to last while fucking your cute little asshole,” I said as I gently pushed her head off me.

“See my new vibrator? It’s called the Dolphin. This dildo rotates and vibrates inside me while this part here vibrates against my clit. And it’s got a remote control.” The larger head was about an inch and a half in diameter and ten inches long, while the small ‘dolphin’ head was only about 2 inches long.

“Wow, that looks fun,” I admired.

“The rotating dildo massages my G spot while it vibrates, and I’m guessing it will massage your hard prick in my ass at the same time.”

“Let’s try it out quick before I explode.”

“Put it in me?” she grinned and she got on all fours.

I took the vibrator while she held the remote and said, “Aren’t you going to take off the nylons?”

“No way. I love the way they tickle my body, especially my nipples. Just rip a hole in them.

I put my finger to her damp pussy and pushed in slightly to grab a bit on the end of my finger. I had done this many times on myself so I was particularly skilled at ripping it just right, a hole along the seam just large enough for her dildo at her pussy and my cock in her ass.

“Perfect,” I whispered then reached to pump a load of lubricant on my hand. Smothering slippery goo at her ass and bald pussy, she moaned in approval. Two fingers slipped in her waiting cunt while the ball of my thumb massaged her grasping sphincter. Then my thumb was sucked into her waiting ass, and she writhed uncontrollably.

“Yeah… that’s it. Stick it in my ass. Stretch me wide,” she gasped.

I pulled my thumb out and coated my other hand in the lube then pressed two fingers into her pulsing hole.

“More,” she gasped, spasming, “stick another finger in. Then my dildo in my tight cunt. Fill both my holes now.”

“Argghhhh,” squirming at my forceful penetration in her anus when I filled her with another finger and drove the vibrator into her sodden pussy.

She fumbled at the remote and turned on the squirming dildo. I could feel the rotating caresses in her cunt through her anal wall. Amazingly, she managed to slide the control on the dial of the clit stimulator and I felt the Dolphin vibrate in my hand.

“Now fill my ass with your hard cock,” Jennifer demanded as she looked back at me with longing in her eyes.

“Oh Jennifer, that’s so fucking hot! I can feel the dildo stirring your insides.”

I pulled my fingers out of her ass and positioned my raging latex encased member against her dilated wetness. Unexpectedly, she twisted her body to the side and reached back to grab my ass. She pulled me forcefully into her and I instantly felt both the vibrations from her clit and the dildo churning inside her depths.

“Yes… Oh fuck yes…Mmmm yes. I’m so filled. Your cock fills my ass so good and my G spot is really getting.. Arrggh,” she screamed as she spasmed,” …massaged.”

“Fill me deep! Fuck me hard,” she exclaimed as she reached further back to my ass and pushed at the plug in my ass.

“Yeaah!” I screamed at sensation in my full rectum while she pulled my expanding member inside her ass deeper. My rubber sheathed balls slapped at the end of her dildo, pushing it further inside her leaking cunt. Her ass gripped tightly at my hardness as I plunged deeply in and out of her tightening hole.

“I’m going to cum. Oh, Jack, I’m going to cum so hard,” as her sphincter tightened powerfully around my plunging organ.

“Yes, yes. Fuck… me… too,” I clenched.

Jennifer writhed uncontrollable as her orgasm overtook her, causing continual muscle spasms in her arms and legs. As I held her hips from behind I fought to keep hold of her. As I felt the heat pulse through my body, the sweat breaking out, my own orgasm coursed through me. I exploded in the rubber sheath, straining every last muscle to keep us from collapsing in a heap.

Our mutual miniature explosions lasted what seemed like hours, as I cupped her hips. As I released her we fell together on the bed, side by side.

“That was intense,” Jennifer gasped, her whole body tingling with a sheen of fine moisture, as she ran her hand over my latex clad cock and balls, and I shivered at her touch.

“I feel like I just ran a marathon,” I replied, “that was so erotic, watching you like that.” I ran my hand over her sexy, nylon covered body.

“We definitely have to do that again,” she soothed.

“Yes, definitely. How about tomorrow?” I said with a smile.

“Mmmm, sounds like a date.”

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