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Donna Smithers in Trouble

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Donna Smithers stood in her largest client’s office, her stomach queasy at the thought of losing the two million dollar contract. She knew that the client had been shopping around for a better deal. She knew that without it her business might very well go under. She also didn’t trust the client very much at all. She was willing to drop the cost to the client by two hundred thousand dollars which would just barely cover her costs with a bare minimum of profit. She knew that she might not have a choice in the matter and that made her sick to her stomach.

“Well, Donna, the contract, what are you thinking?”

“I know that my offer is the best one I can make sir.”

“Donna, come on. I know that you know that Jenkins has offered the same deal for a hundred thousand less than your offer. What will you do to sweeten the pot?”

Donna stood silently. She hadn’t expected that and had no idea how to respond.

“Let me help you Donna. You match Jenkins and for a start take off your clothes.”

Donna just stared at him, in shock. She was speechless.

“Yes, Donna, I know how strained your business is. You aren’t the only one who has information. I’m willing to leave the numbers where they are in exchange for a little skin to start. And I can probably convince some other people to throw some business your way for a few other favors. Instead of going bankrupt, you can keep your lifestyle and your business in exchange for a little embarrassment and humiliation. So what’s it going to be Donna?”

Donna pictured herself losing her business, home and all the things she had worked so hard to accumulate. Then she saw herself nude in this bastard’s office. She also knew that if she didn’t have one hundred thousand dollars by Friday she would be in tremendous financial difficulty. Donna was not a virgin, she had had several lovers but this was different, very different. But did she have a choice? Donna began to unbutton her chic suit jacket.

“Just hold on a few moments Donna.”

He left her standing in front of his desk with her jacket open and walked out of the office. Shortly he came back with his four partners, smirking.

“Go ahead Donna.”

One man knowing was bad, five knowing what she was going to do was horrible. Her face bright red, Donna removed her suit jacket. As she reached around and undid her business skirt, unzipped and pushed it down her legs, they started giggling! GIGGLING! Next Donna slowly reached under her blouse and slid her pantyhose down her legs. Slipping off her shoes, she removed them and was told to hand them to one of the men. As she began to unbutton her blouse, she watched the man cutting the pantyhose up with a scissors. When her blouse was off, she was told to hand it to the same man and watched in horror as he began cutting that up also. Donna’s face was like the sun as she unhooked and removed her bra and watched that cut up the same as the rest. Shaking, Donna pushed her panties down and hesitantly handed them over, watching as they were also cut up in front of her.

One of the men stood up and got her skirt and she watched as one of the side seams was cut all the way to the waistband. Then it was set with her suit jacket. An imperious motion got her to walk over to her client.

“Bend over and put your hands behind your back Donna.”

Completely humiliated, Donna obeyed. Her client reached up and grasped both of her tits, squeezing and rolling her fat nipples. Donna gasped.

“Look at how her fat tits hang boys. Her nipples are hard as marbles!”

Donna felt moisture in her eyes.

“Go give the other boys a feel Donna.”

She straightened up and walked to the next letting him maul her tits and nipples, then to the next until finally each one had gotten a feel of her tits.

“Now Donna, get your fat ass on the edge of my desk and put your heels up by your ass. Let your knees fall open.”

Donna did as she was told, humiliated beyond belief. Horrified, she looked down her body, seeing her fat tits sagging to each side, topped by erect nipples, the little bulge of her 40 year old belly, the thatch of pubic hair and to her dismay, a pair of red and swollen pussy lips.

Donna’s face was beet red as she looked down her body, still not really believing that she had stripped for this contract. She found it really difficult to look up but she did. She saw five smiling, smirking faces, most focused on her swollen pussy.

“Donna, very good but your cunt is really too hairy to see much. Do you masturbate Donna?”

Very softly Donna said….


“We didn’t hear you Donna. What was that?”

Slightly louder….


“Why don’t you just say it Donna.”

“Yes, I masturbate.”

If she could have turned redder she would have.

“Peel that cunt open Donna, let us see inside.”

Hesitantly Donna reached down and opened her lips. She felt so dirty!

“You’ve got a nice cunt Donna, too bad you don’t take care of it. But we can help you with that.”

The client went behind her and sat at his desk, ignoring that she was nude and spread open for all of them. After a few minutes he walked up beside her and handed her a sheet of paper.

“This is a list of things I want you to buy today Donna. Then come back here if you would.”

Donna looked at the list.

1.Electric clippers

2.Shave cream and razor

3.Hold up thigh high stockings

4.Red marker

5.Dildo with a suction cup base

“I can’t buy this stuff!”

“I had thought about getting them myself, but I decided it would be better if you had to get them yourself, Donna. Now, no arguing about it. I’ll give you three hours to do the shopping and get back here.”

Donna glanced at her suit jacket and skirt, all the clothes she had.

“I need to go home and get some decent clothes.”

“No you don’t Donna. What you have will be just fine.”

“Damnit, I need a blouse and a skirt that isn’t cut up!”

“Actually Donna, no you don’t. What’s it going to take to have you do as you’re told?”

Donna sat silently for a moment her legs still spread open, still red faced.

“I need a payment transferred today on the contract. I need two hundred thousand dollars in my business’s account today.”

She felt pretty confident that her client wouldn’t be able to handle that and was completely non-plussed when he agreed. Although he did make her stay just as she was, naked and legs spread while he contacted his accounting people, made arrangements and had the money transferred. The client even allowed her to go on line and check her bank account to be sure the money was there.

Donna sighed. The contract was hers and her business was going to be all right, at least for a while. She slipped on her business suit jacket, teasing, still blushing. With it buttoned, you could still see the tops of her tits and knew she was nude under it. She slipped the skirt on and hesitantly walked, trying to look down the side that was cut to her waistband.

“That’s right Donna, when you walk anyone can tell you don’t have anything under the skirt but you. Now go out and get the things on your list. When you are done come back here. And Donna, don’t be holding onto your skirt. I’m going to send someone with you while you are shopping.”

So the bastard gets some kid to go with me. He’s like nineteen. And when I get in my car to drive, he’s next to me and the fucking skirt slips between my legs and he can see skin all the way up! He knows that I am bare ass under the skirt! He kept staring at my leg and the damn skirt kept slipping between my legs…I kept pulling it over and it would slide back. And since he was told to go with me everywhere he’s going to see me buy a dildo! As I was driving along, trying to ignore the kid looking at my leg, my cell phone rang.


“Donna, you still have the kid with you, right?”


“When you park at your first stop, ask him if he wants to see you.”


“You heard me Donna.”

“I can’t do that. Please….”

“Donna, according to our contract, I can cancel it, right?”


“So Donna, what’s it going to be? Hand him the phone, Donna.”

Donna thought for a moment, not long at all.

“I’ll do it.”

“Give him the phone Donna.”

Cringing, Donna handed the phone to the kid. He didn’t say anything, just listened. But he did look her in her eyes and smirked. He ended the call.

“I suggest you find a quiet place to park Ms. Smithers.”

Damnit he told him my name! Donna pulled into a parking ramp and went all the way to the top of it. She parked away from the other cars, thankfully not many other cars were on the top level.

“Get in the back seat.”

Donna got out of her small SUV and got in the back seat, her stomach in knots.

“You’re supposed to ask me something Ms. Smithers.”

Donna hesitated then….

“Do you want to see me?”

“Such a good little slut, of course I do. Why don’t you take off your clothes, Ms. Smithers.”

So Donna is in the back seat of her SUV with a young kid who pretty much knows she is going to be a slut. Donna hides her face, shaking.

“I can’t do this.”

The kid uses her phone, redials and when the client answers….

“She says she can’t.”

He handed Donna the phone.

“I guess Donna that I am going to have to cancel our contract then. But you can keep what you have received today.”

“No, I can’t…..”

“Can’t what Donna?”

“I can’t lose the contract. Isn’t there something else I can do?”

“Not right now Donna. Show him or I guess I have to cancel it.”

Donna just moaned and hung up. The kid was sitting across her SUV with her in the back seat. She felt her face heating up and slowly undid the buttons on her suit jacket. The kid smirked. Donna knew she was blushing like mad. She opened her suit jacket and watched his eyes go down to her tits. She slipped off the jacket and reached behind and undid her skirt and unzipped it. Donna slowly worked her skirt down and off. She put both her jacket and skirt behind her.

“Ms. Smithers, I would like you to get on your hands and knees facing me, please.”

Donna did what he wanted and gasped as he grasped both her tits and squeezed them. His smirk was even bigger than before. As he squeezed and mauled her fat sagging tits he spoke….

“You look like a cow Ms. Smithers, with your fat tits hanging down like this. Look at me while I fondle your fat tits you slut. That’s it, look at my face, knowing that I am going to see that chubby naked body of yours Ms. Smithers. I could even milk you like a cow if you had milk. Just put a bucket under your fat tits and squeeze and you’d be squirting milk just like a cow. But that’s not the fun I really want to have with you Ms. Smithers. Roll over cow and spread your legs.”

Donna did as she was told, still worried about losing her big contract if she didn’t obey. Still blushing like mad.

“Ah Ms. Smithers, there’s that nasty cunt of yours. Too bad there’s so much hair on it. And your fat tits and fat belly. Spread your cunt open slut. That’s it. Why is your cunt dripping wet Ms. Smithers? Turned on a bit are you? Let’s see how wet you are.”

He stuck a finger up Donna, then a second. She gasped at the intrusion.

“Your cunt is soaking Ms. Smithers. You must be enjoying this a lot.”

He finger fucked Donna for a bit. She was whimpering in shame and arousal and she hated it. He pulled his fingers out of her and held them up so she could see them.

“That’s all from your cunt Ms. Smithers. My fingers are dripping with your juices. Too bad you have that belly fat and fat ass. You’d be a good looking fuck without that although I suppose most guys wouldn’t mind sticking their cock in you. From the looks of your cunt you wouldn’t mind that either. Roll your hips up Ms. Smithers, I want to see your asshole too.”

Donna whimpered but obeyed.

“Pull those fat ass cheeks apart slut. Good girl, good little slut.”

Donna closed her eyes.

“Open your eyes and look at me Ms. Smithers. That’s right you’re looking at me while I look at your fat tits, cunt and asshole. Do you realize that your cunt juice is running down to your asshole Ms. Smithers?”

He stuck two fingers back up her pussy and began finger fucking her again. He did that for a while and then slipped them out again and without stopping pressed one on her wet asshole.


He ignored her and worked a finger into her asshole. Then stuck two fingers from his other hand into her cunt. He thrust them in and out and soon Donna was struggling to keep her hips from thrusting back against his fingers. She was so embarrassed and humiliated. Then he rubbed a thumb on her clit and she couldn’t help herself. Donna’s hips started pumping up and down, rubbing her clit hard on his finger. He chuckled and watched as Donna humped away and exploded in orgasm.

“You are such a nasty cunt Ms. Smithers. Humping my hand and fingers like they were a cock. Calm yourself and in a bit we can get you dressed again and go shopping. By the way, I get to pick out your dildo slut. Yes, I know about that, but I would have found out anyway. I think that I will get to watch you use it not too far from now. Think of yourself sticking your new dildo up that slutty cunt and humping it for me Ms. Smithers.”

Unfortunately Donna could imagine that. He wiped his wet fingers on Donna’s tits and belly and finally let her get dressed, such as it was for her. Then they were off to shop for the things on her list. The first stop that he made her make was to an adult store where he had her buy a rather large dildo and he made her take it out of the packaging and stick down the front of her skirt so the head of it was right at her cunt. Then they shopped for the rest of the items. The kid was smirking at most of the purchases, mostly the dildo and marker, which Donna did not understand why it was purchased.

The kid drove back to the client’s office, making Donna open her suit jacket to expose her tits on the way and lift her skirt up to expose her pubic hair and cunt.

When they arrived and went back to the client’s office and the door was again closed with the five men and kid, she was told to strip naked once more. The kid was told to clip her pubic hair and then shave her bald, which he did. Donna was not pleased with this at all. A woman has some hair on her pussy, but Donna was completely bare. Her lips were puffy and red and everyone could tell that she was aroused which was completely embarrassing for her. He even had her lie across the desk on her stomach and pull her cheeks open so he could shave between them.

Then Donna was made to fix the suction dildo to the client’s coffee table and use it. Poor Donna! Her face was totally red and she couldn’t look any of them in the eyes. But the dildo certainly went up her cunt very easily. She couldn’t get all of it inside her cunt, it was too long, but enough of it disappeared inside her. Donna was quite a sight, naked and moving up and down on the dildo. Her fat tits flopped around with her motions and her swollen cunt lips clutched at the dildo. Her clit was so erect it poked out, plainly visible. And Donna’s thick nipples were erect.

Eventually, as Donna was humping the dildo, naked, embarrassed and ashamed, the client and his partners stood up around her and masturbated until they until shot ropes of cum all over her. On her fat tits, her back, her belly and one of them across her lips.

Then the client asked the kid…..

“Can you get a hardon with her?”

Donna’s head snapped up from it’s downward position! He couldn’t mean……

“If you can you can fuck the slut.”

He did mean it!

The kid smirked and with difficulty, pulled a rather large and erect cock from his pants. Donna was instructed to remove the dildo, move the coffee table so the five men would have an unobstructed view of her and to get on her hands and knees. And the kid got behind her and stuck his cock up her wet, swollen cunt.

As Donna felt him going up inside her, she sobbed and choked out……

“Don’t let him come inside me! I’m not on birth control!”

“Do you have health insurance Donna?”

“Yes”, she managed to gasp.

“Well then if you get pregnant at your age, you can get it taken care of then, can’t you?”

Donna had looked at her client and when she heard that, she just hung her head while she was watched, getting fucked, her fat tits swaying and bouncing beneath her chest, her ass rippling as the boy’s hips hit her ass. Worst of all was the sound…she sounded so wet! And the feeling a warm stiff cock inside her, it had been a long time for Donna, had her fighting to keep from fucking him back.

“How does her asshole look?”

“Tight”, the kid gasped.

“We’ll have to see about that soon.”

Donna’s head jerked up and towards her client, in horror. He couldn’t mean that, could he? When she saw his Cheshire grin, she realized that he very well could mean that.

The kid kept on pumping his cock in and out of Donna’s cunt, he really was fucking the old girl good. Donna was completely embarrassed. Here she was naked and getting fucked with an audience! Finally the kid blew off, inside her of course, jamming himself as deep inside Donna as he could get. When he finished coming, the client had Donna turn around and lick and suck his cock clean. Then she had to turn and face away from her audience, still on hands and knees and wait while the kid’s sperm leaked out of her pussy. Listening to crude comments and laughter all the while.

“Donna, just so you know, none of us will be fucking you. Oh, except for the young man, if he still wants to fuck you. None of us want to stick our cocks in such a slut. Be you can be sure we’ll have you around and get naked for us. Won’t that be fun Donna?”

“I want to go and clean up.”

“No Donna, you can go home with cum running out of your slutty cunt.

Donna hurriedly got dressed in her skirt and jacket and looked at her client in horror as he said….

“Give the kid your home and office address and phone numbers Donna. If he wants to drop over with a couple of friends, you won’t mind will you? Oh and be back here tomorrow at 9:30AM. You were supposed to be back in three hours and you missed it.”

With her stomach in knots, Donna gave the kid the information on her home and office and left as fast as she could. As she remembered the day, getting nude in front of clients and a young man, spreading her legs for no good reason, getting shaved bare and using a dildo for an audience and then letting the kid fuck and come inside her, she felt extremely ashamed of herself and completely humiliated.

She called her office and told them that she wouldn’t be back, had her assistant transfer some of the money to another business account and went home. Donna showered and dressed. She wasn’t hungry and just sat in her living room and stared into space, still not willing to believe how she had acted at her client’s office.

In perhaps an hour she heard her doorbell ring. Walking slowly to the door she opened it and saw the kid and two other young men.

“Mr. Larson told you that you were to be nice to me and any friends that I brought over Ms. Smithers. So be nice and get your clothes off please.”

Donna stared at him…

“I can’t do that…..”

“Should I call Mr. Larson?”

Defeated once more, Donna stepped back and let them inside her home, stomach getting queasy once more. Once she shut the door….

“Right here is fine Ms. Smithers. Get them off.”

Donna’s face turned red and she slowly removed her clothes. The kid had her leave them in a sad little puddle in the entryway. He directed Donna to the living room and the boys sat down, pulled their cocks out and smirked at her.

“You suck, right, Ms. Smithers?”

Suppressing a cringe Donna let herself be directed to her knees and she hesitantly began sucking a cock. When it was nice and stiff, red and angry looking, she was moved to the next cock and began sucking that one. Her head snapped up shortly after she began when she felt a stiff hard cock prodding at her cunt.


It slid inside her and began pumping in and out of her. Donna’s head was pushed down and she gave up and began sucking the second cock again. She was being spit roasted and she was completely humiliated, a 40 year old woman, doing such dirty things with young men.

Before long the cock in her cunt erupted inside her and she whimpered. Donna really was not on birth control! She was moved to the next cock to suck and whimpered around it as the second cock went up her cunt. With a load of sperm inside her she felt sloppy and oh so wet. The second kid pumped her a long time and she was struggling to keep from responding to it. A second load of sperm was shot inside her and the third kid got up and walked behind her. Sperm was running out her cunt and he went and got her blouse from the entryway and wiped her off. Then he just stuck his cock right up and began pumping merrily away.

The first two who had fucked her sat down in front of her and held their wet slimy cocks up for her and she moaned but got busy sucking them clean. In less than half an hour another load of sperm was shot up Donna’s cunt.

“Roll over your back Ms. Smithers, scoop up the cum and eat it, please.”

Donna did as she was told, gagging and choking at what she was doing, resulting in laughter from the three boys. Then she was sent upstairs to shower herself clean with the three boys following and watching her. The chuckled at her and watched her in her shower avidly, especially when she was washing her cunt. She finished and got out and was dragged into her bedroom, still dripping wet, made to kneel and begin sucking cock again.

Before long Donna was staring at three hard cocks again and was pulled up and pushed on her back on the bed. And they all fucked her again, coming inside her once more. Not as much as the first time, but enough to coat her insides with sperm once more. This time they made her roll her hips up to try and keep the sperm inside her.

“That’s it Ms. Smithers. Keep that cum inside you. Hopefully you’re dropping an egg right now. Be nice if one of us knocked you up, right?”

Donna couldn’t help it, she started bawling.

“It’s all right if you cry Ms. Smithers, just keep those legs up. All that cum needs to stay inside you.”

The boys helped hold up Donna’s legs to keep the sperm inside her and while they did they played with her fat tits and thick nipples and one of them rubbed her clit. Before long Donna, still crying, was humping her hips up and down to the cheers of the boys and she came, gasping and pumping her ass against the fingers rubbing her clit.

Donna was still crying when the boys got dressed and left her naked on her bed. She was so ashamed of herself. How could she orgasm in front of them she wondered. She showered again after they left and she managed to stop crying. Her pussy was sore. She put on pajamas and got in bed but she was unable to sleep.

Donna got up the next morning, showered again, got dressed and went to work, dreading to have to go to her client’ office in the morning. She did manage to get some work done and told her assistant that she had to go to the client’s office again. Unknown to Donna her assistant had received a call from the client before she got to work and a few minutes behind followed Donna to the client’s.

Donna arrived without knowing her assistant was behind her and she was taken to the client’s office. Today she had worn a slack suit. In a short while she was stripped to her bra and the suit pants and panties.

“Donna since you took too much time shopping yesterday, it was decided that you needed to be punished to get you to understand that being on time is important.”

The client pushed a chair to the middle of the office, right in front of the couch. The partners sat down and the client sat on the chair and had Donna get across his knees. He began spanking her over her slacks but in a short time….

“This doesn’t seem to be making much of an impression on her.”

The client reached under her belly and undid her slacks and another of the men grasped her slacks and pulled them down past her knees. Donna gasped as he began spanking her once again. Then she heard something….

“Helen, would you bring some coffee in please.”

Helen was one of the secretaries in the client’s office. Donna began to try to get up but her arm was twisted behind her back and she was held down. Donna’s head had jerked up and was facing the door and she had a clear view of Helen and her own assistant as they walked in, carrying cups and a coffee pot. The both broke into peals of laughter as they saw Donna over a man’s knees, in a bra with her slacks down and her panty clad ass stuck up.

Her own assistant said…..

“I was always told that bad bitches should be spanked naked!”

“Well, I guess you are right. Do you want to rectify it?”

Donna watched as her employee walked behind her and she felt her shoes removed, and then the slacks came off and then hands on her panties.

“Ms. Smithers, or I think I can call you Donna after this, you look pretty upset. And I think you are going to be a little more upset in a few seconds.”

And then she felt her panties being pulled down and she started to sniffle. Helen came up and unhooked her bra and helped it slide off her shoulders and down her arms to the floor. Donna’s employee tugged her panties down her legs and off, tossing them so they landed in front of Donna’s face on the floor. Tears were falling from Donna’s eyes as the two women pulled up chairs and sat, watching as the client began to spank her now bare ass. Donna’s employee reached under her chest and felt her fat tits and nipples.

“My God Donna, your nipples are erect! Are you getting excited by this?”

Unfortunately Donna was. She did manage to choke out a denial, but it was only verbal, not physical. Donna prayed that her pussy wouldn’t moisten, but she was afraid that was something that she had no control over. Her assistant stood and walked out of her sight. Then she felt a finger going up her pussy.

“Good God Donna, your pussy is wet!”

Her assistant, Carol, thrust the offending digit in and out of her and then gave a few rubs to her clit. Donna couldn’t help herself, the nudity, the shame of two employees seeing her nude and spanked, her erect nipples and wet pussy, they all made her grind her clit on Carol’s fingers. The two girls burst out laughing. Donna was so humiliated!

When the client had reddened her ass nicely he had her stand up with her hands behind her head, in plain sight of everyone and went to his desk. He came back with the dildo and held it out Donna, getting more laughter from the girls.

“You know what to do Donna.”

Donna was completely humiliated.

“I won’t…”

“Helen, would get the paperwork to terminate Ms. Smither’s contract with us, please.”

Donna turned to him.


“You know what is needed to keep the contract, Donna.”

Donna slowly walked to the office coffee table, licked the suction cup on the dildo and stuck it on the table. Then she hesitantly climbed on the table and to the laughter of the women, she squatted down. Her hand held the dildo and tears filled her eyes as she lowered her pussy down. The dildo slid into her cunt with ease and she groaned. Then Donna began to pump her ass up and down fucking the dildo for the second time in two days for an audience. This time to female laughter and rude comments.

“I didn’t think she could get that thing in, but it sure did go inside her easy.”

“Come here and look at her fat ass bouncing up and down.”

“Look at how her cunt lips roll in when she goes down and out when she goes up.”

“Her fat tits sure bounce nice, don’t they?”

Then someone behind her made her stop pumping and she felt someone writing on her ass. When they finished Carol had the marker she had bought yesterday and she wrote “nasty slut” on Donna’s belly. One of the guys wrote “cunt” just below slut.

“Helen, Carol, do you know that Donna fucked a mail room boy right here yesterday?”

“She didn’t!”

“Oh yes, she did, right in front of us and he came in her slut cunt too. The kid told me this morning that he took two of his buddies to her house last night and she sucked and fucked all three of them. TWICE!”

“I don’t believe it!”

“Do you want the cunt to prove it?”

“Will she?”

“She will. Donna put your clothes on and find the kid you fucked yesterday. Tell him he can have you again, but that Helen and Carol will be here too. If he doesn’t mind bring him here and fuck him for them.”

Donna got up, the dildo leaving her pussy making a soft, wet sound that made her cringe. She looked for her clothes and saw Helen with a pair of scissors and a wastebasket between her feet. Stomach sinking, she looked and saw part of her bra in the wastebasket and then Carol handing Helen her panties. They were cut up quickly and dropped. All Donna could find was her jacket. She slipped it on and buttoned it. She looked down at her mostly bared legs.

“I can’t go out looking for him like this!”

“You can, unless you want to go without the jacket.”

She almost fainted in shock. He wouldn’t! Donna looked at him and realized that she might be mistaken, he very well could make her go looking for the kid bare ass naked. She found her heels and slipped them on, then left the office.

Twenty minutes later she came back with the kid following her. As soon as the door closed he unbuttoned her jacket and had her remove it. The kid pushed her down to her knees and unzipped his jeans, extracting his cock and pushed it at her lips. Donna opened her mouth and it was in. She closed her lips around it and began to suck him, Carol and Helen, giggling as they watched her. He hardened quickly. He motioned Helen and Carol to set chairs next to the coffee table. When they were seated he had Donna lie on her back on it and he took his cock in hand and pushed it up her cunt. The kid then began to fuck Donna, pushing his cock in and out of her. Donna closed her eyes, she couldn’t look at any of them. They all watched as she allowed a young boy to thrust his cock inside her. Her fat tits flopped around and her belly fat rippled as he pummeled her pussy. He fucked her good and before long his strokes became erratic and suddenly he pushed deep up inside her and grunted, and again and again. He looked down at Donna.

“Nice wet and hot cunt Ms. Smithers. Thanks for the fuck.”

Then he pulled out of her and immediately sperm began to leak out of her. It ran down and coated her asshole and stuck to her spread ass cheeks. Donna whimpered. She was so humiliated and embarrassed. Carol and Helen got up and looked between her legs at her swollen pussy.

“What a fucking slut!”

Donna’s client took her purse opened it and found her credit card and gave it to Carol.

“Go get an enema or two Carol, pick up something to use on Donna while you two are at work and come back here.”

As Carol left she saw the client sitting behind his desk with Donna’s bare ass sticking out from behind it and Donna’s head moving up and down.

“God, she’s sucking him off now!”

Carol was back in 30 minutes with two bags. She showed Donna the anal plug and another suction cup dildo and two enemas. Everyone chuckled except for Donna.

“Take her to the ladies room and have her take the two enemas, Carol. See that she gets naked before she takes them. Give her a hand with them.”

Carol took Donna, wearing her jacket once more and once in the ladies, the jacket came off. Carol had Donna sit on the bathroom counter and she inserted the first enema and squirted the contents up Donna’s ass. Then she did the same with the second. When Donna was full, Carol made her wait a bit and then let her empty her bowels while she watched. Then Donna could put her jacket back on and was taken back to the client’s office.

Donna was stripped again and Helen took a tube of lubricant and greased up her asshole. The kid got a hard on watching the slut. Donna was put on her knees at the coffee table and her front was down on the top of it. The kid got behind her and she felt his erection at her asshole.

“Noooooo, please don’t!”

All her audience gathered around as the kid slowly pushed his cock at her asshole.

“Relax Donna, it won’t hurt as much if you do.”

Donna couldn’t relax, unfortunately for her, but it didn’t matter. Her asshole was slick enough that he was able to push the head of his cock through her sphincter. Poor Donna was panting and gasping. Everyone was chuckling or giggling as they watched the kid stick his cock in her asshole. More lube was spread on her hole and his cock and suddenly it slid right inside. Donna’s eyes bugged out and she gasped loudly. And then the kid was up her virgin ass and began to fuck it.

Poor Donna! The kid pumped her asshole good and it hurt and burned a bit but he wasn’t stopping for her. He was going to come up her ass, just like he did in her pussy. He lasted longer since he had already cum once in her pussy. Finally, to Donna’s relief, he came, squirting sperm up her ass. When the kid pulled out of her her poor asshole was gaped open and sperm began trickling out of it. She was sore and ashamed and humiliated.

Donna was allowed to get up and dress. She was so upset, but not as much as when she heard….

“Do you have any friends that would like to fuck her? If you do, let me know and I will have her come over here on her lunch. You can have an hour to use her any way you want to use her. She’ll cooperate, won’t you Donna?”

Donna just hung her head. She couldn’t say no and she was so afraid that he meant it.

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